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									On Joining an Exotic Pet Auction

Do you intend to go to an auction to buy an exotic pet? That could be a
wise move, because for sure, you are going to see lots of wonderful
species there. If you have gone to one before, the proceedings should be
familiar to you.

But if it is going to be your first time, listed here are the things that
you should know about an exotic animal or exotic bird auction.

1. Most auctions are a one-day event. Some could extend the event to two
or three days. There is also a specified date as to when and where they
are accepting consignments. Joining an auction isn't limited to being a
buyer of exotic animals. You can also join as a seller of such.

2. Some animals aren't accepted in auctions. This includes state
regulated animals such as deer and elks, as well as all other types of
poisonous animals and certain skunks. So if you are a buyer looking for a
rather venomous animal or an animal not allowed in your state, don't go
to an exotic animal auction anymore, because you are not going to find
what you are looking for there.

3. Cameras and videos aren't allowed in an auction place. For security
purposes and other related reasons, the auction sponsor reserves the
right not to allow any form of camera and other image-taking equipments.
So when you attend an auction, leave these things at home, because you
can't use that inside anyway.

4. Auction sponsors get a sale for every item sold. If you intend to join
the auction as a seller, you have to be informed that your sale is
subject to commission of 5% to 20%, depending upon the price of the
animal you are selling. So you can adjust your prices accordingly.

5. Auction sponsors could request for a registration fee for sellers. To
ensure that the animal will arrive on the date of the auction, sponsors
will ask for a registration fee, either refundable or non-refundable
according to the agreement. Ask exactly how much they are going to charge
per pet.

6. Admission fees can be collected from buyers. If you are coming as a
buyer, a minimal amount could be asked of you as entrance fee. Usually
for a 2-day event, the price is within the rage of $8 to $15. A single
day event will usually be less than $10.

Is there an exotic pet auction coming up near you? If there is one, and
you do want to get an exotic pet, join it. Your next best friend could be

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