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DoubleTree by Hilton


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      W A S H I N G T O N                                    C O U N T Y

                        by Hilton

                                         RJR Safety Inc.

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     A publication of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce & Observer Publishing Company
                                      Vol. 10, No. 3 • March 2011
             PAGE 2 • THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011

                                                                Local companies benefiting
                                                                from demands of Marcellus
                                                  Some business announcements                                                           it expects to manufacture at least five
           20 East Beau Street                  made this month point to the roles lo-                                                  of the two-stage systems to respond
          Washington, PA 15301                  cal companies are playing as the de-                                                    to initial demand here.
          Phone: 724.225.3010
            Fax: 724.228.7337                   velopment of the Marcellus Shale                        BY MICHAEL BRADWELL                Regardless of how the demand                  natural gas exploration continues to           grows for the units, all of the manu
                                                expand.                                                                                 facturing as well as the 24-hour on-
                                                  Chapman Corp., the 65-year -old                                                       site and remote monitoring will be
  CHAIRPERSON                                   company headquartered on South                                                          done here by Aquatech employees.
  FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK                    Main Street in W ashington, an-                                                            Another local industrial water
BARRON P. McCUNE, JR.                           nounced a $6.6 million expansion at                                                     treatment company, Comtech Indus-
  VICE CHAIRPERSON                              its property to build a new pipe fab-      In fact, Aquatech officials believe          tries Inc. in South Franklin T own-
                                                rication plant on its property that      the technology, which is taken to the          ship, has also found success in treat-
                                                will create 40 new jobs as the compa-    well pad site to recycle water used in         ing the flowback and produced water
    STATION CAPITAL, INC.                       ny primes itself to take on more work    the fracking process, can be a game-           of drillers.
                                                in the area’s shale gas industry .       changer. The system will drastically              Owner Dean Grose, who has 62
   MEMBER-AT-LARGE                                In addition to the new local jobs –    reduce demand for trucks to haul in            employees and continues to be in a
                                                Chapman said it intends to hire          fresh water and take away waste-               hiring mode, is seeking financing to
SUSAN MONDIK KEY                                workers from W ashington and             water. The system is also expected to          expand his operations and continue
  PEACOCK, KELLER & ECKER LLP                   Greene counties – there was some-        help drillers reduce the amount of             purchasing the mobile equipment he
                                                thing else to note about the expan-      chemicals they use in the fracturing           uses for his on-site treatment at well
           BOARD OF DIRECTORS                   sion project. The majority of it, $6     process, not to mention a big reduc-           sites.
JOHN ARTUSO                                     million, is being financed by Wash-      tion in the amount of fresh water                 “I’m a small player, but we’re grow-
                                                ington Financial, a local bank. The      needed for the work.                           ing substantially,” Grose said.
PATRICK ALBERTS                                 Washington County Industrial De-           It isn’ t known yet how many                    Michael Bradwell is business editor
                                                velopment Authority is making it         MoVap units Aquatech will build, but           for the Observer-Reporter   .
MARTIN P BEICHNER, JR.                          possible for Chapman to receive the
                                                loan at a tax-exempt interest rate.

                                                                                            Get the most out of your day
STACEY BRODAK                                     Chapman’s been doing numerous
                                                pipe-fabrication projects – about $90
THE HON. J. BRACKEN BURNS, SR.                  million worth – for companies work-
                                                ing in the Marcellus Shale over the

                                                                                                                – ornight.
                                                past few years. Its expansion is proof
                                                that locally based companies are ben-
JOHN LA CARTE                                   efiting in major ways from the work,
                                                and the local financing points to the
                                                                                            Try our online mortgage
   MARKOVITZ DUGAN & ASSOCIATES                 optimism expressed by local banks
                                                about business opportunities that
                                                they see.
                                                  The Chapman announcement is               application, 24 hours a day,
                                                also a win for downtown W   ashington,

                                                which over the past few decades has         anytime day or night.
   TANGER OUTLET CENTER                         seen much of its industrial base
                                                  On the day that Chapman an-
                                                                                            First Federal of Greene County…

                                                nounced its expansion decision,
   GSP CONSULTING CORPORATION                   Canonsburg-based Aquatech Inter-
                                                national Corp., another homegrown           providing every convenience
   RANGE RESOURCES CORPORATION                  company, announced the introduc-
GARY WEINSTEIN                                                           ap
                                                tion of its portable MoV system for          you need!
   THE WASHINGTON HOSPITAL                      the treatment and recycling of water
                    STAFF                       used in hydraulic fracturing of the
                                                Marcellus Shale.
                                                   Aquatech has earned a global rep-
                                                utation for its work in treatment of
  DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS INVESTMENT               produced waters, desalination and
                                                water reuse, executing more than

   DIRECTOR OF MEMBER SERVICES                  1,000 projects in 60 countries, so its
                                                contribution of a solution to one of
   MEMBER ACCOUNTS COORDINATOR                  the biggest environmental challenges                          “The People You Know - The People You Can Trust”
                                                to extracting natural gas from the
                                                shale is significant.
                                                                                                             THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011 • PAGE 3

                                                   DoubleTree by Hilton
                                                  BY SYLVIA CAVALLO for the Washington County Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                                       to increase its staff by at least 20 per-
                                                                                                                         The transition from Holiday Inn to
                                                                                                                       DoubleTree by Hilton has involved
                                                                                                                       time and training in order to incorpo-
                                                                                                                       rate the DoubleTree by Hilton brand.
                                                                                                                       Wilson said management training in-
                                                                                                                       cluded more than 100 hours and as
                                                                                                                       sociate training encompassed about
                                                                                                                       50 hours.

       or many years, the Holiday Inn                                                                                    “We will also be doing many train-
       on Racetrack Road was the only                                                                                  ing classes over the next several
       hotel in Meadow Lands, drawing
                                                                                                                       months to enhance the service that
in travelers from I-79 for an overnight
                                                                                                                       we are providing.”
stay and serving as the venue for local
                                                                                                                         The Holiday Inn, Meadow Lands
residents and business owners who
                                                                                                                       was built in 1972 as a Hilton Hotel
were planning a special event or even
                                                                                                                       and was re-branded in 1983 as a Hol-
a Sunday brunch. The building still
                                                                                                                       iday Inn. Just recently the Holiday
stands and locals and visitors will still
                                                                                                                       Inn invested about $5 million toward
enjoy its presence amidst the increased
traffic from out-of-town visitors who
                                                                                                                       building upgrades. Now that the
have come to enjoy The Meadows Race-
                                                                                                                       building bears the DoubleT ree by
track & Casino and Tanger Outlet Cen-                                                                                  Hilton brand, the owners (Lodgian
ter, but as of March 1st, the Holiday                                                                                  Hotels) will spend the next few
Inn officially became DoubleT ree by                                                                                   months completing a property invest-
Hilton, Pittsburgh-Meadowlands.                                                                                        ment plan that will address changes
   “We are very excited to introduce                                                                                   to the building exterior, landscaping,
our new DoubleTree by Hilton,” said                                                                                    lobby, restaurant, lounge and public
Sandy Wilson, director of sales and                                                                                    areas. The DoubleT ree by Hilton
marketing. “Over the next several                                                                                      Pittsburgh Meadowlands is managed
days, weeks and months, the proper-                                                                                    by Hospitality Ventures, LLC.
ty will undergo significant changes to                                                                                    “We are so excited to be part of the
deliver the DoubleTree by Hilton cus-                                                                                  Hilton family, and our ownership has
tomer expectation. This will include                                                                                   committed to the relationship,” said
the DoubleT ree by Hilton Sweet                                                                                        Wilson.
Dreams Bedding Package, enhanced                                                                                         With 138 guest rooms and over
high-speed wireless access, architec-                                                                                  13,000 square feet of flexible banquet
tural changes and upgraded in-room          able and it provides a complimenta- be adding staff to its current associ- and meeting space, the DoubleTree
amenities.”                                 ry van shuttle to both locations.     ate base.                            by Hilton is the perfect venue for
  The DoubleTree by Hilton is adja-         Every guest receives a warm Double-     “We recently sponsored a job fair every occasion, also featuring
cent to The Meadows Racetrack &             Tree cookie at check-in.              and had a tremendous local re-       Maxwell’s Restaurant and Lounge
Casino and is across the street from          Wilson said one of the most excit- sponse. We plan to have another job open daily, a state of the art fitness
Tanger Outlet Center. The hotel has         ing aspects of the change is the fact fair in the next few months,” said   center, business center and 24-hour
a casino and shopping package avail-        that the new hotel has been and will Wilson, adding that the hotel hopes convenience snack shop.

