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					Sha’ban/Ramadan, 1426
                                      In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
October 2005
Volume 11, No. 10

                              MCWS Muslim Community of Western Suburbs of Detroit

           Eid-Ul-Fitr                        2005 Eid and Ramadan Program
                                              MCWS new moon committee has decide to follow the calculation
   Friday, November 4, 2005                   method used by Dr. Khalid Shaukat ( Accordingly,
  Inshallah and will be held at               Insha-Allah, the Ramadan and Eid program will be as follows:
   Hellenic Cultural Center                   MCWS Ramadan Dinner                Saturday          October 22
                                              YMFA Qiyam-ul-Liail                Friday            October 28
          36375 Joy Road,                     Khatim-Ul-Quran                    Sunday            October 30
         Westland, MI 48185                   MCWS Qiyam-ul-Laial                Sunday            October 30
             734/525-3550                     Eid-Ul-Fitr                        Friday            November 4

                                            This Ramadan, Help                             last time. This time it was much cleaner
         Eid-Dinner                          Families in Need.                             and less effort.

              Canton Masjid                                                                Drivers cruising I-275 will now see
                                              Please send your Zakah and
                                                                                           a couple of Adopt-A-Highway signs
            November 5, 6:30 p.m             other donations to Zakat Fund,                prominently featuring MCWS. The
                                            used to help the familes in need.              signs on I-275 were recently put up
        Eid celebration offering                                                           by M-DOT in recognition of MCWS’s
                                              You can contact Sr. Shawana                  participation in the state’s Adopt a
       delicious food, children                 at (734)397-3877, Anees                    Highway program. MCWS began this
      activities and much more.                 at (48)349-3926 and Sr.                    program earlier this year, and to date
                                                                                           has performed 2 clean-up outings.
                                                                                           Each clean-up effort drew approxi-
Inside this Issue                                                                          mately 15 brothers, and each outing
                                                               MCWS Adopt-                 lasted approximately 3 to 4 hours.
 2     The Blessing
 3     YMFA News                                               A-Highway                   Any organization can adopt stretches
 4     Programs & Activities                                   Second                      of Michigan highways. An application
                                                                                           is filed with the State, typically fol-
 6     Ramadan                                                 Annual                      lowed-up with a meeting with M-DOT.
 7     Dates at Iftar                                          Clean-up                    And upon approval of this application,
 8     Community News & Events                                 Along I-275.                a permit is issued. At that point, the
                                                                                           organization is committed to cleaning-
 10    When is Laylat al Qadr?            Alhamdullila the second                          up the designated portion of the high-
 11    Ramadan:Month of Patience          scheduled clean up was great!                    way three times per year. The highway
       and Sympathy                                                                        sign is put up and will be there for as
 12    Educational Opportunities &        The clean-up team consisted of ap-               long as the organization maintains its
       Library Hours                      proximately 15 people. The clean-up              commitment of 3 clean-up outings per
                                          was finished in 2 hrs with less effort           year, and for MCWS it is every April,
 13    Neighborhood Communities
                                          then last time. Though, the team col-            July and September.
 20    Prayer Times & Calendar            lected around 65 bags compared to 150                                     (Contd. on Pg. 9)
October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                                                   Vol. 11 - No. 10

MCWS Newsletter                                    The Blessing                                God. In this section, I will be focusing
Communication Committee                                                                        mainly on the utmost need for God
                                                                                               consciousness, or Taqwa during the
Committee Chair
                                                                                               month of Ramadan. God conscious-
Mohammad Usman           (248) 347-6681            By Nadeem Gulam                             ness helps us emphasize on one cen-                                                                           tral command, which is God. Take for
Editor-in-Chief                                    Ramadan
                                                                                               example the traffic cops, who enforce
Nausheen S. Khan         (734) 844-3688                                                        our traffic laws in order to keep things                                  In this blessed month of Ramadan,           in order with traffic. Speeding over
High School News Editor                            I pray that all the Muslims have a          the speed limit is against traffic laws,
Tazeen Ayub              (734) 904-6161            successful and purifying month of           therefore if a cop is in the area, he will                           Ramadan. Muslims should be in the           pull you over.
                                                   state of fasting from sunrise to sunset
University News Editor
                                                   to help us to the best of our ability ab-   But in the absence of the law enforce-
Muhammad Saleem Khan (734) 780-8182                stain from the bad habits we commit,        ment (with the presence of a radar de-                                  as Allah clearly states in the Qur’an: “O   tector) you can speed all you want, as
Mariem Qamaruzzaman                                you who believe! Fasting is prescribed      long as the police are not in presence.                         for you, as it was prescribed for those     So in this context, if there is Allah, and
Community News                                     before you, so that you may guard           we have God with us, as he is unseen,
Nabeel Shahid            (734) 397-5566            (against evil) [Al-Baqarah, Verse           then we won’t be committing much
                                                   183].” We should greatly take advan-        evil. As in the opposite situation, if we
Saleem Qureshi           (734) 397-7139
                                                   tage of this month, as it only comes        do not have the presence of God in our
Creative Design                                    once every year. In other words, the        hearts, then we will commit these evil
Sana S. Khan             (734) 844-3688            number of Ramadans we endure are            acts. If we do have God consciousness,
Editorial Advisory Board                           only the ones that we live through.         but commit an evil act, we will have
Sheikh Ali Suleiman Ali (734) 398-6804                                                         the guilt of committing this evil act,
Mohammad Usman           (248) 347-6681            Mercy                                       which is good, because we are thinking
                                                                                               about this action. But if we commit an
Distribution Manager
                                                   We should also all praise God, al-          evil deed, knew it was evil, and have no
Iqbal Qidwai             (734)981-1815             hamdulilah that we have reached the         guilt, we did not have the much needed
                                                   month of Ramadan. Allah has blessed         God consciousness.
Subscription: Free
Submit request for new subscription
                                                   us with giving us yet another chance
and address changes to Mohammad                    to take advantage of this month. Many       Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali mentions that
Usman at                      do not have the life for this Ramadan.      this counsel is one of the guarantors of
Advertisement Contact:                             It was only upon the mercy of Allah         happiness. For Allah mentions in the
Jamil Ahmad (734)495-1575                          to give us life during this Ramadan.        Qur’an, This is the book, there is no
Creative Design Contact:                           Allah mentions in the Qur’an: “He           doubt concerning it, it is for the God
Sana S. Khan (734)844-3688                         gives life and causes death, and            consciousness. [2:2] Therefore, with-
Advertisement Rates                                to Him you shall be brought back            out the spirituality that the scripture
 1/4 Page: $ 50 / issue,
                                                   [Yunus, Verse 56].” So we never know        has come from Allah, one does not
 1/2 Page: $ 100 / issue,                          if we will live in Ramadan 2006, or         have the ability to comprehend the
 Full Page: $ 175 / issue                          Ramadan 2007, or Ramadan 2008.              Scripture as words of Allah. One may
Design & Creative Art (one time charge)            Even my generation should be aware          only read the Qur’an as an “enjoyment”
                                                   of the fact that we never know if we        and not take those words from Allah as
Professional creative design service               will live anytime soon. Make this your      seriously. A believer’s heart must never
for advertisements is available
for your advertisement.                            best, as we never know if we’ll live the    be free from the ability to maintain a
Logo Design Service: $75/hour                      next one, subhanallah.                      relationship to Allah by the Qur’an as
Please contact Jamil Ahmad at                                                                  God’s word.
(734)495-1575 for a quotation.                     Spiritual improvement
For Advertisements make check payable                                                          God consciousness has three levels:
to MCWS and mail to: Jamil Ahmad,
                                                   All Muslims must have a spirit. Our         1) Undertaking the obligations and
47049 Sherstone Dr. ,Canton, MI 48188
MCWS newsletter is published monthly by            spirit is in need of this energy to help    leaving the prohibitions (Fardh); 2)
MCWS organization. The opinions expressed in       us become better Muslims, and con-          Implementing all of the desirable
this newsletter are solely those of the authors.   tributes to a Muslim’s relationship to      things (Sunan) and leaving all disliked

