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                       Meets every 3rd Monday of each month – see below for more details
                    at the Boarhound Public House, Macclesfield, Cheshire, 7.30pm-9.30pm
                                we have a small library that you can borrow from

                                     APRIL 2011 NEWSLETTER
                             Please see website for lots to do over Easter
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                                                 NEWS JUST IN
If you have a child or young person who has additional needs aged upto 19yrs and you live in Cheshire East and
would like to attend a free music enabling workshop – please email dcd@cheshirecarerscentre.org.uk Cheshire
East Council are funding the workshops providing youngsters with the opportunity to have fun with music,
learn some communication/sharing skills, singing and turn taking. We can tailor the sessions to suit your childs
needs, 1:1 workshops or small groups of 3-4 children. Workshops will be held in various locations across
Cheshire East. Parents and Carers must attend but can enjoy a quite hour having a coffee and reading a
magazine or get involved in the session. Workshops will last for an hour over a 5 week period. We may also
provide some one off taster sessions.

Last nights meeting was well attended and we got down to finalising the Charity Status. Hopefully once we
send off the amended constitution and Trustee declaration we will shortly receive our much awaited Charity
Number. Thank you to Julie Alexander for all her hard work on this.

DON’T FORGET (thank you to all those who have sponsored Rick so far)
Once again Rick is putting his less than athletic frame through a strenuous training routine in order to raise
funds for two causes close to his heart.
One is FC United, we need a place to call home, and the second is Space4Autism.
To visit Ricks giving page click http://www.bmycharity.com/ricksimpson and make a donation. The page
comes up as FC United but Rick will be splitting the money 50/50


BBC North West – Kate Simms from the BBC has already been out and interviewed one parent regarding the
issues relating to the presentation that Richard Simpson did. We will keep you updated with what is happening
with this once we get more information. Kate Simms very kindly wrote some questions to be answered via the
“Freedom of information” – see under “Free School” further down the newsletter for the results.

                                                 FREE SCHOOL

As many of you will be aware we are seriously looking into the possibilty of having an “Autism Specific High
School” here in East Cheshire. We have now received correspondence back from the Department of Education
Offices and also David Rutley MP for Macclesfield is backing us and has also written to them on our behalf.
Letters received are in our March Newsletter for your to view. Julie Alexander also had a responce from
Lorraine Butcher – Director of Childrens Services, so as we stand at the moment East Cheshire Council are
saying if we want our own AS school then we should go for it under the “Free School” project. Below are the
replies that Kate Simms from the BBC received and also Kay Wiss’s replies. This makes for astonishing
reading! We now have to prove to EC that the school we have in mind is going to save money rather than send
our children out of area at a huge cost to the taxpayer. Julie Alexander has already spoken to a local school and
is trying to get hold of there budget so we can do a comparison and a business plan. Also, Iain Sloan is going to
ask another school for the same information .

Q&A from Kate Simms of BBC North West Tonight

 Q How many people between the ages of 11-18 have statements for autism in East Cheshire?.
 A 134 pupils aged 11-18 with Statements for autism in Cheshire East

  Q How many people between the ages of 11- 18 are listed as having special educational needs with autism
 in East Cheshire?

 A 46 pupils on LA records as having extra support through Individual Pupil funding having autism
 in Cheshire East

 NB The questioner asks how many listed. These are only the numbers recorded by LA following a formal
 process. There are likely to be many more but they do not attract additional resources so are not
 recorded through our systems

 Q How many people between the ages of 11- 18 that live in East Cheshire are being educated outside the borough?

 A There are 314 pupils with Statements educated outside the borough. Of those, 46 have autism

 Q How much does it cost East Cheshire to educate those people between 11- 18 outside the borough?

