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  International                                     Summer 2006
                                                         CHI Ohio
                                               Home from Vietnam
                                                    Family Stories
                                                 Siberian Portraits


                                                                                          Home on
                                                                                          the Range
                                                                                          This little 17-month-
                                                                                          old Texas cowboy,
                                                                                          Merrit Peart _
                                                                                          adopted from
                                                                                          Russia's Kemerovo
                                                                                          found a comfy
                                                                                          position on his loyal
                                                                                          steed after a long,
                                                                                          hard days ride.

      Family Stories                                                     Children's Hope News
      5   Two Generations - China                                        3    Dwyatt's Desk - Worldwide Orphan Growth
          -- by Candy Flannery                                           4    The New Ohio Branch
      7   Hattie Comes Home - Russia                                     9    Kansas City Profile
          -- by Catherine Miller                                         10 Cast as Untouchables- India
      8   Social Worker Journal - China                                  12 Home from Vietnam
          -- by Niki De Simmone                                          15 Orphan Concert
      13 Three Charmers - Colombia                                       16 Portraits of Siberia
          -- by Rex & Debbie Ellebracht                                  17 Adoption M.D.- Growth Charts -- by Dr.Christine Poulos
                                                                         18 New Arrivals

                                   On the Cover                           16                             5
                                   Gracie Rockhold, 15-mo,
                                   from China, thinks her new
                                   stocking cap _ just like her
                                   new family _ fits just fine.
                                            story page 8

-2-                                                         Children's Hope International   Summer 2 0 0 6

In our work with orphans worldwide we are appalled at the rocketing growth of the number of orphans.                     While we
certainly celebrate that the number of adoptions per year has grown by several thousand in the past 15 years, we are shocked to
realize that in the same period of time the worldwide population of orphans increased by 5 MILLION. That is an increase of six cities
the size of Indianapolis, populated with only the fatherless.

A shocking statistic, yes _ but one that energizes us even more. It is clear that not all orphans can be adopted internationally but we
are committing ourselves to be a weapon in the war against poverty, disease and hopelessness. This is a commitment to finding
children homes in their own country, to fighting HIV/AIDS that orphans hundreds of thousands of children each year, and to extending
hope and love to those who have lost both.

Even as you read this, Children's Hope is launching an orphan sponsorship program as a tool for passionate people who want to
make a difference. Aimed at sponsoring 3,000 children before year's end and 30,000 by the end of next year, we are happy to be
partners with you to say to these vulnerable millions that we care.

                                                                                                      143 Million
                                             138 Million

                  7,093                                                  22,728

                                 1990                                                     2005
                  Adoption statistics to U.S. by United State's Dept. of State           Orphan Statistics provided by UNICEF

                             You Can _ Bring Hope to an Orphan

                                                            Dwyatt Gantt
                                                            Children's Hope International Executive Director

                              CHI NEWS

Buckeye Branch
                                                                    Children's Hope of Ohio

                                                                               But as of May 1, she is now working full time for Children's Hope as the
                                                                               Branch Director for Ohio, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania.

                                                                               "In working with Children's Hope, I found out what a fantastic and extremely
                                                                               ethical organization it is. Children's Hope's mission is my mission. Everyone
                                                                               shares my burning desire to successfully bring orphaned children into
                                                                               loving families," Kellie said.

                                                                               She is assisting Ohio, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania families
                                                                               during their entire adoption process. From the early questions of inquiring
                                                                               families through the paperwork details to the happy homecoming, Kellie is
                                                                               there to serve these families.

                                                                               Kellie Zaccardelli, Children's Hope's Branch Director in Cleveland, guides Ohio,
                                                                               West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania families through their journey of love.

As a small child, Kellie Zaccardelli knew she would someday be                                                                                            9
helping orphaned children. This was imprinted on her heart as she watched                                                                          lli
a television documentary on the despair in Romanian orphanages.                                                                   Kellie Zaccardetor

Even after law school and then landing a job at one of Cleveland's top law                    Children's ope     T I O N A L
firms, those images never left her. Kellie says she eventually had to follow                       I N T E R N A
                                                                                                          th   and Hop
                                                                                                                           e for Ch
                                                                                                                                    ildren i
                                                                                                                                                n Need

                                                                                               es, Heal                                            Road
her heart, leave her job, and start doing "what God called me to do."                      Hom
                                                                                                                                  5534 Brecksville
                                                                                                                                               io 44131 U.S.A.
                                                                                                                                pendence), Oh
                                                                                                              Cleveland (Inde                   216-524-4673
Three years ago, she founded Isaiah's Promise in an effort to help orphaned                                                                Ch
children find homes. At that time, Kellie had a working relationship with
Children's Hope in placing children from China and Russia.