40440 Palmer Rd. Canton, MI-48188                            Visit us online at                                             2
(734) 467-7704
October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                                         Vol. 11 - No. 10

things; 3) Leaving permitted things,         * False promises.
fearing that these permitted things can
lead to evil (Wara’). This Ramadan,          * Lying and false oaths.
                                                                                        Youth News
we should strive to improve on imple-
menting the Fardh, as practicing the         * Backbiting and slander.                  Fundraising
Fardh gives us the absolute idea that
we will be punished by not implement-        * Instigating tense relations              Adopting a Family: children of
ing the required duties that Allah has         between people.                          war: $35/month, if you would like
blessed us with the responsibilities of
the Fardh. As for Sunan, this Ramadan        * Being two-faced.                         to help the cause, please contact Sr.
it should help us with our relationship                                                 Fatima Younus at (734) 394-2018
with Allah further because the Sunan is      * Praising someone who is either
optional, but it’s an extra help in com-       undeserving, or unable to                Stay Connected
municating with Allah. As for Wara’,           remain humble when praised.
this really helps since we’re responding
                                                                                        Visit YMFA’s new website at www.
to the idea that we will be held respon-     * Speaking about involved
sible for an evil action we do ahead of        subjects and ideas one lacks    You can join the email
time. Thus, these items help us think of       the necessary knowledge or               list or the discussion forum. For
Allah all day and all night.                   eloquence to adequately convey.
                                                                                        more information or suggestions,
Restrictions                                 * Ordinary folk speaking                   please contact Nadeem Gulam at
                                               in subjects that are the                 (734) 397-8058
On a last side note, Imam Al-Ghazali           domain of specialists.
mentions that one who is in the state
of fasting is to refrain the tongue from   In conclusion, I pray that we all have       UpComing Events
doing the following:                       a blessed month of Ramadan. I pray
                                           that we will improve our awareness of        •    Youth Qiyam- Friday
   * Speaking in matters that              Allah during the month of Ramadan. I              October 28th all night long.
     do not concern one.                   pray that we all do the most ibadah to
                                           Allah. Lastly, I thank Allah for blessing    •    YMFA General Body
   * Excessive speech.                     all of us to be living during this month          Meeting- October 15th
                                           of Ramadan.
                                                                                             at 1:30 at the Masjid
   * Speaking about sinful matters.
                                                                                        •    Sister’s Halaqa- Saturdays
   * Disputation and contestation.
                                                                                             from 11-1pm at Sister
   * Argumentation.                                                                          Sumreena’s house. Contact:
                                                                                             Tazeen Ayub at (734)-904-
   * Excessively embellished speech.                                                         6161 for more information.

   * Lewd, insulting, or
     crude speech.                         HIGH SCHOOL MSA BOARD                                 YMFA BOARD
   * Invoking the Curse                                   President                                    President
     ofGod on someone.                           Tazeen Ayub (734) 416-3989                   Maria Arrine (734) 454-1195
                                                                                                     Vice President
                                                       Vice President                         Saquib Usman (248) 347-6681
   * Singing indecent songs,                   Ahmed Nadeem (734) 455-4065                              Secretary
     orrelating immoral poetry.                           Secretary                            Sabrina Ali (734) 844-2412
                                                  Sabrina Ali (734) 844-2416                           Treasurer
   * Excessive joking.                                                                       Fatima Younus (734) 394-2018
                                                                                                    Executive Board
   * Sarcasm and ridicule.                   Tasneem Mohammed (734) 721-6762                Tazeen Ayub and Ahmed Nadeem
                                                      Public Relations                                   Advisor
   * Revealing secrets.                        Ednan Haroon and Ayesha Jamali                   Anila Baig (248) 394-5016

40440 Palmer Rd. Canton, MI-48188                     Visit us online at                                          3
(734) 467-7704
October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                                  Vol. 11 - No. 10

Programs & Activities
 Sheikh Ali’ Suleiman                                    MCWS Tennis League
 Ali’ s Schedule
 Three to four salawat daily
 except Tuesdays.

 Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays:
 Counseling & Fatwa Asr to ‘Isha

 Note: Based on need, counseling
 can be provided on any day
 between 10 AM - 10 PM.
 Appointment is preferred.             Goal:          Play competitive tennis 1 to 2 times a week.
          (734) 398-6804 (Home)                       October 1st, 2005 to November November 19th,
                                                      2005 every Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm.
         (313) 366-6800 (Work)
         (313) 478-3262                               MCWS attendees and other brothers in
                                                      the area. Beginners are welcome

 Recreational                          Where:         Freedom Park on Palmer and Sheldon (Temporary)

 Soccer in Canton                      Format:        Singles and Doubles

 Br. Abdul Hafeez Siddiqui organizes                  Must adhere to Islamic dress code. Must bring your
 some soccer games mainly for          Gear:
                                                      own racquet. Tennis balls and water will be provided
 Muslims at a park in Canton.
                                                      Please e-mail or call Br. Mostansar
 Many people in participate
 in these games. These games                          Virk at 734-446-6808
 are played on Wednesday and
 Sunday, from 5:30 to Maghrib.         Cost:          $8 Per person per month
 If anyone has
 any questions                         Group List:
 they can email
 Br. Abdul
 Hafeez at                                  First gathering will be on Saturday, October 1st, 2005 at 10:00 am at
 abdulsidd@                               Freedom Park InshaAlah (Weather Permitting). Water will be provided.,                               Starting Spring/Summer of ’06, we would like to arrange prize winning
 or call him at                                                    tournaments InshaAlah.