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  DEAN’S WATER 1-800-833-1002
          PAGE 4 • THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011

 Washington Welcomes Fusion Japanese Steakhouse
                                                BY TIM BUGAILE for the Washington County Chamber of Commerce

      s a company poised for strategic growth, soon after opening at The High-
      lands in Wheeling, West Virginia in August 2009, Fusion Steakhouse set
      their sights on Washington, PA.
  “We had a large customer base that was coming down from W      ashington to
eat in Wheeling,” said Matt T wigg, Fusion’s Director of Development. “There
were no Japanese steakhouses in W    ashington, and Wheeling was the clos-
est place for people to come for this type of atmosphere.”
  On January 26, 2011, after months of planning, preparations and an over-
haul of a building that was formerly a pizza shop and restaurant, Fusion
Steakhouse opened in Washington.
  “We had our existing client base and saw a lot of growth in Washington with
the casino and outlets and it seemed like a perfect fit,” said T igg.

   When Fusion moved to their current location in Washington, 5 Trinity Point
Drive, the restaurant also brought a boost to the local economyBy Twigg’s
estimate, Fusion has created upward of 50 new jobs, including roughly 15
- 20 full-time positions.
   As well, Fusion brought a new and unique flavor to the area. The restau-
rant boasts a menu that includes Hibachi, fresh sushi and anAsian menu
comprised of Singapore, Malaysian, Indonesian and Thai entrees as well as
filet mignon, lobster, shrimp scallops and much more.
   On top of having traditional kitchen chefs and sushi chefs, some meals are
prepared on Hibachi grills with chefs that cook the food in front of customers   that long-term plan was made possible by a local business connection tha
sitting around the grill.                                                        was made in the restaurant’s first days in W   ashington.
   “Our chefs are dazzling in the show they put on. They prepare food that is      “The Washington County Chamber of Commerce has really helped intro
superior in quality and freshness, and that comes with the entertainment         duce us to the community. Jeff Kotula and Tara Coughenour have been a
factor,” said Twigg. “The atmosphere is upscale and upbeat. W have taken         huge help,” Twigg said. “We have a plan for strategic growth and there are
a Japanese steakhouse theme and combined it with a contemporary          Amer-                                                        e
                                                                                 other potential projects in the works in this area. W are really excited to be
ican atmosphere.”                                                                in Washington, and we look forward to making a positive impact in the com
   If you plan on watching the grilling show and enjoying food prepared on                                                     ,
                                                                                 munity. From our time in Wheeling until now we look forward to serving the
the Hibachi grill, prepare in advance. Since moving into W  ashington in late    people that have supported us in the past, and those who will come in the fu
January, Twigg has noticed extended waiting periods on Friday and Satur-         ture.”
day nights for the Hibachi grill. Reservations are strongly recommended.                                                                   .
                                                                                   Fusion is open seven days a week for lunch and dinnerFollow the restau-
   Beyond the restaurant, Fusion also offers a meeting place for businesses.     rant on Facebook at to keep up
The restaurant houses two private rooms with flat screens that hook up to        with birthday, anniversary and special event opportunities that include free
laptops and are ideal for power point presentations. Fusion also has wireless    meals and group discounts.
internet for their customers.                                                      For more information, or to make reservations, call 724.225.2328.A menu,
   Now that the steakhouse is beginning to settle in to the communityTwigg       other locations and photos can be found online at o
envisions the restaurant becoming a main stay to the W   ashington area. And     at the restaurant’s Washington location.
                                                                                                                    THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011 • PAGE 5

        The Washington County Men’s Prayer Breakfast
                                       Providing food and faith one event at a time
                                                  BY SYLVIA CAVALLO for the Washington County Chamber of Commerce
    Washington native and contractor, Paul Powers
and his team, serve up a unique breakfast. It is one
that warms both the belly and the heart, and sends
guests away feeling spiritually and professionally
   The breakfast events, known as The W     ashington
County Men’s Prayer Breakfast, were born out of ob-
    “In February, 1998, I was doing some contracting
work in the home of T   unch and Sharon Ilkin, when
the idea of beginning a prayer breakfast came to
mind. As I observed T unch, a former Pittsburgh
Steeler, each day as I worked, I concluded that he was
a man of character and had a commitment to Jesus
Christ,” said Powers. “I felt the need to ask him if he
would like to be my first speaker at a W ashington
breakfast meeting and he accepted my invitation be-
fore my job was completed.”
   About 140 people attended the first prayer break-
fast at the Ramada Inn in W   ashington in June, 1998,
where Tunch shared with those in attendance his in-
spirational story about how his faith in God changed
and guided him through life. The meeting was at-
tended by government, business, education and
church leaders who gathered strength from Tunch
and from each other.
   Since that first meeting, the group has been meet-
ing annually in the ballroom of the Holiday Inn, host-
ing notable keynote speakers includingAdolph Coors;                                          Paul & Brenda Powers and daughter Lydia.
Charles Duke of Apollo 16; Pat Williams, senior vice
president of the Orlando Magic; Barry McGuire;
Michael T albot and B.E. T aylor, all whom have
shared stories of interest and inspiration.
   The motto of each breakfast event, which opens
traditionally with a prayer, has remained, “Love God,
Love Your City.” One guest is awarded a “LoveYour
City” award after breakfast is served.At past events,
the award was presented to police officers, county
judges, coaches, superintendents and principals,
medical professionals and military personnel.
   “The goal is to hear a speaker of national promi-
nence with a story that will interest every person in
the audience,” said Powers. “I try hard to choose
someone who will encourage and challenge them.”
   This spring, Powers is inviting all residents of the
Washington Community to join him for the next big
event, beginning with a special dinner on Friday May
6th, followed by a breakfast event on Saturday May,
7th. Friday’s event begins at 6:30 p.m. at The George
Washington Hotel on Main Street in W ashington.
The cost is $35 per person/ $280 for a table of 8. Menu
                                                                                            Paul Powers with daughters Lydia and Sarah.
items include New York Strip steak, stuffed chicken
breast, vegetable, red leaf salad, stuffed baked pota-     feet. He overcame his injuries from the fall and com-    heart’s desire with these events, is to build relation
to and dessert. The breakfast event will be held from      pleted his climb in May of 2001 at the age of 31, mak-   ships and to bring transformation to individuals and
8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at the DoubleT Hotel (for-
                                        ree                ing Alexander one of only 10 percent of climbers to      corporations.”
merly the Holiday Inn) on Racetrack Road. Cost is          make it to the top.                                        Checks and reservations for Powers’next event can
$25 per person/ $250 for a table of 10.                       “His decision to make this journey was purely to      be sent to WCMPB, PO Box 1311, Washington, PA
   Eric Alexander of Vail, Colorado, is this year’s fea-   help lead his blind friend, Erik Weihenmayer, to the     15301. Please make checks payable to WCMPB. For
tured speaker. Alexander nearly died preparing for         top. Thanks to Alexander, Weihenmayer became the         questions, please call The Washington County Men’s
a 29,035 foot climb up Mt. Everest, when he fell 150       first blind person to ever scale Mt. Everest….My         Prayer Breakfast office at 724.225.8236.
            PAGE 6 • THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011

