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  E-123 Almighty God, I pray... You know, Father, that many of these people are
waiting to go to church tonight. And they might have a loved one that gets saved. And I
realize, God, the brazen serpent didn't pray for anyone. The water that was troubled didn't
pray for anyone. The woman who touched the hem of Jesus wasn't prayed for. The ones
that laid in the shadow of Peter, wasn't prayed for. The ones who had the handkerchief
taken off of Paul's body and brought to theirs, wasn't prayed for. But God, they got well
because they believed and recognized Your gift.
Now, Father, I pray if these people, not only here locally in Phoenix, but Thou hast so
ordained it, that it's known world wide now. And may they come through, not because it's
Your poor, humble, illiterate servant standing here, but because it's Your gift that You
have honored. And Father, Thou knowest that nothing I could do about it. I never called
this message to go over the world like this. It was You, Father. I just obeyed and done
what You said, and You brought it to pass.

  E-43 Oh, my. Looking down the road to his boy who is far away... I can see the boy
come to himself, there it sound like he could hear his mother praying. The Angels of God
waiting to take the message, I can hear him raise and sing and say:
Tell mother I'll be there (Let's all sing it.)
In answer to her prayer.
This message guardian angels to her bear.
Tell mother I'll be there,
... heaven's joys with her to share.
Yes, tell my darling mother I'll be there.
How many's mother has gone on today? Let's see your hands. Let's just hold our hands
and sing that.
Tell mother... (Did you promise for you to meet her?)
In answer to her prayer.
This message guardian angel to her bear.
Tell mother I'll be there,
... heaven's joys with her to share.
Yes, tell my darling mother I'll be there.

 E-10 O God, those brethren have gone on to glory, sealed their testimony in their life's
blood. And here today, He's drawing again. You'll take Your man, but never Your Spirit.
And here's Your Spirit living among us today, moving in and out among us. The great
Gospel age, just a drawing to the end of the world... The fig tree putting forth its bud, to
look down there in Jerusalem tonight and see that flag, the oldest flag in the world flying,
the first time its been flown for twenty-five hundred years. Truly, the fig tree's putting
forth its buds.
And now, we here in America, blessed with the Holy Spirit begin to fall in the last day,
calling the people from the Gentiles for His Name. How we thank Thee to be here in this
church which represented this message for years and years. Founders, many of those
sleeping out yonder in the dust of the earth, but one of these glorious day breaks, Jesus
shall come and all sorrow will be banished and tears wiped away. Those immortal souls
that's resting yonder in paradise will come forth like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We shall
appear here on earth, and then be caught up together to meet the Lord in the air. It does
not yet appear what kind of a body we'll have, but we'll have one like His, for we shall
see Him as He is. No more healing service then. For we are living with the--the Son of
righteousness with healing in His wings. We shall abide under the shadows of His wings
throughout ceaseless ages. Set down by the evergreen trees where the leaves of the tree
are for the healing of the nations. Arms will be stacked; the smoke will dry up on the
battlefield. There'll be no more wars or disappointments.

  E-70 Come, lady. Have faith, believe. The little lady standing there in dark, keep
believing, It moved towards you just then for a few moments, have faith, believe, don't
How do you do, sister? Do you believe with all your heart? Your stomach trouble will get
all right. Go home and eat what you want to and say, "Thank God for healing me, my
stomach." All right, say, "Praise the Lord."
All right, come here, honey. You want to get over that asthma, don't you? Well, come
here, put your arms around Brother Branham.
Our heavenly Father, I ask Thee to be merciful to this child. Almighty God, may she take
this message back to her Catholic people, telling them that Jesus Christ the great Healer
has made her whole. I curse this asthma in the Name of Jesus Christ; may she be healed
from now on. Amen. God bless you, honey. Go home and be well. Let's say, "Praise the

  E-14 Recently when I was baptizing on the river at Jeffersonville, when all the local
newspapers packed It, two o'clock in the afternoon when I was praying, here It come
right down out of the heavens, right at two o'clock in the evening, June, or in the
afternoon, rather, in June, about the middle of June, hung right over where I was, and a
Voice from It, saying, "As John the Baptist was sent to warn the people of the first
coming of Christ, so is this Message to warn the people of the second coming."

Right back up into the heavens, when people screamed, fainted. What is it? God, getting
the Church ready. You don't need no new doctrine. You don't need no new theories. You
need real true hearts to Almighty God, to believe on God, and His Son, Christ Jesus.
Have fellowship with everybody, all the Christians, by the Holy Spirit. Amen.

 11 Now, here's a Scripture that I've been... It's come to me for years and years, the last
four years. Without many times a-failing, I could pick up the Bible; It'll turn to this
chapter. And it's, I didn't know it till just awhile ago, has worked right up to the very
closing of this message tonight.
 E-1 Our heavenly Father, we are grateful for this grand opportunity we have to present
Jesus Christ to the people of Chicago tonight. We thank Thee for this great revival that is
now just beginning. And we pray, Lord, that this message will never die in Chicago, but
will grow from church to church, from place to place, until great hosts of people with one
accord are gathered together, and we see a repeat of the apostolic blessings poured upon
the peoples of every church and every denomination.
Grant it, Father. May it not only go from church to church, but from person to person,
until an old fashion revival has brought Chicago to tears, where every home has throwed
out the card tables and put a prayer altar there. And--and the places are closed up, of vice,
and just a real old fashion revival.

 E-98 Now look, Christians, you love me; I love you. If God, Who knows... If I... If
that's wrong, I don't know my heart. See? But I believe that I know truly that I love you.
And I--I wouldn't stand here as a deceiver, and you know I wouldn't do that. And you
know God would never bless a deceiver.
How is this message just goes the whole world over now, when literally millions of
healings... Even the jungles of Africa, after they was converted, I said, "Don't wait till
you get an education; go right on out; lay hands on the sick."
Why, up in the jungles they got the healing campaigns going on amongst the natives, men
who don't even know which is right and left hand hardly. But they know Jesus Christ.
They seen Him do it, and they believe it, and they pray for their native friends, and
they're healed. Preaching Gospel, accepting Christ, breaking up their idols, forming big
churches and groups, praying all night, fasting for weeks at a time, no education or
nothing... They just believe God. Now, you do the same.

 E-97 When thousands of people out in the world, and here He is this great Being,
moving right here in this audience right now, healing the people, making them well.
Now, His blessings is here. His Spirit is on us. We know that He's here.
And I know you, Brother Bosworth, being a good godly man. You're God's servant. You
were preaching this message before I was born, brother. I want you, if you'll lead the
congregation in prayer to while I dismiss myself, if you will. And you--you pray if you
will for the congregation.

  E-63 George J. Lacy... Read his little article on It there. He will tell you what it is. He
said it looked like an amber of light through the violet rays and so forth like. It was about
this wide, about that long, rather, and about that wide, and thousands, times thousands,
and thousands of Christians have seen it. See?
It come right down before ten thousand people in Jeffersonville when I was baptizing one
afternoon and told me, eleven years before I was sent out on this mission, that it would
take place this way, and said it would be a forerunning Message. Like John the Baptist
went as a forerunner to Jesus Christ, so would this Message be the forerunning just before
the coming of Jesus Christ.
  168 A man can't join a church, or get all emotional worked up, or anything else, and
become a Christian. It's got to be a solid birth of the Spirit; sincerely dying out, crying
out, lying there till he's dead in Christ. Remember, life can only come out of death.
A grain of corn, if it abides, it abide alone; it'll never mean no more than that one grain of
corn. "Except a corn of wheat fall in the earth, it abide alone." But when it falls there, it
rots, contaminates; and out of that midst of corruption comes the germ of life that gives it
life and produces more.
Except the church will be borned again, die out to their creeds, and theologies, and so
forth, and be borned anew of the Spirit of God, it'll be an old, cold, formal, ungodly,
indifferent. Amen. That's right. That's old fashion sassafras preaching, but it'll save you,
brother. That's right. It'll keep you when the storms are blowing hard. Get rooted and
grounded. Get all the dirt scraped off 'fore you pour your concrete; notice, that's right,
and the anchor rods down good and tight. Oh, brother, what a day that we're living in:
formal, indifferent church age. Yes, sir.
"To the seven churches," said, "send this message."

 293 Brother, one of these days, the last Holy Ghost anointed Gospel sermon will be
preached. One of these days, the last gun will fire. One of these days, the last song will be
sung. One of these days, the last prayer will be prayed. One of these days, the doors of
the Tabernacle will be closed for the last time; the Bible will be closed on the pulpit. And
you'll stand in the Presence of God to give an account for what you've heard tonight.
What then? What then? When the great Book is opened, what then? When tonight comes
on record, what then? Oh, as the song says:
 What then?
 When the great Book is opened, what then?
 When the ones that's rejected the Saviour today,
 Will be asked to give a reason--What then?
Your job stood in your way. Your parents stood in your way. Your boyfriend stood in
your way. Your girlfriend stood in the way. Your church stood in the way.
 What then? What then?
 When the great Book is opened, what then?
 When the ones that's rejecting this Message tonight,
 You're going to... asked to give a reason--What then?
What are you going to do about it? You know what the mark of the beast is. You know
what the Seal of the God is. It's up to you. May the Lord bless you, while we stand.

 E-67 Now, be reverent, believe with all your heart, and God Almighty, Who made us,
will show you His glory. And then whatever you do with it, that's up to you. He's only
using me tonight to represent Himself to you, as your--as His children. Now, I am just
one of you. If the rapture would come, probably all of you would go before me, and I'm
not worthy. I was back in a cold, formal condition when you were out in the street,
preaching this Gospel. Some of you aged, white headed ministers in this building, was
out preaching this message when I was still a little sinner boy. But you, that I respect as
my brother and sister. And I'm only trying to walk down the road that you've preached,
and believe that would come. Don't turn it down while it's here. You believed it would be
here, and while it's here, accept it and believe it with all your heart, and God will bless
you. All right, brethren.

  E-18 Saul found out that the ecclesiastical vest of Saul didn't fit a man of God. And so
it weighted him down. That's what the trouble with a lot of men today, as I meet, as I
cross the land, men of great standing in high churches and things. They believe this
message of deliverance; they believe the message of the Lord Jesus and His power, but
they're so shackled down with church denominations till they can't see no farther than the
church, and they won't let them any farther. What we need today is somebody to step out
with some experience with a slingshot like David had.
David said, "I don't know nothing about your theology, and about these swords, and so
forth, but your servant, with this slingshot I had an experience out there, that God let me
kill a lion with it and kill a bear with it. And if He will let me kill a lion with it, surely
that uncircumcised Philistine belongs to me this afternoon." God give us some more
ruddy boys with that kind of ruddy experience, that'll take God at His Word, and believe
Him for everything He says is the truth. Amen. That's what we need tonight, my dear
Christian friends.
And now, I want you to notice, He went out and proved exactly that God was with him,
because he had an experience that God could deliver the enemy into his hand by his

 274 That's right, Sister Gertie.
What then? What then?
When the great Book is opened, what then? (Think of it.)
When the ones that's rejecting this message today,
Will be asked to give a reason--What Then?
What then? What then?
When the great Book is opened, what then?
When the ones that's rejected this Message today,
Will be asked to give a reason--What Then?
Brother, sister, no matter how long you profess Christianity, if you're not inside that
blood Cell with Christ this morning don't let today pass. Come in today. It's yours. You
don't have to come to the altar. The only thing you have to do is accept it. Believe it. And
God, in return, if your faith is direct like Abraham was, then God will give you the Holy
Ghost to seal you into His Kingdom, and you're sealed until the day of your redemption.
The Scripture said, "Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby you're sealed until the
day of your redemption."

 276 How many say, "Brother Branham, for me, I'm praying and trusting God that I'll
be in there." Let's see your hands. Oh, everywhere in the building. "I'm trusting God to be
in there." God bless you. Hundred percent or more. Oh, won't it be wonderful? Oh, my.
Just think, when the last battle is fought, when the arms are all stacked, the smoke of the
battle has died down, the sun's a setting, the books are closed, and we stand at the
What then? What then?
When the great Book is opened, what then?
When the ones rejecting this message today,
Going to be asked to give a reason, what then?

  300 There's something, and I believe it's this baby. So then, if you bow your head.
Almighty God, I do not know. Thou knowest that it's all something to me I can't
understand. I don't know. But, Father, it seemingly, that after this message, and this
coming--this baby coming here, and me looking into its face; and according to what's
been told me somewhere, and a witness of Sister Cox, and the Holy Spirit here at the
altar... I do not know, no more than I knowed the day that I walked with that old colored
man that was blind. Neither can I understand now, Lord, no more than the boy in Finland
that was raised from the dead. Neither do I understand the case of this; how would You
put it upon a doctor's heart to send over here, Your Spirit moving.
Now, Father, in obedience to what You have commissioned to be done, and according to
the Word that I preached so hard this morning, as a believer in It, I go forward to
challenge the devil that's bound this baby. I lay my hands upon its head, and up over its
little eyes; raise my hand to God Who I believe in, that has spoken and It cannot fail. I
ask that the cancer in this baby's eyes come out; may go into outer darkness, where you
belong, you dark evil one, in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, Whom I'm
And may this baby's eyes become normal. May the mother return, giving praise and glory
to God for the healing of this baby. This I do in true faith to God, believing His Word
taught It, and believing that a vision has struck me, His servant, standing in this same
place. And Lord, You know what You're putting in my heart right now. And I ask for
Your Words to be fulfilled, and this baby's life to be spared, and it to live and be healthy
and strong, and can see again, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

  147 So after all, brother, sister, I can't stop that. You can't stop it. God's Word said it
would be that way. "Men will be lovers of pleasure, more than lovers of God." How you
going to break that down? "Having a form of godliness," every one of them goes to
church. Yes, sir. "Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof; from such
turn away."
I'm so happy tonight, Christian friend, that I'm here with you tonight. I'm so happy that I-
-I've had the privilege of speaking to you, with my heart.
And my whole heart is wrapped in this Message. It's been there since the very day that
God give me the baptism of the Holy Ghost, right here in Jeffersonville, Indiana, when I
believed on His Son, Jesus Christ, and accepted Him out here in a little old shed as my
personal Saviour. And the Lord coming down upon me that night, throwed a Light across
that room, and I looked at It, so scared I couldn't even move. Knelt on an old grass sack
down there on Ohio Avenue, and I seen that Light form a cross, and Something on that
cross speaking at me. Since that night, my hopes has been built on nothing less than the
Word of God and Jesus Christ and righteousness. That's where I believe with all my
heart. Let go what come, what may; my hope still anchors right there.
And I'm glad tonight to be setting in a company like this, that believes the same thing,
and has received the same Lord Jesus Christ.
 Through years, through many dangers, toils and snares,
 I have already come;
It's aged me. It's broke me. It's peeled me down.
 But it's grace that's brought me safe thus far,
 It's grace that'll take me on.
 And when we've been there ten thousand years,
 Bright shining as the sun;
 We'll have no less days to sing God's praise
 Than the hour we first begun.

  E-76 Anybody here would just feel like, say, "I'd just like to accept the Lord Jesus
Christ. I've never done it before. I just want to raise my hand, say, "I--by raising my hand,
I accept Him." God bless you, sister. God bless you, brother. God bless you. God bless
you. That's... God bless you, brother. "I want to accept the Lord Jesus Christ that..." God
bless you, sister. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. That's right.
You think He don't hear that? He knows your heart. He's the One Who told you to do it.
Someone else say, "I--I now want to believe. I now say, 'Lord, I want to accept You right
now. I want my anchor tight, down there in the veil so it'll never move. I'm accepting
You as my Saviour.'" Would you raise your hand, someone else? God bless you.
 ... what then?
 When the great Book is opened, what then?
 When the ones that's rejecting this message today,
 Will be asked to give a reason--what then?
May the Lord bless you now as you... We're going to have... How many here is to be
prayed for, was sick, let's see your hands, anywhere here in the building that's sick...

  E-1 We're grateful to Thee for this message of calling Thy people to repentance and
see visions. And we pray now, that this gathering together tonight will be...?... that Thy
Spirit may be upon us, blessing us, and calling sinners to repentance, and bringing the old
fashion Gospel into every heart. We pray that You'll heal the sick, call the backsliders
back to the house of God again. Get glory out of the services tonight, for we ask it in
Jesus' Name. Amen.
Good evening, friends. I'm very happy to be here in this livestock exhibit again tonight,
to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It's been lots of things has happened since
I've seen you last, of across the different parts of the world: been a long ways since I seen
you. And the Lord has did great things. And we're so happy for it, especially for the many
people who's finding Him in the way of forgiveness of their sins and the healing of their
body. And our great mighty Jehovah still reigning over His people, and so, how happy
that makes us to be.

 249 Our heavenly Father, as we're nearing the close of this message of fellowship, we
thank Thee because we can set in heavenly places in Christ Jesus and fellowship on the
Word, while the Holy Spirit bringing it to us so lovely and sweetly, strengthening our
feeble beings, and making us of His product. We thank Thee for it, Lord.
Have you today, heavenly Father, made a new creature out there anywhere? While the
Word's being going forth, have they come to the waters of separation? They're entering
now into the Blood, where they feel something pulling into their heart. Have You made a
new creature this morning, Father? Only You can do it. If You have, Father, may they
give a recognition of it now.

 18 Now, this message that was read to us this morning, we would call it the great
commission, for it was the last commission our Lord gave His disciples, to go into all the
world, and to preach this glorious, good tidings of the resurrection to all the world for a
witness. And then He would return. And that signs and wonders would accompany this
message that was to be preached.
And today in the countries we find even under Christian religion, that we find the people
in America, many of them, with all good and due respects to it, we're trying to find great
churches, and cathedrals, and great programs, and so forth to... On Easter, today, the great
churches and crosses are polished for this great service of Easter. And today, literally tens
of thousands and millions of dollars will be spent for Easter flowers and so forth, to go on
the altars, to decorate these great churches and cathedrals we have today.
And in Rome the head of the Catholic church, in there they... that great morgue, Saint
Peter's, where dead people are buried, they love to say in the Catholic church, that, "We
have it, because that we have the body here of Saint Peter, laying here. We have the body
of different apostles, and disciples, and great men who died and are... Their bodies are
buried here." And they look upon that as if that was some great vindication to their phase
of religion, that they have God.
But it's always been my contention, friends, that those things means nothing. It isn't...
Any man can die and lay in the ground. But what rose from that is what we worship
today, a living, resurrected, ascended Lord Jesus Who lives today. Many people can die.

 172 God bless you, friend. If you don't know that... Don't pay no attention to who's
bringing this message, but pay attention to what the message means. See? It's to you that's
outside of Christ. If you don't know Him in the power of His resurrection, if you just...
Don't take mental conceptions of it. Don't talk about your theology or your intellectual
faith. If something hasn't witnessed in your heart, and your heart's been dumped out and
become an empty tomb (Hallelujah.) to the old dead things of the world, and Christ has
raised anew in your heart... O God, this morning roll away the stone of doubt. Take it
away. And may He rise today in your heart and make you a new creature. And I believe
that He will come on the scene in a few minutes and will do the same things that He did
when He was here on earth.
Shall we pray, while we bow our heads.

  E-1 Thank you very much. Good evening, friends. Very happy to be here tonight and
to enjoy this wonderful message (as much as I heard of it), of Brother Thoms. And I
know he's a servant of the Lord God, because he has proved it ever since I have knew
him. And so we're very happy for this message, and I hope that it's went straight home to
every heart.
And now, Brother Thoms, also, he is a--a missionary to the natives in Africa. And I think
they're making arrangements to give him an offerings of a (at least, I asked for it) for his
native mission over there. After being there, myself, why... Of course, knowing just what
it really means to be a missionary, I think the type of--of mission that Brother Thoms has,
is really the correct type.

  E-43 Now, with your heads bowed and every person in here be praying. I have been
very exact tonight, but I've told you the Truth. God knows that. And if you're anything
short of being borned again, step out of that formal and come into Christ.
I know every one of you; you're mortal beings. And at the day of judgment, I'll have to
meet every one of you and give an account for my Message. And remember, I'm telling
you, "Except a man be borned again, he will in no wise enter the Kingdom."
How many in here would like to accept Christ just at this time, and you believe that God
is here? And I've preached this Message upon the basis of the Word, of the Holy Spirit,
and the shed Blood of Jesus. You want to, Jesus to remember you, and give you the new
birth? How many wants that? Raise up your hand, with your head... All over the building.

  129 Our heavenly Father, when we see these enticing spirits upon people and knowing
that they are despising the things of God, I pray, God, that You'll get ahold of every man
and woman in here today. Let this be a day Lord, that they'll realize that their life doesn't
tally up with the Word, and they've been listening to the wrong things, that the devil's
been soothing them down with old "True Story" magazines, old rotten tommyrot of the
world, and old moving picture shows, and unclean television. O God, such impossible
things for a Christian to look at. God, it makes us sick. You said it made You sick like
vomit. You said, "A dog goes to its vomit and a--and a hog goes to its wallow." An old
dog will vomit up something. See an old half born, supposed to be, hypocritical person
come to the altar like they're going to vomit up the world. If you don't keep your eye on
them, they come right back and eat the thing again. O God, cleanse Your house, Lord.
Hallelujah. Send the Holy Ghost with such old time conviction that it'll clean a man's
appetite, and clean his soul, and clean him up, and make him a heaven bound creature.
Give him... Renew his youth in his bowels like the eagle, that he might mount up and
surpass the things of this world and soar in the heavens yonder where he can see the
troubles coming in the distance. Grant it, Lord.
You liken Your prophets to them, the eagle. That have the eye of the eagle, could go way
up high and see things a long time before it got there. O God, bless this little church.
Bless these people that come here. Bless the strangers in the gates today and let them
know that this message was not directed to no personal being, but directed especially,
Lord, to those who are deeply in need, knowing that someday we must stand together in
the judgment of God, and knowing that we'll be held responsible for knowing the truth
and not saying it. Father, I pray that it'll be taken upon every heart. In Jesus' Name.

 161 Well, first, Philip never paid any attention to him, 'cause there's so many people
pressing to get to Jesus, and want Him to lay their hands on their children and things.
And--and he had a time keeping the people back.
So I see him catch him again, and say, "Master... I have a very important message from
my master to your Master. Could I speak to Him just a moment, to give Him this
message? I will go."
Well, I see Philip finally get him up there. Say, "Master, this man seems to come from
another country; he comes from some great man; and he's got a message for You."
And I can see the courier, as he bows his head to Jesus. And Jesus, in polite way, nods
His head to the courier. He'd say, "Master. My master, Simon the Pharisee, is making a
great banquet at his house; he's a well-known man. And he's having a great dinner, and,
oh, he can really put on a good dinner. You all know that. And he's inviting You to come
down and be his guest at the dinner at a certain such-and-such a date." Well, I can hear...

  E-44 The same Holy Ghost in power that resurrected Jesus Christ that stand--that's in
this building tonight, blinds the eyes of the modern day preacher and his church. And
that's the thing that's blinded them has give Light (Hallelujah.) since the resurrection of
Jesus and the day of Pentecost. God will do it. Can you explain it? But if you don't accept
Light, it'll become darkness to you. You'll criticize It, and call It holy-roller, and you
might as well have a millstone hanged at your neck, and drowned in the depths of the sea.
You blaspheme the Holy Ghost. There's not forgiveness.
Said, "Who speaks a word against the Son of man would be forgiven. But if you speak
against the Holy Ghost, it'll never be forgiven you."
But, oh, you knowed so much. So you made fun of the people that was in the Spirit of
God, believing in Divine healing, and the resurrection of Christ, and the powers of God.
You made fun of it, turned up your nose and walked out of church.
I want you to see what happens when you stand before the King Who sent this Message.
Uh-huh. Oh, you think you got it big, but just wait till the day comes. This is man's day,
the Lord's day's coming. That's right.

 E-34 Now, God foreseen; He ordained a Church that was to appear before Him. Now,
as I have been running the last two night--two nights, the three's of God's dispensation... I
believe in the first reformation; Luther came out preaching justification by faith, being
the first reformation from the dark ages, of fifteen hundred years of dark ages. Many of
you Christians and you people who read history, and so forth, know what that is.
Then Luther, being God's man of the hour, come out to bring the Message. It was a type
of in the wilderness. Israel had a Pillar of Fire, a Pillar of Fire, and they followed it day
and night. And when that Pillar of Fire stopped, Israel camped under that Fire, that Light.
And they stayed there until the Pillar of Fire moved on, and Israel moved with the Fire.
And as He did it in the natural for Israel, He's done it in the spiritual for the Church.
Martin Luther, first one to see the Pillar of Fire, moved out and the--moved on with this
message, "The just shall live by faith." And he preached the Message, and men followed
him. But the mistake that Luther made was he organized a church. And he made
everything to become Lutheran, and there's where he made a mistake.

 E-20 Therefore He, by election, He chose Abraham, for He knew what Abraham
would do. You remember when He called him out there and said He'd not keep the thing
a secret from him? When He was going down to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, He said,
"For I know that Abraham will teach his children; I know it," God Himself. "I know that
Abraham will send this message on down from one to the other generation."
But God foreknowing that, and knowing that Abraham would do it, then He told
Abraham in the beginning that He would save him and save his Seed after him, and
would give him the--the unconditional covenant that He made with Abraham. Not
because Abraham was good, but because God was good.

  E-58 With your heads bowed... Brother Wood, I want you to raise your head a minute.
Brother Cox, you in the building, Brother Fleeman, I want you to raise your head, just
you men. You see what I told you? "Verily, verily I say unto you that a prophet within his
own country among his own..."
Now, kind heavenly Father, we present this message unto Thee, Lord, the seeds that's
sown deep into the hearts of the people, that some glorious day Jesus shall come and will
find all the saints (which He will) and every one shall be raptured and taken to glory. And
what a day of rejoicing that will be when Jesus, our Lord, returns. We realize that we're
so thankful to be living in this day. And God, I repent of everything a knowing that we
could not live in ourselves, Lord, but we're--we're sinners to begin with. And daily I trust
in Thee, knowing that daily I sin, knowing that daily things happen to me and in my life,
that You would not be pleased with. Now, I confess my wrong and accept Thee, my
Lord, as my own soul lays at the altar this morning of this little tabernacle, prostrate here,

  E-61 And Father, bless these ministers who are here this morning, Gospel preachers.
O God may they go out today with this message on their hearts and saying, "I see now the
end time, the post signs, and I know we're at the junction, and that's what all this is about.
I wondered why my heart was so--been so stirred for these last few years." Yes, Lord.
Yes, Lord. May they see it. May their eyes be opened, they look around here and say,
"Yes, here it is. I see all these evil things are signs. They're supernatural signs from the
enemy. Why, he's doing great wonders. He's doing great things, insomuch as to make fire
fall from heaven. Yes, they're having satellites all around the earth, and--and they're
natural things, the enemy bringing fire signs and everything else. The false moons and
false suns and all the other things.

  E-27 Now, the trouble... Now, to make this simple so that the--the little children
would understand. We'll go back in the Old Testament and pick the Old Testament so
that... There might be Bible scholars that we could use greater methods of it, but I always
like to break anything down to where the people who doesn't even go to church, people
that's not very scholarly in the Bible, or little children, that they might understand.
Therefore, many... I become a typologist. I like to give types, so we can see.
Now, a type of this message that we're speaking of tonight the hidden life, we would take
it from the Old Testament of the manna, and the courts, and the veil between the holiest
and holies, and how that God worked in that.
Now, if you'll notice, after Israel had over come the Egyptians by passing through, by
grace, through the Red Sea, and God drowned the Egyptians behind it, which was a type
of passing through the Blood of the Lord Jesus, and all the taskmasters that once drove
you to things of sins of the world, it's dead behind you.
There is a fountain filled with blood,
Drawn from Immanuel's veins,
When sinners plunged beneath the flood,
Lose all their guilty stains.

 E-19 Now, that won't work. Now, that's flesh. I don't condemn the person, but I
condemn the--the way they're using the gifts of God. If they're used correctly, they're the
most marvelous things there is, but if you don't use them right, it'll bring a disgrace to the
So we must be led of the Spirit, and when we're led of the Spirit, then God makes
everything work just exactly in harmony.
Now, if they give this message, and I give it out, and the lady comes in. Here she is.
Everybody's wondering where she's at. After while here she comes in, packing her in on a
stretcher; I know exactly what to do. The Holy Spirit has done spoke. Go lay hands on
her. She's going to be healed. That's exactly what happened.

 E-74 And remember, if I meet you at the day of judgment and you're condemned, it's
not my fault. It's not God's fault. I've preached His Word. He's confirmed it with signs
and wonders following. He's here tonight. He's raised from the dead.
Now, if you want Him, come. There is a fountain filled with Blood drawn from
Emmanuel's veins, when sinners plunge beneath the Blood, lose all their guilty stains.
And if you're not sure, my friend, you that's standing by a church creed, if your standing
by a membership, you better come now. I may never see you again in this life. Your...?...
may go out before we meet again. You may never...?... leading, but this is your night.
God bless you, young man. That's right. Oh, the convicted... God bless you, lady. Come
right up. Come up out of your seat. Come right up.
Remember, you have no option on life. You may die before morning. But there's one
thing sure; you're going to die. Every one of you here is going to meet God. And you're
going to meet Him at the judgment. And you're going to have to give an answer for this
Message tonight. You're all going to answer for Him appearing here on this platform,
right here in Shreveport, Louisiana, by the infallible signs says the Bible, infallible signs
that Jesus is raised from the dead.

  E-14 Now, let's just read for a Scripture somewhere just for a little... I want... Just
something that's on my heart. I just like to speak it for a few moments, and then we'll
dismiss and expect the services again tonight.
And now, I got a message on my heart coming down the other day that I want, if God
willing, if I'm back here next Sunday morning to bring it to the Tabernacle for the first.
Just something that's on my heart of the time I went into a place to eat, and I thought,
"Well, am I going crazy? What's the matter with me?" I can't stand these musics and all
this here stuff that they have today, these silly women singing, "Down Out of Our Ivory
Palaces," and all this. I said, "It must be something wrong with me."
And the Holy Spirit said, "Oh, no. Oh, no." You see the love of the world or the things of
the world, the love of God is not even in you.
So I thought, "Well, I don't want to get adjusted then to this world. That's..." And then the
Holy Spirit begin to reveal this message to me. I wouldn't have time this morning. I'm too
tired. Besides, maybe the Lord willing next Sunday morning if we're still around... I've
got some trips to make this week, but if I'm still around next Sunday morning, God
willing. Brother Neville will announce it on his broadcast on Saturday, and we'll be in
and try to bring this message. And I want to try to bring some with it. It's a Gospel
message of the day, hour and season.

  E-78 Will you come now, while one more call, will you make your way to the altar?
No, matter how long you joined church? Are you born again? Do you know Christ as
your Saviour? Come, kneel down.
I just want to wait a moment. Let's pray, now. Do you hear that song that's playing?
When you're asked to give an answer. What if Jesus should come before morning now?
What if on your road home tonight, a drunken driver would crash into you, and the glass
would fly across the arteries of your body, and you'd be bleeding to death, and you have
to stand before the judgment? You'll be asked to give a reason. What then?
What then? What then?
When the great Book is open, what then?
When the one that's rejecting this message tonight
You'll be asked to give a reason, what then?
What then, what then?
When the great Book is open, what then?
When the one that's rejecting this message tonight,
Will be asked to give a reason, what then?
Won't you come? Don't reject Him. He's calling at your heart. It's the Saviour. Make up
your mind while we pray for these at the altar. And everyone with your heads bowed and
people in prayer.

  E-33 And now, when the child was training up, that didn't mean the child... The child
is certainly a child of the father, but if it was a disobedient child, the trainer always had
trouble with it, always it was in and out, up-and-down, well, then, this message had to be
brought to the father when the father required, "How is my child progressing?"
Then he would have to say, "It's not doing so well." Well, then, of course that grieved the
heart of the father.
And it does today when the Holy Spirit has to bring our record before God. When we
become children of God we ought to walk worthy of the vocation. We ought to walk
worthy of everything that God has laid down for us to do, for the Holy Spirit's training us,

 E-55 And she begin to reveal it to him and to tell him what had happened. Well, Elijah
said, "Now, wait a minute. No vision, what am I going to do. I haven't seen nothing. I
don't know what to say. But I know one thing: There's a God of heaven that lives. That's
one thing. And I know that when I had the anointing on me a many time, when I'd walk,
this old stick, coming on up through that desert, the anointing was on me. So, Gehazi,
you're my servant. I want you to gird up your loins right quick, put on the whole armor. I
want you to take this stick that I've been walking on; it's blessed. And I want you to go
lay it on the child. And if anybody tries to stop you, don't pay no attention to them. If..."
That's what's the trouble today with us preachers. That's what's the trouble with us church
members. God's give us a mission to carry to the lost and dying, for the resurrection to
Everlasting Life, and we've stopped and had socials, and chats, and parties, and tea
parties, and suppers, and stitch-and-sew, and so-and-so, and everything else. No wonder
we can't never get to the dead.
Said, "Don't you say anything but take this message."

  E-32 In the early centuries after the dark ages, it was Martin Luther who gave witness
one day, in the first reformation after fifteen hundred years of dark ages, who took the
Catholic communion, the Kosher, and throwed it on the floor and said, "It is not the Body
of the Lord Jesus," and protested it, because God had witnessed to him that that was
wrong. The Body of Christ is His borned again Church, and it's not a communion. And he
stood in the midst of chaos and gave witness that God still lives.
It was John Wesley, a few hundred years later, after Calvin had come into England and
had sewed the England church up to a place that they had said, "The revival days are
gone." It was John Wesley who bore witness that revival days are still here, and God was
with him.
Not only that, but I say this: I'm looking down here at the audience now. Here not long
ago standing yonder on the Ohio River...?... gone and such unqualified, a poor...?... boy
trying to do what thought was right for the Lord Jesus. There before thousands of people,
the Pillar of Fire moved from the sky, come down there and said, "As John was sent for a
witness before the first coming, this message you'll take will be a witness to the whole
world for the second coming. That'll be proven," He said.

  E-73 If you could be the woman with the blood issue or whatever you have, if you can
look, and yield your spirit to Him without any confusion, no prayer card, no way of
getting up here. But if you can yield yourself to Him, and I can yield myself to Him, and
pray, "Lord Jesus, knowing that I've got to meet these people in the judgment and stand
here on Your Word that You've raised from the dead..." See if He don't call you. See if
He can't speak just like He always spoke. If you believe, that's the only thing you can do
is have faith in God. He said, "If thou canst believe..."
Now, let us bow our heads just a moment. I'm going to ask the organist, if you will young
lady, I want you just to softly chord, "Only Believe," while we have a word of prayer. I
want everybody real quiet now.
I don't know. I'm just asking Him. If you've got a need now for God, be just as reverent as
you can and believe. And if He will come tonight in this meeting, after this message...
You got to answer for this message. You might not had to answer for it if you hadn't
come to church tonight, but, yes, you're going to answer for it now. It's on your hands.
You'll either have to wash your hands of it like Pilate did or you'll accept it.
Now, I spoke. That's a man. But I spoke of His Word. Now, He's God. He will confirm
His Word. Let's just believe...?... God.