 A The projected cost to educate the pupils with autism outside the borough is £1368800.
 Rose Raine

 Compliance Officer

 Cheshire East Council3

Q&A from Kay Wiss – one of Space4Autism’s trustees
Request under Freedom of Information Act 2000 - 802230
Q1 For the educational year commencing September 2009 please could you provide the following information for pupils who
Cheshire East has to pay another Council for their secondary education at the stated schools with specialist provisions:
Educational year commencing September 2009
School                    Number of pupils       Total annual cost of     Annual cost of transport
                          paid for               education                associated with places
Castle Hill               0                      0                        0
Stockport MBC
Capenhurst Grange,        2                      40529.40                 16000
Cheshire West
Cloughwood                25                     522852.10                161342.97
Community School
Cheshire West
Hebden Green              29                     517877.56                175513.57
Cheshire West
Greenbank Cheshire        41                     744755.82                232712.76
The Meadows               1                      17634.81                 3624.25

Q2 For the educational year commencing September 2010, please could you provide the same information as above in Q1.
Educational year commencing September 2010
(please note that as this year is still on progress, the data below refers to September 2010 to March 2011 only)

School                  Number of pupils      Total annual cost of    Annual cost of transport
                        paid for              education               associated with places
Castle Hill             3                     12509.01                10659.99
Stockport MBC
Capenhurst Grange,      1                     3449.38                 0
Cheshire West
Cloughwood              18                    241811.48               90610.25
Community School
Cheshire West
Hebden Green            27                    304957.09               112986.24
Cheshire West
Greenbank Cheshire      39                    422092.86               147210.92
The Meadows             3                     29934.25                20552.56



This group is going from strength to strength as we are well into our spring/summer sessions. We have around
20 children now wanting places and as we can only take 12 at each session it is imperitive that if your child
cannot attend (once there name is down) you must ring either Julie or Cheryl asap so we can offer your place to
a child on the waiting list. We are taking the children to Eyam for a weekend break in May and have been busy
putting the final details together. Julie and Cheryl went to visit the youth hostel we will be staying at and have
taken photographs – from which Cheryl has produced a brochure for all the parents & children to look at before
we go.

The dates for May & June will be out shortly so if you want your child (aged 5-13yrs) to be registered with us
please email me on info.space@hotmail.com and I will forward you a registration form.

On this note, we are well aware that we really need a club for the older children ie 13yrs+. Once we have our
charity status we will endevour to get funding to get this off the ground. This club will entail taking the
children out ie bowling, cinema etc… We will let you know asap once we can arrange “Space4You”.

A big thank you goes out to Karen Beech for donating a parachute to the club and also to Kay Wiss who has
promised us some balls for a ball pit. Karen is also donating some Thomas train sets for our new club – see


In our last newsletter I told you that we had decided to do a club for all the family called Space4Trains,
however, on thinking about this and voicing my thoughts at our April meeting, it has been decided that this club
will not only be for the train lovers! We will be having trains, lego, toys etc… around the room so all the
family can join in. We have not yet decided which day of the week or evening this will take place but once we
do we will again be sending out information. The new club will be called “Space4Hobbies” – thanks Iain Sloan
for the new name.


We have been approached by Caroline Smith – see letter below, if anyone is interested please contact Caroline
directly vie email


I'm a Beaver Scout leader in Macclesfield - Christopher McKellar was one of my early beavers! I'd be happy to
discuss with you sometime whether SPACE parents would be interested in their children joining Beavers - they
start at six but to get a place you need to register when your child is about 4 years old - my group is certainly
full for the next 18 months!

Having a son on the spectrum I'd be keen to help parents if they would like their child in my group.

Alternatively we could think about setting a group up specifically for autistic children - I don't know whether
parents prefer their child to mix with others or prefer a setting which is more suited to the needs of the children.

I'd have to these discuss ideas with my other leaders but just thought I'd put the idea to you and we can talk
more if you think it is of interest.

