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					  Bike Works of Chester                                            Youth Development through

                               Bike Works - Bike Share Proposal

Summary (in non-Swarthmore-essay words)

Bike Works will be responsible for Bike Share's success, meaning Bike Works runs the program but
reports to Student Council, specifically:
   The right number of bikes.
   Maintenance of bikes.
   Management of all the current components: check out system (McCabe), visual identification
      system (Maintenance).
   Addition of any necessary components: lost/damaged bike consequences, student evaluation
      process, tracking processes, student rental contact, winter/rain policies.
   Job creation for students?

Right number of bikes
   Bike Works will make sure Bike Share has 10 bikes.
   4 bikes for $90.00/bike will be provided ASAP.

  Bike Works will make sure all 10 bikes are in perfect running condition for the original contract of
     $250/semester, $150 retainer for spare parts for the year.
  If a problem isn't fixable, Bike Works will replace the bike, except in the case of improper use.
  Tools that were part of Swarthmore Cycling could be used to have repair nights for all students’
     bikes as well as Bike Share.
  Complete check-ups outside of emergency problems (see possible additions) happen once every
     other week on Monday mornings 9:00am. All bikes have to be returned the Sunday night before at
     10:00pm, with fines applied if not the case. Fine money goes to McCabe Library.

Management of all current components
  Bike Works needs to have leverage of all current components: student initiatives fail not from a
    lack of commitment but from lack of accountability. This way, Bike Works is accountable for Bike
    Share and will do it's best to ensure the success of Bike Share.
  Bike Works needs access to the current check out system in McCabe.
  Bike Works needs access to Maintenance facility
  Empty room in Parrish basement needs to have a lock, with Bike Works having access.

Possible additions to program structure
   Problems will be addressed to
   Other bikes can’t be locked in the Parrish overhang rack: they will be removed otherwise.
       Bike Works of Chester                                         Youth Development through

    Student feedback system.
    Usage tracking at McCabe.
    Better system to nail the accountable.
Job creation for students?
   Jeff wants this to be a student group initiative, similar to how SCCS operates computers for the
      school. Could also be an opportunity to expand and organize Bike Works as a student group.
   Jeff will be the be the main point person for Bike Share for the time being, but in the future, Bike
      Share should be a student job: either a paid position or a student group responsibility, like SCCS
      for computers.
             The fall back would be that if students weren’t able to do it, Bike Works personnel
                 would step in: either staff or Chester program participants (kids or adults)
Funding: for Bike Works, the nonprofit but in the future, this could be for Bike Works, the student group.
     Bike Works of Chester                                             Youth Development through

Business Plan (in Swarthmore-essay words)

        This Contractor Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into this as of October 17, 2010, by
and between the Student Council of Swarthmore College (“StuCo”), with its principal place of business
at 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081, and Bike Works of Chester (“Contractor”), whose
address is 514 Union Street, Chester, PA 19013 and amends and replaces the Contractor Agreement
dated by and between the StuCo and Swarthmore Cycles. StuCo and Contractor hereby agree as follows:

1.      Contracting Period. Unless earlier terminated as provided herein, this Agreement shall
commence on October 17, 2010 and end on December 17, 2010, unless either party provides thirty (30)
days prior written notice of termination to the other party.

2.      Services and Relationship.
     a) Services provided by Contractor. Contractor shall furnish all the materials and perform all of the
        work pertained to Bike Share including:
           I.    Contractor will provide Bike Share with 4 bicycles for $90.00/bike.
          II.   Contractor will provide maintenance for 10 bicycles to be in proper working order for
                $250/semester, $150 retainer for spare parts for the year.
                      i. Contractor will replace a bicycle if maintenance or repair is not feasible, only in
                         the case of proper use.
                     ii. Contractor will provide complete checkups of all bicycles every other week on
                         Monday mornings 9:00 A.M.
                    iii. Contractor will provide emergency maintenance on bicycles notified to
                by the end of the week, Saturday night 10:00 P.M.
         III.   Contractor will provide all tools necessary for all repairs.
                      i. Tools will be stored in (Parrish ?) to be open to other students on designated
                         hours every week.
                     ii. Tools from Swarthmore Cycling in the Wharton CD basement will also be
                         merged into the Contractor’s tools.
         IV.    Contractor will move all bicycles into (Parrish ?) during winter.
     b) Services provided by StuCo and NOT by Contractor.
           I.   StuCo will ensure all bicycles returned by 10:00 P.M.
          II.   StuCo will ensure students NOT librarians report all bicycle damages to
         III.   StuCo will give the Contractor keys to all bicycles.
  Bike Works of Chester                                               Youth Development through

         IV.   StuCo will put lock on (Parrish ?) and give the Contractor a key to (Parrish ?)
          V.   StuCo will ensure other students don’t use the Bike Share rack. Other bicycles will be
        VI.    StuCo will publicize Bike Share through email, news sources, and information meeting.
    c) Relationship. Contractor shall be an independent contractor, and not an employee of StuCo.
       However, all involved parties other than StuCo are “subcontractors” of the contractor.
          I.   McCabe librarians are subcontractors responsible for security.
         II.   Maintenance facility is responsible for visual identification plates.
    d) Compensation. In consideration for Contractor’s full and timely performance of the Services
       throughout the Contracting Period, StuCo shall pay Contractor as Bike Works of the Chester
       Housing Authority.

3.      Time of Compensation. The work to be performed under this Contract shall be commenced on
October 18, 2010 and completed by December 16, 2010. Work will be evaluated by StuCo and the
contract will be re-assessed for possible future work.
    a) Contractor details current bicycles, Contractor & StuCo meet with other parties, StuCo meets to
        make decision by October 23, 2010.
    b) Agreement signed by all parties by October 24, 2010.
    c) 4 bicycles will be supplied by or before October 25, 2010.
    d) All original Bike Share bicycles will be repaired by or before November 1, 2010: official start date
        of New Bike Share. StuCo will publicize to necessary sources.
    e) Contractor current agreement ends on December 17, 2010. Evaluation of Bike Share due by or
        before December 17, 2010.

4.      Events of Termination. This agreement may be terminated upon five days of
written/electronically written notice by Contractor or StuCo if:
    a) Contractor does not meet the conditions of “Services and Conditions”
    b) StuCo does not meet the conditions of “Services and Conditions”

5.      Sustainability. The Contractor’s work will be evaluated along with the Bike Share program by or
before December 17, 2010 to address whether or not Bike Share will continue, in its pilot stage, or
beyond the pilot stage.
    a) If in the case of expansion beyond the pilot stage, the Student Life representative(s) will work
        with the Contractor to assess and expand the program.