 E-77 But I'm going to ask you one thing. With your heads bowed and everyone
praying, think of it, "Pass me not, oh, gentle Saviour," as the organist sweetly playing. I
just wonder now if you would do this. In your heart say, "Christ, not before no one but
You, I mean this. But I'm going to stand up on my feet while our brother offers prayer.
And I'm going to accept this message that he preached this afternoon. But the only thing I
need to do is to get rid of my old self and become a lamb. And You'll become the dove in
my heart. And I want to do it, and I'm going to stand for You today. I want this to go on
the records of heaven, that this day, I take my stand for Christ. And Christ, You promised
me if I take my stand definitely for You, that You'd take my place when I come before

  E-71 Father, God, there's not a person would want to be there. Oh, have mercy on us,
God. And with our penitent hearts, with our heads turned towards the dust where You
taken us from, and if You tarry, we will return... God, be merciful to us, as I plead for this
waiting audience after this message tonight. I pray that You will wake up people to the
realization of their standing in Your Presence.
And while we have our heads bowed, is there a person in here... How many, rather...
There's bound to be plenty of you, that you realize that your life hasn't coped with God's
Word, you've dilly-dallied along, you've half way believed, and you took a little whirl
and a little of this, and a little of that, and you're sick and tired of it tonight. Oh, you
joined the church; that's true. Maybe you did not; I don't know. But before God, Who we
may stand in His Presence before morning, there might be an atomic missile destroy this
whole thing in annihilation before day breaks in the morning. Remember, it's daylight in
Russia now. He said, "Two will be in the bed," must be nighttime somewhere when He
comes, "one will be taken, the other left."

 E-76 Our heavenly Father, as the music sweetly calling, and this is a message, a
Preacher, the Holy Spirit preaching to us now through the music, telling us what to do
with this message tonight: Just hold to God's unchanging Word. Heavens and earth will
pass away and change, but My Word shall never pass away. It cannot change. It's the
Word of the unchangeable God. "Thy Word have I hid in my heart," said the Psalmist "
that I'll sin not against You."
There's been twenty or thirty hands up tonight, Father; men and women has heard the
Word, when faith cometh by hearing. They have made this one all-sufficient decision,
that by Your help and Your grace from this hour on, they'll serve You. Now, won't You
sweetly, Father, move down into their hearts? Put Your Spirit in their new spirit. You
have to give them a new spirit, or they would never held their hand; they wouldn't have
desired it. But they went down to the potter's house, and they let You change their
emotions and their ideas. And now, in their hearts has been tender, and You said, "No
man can come to Me except My Father draws him." They could not have raised their
hands from the youngest to the oldest, unless You had told them to do it. They did it
because that You spoke to them. And it's God giving them to Christ as a love gift. They
yielded their heart, and we can hear Your great voice say, "He that heareth My Word..."
Not Your church, Your Church has Your Word, and it isn't contrary to Your Word.

  E-34 When I was a little boy, we didn't have much to eat, down in the mountains.
Mom used to get meat skins from the grocery, and put them in the big old bread pan, and
boil them out, or roast them out, get the grease to make the corn pone. We had black-eyed
peas and corn bread. You northerners don't know what good eating is.
So when we'd--when we would get that... And then every Saturday night we had a big old
wooden tub, and the teakettle setting on the stove. And one would get a bath, and just add
some more water, and the next one take a bath, till all the kiddies got their bath, and then
a dose of castor oil. And I just got so sick on that stuff; I couldn't even stand to smell it
yet. I wouldn't want one of my kids to ever have to take castor oil.
I'd come to mama, and I'd hold that nose, and I'd cry. I said, "Mama, this stuff makes me
so sick."
She'd say, "But if it don't make you sick, it doesn't do you any good."
So maybe I'll apply that to this message. Maybe it will cause the gastronomic, spiritually
speaking, to get stirred up, to get you to pray back to the place where you should be.

 E-23 In Saint James the 5th chapter it said Elijah was a man subject to like passions as
we are. He had his ups-and-downs. But he prayed earnestly that it might not rain. Then he
goes to say the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
And God had not revealed this to Elijah. And she ran up to his feet and fell down and
made known everything that had happened. Now, Elijah knew that God dwelt in him, so
he said to Gehazi, "Take my staff and go lay it on the child. Now, don't stop along the
road for a little chat here and there. If any man salutes you don't salute him back."
That's the trouble with the Church today with this Message, they're stopping, chatting
along the road, little gatherings, and social parties, and card parties, and picnics, and
sewing circles, and so forth. Too much of the world has entered into the...?... of the
blessed message. Oh, I hope you see this.

  E-61 How many more here... Many of you ought to raise your hand. You know
enough. God bless you, son. God bless you. Someone else? Raise your... God bless you.
Just raise your hands. God will see you. God bless you, sir. God bless you, sir. God bless
you, sir. God bless you. Someone else? God bless you, sis. God bless you. Someone else?
God bless you, sister. God bless you, brother. Up in the balcony...
Now, you're the judge. Remember, I... God bless you, lady. Everybody in prayer. I'm
going to stand at your face at the judgment bar. And you're going to give an account for
what you do with this message this afternoon. Your mind, the way you're thinking now,
is going to vibrate on God's radar screen at the day of judgment. If it's a thousand years
from today, it'll still vibrate.
What do you think about it? Is them...?... there? Is that stuff in your life? [A message of
prophecy is given--Ed.]
With the heads bowed... There's the Word of the Lord to you. The message backed up
exactly what I said.

 E-49 Heavenly Father, I would not know how to say how many in this audience has
raised their hands to You. What are they, Father? They are Your love gifts that You're
giving to Jesus Your Son. "No man can come to Me except My Father draws him. And
all that come I'll give them Eternal Life. And no man can pluck them from My hand."
They are Gods love gifts.
And, O Lord Jesus, as a minister of Yours and unworthy and unprofitable servant, I now
give You the fruit of this message. Each has raised their hands, put their name on the
Book of Life. Thou has promised to do it, and raise them up at the last day. Now that they
have accepted You, heard Your Word, and believed on You, they are borned again and
have Eternal Life.

 E-79 Let the ministers come now, around here, so they can be with these people.
These people, who are standing here, will want a church home, and these pastors, who
are cooperating here in this meeting, they're men who believe this message. They believe
the Word. They'll do you good. Make you church home somewhere. Be baptized, and go
into the church. Be filled with the Holy Ghost. Now, while we sing. Let them come now
who will come, and the workers, and the personal workers, and the ministers, come along
while we sing once more, then we're going to pray for the sick, and then we are going to
ask prayer for these. All right.
Earnestly, tenderly, Jesus... (Won't you come?)
Calling for you, for me.
Seems on the portals, He's waiting, and watching. Watching for you, and for me.
Come home, come home,
Ye who are weary, come home. (Won't you come? Is this all that raised their hand?)
...tend... (Will you come and offer God thanks? What about the lepers? Jesus said,
"Wasn't there ten? Where's the other nine?")
Calling, Oh, sinner, come...

 E-34 God bless you, lady, setting here. God bless you, sir, setting by her. Down here
on the bottom floor, someone, someone else raise your hand and say, "Christ..." God
bless you, sir. "I now want to become a sheep. I'm sure that this spirit in me which is
high-tempered, and ill, indifferent, though I belong to church..." God bless you, young
man. "Though I belong to church..." God bless you back there, lady. "Though I belong to
church and my name is on the book, I know the spirit that's in me is not right." God bless
you over here, the Spanish lady.
Up in the balconies to my right, someone would raise your hand, say, "Lord Jesus, I want
You to change me."? God bless you, young man. "Change me just where I am." God
bless you up there. "Change me just as I'm sitting here. And take this old spirit from me
and make me one of Your sheep. I love You, Lord. And when my sun is setting, I want to
hear the gentle voice of the dove of God cooing across Jordan to me. I now raise my hand
in this solemn moment after the message. I want You to be my Shepherd. I'll follow You,
"And yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, I'll fear no evil: for
Thou art with me." As long as the Shepherd's a leading, everything will be all right. Is
there just another now before we close and have prayer? Remember, it's your soul. I give
this message to you. If you are not God's sheep, then you don't know the Shepherd's
voice. Just any little thing might upset you.

 E-53 Our heavenly Father, this message we now give to You in Christ's Name. It is
the darkest hour the world sees. It's the darkest time that human history has ever written.
There's missiles in the air; flying saucers, they call them. You said there'd be signs in the
heaven. And in earth, great earthquakes shaking in divers places, volcanic eruptions,
great waves in the sea (You said, "The sea a roaring."), men's heart failing. Truly, the
world don't know what to do. The first atomic bomb tells it. Perplexed of times, distress
between the nations... You said, "When these things come to pass, then lift up your heads,
your redemption's drawing nigh."

 E-12 Now, this message this morning, as it come to my heart in there, is a message of
warning. And I thought maybe if we would get this warning to the people, as Paul was
warning these Corinthians, if we can get this warning to the people, knowing that we're
facing a revival now and an examinating time, when we must be examined. Now, Paul
 Moreover brethren, I would not that you should be ignorant, how that all our fathers
were under the cloud, and all passed through the sea;
 And were... baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea;
Now, he's giving them an understanding that when God brought out Israel from the
wilderness, into the wilderness to serve Him and to take them to the promised land,
they... He's setting forth an example there, that as we are brought out in all the material
things, all the--the rituals and the orders, they were the same.

 95 Father, as we bring this message to the close, and the harvest of about fifteen
people raising their hands, that's been sinners all their lives... And now by grace You
have spoke to them, turn them right around and let them face Calvary, and hearing them
Words come from the lips of the Son of God, "Father, forgive them; they didn't know
what they were doing." But tonight they have received the Gospel. We hear Him say, a
few days prior of this, "He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me,
has Everlasting Life; and shall not come into the judgment, but's passed from death to
Life." We present them to Thee tonight Lord as Thy children. May Thy Eternal blessings
rest upon them in Christ's Name we pray.
May they come Sunday morning packing their clothes saying, "I desire to make a public
confession to this world that I am a believer. I am now desiring to be baptized in the
Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, calling upon Him to fill me with the Holy Spirit and care
for me through life."
Bless these young women, these young men, the aged, the little children, and all. Care for
them, Father; they are Yours. And in the fruits of this message tonight I present them to
You as the attributes. And they are in Your hand as love gifts from God the Father. I pray
that You will care for them through life. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

 131 Our blessed heavenly Father, tonight we bring to Thee this audience in the most
solemn sacred solemnity that we know how. We humbly approach Thy throne. And after
the message tonight, that, that great entombment, He never laid silent, His soul went right
on into the regions and finished the work of God that He was ordained to do. And
tomorrow morning, we find where He went through the realms above, conquering
everything in His resurrection. But He come out on Easter morning for our justification.
And we find that He sent the Holy Spirit back to convict men of sin.
And we pray tonight, Lord, that those who raised their hands may be remembered before
Thee. May their decision be from their heart tonight, that they have received You, and
believe You, and may they be sealed away by the Seal of promise tonight, the Holy
Spirit. Grant it, Father. For we commit them unto Thee with this message tonight. May It
bless those who heard it, those, Lord, who will take it with them to their home, and sink it
deep in their hearts. May they live on the Word of God. Grant it, Father, for we ask it in
Christ's Name. Amen.

 E-25 Notice. And after while, way down in Sheba, the fartherest place of the known
world, a little queen heard this message. Perhaps everyone that passed through the land,
heard of it, would come by, and say, "You know what? There is a great gift in operation
up in Israel. Oh, it is a powerful gift. You should see it." And as she kept hearing one
after one testifying without one flaw in it... "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing of the
Word of God. Faith cometh by hearing."
Now, if one said, "Oh, it's a good thing," the other saying, "There's nothing to it," then
people's all confused. But when, with one accord, they all give witness...
Everybody passing by told her, "Oh, there's a great gift up there. You should see it. It's
marvelous. It can discern. Oh, their God must be the great one only God."
Isn't it too bad that we Americans can't give witness to the one true God? But instead of
that we want to make Him Methodist or He isn't God. We want to make Him Pentecost or
He isn't God. We want to make Him Apostolic or He isn't God. He's God regardless of
our creeds. See, He's God because He's eternal God.
But we say, "We won't go to that arena. Why, we don't believe in no such stuff as that."
I think it's just as good as what Phillip told Nathaniel when Nathaniel said, "How could
there be anything good from--come from a place like that?"
He said, "Come and see." That's the best way to be convinced. Read the Scriptures; find
out. Come, see for yourself. The Bible said, "Prove all things and hold fast to that what's
good." Prove it by the Bible.

  E-68 Remember, this day we'll have to answer for it. God bless you, young lady over
here to my left. This day we'll have to answer. This message will be on recording at the
judgment bar. This message will linger with you as long as you live. God bless you, lady,
you here with the red coat. The little boy, God bless the little boy. This will linger with
you as long, and it'll be on recording, because we spoke the Word. God wants to call you
right out now.
And this will be a coronation time. Every believer has a time of coronation when he--God
pulls you out and touches your heart. And if God touches your heart... Well, you say, "I--
I hate to stand up. The people knows that I been going to church for years." I'd rather that
people... What about God? If the Holy Spirit condemns you and says you ought to stand
tonight (or today) and receive Christ, I don't care how long I'd been going to church, I'd
stand anyhow. What's the people going to do at the day of judgment? They're going to be
screaming like you. Well, what about then when Christ knows? Will you just raise up
your hand now, while we ask one more time?

 E-48 Now, heavenly Father, all the words that I could say would mean nothing to
compare with one word You'd say. And I pray tonight, that You'll grant now, that these
people might see that this message not in vain, and this meeting not in vain; but truly
You've raised from the dead. You promised us, Lord, that You would appear to us in
every age, and would manifest Yourself, and do the same thing that You did when You
were here on earth. And we pray, God, that You'll grant that to the people tonight,
through Jesus' Name, and we ask it, as we submit ourselves humbly before Thee. Amen.
Pardon me. Someday this will all be over. You've only got one time, friend, to serve God,
and that's now.
  E-38 Oh, Thou Portion, Thou wonderful Christ, come, O Christ and receive these. By
the fruits of this message tonight, has brought God to their heart. For Thou hast said, "No
man can come to Me except My Father draws him first." And these are love gifts that
God has given to His Son. And You said, "No man can pluck them from My hand, for no
man is as great as My Father Who gave them to Me."
And I present them to Thee, most holy God. And I pray sincerely with all that is within
me, if Thou will keep their heart in perfect peace, and will satisfy every longing that's in
their soul, and make Christ so real to them, Father, that they'll never wish to stray again.
They are Yours, Father. I give them to Thee in the Name of Thy Son, the Lord Jesus.
[]...?... old hymns, do you just love them? Oh, there's something
about them that so real.
 I love Him, I love Him,
 Because He first loved me.
 And purchased my salvation
 On cold, dark Calvary."
Every believer in here tonight and all that loves God, let's raise our hands as we sing this.
Come on now, everyone.
 I love Him, I love Him.
 Because He first loved me,
 And purchased my salvation
 On Calvary's tree.

  E-52 Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, no doubt but what some of these people
setting here tonight that's raised their hand to this great host, thirty or forty people, that's
been people who's been thinking of these things for a long time. They've been tossed
about, but tonight, somehow, in this little broken Message God has spoke to their heart.
For it is written in the Word, "No man can come to Me except My Father draws him
first." And it's written also that, "He that heareth My words and believeth on Him that's
sent Me has Everlasting Life, and shall never come to the judgment, but's pass from death
to Life."
They don't have to weary no more. If they mean that from their heart, all the old things
are gone. They shall never come to the judgment or condemnation. They've accepted
Christ as their Saviour, and have been made a member of His body; and that body's
already been judged. God could not judge it again. "But I'll pass over you, when I see the
Blood," saith the Scripture. Give unto them Eternal Life. Give health to them, happiness,
and joy. May they find a church home somewhere close to where they are living, and
there, be a faithful member of the Body of Christ until You call them home.
Then may they hear it said in that last day, "It was well done, my good and faithful
servant; enter in to the joys of the Lord that's been prepared for you since the foundation
of the world." Grant it, Lord. For we ask it in Jesus' Name, as I present them to You as
the fruits of this message. Keep them, O God, through Thy Word and Thy strength.
  E-84 O God, Who knows the secrets of the heart, You know what's in each one of
them. And I pray, heavenly Father, that You'll love them into Thy bosom. Grant it, Lord.
We know that they could not have raised from their seat by their own power, for they
have none. The body is totally dead without the spirit, and the spirit has made a decision
at the calling of God, and they have come forward now to profess this decision that
they've made. They have chose Jesus as their Saviour.
O Jehovah, Thou has given them to Him; they are love gifts from You. And I as Your
servant, present them to Him by the fruits of this Message, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
I pray, eternal and blessed Father, that You will keep them in perfect peace. May no harm
and danger come to them.

  E-61 And if your life doesn't compare with that faith that you profess to have, then He
hasn't accepted you. Will you stand now just before prayer? I'm offering to you Christ. If
I shall never see you again on this earth, remember, in your dying hour this message will
echo back and forth on your death bed. You remember if that it... You may be laying out
here on the road bleeding to death, but you'll scream, "Oh, if I could only hear that
preacher once more. If I could only get to that altar. If I could only raise to my feet."
It's too late then. God said, "And your calamities will only laugh at you." You better
come now while you got a chance. Just stand to your feet. If He's done so much for you
come from heaven, the great Conqueror, and done what He did, how can you set there
and not raise up and accept Him as your Saviour? How can you do it?

  E-64 Blessed Jesus, as the results of the gathering tonight, these many souls has come
to the Kingdom. You spoke to their hearts. They were honest. They seen that they were
lost. They seen they could not no more save theirself than a leopard could lick the spots
off of him. They were totally helpless. But somehow, that great, glorious mighty
Conqueror came down and said, "Child of Mine, why are you so weary? I have overcome
the world. I have the keys of death and hell. I'll raise you up at the last day if you'll only
believe on Me."
And they stood to their feet in a call, and the decision has been made in their heart, that
from this hour they've turned their affections to You, Lord. And I give them to You as
gifts of the ministry, and of the gifts of this message and the gifts of the Holy Spirit that
has wooed them to Thee tonight. Thou hast promised in Thy Word, that You'd in no wise
cast them out: but that You would give them Eternal Life and raise them up at the last
Now, Father, they are Yours. Keep them with Thy Holy Spirit until that day when it's all
finished. And then, together, shall we live through all eternal ages. We thank Thee for
them in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. []

 E-68 I remember when she was going, I said, "Are you going, Hope?"
And she said, "Yes, Billy. Honey," she said, "you've talked about it, but you don't know
what it is." She said, "Oh, it's wonderful." I seen those big dark eyes look up. She said,
"Preach, Billy, this message."
I said, "I will, dear." I said, "Are you really going?"
She said, "Oh, it's so wonderful." She said, "Don't let my children be drug about from
pillar to post. Marry some good Christian girl that'll take care of them."
I said, "Hope, by God's grace on that morning, you stand right over there by the side of
the eastern gate and when you see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and them coming in,
go to screaming, 'Bill,' just as loud as you can. I'll have the children together. I'll meet
you there."
She said, "I'll be waiting for you."

 E-90 There's a lady setting right here, looking this a way. No, I can't heal you, lady,
but you're blind; and you're praying. If you'll just accept this message that I give you in
Christ's Name, you'll receive your sight. If you'll believe it, the lady setting right back
here. She's wearing a brown hat, kindy gray haired. There's a Light right over her, but It
sta--holds above her. She--she thinks she can't be made well. Get that out, sister; you can
be made well. And when I stop speaking to you, I want you to look up towards the lights.
See if you don't see the light. Do you see the light? Can you see that light above you, the
blind woman? If you can, raise up your hand. That's right, lady, touch her there by the
arm, right there. All right. There you are, I knew you could. See? It'll come to you, if
you'll just believe it. Amen.
What do you think about that, sir? Look so interested in that lady. You got a little
checkered jacket on. You believe that? That Light moved from the lady to you. You
believe me to be God's prophet? If God will tell me what you're wanting God to do for
you, will you believe that He does it? Well, gall stones and stomach troubles... If you'll
believe with all your heart, Jesus Christ, God's Son, will heal you and make you well.
You believe He will? Then raise up your hands and accept it. God bless you. Go, and
God's peace go with you.

  161-248 Have you got that experience tonight, friend of mine that's setting here in this
hot tabernacle? You didn't come to hear me. No, you come to hear the Word. Listen, my
Now, if you haven't got that Rest, you can find It right now. You don't have to come up
here at the altar; set right where you are. Be sincere, and say, "Christ, just speak to my
heart. I know it's hot. I'm--I'm just all lathery and sweaty. I'm awful. But, Lord, truly I
may be sweating with pain worse than this before morning."
And the doctor may shake his head, say, "It's a heart attack. He's gone." Then what?
What then? When the great Book is opened, what then? You heard that song: "What
Then?" When the ones that's rejected the Message, will be asked to give a reason, what
then? What Then? Think of it now, real deeply. While we bow our heads, think of it.
When the ones that's rejecting this Message tonight,
Going to be asked to give a reason, What then?
What then? What then?
When the great Book is opened, What then?
When the ones that's rejecting this Message tonight,
You're going to be asked to give a reason, What then?

  339-293 Now, coming to this blessed old message here. You... Now I want you to
know that. This is tape recorded, remember, this message. And the tape recordings of the
church, the orders and rules of the church, it's on tape recording. That's according to the
Bible. We don't run it; there's nobody in the head nor all, we're all the same. But we got a
leader, that is the pastor, as long as he's led by the Holy Ghost. True. All right.

 340-297 Now, blessed Lord, this is Your great economy; it's Your church. It's You,
Lord, that's a-moving, and we want to move as the Spirit of God moves us. And we pray
now that You'll bless us. And as we rehearse this message and get down into these deep
things, we pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal them to us just as we have need. For we
asked it His Name. Amen.
Now, oh, I... This Book of the Hebrews, I value as one of the great Books.

  E-50 Now, listen, friends. I don't know. Now, there's not a prayer card in the house.
There's not one. Billy was here awhile ago, somewhere. He had about a hundred cards to
give out, but the people didn't get here to give them to them. They had to start the service,
so we don't interrupt that. So I said, "I'll just call the people up and pray for them."
But I feel that the Presence of Christ is here. I feel that I've prepared, and this message
even, for the church this morning for that purpose. And somehow the enemy has beset us
in some way, but I believe that Christ is able to override the enemy if our hearts are right
with Him. And many of you people who's raised your hands, of course, as soon as this
service is over, when the altar call's made, I want you to come here and thank God for
what He's done for you.

 77 And as these Magis moved through the street, they stirred from the king to the
porter with this message, "Where is He? Where is He at?" They didn't have the answer.
And today when sputniks are sweeping in the skies, when signs of total annihilation is at
hand, when women and men are indulging in sin and living in an ungodliness, the people
scream, "What meaneth this?" And the church doesn't have the answer. She's laying
But the Holy Spirit, God's immortal and eternal Light, is here to shine upon whosoever
will and can receive It.

 E-38 Now, my contention is this, if there be strangers here. I don't get to my own
church long enough to know who comes here. This is a little tabernacle, you visitors,
where I have--was brought up, in my first and only little tabernacle. It's in this city here
that I've lived among the people. If you're strangers with us, ask somebody along the city;
go to the police force, to the mayor of the city, and anyone, and find out if any Christian
here ever seen one of those visions ever fail. It can't fail. It is God. See? It's God.
And right yonder on the river, many, many, many years ago, when we was baptizing
from my first little revival, there where this Angel of the Lord here, come down and hung
over where we was at, and He said to me this message will go around the world, and
would start a revival that'll sweep around the world, and it'll be just before the coming of
Christ the second time.

 98 How many tonight with your heads bowed in the face of this message would raise
your hands to the Christ and say, "God, fill me with Your Holy Spirit. And if You should
come, I want to go with You"? Would you raise your hands? God bless you, just all over
the church, literally, two hundred or more hands up in the air.
Sinner friend, if you've never accepted Christ, would you at this time raise your hand, and
say, "Lord Jesus, be merciful to me"? God bless you, lady. God bless you over here, you
back there. Someone else, "Just remember me, Lord." God bless you over here, down
here. The Lord be with you. "Remember me, O Lord. My eyes has just been opened. I
realize that maybe I have professed to be a Christian for a long time, but I've never
known what it is to be born again. I've never received the Holy Spirit."
Therefore, except a man be borned again, he will in no wise enter into the Kingdom, or
cannot even see the Kingdom.

  E-14 Most time, when we try to bring this message, our words seem to the world as
like just Lot's did to his kinfolks. It seems to me that we were mocking to them, or they're
idle words. Their pastors either bypassed this great message of deliverance, or tried to
explain it out into another generation to come. But the facts of it is, that the Angel of the
Lord is present to confirm the Word and manifest the power of the Holy Ghost, and these
signs follow.
They tried to mock, and they said to Lot... Why, they just made fun of Lot: his own
kindred. And Lot was a just man. The Bible said that their sins vexed his righteous soul
daily to see the perversion.
And this nation is loaded with it, the misusing of the human body. When it's on the
rampage, alcoholics, dope fiends, teen-age, juvenile delinquency, just like it was then...
And men mock at It. And when they see the supernatural signs of the Lord God, they try
to say that we're mocking religion.

 E-39 Now, Father God, grant pardoning to each one; forgive their sins. O God, hear
my prayer: all their unbeliefs, may it be under the Blood, and may they be dressed just
now in the righteousness of Christ. And we would pray that You would come to us and
manifest Yourself to these new babies, that they might know that their faith is not in vain.
The Jesus that walked the Sea of Galilee, Who discerned the spirit of the Jew who came
by the name of Nathanael, told him who he was and where he'd come from, Who said to
the old fisherman, Peter, who he was and who his daddy was, Who told the woman at the
well her wrong, Who perceived their thoughts, and promised "that the things that I do
shall you also." And He said, "I do nothing till My Father shows Me first, then that I do."
Seeing this last day, Lord, that He promised these things, the--the written Scriptures
which cannot be broken...
Grant that peace will rest in their heart. And all the mountains that's before them, may
they crumble this very night with that faith that they have just raised their hands to
receive. If they are sick, may that mountain crumble. If they have had a mountain of
unbelief, may it crumble. May every obstacle crumble that stands between them and good
health and serving the living God. For we ask it in Jesus Christ's Name, as I present them
to Thee, Father; they are the trophies of this message, and they are love gifts that God has
given to His Son. And no man can pluck them out of His hand. They have Eternal Life
and shall never come to the judgment. We thank Thee, in Christ's Name. Amen.

 E-61 I was at Cairo, Egypt, going up to Palestine; the Jew will believe it. The Jews
seek signs, and they'll believe it. And we had a bunch of them; I was going to bring
thousands of them out. They... When Louie Pethrus send that Bible back there, when
those Jews came up from Iran, and they was looking at those Bibles, they said, "If this be
the Messiah..." They never heard anything about the Messiah. Said, "If this Jesus be the
Messiah, then let us see Him do the sign of the prophet, and we'll believe it." Sure they
will. I tell you.
Jesus said, "When you see the fig tree putting forth it's buds yonder..." When them Jews
come in, the six point star of David flying, the first time for twenty-five hundred years,
the oldest flag in the world; they become a nation on the sixth day, on the seventh day of
May, 1946, on the sixth day, rather, and on the seventh that--day, the same time the
Angel of the Lord appeared down there and sent out for--this message. Exactly right. It
would swirl you to know what takes place.

 E-24 The Holy Spirit is the Teacher of the Church. How many knows that? Sure, the
Holy Spirit's a Teacher. But we've adopted popes, and bishops, and everything instead.
But the Holy Spirit is the Tutor, and the Raiser, and the Teacher of the Body of Christ.
"Those who are led by the Spirit have no condemnation to them which are in Christ
Jesus, that walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit." And now, the Holy Spirit teaches
the Church.
Now, the--this teacher must be an honest person, not a man that wants the father to pat
him on the back; but a man that'll be honest with the father. If the child is disobedient,
he'd walk up with a shame face, and say, "Sir, I'm sorry to bring this message, but your
child is so dilatory. He doesn't listen to nothing. He's not concerned at all." How the
father must feel.
And how the Holy Spirit must feel when He comes before God the Father, with the
character record of His Church, when we're separated in nine hundred and something
different denominations.
 E-32 Now, notice how this tutor would come before the father. And if the son had did
wrong, the child was disobedient, how he must've turned his head and said, "Father, I just
hate to bring you this message. But, oh, that disobedient child..." What would the father
do? Bow his head in shame.
Now, let's change the thought. What if this tutor come before the father and said, "Oh, sir,
your boy is just like you. Why, you know, he just acts just like you do. He loves the
things that you teach. He likes to run the farm the way you run it." Oh, in a street
expression, "He's just a chip off the block. He's just like you."
"You're a holy God. He believes in being holy. You're a great, all-powerful God. He says,
'Amen' to it. You're a great God to work miracles. He believes every Word of it and
practices the same."
Oh, how it must please the father. "Yes. That's My son. Sure."
You know what happened then? When that child come to a certain age, that boy that
had... If he had been a bad boy and was not exactly what the father could trust him, he
never had any inheritance at all. You brethren know that from the Scripture. But if he was
an obedient son, and when he become to a certain age, that same son was taken out into a
public place, before the public, and he was put up on a high place; and there the father put
a robe on him, and he adopted his own son into his family.

  E-10 I've seen in South Africa just recently, thirty thousand raw heathens come to
Christ at one altar call, thirty thousand. There was about nearly two hundred thousand
there. In Bombay, India just recently, though we had around five hundred thousand,
there's no way to estimated how many come to Christ at one time.
I believe that we are now living in the last day. I believe that this is the last message, this
message of grace that God has given to His church. And I believe that any time Christ
could come. That's why I'm here tonight, trying my best to call to every side of the world,
and all that I can do to let people see that He is the true and living God, and that He is the
only Door, the only religion out of the thousands of religions in the world. Christian
religion is the only one that can prove that their Founder is still alive. That's Jesus Christ.

  E-64 Now, I present them to You. They are the fruits of this message tonight. And
now, You are giving them to Jesus as love gifts, for they are love gifts from the Father to
the Son. No man can pluck them from the hand.
God, may they live sweet humble lives, join some good church now, become a real loyal
member, receive Christian baptism, and be filled with the Spirit, and become Your
servants. May if I never see them or shake their hands in this earth, may I do it in another
land when we set down at that great wedding supper.
I'm thinking of it, Lord. When I look across the table and see those ones, I say, "Seem
like I ought to know you."
"Oh, yes, Brother Branham, I was the one at Middletown that night. Oh, I'm so glad to be
Then tears of joy will run down our cheeks, and the King will come out in all of His
robes of and glory, and will wipe all tears from our eyes, and say, "Don't cry, children.
You're all home now. Enter into the joys of the Lord, that's been prepared for you since
the foundation of the world." Grant that to be our lot, Lord. Until then keep us healthy,
happy, spiritually filled with Your Spirit that we might serve Thee. In the Name of Thy
Son, Who we gladly hear, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

  E-14 Now we take up our study tonight to see two men after the resurrection. And
many had come and told of an empty tomb, had said that His body was not there. And
some women had said that they had seen a vision of Angels which told them that He had
risen from the dead. And yet with all this message, yet these people did not believe, and
was discouraged going back home.
And to think of on the first Easter, the first beautiful, spring Easter morning, Jesus alive
among the people, and these going along discouraged, walking along the road with
saddened hearts, and was disturbed about the crucifixion. And as they walked, we find
out that there was Somebody Who stepped out by the roadside and begin to walk with
them. And they didn't know Who He was, because the Scripture said that their eyes had
been holden.

 E-37 Lord, Thou has said in Thy Word, "No man can come to Me, except My Father
draws him first." Then there's been many hands that's went up in here tonight of men,
women, children, teen-agers. Then it shows that the Father has been drawing His people,
"And all that comes to Me, I will give them Everlasting Life," You said. "And they shall
not perish." Oh, how we love to quote Your Word. You said, "He that heareth My Word,
and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Eternal Life, and shall not come to the judgment;
but's passed from death to Life." Then what kind of a character would that be? If many
has that profession and don't have the fruits of the Spirit to follow it, then they're
deceived. "If you love the world, or the things of the world, the love of God is not in
Lord, each man knows his standing, each person tonight, and they've raised their hand,
some of them, that they've been wrong and they want a real love in their heart. Now,
Holy Spirit, whether they come here or sit out there, it takes Your Spirit to do it. And if
You're close enough to them, and if their heart is still soft enough that You could make
them raise their hands, how much more can You take Your abode? Grant it, Lord. I
commit them to You now, as love gifts and little tokens of this message tonight. In the
Name of Jesus Christ, may they receive Your Spirit and live more gallant and more real
love to display than the old mother deer that I told about a few minutes ago. This I ask in
Jesus' Name. Amen.

 E-77 Merciful God, look across this audience tonight at all of us, Lord, see the
wounds and the scars of the world. Look at these poor little women setting here, Lord.
Look at these men. What a pity, what a shame, God. And let them know that Thy servant,
Lord, who loves them, surely, if You'd let me know the thoughts of their heart and things
by a gift to manifest Your Presence, You would let me know that this message needed to
come tonight.
God, grant tonight that every person in here will see their need. They're wounded. Maybe
some of them's long church members, bobbed hair, painted faces, men who lets their
wives go and smoke cigarettes, and... O God, what a wounded church. What a sick body.
May they go to thirsting right now, O God. "Take me just as I am. Forgive me, Lord. Try
me just once more. I'll straighten up, Lord. I'll make things right. Just give me a chance."
Grant it, Lord. If they're real deers, your deers to your heart, they'll certainly come to the
water brook now.

 E-9 And the Scripture reading positionally fixed tonight, is to the Laodicean Church
Age, which I truly believe that we're living in this Laodicean Church Age. I believe that
every minister and Bible reader in this city if they were here tonight, or in the nation, they
would admit that this message was to the Laodicean Church, which is the last church age
that become lukewarm, neither hot nor cold. And God was to spue it from His mouth
according to the reading.
And it's a... The setting of the reading is unusual, because that Someone's knocking at a
door. I just can't call to memory now, the--the artist that painted that famous picture of
Jesus knocking at the door. But I remember taking the history of that picture, how it was
painted. I know it's cost the Greek artist, oh, many years of his life to make this picture.
And all famous pictures before they can be hall in the--or hung in the hall of fame, they
have to go through the hall of critics first.

 E-80 Now, just--just a humble and sweet way, I want you to just keep bowed. And in
your heart say, "Now, Lord, here I am. I'm wounded, and I've got to come to the water. I
must find You, Lord. My soul's thirsting."
Lord, take the--the gatherings; it was around, maybe a hundred hands, or maybe not that
many, but quite a few hands was raised up. They're little tokens of this message tonight.
And they've come and raised their hands, and I believe to the--with the integrity of their
heart. You know it, Lord, that they love You. And they're--they're ashamed of the life and
the things that they've neglected, and they want to come to You. God, let the Holy Spirit
come right down to their soul just now. Speak sweetly and peacefully to them, say,
"Child, though your sins be like scarlet, they shall be white like snow; red like crimson,
white like wool. Grant it, Lord.

  E-55 Those hearts... I believe, Lord, they come... Those hands come from true, honest
hearts. And again it's written, "No man can come to Me, except My Father draws him
first." So You're here. They are the gems of this message, tonight, Lord. I pray that You'll
keep them, now. And You will present them to Your Son, as love gifts. "No man can
pluck them from His hand." Raise them up in the last day and when the queen of the
South stands, may they stand in the justice of Jesus Christ at that day, because they've
come. Maybe not from the utmost parts of the earth, but maybe against creeds and
denominations that would've kept them away; against the wicked devil that would send
these young girls out in the road houses, and smoking cigarettes, and wearing shorts, and
carrying on. He would've kept them there. And these young men, from drinking and
carousing. But tonight, they stepped right out, raised their hand up: "Lord God, be
merciful to me." Then, I know they're Yours, Lord. I expect to see them in a better world,
where there's no more sickness or sorrow or death. They're Yours, Father, and we present
them to You. May they find a real good church home, be baptized, and there, be filled
with the Holy Ghost, and live true until death shall set them free and they come in Your
Presence. In Jesus' Name, I pray. Amen.

 E-67 While we just ask that the ministers of this, that's in this building tonight that
believes that this Message that I have preached... That these creeds and--and manmade
doctrines today is not of God but they are of man. And that we really ought to go back to
the Bible way, go back to the beginning. I want some of those ministers to walk forward,
and stand here with me while we lay hands and pray for these people here, on these
people that's seeking for God's great blessings on their life. Some of you ministers if you
will, that believes this to be the vital truth of God... Don't come no other way now. See?
Be a man who believes it to be the absolute truth.