40440 Palmer Rd. Canton, MI-48188                Visit us online at                                        4
(734) 467-7704
October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                                            Vol. 11 - No. 10

Detroit MRI Cricket League 2005 Runner Up team Canton (PCCC)                              MCWS Program
                                                                                          Masjid Operation
                                                                                           M. Saleem Qureshi    (734)397-7139
                                                                                          Finance & Gift
                                                                                           Tahir Chaudhry       (313)522-2663
                                                                                          Shaheen Masood        (734)397-3845
                                                                                          Programs & Activities
                                                                                          Muzammil Ahmed        (734) 981-5677
                                                                                          Dinners & Community Picnics
                                                                                          Mustafa AlAyoubi      (734)981-4574
                                                                                          Social Welfare (MFS)
                                                                                          Muzammil Ahmed        (734) 981-5677
                                                                                          Sh. Ali Suleiman Ali  (734)398-6804
                                                                                          Membership and Check-o-Matic
                                                                                           Ihtesham Shahid      (734)397-5566
From left Safdar (Best batsman award score more then 300 run), Jawad shamsi, Captain      News Letter & Communication
Abad, Hamid, Nehal, Faisal, Jawad Ahmed and sitting from left Shakeel and Haroon          Mohammad Usman        (248)347-6681
                                                                                          Sisters Interface
Detroit MRI Cricket                          the Final by 2                               Shaheen Masood        (734)397-3845
League 2005                                  wickets. Safdar
                                             Siddiqui of
                                                                                          YMFA and Young Adults
                                                                                          Yusuf Hai             (734)678-3657
PCCC (1 of the 3 Canton teams)               Canton team                                  Community Outreach
is the runner up team of 2005                was nominated
                                                                                          Yusuf Hai             (734)678-3657
Detroit MRI Cricket league.                  as the “Best
                                             Batsman of                                   Da’wah
It has been a remarkable season for          the League”                                  Sh. Ali Suleiman Ali  (734)398-6804
PCCC where they came from behind             and Abad Hussain (Captain)                   Joint Secretariat
in the Super 8 and won all their games       was nominated as the Man of                  Mohammad Usman        (248)347-6681
beating UFD, Farmington, Canton              the Match for the Semi-final.                Mustafa AlAyoubi      (734)981-4574
(Indian) and Crescent in a row to
                                                                                          MCWS / MEC Contract
qualify for the semi-final. In semi-         Congratulations to the team and
final Canton beat Hamtramck by 1             all the best wishes in to bring              Sajid Siddique        (734)420-3647
wicket in a nail biting match to reach       cup to Canton next year (Insa                Facility
the MRI league final. Final match of         Allah). If any one is interested             M. Saleem Qureshi     (734)397-7139
the league played between Canton and         in joining the PCCC you may                  Constitution (Ad-Hoc)
Brownstown on 9/11 at OCC ground             contact Abad at 734-674-0428.                 Hameed Balbale       (734)780-8182
in Farmington Hills, Brownstown won
                                                                                             Halal Catering & Pizza
                                                                                       A Hello Faz Pizza & Catering

                                                                            100%         Hello Faz Pizza: (734) 821-7777
                                                                            Halal          Halal Catering: (734)276-1478
                                                                                              Our Food selection includes
                                                          Indian, Pakistani, Arabic, Italian, American and Chinese food!

40440 Palmer Rd. Canton, MI-48188                       Visit us online at                                           5
(734) 467-7704
October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                                            Vol. 11 - No. 10

                                           ing person to break his fast, shall have     and your Lord is Allah.” [Narrated by
Ramadan                                    his sins forgiven, and he will be saved
                                           from the Fire of Hell, and he shall have
                                                                                        Tirmidhi, who said it is a good (hasan)
                                           the same reward as the fasting person,
By Suheil Laher                            without his reward being diminished          Qatadah said that he was informed
                                           at all.” [Narrated by Ibn Khuzaymah]         that the Prophet (may Allah bless

T   he month of Ramadan is the month
    in which the Quran was sent
down, a guidance for the people, and
                                           In another hadith, the Messenger of
                                           Allah (may Allah bless him and grant
                                                                                        him and grant him peace) used to say,
                                                                                        when seeing the crescent, “A crescent
                                                                                        of goodness and orientation, a cres-
clear verses of guidance and criterion.    him peace) says, “Ramadan has come           cent of goodness and orientation, a
[Quran: Chapter 2, 183]                    to you. (It is) a month of blessing, in      crescent of goodness and orientation.
                                           which Allah covers you with blessing,        (To the moon:) I believe in Allah who
It is appropriate that every Muslim        for He sends down Mercy, decreases           created you.” (Three times), and then
should receive the blessed month of        sins and answers prayers. In it, Allah       he would say, “Praise be to Allah who
Ramadan with repentance, sincerity,        looks at your competition (in good           has taken away such- and-such month
resoluteness and earnestness. He/she       deeds), and boasts about you to His          and brought such-and-such month.”
should make the intention to perform       angels. So show Allah goodness from          [Narrated by Abu Dawud]
extra acts of devotion and worship         yourselves, for the unfortunate one
therein, including the Night Prayer (qi-   is he who is deprived in (this month)        The month of Ramadan has excellences
yam), recitation of Qur’an, and abun-      of the mercy of Allah, the Mighty, the       over the other months, as is testified to
dant charity to the poor and needy.        Exalted.” [Narrated by Tabarani]             by the Qur’an and Sunnah, and out of
                                                                                        these we will bring to attention the fol-
On the authority of Anas (may Allah        The preceding hadiths bring atten-           lowing virtues:
be pleased with him): The Messenger of     tion to readiness and preparation for
Allah (may Allah bless him and grant       receiving Ramadan. This is achieved          1. It is the month of the Qur’an, with
him peace), used to say the following      by having a clear understanding of           regards to revelation and study. (“The
when the month of Rajab began. “Oh         this month in one’s mind, and greet-         month of Ramadan is that in which was
Allah! Bless us in Rajab and Sha`ban,      ing Ramadan with love and yearning.          revealed the Qur’an.” [Qur’an, 2:185]).
and bring us, oh Allah, to Ramadan.”       Also, one should have the determina-         On the authority of Ibn `Abbas: Angel
[Narrated by Tabarani and Ahmad]           tion and intention to perform good           Gabriel used to meet the Prophet every
                                           deeds and worship, and one should lay        night in Ramadan and used to study
The Messenger of Allah (may Allah          down a program to accomplish this in         Qur’an with him.
bless him and grant him peace) ad-         the days of the blessed month.
dressed his companions on the last                                                      2. It is the month of seclusion. Ibn
day of Sha`ban, saying, “Oh people!        It is communally obligatory upon the         `Umar said, “The Messenger of Allah
A great month has come over you; a         Muslims to seek the crescent at the time     (may Allah bless him and grant him
blessed month; a month in which is a       of sunset on the 29th day of Sha`ban,        peace) used to seclude himself for
night better than a thousand months;       and the 29th day of Ramadan, in or-          the last ten days of the month of
month in which Allah has made it com-      der to verify the status of the start and    Ramadan.”
pulsory upon you to fast by day, and       end of their fasting. When seeing the
voluntary to pray by night. Whoever        crescent, it is sunnah for the Muslim to     3. It is the month of generosity. Ibn
draws nearer (to Allah) by perform-        supplicate with the following supplica-      `Abbas said, “The Messenger of Allah
ing any of the (optional) good deeds       tion, which has been reported from the       (may Allah bless him and grant him
in (this month) shall receive the same     Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless          peace) used to be at his most generous
reward as performing an obligatory         him and grant him peace).                    in Ramadan.”
deed at any other time, and whoever
discharges an obligatory deed in (this     On the authority of Talhah ibn               4. It is the month of standing (in volun-
month) shall receive the reward of         `Ubaydullah (may Allah be pleased            tary night prayer). On the authority of
performing seventy obligations at any      with him): when the Prophet (may             Abu Hurayrah: The Messenger of Allah
other time. It is the month of patience,   Allah bless him and grant him peace)         (may Allah bless him and grant him
and the reward of patience is Heaven.      saw the crescent, he used to say, “Oh        peace) said, “Whoever stands (in vol-
It is the month of charity, and a month    Allah! Cause it to appear over us with       untary night prayer) during Ramadan,
in which a believer’s sustenance is in-    prosperity, faith (Iman), security and       with faith and in expectancy of reward,
creased. Whoever gives food to a fast-     Islam. (Then to the moon:) My Lord           his previous sins are forgiven him.”

