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Things You Need To Know About Crib Safety For Your Baby by wpr1947


									Things You Need To Know About Crib Safety For Your Baby

Crib Safety

When you have a baby there are many things you need. You need clothes, bottles, diapers, wipes, a crib, and many others. This can be
overwhelming when you stop to think about everything you need for such a small person. The cost of these items may be a concern to parents. Many
places sell second hand baby items, you can even go to garage sales too. Most of these things will still be in good shape and you can find some great


You can probably find anything you need for your baby except maybe diapers and wipes somewhere they sell secondhand items. One thing we
advise would be to not buy your crib second hand. A baby spends a lot of time in his crib. Buying a new crib is a much better choice, they do use them
until they are at least one year of age.

Safety Standards

The safety standards for cribs have changed over the years. If you get an older crib it may not meet today's safety standards. The crib rails for
instance need to meet measurement requirements. If the crib rails are too far apart the infant may get his head stuck between the bars. However, if the
bars are too close the infant may get his arms or legs stuck between the bars. There should also be enough space between the top of the rail and the
top of the crib mattress to minimize the risk of the child climbing over the railing and falling out.


The purpose of the bumper in the baby crib is to prevent the baby from getting hurt on the crib rails. Bumpers are made of fabric with soft filling to
protect your child. If your child rolls over and bumps his head it wont hurt as bad, it also prevents the child from getting his head stuck between the
bars. Even though it is designed to protect the child, you need to make sure it is secured to the crib properly to prevent suffocation. If the bumper is too
loose the child could become entangled in it and suffocate.

Blankets and Pillows

These cute bedding sets you can buy usually come with matching pillows and blankets to match the bumper and crib sheet. Although it may look cute,
they also pose a risk of suffocation. The child may become entangled in the blanket and may get it wrapped around his head or other body parts and
cause an injury or suffocation. With a pillow it may hurt the babies neck, or if the pillow ends up on your babies face it may also cause suffocation.

Sleepers or wearable blankets that form to your babies body are suggested to keep your child warm. These two items will keep the child warm
without the risk of suffocation. You may need to check on your child throughout the night to make sure he is not getting too warm.

Just remember that when purchasing a crib it is well worth the investment to buy a new crib. With a new crib you are insured that all the parts are
there, it will be assembled correctly if you follow instructions, and that it meets today's safety standards. You may also choose to buy those cute
bedding sets, who could resist them. Just remember that it is a good idea to remove the pillows and blankets when the child is sleeping, and to double
check to make sure the bumper is on securely to prevent injury or worse. Taking these few simple steps and precautions will make you sleep better
knowing your child is safe.

Blankets, pillows can be great for decoration, but they should be removed when it comes time for baby to go to sleep. Bumpers should be fastened
properly and double checked at the baby's bedtime each night. During colder nights, parents put their babies in wearable blankets that form right to the
baby. There is no risk of the baby becoming entangled in the wearable blanket. Parents should check on the baby during the night to insure that he
does not get overheated when wearing the very warm blankets.

With a few little steps, parents can insure safety with their baby's crib bedding. However, they need to remember to avoid using older baby cribs.
Older cribs do not always meet today's safety standards. They often do not come with instructions and missing a minor detail in the instructions could
be disastrous. In order to assure your baby's safety in a crib, it is very important to consider turning down the second hand offers from your friends and
family and buy new. The investment will be worth the peace of mind in knowing that the baby crib you chose is safe and secure.


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