 E-53 Now let... Just show you what Jesus said, then we will see the great thing, if it
could be done. I guess there's two hundred people here to be prayed for. I want to ask you
something. Upon this message now, of "Looking At The Unseen," if the unseen One will
declare Himself, visible, then it ought to make your soul pass every barrier, if the unseen
One will make Hisself visible here to you, because He promised He would do it.
Now remember, in--we are the Gentiles. Now, when He was on earth, there was no one
looking for Him but the Jews and the Samaritans. We, the Anglo-Saxon Gentiles, were
yet heathens. We were worshipping idols--our fathers. But the Jews were looking for
Him. And the Samaritans was looking for Him. And He come and proved that He was the
One that they were looking for, and they disbelieved Him. But there was some of the
elected ones knew Him and recognized Him, both Jew and Samaritan. Now. it'll be the
same with the Gentile.

  E-39 Before we pray, I'd like to ask this question. I'd like to ask if there is man,
woman, boy, or girl that's in this building, that would say by an uplifted hand, "Lord, I
just seemingly can't overcome. It seems like I know that I shouldn't do these things; I--I
know I shouldn't do this and that, but I want you to operate on my faith right now, after
this message. I want you to give me a complete checking over and operate on the--every
little disease of my faith that would keep me from overcoming these things."
Hold up your hand to Him, will you do it? The Lord bless you. Place just full of hands.
Little... Let us lay aside every weight and the sin that does so easily beset us and run with
patience this race that's been set before us, looking to the Author and Finisher of our
faith, the Lord Jesus Christ.
How many in here that's sick and needy, would raise up your hands, and say, "Lord,
operate on my faith? I have need tonight, Lord." God bless you. Faith is the victory. How
do we get faith? "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing the Word of God." Now, for you
who are needy, so sinful, I cannot make an altar call to have you come up here to the
altar, as a fashion of the Tabernacle is, because there's not even room. There are people
that are standing around the walls. There are people that are--that are over the altars here,
and it's just a place where we can't do it. But I'm going to pray for you now, and you just
submit yourself unto Christ, just at this hour, while I pray.

  6-5 And before we can have this revival, God has to call out and train men (God
trained men) to carry this Message. And they don't care what the opposition is. They are
willing to go to the fiery furnace in defeat, or to the lion's den, or wherever it may be;
they're ready to go, because they've been in the Presence of God and know that He is.
Whether it's to victory or defeat, they still stand the same.
That's the kind of training God does to man. And it's very strange to think that God would
do that--that God trains His men like that, but He does.

 1196-38 Then, perhaps, maybe it would be something like this, the message would say
to a certain brother, maybe that, say, would... "Lived by a railroad track," or something,
"to have him to move out, because there is going to be a wreck on the road," or
something, or anything in that order.
And let the judges, after they give the church permission to speak, or to exercise this
message that just went forth, if their judgment is, "It's of God," then watch and see if it
comes to pass.
And if it comes to pass, thank God, and be very graceful, graceful in your heart towards
Him. And give Him praise and worship, and be humble. Above all things, be humble.

  E-49 Now, we have just a little time for the... Now, we're going to pray for the sick. I
am so happy to know that there is hope for the sick. "I'm the Lord Who forgiveth all of
thine iniquity, Who healeth all of thy diseases." And I just... Strangely as it is, I was
moved awhile ago to a young mother laying on this stretcher. And she is a victim of
Hodgkin's disease. And I believe it's her mother setting here with her; I'm pretty sure.
Yes, that's right.
That this mother was telling me of her child, and I was trying to encourage her. And it
just a call to... After this message, I feel that salvation is the first thing; healing is second.
A healing might last to the end of your life, many years. It might give you happiness and
joy while you're here on earth, but it will cease with your--at your death.
But a soul that's saved has Eternal Life. It cannot perish or nothing can ever take it from
you. It's gone into the books of God to be raised up in the last days. The great thing is the
first thing. First the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, other things shall be added.

  60 And as he takes his hands in tenderness around the limbs and the waist of his little
sweetheart, and wife, he lifted her from the donkey, packs her over and sets her down on
the rock, so the little beast of burden could rest.
And as she placed her arms tenderly around his shoulders, I can hear her say something
like this, "Joseph, we are both aware that all this is mysterious. We just can't understand
it. But both of us being believers, we know that Jehovah has something in store, and that
He has chosen us; and has chosen me above the women of the world today to have this
Message concealed in my heart." You see, the world thought that was a illegitimate child
to be born, but Mary knew what was Truth.
And today many people think the same thing, that people who has received this Christ,
they think that they are some kind of a lunatic or a person of ill famed. But they who have
cradled that Spirit and that faith in their heart, they know where they are; nothing disturbs

 19 And this morning, we don't want to keep you too long, because it's... We got the
interviews, and the services go on.
And, say, since the last prayer service here, oh, I am very grateful for the results that
came forth from the last service of prayer. It was certainly a wonderful thing that our
Lord can do when His people get together. "They that are--will call upon the Name of the
Lord, assemble themselves together," I believe is the way it is, "and--and pray, then God
will hear from heaven."
So let us bow our heads just a moment now, as we look to Him to give to us the
inspiration needed for this message.

  E-64 While we have our heads bowed, our eyes closed, and if there would be those
here who has not that wedding garment on, though you've been invited to the supper, but
you know you don't have that wedding garment. You still have temper; you still have
selfishness; you still criticize the just; you still can't believe God's Word to be true. You
think some of It's true, because that the Bible says so. Others you say is untrue, because
the pastor said so. And the Bible said, "Let every man's word be a lie and Mine be true,"
said Jesus. You still can't believe that, will you come and accept Jesus as your Saviour.
If you don't know Him, will you raise your hand, and say, "Brother Branham, it's me."
Inside or out of this building, wherever you may be, raise your hand, say, "I haven't got
on that robe."
Don't be ashamed, because it's going to be more embarrassing than ever at that day. God
bless you, lady. Is there another, outside out there? Raise your hand, say, "I'm not ready,
Brother Branham. God knows I'm not ready. I'll raise my hands to God." Back in the
back, bless you, sir.
You haven't got on that Spirit of meekness and gentleness. If they slap one side of the
face, you could actually turn the other. And you got things that bothers you. You say,
"Well, Bro--Brother Branham, I professed the Holy Ghost for years." But if the fruits of
the Holy Ghost isn't there, then you've got on the wrong robe. The fruit of the Holy Ghost
bears record of itself. The... Thank you, sister, you setting there, even old and gray,
perhaps a member of a church, but yet, raising hands.
You say, "Brother Branham, I would like some checking up before the Lord comes. I
wouldn't want to be caught in this condition." If you feel that way, while we have our
heads bowed, and the brother'd give us just a little chord on the piano, I wonder if you'd
stand along here and let me pray with you just a few minutes, after preaching this
message. Won't you come right here now? Set right... Stand right here around the altar.
Say, "I want the Robe of the Holy Spirit on me, Brother Branham. I--I need It."
Temptations lose their power
When Thou art near.
I need Thee, O, I need Thee;
God bless you, my brother. God bless you, standing right in among...?... if you want.

  E-71 Lord Jesus, with all that's in me, I have tried to tell the people that they must be
robed in the righteousness of the Lord Jesus. Many of them, Lord, no doubt, is already
robed and ready. But here a many around the altar that's kneeling here, their hearts are
now tender. It's tender enough that they could hear the Spirit of God calling. And it's
written, "No man can come to Me except My Father draws him first."
Here they are around the altar, ready for their robe now. Won't You, Holy Spirit,
tenderly, sweetly, gently, as only You can do it, put Your arm around these little ones,
lead them into this experience of the real riches of God's love by the Holy Ghost, that will
seal them eternally. Then they'll have the assurance that they are ready for the coming.
For the Holy Spirit, we're sealed until the day of His coming.
Grant it, Lord, while we humbly are waiting, singing songs like they was on the day of
Pentecost, singing hymns, worshipping Him in the Spirit, waiting for the Holy Ghost to
come upon these. Bless them, Lord. They're the fruits of this message, the products that
Your Spirit has brought up to the altar. "He that will come to Me I will in no wise cast
him out." Here they are, Lord, at the door waiting with the invitation in their hand. Robe
each one, Lord. Grant it. Have mercy, God, while we are waiting. Everyone in prayer
now for these here.
 Draw me closer, closer,
 Lord to...
Let us sing in the Spirit now till we get the Holy Spirit on these people. I...
 Thy healing power...
Lord, I commit them into Thy hands, Lord. Grant it Father, justly, fill them...?... For Your
glory, Lord, grant it.

 E-77 Let it be, Lord, for Your glory. Let it be. Let someone pray, Lord, someone that I
know not. Let it be tonight, that these people will see that this message is truly the truth.
Let it be, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
There's a woman, right directly behind me. She's suffering with a female trouble, and
she's up for an operation. She's a young woman. And she's just recently become a
Christian, 'cause It looks real bright around her, setting right back over here in the isle.
You believe with all your heart, with your head down there? Stand up on your feet now. I
do not know you, do I, lady. We're totally strangers, is that right? You and I? Everything
was said is the truth?

  E-46 And when they got over there close to the--to the land to where she was to see
her lover, she'd never seen him. But listen. The Bible said that Isaac had wandered away
from the tent and was out in the field. Do you know the Church isn't going to meet Jesus
in heaven? It's going to meet Him in the air. He's already wandered from the Father's
home now, I believe.
He went out to meditate. And all of a sudden, he lifted up his eyes, and he saw this camel
bringing his bride. And notice, it was in the evening time again, at the evening, the setting
of the sun.
This message has traveled from the east all the way to the west, and we're on the west
coast right now. It can't go any farther, it'll go back east again. It's evening time.
It's evening time in civilization. They've kept bitten, biting, and carrying on, and taking...
They bit off an atomic bomb off the tree of knowledge. What are they going to do with
it? Destroy themselves. Civilization's at the end. The Church is creeded, and
denominated, and twisted, and turned, and all kinds of isms, and so forth, until it's at the
end. Human life's at the end. Why, they got no more respect for one another. And--and
motherhood's at the end. Everything seems to be at the end. What is it? It's evening time.
That's the time that the Church is going home.

 E-56 Lord, may this song that's now being played, "I Am Coming, Lord, Coming now
to Thee. Wash me, cleanse me." Grant it, Lord. Out there in the radio-land, Lord, may
those that have obeyed the servant's voice of this message of a rich King that holds
Eternal Life, the greatest treasure that could be given. Meaning by this, that to accept the
message they would never perish, but would have Eternal Life forever. For our Lord said,
"He that heareth My Word and believeth on Him that sent Me has Eternal Life, and these
signs shall follow them that believe."

 E-59 O Lord, there is many many hands of mothers, fathers, young, and old raising
their hands. They heard a little voice that spoke to them, "You need this kind of love."
And they come humbly now to accept it. It is written in the Word, "He that cometh to
Me, I'll in no wise cast out." Give to them, Lord, this great love. And may it so saturate
their hearts, that it'll cause them to go right out in the face of the enemy, right out in the
face of danger or anything to bring in lost souls to the Kingdom of God, for that is the
Father's will. As Jesus said, "Wist thee not that I should be about My Father's business?"
And His business is saving lost souls. Grant, Lord, tonight, that each of them will receive
this deep love that we speak of, for I commit them unto Thee as the trophies of this
message. They're Yours. And it is written, "He that will hear My Word, and believe on
Him that sent Me, has Everlasting Life; and shall not come into the judgment, but's
passed from death unto Life." The Spirit that spoke with Him, and they have received
Him. Now, keep them, Father, in perfect peace. Let their hearts be stayed upon Thee. If I
never shake their hands on this earth, may I do it in a better one just across the river. For
we ask it in Jesus' Name, Thy Son. Amen.

 E-84 Now, if Jesus Christ is as He said He was, the same yesterday, today, and
forever, and this Angel that came to me, and took this message, and told me to tell the
people that I was borned for that purpose... Then if He will, He could tell me something
about you that you know it would took a miracle to do it, would you believe it was the
Son of God that did that? You would.
How many in the audience would believe it? That's His promise. He doesn't do it because
He--because He has to; the only thing He does it for, is that It might be fulfilled. He
didn't have to heal the people, but the prophet said He would do it, that it might be
fulfilled. That's the way it is now, fulfilled.

  E-43 Let us pray. If you do not know who He is, you do not know what all this is
about, and you would like to know, would you just do so much as raise your hand? And
say, by raising your hand, "Pray for me, Brother Branham that I'll know Him." And the
Lord bless you. See, all around, I see your hands.
Now, heavenly Father, we bring this message, and the fruits of the people raising their
hands, that they would like to know Who This is. They would like to be acquainted with
this great Jesus, that His coming of the resurrection is so close, till the sick's beginning to
be healed. And after that taken place, then prophecy came into the church, then gifts and
miracles. Now, down to that last sign. The next will come the rapture; the church will be
taken away. And we, Lord, who have claimed to know You in the power of Your
resurrection, we are waiting and longing, and crying, and begging, "Come, Lord Jesus
and rapture Your Church, and get It away quickly, Lord."
For soon men are going to blow up the earth that You created for them to live on, because
they have disobeyed You. They have not studied peace, but war. They have not studied
righteousness, but they've studied mischief. How that they would not all be power
hungry... Lord, that little spot in their heart that makes them hunger for power, they're
trying to satisfy it in a laboratory somewhere to blow up their fellow man. God, if they
could only realize that that power that they long for is the power of the resurrection of the
Son of God, the power of the Holy Ghost to change their lives, not blow up nations, but
change their lives and make them Your servants.

  E-42 Pilate, after trying to wash his hands of Jesus, ten years passed, and he was still
trying to get the Blood of Christ off of his hands. Maybe ten years from tonight you'll be
trying to shake this message off your hands. But he washed, and he washed, and he
washed, and there was no way to get it off, with too much pride to turn to the Man that he
had killed. He finally plunged hisself to death over in Switzerland in a pool of water,
which the legend is, that on every Good Friday the blue water bales up.

  E-35 Forgive them of sin. Forgive them of sin of transgressions and omission,
whatever the sins might be, Lord, we pray that You forgive them. It may be their just
dilatory. I pray, Lord, that You'll forgive them for that. For You want men and women to
leave this convention, as we would express it, on their toes for You, and ready to go
serve. We don't know what day the last opportunity will be presented to us to serve. Our
lives will be called, then we'll answer before God.
If there has any escaped, Lord, from the service services, or the services that has been,
grant that this will be the hour that they'll surrender all. May this message cut deep. May
it be brought out in the way in the heart that You would have it, that they would see that

  81 God, send us another church just before the end time, that the power of the Holy
Ghost can come into her in the demonstrations of the Spirit, and Mark 16 can follow the
church, Acts 2:4, Acts 2:38, all of it will be following right along with the church. Signs
and wonders accompanied the apostles. Great signs of His resurrection accompany them.
While we're in prison, surely God's growing a crop somewhere, for the last great kill.
May it be you, my Christian friend here this morning; may it be your strength has begin
to grow. I pray that this message this morning, and out into the land to where this will go,
I trust that this message will help bring the vitamin to your system that'll grow a spiritual
power back into your life again. Let us bow our heads and pray.

  E-12 I would like to re--like to read tonight from the Book of Jeremiah 8:22, one
 Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is the health of the
daughter of my people not recovered?
That was the question that Jeremiah, under the inspiration of God, asked as he brought
this message many years ago in the gate of the temple. The city and the people had
altogether gone out away from God. And God told Jeremiah the prophet to go stand in
the gate and to speak these words: "Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician
there? And then, if there is, why is it then that the health of the daughter of My people
(which is the Church) is not recovered?"
The question is, "Why?" When God makes a provision, or a way of escape for the people,
and they refuse to receive it, then God asked the question, "Why?"
I was reading a poem here some time ago. I may not be able to quote it, maybe a--a line,
but it's something like this:
 When the great marching armies had stacked all their guns together,
 And when the mimic has played his last drama,
 And when the Bible is closed on the pulpit,
 And the preacher has made his last prayer,
 When the books of the judgment shall open,
 We'll be asked to give a reason, then why?

 E-39 And we are strangers to one another I suppose. We don't know each other. God
does know us.
Now, this man, standing here by me is a total stranger to me so far as I know; God
knows. I have never seen him in my life. If I did, I don't know it. And he just witnessed
that we were strangers to one another. How many in the prayer line now, or each one of
you knows that I don't know you, raise up your hand, all along the prayer line? All right.
How many out there in the audience knows that I don't know you, that you're sick, raise
up your hand. All right. See? Just so you'll see that It's the Lord Jesus.
Now, if He will do... If this man's sick, is needy, whatever he is, I don't know. I don't
know what he's here for. But if the Holy Spirit will reveal to this man after this message,
then all of you will believe that He's the same Messiah.

  19-1 He's got to do the same thing by healing. He's already finished that work. The
only thing that you have to recognize, that He is not a myth; He's not some historical god;
He's a God present, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever: right now. Do
you believe He's here? Would you discern It?
I want to turn my back to this audience. Now, I'm praying the Holy Ghost will prove
what I've said tonight, the closing of this message, that the same signs that Jesus said was
give to Sodom will be give to this generation. "As it was in the days of Sodom so shall it
be in the coming of the Son of man." Then you discern what Spirit's here.

 E-46 What about you know-it-all. You men and women that think you're smarter than
somebody else. Did you know God made the Gospel so plain that even a fool shouldn't
error? Think on your ways.
Think about Jesus Christ Who was called a crazy man to bring this message of salvation
to you. Think of the apostles that sealed their testimony, and come out of all kinds of big
churches and was called heretics. Are you better than they? No, never by a million miles.
You're not better than they. Think on your ways, and turn your feet to Calvary. It's the
only remedy that God has for salvation is through Calvary. Only thing that He has.

 E-43 Now, Father, in the--to follow this message, if You'll just speak tonight
something in the line of supernatural, that perhaps maybe someone here that never did
have an idea that You still lived in that manner, that they'd believed maybe that You
resurrected, and is somewhere in a far off land that's called heaven, that You live there,
and commissioned it all over for us to have our creeds and so forth. How foolish it is for a
person to accept that, only because they have not been taught the Bible. You said, "I will
be with you to the end of the world. I'll be in you, and the very works that I do shall you
do also. It's not Me that doeth the works, but the Father that dwells in Me." You said to
the disciples, "Take no thought what you shall say; it's not you that speaks; It's the Spirit
within you that does the speaking."
Oh, how we thank Thee, most holy God, for these promises. I'm so happy to know it. My
heart is thrilled to know that right here, me already fifty years old, and living here in the
shadows of time, at the evening time of my life; and seeing the evening time of the
world's history, near the coming of the Lord Jesus, and to know this great truth rests
within my bosom, it burns like fire; it's joy unspeakable and full of glory. There's a zeal
there that calls out to scream to the world, "Oh, receive Him, ere it's too late." Grant,
Lord, that tonight that the perfect example that Christ gave us will return to us tonight in
the power of His resurrection. Grant it, Lord. For the glory of God, we ask it in Jesus'
Name. Amen.

  E-38 Now, we can't call in these lines of what we call discernment. How many here
doesn't have a prayer card, let's see your hands, and you're sick; you don't have prayer
cards but you're sick, raise up your hands, everywhere in the building. All right. You
don't need any prayer card. You see, you remember in this message tonight; I don't think
I got that in, but where the woman touched the border of His garment, after He reached
the shore on the other side. She touched His garment, and He turned around and said,
"Who touched Me?" And He looked around and there--everyone was touching Him, but
He said, "I perceive that I have gotten weak, virtue (which means strength) has gone from
Me." And He looked over the audience till He found the little woman and revealed to her,
her trouble and told her her faith had saved her. Now, that same Jesus, is the same One.
If the Spirit that's in this Pentecostal move, or this latter day move, if it doesn't do the
same works that He did, then it's not the Spirit of Christ. If these men and things are just
bluffing, and saying that's excitement because they get happy and speak with tongues and
so forth, if that's just a bluff, that's all it'll be. But if it's the Spirit of Christ, He will
manifest Himself and prove Himself, that He is the Christ of the New Testament.

 E-41 And today, when we see men taking the commandments of God and making
them of non-effect to the people, trying to place them off in some far gone generation,
Lord God, we are glad to know tonight, that there is people in the earth who believe that
You still live, that believe that You're just the same today as You was at the beginning.
And I'm sure, Father, if You could stand in the midst of the world tonight, and they cry
out, "Oh, we great church of so and so," You'd point Your finger as You did then, say, "It
wasn't so from the beginning."
We want the beginning. We want God's Word. We want it to live in our hearts and be
real to our lives. Forgive us of our sins and our trespasses. O eternal God, let Thy Spirit
dwell upon us tonight. And this message that's been preached, may it not fall upon stony
ground, but may it fall into fertile ground, to hearts that'll receive it and will bring forth a
hundredfold. Confirm Your Word, Lord, with signs and wonders. We pray in Jesus'
Name. Amen.

 49 Let us pray now. Heavenly Father, we are grateful to Thee for the goodness of
Jesus Christ Who is the center of love. And I used to think that You were angry with me
but Jesus loved me; but I find out now that Jesus is the very heart of God. So I--I know
that You love me and--and suffered for me.
And Father God, I pray for this world today and for our country. I pray, Lord, for
forgiveness of my own mistakes and for the mistakes of my people, the people that
You've give me to shepherd over. And I pray that You'll bless them and every one of the
people that's been in this little meeting that's asked questions... Or--or maybe I've said
something contrary to what they believe. Lord, I can't explain it myself; I'm unable. But
let... Will You just let them know, Father, that in my heart what I mean? Please, I pray
You'll do that. Bless them together.
Bless us now as we are waiting on Your Word, just a few moments before baptismal
service. Help us to speak that which is right. Help us to--in this message tonight, my
throat being a little husky; I pray that You'll help me, dear God, and You will even heal
the sick and the afflicted that's in the midst of the people. For we ask it in Jesus' Name.

  497-127 Which is it? A Angel's a servant. We're sons and daughters. Which is the
most thought of, your servant or your son or daughter? Oh, my. Prayer from a saint will
go a million times higher than an Angel (Yes, sir.), because he's a son. Oh, whew, that's
right, my brother, sister.
You don't... The church, I don't believe this side of--of eternity how we'll ever realize that
what you are, the position that you are, that God has placed you, you Spirit-filled people.
You're sons of God. Why, Angel's a servant. You're a son. An Angel can only bring you a
message, but you have to act. Amen. You're the actor on the scene. You're the son. The
Angels are servants to bring you the message. Said here, "I brought you this message for
you to do so-and-so. This is from Father. I bring it to you." Yes. That's all it is. Amen.
You're sons and daughters of God. Predestinated us... Now, watch just a minute.
According as he hath--he has chosen us... (Now, we didn't choose... How could I choose
Him? Four hundred billion, million, billion, trillion years ago, how could I have chose
Him? But He chose me. Amen. Oh, Brother Wood, that's it. See?)... chosen us in him
before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy... (Now, don't try to make it
yourself, 'cause you can't.)... and without blame before him in love:
Oh, brother, that will answer a question I seen in here just a few minutes ago. Somewhere
I--I seen it just... Oh, yes. You said, "How could a man live above, live so close to God
he would be without sin." Listen to this:
... holy... from the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame
before him in love:

  28 Now, before we open the Book, or to ask God to open It as we read It, I'd like to
say the reason that I am bringing this message to the church this morning. It's my
Christmas message to the church; it's the... If the Holy Spirit will help me to deliver what
I believe about it... Now, no matter how well it's written in the Scriptures, and how much
a person understands it, they've got to yet depend on the Holy Spirit to deliver it to the
people. And it's just after Christmas, when you've heard all the different Christmas
stories, and the--the broadcasts, and so forth of the Christmas messages. This will be a
little unique, for a Christmas story, but yet God has placed it upon my heart.
And now, let us bow our heads just a moment in His Presence and the shadows of His
justice to ask mercy.

 E-17 And then I always say this, "I will do this, if the Lord is willing." See, if I make a
promise to anybody, I will do it if the Lord is willing. See? And therefore, then if it isn't
the will of Lord, and I will be... I will speak on this message, if the Lord is willing. He
could give me a call right in this message to take off for California. I'd cast aside
everything, and take off for California as hard as I could go.
And I want to live like that. I don't want nothing tying me down. I don't want no great big
something or another where it's worth millions of dollars, and you have get so much
money every day, to tie me down. I want to be where when God says, "I want to go down
here to these people; there's only five of them. But go down there and stay there till I tell
you to leave." I want to go there. I haven't got no obligations, just... And if He wants me
go overseas...
Now, here it is, just mentioned going to Germany--or to--to Africa, and some millionaire
woman, just the time that the Spirit put it upon me go to Africa, she said, "I will sponsor
the trip and pay every bit of it." See? That's all. Why should I worry about money and
things, when my father owns all of it. See? He could just speak to this rich man, or that
rich man, or this people, or that people, and no need of me have to worry about it. See,
God just takes care of it all. Brother Roy, that's the way to live. Just let Him take care of
it. It's so good.

  247 God, be merciful to them people. O Lord, don't let them be lost. Please have
mercy and send mercy. Give each one of them, Lord. You're the only One can give this
blessing. And if you've called them to Eternal Life, may their hearts open up; and they
lay everything aside this morning, and then they will receive it. Grant it, Father.
And now may the Holy Spirit come into this meeting for the sick and the afflicted, and let
the people see that this message that's been preached this morning, that the coming and
everything's at the end, and even Jesus working in His Church... And let it come to pass
right now, Lord, that You can take these people into Your hands. And when they see the
Holy Spirit working, moving among the people, may it be confirmed, the message that I
preached, that we're at the end time. And may they hear. They have heard, and may they
recognize that that same Jesus, the way He did it in His day, He's here doing it through
His church in the last day. And then may they act, by giving their lives and bodies, and
souls and spirits to Him. I give them to You, Lord, in Jesus' Name.

  177 Won't you just raise up and come down with these others standing around the
altar here? Come. It's coming to judgment now. Won't you come? Come now, your sins
confess now, you won't have to go to the judgment. God bless this couple that just come.
God bless you, sir. That's good. God bless you, young lady. Come right on down. Come,
I've wandered far... (Come on, my Spanish brother.)...
... away from God,
Now I'm coming...
Won't you raise up now and come down here? Let's pray. Come to the Shelter.
... of sin too long I've trod,
O Lord, I'm coming home.
May I say this, just while the organ is continually playing. The message tonight is a
message of love, grace, and warning. Tomorrow night, this message may be in your ears
somewhere else, a message of condemnation and judgment. While it has mercy in it,
come and receive it. Won't you, friend? I've got to meet you with This, what I've said
tonight, someday. Won't you come, let It speak for mercy for you, while we sing once
more, "Now I'm Coming Home," won't you do it?

  E-55 Get them all in a line. All right. Now, the Lord bless. Oh, my, that just sounds so
good. Are you ready? Let's just stop for a minute with some of these people.
Are we strangers to one another, lady? We are.
I--I just feel so full of the Holy Spirit tonight. I just feel like bubbling over. It's just--
just... Oh, I wish it would stay this a way. May it never leave. You're believing. This is a
night that anything can happen.
Now, if I could heal you, and wouldn't do it, I'd be an awful person. But I cannot heal
you. But if--if Jesus Christ, the Son of God, which has healed you... If you're sick, I don't
know. But if He has healed you, and will come here and prove that He's standing here
working through my flesh, through your flesh for you to believe that He sent this
Message, and He's here to confirm this Message, and will do something here, like He did
the woman at the well, would it make you believe Him? Would there be not a shadow of
doubt then? If He knows what you have been, He surely know what you will be.

 E-57 Our heavenly Father, the ri--riches of God is sent to us by a letter, a message of
the Bible, that the Holy Spirit was ordained of God, our Father, through the Blood of His
Son, Jesus, to bring us this message. He is a true witness of Christ, for it is written,
"When He, the Holy Ghost, is come, He will bring these things to your remembrance,
that in here, remind you, that you've got treasures and riches untold in the pages of this
Not only that, but He will show you things to come. And the works that Christ did, He
said the Holy Spirit would do it in us. We're so happy to know these things are true. Now,
You said, and it's been written in the Bible, "As many as believed on Him, to them, gave
He the power to become sons and daughters of God.

 E-10 I believe that the sun had already come up and was bathing across the Galilean
skies, drawing up the fragrance of the roses. For the night had been quiet, and sweetness
comes on the air. And she was making her way down along the side of the street to the
city well, where the people come to gather their supply of water. And as she made her
way along with a little crock under her arm, she was studying, thinking about the day
before and the great mighty message that the rabbi had preached. And at this message
that she and Joseph, her engaged husband, had spoke of on their front porch after the
midday meal.
As they set there, looking across the little hill to where finally the little house would be
erected where they were to spend their life (as far as they knew) in this little building.
Joseph was a carpenter; and he loved his job, and he loved to do things just right. And
being a believer in God and knowed that there was Someone Who watched over him, he
wanted all of his work to be just exactly right. But oh, this little house was a special one;
the doors had to be just perfect, and the--the closets in it... Because he was bringing the
sweetest woman in all the world there to be his bride.

  29 Oh, how I would've loved to stood in the line and talked about each one of them
little fellows, but I'm just so slow anyhow, and people are standing. Brother Wood told
me this morning, said his back was just aching from standing. You don't know how I
appreciate you standing and waiting. And I'll be just as quick with the message, as
possible. And you listen real close.
I didn't have time to prepare this morning's service or this message this morning, just a
moment. I picked up a text and something that was different.
And last Easter I preached on the subject: Living, He loved me, Dying, He saved me,
Buried, He carried my sins far away. Rising, He justified freely forever. Someday He's
coming, oh, glorious day! And then this morning we preached on the subject: "I Know."

  99 Let me just read something to you. Is it all right? All right. Let us turn over now; I
got something wrote down here. Let's find out how Paul... Now, here--here's the teacher
of this message. Let's go to Acts 9:5, just a minute. [] Let me
know when I'm out...?...
And Saul, yet breathing out threatenings... (Oh, that little hook-nosed, high-tempered,
mean Jew,)... slaughtering against the disciples of the Lord, went to the high priest,
And desired of him letters to Damascus to the synagogue, that if he found any...
"I'll go look them up. If I can just find them, boy, what I'll do to them (See?) if I can just
find them." But he was predestinated.

 1e Brother Graham Snelling in Utica and Brother Junior Jackson down there, we--we
consider all them our little sister churches right with us. We're all together. We don't
disagree on our doctrines; our--our hopes, our aims, our doctrines are one. We stand
together just every thing together. We're just one church, and we'd sure like to have them
scattered throughout. We got some in Africa, some in India, and all around over the
country. We... That's where we want them, scattering the news.
And I see these young fellows coming on like Brother J. T. Parnell here, and--and
Brother Willard, and them when they're coming on, young fellows when I'm getting
older... If there is a tomorrow, they'll be that men of tomorrow. I don't want this message
to never die. It just can't. It must live on, and I don't believe we got too much longer to
bring it.
The little baby that they said was going to die, I see you've had in church all day today,
sister. That's very fine. We're thankful to the Lord for that, that the Lord is gracious, full
of mercy. Just keep believing what was told you right here. See? It'll be all right.

 E-73 There's a woman, one time, pressed through and touched the hem of His
garment. He turned around and said, "Who touched Me?" And when He did, though all of
them looked around--didn't know what to say. He found the woman and told her what her
trouble was. And she was healed. Said her blood issue had stopped. I believe that same
Jesus is a High Priest tonight. That same One, He just hasn't failed.
We're going to have a healing service one of these nights and bring the people up. I got a
new ministry that's been given to me. That was my old ministry.
Say... No, there isn't any prayer cards, is there? No one's got a prayer card, 'cause we
don't--haven't give out pray cards. All right. If you believe this message come from the
Holy Ghost, how many sick people's in here, raise up your hands, that you know that I
don't know you? All right. You have faith and believe. You believe with all your heart.
We'll see whether the same Holy Ghost that preaches the sermon, is the same Holy Ghost
that knows the secret of the heart. We'll see whether the Word comes, the Word of God
comes to the prophet or not. And I'm not the prophet; He is. He's the One. You believe;
have faith. May the Lord God of heaven grant it for His glory.

  E-76 O Lord God, let not this message pass in vain. Let not the power of God go to
waste here tonight. But may God of heaven send down power of conviction and heal
every person. May the devil leave everybody with cancer, heart trouble, crippled,
leukemia, any kind of a disease. I challenge it by a gift, ministered by an Angel, sent in
the sufferings of Jesus Christ to heal the sick and the afflicted.
Come out of them, Satan. I charge thee in the Name of Jesus Christ to come out of them.
Now, all that accepts Christ as their Healer; I don't care what's wrong with you. It doesn't
make one bit of difference; if you believe God, raise up and accept it in the Name of
Jesus Christ. That's the way. Amen! God bless you. That's it! That's perfect, perfect. God
bless yours, Brother Sullivan.

 E-17 Brother Borders, that read the Scripture just a few moments ago... Sometimes I
read it myself, and I thought tonight that I'd have Brother Borders to read it for me,
Revelations the 3rd chapter, the 14th verse and the continuing of that chapter.

For after they read the Scriptures then the song begin to sing when I gripped the hands of
Brother Mercier standing behind there.
He said, "Why did you do that?"
I said, "Listen at the song."
He said, "I see what you mean. Only believe; just believe what's being wrote."
This message is a message to this Church Age, the Laodicean Church Age, which was a
lukewarm church age. Now, I'm trusting God tonight to draw from the text that I shall
choose being the 20th verse. From this text, I want to say this, that is says, "Behold I
stand at the door and knock: if any man will hear My voice and open unto Me, I will
come into Him and sup with Him and he with Me." I want to take the subject there of
"The Door Inside The Door."

 E-79 Heavenly Father, if there be those here, Lord, maybe might be deceived. Maybe
Satan's telling them that they're ready when they're not. There is a way that seemeth right
unto a man. If that... I hope there's not, Father. But if there is, I pray that You'll persuade
them, Father. I ask that they set here in this hot room this afternoon to listen at me go
through this message. I pray, Father, that You'll save them. Grant it. May something be
done a little later on in the service that'll cause them to believe, by the healing of the sick
or the afflicted, or something... Grant that something might be done to persuade them to
come to Thee. We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Now, by the clock there, it's twenty minutes after four. Now, we want to be out just in a
little while. I sent my son and them over. Either did you give out cards or Billy? Billy?
All right, to give out prayer cards... What did you give? E? D? D 1 to 100. All right.

 E-42 We're living in the last days. This message that the Lord gave me on the river to
send across the world, He forerun it by putting it in every newspaper on the Associated
Press: "Mystic Light Appears Over Minister. Voice Speaks From the Light." And now, as
across the world, sign after sign, wonder after wonder, not one time does it fail. Perfectly,
thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of times has it happened without one
failure anywhere. The scientific world took the picture of It. What is it? It's a big Pillar of
Fire. What Pillar of Fire? The One that led the children of Israel through the wilderness.

  E-73 Now, heavenly Father, Thou knowest all things. On my left their little baby's
dying. On the sinner up in the balcony, on the right, there's sickness. Thou art God, and
we're talked about when You came down, You just formed Yourself a body. We're made
out of sixteen elements, and what did You do? Them was two Angels that was with You.
You just reached over got a handful of calcium, potash, and petroleum, and cosmic lights,
and just blowed a breath into it until it become a body, and You lived in it, filled Your
promise, Lord, returned back. The body turned to the dust.
I'm so glad that I'm acquainted with a God Who can call me from the dust of the earth,
just breathe the breath of life again, someday, and I'll live forever in a body.
Lord, let it be for everyone here, and while these sick bodies are struggling with the Spirit
of God in them, they're needing healing Father. I pray that You'll let this message be
confirmed tonight, that You're God, and You heal the sick. You patch up this body that
we can glorify Thee. Grant it, Father, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

 E-51 Our heavenly Father, this message of Lamb and Dove: how the Lamb, a little
innocent fellow has to be led. He doesn't try to use his own thinking. He must be led. He
was made that way so a shepherd could lead him.
O God, take all the bigness out of us. Take all the high-headed and the--and the haughty
feelings, and the know it all; take it out of us, Lord. All the doubt and discrepancy that's--
that's crept in, take it out, Lord. And let the Dove fly down tonight, come into every
heart, that we might forfeit our rights, we might forfeit all the things that we feel as
American citizens we have the right to. Let's forfeit it, that the Dove might lead us to
peace, and goodness, and mercy, and glory of God.