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October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                                            Vol. 11 - No. 10

5. It is the month of the compulsory        “The Messenger of Allah would break          act of following the Prophet’s (SAW)
fast, because of Allah’s saying, “So,       his fast with ripe dates before he would     tradition is one way of connecting and
whoever among you witnesses the             pray. If those were not available, he        remembering him, which is spiritually
month should fast.” [Qur’an, 2:185] A       would eat dried dates. If those were not     beneficial for Muslims.
terrible error prevalent among people       available, he would drink some water.”
is to talk about Ramadan just as they                                                    One should pray after eating dates
talk about the obligation of fasting, as    One of the many physical benefits of         and before eating the main meal, be-
if Ramadan and fasting are synony-          breaking the fast with dates is that our     cause this short break gives the body
mous, each carrying the meaning of          body benefits from the date’s high level     time to metabolize the dates and water
the other and not anything more nor         of natural sugars. Sugars travel most        that have been consumed and to start
less. Yet, fasting is one of many acts of   quickly to the liver, where they are con-    the body’s digestive processes, which
worship in Ramadan.                         verted into energy more quickly than         have been resting all day. Eating large
                                            any other nutrient. Muslims have an          amounts of food immediately after
Many reports have been narrated from        immediate need for this energy when          breaking the fast resembles starting a
the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless     they break their fast, for they need en-     car and the driving it without giving it
him and grant him peace) explaining         ergy to perform their sunset prayers.        enough time to warm up. As we know,
the distinction of Ramadan, of which        Ironically, one also needs this energy       this can damage the engine’s internal
we have selected the following.             to consume the iftar meal. When a            mechanics.
                                            person eats, the body uses energy to
“The month of Ramadan has come to           digest the food. Eating large quanti-        The same is true with the body, for
you; a month of goodness and bless-         ties of food immediately after fasting is    jumpstarting the body’s digestive pro-
ing.” [Ibn Khuzaymah]                       not healthy for the body, which is in a      cesses can shock the entire organ sys-
                                            weakened condition. Eating a date first      tem. In some cases, this shock could be
“The Master of the Months is Ramadan,       helps the body start its digestive pro-      dangerous. In most cases, however, it is
and the Master of the days is Friday.”      cess and gives it the energy to deal with    simply an unhealthy way to break the
[Ibn Khuzaymah]                             the secondary, more complex foods,           fast. The immediate dangers are appar-
                                            eaten during ifta.                           ent in the increased need to sleep af-
“Whoever fasted Ramadan with faith                                                       ter the iftar. This sleepy feeling comes
and in expectancy of reward, his pre-       Dates are also high in vitamins A and        about because the body has expended
vious sins are forgiven him.” [Bukhari      B6, folic acid, potassium, natural so-       so much energy on the digestive sys-
and Muslim]                                 dium, iron, and magnesium. Thus, eat-        tem that it needs to lower its other
                                            ing dates daily during Ramadan is like       bodily functions in order to perform
“When Ramadan comes, the gates of           taking a daily multivitamin. This daily      its digestive duties properly. Over time,
Heaven are opened, the gates of Hell        multivitamin can create a stronger and       this habit can cause long-term damage
are closed, and the devils are chained.”    healthier body, one more fit for fasting.    to the body.
And in a narration from Nasa’i, the fol-    Dates also contain large amounts of di-
lowing words are added: “and a caller       etary fiber, which can prevent any con-
calls out every night: ‘Oh seeker of        stipation that might result from eating
Good, draw near! Oh seeker of Evil,         the traditionally rich foods served dur-
desist!’ “                                  ing Ramadan. Additionally, dates pro-
                                            tect the stomach and intestinal tract
                                            from parasites and bacteria, and thus
Dates                                       is a good preventative medicine when
                                            eating iftar at unfamiliar locations.
at Iftar
                                            Dates also have a special place in Islam.
By Diba Rab                                 In fact, they were one of the Prophet’s
                                            (SAW) most frequently consumed

B    reaking the fast with dates is a
     Ramadan tradition, as most of its
benefits are unique to this particular
                                            foods. For this reason, their benefit is
                                            most likely spiritual as well as physi-
                                            cal. If their benefit were purely physi-
fast. Breaking one’s fast with dates, as    cal, one could perhaps consume any
well as praying before iftar, are both      fruit high in natural sugars before iftar
mentioned in the Hadith literature:         to gain similar benefits. However, the

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October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                                             Vol. 11 - No. 10

Community News & Events
                   Congratulations                                                                  Eid-Ul-Fitr
                   on Your Wedding!                                                             Friday, November 4, 2005
                                                                                               Inshallah and will be held at
                                                                                                Hellenic Cultural Center
                                                      Congratulations                                36375 Joy Road
   Nayla Khan – Mohammad S. Ali              to Br. Muhammad Maqsood Qadir                        Westland, MI 48185
                                              and Sr. Amna on the birth of their                      734/525-3550
   Congratulations to Mohammad                    baby girl, Areej Maqsood.
   S. Ali’s parents Mr. Abdul Karim
   and late Mrs. Saira Khatoun and             to Br. Aman Khan and Sr. Faiza
    Nayla’s parents Rana Khurshid            Khan on the birth of their baby boy,
       and Mrs. Parveen Khan                  Humzah Khan. Congratulations to
                                            grand parents Br. Shahid Khan and Sr.
                                                       Meena as well.
       Arshia Siddique – Shaik
       Mohammed Abu Fazal                   to Br. Abdul Rehman (Roomi) and
                                              Sr. Juvaria on the birth of their
   Congratulations to Arshia’s par-           baby boy,Yahya Abdul Rehman.
 ents Dr. and Mrs. Mohamed Sayeed           Congratulations to grand parents Sr.
   Siddique and Fazal’s parents Mr.            Nargis and Br. Rashid as well.
      And Mrs. S. M. Abu baker
                                               to Br. Kashif Chaudhry and Sr.
      Shahaab Quraishi - Sahar               Tehmina on the birth of their baby
                                                     girl, Izma Chaudhry
 Congratulations to Shahab’s Parents
   Nawa Quraishi and Sr. Shahar               May Allah SWT make the newly borns joy
  and Sahar’s Parents Dr. Shafi Ur            for the family and blessing for the Ummah
     Rehman and Sr. Shaheen

    May Allah SWT keep you couples
    forever, happy together Inshall-Allah                     Please Make
                                                                                                            Brother of Sr.
                                               Br. Saeed Chaudhry, father of                                Hajj Ali Mohammad
                                              Br. Tahir Chaudhry, has been ill.                             Hamade (Ali Dorah),
                                              Please make dua to Allah SWT                                  father of Br. Thomas
                                                  for his shifa and recovery.                               A. Hamade passed
                                                                                                            away. Please remem-
                 Congratulations on              Br. Syed Kamal Baghdadi has                                ber Ali Mohammad
                                                 gone through heart surgery.                                Hamade and all our
                 your Engagement!                                                                           beloved ones dur-
                                                Please make dua to Allah SWT
                                               for complete shifa and recovery.                             ing your prayers. He
                                                                                          passed away on Sept. 19, 2005 in peace
  Br. Saqib Nakadar engaged to Sr.                                                        praying at the age of 105. May Allah
 Rabia. Congratulations to them and               May Allah SWT give them
                                                                                          (SWT) give His mercy and forgive-
 Br. Rahman Nakadar and Sr. Najma                complete shifa soon, Ameen.              ness to the deceased, and give strength
             Nakadar.                                                                     and patience to the family.