                                                       OnDemand Energy
                                         The Official ChamberChoice Energy Consultant
                                                    BY TIM BUGAILE for the Washington County Chamber of Commerce

      ll the members of the W  ashing-                                                                                   more than 200 years of experience in
      ton County Chamber of Com-                                                                                         pricing and procuring electricity ,”
      merce are aware of the numer-                                                                                      said Bodine. “We have people who
ous perks of joining the chamber                                                                                         were purchasing electricity when
which include increased visibility net-
                                  ,                                                                                      deregulation first began in a neigh-
working events and new business op-                                                                                      boring utility in the late 1990s.”
portunities, just to name a few .                                                                                          And while experience is on their
  But another benefit members                                                                                            side, OnDemand is also looking to
have enjoyed recently is a drastical-                                                                                    add to their staff. Bodine mentioned
ly lower electric bill. And that re-        President of Business Development. clients.”                                 that OnDemand is looking to edu-
duced utility expense is thanks to            Licensed by the Pennsylvania          And according to Mon V         alley cate and add energy consultants to
OnDemand Energy, the official ener-         Public Utility Service since 1999,    Chamber, those savings are for a va- the company.
gy consultant of ChamberChoice,             OnDemand is now negotiating ener- riety of members and extremely cost          “We are hiring, and our goal is to
the insurance provider of the W ash-        gy savings solutions on behalf of 95 saving. Per the Mon V  alley report, a educate people on how energy works
ington County Chamber of Com-               chambers and more than 70,000         mid-sized restaurant using 350,000 and how to save our clients money
merce.                                      businesses in the state of Pennsylva- kwhs every year could save $3,500 and provide them choice. “
  Having began in 1995 in Pitts-            nia.                                  annually; a large township with a        Aside from businesses, OnDe-
burgh, it was not until recently that         “We have more than 20,000 com- water treatment plant using 10 mil- mand serves more than 90 school
OnDemand became the official ener-          mercial accounts in money-saving lion kwhs annually could save               districts and hundreds of townships,
gy provider of ChamberChoice.               contracts with third-party energy     $100,000 each year; and a hospital municipalities as well as hospitals
  “We went through a year-long due          suppliers,” said Bodine. “We provide using 20 million kwhs each year         and universities in Pennsylvania.
diligence background check in 2008,         the greatest amount of choice in the could save $200,000 annually    .       And as the old adage goes, the num-
and in 2009 we launched the Cham-           state of Pennsylvania, and have ex-     “We have 36 full-time employees bers do not lie.
berChoice Energy Program,” said             clusive negotiation rights and have with unique professional energy
John Bodine, OnDemand’ s V ice              negotiated the best rates for our     backgrounds. All total, our staff has                      continued on page 18

     Washington County Arts Choir                                                                                               Wash Arts Invites You to Our
                                                                                                                                   9 thAnnual Celebrity
                                                                                                                                 Performing Arts Night…
               Under the Direction of Arnold Brock
     The Old Rugged
                                       Pr sents            It Is Well With
                                                                           My Soul
                   s Is Our God                      The Blood Will Ne
  A Mighty Fortres                                                     ver Lose Its Powe

                   rong To Save                             How Great Thou
  Eternal Father St                                                           Art
                     ithfulness                             Soon And Very
    Great Is Thy Fa                                                         Soon

                            MY SOUL
                 Featuring special arrangements of favorite hymns
                          Accompanist– Joy Crummie
                         Guest Organist – James Burns
                     Saturday, April 16, 2011 7:30 PM
                                First Lutheran Church
                           92 W. Walnut St., Washington, PA                                     See Your Top Leaders and Elected Officials of Washington County
                                                                                               Perform in a Classy Vegas-Supper Club Atmosphere at the |Historic
                      Sunday, April 17, 2011 7:00 PM                                         George Washington Ballroom. SATURDAY, APRIL 2 ND, DOORS OPEN AT
                         Westminster Presbyterian Church                                     6:15for Cocktails and a Hearty Buffet, Featuring Carving Stations and a
                      2040 Washington Rd., Upper St. Clair, PA                              Host of Chef’s Delights made Exclusively for the Event of the Year! Show
                                                                                            Begins 7:30pm. Don’t Miss the Fun! All the Top Returning Talents You Love
                 Tickets: $12 in advance, $15 at the door                                     and New Faces. Tickets: $75. Table Discounts Available. Must Reserve
                            Information:724-225-9638                                          today! (724) 222-1475 now – this event often sells out! All Proceeds
                   Available from any choir member, at the door                               Benefit Wash Arts’ Free Arts Programming for Children and Youth. Help
                             or at                                             Support a Vital Non-Profit Organization Serving Our Community.
         PAGE 8 • THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011

           The Pioneer Grille Holds Open House in April
          New restaurant has already opened doors at The George Washington Hotel
                                               BY TIM BUGAILE for the Washington County Chamber of Commerce

      lot has changed in The
      George W ashington Hotel
      since December 31, 2002, the
day Kirk Pyros purchased it.
  Since that time, Pyros has put
more than $8 million into renovat-
ing the historical place that has
hosted The Beatles, Bob Hope,
Marilyn Monroe and Presidents
Kennedy and Truman. He has re-

