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									Adopting Exotic Pets: Know the Issues

Adopting exotic pets isn't as easy as taking home a puppy or a kitten.
Exotic pets tend to have different needs both physically and legally. If
you're looking to adopt an exotic pet in your home, then here are some
tips to help you avoid the snags most owners run into.

1. Legal. Some pets are illegal to keep in some states. Monkeys, tigers,
certain birds, and others may be outlawed in certain areas. And, while
some of these animals may be allowed in a household, they could be under
strict provisions.

It would be best if you consulted with your local government to find out
whether the animal you're trying to adopt is legally allowed in your
state. If so, find out about all the paperwork you will need for the pet,
and find out about the provisions regarding its care.

Make sure you follow all the paperwork to a tee. This way you can prevent
unnecessary run-ins with the local government -not to mention the ire of
your neighborhood.

2. Physical needs of your animals. Exotic animals have exotic needs. You
will need to keep this in mind when you adopt an animal. Study the
background of the pet you're trying to adopt before consummating the
adoption. Dogs, cats and other household pets are all acclimated to urban
living. Unfortunately, this isn't the case for most exotic animals.

You'll at least have to give them an alternative to their natural
habitat. This could cost a lot of money make sure you are willing to
commit to this amount of effort and money. Also, you have to consider
their diet - alligators, tigers, and other natural predators are hard to
keep in captivity. You will have to make sure they get their dietary
needs, and their space needs before considering adopting them.

3. The place of purchase. If you browse the Internet you'll be surprised
at the number of online pet shops now available. You will want to do a
background check on fees shops before purchasing from them. This is
because it would be best to adopt your exotic pet from reputable sources.

4. Health. You'll also want subject your exotic pet to a physical exam to
find out whether it is in good shape. Adopting a sick animal may
exacerbate its condition. You really don't want to cause these animals
more harm than needed. Also, make sure that these animals don't possess
any life-threatening and communicable disease. Exotic animals can be
carriers of different viruses, and bacteria. So make sure the
veterinarian gives it a good bill of health.

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