Children's Hope Reaccredited
                                                   Through 2010

                              One of the world's leading advocates for quality services
              for children and families, the Council on Accreditation, reaffirmed
              Children's Hope's standards of excellence by once again honoring
CHI with COA accreditation through 2010. The detailed reaccreditation process
investigates ethical practices, finances and service to families along with every
aspect of organizational integrity.

"Children's Hope wants to assure our families that we follow 'best practice
standards' and this independent investigation validates that," said Dianna Briner,
Children's Hope Finance and Compliance Director.

COA is currently in negotiations with the U.S. State Department to become the only
official accrediting agency for all international adoption agencies under the Hague
Convention on Inter-country Adoption. The Hague is a multilateral treaty that
provides a framework of safeguards for protecting children and families involved in
inter-country adoption.
-4-                                                                       Children's Hope International             Summer 2 0 0 6

Two Generations                                                                                                9
of Adoption                                      by Candy Flannery _Tennessee

Not until she adopted did this Tennessee
mother (who herself was adopted) understand
the entire scope of the adoption bond.
It was my late mother's birthday, the day I received the referral photo…
when I first looked into the eyes of my new daughter. It was special to me because
my mother used to sit and watch the television broadcasts of starving children in
other countries. She wanted so badly to save them all. My sisters and I weren't
starving, but we were adopted.

Over the years of our lives, like most kids we didn't know that we had it so good. My
mother and father were of average income. We didn't have the name brand clothes
or expensive junk food. And even though our parents had adopted us, we just
considered ourselves an average family.

When one of my sisters and I, along with my youngest son, went to China, I
experienced a whole new perspective on adoption. I was suddenly thrust into a
world of emotions that I could never fully explain to anyone that had not been
adopted. I realized at the moment Elle Rose was put into my arms how blessed I
was to have been adopted. I looked at the face of this little Chinese girl and saw
myself in so many ways. There was a huge sadness I felt for her, but yet an
enormous amount of happiness, too.

On this trip, I realized what my adopted
Mother and Father had actually done for me.
                                                                                         The sadness I feel for these children overwhelms my heart
                                                                                         but I feel an enormous amount of happiness for these little
                                                                                         girls that so many of us Americans are waiting to adopt.

                                                                                         When my little girl was actually put into my hands… the
                                                                                         emotion running through me was amazing. My mind was so
                                                                                         jumbled and I was in a total state of shock. She barely cried
                                                                                         and was everything I was trying not to expect. She is a
                                                                                         blessing from God! God knew this was going to be my child
                                                                                         and I knew that, the moment she was put into my arms. She
                                                                                         is, however, on loan from God and I intend on doing the best
                                                                                         I can for her throughout her life.

                                                                                        Candy Flannery with Elle Rose and her son Colton, 9.       Children's Hope International    Summer 2 0 0 6                                                                         -5-
 the adoption comes…

Post Placement

 The cheers, hugs and tears that greet you and your new child at the airport are not             From the view-point of the countries, if the reports are late
 the end of the homecoming. For your tired body, it is that first step through the front         or incomplete there is no way of knowing if the child is
 door of the house when you can finally say, "we're home, we're finished." You are               safe. All countries have stiff requirements for all agencies
 relieved that you can sleep in your own bed and that the adoption process is over.              on the timing and completion of post-placement reports.