  “I surround myself with great
      people, and we strive to
     provide you with the best
experience. We are always looking
  to improve. Our team wants to
 make your time here first class.
  We want you to enjoy the best
  food in a laid back atmosphere
   with a top-shelf experience.”
         Johanna Seese

modeled all the rooms in the past      Pennsylvania.”                          individual service here.”                                           purchase,” Pyros said. “I am big on
two years alone, as each space           With the opening of the restau-         The variety of foods is evident in                                buying locally and being environ-
comes with a flat screen, W i-Fi,      rant, Pyros employs 13 full-time.       the restaurant’s menu. On top of                                    mentally-conscious, so we buy our
irons, ironing boards and fitness      But those who work at Pioneer are       traditional meals – burgers, wraps,                                 products from the area. Because of
center access. And now, Pyros and      more than just employees. Their in-     salads, steak and seafood – Pioneer                                 that, you will not always have the
his staff have reopened the hotel’s    put is so valued by Pyros that it is    serves rare dishes such as straw-                                   same menu.”
restaurant, The Pioneer Grille.        reflected in the meal options.          berry soup, fried pickles, chorizo au                                 Food aside, you will also be
  “The place came for sale, and I        “I am Greek, our executive chef       gratin, stuffed mushroom caps and                                   wowed when you walk into the
am big on challenges,” said Pyros,     Art Meza is Spanish and the gener-      their signature dish, grilled feta.                                 restaurant, which has its walls cov-
who also owns a construction com-      al manager Donald Seese is Ital-          But if there is a significant time                                ered in paintings from earlyAmer-
pany and crane company . “I saw        ian,” said Pyros. “W e take ideas       span in between your visits to the                                  ican artist Malcolm Parcell. The
something that was lacking, and I      from everyone and put them on the       restaurant, be sure to double check                                 paintings, which have been in the
wanted to bring it back. I wanted to   menu. We encourage entrepreneur-        the menu.                                                           restaurant since the 1930s, were

help the city survive. This is my      ship and creativity from our em-          “Our menu changes monthly
way of giving back to western          ployees. We are not a chain.You get     based on the fresh ingredients we                                                                     continued on page 9

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                                                                                                                THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011 • PAGE 9

Pioneer Grill
continued from page 8
found when Pyros peeled back
some of the wood work that ran to
the top of the restaurant’s walls. So
rare and historical, the art work is
valued at $5 million.
  “The wood work and the nostal-
gia of the place make it so extraor-
dinary,” said Pyros. “This is a great
place to take your business and
your family. The chefs are great,
and so is the team around us.”                                                                                                 as well as lunch and dinner Thurs-
  All the preparations and build up                                                                                            day, Friday and Saturday from 11
will culminate on April 29th, when                                                                                             a.m. - 9 p.m. After their grand open-
The Pioneer Grille will host their                                                                                             ing, the restaurant will be open six
grand opening from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.,                                                                                            days a week, Monday-Saturday ,
offering flowing cocktails, enter-                                                                                             from 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. for lunch and
tainment, a silent auction and their    Scott Schuetz, Executive Sous Chef, Kyrk Pyros, Owner of the George Washington Hotel   dinner.
signature food. Due to the expected                     & The Pioneer Grille and Chef Art Meza, Executive Chef.                  Reservations can be made by call-
turn out, it is suggested to make                                                                                              ing 724.225.6107, and you can find
reservations as soon as possible if     derful night to be here on April           “We are always looking to improve.          more information on the historic
you plan on attending. This will be     29th.”                                     Our team wants to make your time            hotel as well as the restaurant’ s
a philanthropic event as all pro-         That excitement and success, Py-         here first class. We want you to en-        menu by visiting thegeorgewash-
ceeds from the silent auction will      ros envisions, will be continuous in       joy the best food in a laid back at- For the most up-to-
benefit Children’s Hospital in Pitts-   part to the people he has working          mosphere with a top-shelf experi-           date information, Pioneer can be
burgh, Pa.                              for him.                                   ence.”                                      followed on Twitter @PioneersEat
  “We are beyond excited” said Jo-        “I surround myself with great              The Pioneer Grille is currently up        or on Facebook at
hanna Seese, the hotel’s event sales    people, and we strive to provide you       and running, serving lunch from 1  1
manager. “It is going to be a won-      with the best experience,” he said.        a.m. - 2 p.m. Monday-W ednesday             tonHotel.
    PAGE 10 • THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011

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                                                                                                             Paramedic in an emergency?
                                                                                                         ❑ Very important
                                                                                                         ❑ Somewhat important
                                                                                                         ❑ Not important
                                                                                                                               ❑ Important

                                                                                                                                  49 Years of Caring
               Washington, PA                                                                                WE CARE EVERY HOUR, EVERY DAY
     20 Slices - Pepperoni                           Collision Experts • Licensed Appraiser
                                                                Frank Julian Sr.
                                                                                                         PA Licensed Paramedic Advanced Life Support Ser vice

     Pizza $14.00 Tax included                        Taylorstown Road, Claysville, PA
                                                                                                              AMBULANCE & CHAIR SERVICE
                                                                                                                  2 Divisions Serving Washington County
              Expiration 4-30-11                     724-948-3325, 724-948-3841                                      • WASHINGTON • NORTHWEST
             724-225-8858                                    Fax 724-948-2310                                      724-225-8051 1-800-244-0165

                                                                                                    BUICK • CADILLAC • GMC                                 SUBARU • PONTIAC • MAZDA
                                                                                                     71 MURTLAND AVE., WASHINGTON, PA 15301
                                                                                               FAX: 724-222-4147

                                                                                                                   Mike Grefrath
                                                                                                                   COMMERCIAL SERVICES
                                                                                                                     Friend to the Marcellus Shale.

                                                                                                    Shield Investigations & Security, LLC.
                                                                                                         Michael L. Hummel, Ph.D., President/Owner

                                                                                                                      185 Walnut Road, McDonald, PA 15057
                                                                                                          Office: 412-715-5641 Toll Free: 877-739-5917
                                                                                                                       Licensed and bonded in PA, WV, OH

                                                                                                           ISIMINGER’S 10 MINUTE

Business Card Directory
                         W A S H I N G T O N       C O U N T Y
                                                                                                         1100 Jefferson Ave., Washington, PA                           OIL CHANGE
                                                                                                                         724-225-9910                                    CENTER


                                                                                                                                                                       Where we don’t
                                                                                                                                       OPEN:                           give you time to
                                                                                                                               Mon. - Fri. 8-6                          miss your car.
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    To advertise on this directory call 724-222-2200 ext. 2621                                        We ’re
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                                                                                                                                                                       FULL SERVICE
                                                                                                                                                                        OIL CHANGE
                                                                                                                                                                            With this coupon
                                                                                                              THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011 • PAGE 11

                                           Northwest Savings Bank
                                               BY SYLVIA CAVALLO for the Washington County Chamber of Commerce