                                                   SUMMER DAY OUT
                                                          BLACKPOOL ZOO

                                                         Sunday 10th July 2011


                                £7.00 per child 3-15yrs (who is in receipt of DLA – bring evidence)
                                £8.50 per adult 15yrs+ (who is in receipt of DLA – bring evidence)
                                              £8.50 per adult who is a carer for above
                                              £14.99 per adult (not in receipt of DLA)
                                              £10.95 per child (not in receipt of DLA)
                                                          under 3’s Free

                                     Coach is £395.00 but no charge to parents as the donation from
                                                      Waitrose is paying for this.

                             Coach Leaves Poynton Civic Hall Car Park at 9.00am and return 5.30pm
                                                  (bring your own picnics)

If you would be interested in the above trip please email me back with the booking form below, once I receive your booking form I
will send out an email with your balance which I will require before the event takes place.
All details will be on your balance.


Tickets Required:-                                   Cost             Number required
Adult (carer):                                       £8.50
Adult (not caring):                                  £14.99
Adult 15yrs+ (in receipt of DLA)                     £8.50
Child (Under 15 in receipt of DLA)                   £7.00
Child (Under 15 not in receipt of DLA)                £10.95
Under 3’s                                             Free

                                                ChAPS INFORMATION
                              (for more information on ChAPS go to our links on the website)

ChAPS are now taking up the gauntlet to continue the good work done by CASPAR with the Criminal Justice
Service. Cheryl has asked John Lamb to attend the meetings at the voice for Space4Autism and to bring back to
the table any information he received. The first Criminal Justice Forum will be held at Winsford some time in
May so hopefully John will be able to report back for our May meeting. – Thank you John for offering your

                                                    HOT OFF THE PRESS

  Go Quackers
  Time      Sunday, May 8 · 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Location Bramhall Park, Bramhall Park Road, Stockport SK7 3NX

        Cheshire East Parents & Carers Voice

            Join the Bramhall & Woodford Rotary Club on Sunday 8 May for a spectacular family fun day in Bramhall Park to raise
            vital funds for Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.

            Starting at 12.00pm, there will be a variety of duck races to enter and our patrons will be getting involved by decorating
            large rubber ducks, who will go beak to beak in the river.
More Info
            There will also be lots of activities around the park to keep families entertained, including a face painter, bouncy castle,
            stalls and much more. Further attractions are to be announced nearer the time.

            If you would like to enter a duck into the race, for a suggested donation of £1, then please contact a member of the charity
            team on 0161 276 4522 or visit www.bwrotary.org.uk or www.rmchcharity.org.uk.


  Dear forum Members
  We have today sent the CEPPS summer newsletter off to the printers and it will be available to see in early May on
  our website. Meanwhile we wish to draw the attention of parents to the Cheshire East Council consultation
  on proposals to changes to school travel policies and term dates. To this end we enclose our newsletter article
  on this.

  Cheshire East Council is running a public consultation which may affect you and your child’s access to
  education, once he or she
  reaches the official school leaving age, particularly if he or she has complex special educational needs. The
  transport policy for those young people is set out in a document which you can see on
  www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/transport_and_travelschool_and_college_ transport.aspx, called the Complex Special
  Needs Transport Policy. Briefly it says that those students who continue their education after the school leaving age
  of 16, subject to distance criteria, can apply for transport which will be provided to the nearest college (or school?)
  offering the appropriate course or similar. Decisions are made on which students are eligible following an individual
  assessment of need by the Local Authority. If agreed, currently that transport is provided free of charge, but it is
  discretionary, meaning that Cheshire East Council does not, by law, have to offer the free transport. In its
  consultation document the Council says it “Wants the best for all children and families and is working hard to provide
  services that meet their needs. However, like all councils, we have to make difficult decisions about what services we
  can keep and which, sadly, we can no longer afford”.

  The suggestion is that parents of children with complex needs should be charged in line with the mainstream policy
  and the consultation proposal is that these charges should increase from £415 to £500 year for each child with
  effect from September 2011 and for subsidised transport to cease altogether in September 2012. However, upon
  enquiry, Cheshire East Council says that it is not part of the proposals at this time that the subsidised transport for
  children with complex needs would be removed in 2012.