 Yes, the adoption is final. But for Children's Hope, you are now beginning the post-            "Just last year, Kazakhstan closed down a couple of
 placement phase of your adoption. This is a series of home evaluations and reports              regions because some agencies were not submitting their
 over several years (one year for China) to ensure your adoption is successful, and that         post-placements in time," said Anna Rister, Children's
 your child and family are adjusting. For your child's birth country, the post-placement is      Hope Kazakhstan Coordinator.                  9
 their documented validation that the child you adopted is in a safe, loving home.
                                                                                                 Currently in Russia, there are 12 large U.S. adoption
                                                                                                 agencies that may lose accreditation because of tardy
                                                                                                 post-placement reports. Children's Hope is not one of
                                                                                                 those but is well aware that if just one family refuses to
                                                                                                 submit to a post-placement, CHI's accreditation could be
                                                                                                 in jeopardy as well.

                                                                                                 "Fortunately, Children's Hope is current with all our post-
                                                                                                 placements," said Ariati Maleku, who helped develop a
                                                                                                 system to keep track of the over 600 post-placement
                                                                                                 families for the Russia program. "Some families might get
                                                                                                 a little irritated with me because of all my messages but
                                                                                                 most are really concerned and work with us to get
                                                                                                 everything in on time."

                                                                                                 Arati makes sure that the social worker for the family
                                                                                                 adopting from Russia completes a six month, one year,
              Arati Maleku keeps all Children's Hope branches, social workers and adoptive       two year and three year post-placement report. All these
              families on track with their Russian post-placements.                              reports must be in the office of the region's Ministry of
                                                                                                 Education by the exact date of the required post-
                                                                                                 placement cycle.
             Post-placement Scheduled Reports
                                                                                                 "As an agency, we have an obligation to know how the
      Russia:     6, 12, 24 and 36 months
      China:      3, 6 and 12 months
                                                                                                 family and child are doing. If there are challenges, we can
      Vietnam:    Every six months for the first 3 years & then yearly submission of             provide resources to help," Arati said.
                  photos/report until your child is 18-yrs-old
      Kazakhstan: 6, 12, 24, 36 months & then yearly family submission of a report and photos
      Colombia:   3, 6 and 9 months

-6-                                                                        Children's Hope International     Summer 2 0 0 6

                                                                           Comes Home
                                                                                                         by: Catherine Miller _ California

We received an early Christmas gift!                  girl. We were both very nervous but Mark did
Our CHI coordinator extraordinaire, Danielle,         an outstanding job of presenting our
called to let us know we would be traveling           information _ his story drew only a few
back to Astrakhan, Russia in January, 2006,           additional questions. The most interesting
to officially become the parents of our Hattie!       one came from the prosecutor after she
Having signed the petition to adopt on                looked over the photos of our home _"Why is
Thanksgiving Day, it seemed appropriate to            there a blue toy car on the kitchen table? Did
be making travel plans over Christmas! It             you want a boy?" she asked. Mark replied,
was the news we had been hoping for and               "No, that is a cookie jar …. and everyone
before we knew it we were on our way to               likes cookies!" That actually brought a smile or
Russia!                                               two.
            "Why is there a blue toy car
                                                                                                             Hattie is delighted to be welcomed home by
    on the kitchen table? Did you want a boy?"                                                                     her new Aunt and Grandmother
The day before our court date, we were able
to see Hattie. She was brought out to us                                                                  remember the emotions I felt - with Mark
donning a fresh "orphanage" hair cut (very                                                                beside me as I held our little girl on my lap, we
short with bangs) with a huge Russian bow.                                                                quietly watched out the window as we crossed
We didn't know whether to laugh or cry,                                                                   over the Volga and drove through the downtown
but she was our little girl and we were                                                                   city streets. It was snowy and the city was still
reunited!                                                                                                 decorated with Christmas lights and
                                                                                                          decorations. It was very pretty: A perfect
The next day in court, Mark and I stood up                                                                beginning for our new family.
and spoke of ourselves, our lives, our desire
for a family and our petition to adopt this little                                                        The next eight days in Astrakhan and Moscow
                                                                                                          enabled us to spend uninterrupted bonding time
                                                                                                          with Hattie (of course record low temperatures
                                                                                                          and spending lots of time indoors only furthered
                                                                                                          that!) We explored hotel rooms, walked the
                                                      After given parental status that afternoon, we      halls, played with each other and even had a
                                                      left for the orphanage to pick up our daughter.     tour of the Kremlin.
                                                      We brought flowers and cake for the
                                                      orphanage personnel and clothes for Hattie.         We finally left Moscow on our 14-hour direct
                                                      Once dressed, the staff brought her out for us      flight to California, Hattie's new home. I think all
                                                      to add the final layer, the mandatory snow          three of us were happy to land! After an airport
                                                      suit.                                               homecoming with family, a short drive and
                                                                                                          unbundling later, Hattie was fast asleep in her
                                                      The van ride from the orphanage to the hotel        new room, probably wondering why it was so
                                                      will always be significant. I will always           quiet in this new, very different place. And we
                                                                                                          were finding out just how full a home can be!          Children's Hope International   Summer 2 0 0 6                                                                             -7-
In Guangzhou, Jinmei Allen, 6, hangs onto her new sister Alex Allen,                        Gracie Rockhold, 16-months-old, naps after a busy day with her new brother Elijah,
        11, of Nebraska. Jinmei is from Yunnan Province                                                                      7, of Missouri