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October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                                              Vol. 11 - No. 10

                                                                                                      Due to the popularity of
Boys Scout Visit The                                                                      (Contd. from Pg. 1)

                                                                                          the Adopt a Highway program, almost
Fire Station                                                                              every part of the strategic highways in
                                                                                          metro Detroit are already adopted by
On July 29, 2005                                                                          other groups. In many instances, there
Canton Muslims Boys Scouts /Cub                                                           are even waiting lists of groups want-
Scouts group visited Westland on Fire                                                     ing to adopt specific “high-visibility”
                                                                                          stretches of the highway.
Station on Palmer Road. Fire Station
staff were very friendly and visit was                                                    Alhamdulillah, after working with M-
informative as well as fun for the kids.                                                  DOT for a few months, MCWS was
They got the chance to even ride on the                                                   able to adopt a very strategic stretch of
Fire truck !!                                                                             the highway, and one that is also very
                                                                                          close to our masjid.
                                             MCWS Annual

                                             On August 21, 2005 MCWS annual
                                             Picnic was held, it was a success. Thanks
                                             to all the volunteers for arranging,
                                             contributing material for the occasion
                                             and helping coordinator Br. Iqbal

                                                                                          The motivation and reason behind our
                                                                                          effort is two-fold. First and foremost,
                                                                                          it is in partial fulfillment of our duty as
                                                                                          Muslims to pro-actively engage in ac-
A Trip To The                                                                             tivities that positively impact the local
                                                                                          society in which we live. Secondly, it
Wilderness                                                                                is a da’wa effort. In addition to telling
                                                                                          others about the concept of cleanliness
Archery                                                                                   in Islam, demonstrating such actions
                                                                                          can serve as an example to re-inforce
Boys Scout Troop number                                                                   what Islam teaches.
888 went to the Wilderness Archery
of Ann Arbor on Sunday, September                                                         This effort is achieved only when broth-
18, 2005. Boy Scout Troop were giv-                                                       ers from our community come forward
ing training in the art of using bow                                                      and help volunteer a few hours every
and arrows by the trainer at the facility.
Every one including the cool dad’s had
a wonderful time.

                                             Qidwai, to make this picnic a great
                                             success. MEC scouts also participated
                                             in the picnic and engaged in various
                                             activities like : Tug of war and outing
                                             in the jungle. Special Thanks to Sr.
                                                                                          year. If you would like to help with this
                                             Rana Qidwai, Sr. Asia Adnan, and Sr.         project please email mcwsaah@gmail.
                                             Arshi Adil for their untiring efforts for    com or contact any shura member.

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October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                                             Vol. 11 - No. 10

                                                                                          & give him peace), outwardly and in-
When is Laylat al-Qadr?                                                                   wardly, and may He make us of those
                                                                                          whom He loves.

By Shaykh Faraz Rabbani                      ing Mi`raj al-Diraya, and Nawawi, al-        This is one of the many reasons why
                                             Majmu`] Because obligatory acts are          one should strive to establish the night

T   he Prophet Muhammad (Allah
    bless him and give him peace) said,
“Whoever prays on Laylat al-Qadr out
                                             more beloved to Allah than supererog-
                                             atory ones, the most important thing
                                             for men is to pray both Isha and Fajr at
                                                                                          vigil prayer (tahajjud), daily.

of faith and sincerity, shall have all       the mosque.
their past sins forgiven.” [Bukhari and                                                   It has been reported that, “Once the
Muslim, from Abu Hurayra (Allah be           When is it?                                  last ten [days of Ramadan] started,
pleased with him)]                                                                        the Messenger of Allah (blessings
                                             There is great difference of opinion         and peace be upon him, his family,
The Prophet (Allah bless him & give          about this, because it is of the matters     and companions) used to spend the
him peace) also said, “Seek it in the last   whose certain knowledge has been             nights in worship, wake his family,
ten days, on the odd nights.” [Bukhari       lifted by Allah Most High from this          strive, and tighten his belt.” [Bukhari
and Muslim from Abu Sa`id al-Khudri          Ummah, for the wisdom that people            and Muslim] Tighten his belt refers to
(Allah be pleased with him)]                 strive to seek it:                           determination.

The scholars affirm that it is the best of   In general, it is agreed that it is most     The established position of Abu Hanifa
nights, [al-Fatawa al-Hindiyya, quot-        likely to be in the last ten nights of       and his two main companions, Abu
ing Mi`raj al-Diraya, 1.216] because of      Ramadan, with the odd nights being           Yusuf and Muhammad ibn al-Hasan
Allah Most High’s words,                     more likely. Of the odd nights, the night    (Allah have mercy on them) is that it is
                                             of the 27th (which is the night before       specific to Ramadan. Abu Hanifa said
“Lo! We revealed it on the Night of          the 27th of Ramadan, for the Islamic         that it is not a fixed day but, rather,
Power.                                       day starts with nightfall) is most likely.   it moves around in the month. [Ibn
                                             Imam Shafi`i said that it is most likely     Abidin, Radd al-Muhtar, from al-Bahr
Ah, what will convey unto thee what the      to be the 21st, then the 23rd, then the      and al-Kafi] As for the hadiths about it
Night of Power is!                           27th. Imam Nawawi followed the po-           being the night of the 27th, Ibn Abidin
                                             sition of Imam Muzani and Imam Ibn           mentions that Abu Hanifa explained
The Night of Power is better than a          Khuzayma that it moves around within         them as meaning a particular year.
thousand months.                             the last ten nights. [Nawawi, al-Majmu`
                                             Sharh al-Muhadhdhab, 6.488]                  Ibn Abidin quotes Ibn Nujaym’s Bahr
he angels and the Spirit [Jibril] descend                                                 al-Ra’iq that this is one transmit-
therein, by the permission of their Lord,    However, it could be outside the last        ted position of Abu Hanifa. Another,
will all decrees.                            ten nights within Ramadan. It may            mentioned in Qadikhan’s Fatawa al-
                                             even be outside Ramadan according            Khaniyya, one of the most important
(That night is) Peace until the rising of    to both early and late scholars. This        works for fatwa in the school, is that
the dawn.”                                   has been transmitted from many of            the famous transmission from Imam
                                             the Companions of the Prophet (Allah         Abu Hanifa is that it moves around the
(Qur’an, Surat al-Qadr: 97)                  bless him & give him peace), includ-         entire year; it could be in Ramadan,
                                             ing Ibn Mas`ud (Allah be pleased with        and it could be in another month.
Imam Nawawi and others explain that          him). It is one of the reported positions
‘The Night of Power is better than a         of Imam Abu Hanifa, and also of many         Ibn Abidin said,
thousand months,’ means that it is bet-      of the great knowers of Allah, includ-
ter than a thousand months without it.       ing Ibn Arabi (whose position is quot-       “This is supported by what the Master
                                             ed by Ibn Abidin with support), Abu’l        of the Knowers of Allah Sayyidi Muhyi
Given the tremendousness of this             Hasan al-Shadhili, Sha`rani, and many        al-Din Ibn Arabi mentioned in his
night, it is recommended to seek this        others.                                      Futuhat al-Makkiyya,
night, and to worship Allah in it, with
prayer, supplication (du`a), remem-          May Allah give us the success of fol-        ‘People differed about Laylat al-Qadr.
brance (dhikr), and other actions.           lowing in the footsteps of the inheri-       Some said it moves around the entire
[Ibn Abidin, Radd al-Muhtar, quot-           tors of the Prophet (Allah bless him         year. This is my position, for I have