  13 And now, let us turn in the Scriptures. There's just so much to talk about; but yet
seeing many standing around the walls and in the halls, and so forth... I believe we are
facing the dawn of a new day. Now, in the Scripture reading this morning, let's turn to the
1st chapter of Joshua. And we will read from the first book of Joshua the 1st chapter, the
first nine verses. And while we're making ready...
This message is being taped and will be sent to many parts of the world. I'd want the
peoples of the world, to whom the Lord has given me favor, and I've found grace in your
sight; I'm saying this this morning because that in the future, hoping to come into your
congregations and meetings, that you might know ahead of time, what the Lord God has
done, that you might know truth. And as Jesus said, "The truth shall make you free."

  9-1 I want to call your attention this morning to some Scripture found in the Book of
Genesis. And now, I'll try to hurry right through on this message, the Lord willing,
because we want to pray for the sick and have baptismal service. I want you to turn to the
first book of the Bible, the 1st chapter of the Book, Genesis the 1st chapter. And let's start
reading from the 9th verse.
And God said, Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together unto one place, and
let the dry land appear: and it was so.
And God called the dry land Earth; and he gathered together of the waters and called He
Seas: and God saw, that it was good.
And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, and herbs yielding seed, and fruit trees
yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.
And the earth brought forth grass, and herbs yielding seed after his kind, and the trees
yielded fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
Now, I want to take a text upon the subject of "Condemnation by Representation." And
may the Lord add His blessings to His Word.

 1 Thank you very much, Brother Neville. May be seated. I believe it was said once,
that, "I was happy when they said unto me, 'Let us go into the house of the Lord.'"
Now, we are sorry that we don't have room, or seating room, for all that are present, and
perhaps will grow through the coming week, of people coming in, hearing of the meeting.
But the reason for this special time was that we would... Upon my heart the Holy Spirit
had laid this warning of conviction that the church in this day should have this message.
Because I believe that it is the most outstanding messages of the Bible, because it reveals
Christ in His church at this time.
And then no one can have faith or know what they're doing or where they're going, unless
they have some something to base their thoughts and faith upon. Therefore, if the
Scripture has revealed Christ to us in these last days and the condition of times, it would
do us good to--to search it and find out where we're at.

 80 When our Lord was on earth, the disciples asked Him and said, "Master, will You
at this time restore the kingdom back to Israel?"
And Jesus said that, "It's not for you to know this hour or time." And no one would know,
said even the Son, as yet, did not know." But after His death, burial, and resurrection, and
ascension into glory, He receives from God the future of the church. Then He returned
back to bring this Message to the church, and this message of His coming and the
condition of His churches down through the age.
He could not do it before His death, burial, and resurrection, because He had not yet
knew it. But did you notice how the Scripture reads here?
The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him... (Christ),...
How that God the Father gave the revelation to His Son Jesus Christ. And He sent His
Angel to John to signify these things which was--which was, which is, and which shall
be. Oh, it's set beautifully.

  392 You really do that? Has God made Hisself known to you, been revealed that He is
the Son of God, Jesus Christ, God manifest in the flesh to take away sins? He's revealing
Himself in these last days in His churches, making Hisself known.
Now, these very things that's going on in the church, watch and see at the end of this
message that if the Bible don't say these things are to take place. Just exactly. See if they
didn't exactly in the Ephesian age, and the Pergamos, Thyatira, on down, every age, told
how Luther would do, and how Wesley would do. And how this Pentecostal
denomination will go into a Laodicean, lukewarm condition. But in the midst of that,
He'd pull the people. That's right. That's exactly.
We're at the end. Oh, I'm so glad. I... Oh, as I seen myself breaking away, and look at my
friends and things, and see the world and the--and the chaos that it's in; and then think
that the coming of the Lord is drawing so near. We're at the end of the age.

  147 All right, the first of all revelations is the Supreme Deity of Jesus Christ. You
must know Who He is when you hear the voice (All right.), the same voice that sounded
on Mount Sinai, the same voice that sounded on Mount Transfiguration, the same One,
One like the Son of man.
Now, watch in this next verse. All right.
And I turned... (the 12th chapter now)
We're going to leave these churches alone just for a minute, because this whole week
coming on these churches. See, so we're just going to pass over that.
But He said, "These... I'm going to direct you to send this message that I show you." Who
is? "I'm the First and the Last. I'm the Supreme One. I'm the Almighty One. And I've
come to tell you that I'm giving you a message to seven churches. I want you to write it,
get it ready." See? "And the seven churches that are in Asia..." Now, they were churches
there then with the nature in them that represented these church ages to come.

 35 Now, I think that was all. Now, remember tomorrow night, we're on another church
age each night. And I'm sure that we could have plenty of time tomorrow to run all day
long on this, and then tomorrow night too. But, now, see, many of them will be working,
and I'll try just get the very highlights of this message, hit the spots that's spoke of here,
which you can take one of them and just keep on running it out till there's just no telling
where it would go. You see? But... And then you study it out at home, and I'll be praying
for you, and you be praying for me, and God bless us together as His believing children.
Now, before we start, I wonder if it wouldn't be too hard on you if we could stand.

 3 And now, Sunday morning, the Lord willing, we're expecting a great time, 'cause
Sunday morning being our off, kind of an off from Saturday night... is the Laodicean
church age. But Sunday morning I want to pick up: The Sleeping Virgin, and The
Resurrection. The four... Hundred and Forty-four-Thousand, and all those little loose
ends that ties the message together for Sunday morning. Services will begin at nine
o'clock. Is that right, pastor? At nine o'clock, Sunday morning, that we want to pick up all
those things like "What becomes of the sleeping virgin, and what becomes of the wise
virgin? When do they return back? Or where will the hundred and forty-four thousand
appear?" And many things like that for Sunday morning, to try to tie that together, which
that goes right in with this message. Then Sunday night we'll take up the last great angel
and the message to the Laodicean, Sunday night, the Lord willing.

  54 Now, we find out that this age of brotherly love was a great missionary age. Jesus
said, "Into all the world, and to every creature, and these signs shall follow."
Now, as we've come down through the history and through the Bible, I want to ask you:
hasn't each night... We read in the Bible here what Jesus told John would happen, and
right here we took history and proved that it did happen just exactly. That's the reason I
had such a time searching out these--these men to see where that God servant was that
carried this message right on through, but he was there. He was there, just as the Bible
said: kept the message just like from the beginning, never fooled with it.
And then we seen it was almost stamped out, and He called that same age, a dead age,
dark, so forth. And then come out just a little light, then a little more strength, and then
went into the Pentecostal (real experience) again right at the end time; and then the Bride
caught away, and away It went; and the tribulation set back in again (all right), the great
tribulation which is coming up before all the world.

  99 Now, to see whether this message that we got is connected with it or not. The very
hour that Israel was signed in to be a nation; it was the very same hour, very same day,
very same month, everything else: I was at Green's Mill, Indiana, when that Angel there
appeared to me and sent me out on the field with this; after He had met me down on the
river and told me what would take place, then commissioned me eleven years later at the
same hour that Israel was signed in as a nation. It's all connected together.

  282 I'm glad tonight that we had this message. And I'm so glad that you attended, and
your attendance has been so appreciated by me. I'm grateful to Almighty God for Him
letting me see what I have seen, and being able to deliver to this church, and now it's off
my heart. For some time the Holy Spirit dealt on my heart; I couldn't shake it away; I just
had to go with it.
There's two things I felt led to do: Go to Shreveport, Louisiana, for a meeting with
Brother Moore. My wife setting there can tell you. For weeks I almost cried, wanted to
go to Shreveport. Why? And anybody was there at Shreveport know why now. They
never seen or heard anything like it, preachers coming from everywhere, Baptists and
different kinds. One man said he started to put his hand on the icebox, and the Holy Spirit
come upon him and said, "Go to Shreveport, Louisiana; it'll be told you there what to do."
Told him my name and where to find... Said, "He'll tell you what to do."
I said, "The pool's open at the bottom of the steps. You need the baptism of the Holy
Ghost." And there...
So things like that, people speaking, and--and prophecies and things of predicting things
that happened right there among us.

  307 If there be any in here that doesn't know Him as Saviour, you'd want to find Him
right now in your hearts as the Saviour, would you stand to your feet while we offer
prayer for you? He said that He would, made this message there and He wanted to
confirm His Word to you. If there's some here that doesn't know Him and hasn't received
His Spirit, He's speaking to you.
All right, that one back there, would you just stand up to your feet, brother. [A brother in
congregation speaks--Ed.] He wants to get baptized in the Holy Ghost, is that it, brother?
God bless you. Stand where you are. Is there another would like to rise up and say, "I
would like to get baptized in the Holy Ghost." God bless you, brother. God bless you.
Just stand to your feet. Just remain on your feet. Someone else that would like to receive
the Holy Ghost and be baptized, like to be remembered in our prayers right now, to be
baptized in the Holy Ghost? Is there another, before I say what I'm fixing to, would like
to stand and be included?
Oh, would you be numbered as one of His fold? (Would you do it?)
Be spotless within, be watching and waiting that sight to behold;
He's coming again.

 109 Now, he... After the church ages was over, and everything was come ready, made
ready the setting of the 4th chapter here, the church ages was done. He had done left the
earth. You see? Remember, the voice that spoke to him, behind him, in the seven golden
candlesticks, the work was finished. And now that same voice was speaking up in
heaven. What was it? He had done redeemed His people. His earthly work was finished,
and He was in glory, calling to John, "Come up hither." Amen. That makes me feel like
shouting on the eve of New Year. Oh, my. There you are. See, ready, "Come up here."
War... This is the setting of the great battle; the people that rejected God's message,
rejected the Holy Spirit, the Messenger of the seven churches. The one that had rejected
this message of His grace had nothing left, but judgment was ready. All right. He's
making ready to pour out the plagues upon the earth now. "Come up hither and I'll show
you what's fixing to take place. Christ-rejecting, godless sinners, I'm going to pour out
My wrath upon them."
  149 Jim Tom Robertson, an attorney in Louisville, and we all know Jim Tom. That's
what brought him to believe in this message; he went up there. And his father's one of the
heads of those staff up there at the hospital. He went up and searched it to find out if it
was true, and she was dying with cancer, and was given up and sent home, and thought as
far as they know she was already dead. And his father searched it through, and it's the
truth. And Jim Tom said, "It's a lie; she's setting right up here now. I can take you to her."
Oh, He--He's a real God, isn't He? I'm so glad He can look over our mistakes, aren't you?
Makes us love Him with all of our heart.

 233 Look here. Talking about the holy place, the laver, here's the lights, the
candlesticks (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven), each one of them's got a light. Where
they getting their light? Where's the Light reflected? Where's it reflecting to? It ain't
reflecting over here in a corner on some denomination. It's pointing back here to the
Word, the waters of separation. Whew.
"For repentance and remission of sins (Luke 24:49) must be preached in His Name to all
nations, beginning at Jerusalem." How was repentance and remission of sins taught at
Jerusalem? How far does it go? To all the world. "Repent ye," said Peter in Acts 2: 38,
"and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins." That
message is to go to all the world, and then the end shall come. Then the end shall be, after
this message has gone to all the world.

 571-384 Listen, brethren, I adjure you before Christ that you--you--you hold this part
of your peace, but if you were spiritual you'd understand. See? Don't you know what the
very first thing He said down there on the river? Don't you remember what He said? "As
John the Baptist was sent forth to forerun the first coming of Christ, your message..." It's
the message that will forerun the second coming of Christ. That's what the Angel of the
Lord said.
Now, now notice. Now, "As John the Baptist..." Now, all of you has heard that. You've
read it in books, and heard people that standing there hearing It, and everything else,
when that Angel Itself spoke that message, "As John the Baptist was sent forth to forerun
the first coming of Christ, you're sent with this message, will forerun the second coming
of Christ." Now, "the message."

 572-388 Let me make it... I know I'm--I'm pinching my time here, and I got these
others, such fine questions. I don't want... It's--it's after ten now, so--and I know you're
wanting to go home. See? But listen here. Let me show you something. Will you give me
just a--just a few moments extra? All right, all right.
Now, look, now let me say something. Now, you brethren keep this among yourself. See?
Now, keep this among yourself. I got to get you straight on this because you're my
pastor... You're my pastors and things (You see?), and I--I got to do this. And you're
brothers with me working in this message. See?
  572-390 Now, as far as me myself, as a man, I'm as you and worse than you. I--I--I...
Many of you all come with Christian backgrounds and things. "I'm the chiefest of
sinners," as it was said one time, "among you." The lowest of life, I guess, that could be
lived, as an unbeliever and doubter, I was.
But since a child I've always knowed that there was a God, and knowed there's something
happened in my life. And that's--that's beyond any question, my brother. See? But let me
say this, that there will come--there will come a message, and there will come a
messenger. I believe that if it's to be a man, it--it'll be somebody after me. See? It'll be...
But this message that I'm preaching is the true message of this day, and it's the last
message. You see what I'm doing, brethren? I'm putting you all the same place I am,
'cause you're just as much into it as I am. You are messengers of this same message.

 578-426 So now, the reason that this message--this message will have to be looked on
in this respects, to prove that it is... Now, we know, brethren, that man cannot be God.
Man, yet he is a god, each one of you are a god. You was made to be a god, but not while
you're in this life. See? Jesus was a man just like we are, but God was in Him. The
Fullness of God was in Him; we have the Spirit by a measure.
But being that this Light has come, and if It is the true Light that's to herald the message
that John the Baptist heralded, as he said he did on the river down yonder... And just
look, how could it be--how could it be anything else? Look at me (See?), not even a
grammar school education. When He told me the things that would happen, not one of
them has failed; not one of them has ever failed. Look what He's done. Look it, He's even
And I told brethren back yonder years ago, I don't know who would be the oldest one
among us, but told them about these things, about seeing this Light and what color It was,
and everything. Now, the picture shows that it is true. All these different things proves to
be the truth. Is that right? Well, then, if that is true... And it is the Light...

 580-438 Like you take over there in Matthew 3, it said, "That it might be fulfilled,
spoken of the prophet, 'Out of Egypt I've called my son.'" Now, that wasn't... It was
speaking of Jesus, the Son; but run the reference; it was Jacob, the son, too. See, see? It
all has a compound meaning.
So now, if that... if those... If that thing did not rise, I would still say it was in the future
to rise, because I know this message comes from God and it's the forerunning of Christ,
and it is the Spirit and the power of Elijah because it's to restore the hearts of the children.
Everything exactly vindicates it, so it's bound to shape up to a thing to be like that under
the true people, that--that's absolutely believe and your brothers and friends.

 E-52 He said, "There'll come a day that won't be a day. But in the evening time it shall
be light." Is that right? Now, look. The sun rises in the east. Now, this is... You say, "This
has been a day that the... We are children of the Gospel day." This has been a day of
darkness to the children. The morning Star only herald the coming then right vice versa
from what it is literally; because the morning Star that rose back there is the morning Star
that hails the coming of the Son, and one hails the going of the Son. The natural sun was
leaving when that Star hailed his, and the Gospel was just coming in. We are children of
the Light, but we're... The world is in darkness now.
The church has been through the darkest age--it went through the Dark Ages. But the
evening Star--the evening star is the one that heralds the Light. The evening Star is the
one hails the Light to the church. The church has just been living in the minority, just
way down low, just a little group. But finally the day will--that trumpet of God shall
sound and the day will break eternal. The day break is coming, and this great one Spirit
of God that'll come upon somebody in these last days, that'll herald this Message, will
bring the hearts of the children back to the Pentecostal fathers.

  E-58 Now, we find out that this Laodicean church, the church age that we're in now (if
you want to read it, Revelations the 3rd chapter), we see what--what done--what taken
place when this message is supposed to go forth? The church had been so worldly, and
organized itself, till they organized its very God right out of it.
The most pathetic Scripture I ever seen is Hebrew--is Revelations the 3rd chapter, when--
at the Laodicean church Age: Jesus standing on the outside of His own church, knocking,
trying to get back in. At the first church He was walking among the seven golden
candlesticks, the church ages. But in the Laodicean He was on the outside, trying to get
back in His own church. It shows what this age has done to Him.
They've organized Him out. They've organized His doctrine out. They've organized His
Bible out. They got a book of creeds, of philosophies and so forth that they read and
accept it instead: cold confessions, instead of letting God come in and make a
Messiahette out of them, give them the baptism of the holy Ghost to show signs and
wonders. They organized it all out, pushed Him over to one side.
Now, He's on the outside, making His last plea, trying to get back in again at the door.
"Behold I stand at the door and knock," the Laodicean church Age, trying to get back in
His own church where they pressed Him out. Isn't that pitiful? That's the most pathetic
thing I can think of: of Him in His own church, giving His life for that church, and doing
the way that they did. And sent the Light to the church, and said He did, and they rejected
it end pushed Him on the outside, accepted some kind of a creed or something the church
had made up. And there He is, standing at the outside trying to get in.

  E-3 Now, before I'm going to finish this message this morning, the Lord willing. But
here's the reason I have to drive at that, if you can't catch it spiritually...
Say, you that wrote me a letter, out there about Ezekiel 33:33, you're on the nail head, but
hold your peace.
Now, as... as going... Ern Baxter told me; he said that up in Canada they were having a--a
contest for this new Schwinn--Schwinn bicycle. Was going to give a contest who could
ride, for I believe a hundred yards of board, fourteen or sixteen inches square, without
falling off of a two foot, three foot ramp, go right down that ramp; who could ride closest
to the end that would be the winner of the bicycle. Well, Ern said he knew he was going
to win it. Said because he could go down town, get groceries for his mother and never
even touch the handle bars. Said just go down... You know how you ride a bicycle. Said,
"They was just expert riders."

  E-64 Now, we've poured out the medicine this week as hard as I knowed how to pour
it out, and as straight as I knowed how to bring it. Now, if you don't receive it, then God's
going to say, "Why?" Someday the Bible's going to lay closed on the pulpit. The
preacher's going to play--pray his last prayer. The taps will die out from the bugle, and
the sun will set its last time over the hill. Then God's going to ask you to give a reason.
When the ones that rejects the message, is going to be asked to give a reason, what then?
"What then? What then? When that great book is opened, what then? When the one's that
reject this message tonight, is going to be asked to give a reason, what then?
You've attended this revival. God has done everything that's in the Book for you, proven
it. As long as you live... People's received the Holy Ghost; they've been filled with God's
Spirit, young and old. They--they have repented of their sins; they got joy in their heart.
We've seen Divine healing take place: people with heart trouble and different diseases
healed. We seen the Angel of God come down, go through the building just like He said
just before the coming of the Lord would be, discerning the spirits and things like that.
Prophetic utterances went forth, people spoke in tongues, and prophesied, and vindicated
the Word back and forth; you've seen it and set. Which you choose tonight? Hollywood
or holy heaven? You're going to be asked to give a reason someday. What then?

 E-9 Well, it thrills me tonight again to say to be back here in Long Beach after many
years. I remember when I first come here, there was a whole lot of doubt about the
ministry. I was about the only one on the field at that time having healing campaigns. I
remember how it was so criticized. I remember the night when I left here, and I listened
to the thrilling message of Doctor Fuller. I set right along out there that afternoon and
heard his great stirring powerful teaching message. I seen his audience leave, fine people,
intelligent, nice looking clean people, seen them all leave the building. That was his
audience. Now here come mine in straight jackets, wheelchairs and... I thought, "That's
quite a little thing difference of...?... faith (You see?), we got to know." But it was a
challenge to the Word of God which God had promised that was true and He'd stand
behind it. Around the world I've been with this message, not one time has God ever failed
And after about fourteen years since being here, I stand tonight with the same message to
Long Beach, that I had when I come here, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and
forever." See? He's not diminished one bit. He has never failed me. I've stood before
witch doctors and devils and drinking blood in a human skull and calling on the devil and
challenge you right down. And I've never seen one time that a challenge was ever made
but what God moved on the scene and done a great thing. I--I challenge your faith tonight
to believe the Lord Jesus.

 E-84 We are strangers to one another. We were born probably years apart, but if the
Lord God will reveal to me something in your heart that you might know that It is--It's
His Word, that this Message that I have preached tonight, that's His Word. And if that
dwells in my heart, then the Word of God is a discerner of the thoughts and the intents in
the heart. Is that right? Just like it was when It was made flesh in the Son of God. It's the
same thing in our flesh today, the Church.
So I couldn't do it by myself. It takes you to do too. It takes them out there. It takes
somebody else out there to have this same Anointing. See? Might not... It'll work, but
maybe they might not be able to speak it out, because this is a gift. See?
When I was born, gifts and callings is without repentance. I was just a little bitty baby
boy the same thing that happened right along all around through the life, without

  E-42 One more thing I want to get to the church... Now, some of you setting here, last
night when the anointing struck me, I could feel them little flares in there... I've been
trying to think of it. I jotted it down here so I wouldn't forget it. I caught that last night,
that you think, well, I did do-and-so, I did so-and-so. Many times I find people won't
even come in the prayer line and won't even take their number when they're called.
They're afraid that will be called up, certain things. Now, I used to blast that right out.
You all know that. And not 'less I'm actually led to do it, I don't do it no more.
Now, you will make your mistakes. You say, "Brother Branham, no matter what I'd ever
do, I'd never be worthy." That's right. But look! You say, "Brother Branham, at one time I
didn't believe this message." That's right, I guess many of you didn't. I wouldn't have
done it, I guess, myself. I couldn't have done it 'less God revealed it to me. You'd have...
It's a revelation. The whole church is built on revelation. Without the revelation you'll
never see it; you're blind. Jesus... The Bible said, I believe, Matthew 12, I believe it was,
where He said, "Though Jesus had done so many miracles before them, yet they could not
believe, because Isaiah said, 'They got eyes and can't see, ears and can't hear.'" And
very... really holy people, the very cream of holiness. So holiness is not all. Holy living's
not all. Faith is the main thing.

  E-57 What's the matter with me, anyhow? I'm only telling you the truth. Some day
you'll catch it. Some day you'll know that I've told you the truth. My voice may be silent.
You might, might be able to silence the body that's speaking, but you'll never silent that
voice. It comes from God. They stoned Stephen, but they couldn't stop his message. It'll
move on. Them tapes will be played after I'm gone for years.
Yes, super-duper faith. American, built up under a lot of flusterations, painted faced
women wearing shorts and everything else, running through the lines and shaking them,
hollering, "Yeah, you got it. Hallelujah" Oh, nonsense. Repent! Come back to God. We
need a clean up. Amen.
Don't think I'm angry. I'm not angry. If I was, I'd get down there at the altar and repent
'fore I finished this message. I'm only telling you something in my heart boiling out. And
It's the Word of God. You need a cleaning from the pulpit to the basement, throughout.
Super-duper faith, no such a thing with God. God's faith is pure, clean-cut, unadulterated.
That's right. Something inside moving, saying, "I accept it." Brother, you know where
you're at then.

  E-67 Everybody in this prayer line that's standing here, watch just a moment. I want
you to be real reverent now. Just... just... This is Saturday night, and you can sleep until
Sunday School time in the morning. Now, you don't have to go to work. So now, be real
reverent just a few minutes.
Take this message. Don't forget the message now. Take the message.
Everyone in this prayer line that's a stranger to me that I don't know nothing about you,
raise up your hands, all in the prayer line. All right, sir. Each one of you in that prayer
line, will you solemnly promise God that if God shall reveal these things, that you'll
promise you will believe Him and hold onto It with all your heart? You do? And if I
would just come up and pray for each one of you and pass you through here, if you get
anything wrong you make it right, now, 'fore you come in the line. See? Do that.

  E-104 But Father God, in regards to this message that I have preached from my heart,
Your Word and Your promise, confirm it tonight, Lord. And let somebody out there have
enough faith to touch You as I yield myself to You, that You might speak to me the same
words like You did the woman that had the blood issue. []
Jesus Christ, that He stands not two foot from where I am now, that same Light. And I
take every spirit in here under the control of the Holy Ghost for the glory of God. Now,
be quiet. Don't move, because demons go from one to another. And we know that.
[]... and perform the same thing. If you won't come then say
nothing evil against it from henceforth 'cause you'll be blaspheming the Holy Ghost and
send your soul to torment without mercy. Let's pray.
[]... right here looking at me. You see...

 E-60 And the papers packed it, "Mystic Light appearing over local Baptist minister," a
boy, while baptizing five hundred at the Ohio River. And He said, "As John the Baptist
was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, this message shall forerun the second."
Here we are. Has it did it? See? From there it sparked Oral Roberts, Tommy Hicks, the
Osborn, and so forth; around and around the world they went. See? It's did it.
Notice, now, if America would receive God's gift, it would be a golden age for us. If all
of the American churches would accept God's gift... What is God's gift to the church?
The Holy Ghost. What if all the American people that believed in Christ would receive
the Holy Ghost? They wouldn't have to wonder who's going to be in the sputnik, or who's
going to be in a machine a hundred and eighty miles around. That church would be in
glory before they could get a sputnik started. That's--that's right.

  E-11 Thank you, my friends, for what was in the offering. It'll go to the treasury, and
from that will go to the foreign fields, bring this message to the heathens and those
people who don't have one meal, maybe once a week to eat on. That's where it'll go. And
may the God of heaven return it to you a hundredfold and put golden bricks in that home
of yours beyond the sky, is my prayer.
Write to me anytime now that you wish. Call me on the phone. Many times I'm kinda not
around Jeff very much. My address, Jeffersonville, Indiana, Post Office Box 325. If you
can't think of the 3-2-5, just send it Jeffersonville. And if you want to call me, my number
is BUtler 2-1519. If you can't get it to that number, then call BUtler 2-3826. Can't get it to
that, call BUtler 3-6771, can't get it to that oh, better stop at that though. But anyhow the
main number to call to get me: BUtler 2-1519; that's fifteen-nineteen. That's the office,
and they can tell you about where I could be located. Any hour of the night or anything I
can do to pray for you by the phone, send you a prayer cloth or anything, absolutely free,
there's nothing to... Be glad to do it.

 E-58 I'm not prone to looking at television, because I'm against them uncensored
programs. But last night, in the place where I was staying, I picked up a book after I got
in real late, and looked on the little--reading the book there, and said, "television guide."
And I happened to notice there, there was a place where they was going to show these
atomic missiles, or something another from the Pentagon.
So I went up to this radio, or television, and turned it on to watch this--this missile, see
this atomic affair or--or saucers they call it, ever what it is. Been a lot of criticism, a lot
pro and con. But now just watch just a minute. Every man... You've got a right to your
opinion. I have to mine. Let me express mine.
Now, before that Sodom was burned, just before... How many seen that program? I guess
there's many of you did. All right. It's not just something made up. It was from the
government. And they'd been on this, working on this research for years, and they
knowed that it absolutely is the truth. It's true. That's nothing new. If you just only read
the Scripture, they'd know right where they were at. They don't have to be worried about
that. But now, let's place that right on this message now, just a minute.

  E-91 Now remember, after this message this afternoon, I am free from all man's
blood. The meeting has been give out in Chicago; I've told you, THUS SAITH THE
LORD; I've proved it to you by the Scriptures that we're at the end. Now, I'm not guilty
of any man's blood from henceforth. I wonder how many Christians out there would walk
up to the altar and pray with these people, around standing around the altar, and pray.
Any you Christians that's filled with the Holy Spirit would like to come up here and pray
with these people?
... me and make me
After Thy will,
While I am waiting,
Yielded and still.

 E-93 Let's bow our heads. To you people at the altar here, I want you to surrender life
to Him now. Remember, I'm going to meet you at that morning. I'm going to give an
account for this message this afternoon. I've been in Chicago since the beginning of my
ministry, as it is ending now. I cannot be a prophet and an evangelist at the same time.
One ministry will take its place soon.
And the time after time how I've been here in Chicago, stood hour after hour, heart to
heart with you. Have you ever heard me tell you anything in the Name of the Lord but
what was truth? If it is, I ask you to come correct it. No, sir. It's not known. Then I tell
you in the Name of the Lord, under such a condition, if you come up here today, God led
you up. This is the hour of your deliverance if you will believe it with all your heart. I
want you to just to--just humbly, just confess everything that you have did that's wrong,
before God. Say, "God, I'm sorry of it. And now I'm here, wanting You to give me the
baptism of the Holy Spirit. Grant it."

 E-95 Father God, these who've come, Thou has said in Thy Word, "He that cometh
unto Me, I will in no wise cast out." And also, "That no man can come except My Father
draws him first. And all that comes to Me, I'll give them Everlasting Life and raise him
up at the last day." That's Your promise, Lord.
And as Your servant, and the fruits of this message, I give to You these seekers at the
altar. I give them to You, Lord, as Your servant, in prayer. And with all these other
servants of Yours, who are standing here, who are witnesses of Your resurrection,
witnesses of the power of God. And we're standing here, deeply, Lord, sincerely from our
heart, believing that You're the Son of God, believe that You are coming, and all these
fearful sights that we're seeing and hear in the nation are shaking, and see Israel going to
her homeland, the nations are troubled, seeing mystic sights over Washington. Fearful
things upon the earth, perplexity with time and distress between the nations, distress, such
a distress... They're are all so nervous they don't know what to do. Each one with an
atomic and hydrogen weapons, hid back secret, just waiting for the other one to make a

  E-23 So then, oh, they said, "We don't want You. I don't care how many You can
deliver, and how, what, who sent You over here. If God sent You over here, what about
it, we just don't want any of that kind of stuff going over here, around, our... You get our
people all confused. So You just get back where You belong."
He said, "All right." Right on back He went and got in the boat.
It must have been along about ten o'clock in the morning. Our little brother Jairus, he was
a--he was a believer. He--he actually was a believer, but he was kind of a secret believer.
And you now, we got a whole lot of those out here in these Methodist, Baptist, and
Presbyterian churches. They really believe this message of Pentecost. They do. But they
just can't do it on account of their church.
So Jairus said... He was a secret believer; outwardly he had joined himself up with a
bunch of unbelievers. And so, that's the way a many a good man is tonight: joined up
with unbelievers. And the Bible said, "Do not be unequally yoked together. Don't yoke
yourself up amongst unbelievers. Come out from amongst the unbelievers, and separate
yourself," saith God, "and I will receive you. Touch not their unclean thing. And I'll be
God to you, and you'll be sons and daughters unto Me."

 E-39 He thinks the Pentecostal church... They had their picture in the paper the other
day with some Catholic priests, standing blessing the Pentecostal businessman's breakfast
or something, and things like that; which that's all right. But I wonder if the church really
realizes with it is. It's a sign. When that sleeping virgin come and knocked at the gate,
that's when she could not get in, for the Bride was gone. Don't you see? That's what I said
about Brother David (See?), not nothing concerning his work, or his man--or about his
reputation. And David's my brother, and one of the finest godly men that I know of.
But I just wondered how that he--he didn't pick that up, to realize the very minute that
outside denominational world begins to receive this Message, that's exactly the hour He's
coming. When they--when they went, the sleeping virgin realized she didn't have any oil
in her lamp. And when she come to knock on the door to get it, that was exactly when the
Bride went out, when the wise virgin left. That's right. They didn't get in. No.
And them organizations won't come in. They won't have the opportunity to, time the
message gets around, the church will be gone. So if they're trying to get in right now,
how close are we? When we see as it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the
coming of the Son of man. The very last message Abraham and his seed after him, we see
every everything lays just at time. We've got need. It's time for action. It's not, "Wait till I
go away in school and get me a Ph.D., or LL.D." It's get into the Gospel right now,
preach. Yes. Get out there now. Now's the hour.

 E-65 Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come.
Thine will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Eternal and gracious God, I pray tonight,
that You in this audience... I just love to talk about You, Jesus. You're my--You've been
my life for thirty-one years. How I love You. How, I'm so glad that night, that I--I
accepted You as my Saviour. I'm so happy, so glad that when You commissioned me to
go preach the Gospel. And then that night when You told me, "Go, pray for the sick."
And told me that them visions had been coming, was not what my brethren had told me
was a evil spirit, but It was You; and It would stir the whole nation, the whole world into
a revival. And It's done it, Lord. You're Words are true.
Then when You stood there, over me, that day on the river, when those thousands of
people standing there looking, right at two o'clock in the afternoon, out of them brassy
skies, and that big Light roaring around over the top, the Voice saying, "As John the
Baptist was sent forth, this Message will be the second, before the coming of the Christ."
And we see, Lord, its done that very thing. And we see the time moving up now. Your
Words are all true. And now, here we are at the end of the road, right out, gleaning across
the fields here, getting the last straw from this last revival.
  E-80 Let's all get in the Spirit then and believe it. Let's bow our heads while we ask
Him to give us the vision.
Heavenly Father, we're in a perishing land. We're in a perishing nation. We're in a
perishing world, and preaching to perishing people. And I'm a--I'm just a man. And these
other preachers are just men. But You're a imperishable God.
I pray Thee tonight, Lord, that this message that I have spoke. And--and my nervous six
months of going and wound up. I might not have said it just right, Lord. But if I--if I
didn't, You let the Holy Spirit just smooth it out and take all the wrinkles out.
God, just like You did to Abraham. And said... he... We know he had his flusterations,
and he--and he staggered, and... But when the Divine commentary of his life was written,
why, it said he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong,
giving praise to God.

 E-81 So Lord God, all my little staggerings and misspelled words and mispronounced
and so forth. Let the Holy Spirit just smooth it out, and put a real Divine commentary in
every heart of this message tonight. That we're living... And there still remains a servant
of God.
There still remains people who love God. And there is a God Who's interested in them.
And there is a Saviour that was smitten two thousand years ago, Who was wounded for
our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity, chastisement of our peace upon Him and with
His stripes we were healed.
The same Saviour that said, "The works that I do shall you also." God, may every old
chunk be moved and every old rusty bucket and things, be moved out of the way tonight.
And may the waters of Life flow freely.
God turn me inside out and wash me and make me clean, Lord. And fill me with Your
Spirit just now. And fill these people out here with faith. That if there would be one down
here who does not believe that they might see and believe, because we ask it in Jesus'
And may the--then they every one, get in the Spirit and we be all filled with the Spirit,
and all healed and saved tonight. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

 E-8 And this courier came up. And he must've talked to, let's say, Philip. And he
must've said, "I have a--a message for your Master. I come from a business man, and I
must get this message to Him."
And Philip might've said something like this: "Our--our master is well worn, sir, because
He's been busy all day. We have witnessed with our eyes, great miracles and signs that
God has did by Him."
But the courier wasn't interested in what the miracles was. He was only interested in what
his master had sent him to say. Finally Philip, being a Christian gentleman, weaved his
way through with the courier, until he got in the Presence of the Master. And he said,
"This young man has a message from another city, where there is a great man that wants
to speak with You about his master."
And I can see the tired, weary eyes of our Lord when He turned and said, "What would
you have, say?"