                         Life's Best Experience                                                                      CHI Kansas City
                                                                                                            by Nikki DeSimone
          Children's Hope adoption social worker, Nikki DeSimone, witnesses first hand the miracle of adoption as she travels with five families
                                       finalizing the adoption of their "Waiting Children" from Jiangxi Province.

                                                              Most people can easily walk or drive to                  amazing job: working with families whose lives
                                                              a nearby restaurant with their good friend for           are blessed by those little angels. Not that I
                                                              their favorite meal. I traveled 3000 miles from          really need a reminder, but it sure brightens up
                                                              Kansas City to eat scrumptious garlic broccoli           my day to think about the smile of the
                                                              in Nanchang, China with my new friend Sally.             sweetest girl in the whole world who just
                                                              She is one of Children's Hope coordinators in            happened to have eleven fingers.
                                                                                                                       I took so many wonderful memories home
                                                              Although I did not know it at the time, this trip        from those two weeks. Seeing a young couple
                                                              to China began eight months earlier when I               become parents of twins, watching a beautiful
                                                              started the home study for the Rockhold family.          3-year-old come out of her shell, seeing the
                                                              Shortly after the submission of their dossier,           biggest smile a 5-year-old could ever give and
                                                              Bambi and Bill fell in love with a little 1-year old     the loving interactions between a 9-year-old
                                                              girl they spotted on the Children's Hope                 and her new 8-year-old sister, watching as a
                                                              "Waiting Child" list. Their passion to adopt             2-year-old falls in love with her new parents.
                                                              Gracie then became my passion. Little did I              When someone asks me about what happens
                                                              know at the time, they would ask me to                   in the gotcha room, I can't help but think how
                                                              accompany them to China when they finalized              lucky I am to know the answer to that
                                                              the adoption in November, 2005. It was the               question. And you probably shouldn't ask me
          Nikki DeSimone with Gracie Rockhold on a
                                                              best two weeks of my life.                               about special needs adoptions unless you are
                    Guangzhou sidewalk
                                                                                                                       ready to listen!
                                                              It is difficult to express how those two short
                                                              weeks changed me, not just as a social worker,           I'll never forget what Sally told me over that
                                                              but as a person. Now when I have a busy day              dish of broccoli, "Nikki, you help them start this
                                                              at work, I can look at my office covered in              process, and I help them finish it. Now we are
                                                              pictures of the beautiful girls with special needs       both here to see these families come
                                                              who I saw united with their families. Those              together."
                                                              photos remind me that I have the most

    -8-                                                                               Children's Hope International      Summer 2 0 0 6

Kansas City- The City of Fountains
The Plains States Branch
                                                                                                  "I feel so humbled and blessed to play a small role in the joining
                                                                                                  together of these beautiful little souls with loving homes. I had
                                                                                                  been in the corporate world for many years and it is truly a
                                                                                                  privilege to be part of an organization that has eternal purpose
                                                                                                  and meaning," said Donna David, Kansas City Social Worker.

                                                                                                  In ten years of service, the Kansas City branch has found
                                                                                                  loving homes for over 600 children.There are currently over
                                                                                                  300 families in some stage of the adoption process working
                                                                                                  with the branch.

                                                                                                  "We are blessed to witness the formation of families, and we
                                                                                                  are privileged to pray for them while they experience the
                                                                                                  adoption process," said Dianne Atteberry, Kansas City Branch
      Back: (L-R) Nikki DeSimone, Dianne Atteberry (director), Carolee Steel
           Front: (L-R) Donna David, Denise Weller, Jill Pepperdine                               Director.