    n spite of tough economic condi-
    tions, Northwest Savings Bank,
    which operates six offices in the
Washington County area, is proud to
announce that it saw a tremendous
loan growth in mortgage, consumer ,
and business loans in 2010, when
many banks saw little lending activity
at all.
   The bank’s loan delinquency and
loan losses were far below industry
averages, and thanks to its Switch
Checking Accounts, the local bank
also saw deposit levels leap upward.
   Northwest Savings Bank current-
ly operates 171 offices in five states
with offices in Pennsylvania, Ohio,
New York, Maryland and Florida.                                                                                               and debit and credit card banking
Northwest Savings Bank was ranked                                                                                             while we prepare our bank offices
“Highest in Customer Satisfaction                                                                                             and personnel to treat our customers
with Retail Banking” in the Mid-At-                                                                                           and clients the same way their
lantic region in the JD Power andAs-                                                                                          grandparents’ bankers would have
sociates 2010 Retail Banking Satis-                                                                                           treated them: with respect, trust,
faction Study.                                                                                                                friendship and an eagerness to help.”
   “Perhaps most important, is that                                                                                              Above all, Mendel attributes a
we have worked for many years to re-                                                                                                                       s
                                                                                                                              large portion of the bank’ success to
main a ‘hometown’ bank in our out-                                                                                            the quality of the people who work
look and in the way we treat our cus-                                                                                         for the company.
tomers,” said John Mendel, senior                           1265 West Chestnut Street, Washington, PA.                           “Our greatest asset is our people,”
vice president of the South Hills Dis-                                                                                        said Mendel. “Whether you talk to
trict. “We do our best to make them      Council, Washington School District      tiated a system to upgrade its ac-          them at our offices or our call center,
feel they are the most important         School Board, and PERSAD. The            counting system and enhance its             they are there to help you.”
thing at our bank because they are.”     branch has also supported the W   ash-   budgeting capabilities, and began the          Northwest is a full-service bank
   Northwest Savings Bank has two        ington W omen’s Shelter, ACS, Arc        development of a special unit to serve      with the ability to serve all personal
locations in Washington, county of-      Washington County , W orld Series        the fast-growing needs of those work-       and business needs.
fices in McDonald, Fredericktown,        Tournament Inc. for PONY Baseball,       ing with the Marcellus Shale Indus-            “Our representatives work on
Canonsburg and Marianna and loca-        the city Bi-Centennial Celebration,      tries.                                      salary rather than on commission, so
tions in Bridgeville, Bethel Park, Mt.   and the Washington County Bar As-          “We think consumers want to be            transactions and the size of the
Lebanon and Upper St. Clair    .         sociation Foundation.                    able to bank when they want and             transactions have nothing to do with
   The bank takes pride in the W  ash-     Northwest Savings Bank has re-         how they want, and that they feel           the fees we charge so the client al-
ington community by participating in     cently upgraded its core processing      having the option of dealing with           ways knows the advice they receive
the Washington Rotary Club, W     ash-   system, expanded its consumer fi-        warm, caring and efficient staff            is in their best interest,” said Mendel.
ington County Chamber of Com-            nance company, implemented new           members, whether they are tellers,             To speak to a representative at the
merce, United W ay, W ashington          credit software for analyzing and        lenders or bank officers, is vital,” said   Trinity Point location call
County Manufacturer’s Association,       quantifying credit risk, expanded        Mendel. “For that reason, Northwest         724.229.8400; for the West Chestnut
Washington County Builders Associ-       staff education and training and                            ,
                                                                                  stresses fast, easy free banking sys-       Street location call 724.228.8320.
ation, Washington County Literacy                                         ,
                                         sales initiatives and proficiency ini-   tems like online, telephone mobile,

    Local Retiree Named “Big Brother of the Year” in Pennsylvania
  Pittsburgh, PA – Wilbert “Bill” Bothe of Upper                                                          member of the Army Reserves. He plans to pursue
St. Clair has been named “Big Brother of theYear”                                                         post-secondary education and has already applied
by the Big Brothers Big Sisters StateAssociation                                                          for admission to the Army ROTC program.
of Pennsylvania and becomes a candidate for the                                                             The Big Brothers Big Sisters StateAssociation
national “Big Brother of the Year” through Big                                                            of Pennsylvania represents 26 Big Brothers Big
Brothers Big Sisters of America. At age 69, Bill      earlier in a tragic car accident left him without Sisters affiliates serving thousands of children
Bothe enrolled as a volunteer with Big Brothers       strong male role models, and his mother believed statewide. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater
Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh after retiring as   that he would benefit from a Big Brother For the Pittsburgh served more than 1,160 local children
President of RTI International Metals, Inc. His       past eleven years, Bill and T aylor have spent facing adversity in 2010 acrossAllegheny, Greene,
Little Brother, Taylor, from Canonsburg was just      countless hours together and shared in life’ trials and Washington counties through professionally-
seven years-old when he was ‘matched’with Bill.       and tribulations. Taylor will graduate from high supported one-to-one mentoring programs. Visit us
  The death of Taylor’s father nearly five years      school this year as an honors student and active at
          PAGE 12 • THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011

   Highway Appliance Celebrates 65 Years of Service
                                                  BY EARL CAVALLO for the Washington County Chamber of Commerce

      amily-owned businesses credit
      customer service and the ability
      to meet their individual needs as
the secret to long-term success.
   There are not many businesses
who can survive the ups and downs
of the economy the emergence of big
box stores and all the changes that
have taken place in the market in the
past six decades.
   Then again, there are not many
businesses around anymore like
Highway Appliance, located in Dun-
levy, not far from Exit 40 off I-70 at
   Highway Appliance has become an
icon of the Mon V alley over the 65
years that it has been in existence. It
began as a family-operated business
long before many of its current cus-
tomers were even born, and although
under different ownership today, it
maintains the same values and cus-
tomer service that has made it the
appliance store of choice for several
generations.                                                                                                                    Jerry Zahand, Sr., & Jerry Zahand, Jr.
    “I think the real secret is that we
listen to our customers,” said Jerry
Zahand, Sr., who later this year will
officially retire and turn the store
                                                                                                                                “Appliances have changed
over to his son, Jerry Zahand, Jr .,
who has been managing Highway for
                                                                                                                              over the years because of new
years. “So many people are in busi-
ness and make decisions based on
                                                                                                                                regulations about the way
the business only. We have made our                                                                                            they are built, but they have
decisions on the feedback we get from
the customers. I think that is the                                                                                            become better products in the
biggest difference from us than a big-
box store.”                                                                                                                     long run. We have kept up
   At one time there were dozens of
appliance stores in the Mon Valley,                                                                                             with the changes and have
                                                                                                                               stocked the latest products.”
now Highway Appliance is one of the
very few that exist in the entire coun-
ty.                                                                                                                                       Jerry Zahand, Jr.
    “I have seen different generations
of customers come through. I have                                                                                               Zahand noted that the customer
seen children grow up, get married                                                                                            satisfaction policy takes the frustra-
and have families, and even seen                                                                                              tion out of buying major appliances
their children grow up and become                                                                                             and electronics. “We are the only ma-
customers as well,” Zahand said. “W   e                                                                                       jor appliance and electronics dealer
have had relationships with our cus-       buy from us,” Zahand continued.         sell, and we train and supervise our       that offers our own delivery by
tomers that have lasted over the           “Therefore we have really expanded      own people,” Zahand said. “It is an-       trained and uniformed personnel,
years. I think that is the secret of our   because people come back to deal        other thing that makes us so differ-       which includes hook-up of the appli-
longevity.”                                with people they can relate to.”        ent, because you do not have to call a     ances and electronics product, and
   Zahand mentioned that the mar-            Customer service has been anoth-      toll-free number somewhere in an-          our own service department staffed
ket area of Highway Appliance has          er reason for HighwayAppliance be-      other country to get service.”             with experienced and knowledgeable
grown over the years extending be-         ing able to survive over the years.       Highway Appliance has a 100%             technicians.”
yond the Mon V    alley.                   More than half of the staff providing   customer satisfaction policy . “If it        Highway Appliance is a member of
    “As the children of our customers      that service has been with Highway      does not work or if it is the wrong col-   ADC, part of the Nationwide Buying
move into areas like the South Hills,      for over 25 years, something unheard    or, we will take it back, you can pick     Group, which allows it the ability to
Washington, New Stanton and be-            of in today’s retail businesses.        out something else or we will give
yond, they are still coming back to            “We service everything that we      your money back.”                                               continued on page 13
                                                                                                                                                                                        THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011 • PAGE 13