REV.CHAP.5.PART.2_ JEFF.IN ROJC 747-793 SUNDAY_ 61-0618
  244 [Brother Branham begins humming "I Love Him"--Ed.] Heavenly Father, in the
quietness of this moment, we bring to You this audience, under a weakening condition
this morning, Lord, trying to bring this message to the people because I love them. I want
them to hear it, Lord. I want them to be anchored. I want them to know that all these
things that's been done in the last few years hasn't been just by chance; it's been You,
Lord. It's been You that's been opening up these things. O God, we all feel that right
ahead of us there is a great Jubilee.
I pray for these who raised their hands. They know they're wrong, Lord. Many of those
things... Maybe they have inherited some money once in a while from somebody, but
what was it done? They didn't know where it went to, just left in a little bit, 'cause that's a
corruptible inheritance. And if they shall leave it for someone else, it'll be corrupted

  212 Let us bow our heads just a moment for prayer, for these little fellows.
Heavenly Father, if there is a coming tomorrow, if Jesus shall tarry for another ten or
fifteen years, these will be the boys and girls that'll pack this Message along to the other
generation to come. No doubt in my mind, Lord, but what all the days of their life they'll
remember coming up to this altar. And they're little jewels, Lord. Their young and tender;
their little hearts are condemned this morning. Not even hearing all the message; just
come out of the room, from hearing our Sister Arnold teaching; move up around the altar
here, giving their little lives to Thee.
Now, Father, I've just got through speaking that in us dwells the Holy Spirit. And this
Holy Spirit, faith with this Spirit, does all things. And I believe that this very hour, you
forgive every sin that they have committed. And I'm asking You with all the faith that's in
my heart, that You will keep their little lives down through the road. May they never
stray from the Way.

  10 Now, I got a little thing that I noticed that I'd like to do here in the Tabernacle
again. How many has got Bibles, raise your hand. Good. Let's turn to Psalms 99 before
we have prayer. We used to do this, Brother Neville, years ago. I don't know whether...
Have you already read a Psalm this morning? No. I'd just like to--the congregation to
read some of the Psalms.
This morning when I was setting in my study room meditating on this message and
Word, I thought, "You know, it'd be good again to have--have them all to read a Psalm; I
like it so well." The reason I was just a little late... A long distance call had me from
Cheyenne, so that's the reason I was...
And now, while we're turning to this Psalm, I have some announcements to be made that
was just give me. Now, Psalms 99...

  83 Now, he read in Jeremiah the 25th chapter. Let's turn over in Jeremiah the 25th
chapter and read what Jeremiah had to say. Actually, let's begin at the 8th verse, 'cause
it's... I want you to be sure to get it. The 11th verse is where I had wrote down here to
read, but let's begin at the 8th verse.
Therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts;... (I just like that. When I can hear a prophet
stand up with "THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD," brother, that's it. To me that settles it.
That's all of it.)... thus saith the LORD of hosts, Because you have not heard my words,
Behold, I will send and take all the families of the north, saith the LORD, and
Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, my servant, and will bring them again--against this
land, and against the inhabitants thereof, and against all the nations around about, and I
will utterly destroy them,... (Remember, them were God's elected that He's talking about.
That wasn't infidels; that was church members.)
Moreover I will take from them the voice of mirth,... the voice of gladness,... (Just like
we have today, all rock-and-roll, Ricky and Elvis, and oh...)... the voice of the
bridegroom,... the voice of the bird,... (or the bride, rather.)... the sound of the millstone,...
the light of the candle,
And this whole land shall be desolate,...
Hear that prophet cry out. This whole land shall be desolate. And not to impersonate this
great servant of God, but I prophesy that this whole nation shall become desolate. God
shall punish this nation for her sins. If God would not let Israel, His elected, Abraham's
seed, who He made the covenant and promise with, if He would not let them get by with
wrong doing, though they were religious to the core, had the great churches, the priests,
and the rabbis, but because of the immorals and things among them, and God made them
reap what they sowed, so shall we get it.
(11th verse:)... this whole land shall become desolate, and... astonishment;... (That is,
everybody just look and say, "There they are. They were so great. Look at them now.")...
and these nations shall serve the king of Babylon seventy years. (That's a lifetime. That's
when your own blessed old mother was a baby. They were in there without a God,
without a church, without a song, without anything for a complete generation, till all that
sinning generation died out.)
And it shall come to pass, when seventy years are accomplished, that I will punish the
king of Babylon, and that nation, saith the LORD, for their iniquity, and the land of the
Chaldean, and will make it a perpetual desolation.
And I will bring upon that land all my words which I have pronounced against it, even all
that is written in this book, which Jeremiah has prophesied against all the nation.
For many nations and great kings shall serve themselves--themselves of them also: and I
will recompense according to their deeds, and according to their words of their own hand.
For thus saith the LORD God of Israel unto me; Take the wine cup of the fury of my
hand, and cause all the nations, to whom I will send thee, to drink of it. (In other words,
"Jeremiah, I've give you this message. Don't set still. Don't stay in one place, but
prophesy to all the nations." Do you follow it? "Prophesy to all the nations. Show My
signs and wonders, and let them know that I'm coming to do this.")
And they shall drink, and be moved, and be mad, because of the word that I will send
among them.

 122 That's what I tried to tell this Brother setting over here that's talking about going
to Israel. Stay away from Israel. Stay away from it, all you people that talk about
converting the Jews. Before this message is over you'll see it's THUS SAITH THE
LORD by Word and by Spirit. Israel will be converted over, the whole nation in one
night; the Bible said so. But the Gospel's not even to them. There's a few renegades that's
out and so forth like that that come in and--outside of the main body of Jews that come in
and get saved; that's true. I believe that with all my mi--heart. But remember, as long as
Israel's out of their nation, they cannot be saved. Now they are returning, and they'll be
saved--all, the whole nation in one day. The Bible said so. One day will bring the--
completely, all Israel right back to God. There'll be such a mighty thing strike Israel one
of these days, until it'll shake the whole nation. Even the prophet cried out and said, "In
one day has thou did this"--in one day. They will see it.

  138 For nearly two thousand years the Jews has been out of their homeland, scattered
to the four winds of the earth. How that we could make this message last for weeks now
if we had to go to details. We can chase Israel right back and show when it was scattered
by the Roman empire on their rejecting of the Messiah; how she was drove to every
nation under heaven; go back to Jacob, Israel, back in Genesis 44 and 45, and show back
there that how He blessed those patriarchs and told them exactly where their standing
would be in the last days; and I can point to you exactly every nation of Israel, every tribe
of Israel standing exactly in the nations where it said it would be. And here we are today.

 57 Put an end to sin. What is sin? Unbelief. They did not believe that was the Messiah.
They could not see Him to be Messiah, yet He done every sign the Messiah was supposed
to do. But they could not see it. They were blind.
So when you see people say, "I don't believe in Divine healing. I can't see it. I can't see
this baptism of the Holy Ghost," don't be angry with them; they are blind. They say, "I
can't see this message of Him coming. I can't see this baptism of the Holy Spirit. I can't
see this serpent's seed. I can't see this stuff." They're blind and don't know it. Just pray for
them. All right.

 1 Thank you very much, brother. Good morning, friends. It's a privilege to be back
here in the Tabernacle again this morning to continue this great message that we're
endeavoring to explain, this seventieth week of Daniel. And we're happy to see so many
that's gathered out on this hot day, and yet we're sorry that we do not have the seating
room. See people that's packed together like that and standing around, it makes it
unhandy. And not being as comfortable as you should, it makes it hard for you to
understand. But we will do everything that we can to make it quick.
And--and today, I hope that you'll (if I'm a little lingering)--that you'll excuse me,
because this is the nailing down time of this message: the very time to nail it down. We
set it in three orders so that we could be sure to get it.
  145 Now, we find out in this age... There's the stars; we have it there. We have a star
messenger; we have a person, a--a message that goes forth to the age, a people to reject it,
a people to receive it. And the messenger of this age was to come in the power of Elias.
That's right. And he was to restore the faith of the children back to the fathers, bring the
Pentecostal remnant that's left back to the true apostolic faith.
Now, the true apostolic faith, if you'll read it in the Book of Acts, you'll find that there
was never one time one person ever baptized in the name of Father, Son, Holy Ghost.
There was never one of them ever sprinkled. There was none of this stuff that we have
going on today called Pentecost, that ever happened back there. They had true
manifestations and the Spirit of God among them that was infallibly the Son of God
working with them. This person that was to come forth--this Message, rather, that was to
come forth was to be like Elijah. Elijah was to come three times. Now, you say, "That
John the Baptist was that guy." If you'll notice Jesus said it was--John the Baptist was the
messenger of Malachi 3, not Malachi 4. "Behold, I send My messenger before My face..."
I think Matthew 11:6. Right down along in there you'll find it, Matthew the 11th chapter.

  15 Now, let us pray. Our glorious, heavenly Father, what could we do in these hours
of tremendous need if it wasn't for You? But our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus'
Blood and righteousness. And we are so glad to know that there is a land beyond the
river, that when You are finished with us on this earth, that we only change our dwelling
places to that glorious land, yonder, where there's no sickness or heartache, death or
separation. We will always be with Thee and with our loved ones. So we thank Thee for
this glorious hope that's in our bosom today.
And it seemed, Lord, hard this morning for me to come down, not to serve You, but to
know that I am nervous and wondering just how I will be able to approach this message
this morning for the church, that I feel that You have placed upon my heart. How the
enemy has taken me around and around with it. But I have got this far to the pulpit in
Your Name. And I commit myself with the message and all into Thy hands, and know
that You are more than able to take it to each heart and to provide everything that we
have need of. We commit it all to Thee now, and ourselves, as Your service; as my lips is
Your mouthpiece, and the ears as Your hearing post. Bless us, Lord.

 213 I wonder today, if there's any strangers with us, that's never been in the
Tabernacle before, and you're sick, and you're looking to God for help? With your heads
bowed, all of you. Would you raise your hand, you people that's strangers to me, that
doesn't know me or I don't know you, and you've come to Christ now for help? Just raise
up your hand. See? God bless you, and you, and you. There are several.
You have to only believe. This message is not in vain; it's the Word of God.

 230 Now, heavenly Father, we bring to You this audience, after this message. Lord
God, surely the people can see now that it's becoming to us. It's becoming to a prophet to
stand on the Word. It's becoming to a member of church; it's becoming to them that they
stand. It's becoming to the sick people to believe the Word of Jesus Christ, when He said,
"These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall
I was going to call the prayer line, Lord. But the message that's just come me by the
phone has shook me, Father. O God, Your Word says, "It's becoming to us that we fulfill
all righteousness." Here they are, each one.

 652-35 And when he come to this Message, I've had him--brought him here by the
vote of the church to be pastor here when even he didn't understand these things as he
does now. But his sincerity to be willing to lay down, and look it over, and approach it
reverently, until I think he's got a good solid background, that when he comes up now, he
knows where he's standing now.
So I'm very happy for the Tabernacle. And they say the other night in the--they had a
meeting here whether they would build a new tabernacle or extend this one and make it
bigger and make Sunday school rooms in it; and the church unanimously voted for the
extension, to put a new extension to it out here, make it larger, and put Sunday school
rooms so there'd be classes for all the classes, and carpet the floors, and put birch over it,
and fix it up real nice, and Bedford stoning on the outside. And so the church voted that.
And I think the architects and them are on the work now. There's a meeting of it
tomorrow to make us a--a bigger church, extend it on back and fix it around different. So
we'll be grateful to the Lord for that.

  254 Laying upon this pulpit this morning, lays handsful of handkerchiefs, coming
from sick and afflicted. God, let the God that--that give me this message yesterday, let the
God that spoke through Brother Higginbotham this morning and predicted It was coming,
let the God Who shows the visions, speak.
I defy every devil and take this mountain by faith. Who are you, great mountain of
sickness, that would stand before the Lord? Why, you'll become as a plain. Who are you,
river or--or dead sea, that would stand anything dead before God? Open up your way,
we're coming over. We're going to the promised land.
Heal every one of these, Lord. Heal every one that's setting present that's sick.
Who are you, sickness, who do you think you are? Satan, who do you claim to be? Every
claim that you have was canceled at Calvary. You're a bluff. You have no rights. We defy
you, in the Name of Jesus Christ as a Holy Ghost filled body. And let the God that has
guided me through my life, the God Who gives the visions and speaks His Words that
comes to pass, let Him, through the Name of Jesus Christ, drive every sickness away
from this people this morning.
You said, "Speak, and don't doubt, but believe that what you've said will come to pass,
you can have what you said." Who did that? The Witness of God said That. And I bear
witness this morning that that Word's true, Satan, so you have to leave.

  284 [Prophesies are given by brothers--Ed.]...?...Praise...?... That is not my word; that
is His Word. Oh, what we need this hour, this hour that we're living... Do you not
understand, friends, that God doesn't come to great celebrities; He dwells among the
humble, the little humble things. You don't, maybe, realize what's going on right now,
what's moving among this building, what's moving among this people just now.
Why did the Spirit say early before I made anything, through Brother Higginbotham,
"Watch this message, for I've brought it (something or another like that) to warn you of
this thing that's coming"? Look what happened.

  294 Nothing great shiny, a glow, and though it's evil spoken of, it was a sign. And
today the sign is evil spoken of. It has no cooperation. It's--it's--it's evil spoken of and
called everything, but it's a sign that's overlooked, a sign that's evil spoken of. The Bible
speaks of that, a sign evil spoken of.
Let us remember this as we journey to our home. Don't you never let this Message die
from your hearts. Whatever you do, don't you do it. You meditate on this day and night.
And pray day and night for God to rise His witness now. We're ready, for I believe soon
time shall be no more. We're coming... How...

  105 May I stop here to say, yonder in that woods, setting by the side of that tree that
morning, no squirrels in the woods, but when a Voice spoke and said, "Say where they'll
And there, so help me, if I die before I finish this message, pointing my finger to a bare-
limbed walnut tree, said, "He'll sit right there." And there he was: incredible, but true!
He said, "Where will the next one be?"
I said, "Over in that bunch of clumps of stuff," and I never took my finger down till there
he was.
"Where will the next one be?"
"Out on that snag out over that field." And there he was. It's incredible.

  237 We know His Word is a paradox. When It promises something so unreal to the
world, something that they cannot prescribe to, it's--it's something beyond their
knowledge and--and understanding. But when a simple heart will take that Word and sink
It into the depths of its being, then that Word produces the live facts of that promise.
Oh, how we thank Thee for this, that there is simple people that believe this Message.
We're not looking for a kingdom to where that atomic ages will rule, but we're looking
for a Kingdom that Christ will rule in the power and majesty of peace and glory upon the
earth; not where we will press our feet to automobile gas pedals, or fly through the air
with jet planes; but where we'll set around the throne of the living God, oh, and look upon
Him, and see the One Who was wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our
iniquity; the chastisement of our peace upon Him, and with Whose stripes we were
healed. Our hearts' desire, Lord, since the great paradox has come to us, that we will
reach Him and set with Him at that day. Grant it, Lord. We ask this in Jesus' Name.

 30 Our heavenly Father, as we now are in the Tabernacle, all seated, and the
microphone's alive, and the recorders a-going, and the Christians a-praying, requests
being made known... And for some two or three weeks, I've constantly studied on this
message for today. Just a few words that maybe the Holy Spirit would use to drive down
the subject into the hearts of the people, that they might see the time that we are living,
and prepare to meet the Lord God... We would pray for all of our sick and afflicted
O Jesus, remember Thy Church, universal Church, all over the world this morning: some
out into the woods, some down in the valley of decision, some of them are on the
mountain top. And all over the world Thy children are depending on Thee and calling on
Thee. And as John of old, from the Isle of Patmos, said, "Even so, come, Lord Jesus."

 102 Now, if Baal is a round god... Now, catch this word by word, and you'll get the
rest--the ending of this message. God was a round god, a sun god. They had great big
brass plates that would reflect the sun and look like fire. And then the bread that Jeremiah
said here that they... The women would bake these cakes unto Baal, that it was made
round like the sun. Well, then it was laid upon the altar, the pagan altar for the
communion, and made round like the sun or like the moon, because it was the sun god or
the moon god.

  208 Now, we pray, Father, that You'll forgive us of our sins, and may this message
sink deep into the hearts. And may the people... May this church, as this little Tabernacle
now is in the building process of building a church, may they never look to some
beautiful something, but just enough to shelter the people. God, may they never go to
look and saying, "We belong to the big tabernacle that's got the big dome on it." God, let
it be a empty hull. May they never lose sight of the Object of Jesus Christ. May He be the
One that fills their temple, and then the power and fire of the Holy Ghost will fall on the
altar of their hearts. There's where the real altar is, Lord, is on the heart of each
I pray this morning that this Word will lay so heavy on the altar of every heart till they'll
never be able to get away from It, that they'll come sane and sensibly to the Gospel,
believing the Words, and not open their heart to demon powers or sensations, or
squeaking, or jumping, or--or some manifestation, some physical form, or something like
that, but to the real, true loving Spirit of Christ, where He'll manifest Himself in love and
power. Grant it, Lord. Heal the sick and the afflicted. We ask in Jesus' Name. Amen.

 218 Now, to this church, is there any word in here, any man that's got a contrary word
against Brother Sink? Say it now or forever hold your peace. How many believes that
with the preaching of this Message and this Word, that Brother Sink, and you believe that
by the witness of the Holy Spirit, that Brother Sink should be ordained and sent from this
church here as a minister of the Gospel to proclaim these Messages like has been
preached this morning, to everywhere that he can go in the world the Lord will send him?
Raise your hands and say, "I will be praying for you, Brother Sink." God bless you.
 227 Oh, isn't He wonderful? Now, everybody just reverent as you can. About ten
minutes now, just about ten minutes. Now, those with prayer cards, we made a
declaration that the people wanted to be prayed for, come with their prayer cards," and so
that we won't... See, they keep coming back, and then they try to use God's gifts as a
Ouija board. But we don't--we don't believe in doing that.
We--we believe in just letting God do His Work. Do you believe that? How many
believes this message this morning to be the truth? [Congregation says, "Amen"'--Ed.]
Thank you. Thank you. God bless you. I believe It with all my heart, soul, and mind.

  232 That man standing back there has something wrong with his hip. You believe it
with all your heart. You can't get in the prayer line, but you can go on back and set down;
it's going to leave. And it isn't cancer. Go back and set down. It's all over. See? I never
seen the man in my life. If we are strangers, brother, raise up your hand. If we are
strangers... What's the matter, he's healed.
Along this altar here, do you believe? What about you? We're strangers; I don't know
you. God knows you. You believe me to be His servant? You believe this Message I
preach? What if I told you your back trouble would leave you? You believe it with all
your heart? Well, Mr. Burkhart, you go back to Ohio; you're healed.
You're not here for yourself; you're here for somebody else. It's a woman. She's from
Ohio too (That's right.); name's Alice McNan. That's right. She's had an operation. That's
right. Stomach trouble and female trouble and nervousness. Is that right? Just believe and
she'll get well. Go on and believe it with all your heart. Believe it with all your heart,
she'll have it.

  E-121 Here stands these people standing around the altar tonight, after making this
call and preaching this message of being convinced and then concerned. They realize that
their life has been shallow, and they--they haven't been able to do the things that they--
they wanted to do. And they realized that no fault laid in You, but they realized the fault
laid in themselves. So they've come tonight, Lord, to confess they're wrongs.
Some of these little women with their hair bobbed, standing up here, like they did last
night, knowing that that's the truth. The Bible said so. It's a dishonorable thing. Isn't it a
common thing for a woman to pray with her hair as her covering, with her covering cut
off? She dishonors her head. How that that's Christian teaching, and the great teacher that
taught us that, Paul, said in Galatians 1:8, "If a angel from heaven comes preaching any
other thing else than that what I've already taught, let him be accursed." We know that it's
the truth.

 E-99 Please, please just take His Word. If I ever preach anything that's not the Word, a
promise of God, then you've got the right to come to me. But that's the Word.
And it's because I love you. Isn't because I--I don't want you in the boat; it's because the
boat won't pack you through. You're going to crash up one of these days, and you got to
come to judgment. Guilty of the least is guilty of the whole. And when you know that
anything is right to do it, and it's the Word of God and the promise to do it, and then you
don't do it, then what about it? You'll be asked to give a reason, what then? When this
message this morning faces you yonder on the screen at the day of judgment, what about
Think of it, friends. You may die before the day is over. All of us may. And one thing
sure, you're going to die.

 E-104 And, Satan, you might as well go to squeaking your brakes, 'cause I charge thee
by Jesus Christ, that you turn these people loose throughout the world, wherever this
message may go; turn them loose. I claim them, that they are bought; they're not their
own. They're bought with a price of the Royal Seed of Abraham, the Lord Jesus.
Thou filthy, dirty, stinking hypocrite, deceiver of men, leading them blindly into the
ditches of hell, turn them loose. I charge thee by the living God, by the Sacrifice of His
Son, Jesus, that you turn them loose, that their souls may be charged with His blessing,
and with His Presence that they might possess the gate of every enemy. You've got them
waiting for this, that, or the other, or some holy touch or something else. But I'm saying
you're going to lose your hold.

 E-61 So is it today. If this is right, if this message of the baptism of the Holy Spirit in
these last days (where He said He'd pour out both former and latter rain upon us), if these
things are right, it's worth forsaking everything. Follow it. Jesus said, "These signs shall
follow them that believe. He that believeth in Me, though he were dead yet shall he live.
And whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die. He that believeth on Me, the
works that I do shall he do also." True.

 E-115 O God, but... I look down through it, and think what's the use of even trying?
But then I look down through there and see a little light here and there, of consecrated
Christians praying. All they that sigh and cry for the abomination that's did in the midst
of the city, the Angel was commissioned to put a seal upon them and mark them. And
they was the one who would not be destroyed. []
And they'll be without an excuse, for this message tonight will be throwed on the screen,
the canopies of the sky. And we'll all answer. So I pray, Father, that You'll circumcise
their hearts from any things of the world, that they might live godly in this present world.
We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

  288 Now, heavenly Father, I can do no more now. It's up to this time, it'll take You
from here on, Lord. I've brought the people to Your Word. That's all I know. You've
promised these things. And it'd take weeks and weeks, we could still be on it, telling of
Your promises of these very things for the last days. As we've been all these times around
the world, You've never failed us, Lord. Now, here stands a audience of people. I know
that one of these visions will make us weak. I realize it. Virtue went out of You, the Son
of God, unadulterated Son of God. How much more will it be for me, a sinner saved by
Your grace?
I pray, Father, that You'll let it happen now though, that this message this morning would
not go unfruitful, but these young converts, maybe twenty or thirty of them that's just
raised their hands to You, that they will be satisfied, Lord, that their God has raised from
the dead and He's living forevermore, making Hisself known, the very God that knows
the secret of the heart, and promised in the last days it would take place again. Here we
are, the end of time. And the Gentiles has had two thousand years, just like the Jews did
to learn of God, and now they're getting the same sign and rejecting It just like the Jews
did. The Jews rejected their Messiah, 'cause they had it all denominated up. And so have
they today, Lord, done the same thing. But we cannot voucher for that. We're only to bear
witness, Lord. Just like a sheep, it don't manufacture anything, it bears wool because it's a
sheep. And, Lord God, let us bear the Spirit of God, because we are Christians. We
believe in You. We believe in the Son of God. Now, Lord, I'm unworthy, but take... Who
is worthy? Who is worthy, Lord? None of us. We're all born in sin, shaped in iniquity,
come to the world speaking lies. Forgive us of our--our filth, Lord. And now, use us in
this last day that You're dealing with human race. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

  1-1 Thank you, Brother Orman, the Lord bless you.
Good morning, friends. Happy to be here again this morning, and kinda a little
unexpected I guess to myself, and I'm sure it would be to the congregation. And I just
was reading and (Thank you, sister.)--and the Lord just seemed to put a little something
on my heart to bring to the church, and I thought it's time to do it.
And now, this--when I arrived, and then, not knowing we'd be here this Sunday, I've
announced that I have a--a message for the church. And I want to, if God willing, bring
this message next Sunday. And there'll be a quite a lengthy time, so it probably will not
get out before twelve-thirty, one o'clock maybe, if at that time. It's been on my heart for a
long time, and I think I owe the public an answer why that I haven't been active out in the
field. And I've preached all around it, but I'm sure it hasn't never just come right out to
where it should be; so I think, the Lord willing next Sunday, I just want to take my time
and just lay out a reason and why, and let you know Scripturally what's going on. See?
Just why it's all about, because I'll probably be going overseas or somewhere right away.
I'm waiting now to see which way He will call me to go.

  66-3 That's the reason I believe in Divine healing; that's the reason I believe in
visions; that's the reason I believe in Angels; that's the reason I believe in this message, is
because it comes from the Word of God. And anything outside the Word of God, I don't
believe it. It could be so, but still I'll just stay with what God said and then be sure that
I'm right. Now, God can do what He wants to; He's God. But as long as I stay with His
Word, then I know that's all right. I believe that.

 E-137 Now, remember. Let every person remember, I'm your brother (See?), just a
man. But--but the gift of God, believing this message, and believing He sent me to preach
this message, then yielding myself to the Holy Spirit, and that Word in there is in my
heart. And "If ye abide in Me, and My Word in you, ask what you will." Not... Abide, not
just running and jumping from here to there; but "If ye abide in Me, My Word in you, ask
what you will." Is that right?
Now, I'd just like to talk to you a minute, lady (been preaching), just for a few minutes,
just while you stand right there; just so I can single you out from somebody else. And just
like our Lord talked to the woman at the well, you know. He was just catching her spirit,
till He found out what her trouble was. Then when He found her trouble, He told her
what her trouble was, and she said that was a sign of the Messiah. Well, if Jesus Christ is
the same yesterday, today, and forever, and then, you know me, as a man, I couldn't do
that; and if it'd be performed again, wouldn't that be the sign of the Messiah again?
Would you believe that, church?

  4-6 Now, the Indians... There won't be one penny of money (As you know, I never
take an offering in my meetings; and I don't take money.), but the church here is--is
sponsoring that meeting to the Indians. Some of your tithing money and things will go to
pay, to bring this Message of salvation and deliverance to those poor, illiterate Indians.
After all, they are the Americans, you know. We're the foreigners (See?); we come in and
took it from them. And we want... I can't give them back their nation, but I can give them
the hopes in Christ, that will put us together as a brotherhood someday in a land where
there is no fighting and taking land one from another. It'll be a land, room for all. And I'll
be thankful when that time comes, if all my loved ones are saved and ready at that time.

 12-8 Now, I do appreciate... Now, if you get tired and want to go out, go ahead. See?
But this will be my last Message to the church for--this part of the church, for some time;
and we're expecting a healing service this morning. And I--I want this message, if God
will bless it, to--to sink deep into our hearts, so we'll get the meaning of what it means.
Now, we're here to express, to--to say the things that we believe, and prove it by the
Scripture, that the Scripture says so; and then, may God turn and prove it, that it's true,
might make it real.
Just like any... You say, "This is a sunflower seed." Plant it and see what it is; then it
comes up a sunflower; that settles it; it was a sunflower. See? That's all.

 78-3 Father God, into Your hands I--I commend this message. Though it's been
chopped up, some way I pray that the Holy Spirit will go with it on these tapes and across
the nations. And if I shall be taken from the earth, may this live, Lord. It's Your Word.
Let the evening Light shine, Lord, bring forth this glorious Bride of Christ. Bless it, Lord,
may It not return to You void. May It accomplish that which It was--been purposed for.
Grant it, Father. All praises shall be Thine.
Now, we know, Father, no matter what we would say, it's still Word and we believe It.
But we would desire Thee, Lord, on this Easter morning, that Thou would prove to this
congregation, maybe some here for their first time, that You are still Jesus, that You're
not a dead form, that You are a living, resurrected God, that You live among us today.
Grant that, Father, and we'll praise Thee, through Jesus' Name. Amen.

 126 Lord Jesus, that little baby, I don't know how old it is or nothing, but it's one of
our beloved disciples here, Lord, one of our believers. It's their child, of Sister Shepherd
and Brother Shepherd, a little jewel that You've given to them, Lord. We pray that You'll
watch over it, and bless it and protect it, and heal it, and make it well. We claimed it right
now. After this message, we claim that. We claim it for God's glory, according to His
Word. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may the sickness turn loose that child. And may the
child recover and be well for the glory of God. Now, it has been spoken, now it shall be
done. Amen. Do you believe?

  12-3 He didn't care how he looked, and how much fashion he was dressed like,
whether his hair was combed right, or whether anybody looked at him or not. He had the
Word of the Lord and that was his full objective: bring that Word of the Lord. Who was
this fellow? Yep, it was Amos the prophet: rugged individual, but he knowed where he
was standing; he knowed what he was doing; he was a true prophet of the Word.
And the reason he had come to this city, was because the Word had come to him. And
when the Word of the Lord comes to a true servant, he must go; regardless of
circumstances or regardless of difficulties, he must go anyhow. Whether he's prepared,
whether he feels like it, whether he wants to, whether whatevermore; he must go anyhow.
It's God speaking, and he must carry this message, because it's... He never goes for
foolishness; he never goes for money; he never goes for popularity; he only goes in the
Name of the Lord, for one thing: he's got a--a mission, and he's sent of the Lord. And he
is the Word of God, because he's carrying the Word of the Lord. That is a true prophet of
the Lord. My text is "The Way of a True Prophet of God."

  E-24 That ought to be the... If we believe of the coming Messiah is at hand, I think we
ought to lay aside everything else, and be concerned of getting this message to the lands
yonder as fast as you can do it. That's right. If we are convinced. But we preach that
there's coming a Messiah and want to put a hundred million dollars in a building. And if
the Messiah's coming, what good's that going to do? If we believe it...
See, the very... Our testimony, our action speaks louder than our words does. If I had a
hundred million dollars, and I believed the Messiah is coming, I would support a
missionary program that would sweep around the country right quick, and get a church
ready for Him. I would do it. Therefore, I am convinced that the Messiah is coming soon,
and I'm concerned about the Gospel getting everywhere that I can, and know that it can
be gotten.
I'm interested in missionary programs. That's why I'm here tonight, to put my words of
the Gospel with Brother Joseph, and these other missionaries; is to see that this Word gets
out, 'cause it's got to go to every kindred, tribe, and nation before He comes. And He's
waiting now for that. I don't believe His program's building buildings, or educational
affairs in the church. I believe it's to get the Gospel there, for He's waiting for it. It's time
past due. I believe this is the time to do it.

  E-53 Where is the doctor back here, where it was quoted awhile ago, "I am with you
always, even to the end of the earth." And I'm convinced He's here. He said He would be
here. "Where two or more are gathered in My Name, I'll be in their midst." If that isn't so,
then the rest of it isn't so. It's all right, or it's all wrong.
I believe it's every Word right. I believe He's here now. I believe the same Holy Ghost
that fell on the day of Pentecost is in Chicago tonight. I hold part of it in my heart, and
I'm convinced that it's the same Holy Ghost, the same thing. That makes me concerned
about getting this message to my brother or sister somewhere, my Baptist brother, my
Methodist brother, my Catholic brother, wherever they are.

 720-165 All these great promises of great things that you've seen in the Bible, like
what's going to take place, that's over into the Jewish kingdom, not here amongst the
Gentiles. I believe that they'll have a rally by this one that's supposed to come to restore
the faith of the people, which is promised. And the only way I can get that, because He
said immediately after this message that the earth will be burnt with heat, fire. Let me just
read that to you while we're right here, and watch what It says.
And now, this little message of the Kingdom, think I might preach that next Sunday
morning, if the Lord wills (See?), and if the Lord willing.

 732-234 Now, I've sowed the seed everywhere; tapes has went worldwide; my
messages have went around the world; all the churches know about it, around
everywhere; and what the Father has elected He'll call it. See?
And now it looks like it becomes an offense to them. Oh, they don't want nothing to do
with it. No, sir. Shall I just go forth and pray for the sick, and little simple message upon
that, and--and see the way the Holy Spirit leads me? That's what's in my mind to do until
He makes another call. Because a man don't know what to do until you understand from
God what to do, until you get your bearing.
And I--I don't want to lay around the house. This message is on my heart. People are
dying, falling away, going out into eternity. What can I do? Let me blast it everywhere I
can, and tell about the Lord Jesus until He changes the position. You pray for me. I'll
pray for you. I hope you do that.

 747-21 I see it's got little satellites to it that I am grateful for. Brother Crase here and
his Sellersburg group, and the brother back there that just taken Brother Snelling's place
at Utica, and Brother Ruddell up here, and Brother Junior Jackson and those precious
boys who are fine men, wonderful men of God. They preach this Message. Now, they
may... One might disagree just littlely upon something another, that's only human
amongst the group of the ministers yet. And if ministers have a little difference... There
won't be a--a shadow of a difference in it. Maybe one might say, "I believe that the
millennium will come and Jesus will be on a white horse," and another one say, "I believe
when He comes, He'll come on a white cloud." Well, as long as they believe He's coming,
that's the main thing. See? No matter how He's coming, just... They believe He's coming
and making ready for it. And that way...

 756-58 Now, what I think down there, if that Angel that said those words to me, said,
"As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ (See?), your
Message..." I was to take this Message and It would forerun the second coming of Christ.
Well, if this has been It, then we're real, real close, brethren, because the hour and the
Light of the Message is just about gone out.

  763-93 But just watch what that man did in his missions over there, just one man,
'cause he could send right back to Chicago and pick up Burton and all the rest of them,
and send them over in there like that and start the work doings till now they're getting up
in the tens of thousands of one little revival. Not a man with gifts, just a man who had
enough courage to go there and start. What could've been done under this? It'd been
ranking in the millions. Sure. We've lost that time. That's what my suggestion would be.
Now remember, in doing this you'll find out there may be times that you'll disagree with
Brother So-and-so. You'll disagree over here. And remember, as long as you get to the
spot you say, "Well, because he don't believe it just like me, I ain't going to have..." Then
there's something wrong with you. It's not wrong with the other fellow; it's something
wrong with you. When brethren who are trying to hold together...
There's one thing, we Branhams, there's nine of us and we'd fight like pet dogs, but after
all, when we got through fighting, we were still Branhams. One knowed the other was a
Branham, and I knowed he was a Branham; he knowed I was a Branham. See? But we'd
fight. You do that in your family, but they're still your brothers. And that's the way it is.
We might different (That's all right.), but we're still one. We're one in Christ. We believe
this Message and let's stay with It.

 135 The end-time messenger and message should meet with end-time conditions.
Don't you think so? This message could not have been preached forty years ago. No, the
end-time message and messenger has got to meet. Back there in them days they had, it
probably wouldn't have worked. But it's got to cope with end-time conditions. Be
converted; believe the Gospel signs. That's the message of today. Wash your souls in the
Blood of the Lamb and believe the Gospel, that the end-time signs are here, the seed of
the Gospel has been taking place.

  256 [A brother speaks in another tongue--Ed.] Just real reverent... Jesus said, "These
signs shall follow them that believe. They shall speak with new tongues. If they should
take up a serpent or drink a deadly thing, it should not harm them, for an accident or a
blow up shall not harm them. They lay their hands on the sick; they shall recover." You
just wait a minute, see if some interpretation comes for this. If the strangers are in our
gates, we're waiting to see what the Lord will say to us through this message. [A brother
gives an interpretation--Ed.] The interpretation. [The interpretation continues--Ed.] The
interpretation is what this man said here so the person's here that might not know what it
is. It's the Spirit. It happens all within the Tabernacle, giving a message to the people. Let
us pray.

 185 I've turned my back to the audience, heavenly Father, that I have preached to on
this message. I pray Thee, God, let it be known tonight that You're still Jesus Christ the
Son of God, and You're still Jehovah God. You're the same yesterday, today, and forever.
And it was You there talking to Abraham that day at the tent. It was You that could
discern what that woman was thinking in the tent and told her. And right then, her
denying it, You would've took her life, but she was a part of Abraham, his bride. Lord,
You'd take our lives for our unbelief, but we're part of Christ. You couldn't have got--
took Sarah without hurting Abraham. And You can't take the Church with--without
hurting Christ. Help me, Lord. I have no education. I'm just... Lord, I have nothing, but
just believe You. And I believe. Help it, Lord.