From the high latitudes south of the Canadian border, sweeping down to the                        Dianne speaks from experience and with a passion for
Red River cradling Oklahoma, to the Colorado Rockies on the west and the Missouri                 international adoption. She just returned from Vietnam with her
Ozarks to the east, the Children's Hope Kansas City branch serves families in the wide            family's new 3-year-old son and she also has two daughters
open spaces of America's Great Plains.                                                            from China. Dianne and her husband have three biological
                                                                                                  sons as well.

Nashville's New Home
                                                                                                                 229 Ward Circle
                                                                                                                 Suite C22
                                                                                                                 Brentwood, Tennessee

We are so proud to be moving into our new
location! It is a long way from the one room office
we had when we first opened our Southeast
Branch. We are excited about the large conference
room that will play host to numerous informational
meetings and classes for our adoptive families.
The new office also has a nice family room,
individual staff offices, a spacious waiting area and
is convenient to the interstates of Middle
Tennessee. We can't say enough about how proud
and delighted we are to have this charming and
spacious new building to help us serve our
families! We welcome you to stop by and check
out our new home.
229 Ward Circle
Suite C22                                                             (L-R) Lindsay Veach, Vonda Hunter, Amy Bryan, Lisa Lee, Amanda Bennett, Angela Singletary,
Brentwood, Tennessee                                             Brenda Barker (director), Tanya Yurlova, Ondrea Harrison, Rachel Messer, Rebecca Dorris, Julie Hunt,
                                                        not pictured: Natalia Sirotyuk,Teresa Smalley, Carole Ozment, Tammie Perkins, Janelle Witt, Kathy Williams, Susan Stewart        Children's Hope International     Summer 2 0 0 6                                                                                               -9-

                  Cast as Untouchables
             Poverty and AIDS    The Orphan Makers
                                Every day 5-year-old Pyditalli and her unofficial "grandmother"
                                would crouch down in their usual spot by the road to beg for scraps of
                                food or money. Along with other beggars in this slum community,
                                theirs is a fine line between survival and death. As the sun mercilessly
                                blazed down last summer, creating record setting heat in this region of
                                India (weeks over 120 F), the oven-like air was too much for the older
                                woman's frail body. She died, leaving Payditalli with no one to provide
                                for her.

                                Now sleeping with fellow beggars, this 5-year-old is alive _ but alone.
                                She is part of an untouchable classification of people in India that
                                leads to extreme poverty and desperation. Pyditalli's mother saw both
                                her parents die in an accident when she was around 14-years-old.
                                Begging and prostitution were her only options. As an un-wed mother,
                                she soon gave birth to Pyditalli and by the time she was 17-years-old,
                                was weakening from the effects of HIV/AIDS.

                                Many times now, Pyditalli has been seen in the feeding lines set up for
                                this impoverished Indian community by the Children's Hope
                                sponsored Mission to the Nations.. At a recent MTN mobile medical
                  You Can       clinic, neighbors brought Pyditalli to the volunteer doctors, saying she
                                was suffering from frequent fevers. After a blood test, it was confirmed
               Bring Hope       that Pyditalli is HIV-Positive. Like her mother before her, she is slowly
             to an Orphan       Many children in this region are infected with HIV. More medical lab
                                tests are needed for children suspected of having the disease. Once
                                identified, better nutrition, shelter, and medications will improve their
                                chances of survival.
                                Little Pyditalli is one example of how you can bring Hope to an orphan.
   An Update on Qian Qian