Highway Appliance                                                                                                                                                                                   Highway Appliance maintains its
                                                                                                                                                                                                    close relationship with customers, a
continued from page 12                                                                                                                                                                              policy that began when it originally
                                                                                                                                                                                                    opened in 1946.
have more than $11 billion in buying                                                                                                                                                                   “Today, when a customer makes a
power to make all major brand
names available to customers. High-                                                                                                                                                                 purchase, we give them a survey card
way Appliance has been a member of                                                                                                                                                                  to fill out asking them how we did
the W estern Pennsylvania Better                                                                                                                                                                    and how we can improve. When we
Business Bureau for more than 20                                                                                                                                                                    go to a service call, the customer gets
years and maintains an A+ rating.                                                                                                                                                                   a survey card then too,” he said. “It is
  Zahand said its ability to provide                                                                                                                                                                all a matter of staying in communica-
competitive prices on all major                                                                                                                                                                     tion with the customer.”
brands of appliances and electronics                                                                                                                                                                   Highway Appliance is located at
provides customers with a wide                                                                                                                                                                      2214 Route 88 in Dunlevy at the
choice in everything from kitchen ap-                        Amana, Maytag, Samsung, Sony ,                                                                    they have become better products in
pliances to home theatre systems.                            Mitsubishi, Bosch, Hoover , Oreck                                                                 the long run,” said Jerry Zahand, Jr Speers Exit of I-70.Additional infor-
Highway Appliance also has bedding,                          and more.                                                                                         “We have kept up with the changes mation is available by phone at
vacuum cleaners and gas grills.                                “Appliances have changed over the                                                               and have stocked the latest prod-    724.326.5616. Additional information
Brands include General Electric,                             years because of new regulations                                                                  ucts.”                               is also available online at the website
Whirlpool, Frigidaire, KitchenAid,                           about the way they are built, but                                                                   Jerry Zahand, Sr. said in the end,

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           PAGE 14 • THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011

                                                                RJR Safety, Inc.
                                                     BY SYLVIA CAVALLO for the Washington County Chamber of Commerce

       ince Wayne Vanderhoof, President of                                                procedures, and emergency planning. If you         Vanderhoof came into the safety field
       RJR Safety, Inc, became a member of                                                have suggestions for topics to be covered in    while working for years in a drafting and
       the Washington County Chamber of                                                                                      .
                                                                                          future seminars, send them to Mr Vander-        engineering career. At the beginning of the
Commerce three years ago, he has grown                                                    hoof at                    first career, he had an opportunity to be a
his safety consulting and training business                                                  In January, 45-year-old Vanderhoof was       member of a safety committee, which in-
significantly, and he is eager to share his                                               awarded the honor of being the Southwest-       spired him to ultimately obtain his degree
expertise regarding safety in the workplace                                               ern Pennsylvania Chapter’s American Red         in Occupational Safety, become nationally
with fellow chamber businesses in 201 1,                                                  Cross Volunteer of the Month for his work       certified as a Certified Safety Professional,
just as he did in 2010.                                                                   as a dedicated DisasterAction Team (DAT)        and start up a business of his own in a field
   Vanderhoof will offer members the                                                      responder. Vanderhoof has been a DA re-T        he loves.
OSHA 10-hour General Industry Safety                                                      sponder for two years; for six years he has        “I enjoy sharing with others what I con
course on April 12th and 13th, at the                                                     been an American Red Cross CPR and First        tinually learn about worker safety and pre-
SpringHill Suites in Washington, from 7:30                                                Aid Instructor.                                 venting injuries,” said Vanderhoof. Espe-
a.m. to 12:30 p.m. each day This seminar
                            .                                                                As a DAT responder, Vanderhoof and his       cially today, all companies need to at least
will focus on general awareness safety                    Wayne Vanderhoof                fellow volunteers commit several days and       be compliant with the OSHA regulations.
training, basic hazard identification, and    ness today. The information I provide in    evenings per month helping disaster vic-        The ultimate reward is to see all of the
explanations about what the Occupational      this seminar will provide the participants tims in W ashington County. Vanderhoof           workers go home to their families at the
Safety and Health Act (OSHA) expects          with the basic information they need to be took an active role in helping victims of last   end of each day or shift – uninjured and
from today’s employers.                       compliant with safe workplace regulations. year’s February snowstorm. Several mem-          able to enjoy their families and life.”
   “The topics covered in this seminar in-    It is the employer’s responsibility to make bers of the Bentleyville community were            With RJR Safety, Inc. Vanderhoof also
clude OSHA Recordkeeping and OSHAin-          sure these regulations are complied with.” without power for weeks, forcing many vic-       partners with companies in the oil and gas
spections, Fall Protection, W alking Work-       Although he has not yet determined the tims out of their homes and in the care of        industry and the construction industry to
ing Surfaces, Emergency Action Plans, Fire    topics, Vanderhoof will host 3 other semi- volunteers like V anderhoof, who helped          provide safety consulting services, safety
Prevention and Fire Protection, Electrical    nars throughout 2011. The tentative dates them find food and shelter   .                    training and on-site field safety .
Safety, Lockout/Tagout, Personal Protective   for the subsequent seminars are May 18th,      “Because I have my own business, my             The cost to enroll in RJR Safety Inc.’ s
Equipment, Hazard Communication, Ma-                                                                                 T
                                              Sept. 21st and Nov. 16th. Possible topics time is flexible. Being a DA responder en-        first seminar on April 12th and 13th is
chine Guarding and Bloodborne Pathogens.      Vanderhoof might cover are record-keeping, ables me to help people,” said V anderhoof.      $100. To register, contact the Chamber of
These topics are important for every busi-    overall safety and health programs and      “I really enjoy helping people.”                Commerce at 724. 225.3010.
                                                                                                                 THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011 • PAGE 15

        Newton Consulting Provides Business Services
               to Large and Small Companies
                          Company Founded on Customer-Focused, Values-Driven Service
                                                    BY EARL BUGAILE for the Washington County Chamber of Commerce