  106 This great orbiting that the Church is getting ready to do, and the great time of the
countdown, I'd like to explain to you what I think the countdown is. Now, I think we just
been through it in the church here. And now you notice that, when the natural astronaut is
getting ready to leave the earth, there is a countdown starting from ten back to zero. Now,
I haven't tried to break this message down and give it a spiritual application, as it would
take too much time this morning. But I want to try to explain this to you, that ten is a
number of worldliness, man. But seven is the number of God's perfection. Six days He
made the heavens and earth, and the seventh He rested. And six thousand years the world
is to labor against sin, or the church labor against sin, and the seventh is the millennium,
the sabbath.

 78 If you'll pardon a personally--a testimony. I remember about fifteen, seventeen
years ago now about, when the Lord said to me down there on the river, when He came
down in that Pillar of Fire Whose picture you see, and He spoke to me and He said,
"You're to take this Message around the world."
And I remember at Green's Mill when He spoke to me. And I went and told the pastor,
and he told me, said, "Billy, what did you eat that night? You had a nightmare." He said,
"Go on back to your job. You're working at the Public Service Company, got a good job,
go on back and take care of your--your business, son." Said, "You had a nightmare. You
eat something." That didn't phase me one bit.
When I started out for the healing services, many of you here remember my message that
morning, "As David Went To Meet Goliath," I preached on.

 71 Many times at a--in a church--a little church can have a revival going on; someone
will want to go out here and lead a prayer meeting, And then, he's got a different idea
from what really the Bible says, but he believes it this way anyhow; and he'll start an
influence and draw others away from it. The thing to do is protect this Message the way
It's a-going, stay right with It, and block everything away from It, if we're ever going to
cross the goal line.

 75 I realize this is being taped, and I know it'll--goes all over the world, back into the
jungles, and Hottentots, and everything else. This message here tonight will be translated
into languages. But I say this with all my heart, how could... Many people saying, "Why
don't you join certain organizations? Why don't you come on with the Pentecostals? Why
don't you come on with this group? Why don't you just let these little things go?" How
can I do it? I've got to stay with that Message.
When the Angel of the Lord appeared down on the river in that Light there as you see,
and when it's proved by the government and everywhere else, with science--scientific
research that it's the truth... And He told me to stay with this Word. Then how could I
swap It for a creed? If those men are out there to do that, let them do it. But we was
called to preach the Word. Don't compromise; stand on the Word.

  200 Heavenly Father, consecrating myself to You tonight, Lord, with this church, after
this message, stern and hard. "Here am I, Lord; send me." Here's my church, Lord. May
they cover their face with reverence. May they cover their feet in humility. May they
have the courage to fly with the Message, quickly, to somebody else. Grant it, Lord. May
they testify with sweetness, be the salt of the earth with its savour in it. Lord God, this is
our sacrifice. This is our offering. This is our thanksgiving. This is what we long for,
Lord. Send us tonight to somebody that's lost. May we pull them into church tomorrow
somewhere. May we teach them the way of the Lord. May they be saved, Lord, for it's
later than we think. Grant it, Lord.

 10-1 Now, He has given us the outline here what to do; know how to do it. Now, as I
said, we all are trying to come closer to God. That's why I chose this message this
morning for the church, knowing that people are traveling for... Last night I said, "How
many are here, out of town." About ninety-eight per cent of the people from out of town.
"How many's here from a hundred miles?" Why, it went over, I guess, eighty per cent.
"How many's here from over five hundred miles?" And nearly a third of the people were
here from over a hundred--five hundred miles away. Think of it, of the people traveling.
Well, those people doesn't come to church like that just to be seen. There's no as what's
the outside world would see any beauty around this place. They're all common people,
poor, ordinarily dressed. There's no great anthems from some pretended-to-be angelic
choir, pipe organs, and some stained glass windows. You have a hard time getting a seat
on a bench and stand around the walls. They don't come for such as that; but they come
because inside of them is something that sees a beauty that the natural eye doesn't see. It's
a spiritual eye that catches the beauty of Christ. That's why they come.

  40-3 And we should have patience with one another too. See? One time, we get--we
get so much impatient with one anothers. We think we got to be like Moses. Moses had
patience with the people. Look at--that's what caused them not to go over. See, if you're
trying to do something... Like I've tried to get this message over to the Tabernacle, to see
that each member of the Tabernacle becomes this. It's hard to do. I've tried to have
patience; this is thirty-three years (See?), have patience. Women still bob their hair still
just the same. But just have patience; just have patience, wait. Have to. If you ain't got it,
don't try to build on to this down here. Have patience.

 16-1 Now, I'm backgrounding this, so that you will see when the sister's dream is
being told.
Now, these things here absolutely must be in the Christian before the Holy Ghost ever
seals them, before this comes down on top and makes a complete unit.
Now, our sister's dream now. She was worried whether she had the Holy Ghost or not.
When she laid down across the Duofold, where her husband was reading a paper (And
she's got little ones, as I have, and they're always making a noise and things.), and so in
this, she fell asleep for approximately ten minutes or fifteen; and she dreamed. And she
never could understand it or get it altogether from a year ago almost, until this message
was taught. Then while I was teaching it, it all come back to her.
And she dreamed that she was praying. She was walking the floor first, before she
dreamed, and wringing her hands, and thinking, "Lord, have I got the Holy Ghost? Can
You prove to me. Some says because that--that I shouted, or some said because I spoke
with tongues. (And we believe in all that.) But have I really got It?"

 E-12 And now, as we open Thy Word today for consolation to know if these things
that we do are in order with the Scripture... For it's later than we think. We feel today
that's there's not too much time left. But we must be up and doing. We must be urging
and compelling, that every member that's been ordained beforehand to the Body of Christ
that we spread this Message, till everyone hears, till we're sure that every effort that we
could've put forth has been done.
Father, bless Thy Word and speak to us now through Thy Word while we listen with
attentive hearts and open ears, gladly to receive that which You would have us to know.
We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

 157 Now, look. This Message of the day just can't be something saying, "We got the
Truth and we got this, that"; it has to be, foretold in His Word. And then after the Word is
brought forth, it has to be properly vindicated by the Word.
Jesus was properly a-vindicated of God by the Word. He said, "If you'd have knowed
Moses, you'd have known My day." Well did the prophets speak of Him, well all the
prophets said what He was. And yet it blinded them; they couldn't understand it. See? But
Jesus was... Now, don't...
I want to say this for the tape and for you too. See, the messenger with the Message of the

  250 And I pray, Father, as we see them all being bundled now for an atomic fire soon,
I pray, Lord, that You'll let the wheat be full and heavy. Grant it, Lord. May we grow and
shine Light, and be like Jesus, "If I do not the things that God required Me to do, then I
have no Life in Me. But if God speaks and shows His Life, then that speaks for Itself."
Grant it, Lord. I commit this message to You, and that You watch over it, and bring tens
of thousands, Lord, or, all Your predestinated children to the Gospel. In Jesus Christ,
Who is the Word, in His Name I pray. Amen.

  E-97 Now, you believe with all your heart. And you that's sick or have a need of God,
just say, "Lord God, I've heard this message: astounding to me. I've heard this man claim
that You're God, and You're right here in the midst of people." If He isn't, he told
something wrong.
"Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am in the midst of them."
Why? He's in you anyhow. And when He divided Hisself among you, it comes back to a
unit again. Now, you have to be part of that unit to believe that this part of the unit can
If He give me a ministry, He's got somebody'll believe it, or there'd be no need of giving
me a ministry. That's right. You believe with all your heart and see if God doesn't do the

  8-6 But so far He's protected me, 'cause I've waited on Him. I haven't tried to seek
popularity or vain glory of men. I've tried my best to live humble, and live the kind of a
life that I think a Christian should live. And I haven't been able to do that within myself,
but He has done it unto this day. As I say that He is the One that's led me.
Many things could be said this way, but it would take too long. But all of you are aware
of these things. And the only reason I had you to say, "Amen," awhile ago, you people,
that's told me dreams, then I'd come tell you what you left out, because this message
being taped, men of all nations will hear this, and when they hear that "Amen," then they
know that there's voices there that's set under this ministry, that knows better than to do
anything wrong, or to say "Amen" to something that's wrong. "Amen" is "so be it." It's
sanctioning it.

 E-84 Brethren, "Nations are breaking, Israel awakening, the signs that the Bible
foretold; Gentile days numbered, with horrors encumbered; return, oh dispersed, to your
own." This message of God's Word is the truth. Live or die, I'm riding on it. I don't... I'm
not fussing with it; I'm not trying to fuss about it. I've just took it, and I'm riding on it. Let
the critics rise. I'll shoot every ripple. I'm coming into camp one of these days riding on
the Word of God. Amen. I'm certain to arrive there. Let us pray.
 67 Now, the same sun that shines in the--rises in the east is the same sun that sets in
the west. Now, let's just stop a minute to background this message. We know that the sun,
that's s-u-n, the solar system. But the S-o-n of God came down in the brilliance of God
and the Light of God in the east. And we've had two thousand years now, considered by
the Lord, He said, "It'd be a time that wouldn't be day nor night, just kind of a dismal day;
but in the evening time it shall be Light."

 189 Here we are, end time, red light down, flashing, coming of the Lord is at hand.
Yes, sir. Listen. The end-time Message should meet end-time conditions. Where they've
got off, the Message ought to bring it back. Always, end-time Message meets end-time
conditions. All the way through the Scripture. It'll have to do it this time, a call back to
the original Word. Oh, my. Like other messengers did in the day, this Message will have
to be the same. We're promised that. God promised it in His Word. Malachi 4, said it
would happen, "And restore the faith of the children back to the fathers." Promised it, and
we're living in that day.
Oh, it's been always, each time, a group of leaders that gets the people all mixed up. It's
not so much the people; it's the leaders that get them mixed up. Now, let's...
You say, "Oh, Brother Branham."

  253 Now, notice they were different men than what the Ph., L.L., Q.U.S.T., and ever
what you want to call it, is today. What? Separates the messenger and... The Message,
rather, by the messenger, will separate the believers from unbelievers. Some of them will
line to It and some won't. Some of the Lutheran... Some of the Catholic lined to Luther;
some didn't. Some of the Lutherans lined to Methodist; some didn't. Some lines to
Pentecost, and some won't. Some will line with the evening Light, some won't.
How you going to know whether it's evening Light or not? Test it with the Word (not just
one Word, all the Word put together), see whether it's right or not. Oh, what is it in? Then
if this message bears forth the vindication of God performing what He said He would do,
and it's lined with the Word, then the Word is vindicated like other times and other
prophetics did.

 159 Now, be reverent. Now, let's just not fail to get this message now. Listen. If Jesus
was standing here with this suit on, and you'd run up on the platform, and say, "Lord
Jesus, heal me," you know what He'd say to you? "I've already done it." He was wounded
for our transgressions; with His stripes we were healed. The price is done paid. You'd
have to believe it.
You say, "But if I could believe that He was close to me, if I knowed He was here. If I...
That--that's been two thousand years ago."
Well, the Bible said He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. And we'd like to see
Him. If we would see Him, He'd act like He did.
 165 Christ delivered this Message, and this--this message to the Church to take it, "Go
ye into all the world, and to every creature." Millions have never heard it yet; nations has
never heard It yet. How long? "All the world, to every creature, these signs shall follow
them that believe." How far? "All the world." Who to? "Every creature." There's where
He commissioned the church. Now, show me in the Scripture where He taken That back
away. Man might inject their idea, but that's not God's idea. He said, "All the world, to
every creature."

  E-71 When Dathan stood there and said, "Don't you people think that? That man takes
too much in his own hands. He's trying to tell us what to do. Why, in the multitude of
many, there's counsel, there's--there's safety. Why, we all ought to get together and solve
this thing out." But there was a message of... God vindicated His message.
We don't have to ask somebody else something about this message that we're preaching.
It's wrote here in the Bible and God proves that it's right. So why do you have to go out
and say, "Now, you Catholic, what should we do about this? We'll join the--the
Confederation of Churches. We'll find out. We'll get together with them brethren and see
how they built their great groups."
We Pentecostal people don't need that. We don't need to join the World Council of
Churches. We need to join the heavenly band, the Pentecostal power, be lifted up into
heavenly places. We don't need those things.

  E-115 How many in here is sick, needy, have a need of anything? Raise up your hands
and say, "It's me, Lord. I believe, Lord." Now, I want your undivided attention, just as
sweetly as you can, for a few moments.
If, after this message, and Christ will reflect Himself in the people, and see that some
poor soul has enough faith to touch His garment... and I can yield myself to His Spirit,
and know that this is the Holy Spirit... Then if you belong to something else besides a
group that believes this, then I'd come over to where they believe the truth. See? I would.
I certainly would. I would believe, because God making Himself known.
Don't identify Hisself now with the Pharisees and them that don't believe, them blind...
Because Jesus said they'd see Him no more. "But ye shall see Me, for I'll be with you. I'll
be in you. You'll see Me." Well, if He is that same high priest, that's the way you'd see
Him by reflecting Himself in the same way He did then. Is that true? All right. Now, you
believe with all your heart. Have faith. Don't doubt, praying, and then we'll--we'll see
what He says. Now, just believe with all your heart.

 E-121 Now, I challenge you, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to believe that this message
of the Holy Spirit in this last days is a closing out of the world's history. I challenge you
to believe that I've--I've I taught it to you tonight. You believe that God sent me; you
honor it. And now, don't honor me, but honor what He sent me for, His Word, and God
will grant it, your request. I can't make Him do it, but if you will believe...
Here, look here. Can't you see that? Look here, that light right here. It's right over this
kind of heavy-set woman setting here. I don't know the woman. I've never seen her in my
life, but she's sick. She's suffering. She's been to a doctor and something... A examination
showed it's in the colon. It's some kind of a--like sores. No, the doctor says it's ulcers in
the colon. That's right. That's right. You're not from here. You're here on a visit. Is that
right? Raise up your hand. You come from Michigan. That's right. You're here to visit a
son, and he's in some kind of a radio business of some sort. Your name is Mrs. Erb. Have
faith in God. Go home and find it the way you want it, if you believe with all your heart.

  E-14 Now, I would like to draw from this little thing here a context, if it would--if
you'll permit me just a few minutes. Now, we can imagine the event. And being that this
is the Business Men's breakfast, Saturday morning's regular breakfast, I believe, and I had
the privilege of speaking last Saturday morning... Which I appreciate this invitation from
these fine brethren, who lets me come in my illiteracy, and before smart and educated
people, and try to get forth this message that I--I feel that our hearts need. And I--I
appreciate that, when many doors closing swiftly behind. So I'm--I'm thankful to these
men, and I certainly pray that God bless them.

 28-4 {164} Now, then again in Moses' day, notice another time of deliverance. When
God is just about to do something to deliver His people, God sends a message to the
people, and it's so simple, as we'll catch in the breaking of these Seals (That was my
purpose of bringing this first.), that we find out that the breaking of those Seals is so
simple, the--the--the smart miss it a million miles. See? I hope that God anoints me for it.
See, see? It just goes over the top. And that's the reason I thought this message this
morning would be appropriate to lay a foundation on the simplicity of God (See?), how
God hides Himself in simplicity.

  359-4 {201} Have you caught anything? I just wondered if you was. See? Yes, sir. I
might not have to tell you then Sunday. Notice, notice. Wonderful. Now, notice now.
And then according to the--the time that God was going to deliver the antediluvian world,
He sent the eagle. And the time He was going to deliver Israel, sent the eagle. Do you
believe that the time, even on John, on the Isle of Patmos, this message was so perfect
that He couldn't trust it with an angel?
You know, a angel is a messenger, but do you know the messenger was a prophet? You
believe that? Let's prove it. Revelations 22: let's see if it was a eagle. See, he was... Sure
he was an angel; he was a messenger. But it was a prophet that revealed this whole Book
of Revelations to him. Revelations the 22nd chapter and the 19th verse, I believe that's
right if I've got it written down here: 22:19. I may be wrong. No, 22:9. That's what it is, I
was looking at 22:9. That's right. Oh, yes, here.
Then saith he to me, See thou do it not: for I am of thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren
the prophets,...
Watch what John seen here:
...I John saw these things, and heard them... (Now, he's closing it. This is the last
chapter.)... And when I... heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the
angel which shewed these things--which shewed me these things. (And he, then the
angel... See?)
Then said he to me, See thou do it not:... (No true prophet would be worshipped or
messenger of any kind. See, see?)... Then said he unto me, See thou do it not: for I am thy
fellowservant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them that keeps the sayings of this
book: worship God.

  512-2 {332} You know, really, when a person comes like this to--to preach... I want
to ask you something now so that you'll understand. When the Elijah came from the
wilderness he had one message. He stomped right out of that wilderness, and come right
down, and told that king, "The dew will not even fall from heaven till I call for it." That's
the words he had and stomped right back out and said nothing to nobody. See?
When he had another message, he come right down and said this message, and turned
right back around, went back out into the wilderness. See?
Now, if you'll watch, when I laid the cornerstone under that Tabernacle, He said, "Do the
work of an evangelist"; and now the hour's coming when that work is separated. There's
something else taking place. Then I'm...?... you see? See, I get here and try to do
evangelist and something else; and see where you're at? See, you're... Oh, I'm expecting
the church to be spiritual enough to understand.

 564-4 {305} Now, how did I know the other day, last Sunday, a week ago today,
when I was preaching on "Be humble, be humble; remember God deals in little things." I
didn't realize what it really was talking about, and now I see it. It is in such a humble
way. You'd think that something like that would be revealed to the Vatican, or, but it
comes just like John the Baptist. It comes like the birth of our Lord in a stable. Glory to
God. So help me, the hour is at hand. We're here. Oh, my.
Now, do you see it? The Truth of God's vision, the seven Angels, bringing me from the
west. They were coming from the west, coming back east, bringing here for this message
tonight. Oh, my.

  574-1 {376} [You have just finished hearing the original "Seventh Seal" as it was
preached in its entirety on Sunday evening, March 24th, 1963 at the Branham Tabernacle
in Jeffersonville Indiana. Brother Branham did not want this original recording released.
The next day, Monday, March 25th, 1963, Brother Branham went to the motel room of
Brother Fred Sothmann and Brother James McGuire who were at that time in charge of
making the tapes. Brother Branham told these brothers, "I don't want this message sent
out the way it is." After listening to the tape himself, he instructed the brothers to stop the
tape at a certain point, and at that point--(beginning of paragraph number 261)--recorded
a new portion of approximately twenty minutes in length--(paragraph 377-414). This new
portion was then used in place of the original ending--(paragraph 261-373). This
recording was the only released version of the "Seventh Seal" until 1966. After Brother
Branham left the scene, the board of the William Branham Evangelistic Association
unanimously agreed to release the tape originally recorded at the Tabernacle. Since that
time, both versions have been available. We have now placed this additional message of
Brother Branham on one tape, with the original "Seventh Seal." The next voice you hear
will be Brother Branham in the motel room on Monday, March 25th, 1963--Ed.]

  E-102 I want to tell you a little story that I read not long ago, in closing. It said... In
time of the first World War, I had... My father's older brothers, their... My cousins was in
that war. Many of them got killed. But in one place there, they had a whole regiment of
soldiers, American soldiers, pinned down. The German army had them pinned down.
And the machine gun fire, and the big cannons and whatever they had, mortar fire,
whatever it was, had them pinned down. They couldn't get out, and there's no way of
getting out.
There was a whole regiment of soldiers perishing right there, because they was on every
side. They had planes. Daresn't to send one up, they'd shoot it down. A man tried to get
out... Well, they was just every side. There wasn't nothing... Their fine guns had failed.
Their--all their military strategy had failed. They were pinned in by the enemy. There's
no way of getting out. There wasn't nothing.
And finally one little soldier come up. He found a pigeon, one of those homer pigeons.
That was their only hope. They wrote a message, and thought if this pigeon can only get
through, and back to the main headquarters where it come from, and take this message
(Was a message pigeon messenger pigeon), and that's the only thing they had, a simple
little pigeon.

  151 Now, look at those priests that ought to knowed better. They said, "This man is
Beelzebub. He does this, He's..."
And Jesus told them, "To call the Spirit of God an unclean Spirit, would never be
forgiven." It was the Spirit of God doing that. The works of God, an unclean Spirit... And
them priests, instead of searching the Scripture... He said, "If you'd have known My
If we would only know what day we're living in, there wouldn't be so much confusion
about this Message and about the Scriptures that we're trying to bring to the people. If the
people only understood that we are at the end time...
Now, but, when that Light hit that little woman in that shape, a foul name, a--a--a woman
of red-light; and if that Scripture, if that Word, that identified Word... She had read the
Scripture and she knowed what the Word said. And when she seen that Word manifested,
quickly she recognized It to be the Messiah.

 73 So much was said till I--I--I couldn't say nothing to make it any better. And I truly
believe that it was the Lord that worked this out for Brother Vayle to bring this message,
after this morning. 'Cause, you see, it has to work that way. We--we accept that from
God. What... There's so many things that he was saying; I--I--I had twenty sermons wrote
down here right off of what he said.
I was thinking here of one little illustration to back up what he said. Now, we look at this
watch to find out what time it is. Unless that every instrument in that watch is
coordinating one with the other, we'll never know the correct time. Is that right? And that
takes all of us, all together, if we want to see the Third Pull really do something for God,
and coordination with every one of us together to humble ourselves before God and
confess our wrong, and pray, and believe God for these things.

 29-2 Go home and say to the wife as they--'fore they get ready to get down and pray
this afternoon, or this evening by the bedside, look across to one another and say, "Dear,
what about that, tonight? Have we really become prisoners to Christ and His will, or--or
do we work through our own will?"
May young men and young women everywhere, especially those who's heard this
message tonight, ask themselves that same question. "Am I willing to become a prisoner,
forsaking my own life?"
"He that saves his life shall lose it, but he that will lose his life for My sake, shall find it."
Father, we know that is to become a prisoner of You, lose our own ambitions and our
own desires to find Yours, then we have Eternal Life. Grant it, Lord.

  91 A minister here is sending this message around the world. To make a statement like
that, that we're without hope, that we are beyond redemption, that we have passed the line
between redemption and judgment, now I must give the congregation some grounds to
base this statement upon. There must be some reason that a man, if he's in his right mind
as I think that I am, would make a statement like that, to tell his nation, to tell his
congregation, to tell the people where it'll go around the world in thirty or forty different
nations, maybe, around the world, and peoples and languages, that we're at the end time,
it behooves us to give a statement or--or--or to explain a little of it till we get down to our
main text for the morning.

 11-2 So this morning I have put it... God, I believe, put it in my heart to teach a
Sunday school lesson here this morning, God willing, for a lengthy time. And I... This
being my last service for a little while, as far as I know, the... And I want you to
remember that Brother Neville here left in the church in the charge of this Tabernacle
under the Holy Spirit that he's left here, and he believes this Message and teaches It just
the same as I do. Right.

 233 Notice, look at him. "In hell he lifted up his eyes." He had been paid off. And then
notice, he said, "Then, Father Abraham, if you cannot do this; don't let my colleagues,
where all my inheritance went back in the earth, my investment that I made, tell them
don't make the same mistake that I made."
Could that be you, this morning, my Jewish friend or Gentile friend? Don't be rashal like
that fellow was.
He said, "Send him back, and let this message be brought to them." Oh, he wanted to
become a minister then. He wanted to accept. It's too late; can't do it now. His time, he
had the opportunity, but he didn't make his investment.
And he said, "They have the prophets; they have what the Word said, and the law."
He said, "Yes, but if one raised from the dead, and it could be proven that he's raised
from the dead, then they'll believe it."
He said, "They wouldn't believe though one be raised from the dead."

  251 And now as the prophet said, the prophet David, said he'll be like a tree that's
planted by the rivers of water. Grant, Lord, that the waters of Life will water this Bride
Tree in the last days, where all the denominational branches have been pruned by the
husbandman. And now, the Spirit of God is living anew in the top of the tree, which
come from the heart of the tree, the Word. Grant it, Lord, and may they bring forth much
fruit. And may their state be, if it be like Lazarus, if they have to take it that way on earth,
knowing that our treasures are in heaven, not of the earth...
Bless these businessmen, Lord, these businesswomen, and all that's concerned. And we
commit them to You now, for the furthering of this Message. And You promised, Lord,
that You--that You would grant it. And I, as Your servant, commit them to You. And
You said, "No man can come except My Father draws him." And they raised their hands,
Lord. Now, I give them to You, as love gifts from the message this morning of Thy
Word. Keep them, Lord, until that day. You said, "No man can pluck them from My
hand. And I'll raise him up at the last day."
May they receive that germ of Life, that only a germitized seed can come up, and the
only Words... Every man's word is a failure, it dies, it isn't germitized. But You said, "My
Word," which is the Bible, "shall never fail." It's Life. Grant that the Life that was in
Christ will grow by the Word this morning, that they have received. I, as Your servant,
commit my prayer to You to be answered in this, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

  190 We--we are consecrating ourself, Father, for the--what time of life we have ahead
of us, knowing this, that we've got to come to the end of it, and that right away. So this
morning we take this opportunity after this message, we take the opportunity, Lord, to
come, because we are bidden to come: "Cast your cares upon Him, for He careth for
you." I know You care, Lord. You cared enough to die for us. And we surely can care
enough to come and accept what You died for.
Sanctify us, Lord. Fill us anew with the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Ghost just reign in our
hearts supremely that we'll walk, forgetting the things that are in the past, the muck and
mire that we once lived in, we'll press towards the mark of the high calling, where our
light can so shine in sweetness and humility, till every passerby can say, "There's a
Christian lives there on that hill. That person, that woman, that man is a real consecrated
flower of God. They're so sweet and so kind, always loving, and sweet, and
understanding." Grant it, Father. Let us be salty, that the earth might thirst. Grant it,
Father, and overcome the things of this world and the cares of this life. In the Name of
Jesus Christ. Amen.
  150 I've seen it, friends. Here's this Bible laying open before me. I've seen it happen,
and I know it's the truth. I know. God in heaven knows, that I might not live through to
finish this message, but I--I know that it happened. I've seen it myself. I'm a witness of
that Word being fulfilled, and I know it is the truth: say it, and stand there and see the
Creator bring a living creature into existence right in presence of your eyes; shake your
head and wonder; and then look around and seen Him bring another one just exactly like
it, because you said so; and turn over here and say, "There'll be another one there," and
look, and there it is. Now, that's the truth.

 32-5 As we see the great end time signs on earth today, we know that that's right.
Now, look, I've waited for this for a long, long time, for this Message to you (See?), and
you've seen the end time signs. And I've preached it to you and showed it to you by
everything that Christ said. Is that right? You'll admit that. At the end time, I don't see
nothing left.
You say, "What about the mark of the beast?" Those who reject the Holy Spirit, is
already marked by the beast. The punishment will come later. See?

 58-4 Lord Jesus, most gracious One, when the world was in sin and no one could help;
God in mercy, foreshowing by a type, that there was coming a Token that could take
away sin, not just cover it, but could take it away; and Jesus came in the right time, and
He shed the Blood, His own Life, taking--making us an atonement for our sins, and then
presenting Him back in the form of the Holy Ghost, which is now a Token that's to be
kept to the church until He comes. For the Apostle Peter said, "The promise is unto you,
and to your children, and to them that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God
shall call."
Lord, by Your grace, Your help, I claim every one that hears this message. I claim them
for God; I pray Thee, Lord, both here this morning, and those that'll hear on tape.
And if there be a seed anywhere that's predestinated, Lord, to hear the Word of this last
day, may they come now, sweetly and humbly, and lay their trophies down at the cross,
or their self as a trophy of the grace of God that's called them. And may they be filled
with the Holy Spirit and display the Token of the Life of Jesus Christ in His resurrection,
as long as they remain here on earth. Grant it, Lord.

 61-1 With your hearts bowed now before God. Your pastor, Brother Neville, with his
closing words, what he's going to say... Remember the services tonight, healing service.
Come early. Let's begin at seven. Let me on the platform at seven-thirty. All right,
Brother Neville?
Then I'm going to have communion (You see?) tonight. Come. This afternoon. Stay right
with it. Don't let this message depart. Remember, never let this message depart. The
Blood shall be a Token that the Life has been given. See? And when I see the Blood, I'll
pass over you.
The Holy Spirit is a Token that the Blood has been applied to your heart, and it's the
Token that the Blood has been applied. If it never has been applied, then the Token won't
come. You understand, say, "amen." The Blood must be applied, and then the Token
comes. It is the Token that the Blood of redemption has been applied, and your fare is
paid. God bless you. Brother Neville.

 6-2 Let's pray again. Now, heavenly Father, such a--a line of Scripture here: three
witnesses, three places in the Scriptures giving testimony. And Thou has said in Thy
Word that in the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be established.
Now, I pray Thee, O God, that Thou will come to the people and will interpret this Word,
this message, in the light that it should be in, that every man, woman, boy, or girl might
understand in the capacity that You have ordained for them to understand in. And now,
knowing that these three witnesses bear record of truth, and I pray that You'll send the
Holy Spirit upon us now. And we'll look to Him, Who is our King in our midst this
morning, the Lord Jesus Christ, where we have raised now by faith, setting in these
heavenly places in Him. We wait for His message.
Speak it through us, Lord. Hear it through us, as we ask You to circumcise the lips that
speak and the ears that hear, that it might be to the honor and glory of Him Who is the
Scripture. For we ask it in His Name. Amen.

 26-6 I want to ask you a question now. And you people on tape, listen close. Them
hideous eyes, that hideous head, could that be why that this message has been so against
women of modern age? Could this be that last angel's message? What did He say down
there at the river about thirty-three years ago? "As John was sent forth (See?) to announce
the first coming of Christ, your message will announce the second coming."
Around the world, and that's what it's done. Then the coming must be at hand. Watch
what happens now. Why? I've scratched my head; I've wallowed on my pillow; I've
walked the floor. "What's the matter with you?"

  29-3 Am I going to have to be the fellow that says this? Am I going to have to take
them precious women that's so nice and everything and just shuck them to pieces? Am I
going to have to...? Am I going to have to take my minister brothers and stand there and
tell them that they love money and the--the denominations better than they love God?
Me, to my precious brothers that put their arms... Oh, do I have to do that?
Oh, God, don't let me do it. "But I've not shunned to declare unto you the whole counsel."
It's genuine love that's drove me to it. Is that why this message has been this a-way?
Nowhere else in the world is it? Where's it at? All right. They're afraid. See? But it's been
fearless. Exactly. God is always that way. See?

 29-5 All right. Is this why women has been so rebuked by this message? Not
knowing... It wasn't revealed. It was showed me, but it didn't come to me till just the
other day. Look at there. All right. Sure fits the ministry.
  51-4 It may be later than we think. See? It'll catch you. Don't go any farther. Don't you
do it, people. If you've always believed in me as being God's servant, take my word this
morning, if you ever did. It might be already too late. So much Scripture shows it that
way. Now, remember, I don't say that it is. I don't know; but just look. And I've cut off
about ten pages here, that I was afraid to tell you. See? Mrs. Wood is a record of that, Mr.
Wood. And I went down this morning to see them; I said, "I--I can't tell them, can't go
that far. I just put this much Scripture and leave it with them, 'cause it's going to be
It was going to people that'll laugh at this message. It's all right. It'll be past turning back
one of these days. Go on. Just be a church member. Cut off your hair; paint your face. Go
on and take Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, if you want to, that. Make it three gods and be a
heathen. Go on. Stick to your organization. Do so, if you want to. Say, "I danced in the
Spirit. I spoke with tongues. I got it."

  58 I've went to the mountain. I've went to the seaside. I've went everywhere and
prayed and prayed and prayed, and it just wouldn't let up. And I've thought of everything,
if I done anything. But it still, it wouldn't let up; I was just in bondage like. And it's very
strange that this would be lifted just at the time this message come forth (See?), of this
morning. Now, was it God holding back for this? I don't know. See, I... These things is all
in my mind. You can imagine what's in a man's heart when you put up with that. See? To
think of what is taking place, and know to tell the people, knowing that some will get the
wrong slant, and some will go this a-way, and that way, and you know how it is; some
will believe, and some won't, and... But that's what you have to put up with.

 41 And now, we find that many times ministers gets to feeling just a little secure, and
they keep leading out, and the first thing you know, they'll do things that they should not
do. And we know that many times, righteous and good men will get so that they'll have
too many social affairs, just they want to go out to big parties; and the first thing you
know, they'll call for a little drink once in a while, and they get entangled with the world.
And I think that's what's the matter with our churches today. I think that's what's the
matter with our Pentecostal move.
Now, let me state this first clearly. See? You hear me say things about the Pentecostal
church. And I am Pentecostal. See? But here, what if there was no Pentecostal people in
New York tonight, where would I go to preach this message to? See? I appreciate the
Pentecostal people. They're my brothers and sisters.
But yet, when I see something wrong with my brother, my child, or--or be my wife, or
whatever it was, right is right. A correct parent will correct their children.

 156 A murderer? Would you desire a denominational murderer of the Word, than the
innocent Christ? Would you crucify? Would you--would you dare to take Barabbas?
Could you call for Barabbas? How dare anyone to do that, to call for Barabbas, the
murdered of the Word, than to take the Word Itself, which is Life. And It's on your hands.
When I heard of the murder of President Kennedy, this Message fell on my heart. I
thought, "What will that man do?" No way out of it now. He might've woke up by this
time and realized what lays ahead.

  211 Let's pray. Think these thoughts; if there be any praise, if there be any virtue,
think on this. In our midst this morning, and in this tape also, I'm speaking. If you are
here present this morning, and you know that you're not right with God, and you're not
borned of His Spirit, and God has... You say, "Well, I made a confession." That ain't what
I'm talking about. Has God accepted it? You can say, "Yes, I--I made a confession and so
forth. Yes, I believe."
So did Pilate: "I made a confession surely. What will I do with this just man?" You can't
wash Him off your hands like that. No, no. What will you do with Him? If you're not a
borned again Christian, with the Holy Spirit living in you enriching your life, then why
don't you take It now? You'll never wash this off your hands. You'll never hear the last of
this message. It'll ring through until you bring the Message into your heart, that Jesus
Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

  26-3 We find out that they--that these people, these believers that's so-called
believers... But in forms of religion, and they failed to see the identified Truth of the
Word of God, because It's against what they believe. See, it don't make any difference
what you believe, how loyal you are, how religious you are, or--that doesn't have one
thing to do to it. Sincerity, why that don't have nothing to do with it. I've seen people so
sincere. I seen the heathens burn their children, feed them to the crocodiles: mothers with
their babies. That's more than a Christian would do. See? Sincerely they believe,
sincerely, but they're sincerely wrong.
People say, "Well, this church has stood... That...
You're sincerely wrong if it's contrary to the Word.
"Well, now look, I don't believe in such things..."
Well, the Bible said it was so though. See?
"I don't believe that we have to do this."
I don't care what you think you don't have to do; God said it must be done. "These signs
shall follow them." How far? To all the world. Who? To every creature. See? It shall be,
not shall be, it's going to be. And this Message of the hour that we're now enjoying, the
Presence of God, the latter day, the evening time when the Lights are shining, and the
things is being opened up, and the Word vindicated and proved to be the Truth; both
prophesied, comes to pass, all through scientific and everything proved that It is Jesus
Christ the same yesterday, and forever; and a man walk out on that, he's--he's an
unbeliever. He's beyond hopes. He's numb by the power of Satan, so there's no hopes for
him. He's beyond hopes.

 210 Heavenly Father, I realize that my prayer now is between the living and dead.
What must I say, Lord? What kind of a words can I use? What expression can I come to
You with, Lord? I don't know what to say. They have raised their hands. You know what
was behind it, whether they meant it, or just doing it as routine, or whether they really
meant it. If they meant it, Lord, I know You mean Your Word. You're ready to display
anything that You promised.
And I pray for those people now. Each one of them, I claim for the go--for the Christ.
Each one, I claim as a trophy for this message tonight of the Blood of Jesus Christ, and
the Holy Ghost which came from the Blood. The chemical, sure, He gave His Blood. He
raised up His flesh, but He gave His Blood. The chemicals dried up a long time ago down
there at Calvary. But the Token that was in the chemicals, the Holy Spirit that was in that
chemical is just as fresh and real tonight as It was the day that the cells were broken in
His body. That is the Token. That's the Token, the everlasting Token; It's Eternal Life. I
pray that It'll come upon each one now that's got their heads bowed, and if they will
receive It.