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October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                                            Vol. 11 - No. 10

seen it in the month of Sha`ban, and                                                     last of which brings emancipation from
in Rabi`, and in Ramadan. I have            Ramadan: Month                               the fire of Jahan-nam.”
seen it most, though, in the month of
Ramadan, and, specifically, in the last     of Patience and                              “Whosoever lessens the burden of his
nights. I saw it once in the second third                                                servants (bonds-men) in this month,
of Ramadan, on an even night, and           Sympathy                                     Allah will forgive him and free him
once on an odd night. Therefore, I am                                                    from the fire of Jahannam.”
certain that it moves around the entire     By Faza’il-e-A’maal
year, on both odd and even nights.’                                                      “And in this month four things you

And there are many opinions regard-
ing this, which reach 46 different posi-
                                            S   alman, Radi-Allahu anhu, reports,
                                                “On the last day of Shaban Rasu-
                                            lullah addressed us and said, ‘O peo-
                                                                                         should continue to perform in great
                                                                                         number, two of which shall be to please
                                                                                         your Lord, while the other two shall be
tions.” [Ibn Abidin, Radd al-Muhtar]        ple there comes over you now a great         those without which you cannot do.
                                            month, a most blessed month in which         Those which shall be to please your
This is reported to be the position of      lies a night more greater in virtue than     Lord, are that you should in great quan-
Ibn Mas`ud (Allah be pleased with           a thousand months. It is a month in          tity bear witness that there is no deity
him) and other great Companions. [As        which Allah has made Fasting compul-         to worship except Allah (i.e. recite the
mentioned by Bututi in his Kashshaf         sory by day. And has made sunnah the         Kalimah Tayyibah Laa llaaha illallaah)
al-Qina`, and others; for the many          Taraweeh by night. Whosoever intends         and make much Istighfaar beg Allah’s
narrations from the Companions and          drawing near to Allah by performing          forgiveness with Astagirfirul-laah).”
Followers about Laylat al-Qadr, see Ibn     any virtuous deed, for such person           And as for those without which you
Abi Shayba’s Musannaf]                      shall be the reward like the one who         cannot do, you should beg of Allah, en-
                                            had performed a fardh in any other           trance into paradise and ask refuge in
Imam al-Nafrawi al-Maliki mentions          time. And whoever performs a fardh,          Him from Jahannam.”
in his al-Fawakih al-Dawani fi Sharh        shall be blessed with the reward of sev-
Risalat Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani           enty faraa-idh in any other time.            “And whoever gave a person who fast-
that the position of Imam Malik, Imam                                                    ed water to drink, Allah shall grant that
Shafi`i and Imam Ahmad, and the ma-         This is indeed the month of patience,        giver to drink from My fountain, such
jority of the scholars is that Laylat al-   and the reward for true patience is Jan-     a drink where after that person shall
Qadr is not a specific night. Rather, it    nah ( paradise. It is the month of sym-      never again feel thirsty until he enters
moves around.                               pathy with one’s fellowmen. It is the        Jannah.”
                                            month wherein a true believer’s rizq
Imam Sarakhsi mentions in his Mabsut,       is increased. Whosoever feeds another        MCWS Board
a 30-volume masterpiece of Hanafi le-       who fasted, in order to break the fast at    President
gal reasoning, proofs, and compara-         sunset, for the feeder there shall be for-   Sajid Siddique           (734)420-3647
tive fiqh that was mainly authored by       giveness of sins and emancipation from       Vice President
dictation to students while unjustly        the fire of Jahannam (hell}, and for such    Mohammad Usman           (248)347-6681
imprisoned in a pot well, that the posi-    feeder shall be the same reward as the
tion of most of the Companions (Allah       one who Fasted (who he fed) without
be pleased with him) was that it is on      that persons reward being decreased in       Ihtesham Shahid          (734)397-5566
the night of the 27th. (3.127) This un-     the least.”                                  Treasurer
derstood, others explain, to mean that                                                   Tahir Chaudhry           (313) 522-2663
its most likely night is the night of the   Thereupon we said, “O messenger of
27th of Ramadan. [As in Ruhaybani’s         Allah, not all of us possess the means       Shura Members
Matalib Uli’n Nuha Sharh Ghayat al-         whereby we can give a fasting person to      Muzammil Ahmed           (734)981-5677
Muntaha 2.225 in Hanbali fiqh]              break his fast.” Rasulullah replied, “Al-    Mustafa Alayoubi         (734)981-4574
                                            lah grants the same reward to the one        M. Saleem Qureshi        (734)397-7139
And Allah alone gives success.              who gives a fasting person to break the      Yusuf Hai                (734)678-3657
                                            fast a mere date, or a drink of water, or
                                                                                         Shaheen Masood           (734)397-3845
                                            a sip of milk.”
                                                                                         MCWS Trustees
                                            “This is a month, the first of which         Ghazala Burney           (734)495-1575
                                            brings Allah’s mercy, the middle of          Jabir Baig               (248)960-0921
                                            which brings His forgiveness and the         Noor Mohammed            (734) 397-3877

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October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                                                  Vol. 11 - No. 10

Educational Opportunities
                                                     Gratitude in the Face of Calamity
                Library Committee                    By Imam Zaid Shakir                       been misplaced by the storm. Let
                                                                                               us thank God for the countless
                 Ihtesham Shahid                     In The Name of God, Most Gracious,        merciful souls who are inspired to
            Librarian: Jawad Anwar                   Most Merciful                             spend their money to assist those
                                                                                               who have been displaced from their
                                                     If you express gratitude for my           homes. Let us thank God for those
                                                     blessings, I will increase you in         working tirelessly to connect lost
                                  Tuesdays &         them. [Al-Qur’an 14:7]                    children, the elderly, and physically
                                  Thursdays                                                    challenged with their families.
 April - June
                 12-3 pm
                              1/2 hr before and
                               After Maghrib         T    he failings of humans in the
                                                          aftermath of the destruction
                                                     wreaked by Hurricane Katrina are
                                                                                               When we awake in the morning
                                                                                               and the lights come on to guide
  Summer                      1/2 hr before and
                 1-2 pm                              many. Unfortunately, they are too         us around the house as we prepare
 July - Sept.                  After Maghrib         easy to identify. On the other hand,      to start our day, let us thank God.
 Fall and                                            there are many blessings, which the       When we relieve ourselves and we
                                   1/2 hr before     situation along the Gulf shore serves     find the means to remove our waste
  Winter         12-3 pm
                                  and After Isha     to highlight. Most of those bless-        far from our homes let us thank
Oct - March
                                                     ings are things we take for granted.      God. When we drive by our rivers
                            1/2 hr between 8 and
  Ramadan                                            They oftentimes go unnoticed, and         and streams, and find that most of
                            20 rakah of Taraweeh
                                                     therefore, unappreciated. In light        them are not soiled by untreated
                                                     of the difficulties facing so many of     raw sewage let us thank God. When
 Special Hrs     Saturdays 1-2 pm (Sisters Only)     our fellow citizens in the affected       we return home to warm meals, a
                                                     areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, and      clean change of clothes, and loving,
                                                     Alabama, we should all take time to       intact families, let us thank God.
     Closed on all events and public holidays        thank God for His many and abun-
                                                     dant blessings.                           As we survey the aftermath of the
                                                                                               storm let us thank God that the
                                                     First of all, let us thank God that He    devastation was not worse. What
         LEARN QURAN, TAJWEED.                       inspired so many people to risk their     would the damage had been had not
       TAFSEER AND TRANSLATION                       lives and health to save thousands        Katrina weakened from a Category
                                                     of individuals who were trapped           5 storm to a Category 4 just before
    SISTER FARHAT HASHMI on Internet                 in New Orleans and elsewhere. Let         making landfall? What would the
            For details please contact               us thank God for the kind souls           damage had been if the eye of the
                                                     who have opened their hearts and          storm had passed directly over New
          Sr. Shazia at (248) 349-0415               homes to receive those who have           Orleans, instead of turning towards