      ick Newton will be the first to ad-                                             Drive in Claysville, serving two clients.   Business Times; Newton Consulting
      mit that he has always had an en-                                               Eight years later, Newton Consulting        was honored by Inc. magazine as one of
      trepreneurial side.                                                             has grown to become one of the leading      the fastest-growing private companies
   It was that spirit that led him to                                                 consulting firms in southwest Pennsyl-      in America; and it was named one of
leave a stable consulting career in 2003                                              vania, serving local and national           the Best Places to W ork in W estern
to form Newton Consulting, LLC, and                                                   clients. The company generated more         Pennsylvania by the Pittsburgh Busi-
launch a business he felt was always                                                  than $11.5 million in revenue in 2010       ness Times.
needed.                                                                               with more than 40 employees and ap-           “Of all the awards we have received,
   “I was frustrated my entire life with                                              proximately 40 partnering contractors       being named as one of the best places
the way consulting companies operat-                                                  who work with clients.                      to work is most significant to me,” said
ed,” Newton said. “For the most part                                                     The success Newton Consulting has        Newton. “It gives me great satisfaction
they were either profit-focused or                                                    achieved for its clients over the years     to see that our business model can not
growth-focused. I believed that if you                                                has earned Newton and his company a         only thrive in the marketplace, but
put the customer first and operate by                                                 number of honors. Newton Consulting         serves to attract and retain some of the
principles and values, the growth and                     Rick Newton                 was named Best Service Provider by          best consulting talent in the industry.”
profits would follow – while serving the                                              the Pittsburgh T echnology Council            Currently, Newton Consulting
customer a whole lot better  .”             eight years of business, it has been my (PTC) in 2008, and was a finalist in          serves 47 clients across the United
   Newton said he started Newton Con-       greatest satisfaction to find out that it 2009 and 2010; Newton was a finalist        States, and has most recently opened a
sulting almost as an experiment to see      can,” he said.                            in the PTC’s CEO of the Year honors in      subsidiary in Europe. Newton Consult-
if a business that was both customer-fo-      Newton began his experiment by set- 2010; the company has been named                ing Europe Limited was incorporated
cused and values-driven could be suc-       ting up the company headquarters on one of Pittsburgh’s Top 100 companies
cessful in the marketplace. “And after      his family property along East Finley in terms of growth by the Pittsburgh                                continued on page 18
          PAGE 16 • THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011

  Washington City Mission Celebrates 70th Anniversary
                             Mission and Avis Arbor Carry on the services originally begun in 1941
                                                            BY EARL BUGAILE for the Washington County Chamber of Commerce

      he demographics of the clients may have                                                                               Wheeling Street, allowing it to triple its size and
      changed, but the scope and overall purpose of                                                                         giving it space for a clinic, chapel, dining room and
      the Washington City Mission has remained                                                                              other services.
consistent since its beginnings on South Main Street                                                                          In 1986, the City Mission opened theAvis Arbor
in 1941.                                                                                                                    Women’s Shelter, named after McCausland’s wife,
   Now celebrating its 70th anniversary the Wash-                                                                           to provide a safe haven for needy and homeless
ington City Mission is remembering its past, while                                                                          women and their children.
positioning itself for new challenges in the future.                                                                          Although the population has changed and trains
   “It all started when Rev Burt McCausland saw                                                                             no longer run through W    ashington today, the City
someone put out of an establishment on Main                                                                                 Mission continues to provide the same kind of
Street and feeling compelled to provide (them)                     enue, where regular Sunday school services were          services to people in need.
with some type of assistance and a place to stay   ,”              held for about 60 area children, who participated          The whole foundation of the Mission continues
said Dean Gartland, President and CEO of W     ash-                in picnics and holiday events, as well.                  today,” Gartland said. “We focus on the Spiritual
ington City Mission.                                                 The early days were a period of a constantly           development and lives of the men and women that
   The early days on the City Mission saw the fa-                  shifting population of clients being served by the       do not normally make their way into the local
cilities move from a Main Street location to the cre-              Mission.                                                 churches, and our outreach continues to be on the
ation of a men’s dormitory at 322 W Chestnut
                                      est                            “There were a lot of trains passing through            homeless, the evicted and people with mental
Street, where the Mission provided housing and                     Washington in those days, and many times there           health and medical issues that do not have access
free meals to homeless and poor men. It offered                    were hobos who got off and had no place to go,”          to the normal services.”
Child Evangelism and Sunday school programs,                       Gartland said. “The City Mission then became a             Today, the Washington City Mission and Avis Ar-
and later began to hold weekly services at the                     vital link between some of them and stability be-,       bor continue to provide three meals a day and shel-
County Jail. Also regular visits to hospitals and                  cause the Mission provided them a place to stay     .”   ter to needy people of the county . They provide
homes were made.                                                     As the City Mission continued to grow and pro-         overnight accommodations for 57 men and 32
   The City Mission became so busy in those days,                  vide service for needy people, the needs also grew
that McCausland opened a branch on Hayes Av-                                                     ,
                                                                   for larger facilities. Finally in 1963, it was able to                                    continued on page 17
                                                                   acquire the old First Christian Church, at 84 W    est

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         All Structural Repair Work Includes Lifetime Transferrable Structure Warranty.                                        2055 Jefferson Ave • Washington, PA
                                                                                                                                                           THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011 • PAGE 17

Washignton City Mission                                       and electronics.
                                                                 Fierro noted that about five-per-
continued from page 16                                        cent of the City Mission’ s budget
                                                              comes from grants and Foundations,
women and children. The Mission                               and only a small amount comes from
serves more than 133,000 meals an-                            state and federal support.
nually. In 2010, the Mission provid-                             One of the biggest fundraisers of
ed services to approximately 949                              the year took place in February with
men, and 553 women and children.                              “Sweet Sunday” which regularly
  Gartland said 2010 was a record                             draws capacity crowds. It is those
year for the Mission as more and                              types of events and continued sup-
more needy people sought shelter                              port by individuals, churches and lo-
and services. The Mission and Avis                            cal grants which have made it possi-
Arbor have also provided shelter for                          ble for the W ashington City Mission
people who may have lost their                                and Avis Arbor to survive over the
homes due to fire and other catastro-                         years.
phes.                                                            Gartland said challenges still exist
  In order to remain active in serving                        in the future.
the county’s needy and homeless; the                             “We are paying close attention to
City Mission has to rely mainly on                            the changing needs of the popula-
donations from people within the                              tion,” he said. “One of the things I be-
                                                                                                                                                            Washington City Mission
community.                                                    lieve we need to do is to address the
  “About 88 percent of our donations                          need of transportation. People want                      really trying to address,” he added.              thing to help them acquire the serv-
come from individuals,” said Shirley                          to work, but jobs that pay a decent                        Gartland said the long term goal of             ices that they need in order to live
Fierro, director of development. “An-                         amount of money where you can live                       the City Mission is to end homeless-              successfully to break the cycle of
other seven percent come from                                 independently are usually outside                        ness in the Washington area.                      homelessness.”
churches, and another one percent                             the immediate city area.”                                  “We are committed to ending                       Information about the programs of-
comes from our very own donation                                 Gartland said in 2010, the City                                                     e
                                                                                                                       homelessness,” he said. “W operate                fered at W ashington City Mission
center and Hidden Treasures stores.”                          Mission began a car donation pro-                        a comprehensive program, and we                   and Avis Arbor is available at the
  The City Mission also operates a                            gram, where donated vehicles are                         want to respond to the changing                   website at or by
recycling center for clothing, paper                          used by their clients in order to get to                 needs of our clients. It is one thing to          contacting Gartland or Fierro at
and cardboard and old computers                               work. “It is something that we are                       provide shelter , and it is another               724.228.9240.


           Bob Hollick, Agent                           If you’re between jobs, in school, or
           Washington, PA 15301
                            starting your own business, don’t
            Bus: 724-222-5600                           sweat it. I have plans from Assurant
                                                        Health designed with your needs in
                                                        mind. To find out more about short
                                                        term, student or individual medical
                                                                                                                          Business is the engine that runs our economy. And commercial loans are the fuel it
                                                        coverage, call me today.                                          runs on. At Community Bank, our loyal customer base and growing deposits have
                                                                                                                            enabled us to continue providing commercial loans to community businesses
                                                                                                                                which, in turn, provide employment and invigorate the local economy.