 29 Now, every great achievement is tied to an absolute. You cannot run life without
having an absolute. You can't make an achievement without it being an absolute, for it is
the final tie post. It's the--it's the hitch rack at the end of the journey. It's a place where
you are tied to something.
In the day that we're living in now, and everything is so breaking up, so fragile and
carried away, I think that this message would be a very appropriate thing, especially to
Christians when they are going through their deep waters now. The Christian church is
passing through the deepest water it's had for the last two thousand years. Because we are
coming to a spot to where there's something presented to Christianity, something they
have to make a decision on, and I think that the Christian church ought to have something
that they know that they are tied to, instead of just floating about like a leaf upon the
water, the wind... As the Bible said, "Carried about by every wind of doctrine." The
winds come and blow the little leaf this way, and then another wind comes, the north
wind, the south wind, the east wind, the west wind. You'll never get anywhere; you're not
stabled. The Christian life should be a stabled life. It should be something that's--that's a
principle that--that you are tied to that is more than life itself.

  909-168 Now look, I would say this. Ordinarily, unless we are giving out especially...
And tell them you're going to tape a message. See? Now, if Brother Neville has a
message here that he's going--he's got a message he wants to get out to the people, out on
tape, or something, say, "Now, next Sunday night we're going to tape a two hour tape,"
three hour tape, or what--or whatmore. "We're going to give a two or three hour tape," or
whatever it might be, "next Sunday night." And then the people know. And then when
they come in, say, "Now, we are going to tape a message tonight. And I got a message
here that it's one... I want it taped and sent out. I been... I feel led to send this message
out. And it's going to be taped; it may be two hours," three hours, or whatever it is, say
But, ordinarily, just as I do when I'm going into a place like one of them Business Man's
meetings, or I'm out in my meetings out there for a prayer line, if I stood up there and
give a three-hour message of a night before having the healing service, you see where it
puts me? See? Why, the people, next night your congregation's half of what it was. See?
'Cause they just can't do it, they got to go to work and everything.

 114 Then why were they--did they reject the Messiah? Is... Why did they reject that
Light? Here's the Word that they knowed was coming to pass, but when the Word was
made manifest to show that the Word of God had been fulfilled... Compare that with
today. See? When there, written in the Word that would take place... Then why did those
men reject it, teachers? Because they were living in a glare of another light. That's it.
They was living in a glare. That's the thing they're doing today. They're living... The
reason they turn it down is because they're living in a glare of another light. See? Now,
they was living in the glare of what Moses said; they claimed. They was living in the
glare of what another age had passed by. And that's the very reason today that this
Message that Jesus Christ still is the same is turned down, because the people are living
in glares of other ages. The same reason, they turn it down.

  286 Let's stand up now to our feet. I pray the heavenly Father to let this message soak
deep into the hearts of the people who are present and those who'll hear it by tape. And
may the Light come forth upon the Word, the Seed, and bring forth every predestinated
seed that's been planted out here in these different glares and organizations. May they see
like Nicodemus, even if they have to come by night. Come to the Light. Grant it, Father.
May there come forth this great issue of this Rock that's cut out of the mountain without
hands. It'll crush these Gentile kingdoms to the ground, all these kingdoms, spiritual
kingdoms and natural kingdoms, and the Rock will cover the whole earth; it'll be a
purified affair. Those who that Rock crush will be ground into powder; those who fall
upon that Rock shall have a solid foundation.

  7-4 And now, on persons like ourselves, we're going to be cut out of all that
altogether. That's exactly, because they won't be able to do it. It's tightening; and then
when that time comes, and the press comes to a place to where you're pressed out, then
watch (what I am fixing to tell you in a few minutes) watch the third pull then. It'll be
absolutely to the total lost, but it--it will be for the Bride and the church.
Now, we're closer than it seems to be. I don't know when, but it's real, real, close. I may
be building a platform for somebody else to step on. I may be taken before that time. I
don't know. And that time may be this coming week that the Holy Spirit will come with--
and bring Christ Jesus. He may come this next week. He may come yet tonight. I don't
know when He will come. He doesn't tell us that. But I do believe that we are so close,
that I would never die with old age. Yet at fifty-four years old, I'd never die with old age
until He's here. See? Unless I am shot, killed, or something, or other, some way killed;
just old age wouldn't kill me, until He's come. And I believe that... And I want to say this;
I have never said it before, but according to Scripture, according to what He said thirty
years ago, thirty-three years ago on the river down there (in 1933, rather), what He said,
everything has happened just exactly. I may not do it, but this message will introduce
Jesus Christ to the world. "For as John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming, so
is the message to forerun the second coming." And John said, "Behold the Lamb of God
that takes away the sin of the world." See? So it--it paralleled it in every way, and I know
it will. The message will go on.

  35-5 I wonder how many Romans today has done the same thing, and will do that
same thing. You might look someday, but it might look too late.
Many of today will come in that day and be the same way. They have known...
Brother Wood, here yesterday (saying this, is 'cause it's in this message,) down here at
Slider Company, a Roman Catholic setting there. He went down to get some concrete for
the church here, and when he did, he told him what he wanted it for, and the Roman
Catholic said, "Is that Brother Branham?"
He said, "I say one thing: when he prays, God answers." See?
Wonder then, knowing it, seeing the vindication that it's truly the Gospel, not me, any
man representing Christ... It's the Word we are talking about, not man.
What am I trying to say is this: That they see the clearly a-vindicated Word like Pilate
and the rest of them did, like the Roman soldier, but are you going to wait too late to do
anything about it? He should've used the spear the other way. The doors will be closed,
like it was in the days of Noah; and then it's too late.
You might wake up some morning and say, "I intend to get out of this mess." Don't wait
too long. You'd better look and live now.

  126 And today that we're now living in, God has come on the scene to a-vindicate and
prove His promises. So it's the Light of the hour, so we can rise and shine. The Light
shines upon us again today; the Word is being made manifest. It's the Light.
Just like that light's shining out there, the sunshine, this morning. That's God's spoken
Word; there's nothing else can give light like that. There's nothing can do it. Any artificial
light burns out in a little bit, and bulbs and everything else. But that never fails, for it's the
spoken Word of God made manifest.
Little denominational creeds will bust a bulb, and blow a bulb, and knock a fuse, and
everything else. But the Word of God shall never fail. It'll be Itself always, the Word.
I'm afraid I'm going to run overtime a little bit here. Or, or it's all right to go ahead and
finish this message, isn't it? All right.

  164 I'm getting old myself. This year, if the Lord lets me live to see the 6th of April,
I'll be fifty-five years old, an old man. But I'm not looking... I don't want to go back to be
a boy again. I want to press towards that mark yonder, for what purpose I came for.
About thirty-something years now I've stood behind this desk, from a little boy of twenty-
something years old, about twenty-one, twenty-two years old, I've tried to proclaim this
Message. And every ounce of my strength I've put to It. If my shoulders stoop and my
hair turns gray and falls out, I don't look back to that, it'd come to them again. I'm looking
yonder to the break of a day where the a-vindicated Word of God said, "not one hair of
your head shall perish, and I'll raise it up again at the last days." How is He going to do
it? I don't know. But I trust the...

  57 Like the message and the signs a following in this day, like it was in the days of
other days that we pass through in the Bible time. And no other time could this ever be
till now. No other time could this message ever come forth till now. Jesus said, "As it was
in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man." The message could
not be till now. The world wasn't in the condition as--until--it's in now. This is the hour
that Jesus could appear at any time.
The sleeping virgin coming in, trying to buy oil... That is--that time when the Bride went
in, and the rest of them was left here. Did you ever think what happened? They went right
ahead preaching and thinking they were getting souls saved and everything, and did not
know it. They knew nothing about it. The church will go on thinking souls are being
saved and everything else, and the church is already... The Bride's sealed away. Don't
know it. Certainly. That's exactly what the Scripture said. Noah went into the ark, and
God sealed it out. Truly. And the time will come when men and women will cry to God,
and even think that they've got something, when they haven't. That's exactly right. The
Scripture speaks that.

 168 Now, just before we start the prayer line, might be somebody here has never been
here before. I don't know who you are, but God knows you. If I have told the truth, let
God identify it, whether it's the truth or not; that's the proof of it. If He's raised from the
dead, He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. He said in John 14:12, "He that
believeth (not he that maketh believe)--he that believeth in Me, the works that I do shall
he do also." Is that right?
Someone said, "'Greater shall ye do.'" That's right. Said, "Well, we preach the Gospel,
that's greater."
Just do the things He done; that'll prove it to me (See?), then we'll talk about the greater. I
can show you the greater things He's doing now than He did when He was on earth, and
that's not just preaching the Gospel either; that's in signs and miracles. It's not time for it.
Just believe. And may the God of heaven, Who raised up Jesus Christ from the dead, and
has presented Him here alive to us after two thousand years, identify this message that it's
correct. The Token's got to be applied.

  E-55 My, I didn't know I'd talked that long. I forgot about it being like that. I'm sorry.
I'll just--I'll stop. Let us pray.
Heavenly Father, great merciful God, Lord, I--I--maybe I talk too much. I pray, God, if I
did, You forgive me. But, Lord, I cannot ask forgiveness for what I said. I said just what
You've said in Your Word here. Now, just a word or two from You, Lord. Maybe
everyone here will see it tonight. The little sick people will be healed when they see that
You're still our great High Priest. I pray, Lord, that in these next few minutes that You'll
make this message live again in reality, that what I've said by word. May Your
characteristic identify You among us tonight, that You are the same yesterday, today, and
forever. For it's in Jesus' Name we ask it. Amen.

 E-49 We find out Jeremiah coming on the scene. We find out the different prophets
coming on the scene. We hardly know where they come from. They just rose up and went
away. God used them, and sealed them, sent them away, and that was all. The message
went on; the Word was confirmed and off it went to another generation. Then they built
upon what these prophets did. And they...
Then when He come along, Jesus said, "You whiten the walls, and the--of the tombs of
the prophets, and you're the one that put them in there." See? A man'll raise up with a
message, and preach this message, and give it, the message of the hour. And then after
while he's put to death, and put in a tomb, and years on they build an organization on top
of this. And on top of that comes something else. What you doing? The man's message
has done gone on. It's in history. We press on, looking forward.

 E-78 Oh, don't you feel good? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Don't
you feel like now, that you're right in the Presence of God, that sweet humble feeling?
May our souls never be so carried away with the world, and things, when that lovely,
sweet feeling of our great Messiah, Jesus Christ, is right among us now in the form of the
Holy Spirit. The world don't know nothing about it, but we know Him; we see Him. We
see Him identify Himself.
Remember, in the days of Abraham that--that God that was in human flesh, He never did
go down there in Sodom. Just two preachers went down there, but not Him. He stayed
with the elected, called-out church. That's what this message was to. Isn't it wonderful
that He comes to us today? We are...?... identified as the royal seed of Abraham, proved.
With His back turned to the tent, told what Sarah was thinking. Same thing comes right
here tonight, and does the same thing in human flesh. Jesus said it would happen in the
days of when the Son of man was revealed.

 E-25 What was the matter with that courier? How could it be? Was he conscious of
what he done? The first time, maybe, in his life that he ever stood in the Presence of
Jesus, and never even asked forgiveness of his sins. He never--he never took the
opportunity. Oh, how it's the same way with people today. Many times they--they realize
that they're in His Presence and never ask forgiveness. Well, that... He--he had may be
never presented the opportunity another time, and turned down his last opportunity to ask
forgiveness. How could he ever have done that? How could this boy ever so been
wrapped up in bringing this message from his master, that he failed in the Presence of the
Son of God to ask forgiveness? It was all a business affair.

  E-51 And Joshua wants to you to know that there was a man in there wanted to make
an organization out of them. His name is Dathan. And he and Korah... And they raised
up, said, "There's more holy men than you."
God never does deal with groups. It's individuals. He cannot change. What God does the
first time, He has to ever remain that same one.
Here, look. God's first decision to save a man was by the shed blood of an innocent one.
It's never changed. God never changes. We've tried to build cities for them. We've tried to
build towers. We've tried to educate them. We've tried to denominate them. And we get
further away all the time. Is there only one place that man can fellowship. That's under
the shed blood of the innocent one. That's the only way we'll ever believe it. Only way we
can get together is under the shed blood of the innocent. God never changes His way.
God, in no time, ever did deal but with one individual. He won't save you because you're
a Methodist, or because you're a Pentecostal. He'll save you as an individual, not as a
group. He never does do that. He saves individuals, one. Just one person He deals with.
Moses cried before the Lord, and the Lord said, "Separate yourself, Moses. I called you
by this message." And He let the world swallow them up. So Joshua wants you to
understand that also.

  E-20 Amos, in the days when he brought his message, and he prophesied... And we
find out that when he come into--to--to Samaria, which had been given over to the world.
And the women in the streets had become almost public prostitution, and the fashions, it
was a modern Hollywood. When this little unknown bald-headed fellow raised up over
the mountain one morning, and looked down upon Samaria and saw it in sin, and why, I'd
imagine his heart almost failed.
Only thing he'd knowed, he'd been a herdsman. He--he wasn't really... The Lord just give
him this message, and sent him down there. And now, he had no sponsorship; he had--he
had nobody to back him up. But he was led of God to go bring this message to the people
and to call them out from judgment. Well now, I'd imagine to the great scientific age, and
the age of glamor, something of the order today, Amos became a oddball. See? He
became a fool, and they--they wouldn't want nothing to do. But yet, he had THUS
SAITH THE LORD (See?), and he delivered what could be delivered.

  4 And I want to say that I deem this a grand privilege this morning of being here
again. And sorry that we don't have the adequate seating room. And we are going to try
tonight now to have prayer for the sick; today, this morning, it would be a little hard.
And--and I was going to tape this message today. I... The Lord seemed to deal with me
concerning it, oh, a month or two ago, and it's a long... And I don't have the time out in
the meetings, because we allow that to thirty, forty minutes of service. And then we...
Because of the people having to go to work and things, I found it better if I make my
messages short. And they didn't have time out there to record it, so I thought I'd just wait
till I got to the Tabernacle here and then record it from here. And it's a little lengthy, and I
know you're standing, and I--I'm going to hurry just as fast as I can. And now, you won't
bother me if you're switching seats, or whatevermore, that'll--that'll be perfectly all right
with me, because this is a special day that we just make these recordings.
And so we got great reports from what the Lord has done out in the field, but we'll
probably give more of that tonight when we can give more time to it, have more time to

 8 Now, I believe, if I understand, they got a telephone hookup somewhere, that this
message is going into Phoenix and to--and to different parts by telephone. And so now,
we trust that if that's so... I don't know; I was just told that 'fore coming in. And that all
the people out there are really enjoying good health and--and the glory of the Lord upon

  115 Now, if you believe with all your heart... How many in here that's sick and knows
that I do not know you, know what's wrong with you, just raise up your hand, say, "I'm
sick, have need." How many has desires in their heart, not sick, but has desires, in the
audience? All right. There isn't very--anybody that I seen but what held up their hand.
Now, I don't know... I know this man setting here; I'm sure that's Brother James, and I
think that's Sister James. Brother Ben, I know... Just your faces sometimes... The brother
taking pictures... But the... Let somebody back in here anywhere, just... I--I--I challenge
this on the basis in the closing of this message.

  40-6 And the seventh angel's Message, under the same trumpet, same everything
exactly, the same seal, is to what? Call the people, the Bride out of the Pentecostal and
world traditions to the genuine Atonement, the Word, Christ, impersonated in His Word
here, made flesh among us.
Science has proved it by pictures. The church knows it the world around. We firmly
know it, for He's never told us one thing as THUS SAITH THE LORD but what came the
truth. Did He not say down there on the river, "As John the Baptist was sent, so will this
message call out..."
I looked up and see it is twelve o'clock. The midnight hour is here, friend, upon us. See
how perfect the Scripture is? Perfectly how it--that...

 46-4 And now, Lord, there's no cooperation nowhere. Trying even to get into South
Africa where I know there's some souls there yet waiting. Every place, and look like they
won't receive me, Lord. Not because of me, Lord; it's because of this Message. But You
said it would be this way; and You made it known to us, so we wouldn't be discouraged.
We know the hour we're living.
God, these people set here this morning in this hot, baking room here. They've listened
close; they see now, I'm sure. If they don't, reveal it to them, Lord, why that You wouldn't
permit me to take those Trumpets. I see it has nothing to do with us. Like that Sixth
Trumpet, it all happened, and we done seen the Sixth Seal open; and we seen a vision
here two weeks ago of the preview of the Bride and the church, as I told it here. Just as
You showed me, Lord, I told it. Here we are; it may be later than we think.
  17 I got... This message is long this morning, but I--I don't know just how... And I
know I help make the rules of the church, but in there if you'll notice I said, "Except I am
taping." See, so this is taping. So maybe we will try to get back both times tonight and
next Sunday then, we'll--if the Lord's willing.
Now, if you don't get a message this week, then you come next Sunday. I hate to have
you come twice like that, but I feel we haven't got but just a little more time. And just
remember, if time moves on, we're not going to have this privilege very long. See?
Remember, something will take place. Either the law will stop us or Satan will move
among you and scatter you. It's always been that way. See? Something will take place. So
let's appreciate every minute that we're together.

  204 I remember one time a story of a little cockney in England. He was just an
ordinary man. And they said that the--the king, one of the kings in the early days was
going into his--his palace. And this... He had no one... He had a message he had to get
forth, a urgent message, because of the enemy. And so he--he said to this little fellow
standing there, he said, "Here, take this message; take this message. Hurry to a certain,
certain place, and command this to be done." And he said, "Take my scepter in your
hand; that'll vindicate you, that I'm--you're sent from me."
And he stuck it under his robe, and away he went, the guards everywhere stopping him,
everybody else, yelling, "Give away. I have the message of the king. I'm the king's
messenger." A vindicated word...
I thought, "Satan, get out of my way. I have the King's Message. I must go."

 4 And... Well, it's just a--a bit cooler this Sunday night in here than it was last Sunday
night. So we're very grateful to our brothers who worked so faithfully in getting this in. I
know two or three of them: Brother Mike Egan, as I see back there, and I--Brother Mike
and Brother Sothmann, Brother, I believe, Roy Roberson, and Brother Wood, and all of
them, they were down here just sweating it out, trying to get it in so we could have this
message now--or today. So we're grateful.

 74-4 Now, there's only about a dozen hands or more went up. I believe that God can
heal every one of you, right... I believe you are. I don't believe that a person really could
set in a place like this, without--in this kind of time, in this atmosphere, without knowing,
recognizing something. I want you to pray. I want you to get what's wrong with you in--
in your heart. See? And then begin to pray, say, "Lord Jesus, reveal this. I'm--I'm
speaking to You what's wrong with me. And now, You send Your Holy Spirit to Brother
Branham to fulfill what he said to be the truth in this message, that he's talked today
about You I know it'll be the Truth. Now, reveal it to me, Lord; speak to me."

 950-Q-245 245. Brother Branham, I have accepted God's Message of today, and also
our son. And we both have been baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. My
husband--my husband hasn't accepted the Message and is fighting this Message. And he
has influenced our son and is taking him to a Methodist church. He wants me to go with
him to church when we are not in service here at the Tabernacle. Would it be right for me
to go with him or would it be better to stay out of that denomination?
Well now, dear sister... She never signed no name, but perhaps you're listening to your
question; if you don't, you'll hear it on tape. Go with your husband, but don't be partakers
of--of what they're doing. See, you're supposed to love your husband, and love is what
does it. You just be real salty; he'll get thirsty if there's anything in him.
Don't join their denomination. You said, "Stay away from that denomination." Don't join
it; go to it. If you can't get a whole loaf, get a half; can't get a half, just get a slice. See,
see? But that's the way you'll win your husband by doing that. Don't be arrogant, then
he'll know he's got just as much as you have. See? But when you can show something
that you have that he don't have, that'll make him thirst to be like you. The sanctified wife
sanctifies the husband.
That was just an advice. So I--I could spend a long time on that, but we just want to get
through as many as we can, 'cause I see I only got about twenty-two minutes then. All

  1005-Q-282 282. Brother Branham... (Did I finish that? Did I get about the baptism of
the Holy... Yes, that was about it, wasn't it? All right. Excuse me, if I don't get it, just
forgive me. I... These are such wonderful questions. You could just stay one whole night
just on one question, brother, and then not even touch it.) I appreciate you as a servant of
God, the believe--and I believe the Message of Truth. My wife won't hear me--says
anything--say anything about this Message, and will not listen to any tape. I am in
nervous trouble on my job also. I want my wife to believe too and pray for my children.
Brother Branham, I want to be friend of God's--I want to be found in God's will for my
life. I want to be His servant. (And the person signs "over." Wait a minute.) When I was
small, I told everyone that I wanted to be a preacher. I don't know what God wants me to
do. I'm willing to do anything for the Lord. Yours in the Lord.
Now, a good question. And the man is sincere. His wife, his companion that's a part of
him... May I add something here to that? My brethren, I say this in the Name of the Lord.
One of these days, the Lord willing, I think I'll just go ahead and make that tape on
marriage and divorce (See?), bring it right here at the Tabernacle. If it separates, it'll just
have to separate. But we're going to prove it's the Word of the Lord.

  1024-132 Now, I told the brethren (There's witnesses here know this), I said, "Let it
alone. After while I'll--we'll find out whether it's of God or not. If it cannot stand
chastisement, then it's a bastard child." Exactly what the Bible said. And when the
chastisement come, what happened? Did I tell you that long ago? See? Ask the pastor
He said, "What about this and that?"
I said, "Just let it alone. They're babies. We can't judge it, but watch when it really comes
to pin down to the Word."
Now, Brother Junior Jackson had a right to disagree with that. He wants his church... The
people all want to speak with tongues and things in the audience. That's Brother Junior's
troubles; that's--that's up to him. But Junior Jackson believes this Message the same as
the--any of the rest of us does. He's one of us. And it's not a "dead bird" to go there.
Junior Jackson is a man of God that I love with all my heart. And is not here tonight, so I
can really pour it on the way I want to.

  1074-56 Like someone wrote the question the other day, was up here, said about--said
something about Brother Junior Jackson. Somebody went down there, and they said,
"You're going down to the 'dead beans,'" or something or other like that. Brother
Jackson... Because Brother Jackson's congregation, they let them speak with tongues just
in the church. Wherever they feel the Spirit and want to speak in tongues, they go ahead
and do it. Well, that's Brother Jackson's church. That's perfectly all right. I've got nothing
against that, not a thing. Junior Jackson's one of my best friends, and a real godly man,
filled with the Spirit of God, and we're brothers. Now, he don't have to eat my cherry pie,
I can... Or I don't have to eat his apple pie (See?), but we're both eating pie. We both
believe this Message exactly. That's the order of the church. I said, "I want my church to
try to come together..." I said... When we begin to break out here, the Holy Spirit
speaking in tongues and so forth, I said... Somebody asked me, and said, "Now, Brother
Branham, is all that genuine?"

 1116-Q-364 364. I have two daughters married to man in the d-e-a-v and they believe
this Message. They--denominations (That's right.), and they believe this Message and
have taken a stand for It, and have received... What should they do? They have received
opposition. What shall we do?
Hold your stand. Absolutely. Show your colors. That's it; don't give in to them. No, sir. I
don't say, don't go among them, fellowship, or something like that, as long as you can
fellowship; but when they come to changing the diet, you know, a dove can't eat with a

 1145-Q-376 376. Will the Bride, those that believe this Message, go out west,
eventually gather there, I mean?

 1145-12 However, if you feel like you want to go west, let me make that just real plain
now, before I go. Now, so... (Are they taping this message? They are? All right.) Don't let
me tell you where to go. If you feel like you want to come out west, come out west. If
you feel like you want to go east, north, west, south, you go where the Lord leads you.
Everybody understand that say, "Amen." [Congregation replies, "Amen!"--Ed.]

 1147-23 And now, if you're really wanting to go somewhere to stay with the Word,
where our Message... And our Message is no different; it's the same Message you've
heard all your life, only something more been revealed to it. This Message is the same
Message that Luther preached, same Message that Wesley preached, the same Message
that Pentecostals preached, only something added to It. What it is, is the revealing of the
Seals, what them reformers left off (See?), that's been made known in this day could not
be known then. The Pentecostal message could not be known in the days of Luther or
Wesley; it had to wait till the Pentecostal age. But the Pentecostal age is, nothing but just
a farther advanced Lutheran age. Just like corn maturing or anything else, so has the

 1184-Q-431 431. We are called... (Now, here's that question the other day.) We are
called unclean birds, because we go to Junior Jackson's church. Sometimes because we're
with the--the... He don't comply with the new church rules here at the church. Are we out
of the perfect will of God to attend there at times?
No, sir. I believe Junior Jackson to be a man of God. I've already explained it. I believe...
Now, we don't agree upon the order of the church. Now, I believe that Junior's--Junior...
Why he... How many knows Junior Jackson? Why, we know that man's a godly man. He
believes this Message just the same as I do, and he believes these things. Frankly, Junior
and I are just buddies, just like the rest of these men here, J. T., and--and Brother
Ruddell, and Brother Jackson, and Brother Beeler, and all of these brothers here; all of
us, we're together. Now, we don't--might not see just eye-to-eye alike (See?), but we
believe this same Message (See?), and we stick together. There's Brother Hume over
there too, a missionary, and oh, so many different ones, I... Sometimes I don't even get to
call their names, but you--you know I mean you anyhow, brother. Sure.

 49 Now, the vindicated Word of Truth. When these shepherds, humble, uneducated
men... What a honor, how fitting it is to a shepherd to receive a message of a newborn
sheep. It could come to nothing else but a shepherd. That's why He was borned in a stable
and not in a house. Sheep are not borned in a house, or in a pink decorated hospital room.
See? They are borned in the barn, and in the fields.
That's the reason He was led to Calvary. You cannot make a sheep walk the gangway to
the slaughter. Did you know that? In the slaughter yards, they have a goat that leads the
sheep. And when he gets up to where the killing place is, he jumps out and lets the sheep
go on. A sheep has to be led; he can't lead himself. So therefore, it had to be the shepherd
coming for the his sheep. When they found the God-baby exactly where the messenger
said He would be, and when they found this message--message of the messenger in the
manger exactly where the Angels said It would be...

 164 Zechariah 14:7 (I might say this.), speaks of the evening Lights and message
again at the end time. Did you notice that? As many as followed Moses seen the Pillar of
Fire that identified him on Mount Sinai. He had testified of, and spoke of this Pillar of
Fire being in a bush and had told him this message; many of them wouldn't believe it. But
as many as followed him out of Egypt (come up out of the world, and crossed the sea of
separation, and went into the wilderness), saw the same Pillar of Fire (that he spoke of)
vindicating that shepherd prophet to be the shepherd of the sheep. They saw it, and many
of them still didn't believe it after they saw it.

 245 I love the songs of the church. Paul said in the Bible, "When I sing, I sing in the
Spirit. I preach, I preach in the Spirit. When I... Whatever I do, I do it all in the Name of
Jesus Christ." Now, being that this has been strenuous on you... And I--I appreciate you. I
come with this message. Sometime it seems like I just hate to say it, but yet I'm--I'm duty
bound, brethren. If I don't do it, I'm a hypocrite. If I don't do it, I'm a traitor to my own
conscience, and my own--own faith in God's Word. I must do it, not to be different, but to
be true to my calling. And I want to help you; I want to do everything I can.
Now, let's sing one of the great hymns of all times, I love it so well, "I Love Him." You
know, I believe if we'd just all love Him, we would do what He asked us to do. "How call
ye Me, 'Lord,' and do not the things I command you to do? How do you call Me, 'Lord,'
and then not do what I told you to do?"

 1 Let's bow our heads. Dear God, we are happy this afternoon for this privilege that
we have of assembling ourselves together once more. And You alone, Lord, knows how
our hearts has yearned for this hour that when we could stand before Thy people again
here and bring this message that we so vitally feel that it's so urgent in this hour. And
Thou has 'lotted us these few days now, and we pray, dear God, that Your hand of mercy
will be upon us to guide us and direct us. And give us those things which we have need
of, Lord, for our hearts yearn to know You better.
We see the great harvest field, white, ripe, and know the grain is ready now for the great
threshing time. Dear God, we pray that You'll open back the shucks from around us; let
us lay in the Presence of the Son now these next few days and ripen to the Kingdom of

 80 And the responsibility that God has given us in this day to bring this Message...
And as I get older and I know my days are shortening up, I feel the responsibility greater
than I ever felt: press it on. We must do it. We must get down to it in our--everywhere we
go and tell the Message and--and tell the people that Jesus Christ is coming, that He's
God and He's coming soon. There's not a--not a hope left in the world but the coming of
the Lord.

 5-2 So the church really is in birth pains tonight again for the deliverance of the Son--
Son of God to come again. All of our theologians, all of our systems, all of our
denominations has rotted right out from under us. So we are in birth pains. And a
Message from God always throws the church in heavier pains. But after while she's going
to be delivered of a bride that'll bring forth Jesus Christ to His Bride.
And then, thinking this man had disagreed with me so much, when I raised up to speak
this message, I turned in my Bible to find the page, and my wife had just given me a new
Bible for Christmas. My old Bible was about fifteen years old, and the thing was just
about tore to pieces. The pages, every time I'd open it up, would fly out of it and--but I
knowed just where to find every Scripture. So I'd studied close in that Bible, and I'd just
picked up the new one because the other one looked so ragged to go to church with.

  112 Oh, what's this Message come to? What's he going to do? "And in his day it shall
be Light at the evening time." And what? To welcome His children back home to the true
promised land by the same sign of the Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel through
the wilderness. God's chosen Place to worship, Jesus Christ, that's the only Place there is.
That's the only Name God has for salvation. That's what He's named the family in heaven
while it's on earth, is Jesus Christ.
Oh, church, oh, people, sinner friend, don't trust in nothing else but Jesus Christ. Don't
trust in any preacher. Don't trust in anybody else to save you. Trust not in any church,
any creed, any denomination; trust only in Jesus Christ, for He is the Light of the hour.
Let us bow our heads.
It shall be Light about the evening time;
The path to Glory you will surely find;
In the water way is the Light today,
Buried in the precious Name of Jesus.
Young and old repent of all your sins;
The Holy Ghost will surely enter in;
The evening Lights have come;
It is the facts that God in Christ are One.

  4-2 And now, in a odd, peculiar ministry, I've been called everything from God to a
devil. And that's just... It always is that way.
That's what this archbishop of the Catholic church said to me the other night (down there
the discussion was), that he said, "Brother Branham, John the Baptist clearly identified
himself in the Scriptures as spoken by the prophet Isaiah." He said, "Your ministry is
clearly identified in the church." He said, "The Lutherans are in the Bible." He said,
"Lutherans knowed Luther; Wesley's know Wesley, but what about the Pentecostals?"
Said, "They're wandering, don't know where to go."
And I said, "Sir, I appreciate that." And it was that time the Spirit fell upon the lady (had
never seen me in, his wife) and spoke and identified the same thing.
Now, to be honest before this message I speak this morning, I don't know. I told him, I
said, "Sir, I couldn't say that. That's a great big thing to say. It looks like it." One thing
that I know, that there's something has took place, definitely. All these things just as
scientifically proven and proven around and around the world, it can't be just a myth; it's
truth. What is it? Let me say confessionally before I speak to you this morning, I don't
know. And I would be daresn't to make any move until I heard from Him that has talked
to me in the past and told me these things.

 44-4 Now, it's twelve o'clock, so I'll just omit something here for a few minutes. I
want to ask you something.
Now, remember, I say this to just my group only. And out in the air: I'm saying this to
only my own followers; this Message is only to them. And what I'm going to say here,
any minister, he--that's his--he's the shepherd of the flock; let him do whatever he wants
to. That's up to him and God. Any priest, any preacher, that's up to you, my brother. I'm
only speaking here in Jeffersonville, the only place that I'd speak this at, is because it's
my own flock. It's the flock that the Holy Ghost give me to understand, to be overseer
over. He'll hold me responsible for it.
And these people of mine's been converts here from across the land that I've led to Christ.
And little children, I'm here to help you and I am your friend. You might think I speak
against you; I'm saying this to--for your good. I love you. And if that isn't so, God's my
Judge. You know I love you.

 48-3 Friends (and then I'm closing, you can go from this), that's when this was being
revealed to me, what I'm going to tell you right now. So don't miss it.
Now, I'm speaking to our followers only, who's following me and this Message only, not
the outside. Bear me record of this before God: just to this group only.
Now, we are found in this mess because of misinterpreted theology. That right? That's
why you women married the second time and you men, because misinterpret theology.
Now, I want to show you something that He told me. And if God, our Creator, was
questioned the question when He was here on earth (Jesus Christ), and when His
delivering prophet came forth (Moses) down in Egypt to bring the children out of--of
Egypt to put them in the promised land; and Jesus said here that Moses seen the people in
this condition, and he granted them a writing of divorcement because the situation was
what it was. Moses found such as, "Let him suffer..." God permitted Moses, that prophet
sent to the people, to grant this writing of divorcement to them.

  50-4 I love Him (Why shouldn't you love Him.) I love Him,
Because He first loved me,
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's tree.
I say it now so the ministers will understand: this is to them that follows this Message
Oh, are you happy? I told you the truth, THUS SAITH THE LORD all the way through.
Now, let us stand and raise our hands as we sing it again. "I love Him, I love Him for His
grace; I love Him for His mercy; I love Him for His Word." And the Word of the Lord
came to the prophet.
I love Him (Come on, brother. Go ahead.)

 3-2 Well, if you'll turn the picture like this and look (and you can probably see it from
the audience), it's Christ. See His eyes looking here just as perfect as it could be, wearing
the white wig of supreme Deity and Judge of all heavens and earth? Can you see His
eyes, nose, His mouth? Just turn the picture from this (the way they had it), this a-way,
the way it's supposed to be. And you... Can you see it? He is supreme Judge; there's none
other but Him. And that is a perfect identification again, a vindication that this Message
is the truth. It is true. And making Him, not a third person, but the only Person with the
See, you see the dark, His face, His beard, and His eyes? And notice, He's looking; from
Him comes this Light shining on the right-hand side to which He's looking to. And on the
cross that's where He looked, to the right, where He pardoned the sinner. In the light of
His resurrection we still go forth in His Name.

  11-2 Notice, the very Message of the Gospel Itself is to prove to the people that He is
risen. "Go tell My disciples that I am risen from the dead, and I'll meet with them to
confirm this to them." Oh God, how in this last days there shall be Light again across the
earth, "And I'll prove to My disciples; go tell them that I am not dead, and I'm not a
tradition, but I am a living Christ; I'll meet them. Take this Message to My disciples, that
I'm risen from the dead." The Gospel, good news... You say, "Is that right?" Hebrews
13:8 said He's the same yesterday, today, and for ever.

  49-5 Father God, I have spoke at length and taken up much of the people's time, but
Lord God, there's no stopping to it. It just seems you just have to quit, and walk away,
and rest, and come back. We're living in a dying world amongst dying people, with a
Message of Life and with a evidence of the resurrection.
Dear God, we're only going to be mortal once, and what will it be if we let this
opportunity pass us? Our hearts are burning; our souls are thrilled, these who have come
in. And many here are hearing this message this morning. Yes, two or three hundred
lifted their hands. They want to believe, Lord. Oh, surely that seed's not dead, Lord. How
could they raise their hands like that? There's something. Oh, God, it's old self, it's that
wife of Job standing there saying, "Oh..." But, Lord, let that Job, that believer walk in this
morning, die completely, and be buried here in this baptismal waters, the dew drops that
come from heaven, the Word of God, that says It'll wash away every sin and remit it.
You're baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, what for? The remission of your sins. Sin's
remitted in the Name of Jesus Christ.

