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									                             Enviro-Septic Leaching System Supplementary Review
                                           Check List Massachusetts

Engineer: _________________________________________________                  Installer:___________________________________________________


                 Design Specifications*
            1 System Review - soil, perc rate, design flow (residential vs. commercial sizing), tank sizing, slope, configuration [high flow combination or d-
               box systems (Page 10) vs low flow basic serial systems (Page 22)]
            2 Check minimum bed size square feet required, square feet provided, (Page 40 in Enviro-Septic Design and Installation Manual)
            3 Check overall pipe configuration (maximum 100' per line, 500 GPD per section) (Pages 20-27)
            4 Check minimum pipe spacing requirements (Page 38-39)
            5 Check distance to EHGW (measured from bottom of system sand). For New Construction the distance is 4' (5' for 1-2 MPI per rates), for
               Remedial Use the distance is 2' (3' for 1-2 MPI per rates) (Page 15)
            6 Check break out distance 15' from top corner of system sand bed (Page 29 - updated drawing)
            7 Check break out elevation = bottom invert of lowest Enviro-Septic pipe (Page 29 - updated drawing)
            8 5' overdig required only when designed bottom elevation of system sand bed falls on an unsuitable (O,A horiz) or impermeable soil
               [310 CMR 15.255:(5)]
            9 Design must contain d-box for inspection port (Page 9)
            10 Design must contain low vent (manifolded in combination and d-box systems)(Pages 33-34)
            11 If design contains pump system, check the following:
               (a) differential venting is properly detailed with a 10' minumum elevation difference between high and low vents (Page 33)
               (b) capacity/velocity limits - 40 GPM single basic serial system, 20 GPM per line out w/equalizer of d-box (Page 32)
               (c) volume/cycle limitations - 1 gal / LF of pipe per cycle, recommend 6 cycles /day
            12 Reserve area for new construction
            13 Additional inspection port specifications, when applicable, are determined by the local approval authority

                 Drawing Details and Notes
            1    There should be a note that offset adapaters must be positioned at 12 o'clock
            2    There should be a note on the system sand specification (ASTM C-33 Standard)
            3    There should be a note or detail that each pipe line must be installed level
            4    There should be a detail on the raised connection elevations and insert depth (4" max.) into offset adapter
            5    There should be a detail of a plan view, profile, and cross-section
            6    All references to the sand that surrounds the Enviro-Septic pipe should specify "System Sand"
            7    Note on d-box : "with flow equalizers" if more than one section (Page 23)
            8    Note on d-box : "2" drop minimum from d-box to Enviro-Septic pipe invert in" (Page 9)
            9    All additional notes per local jurisdiction
            10   There should be a table showing Enviro-Septic pipe elevations for each line
                 Drawing details can be found at http:///

                 Construction Specifications
            1 Entire A layer removed as needed in perc rates less than/equal to 60 MPI. Perc rates 61-90 MPI, A horizon stays. Earth scarified before
               placing system sand or fill.
            2 Title 5 sand used to elevate system if required
            3 System sand minimum 6" (below pipe)
            4 Enviro-Septic pipe level (less than 1" tolerance up or down)
            5 Offset adapters installed with opening at 12 o'clock
            6 Carefully walk between the lines of Enviro-Septic pipe to ensure the system sand fills all void spaces beneath it
            7 All distribution pipe meets local standards
            8 System sand minimum 6" (above pipe)
            9 Vents installed per design
            10 At least one inspection port (other than d-box) present and installed per plan

* Page references are to the Enviro-Septic Wastewater Treatment System Massachusetts Design and Installation Manual 2006 Edition with addendums

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