MCWS Islamic School
40440 Palmer road, canton, mi 48188
Free adult classes, (no registration needed)
Subject                                     Instructor                  Place                 Day and Time
Tajweed Class (for Young Adults)            Br. Mustafa Alayyoubi       Canton Masjid         Monday, after Isha Salah
Tafseer-al-Qur’an for ADULTS                Sheikh Ali Suleiman         Canton Masjid         Friday, after Isha salah
Tafseer-al-Qur’an (for Brothers)            Sheikh Ali Suleiman         Canton Masjid         Sat. & Sun, after Fajr Salah
Tafseer-al-Qur’an (for Sisters)             Sheikh Ali Suleiman         Sister’s Masjid       Wednesday, 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Read Qur’an with Tajweed                    Sr. Shaheen Masood          Sister’s Masjid       Wednesday, 8:00 – 9:00 pm

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October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                                            Vol. 11 - No. 10

                                                        Neighborhood Communities
less populated areas? What            calamities of this world with
would have resulted if the flood-     dignity and composure. Our                        Tawheed Center I
ing in New Orleans had been           Noble Prophet reminds us,                         9707 West Ten Mile Road
immediate and occurred at the
height of the storm, in the mid-      Truly amazing is the affair of the               Farmington Hills, MI 48336
dle of the night as people slept or   believer. His affair only contains                   Phone: (248) 426 7360
were surrounded by total dark-        good. That realization only occurs
ness? Let us thank God that so        for the believer. If he is blessed     Salat-ul-’juma (Two prayers) 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm
far the death toll in Louisiana       with good he thanks God and in             
is in the hundreds and not the        that there is good. And if he is af-
thousands as predicted.               flicted with difficulty he patiently            Muslim Community
                                      endures and in that there is good.
Let us thank God for blessing         Sahih Muslim #7425                              AssociationOf Ann
the overwhelming majority of us                                                        Arbor & Vicinity
with health, sustenance, services,    Each of your breaths is a price-           2301 Plymouth Rd.Ann Arbor, MI 48105
homes, and family. Let us thank       less jewel, since each of them
God for showering His Mercy           is irreplaceable and, once gone,                     Phone: (734)665-6772
upon us in ways great and small.      can never be retrieved. Do not
                                                                                   Jumma Prayers 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
Let us thank God for blessing us      be like the deceived fools who
to understand a purpose for our       are joyous because each day                     and from 1:30pm to 2:00 pm
lives at a time when many are         their wealth increases while
spiritually lost. This latter point   their life shortens. What good is                     Unity Center
is a blessing of unimaginable         an increase in wealth when life
import.                               grows ever shorter? Therefore                    1830 West Square Lake Road
                                      be joyous only for an increase                Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48302
Finally, let us be pleased with       in knowledge or in good works,
God’s Decree no matter what           for they are your two compan-                         Phone: 248-857-9200
it contains, for no matter what       ions who will accompany you         
it contains, His Decree brings        in your grave when your family,
good for the believer. Let us also    wealth, children and friends stay            Islamic Association of
thank God for the gift of faith.      behind. (Imam Ghazali)
Faith allows us to deal with the                                                   Greater Detroit (IAGD)
                                                                                            865 W. Auburn Road
                 MCWS 2005 membership                                                Rochester Hills, Michigan 48307
                                                                                           Phone: (248) 852-5657
                      Existing Members:
                                                                                Friday Prayers: 1st : 1:45 PM, 2nd 3:30 PM
   If you are on annual membership payment schedule then                              
     please pay your annual membership fee for year 2005.
                         New Members:                                              Islamic Center of Detroit
         Be part of the Masjid, its activities and support                            (Wayne State University)
                   it by becoming a paid member.                                               4646 Cass Ave
                                                                                             Detroit, MI 48201
                         Jazakallah Khair!
                                                                                            Phone (313) 831-9222
              Ihtesham Shahid (734) 397-5566                                          Friday Prayers:1:15 to 1:45 PM

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October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                               Vol. 11 - No. 10

       Tasty Zesty (T.Z.) Chicken
                                      45490 Ford Road, Canton MI 48187
                                          (734) 455 – 0200
        Located in Kennedy Plaza on North West Corner of Ford & Canton Center Road, next to Bombay Grocers.

                               Fried Chicken, Bun Kabob, BBQ Sandwiches,
                               Ramadan Special: Biryani, Samosa and Pakoras
                            Chicken Rolls, Seekh Kabob Rolls and much more.
                                        Carry out Available
                                    Everything 100% Halal (Zabiha)

                                    Come and enjoy our food

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October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                         Vol. 11 - No. 10

                   Mr. Goat                           Special Eid Sale
   100% Zabiha Halal Meat                             PASHMINA SHAWLS
                                                                 ELEGENT, IN-STYLE
          From Berry & Sons                              PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION
                                                                   Direct from Nepal
       Meat * Fish * Grocery                             Hand woven, Hand embroidered
                     Open Seven Days                                 International styles

                 M-F 10:30 am to 8 pm
                 Sat 10:00 am to 8 pm
                 Sun 10:00 am to 7 pm
                      45172 Ford Rd.
                    Canton, MI 48187                   29510 W. 10 Mile Road, Farmington Hills
                                                                          (248) 426-8888
           (734) 459-0287

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October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                            Vol. 11 - No. 10

           Build Your Own                             Dr. Kashif Qureshi, M.D
           Custom Home
   Build your own custom home up to
  3500 sq ft. The location is 3 minutes
    from Canton Masjid in populated
 Muslin area. Experienced help available
  to build your home and save money.
            Last two lots left.                                 Call to schedule an appointment for:
                                                                •Complete Physicals

                                                                •Cancer Screening / Immunizations

           Call Masood at (734)397-3845

40440 Palmer Rd. Canton, MI-48188         Visit us online at                                         16
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October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                                      Vol. 11 - No. 10

        Zaiba Malik, M. D.
          Comprehensive Ophthalmology
           Diseases and Surgery of the Eye
   Diabetic Eye Care, Cataract and Glaucoma