 52-1 I probably won't see you no more from today until I return back. We're going in
just a few days now, the 10th of May. Will you pray for me? Remember, you don't know
what troubles are till you hit there: witch doctors on every side and devils; and don't think
they don't know what to do. See? And you better know what you're talking about, when
you stand before them. "But I know in Whom I have believed, and I'm persuaded He's
able to keep that which I have committed to Him against that day."
Now, there's some handkerchiefs laying here. Dear God, as this message this morning of
the resurrection and me standing here, Lord, and proving by the Word that that
Quickening Power is in the believing child; therefore, upon believing in faith that that
Quickening Power has changed my life, and these people believes, Lord, and It changed
their lives; and we pray one for another.
I'm laying my hands upon these handkerchiefs that may God, Who quickened Jesus
Christ and brought Him from the dead, and that Spirit that raised Him up from the dead,
be dwelling in our bodies. The Spirit that was upon the body of Elisha that after being
dead and nothing but bones, it had Quickening Power in them. The hands of the apostles
had Quickening Power in them. The minds of the apostles, the sight of the apostles, the--
the tongues of the believers, all had Quickening Power. Now, may that Quickening
Power, as I lay this Word upon them and my hands to represent a possessor by grace of
that Quickening Power, may It quicken every one of these sick bodies and they be made
whole again, God. Through Jesus Christ's Name. May it not only for these handkerchiefs,
but for those people out there in the audience, everyone that suffers, those little children,
elderly people, whatever they are, may that Quickening Power quicken them right now in
Jesus' Name. Amen.

 17 Tonight we have a little change in the service. We have a fine brother here, Brother
Capps. He come to us from the Nazarene church, and I think that is right, Brother Capps?
He's wishing tonight to be ordained by us, by laying on hands.
We do not have papers to give out to anyone, yet we're recognized as... We could have
papers, but we believe that a true ordained minister, his papers is in heaven. See? And he-
-he has the rights to preach the Bible as long as God identifies his life with the Bible. We
believe that's his credentials.
And now, Brother Capps has been ordained officially in the--the Nazarene church, but
tonight he wants the elders and so forth to lay hands upon him for ordination to carry this
Message. What a gallant thing.

 28 Dear God, the temple post has moved again. And as seeing the Spirit of the
quickening Life working in our brother, I pray, God, as he feels this from above that says
that he must go... We lay hands upon him as Your elders, Lord, and give to him the right-
hand of fellowship, and lay our hands upon him, and pass the blessings of God upon him,
that You'll anoint his lips, his thinking, his entire being, and may he take this Message of
the Gospel to every crack and corner that You'll call him to. Grant it, Lord. We give You
our brother as a servant of Yours in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Preach the Word, my young brother. Be in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke with
all long-suffering in doctrine. God bless you...?...

 53 Yes, Brother? All right, sir. I believe this is Brother Darius. This man is Brother
Darius. Where you from, brother? Black Rock, Arkansas. Brother... knows him. Someone
else, I believe, here said... Brother Brewer. I believe I met this morning, they're... Sister
Vayle, I guess, Brother Vayle and them who know him, and know him to be a man of
God, a servant of God... Wonderful.
Well now, my dear brother, to be a carrier of the Message, we want you to know that
we'll stand behind you, do everything that we can. We'll be praying for you, that you also
will carry this Message to the utmost parts of wherever God has ordained you to go. Let
us lay our hands on our Brother Darius.
Dear God, we lay our hands upon our brother, give him the right-hand of fellowship, and
send him in the Name of Jesus Christ...?... You'll anoint his...?... [Unable to distinguish
Brother Branham--Ed.]... give him the right-hand of...?... Your Spirit go with him and
guide him and direct him, in Name of Jesus Christ. God bless you, brother.

  57 Oh, I don't know. We're on a telephone hookup; fifty cents a minute. Was there
somebody else here was want... Step up here and call your names, who you are, brethren,
just through the microphone, right up here. Just tell them... [The following men state their
names: Pat Tyler, Claude Boggess, Dale Potter, James Humes, Earl Horner--Ed.] Is that
them? Come up, brethren... These men, do you believe this Message to be the Truth from
God's bless...?... You believe that with all your heart? And you are desirous and think if
we lay hands upon you? We want you to know that we are with you and will do anything
that we can do to help you. And now, I want you brethren, so that I can lay hands on
them to, to step right up here now, and let's all bow our heads as we lay hands on them.
Dear God, here's a group of men; I lay my hands upon each of them in the Name of Jesus
Christ the Son of God. And may You Who have called them as ministers, may they...?...
Lord, for Your...?... [Unable to distinguish Brother Branham--Ed.] We give to them the
right-hand of fellowship, pray Your blessings to be with them, Lord, and bless them...?...
of the earth...?... May they work and serve You in the capacity that You call...?... May
they be gallant, real servants...?... Grant it, Lord. We ask it in Jesus Christ's Name...?...

 61 Now, we'll read the Word and pray and get straight into this message that I feel that
the Holy Spirit would have me to bring to you tonight.
And now, while we are turning back in the--for the text (I'll announce it in a moment.)...
Let's turn to Numbers the 22nd chapter, verse 31: Numbers 22:31, for a text.
While you're turning, if you'd like to read--read it or mark it, I want you all to remember
me now, until I get to see you again, I hope, sometime this summer, the Lord willing.
And if anything happens I don't get to go overseas, I'll be back; but we are now believing
that how all this has worked around, that the Holy Spirit is going to send us now on a way
that He has chosen for Himself to send us. That's the way we want to do it. The Lord

 119 So you see, that was God's people. Now, that prophet, though he was up there and
hired by the king, worked among the celebrity and so forth... And the Word of God came
to him, he sought the will of God, and the will of God spoke back to him and said, "Don't
curse this people. I've blessed them."
Now, there isn't a theologian under the skies that can deny this Message that we're
preaching, but what It's exactly the Word of God right in time. God's a-vindicated it in
everything that's been said or done. He's proved it to be right. Now, there's no theologian,
no Bible reader, no prophet can look in that Word, if he is a prophet, he'll see the same
thing. But if he doesn't see the same thing, that shows there's something wrong, because...
You say, "Well, oh, I could take it vice versa." So could Balak, Balaam. See? But God
identified Moses. And then what was the proof? The Word of God. And he heard the
plain, clean-cut decision of God: "Don't you go. Don't try to--to curse what I've blessed.
Them's My people." But you know what? Balaam didn't like them people to begin with.
Oh, what a--how many Balaams is there in the world today? He didn't like that group to
start with.

  1-4 Now, I know tonight there's a panel also [Brother Branham is referring to a
question and answer panel regarding the Baptism of the Holy Spirit sponsored by the Full
Gospel Business Men which appeared over television in Los Angeles at the time this
Message was preached--Ed.], so I don't want to keep you here long enough that you'd
miss that, because I do think that was certainly an asset to--to the Pentecostal believing
people, that panel we saw the other night. Such a fine bunch of men and such wonderful
answers: straight. It made me feel real good to see that, and I trust that the Lord will bless
it tonight, and ever who that looks, may they believe. That would be my sincere prayer.

  7-5 Now, as we see that all of the natural things is a type of the spiritual things, that
we went through in our lesson this morning, as the sun and its nature...
That was my first Bible. Before I ever read a page in the Bible, I knew God. Because the
Bible's written everywhere in nature, and it just corresponds with the Word of God: how
the death, burial, resurrection of the nature, and the sun rising, crossing, setting, dying,
rising again, just so many things that we could type God in nature that we have to bypass
for this message.

 6 And I knew the Tabernacle wasn't sufficient to seat the people and make them
comfortable the way they should be when they--when I have this message; therefore, we
had to--to make a different arrangement. And instead of having the--the ten nights that
we were planning on having, well, I made it just two services a Sunday: this Sunday, next
Sunday, and the following Sunday, two services, so that... And we never advertised it.
And then, if anyone who heard some way that the meetings was going to begin on the
twenty-eighth at the school auditorium, if God permitted, well, if you have any friends
and got any reservations in the motels, I--I'd cancel it (See?), because it--that they--we
can't get the convenience to have it; they can't get the--school auditorium.

 38 Now, we find that God had a way of doing things, but David, just being blessed of
God like he had to become king, he just thought that he would just do something for God
anyhow. And he never went about it in the right way.
We notice, God reveals His Word in His own predestinated season. Now, how could
Martin Luther have knowed about the Message today? How could the Presbyterians...
How could Martin--or the Catholic church know Martin Luther's message? How could
John Wesley have knowed Luther's message? How could Wesley have knowed the
Pentecostal message? Or how could the Pentecostals know this Message? See? He
reveals It in His seasons, because It is a Seed; and as It grows and matures He reveals

 165 Notice how great God is, how great His works are, how He can never fail. Now,
God has a provided and original way to do things, and He'll never do it contrary to that.
Now, He promised in the last days that what He would do. And He sent them--us a
Message, and this Message would have the same identification as Elijah had, as Elisha
had, as John the Baptist had. And It would turn the hearts of the people, not to the
denomination, but back to the original, apostolic fathers, back to the Word. And how
these things have been a-vindicated. How that in the sounding of the last angel,
Revelations 10: In the days of the seventh angel these mysteries that's all been... Why did
the Methodists do this, and the Baptists, and the Church of Christ, and the Jehovah
Witness, all do that? Them mysteries will be revealed in the last days when the seven
angels--seventh angel's Message, when he, not when he starts out doing this, but when he
begins to sound his Message. See? Not the years in preparation, but the--when he begins
to sound the Message, these mysteries then will be revealed. And here they are, not
knowing them, and you people are a witness of that. And then in that great observatory--
so that the world will be in doubt--they're still wondering what happened.

 33 Now, that type there that I'm going to type Elijah with the church today, or the
church of today... Just before judgment he received this message. Elijah, he represented,
being cared for in the natural, his natural food, because it wasn't going to rain now,
according to the Word of God, for three years and six months, or until Elijah called for it.
"Whatever time you say, Elijah, that's what it'll be." Therefore he walked up to the king
and said, "There'll not even be dew fall till I call for it." That's quite a--a load, isn't it?
That's quite a message.
And now we're going to type that with the spiritual drought of today. Now, we all know,
we're very aware that there is a great spiritual drought in the land today, spiritually
speaking. And, you know, that was predicted by the prophets, just before the second
coming of Christ would be, said, "There will come a famine in the land, and it won't be
for bread alone, but for the hearing of the Word of God." And that day is now, "hearing
the true Word of God." Now, this types the natural drought with the spiritual.
Sin and unbelief, by false teachers and modernists in the church had brought the place to
this coming, oncoming judgment. Then they had turned from God's Word and His
prophet to a modern theological terms of the Word.

 222 Dear Jesus, we are recognizing Your Presence. You brought that little baby back
to life the other day after it being dead, by the prayer of faith. Dear God, there's many
here we couldn't get to; the time's passing; but they got their hands on one another.
They're believers. We're setting in the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ, raised from the
dead, the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Satan, you are defeated. Jesus Christ defeated you. He rose from the dead and stands
among us tonight, vindicating this Message of the last day. Come out of this people!
Leave them, in the Name of Jesus Christ. "In My Name they shall cast out devils," and
you are cast out. In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave this congregation.

 88 Now, you're the congregation. Now, which one's right, both of them prophets? The
only way you can tell the difference in them is check it by the Word.
Said, "How do you get this?"
He said, "I saw God setting upon a throne." Said, "I saw all the council around Him."
Now, remember, Zedekiah just said he saw God too in the same Spirit. "I saw God. He
told me to make these horns out of--out of iron. Go out there and push the nations out of
here, for this belongs to us. The others ain't got no right into it." They would if they'd
stayed right with God, they would have that, but they got away from God. That's the way
the organization is, the church. It's got a right to these things, but you've been cheated out
of it, because you got away from God's Word and God's Spirit, Anointing, to vindicate
the Word of the season. Don't you fail to get this message.

  115 But watch. Jesus said that in this end time again the two spirits would be real
close together again. Is that right? Now, notice. It will be closer than that was; this is the
end time. Oh, children. God have mercy upon us. Till it would even be so real till it
would deceive the very elected if possible. Now, how you going--how did we tell it in
them days? How you going to tell it today? The same way, stay with the Word: Jesus
Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Now, care all this Message. And when you
listen to the tape--even maybe I'll be gone someday when the Lord's finished with me
here on the earth--you'll refer back to this. Listen to my voice, what I'm telling you. If He
takes me before His coming, just remember, I've spoke to you in the Name of the Lord by
the Word of the Lord. Yes.

 190 What is iniquity? Ask somebody. It's something that you know you ought to do
and you won't do it. They know that Word; they hear it. You're listening to this tape;
you're listening to this message. You see the Lord God say so; you see Him confirm it,
make it true. And you know this just as plain as the sun shining outside. But you that'll
hold on to your denomination, hold on to those false things, you worker of iniquity...
"Oh, yes, I had great campaigns. I done this; I done that."
Said, "You depart from me, you worker of iniquity, I never knew you."
"Well, the Holy Ghost fell on me." I don't doubt that a bit. "I spoke in tongues. I sang in
the Spirit. I done..." I don't doubt that a bit. No question to that. Oh, brother, sister, what
kind of a condition? This is a trembling time. Where we at? This Word is coming to Life

  268 Out into the land where this message is going from the east coast to the west,
from California to New York, down into the south, up into the north, out into the
missions, and wherever it's going, and in this tabernacle, we are poor, we don't have these
great, big, flowerly things, and television cast, we're just trying to do the best we can.
"But all that the Father has given Me will come."

  269 Now, I want you to know this is sure. And you that listen to this tape, you might
have thought today that I was trying to say that about myself, being that I was packing
this Message. I have no more to do with it than nothing, no more than just a voice. And
my voice, even against my better judgment... I wanted to be a trapper. But it's the will of
my Father that I declare to do, and determined to do. I wasn't the One that appeared down
on the river; I was only standing there when He appeared. I'm not the One that performs
these things and foretells these things that happens as perfect as they are; I'm only one
that's near when He does it. I was only a voice that He used to say it. It wasn't what I
knew; it's what I just surrendered myself to, that He spoke through. It isn't me. It wasn't
the seventh angel, oh, no; it was a manifestation of the Son of man. It wasn't the angel,
his Message; it was the mystery that God unfolded. It's not a man; it's God. The angel
was not the Son of man; he was a messenger from the Son of man. The Son of man is
Christ. He's the One that you're feeding on. You're not feeding on a man. A man, his
words will fail, but you're feeding on the unfailing Body-Word of the Son of man.
If you haven't fed fully on every Word to give yourself strength to fly above all these
denominations and things of the world, will you at this time do it, while we pray?

  27 So I've got my mind set on this Message. That's that Third Pull, and it's the one I
must be loyal and reverent to.
Matthew 21:1 to 11. I said that so you could be watching for the... or turning to the
And when the--and when they drew nigh unto Jerusalem, and were come to Bethphage,
unto the mount of Olives, Jesus sent two of His disciples,
And saying unto them, Go into the village over against you, and straightway you shall
find an ass tied, and a colt with her: loose them, and bring them to me.
And if any man say ought unto you, you shall say,
The Lord has need of them; and straightway he will send them.
This was all done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying,
Tell ye the daughters of Zion, Behold, thy King cometh unto thee, meek,... setting upon
an ass, and a colt the foal of an ass.
And the disciples went, and did as Jesus commanded them,
And they brought the--the ass, and the colt, and put on them their clothes, and they set
him thereon.
And a very great multitude spread their garments in the way; and others cut down
branches from the trees, and strew them in the way.
And the multitude that went before, and that followed, cried, saying, Hosanna to the son
of David:
Blessed is he that cometh in the Name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest.
And when he was come into Jerusalem, all the city was moved, saying, Who is this?
And the multitude said, This is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee.
Now, if I would take a text from that for about thirty minutes, before the prayer line
begins, I would like to take this for a text: "What Is The Attraction On The Mountain?"

  6 And a thing... I want to say again, I want to thank all you people, 'cause some of you
may go home before the healing service tonight, for the nice little gifts, tokens. Much
food has been brought to us since we been here. And from my wife and I, and my family,
we certainly appreciate it. Sometimes I forget to even say anything about it. It's so busy,
you know. My mind is in such a whirl all the time. You can imagine what it is of people,
not only from right here at this church, but from around the world. See? And it sort of
keeps me in a whirl all the time.
Someone was saying about the dedication of the babies, and baptismal services, and so
forth. That's very fine. Wished I could do it, but it's just so--so twisting I--I hardly have
time. I got to keep my mind right on this, this message.
You know the Bible said to the apostles, or the apostles, rather, in the Bible said, "Go,
look yourself out among you men of good report, and honest, and filled with the Holy
Ghost, that they might attend to the affairs." And I told Billy...
He said, "You going to dedicate the baby this time, daddy?"
I said, "Oh, my." See? If we got many of them waiting to be dedicated, and that's right;
I'll just have to come back and take a special day for dedication of babies. So I'd like to
do that.

  29 Now, my text this morning is the "God Of This Evil Age." As we have read in the
Scriptures, the god of this world, this evil age... Now, this message points out the evils of
this evil age, and it is fitting to prophecy for this evil age. And it's my belief that every--
that the Bible has every answer for every age already written in the Bible for the believer
of that age. I believe that everything that we have need of is written right here, just needs
to be interpreted by the Holy Spirit. I don't believe that any man on earth has a right to
put his own interpretation to the Word. God doesn't need anybody to interpret His Word.
He's His own interpreter. He said He would do it, and He does it.
As I've said many times, He said, "A virgin shall conceive." He spoke that through the
lips of a prophet. And she did. Nobody has to interpret that. In the beginning He said,
"Let there be light." and there was. Nobody has to interpret it. He said in the last days
He'd pour out His Spirit upon all flesh, and He did. Don't need any interpreting. He said
in the last days these things that we see happening now would be here. It don't need any
interpreting. It's already interpreted. See?

  180 Oh, peoples of this United States, where this message is going now, flee as hard
as you can from this knowledge, scientific age that we're living in. Flee to the Word of
God. You, I, no one can--can--knows It; no one can prove It. God does His own proving.
No one has a right to interpret It; me, no other man has a right. God does His own
interpreting. He made the promise; He said He would do this in the last days. And in the
last days the god of this evil age would blind the eyes of the people with his intellectual
knowledge on a mixed tree of good and evil, still giving it to the people. And here comes,
that thing heading up, that denomination from way back in the Dark Ages and before the
Dark Ages, all heading up in a superman, Satan, who said, "I will exalt myself above the
sons of God. And they'll listen to me." And he as God will set in the temple of God, and
the sons of God will fall for it.

  183 I'm getting to be an old man; and my days begin to fade out; and my eyesight
begins to get dim; and my little flame of life begins to burn low; I don't fear the darkness,
for I want to say this with Paul, "I know Him in the power of His resurrection." No matter
where they bury me, if I drowned in the sea, or burn in a furnace, or eat up by a lion, He'll
call my name, and I'll speak. Amen. Let us pray.
If there be in here, or out on the wires of this message across the nation, in your little
churches and groups and halls and wherever you're seated, if there's one, oh, let me
persuade you, let me beg you as a minister of the Gospel, let me beg you in the Name of
Jesus Christ, flee the wrath of this wicked age. Don't serve the God of this evil age. Oh, I
know you say, "It's good; their fine." Exactly, a mixed tree, you can't mix knowledge
with God's Word. It's a Word that's to be believed by faith, not knowledge. You don't
understand It; you accept It. You say It's right, and then you live by It. That's all He asks
you to do. If there's any present here in our group (We can't make the altar call or bring
you up here, because there's not no room.), or out over the air, over the telephone lines, if
there's any out there that doesn't know Him, don't...

 144 Would you believe, if God would manifest Himself and show that He is here
alive, doing the same things that He did at the beginning, after this message, would you
accept it as your healing? May God grant it.
Now, I'm asking anybody in the house, no matter who you are or where you're from, I'm
asking you just to solemnly believe this Message to be the Truth. That is the Message that
God has in His Bible for this hour, that Jesus Christ is here tonight and is alive. Now,
All you people know of me, I'm right here in town where I was raised up. I don't even
have a grammar school education. That's exactly true. And you've knowed me long
enough; I hope I've lived before you to show you that I'm honest and sincere. I'm not a
hypocrite. Even my critics don't say that. They--they just say, "You're--you're not a
hypocrite, but you're just simply wrong. You're just ignorantly wrong, not wilfully." I
don't think that I'm ignorantly wrong, because the Word of God testifies of my Message,
and It should tell you Who It is. And you clearly hear me say It isn't me, so then It has to
be Him. Is that right?
Have faith in God then. And look this a-way, and you believe God. If you can believe
God, God will grant to you. If He can do that like He did before, then He's still God. You
believe that?

  19 Now, right straight to the message. This is a message I want to read from Numbers
19:9 and Ephesians 5:26. And if you people who keep down the records of the texts and
so forth, why, you may jot it down.
And now remember, if this is being taped, I don't know. I can't see anyone. Yes, I do; I do
see Brother Terry over in--in the recording room. And if this is being taped, to any
ministers at any place, any time, this is not directed in disregards to your teachings; this is
not even directed to your sheep. This message and all other of the messages that I speak
on is directed to my congregation. It's not for your congregation unless they want to
receive it, but it's directed to this people here.
The people buy these tapes. The people across the world buy them and play them. Many
times they write in, and I always refer to them if they're a member of some church, "See
your pastor."

  78 Our redemption wasn't a cheap thing; it was the Son of God had to die for us. See?
It isn't... Things of value come of great price.
To bring this message, it wasn't easy. See? No, it isn't. I had to forsake everything was
dear to me, even my own people, everybody. But, you see, the value of it is (You see?), is
to do the will of God. And to do that which, and knowing that there is something in me,
when they used to say... Well, they was going to put me away, thought I lost my mind.
Baptizing in the Name of Jesus Christ, contrary to the church, and all these things, they
said, "He's crazy." But, you see, no matter what they said, there's something has to be
done. And God just takes a person, and sticks him in His hand and say, "Do this," and
you do it.
How, what a price it might've been to Saint Paul, taught under Gamaliel, the greatest
teacher of the day. And they come down... And the very thing that he considered heresy,
the things that he thought that was the worse things that could've happened to the church,
he comes right around and becomes a partaker of it. A strange thing... And how God
works in wondrous ways, in strange, odd ways, His wonders to perform.

 13 And now, if the Old Testament had to be drove from the--the writer had to be
drove from his people into the wilderness to get inspiration to write the Old Testament.
And in the New Testament the writer was drove by the Author into a desert place to get
the inspiration to write the New Testament. And the Books are sealed with Seven Seals; it
would also require the same, I believe, in these days, to open those Seven Seals. To leave
what you hold dear, to what you cherish, and a little home that was given me by the
people, and amongst all my people and friends, and a church that was flourishing, and
had nothing to--lacking; and to--to leave that, pull right away from it, and move away out
into a desert where you knew nobody, and everything against you.

But there's something about God, that He drives a man to do things that's beyond any
thinking of his own, so it can be to the glory and honor of God. And--and I feel that, not
self honor, but I--I feel it a privilege that it was to leave everything that was called dear to
me to get here into this wilderness and suffer like I have never suffered in my life, here in
this wilderness, or this desert. But I believe that in doing that and obeying what God
commanded to be done, God has opened to us the mysteries of this last day. And we are
here with this Message.

 27 But we, as this group of people, we have a Message for this day. We--we believe
that God has given us a Message. And Brother Green is... I don't want to call him my
associate, because we are... Well, it is also my associate; we are together in this Message.
Brother Green preaches the same thing and Message that I believe in. He's left his home;
he's left his people; he's left his church. He was, I believe, he was a district superintendent
or something of one of the organizations, and give the whole thing up when he heard
This. He left everything that was dear to him also to come to the desert, just to support
what God is giving to us now.

  45 As this, mighty young brother, standing here, well trained, ready, dressed, waiting
for an old man to lay hands upon him, one who's an old veteran from up there in the front
line, knowing that he must join the battle too. Dear God, with these unworthy hands I lay
upon my brother in representation of Yours. Bless Brother Green, dear God, who I bless
in Jesus' Name. May he carry this Message, Lord, into this city and wherever You'll call
him. May he be loyal, filled with the Spirit, living a life above reproach. God, let him
have the hearts of the people, and that he might teach them and lead them and direct them
in the path that we all desire to walk. Grant it, Lord.
Bless his faithful wife, his little children. Bless our efforts here together, as Christian
brothers here on earth, that we would carry this Gospel to the ends of the world. Send
Your Spirit upon him, God. We pray in Jesus Christ's Name, as we give him to You.
God bless you, Brother Pearry. Carry the Word of God.

  5-1 Now, in Romans 7, trusting that you have your Bibles open everywhere now
across the country, we want to read closely. Now, this is--this message out of here, it
seems like, it's on marriage and divorce; but it really isn't. To me it's a prophecy for the
church in the last days. Let us read.
Know ye not, brethren, (for I speak to them that know the law,) how that the law has
dominion over a man as long as he liveth?
For the woman which has a husband is bound by the law to her husband so long as he
liveth; but if the husband be dead, she is loosed from the law of her husband.
So then if, while her husband liveth, she is married to another man, she shall be called an
adulteress: but if her husband be dead, she is free from that law; so that she is no
adulteress, though she be married to another man.
Wherefore, my brethren, ye also are become dead to the law by the body of Christ; that
you should be joined--or should be married to another, even to him who is risen from the
dead, that we should bring forth fruit unto God.
For when we were in the flesh, the motions of sins, which were by the law, did work in
our members to bring forth fruit unto death.
But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held; that we
should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter.

  47-5 And out yonder across the nation, from New York to California, from Canada to
Mexico, you people that's gathered in those churches, where those faithful little groups
that's believed this message with all our hearts... They've come out; come out of great
tribulations; come out through those denominations. They're germs of Life. Do you feel
an urging tonight like the little eagle that you hear something that's a little different from
what you have heard? But yet in your heart you know it's the Truth.
You in there. There is a pastor standing there somewhere; you got your hand up, I'm
going to pray for you. These things wasn't done in a corner, friends. Remember, "Strait is
the gate and narrow is the way, and but few there'll be that'll find it." Don't go with that
crowd that's moving on yonder, friends, that Laodicea Church Age. It could jump up and
down and dance under music: lukewarm. Didn't say it was ice cold now. It said it was
lukewarm. That's the Pentecostal; and don't know that it's miserable, wretched, and blind.
Blind to what? The Word, to the manifestation of the Word, because it never come
through their organizations. They cannot receive it.

  48-2 And you ministers down there in Tucson tonight, I don't hold you responsible for
that. God does. I was there for three years. I told you I wouldn't start a church. I didn't.
Brother Pearry Green started it. And I was there three years, and not one time did you
invite me to your pulpit. I set in Tucson for nearly three years.
God will take me from the desert one of these days. This message must live. And I tried
my best to get into you. I--I know the reason you did it. You hear only the reason you did
it? Your denomination would kick you out.
And you know many of you I've talked to, there at Furr's Restaurant, and you know it's
the truth. Shame on you. Come out of it. Get out of there, brother. If there's any Life in
you, you'll be like that little eagle I just spoke of--you'll hear the Word of God.
Remember, you're going to hear this for the last time one of these days. We're real close
now. Won't you come tonight?

  229 But my dear brethren, I have this message this morning, there is a land beyond the
river that they call that sweet forever. There we'll glorify Him through the ages, and all
the ages, and eternity roll. Why do we feel that? Because the deep is calling to the deep.
And as long as the deep's a-calling, there's got to be a deep to respond to that call or there
wouldn't be no call. Before there can be a creation, there has to be a Creator first to create
the creation, or there's no... That shows the very evidence that there is.
  337 If there's one in here this morning that doesn't know Jesus Christ, doesn't stand
justified this morning, your sins all gone as though you never had sinned, and you want to
be that way... 'Cause remember, one day, maybe today, maybe in the next five minutes,
but one day that heart's going to stop. And that inside of the inside is going to take its
flight to stand in the Presence of God to be judged according to what you do with this
message this morning, according to this message that you see. Not... It ain't me; I'm just a
mouthpiece. Like this microphone, it can't say a thing 'less I'm talking in it. And neither
could I say anything unless God was talking through it, but you see God's vindicated it to
be the Truth. You want to be a real Christian.
Now, we have no place for an altar call, but right at the table where you're setting. The
place is packed and jammed, overflowed. I couldn't call you to an altar; there's no altar
here to call you to. But the altar is in your heart. Won't you let that little conviction that
"Jesus Christ is real" move right up close today and call the rest of His body to you,
manger Him in your heart? If He isn't there, would you raise your hand in a sign to Him,
saying, "Lord, fill me, fill me with Your Word and with Your Presence, that I might live
by You...?..."

 9 Greetings to all of you out across the land; here in this wonderful place of the Life
Tabernacle here at Shreveport, with a whole jammed-out crowd for a Sunday school. You
know, if I lived at Shreveport, not saying nothing against anybody, but this would be the
place I'd come to church at, right here at the Life Tabernacle. This is not a denomination.
The Life Tabernacle is, today is a interdenominational tabernacle. They come out of the
denomination because they accepted me and this message I preach. Brother Jack Moore,
my brother and friend, he was taken from the denominations because he associated with
me. And so I think he deserves some credit. That's right. God bless him. And hold up his
hands in prayer, and believe with him.

 148 Now, have you noticed, every three years after a--a great meeting, what takes
place? A denomination. This is twenty years and no denomination. Dear dying Lamb,
may it never do that. If I go in this generation, may the people who believe this message
never stand still for a denomination. God will... You'll die right in your track. Remember
that. The very hour that you mention denomination among you, I don't care how sincere
you are, take man for your leader instead of the Holy Spirit to confirm this Word, that's
the hour you die. The genuine Seed cannot, because there's nothing left after the seed; it's
the same thing was back at the beginning. It's the Bride that fell into the ground to bring
forth the corn of wheat again.

 138 Now, if God has promised to send us that again in the last days to bring that Bride
out of that ecclesiastical mess, and it... Only way it can be done. It'll never be done... The
church can't receive Christ. We... The Pentecostals, we can't carry this Message on in the
condition the church is in today. How we going to carry out the end time in the condition
they're in today, when every one against the other, and everything else, and
ecclesiastically? Oh, mercy. It's a mess. It's done gone into denominations. And any time,
I ask any historian to--to--to say different. Every time that a message went forth in the
earth and when they organized it, it died right there. And Pentecost done the same thing
as they all... The Pentecost that come out...

 14 Now, we know that this is the day of salvation, where God is calling man from the
world, from a life of sin unto a life of service. And in the day that God has poured out His
Spirit from on high, great signs and wonders are to accompany the ministry of this day.
This is the--when the former and latter rain are falling together. And we know that there's
supposed to be great signs and wonders, which in many great denominations this is
turned down. But I'm very thankful for these open doors that I've had to go into and the
inspiration it's give to young men like your pastor here, that's caused them... As I'm
beginning to get old, and know that my days are numbered, and know now that these
young men can take this message and sweep it on to the coming of the Lord, if He doesn't
come in my generation... Which I'm hoping to see Him, I look daily for Him, and watch,
keeping myself prepared for that hour.

MONDAY_ 65-1206
  37 Now, remember, this message started first with Divine healing, performing
miracles. Now, if God let that go through a ordinary church just like we already had, then
it wasn't God. God don't have to show off; He don't--He don't have to do these things to
entertain us, like we Americans are used to (entertainment), but He does it to attract the
attention of the people, that He's fixing to do something.
Look at Him Hisself when He come, the wonderful little prophet, the Rabbi, the Prophet
of Galilee." Why, His ministry was wonderful; He was welcome in every church. But one
day He set down and said, "I and My Father are One."
"Oh, my." That was out. "Away with such a fellow."
"Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink His Blood, you have no Life in
"Why, he's a vampire. Get away from such a person." See?
See, there was something had to follow that sign. See? Something followed.
The shuck held it, but now the shuck pulls away; it has to. And remember, twenty years
has passed by and no more denominations has come out of it, and it won't. We're at the
end of denominations; the wheat's taking shape. But what's the matter with the wheat
now, you can't... It must lay in the Presence of the Son to ripen before the combine picks
it up.

MONDAY_ 65-1206
 222 Now, we find out, and in this message, Isaiah 40:3 also vindicated John. He said a
voice of one, a prophet, crying in the wilderness, "Prepare the way of the Lord; make His
path straight." The church did not believe him, for he was not of their group. That prophet
was raised out of a wilderness, come up knowing no one. He had the very Spirit on him
that Elijah had: he was a man of the wilderness; he hated immoral women.
Remember how Elijah... What caused his head to be taken from him? Was Jezebel.
Jezebel was the cause of his death. It run him into the wilderness.
John the Baptist, another wilderness-lover, a hunter, a woodsman. Watch him. He--He
had no education. Watch his--his text wasn't like a theologian. He said, "O you generation
of vipers." The filthiest thing you can find in the wilderness, the sneakiness, was a--was a
snake. And he called those priests, "You generation of vipers, who's warned you to flee
from the wrath to come? Don't begin to say, 'We belong to this, and we have this or that,'
for I say unto you, God's able of these stones...?... them. Also, the axe (what he used) is
laid to the root of the tree; and every tree that don't bring forth good fruit's hewn down
and cast into the fire." Amen.

You will recall that I mentioned at the beginning of this message that this Book we are
studying is the actual revelation of Jesus, Himself, in the church and His work in the
future ages. Then I mentioned that it takes the Holy Spirit to give us revelation or we will
fail to get it. Bringing these two thoughts together you will see that it won't take just
ordinary study and thinking to make this Book real. It is going to take the operation of the
Holy Ghost. That means this Book can't be revealed to anyone but a special class of
people. It will take one with prophetic insight. It will require the ability to hear from God.
It will require supernatural instruction, not just a student comparing verse with verse,
though that is good. But a mystery requires the teaching of the Spirit or it never becomes
clear. How we need to hear from God and lay ourselves open and become yielded to the
Spirit to hear and know.

Revelation 2:4, "Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy
first love." To understand this you must realize that the Spirit is not speaking to the
original saints of Ephesus alone. This message is to the entire age which lasted about 120
years. Its message, then, is to all the generations in that span. Now history keeps
repeating itself. In the generations of Israel we see revival in one generation, only to see
the fires fading in the next. In the third generation, embers may be glowing slightly, but
in the fourth there may be no vestige whatsoever of that original flame. Then God lights
the fire again, and the same process is repeated. It is simply the manifestation of the truth
that God has no grandchildren. Salvation is not passed on by natural birth any more than
is there any truth to apostolic succession. It isn't in the Word. You start out with truly
born-again believers, and when the next generation comes along they are no longer just
plain Christians, but they have taken a denominational name and are now Baptists,
Methodists, etc. That is exactly what they are, too. They are not Christians. You have to
be born of the will of God, not the will of man, to be saved. But these folks are all
coming together now by the will of man. I don't say that some of them aren't right with
God. Not for a minute do I say that, but the original fire has died down. They are not the
same any more.
Revelation 2:11, "He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.
He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death."
 Now, once again the Spirit is talking to all the ages. This message is to comfort us today
even as it has comforted our brethren of all the other ages. And He says to us that the
second death will not hurt us.

Now please let us be careful here. This message to the angel of the church which is at
Ephesus is not a message to the actual local Ephesian church. It is a message to the AGE.
And that age had in it the seed of truth and the seed of error exactly as set forth according
to the parable of the wheat and the tares. The church ages is the field, and in it are wheat
and tares. The false church organized, humanized the government and the Word, and
fought the true Christian.

I KINGS 20:12
  12 ¶ And it came to pass, when [Benhadad] heard this message, as he [was] drinking,
he and the kings in the pavilions, that he said unto his servants, Set [yourselves in array].
And they set [themselves in array] against the city.