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									How to Make Your Dog Obey You?

Most people contend that dogs are created to obey their masters. That is
why they are considered a man’s best friend. However, obedience is not an
innate quality in dogs. That is why it is important to teach them how to
obey commands in order for them to know in what manner they should

In reality, obedience training is created to impose control over dogs.
These canine friends should know who the master is and who the follower

However, the concept of training dogs how to obey may vary on styles,
equipment being used, or on the principles being implemented.
Nevertheless, all of these things are focused on making dogs obey their

The question is: How do trainers or these concepts make the dogs obey
their masters? What is the reason that lies beneath the idea considering
the fact that dogs are not humans who can logically understand why they
have to obey?

What people don’t know is that there are only two keys in order to make
their dogs obey them: consistency and compassion.

Consistency is extremely important in every training program. This is
because as mentioned earlier, dogs are not logical thinkers. This means
that they don’t know and they don’t understand why they have to obey or
what does their master want from them. That is why it is important to let
them know the things they should do and the things they shouldn’t do.

In this way, people should be consistent on distinguishing the things
that should be done and those that are not appreciated.

On the other hand, compassion is needed in teaching dogs to obey because
they are not like humans who will immediately understand what is wrong or
right. This means that people should be a little more patient when
teaching dogs to obey in order for them to gain the dog’s trust.

There are instances wherein trainers get impatient after repeating one
command several times. In the end, they tend to hurt the dog. In turn,
the dog gets hurt and may no longer trust his trainer.

The bottom line is that, dogs are not humans and they don’t behave like
humans. That is why training them to obey needs more time, more patience,
and more understanding from people who know better.

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