               Now Accepting New Patients
                 Most Insurances Accepted
                  Convenient Office Hours
                      and Ample Parking:

                                                     Baig Dental Group, P.C.
                              Mirza M. Baig, D.D.S.
                      Excellence in General & Cosmetic Dentistry
                                                    FIve L0cations to serve you:
               By Appointment Only                    Mirza M. Baig,
               Evening and Weekend                    D.D.S., & Associates
              Appointments available                  23800 Orchard Lake Rd, STE 106
                                                      Farmington Hills, MI 48336
  (Farmington Hills and Hamtramck locations only)     (248) 755-5700
               Available for Emergencies
                                                      Ecorse Dental                    Gray Family Dental
                    @ (248)     755-5700              4225 W. Jefferson Ave            12871 E. Jefferson Ave., Suite C
                All Major Insurance Plans             Ecorse, MI 48229                 Detroit, MI 48215
               Accepted, Including Medicaid           (313) 381-7770                   (313) 822-4200

      MCWS Members: Mention this Ad for a Free
                                                      Cedar Family Dental              Conant Family Dental
       Exam and Consultation at your first visit
                                                      6250 S. cedar St. STE 5          3611 carpenter Street, STE 4
                      *Check us out at                Lansing, MI 48911                Hamtramck, MI 48212
                     (517) 394-2226                   (313) 231-4542

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October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                                             Vol. 11 - No. 10

                                                                  •      A statement that your deduction for the do
American Business
                                                                         nation cannot exceed the proceeds of the resale.
Consulting, Inc.                                                  An acknowledgment is required even if you qualify for one
50636 Top of Hill Court, Plymouth, MI 48170                       of the exceptions to the deduction limit.

Tax Alert                                                         The new rules apply to donations made on or after January
                                                                  1, 2005. And, generally speaking, you must get the ac-
September 25, 2005                                                knowledgment from the charity within 30 days of the date
                                                                  the charity resells the car or within 30 days of the date of the
Dear Client,                                                      donation if you qualify for one of the exceptions. However,
                                                                  if you made a car donation earlier this year, the IRS is
                                                                  giving you extra time: For donations made on or before
If you are thinking about donating a used                         September 1, 2005, you have until at least October 1, to get
car to charity, you should be aware that                          the acknowledgment.
new rules effective January 01, 2005 gov-
ern tax deductions for car donations.                             If you want more details on the new rules for donations
                                                                  of cars and other vehicles, please contact us at (248)
In the past, you could generally claim a                          705-5220
charitable deduction equal to the value
of the car at the time of the donation. Generally speaking,       Very sincerely
that’s no longer true if the car is worth more than $500 and
the charity resells your car. Your deduction is limited to the    Arshad M. Khawaja
amount of the proceeds the charity receives on the resale.
This limit applies not only to donations of cars, but to dona-
tions of trucks, boats and airplanes as well.

There are some exceptions. For example, if the charity uses      University Bank           is proud to be one of the few
your car in a significant way before the resale (for example,
                                                              banks in the country to offer a Sharia compliant means of
to provide transportation to needy individuals), then the
new deduction limit does not apply. Instead, you can deduct purchasing a home, refinancing, or investing money for the
the current value of the car.                                 future.

For donations over $500 in value, the new rules require that     University Bank          strives to be your single point of
you get an acknowledgment from the charity containing contact for all your banking needs. You can do it all with the
certain information. For example, if the charity resells the
                                                             security and professionalism of a bank.
car and you don’t qualify for one of the exceptions (i.e.,
your deduction is limited), the statement must show the

•       Your name and taxpayer identification number.            Money Market Savings
•       The vehicle identification number.

•       The date of the donation.

•       The date the vehicle was sold by the charity.

•       A certification that the car was sold in an

        arm’s length transaction between unrelated parties.

•       The amount of the gross proceeds from the sale.

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October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                        Vol. 11 - No. 10

                                                  AKHTAR & ASSOCIATES
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                                                ily Petitions, H-1 Visas, Extension of Stay, Investor

                                                Estate Planning:

                                                Business Law:
                                                Incorporation, and set up of private and public foundations.

                                                Family Law:

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October 2005, Sha’ban-Ramadan, 1426                                                                                                       Vol. 11 - No. 10

                      Detroit Area Prayer Timings                                                                           October 2005
                                      October 2005                                                                 Sha’ban/Ramadan-1426
                                                                                                           S       M         T     W        T           F          S
  Date         Fajr         Sunrise        Zuhr           ‘Asr           Maghrib              ‘Ishaa
    1         6:14A          7:31A         1:28 P        4:45 P           7:18 P              8:32 P
    5         6:19A          7:36A         1:27 P        4:39 P           7:10 P              8:25 P
                                                                                                          2        3         4     5         6          7          8
   10         6:24A          7:41A         1:26 P        4:34 P           7:03 P              8:17 P
                                                                                                          28       29        30   RM         2          3          4
   15         6:29A          7:47A         1:25 P        4:27 P           6:55 P              8:09 P
                                                                                                           9       10        11    12       13         14          15
   20         6:35A          7:52A         1:24 P        4:21 P           6:47 P              8:02 P       5       6         7      8        9         10          11
   25         6:41A          7:58A         1:23 P        4:15 P           6:40 P              7:55 P
                                                                                                          16       17        18    19       20         21          22
   31         5:47A          8:06A         1:22 P        4:09 P           6:32 P              7:47 P      12       P         14    15       16         17          18
                      Iqama Times at Canton Masjid                                                        23       24        25    26       27         28          29
                               October, 2005                                                              19       20        21    22       23         24          25
                                                                                                          30      31
                 Jumma’ Prayer: 1st 12:40 PM & 2nd 1:40 PM
                                                                                                          26      LQ
                                                                                                         IM = Isra/Me’raj , SB = Shaban, NS = NisfuSha’ban
                                                                                                         LQ = Lailatul-Qadr, RM = Ramadan

   Date           Fajr              Zhur            Asr              Maghrib                 Ishaa                      November 2005
    1-5         6:30 AM         2:00 PM         5:45 PM               7:25 PM              8:45 PM
                                                                                                           S        M    T W T         F                            S
    6-10        6:35 AM         2:00 PM         5:45 PM               7:15 PM              8:35 PM                       1    2   3    4                            5
                                                                                                                        28 29 30 EF                                 2
   11-15        6:45 AM         2:00 PM         5:45 PM               7:05 PM              8:30 PM
                                                                                                           6         7   8    9 10 11                              12
   16-20        6:50 AM         2:00 PM         5:30 PM               7:00 PM              8:20 PM         3         4   5    6   7    8                            9
                                                                                                          13        14 15 16 17 18                                 19
   21-25        6:55 AM         2:00 PM         5:30 PM               6:50 PM              8:15 PM
                                                                                                          10        11 12 13 14 15                                 16
   26-30        6:55 AM         2:00 PM         5:30 PM               6:40 PM              8:05 PM        20        21 22 23 24 25                                 26
                                                                                                          17        18 19 20 21 22                                 23
Fajr Iqama time based on 50-minute minimum before sunrise where applicable.
                                                                                                          27        28 29 30
Isha Iqama time based on ISNA, plus 7 – 10 minute minimum where applicable.
                                                                                                          24        25 26 27
                                                                                                         EF = Eid-ul-Fitr

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