  A concern is that whilst parents of pupils without complex special needs can reasonably expect their child to access
  post-16 education at their local high school or travel independently to the nearest college, that is not the same for
  youngsters with complex special educational needs. In order to continue their education, they often have no option
  but to travel out of their locality to either Macclesfield or Crewe to one of the schools for severe learning difficulties or
  indeed to a special school in another local authority. sometimes in specially adapted transport. This is in the context
  that parents of disabled children are often more economically disadvantaged because the needs of the child make it
  more difficult for parents to work.

  Information about the consultation has been e-mailed by the Council to Cheshire East schools with the request that
  headteachers send out a standard letter to parents. The letter itself however does not mention that the changes
  affect post 16 transport for children with special educational needs and since we know that as parents of children
  with additional needs you lead exceptionally busy lives, it would be easy for you to not realise the importance of the
  consultation. Some parents we have spoken to are unaware of the consultation it seems because their child has
  been absent from school or attends a school outside Cheshire East where many of the affected pupils are educated
  or they have not yet received a letter from a secondary school.

  You can take part in the consultation by reading the documents and filling in the consultation form on
  www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/schools, completing a paper copy (we can send you one) or by e mailing your comments
  to stp@cheshireeast.gov.uk.

  Unfortunately, by the time you read this, the dates for the meetings where members of the public can go to ask
  questions about the consultation will have passed. However we will be inviting officers from the council to our Forum
  meetings in Crewe and Macclesfield (See opposite page for details), to provide an extra opportunity for you to ask
  questions so that you can give your response before the consultation ends in May .

  Other elements of the consultation are on changes to the cost of transport to faith schools and also agreeing a
  protocol with some neighbouring local authorities for the arrangement of school term dates.

  The consultation will end on 20 May 2011.

                                     Macclesfield College Entry Life Skills Team
                      Tuesday, 17th May 6:30pm to 8:30pm
                        At Macclesfield College, Park Lane, Macclesfield, SK11 8LF
                            We invite you to an evening of fun to tell you about...
                       Courses for adults with learning difficulties and/or disabilities

                     For more details, phone Katherine Howell: 01625 410002 ext 532
                             Or e-mail: katherine.howell@macclesfield.ac.uk



                     News from ASGMA = Autistic Society Greater Manchester Area

                                  "Dealing with anxiety in the workplace"

26th April , venue in Manchester to be confirmed
A course from Prospects Employment Services for people with an ASD including Asperger syndrome.

Giving some useful strategies for organising, prioritising and decision-making and suggesting some useful
strategies for organising and prioritising your work to help to reduce your anxiety levels and feel more
confident in the workplace

Cost £135 plus VAT

Contact: Daniel Aherne, NAS Prospects, Tel: 020 7704 7450 e-mail: Daniel.aherne@nas.org.uk

Speakers and meeting dates for 2011
All meetings held at The Boarhound Public House, Macclesfield – 7.30-9.30pm (adults only)
We have a small library with books/dvd’s and videos that you can borrow.

Monday May 16th
Nicola West - CASDAT
Monday June 20th
Meeting speaker to be confirmed
Monday July 18th
Meeting no speaker

SUNDAY 10TH JULY Summer Trip to Blackpool Zoo – see above for more details
No meeting school hols
Monday Sept 19th
Meeting details to be confirmed
Monday October 17th
Meeting details to be confirmed

Also In October we are also confirming an event hosted by Mike Stanton, Teacher of children with severe learning difficulties, whose
son has aspergers. Mike also runs Action for Autism and the author of “learning to live with High Functioning Autism”. He will be coming
to speak on Education & Behaviour Management - again I will send more details when I have the.
Monday November 21st
Meeting details to be confirmed
Monday December 19th