                                                                                                                              At Community Bank, we’re here to serve you. We’ve made it our mission to
                                                                                                                                     provide the fuel that keeps your business forging ahead.

  See a local State Farm® agent for more details on coverage, costs, restrictions, and renewability. Assurant Health
  products are underwritten and issued by Time Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI, which is financially responsible
  for these products. No member of the State Farm family of companies is financially responsible for these products.
                                                                                                                                                           Community Bank
  Assurant, Assurant Health and Time Insurance Company are not affiliates of State Farm.                                 Telephone Banking 1-888-223-8099                  Stock Symbol CBFV
                 State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company • Bloomington, IL •®                                                                                     EQUAL
 P097300                                                                                                                                                                               HOUSING LENDER      Member FDIC
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ChamberChoice                        ed an energy-buying pool that is ex-
                                     tremely low, fixed prices for chamber
                                                                                    best options and save their clients
                                                                                                                                best we can.”
                                                                                                                                  For more information on energy
continued from page 6                members and the lowest residential               “We are an avid energy consult-           and money-saving tips, the Cham-
                                     rates for those people who are em-             ant, and the members and business-          berChoice Energy hotline can be
  “Collectively, in western Pennsyl- ployed by companies that are mem-              es we serve are of different shapes         reached at 1.866.699.9968, by way of
vania, we have saved businesses in bers with the chamber.”                                                       e
                                                                                    and sizes,” said Bodine. “W do our          email at cs@ondemandenergy .com
excess of $50 million in the past 10   But regardless of the business On-           best for everyone. The rates we ne-         or visited online at ondemandener-
years,” said Bodine. “Locally, with Demand is working with, the goal                gotiate are great, and if you are with and
Allegheny Power, we have negotiat- remains the same – to provide the                the chamber, we will help you as

Newton Consulting                       Consulting, including systems that
                                        manage their warehouse operations,
                                                                                    they are paying less than if they went
                                                                                    with a top consulting firm. That is one
                                                                                                                                ship at the helm,” Newton said. “I be
                                                                                                                                lieve this is true for any facet of socie
continued from page 15                  product inventory , and orders that         very practical way our customer -fo-        ty, whether that be government, educa-
                                        come in from major retailers,” he said.     cused, values-driven formula works,”        tion, or business, and especially for
February 15th to serve a growing mar- “By providing a highly-experienced            Newton said. “This is particularly suit-    complex project implementations.”
ket of clients in the U.K. and Europe, team of employees and contractors, we        ed for mid-market companies who have            Newton said leaders of any business,
as well as to serve the global needs of were able to craft a very compelling        the same business challenges as large       large or small, always have vision.
existing North American clients.        value proposition – one that is extreme-    companies, but are operating on a              “They know where they want to go,
   Newton said the company has devel- ly competitive and more value-added           smaller budget.”                            but do not always have the internal re-
oped long-term partnering relation-     than off-shore support models.”                Newton Consulting has two primary        sources necessary to get them there,
ships with clients that have been          Newton said this formula has al-         divisions. One supplies information         and if that is the case we can help
around since the start. “These are      lowed Newton Consulting to give             technology (IT) services, while the oth-    them. We have the ability to under-
clients that continue to see the value clients the best service possible by         er supplies human resources (HR) serv-      stand our clients’vision, adopt it as our
that Newton Consulting provides, and staffing the best possible consultants.        ices. The IT division offers such servic-   own, and then make it a reality on
in fact, they keep asking for more,”      “Part of our value proposition is that    es as IT project management, IT best        their behalf. That is why our tagline
Newton said.                            we take some of the best consultants in     practices, systems integration, and ap-     says we are ‘vision implementers.’We
   One of those clients includes an in- the world and make their services           plication support and development.          are very good and very successful at do-
ternational consumer pharmaceutical available to clients at a greatly dis-          The HR division offers benefits consult-    ing this for our clients.”
company headquartered in the Pitts- counted rate. We can do this because of         ing, talent acquisition, and leadership        Those with questions about Newton
burgh region.                           our low-overhead operating model. W    e    development services.                       Consulting’s services can visit the com-
   “This client has outsourced all of   pass these cost savings on to our client.     “The success of any human endeav-         pany website at www.newtonconsult-
their application support to Newton     There is no difference in quality , but     or depends on the quality of the leader- or call 800.883.1198.
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                                                                                             Member Over 30 Years
                                                                                             Coen Oil Company
                                                                                             David's Limited
                                                                                             First Niagara Bank
                                                                                             Greenlee, Derrico, & Posa
                                                                                             Hapchuk, Inc.
                                                                                             PONY Baseball and Softball

                                                                                             Member Over 25 Years
                                                                                             DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton

Calendar of Events
                                                                                             Dr. Richard Feldstein
                                                                                             Dr. Webb and Associates

                                                                                             Member Over 20 Years
                          APRIL 12 & 13, 2011                                                Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
                    RJR Safety Inc., Presents OSHA                                           Testa Machine Company, Inc.
                    General Industry Safety Training                                         Transitional Employment Consultants
                      SpringHill Suites, Washington
                    7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. each day
                                                                                             Member Over 15 Years
                                                                                             Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Greater
                                                                                              Pittsburgh - Washington County Office
                          APRIL 29, 2011                                                     Washington Ford Inc.
                Breakfast Briefing & First Swing Golf
                Nemacolin Country Club, Beallsville
                       7:45 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.                                                 Member Over 10 Years
                                                                                             Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh/Southpointe
                                                                                             Keystone Anesthesia Consultants, Ltd.
                              MAY 13, 2011                                                   Scarton Chiropractic
                       ATHENA Award Presentation
                      Hilton Garden Inn, Southpointe
                                                                                             Member Over 5 Years
                           8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.                                             Apex North America
                                                                                             CASCO USA

                 New Members
                                                                                             Champion Construction, LP
                                                                                             Duquesne University Small Business
                                                                                              Development Center
                                                                                             Ford Business Machines, Inc.
                                                                                             Jessop Community Federal Credit Union
             B&W Insurance                      Confab Marketing & Design LLC                Personalized Distribution Systems, Inc.
                  Paul J. Barzd                           Edward Jenkins
             1340 Washington Road                       4 Cinque Terra Place
                                                                                             Three Rivers Volkswagen
              Washington, PA 15301                      Finleyville, PA 15332                Washington Wild Things
                                   Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center
                                      of The Washington Hospital
         724.222.4540 • fax 724.222.4857                    723.351.0069
        Insurance- Business and Personal               Marketing and Design

       Century Engineering, Inc.                    TCC - Verizon Wireless                   Member Under 5 Years
                 Blair C. Stocker                           Michael Arnold                   Allegheny Ludlum Corporation
           1040 Eberly Way, Suite 200                 124 South McDonald Street              Blue Mountain Equipment Rental Corp.
           Lemont Furnace, PA 15456                      McDonald, PA 15057                  ISM Services, Inc. •         Printscape Imaging & Graphics
         724.439.2835 • fax 724.439.2938        
         Engineering Services/Consultant                    (724) 492-1397
                                                                                             Remote Imaging Services, LLC
                                                    Verizon Wireless Premium Agent           Steamfitters Local #449
                                                                                             Ultimate Landscaping & Contracting LLC
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