  Rescued from
  a Begging                                           To look at her now , this 15-
                                                      year-old with the cheerful outlook, it
                                                      is difficult to believe where she was
  Ring                                                only two years ago. As reported in
                                                      the Wall Street Journal (Dec 2004),
                                                                                                Qian Qian grips tightly as she readies
                                                                                                herself for an arm wrestling match in the
                                                      every morning Qian Qian was               court yard of her foster care home
                                                      dropped off at a bridge in Guangzhou
                                                      to beg. In order to make her appear       needed, the man then took Qian Qian
                                                      even more destitute, her guardian         to his apartment and called a local
                                                      would slice Qian Qian's legs and feet     newspaper reporter. Once the article
                                                      so they would bleed. This man had         was printed, her life would change-
                                                      promised Qian Qian's father that he       Qian Qian now had Hope.
                                                      would care for the daughter with
                                                      spina bifida, while giving her a job in   In August 2004, Children's Hope staff,
                                                      his shop. But in reality, Qian Qian       including Melody Zhang, traveled
                                                      was now trapped in a begging ring         down to Guangzhou to bring Qian
                                                      that procured disabled children to        Qian to Beijing for the necessary
                                                      increase their panhandling profits.       corrective surgery on her legs and
                                                      For over three years, Qian Qian had       bowels. She is currently in a loving
                                                      to endure pain and humiliation as a       foster-care home near Beijing with 17
                                                      slave on the streets.                     other children with special needs. She
                                                                                                is learning to read and write as well
                                                      One day in 2004, a Christian man's        as master crafts such as vase making
                                                      heart lead him to gather-up Qian          and paper folding.
                                                      Qian from the dirty pavement where
                                                      she was begging to take her to a          It took one man to say, "I can… I must
                                                      hospital. But since he was unable to      bring Hope to this child."
                                                      afford the medical treatment she

 Smiles for Hope
Jin De always smiles at visitors. Her happy disposition captured hearts
when she came to Beijing for surgery and during her entire stay in the Children's
Hope Center. She was born in January 2005 with congenital spinal
meningococcal and was soon placed in an orphanage in Shaanxi province. This
nongovernmental orphanage was unable to provide the surgery Jin De needed.
With the help of Children's Hope, Jin De, at 4-months-old, traveled to The First
Hospital of Beijing University for her surgery. She is now happy and healthy in her
orphanage, smiling at everyone who comes to see her.       Children's Hope International    Summer 2 0 0 6                                                            -11-
                  CHI NEWS

                                            In April and May, 11 families returned home from Vietnam with their precious new babies. These were all
                                            parents who requested children with special needs and received referrals in 2005.

from                                        But since Children's Hope's license was official in January, 22 families have received referrals and may be
                                            traveling by late this summer to adopt their healthy infants.

Vietnam                                     The wait time from the referral to traveling to adopt is about three to four months, and the stay in Vietnam is two
                                            to three weeks.

Holding her new 14-month-old daughter, Tashi Frey is welcomed home by friends and           Mikailah hangs-on tight to dad, Matthew Frey, as she is introduced to her
family after a 16 day trip to finalize Mikailah's adoption in Vietnam.                      new aunts and cousins.

Ethiopia Update
                                    With over five million orphans, many of whom
                                    are on their own or in poorly equipped facilities, Children's
                                    Hope is anxious to be a part of the solution for the
                                    "fatherless" of Ethiopia.

                                    Children's Hope's in-country staff is now being assembled
                                    and the official licensing of Children's Hope as an
                                    adoption and humanitarian aid agency in Ethiopia has
                                    begun. Upon approval, Children's Hope plans to open an
                                    office in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, to begin

      Tsegay Fesseha, Children’s    Our goal is to have the process up and ready for adoption
      Hope’s Director in Ethiopia
                                    applications by this fall.
12-                                                                      Children's Hope International        Summer 2 0 0 6

Triple Charmers                                By Rex and Debbie Ellebracht _ Kansas

Expectations versus reality of an adoption are an interesting thing to look back on.
The most difficult adjustment is a busier household. We went from zero to three children quickly
and wow…we really sleep well at night! With the girls, there is always something going on. We
love to see them discover things for the first time or tackle and then accomplish something new.

Our first travel leg home from Colombia had us stopping in Houston. After a tiring day of travel
our three girls went straight to sleep in their hotel bed. The next morning they woke up to
discover the BATHTUB! They had never seen a bathtub much less been in one. We
immediately had a bubble bath that lasted for quite a while. It was great to hear their
excitement and laughter.

There are already many expectations that have become reality for our girls. We wanted that
their lives be changed for the better and that they would have genuine smiles that showed their
happiness. Marcela, Jessica and Jenny are very affectionate and love to give and receive hugs
and kisses. They listen well but at times test the limits of their new parents.

Although we did not know their religious background we quickly found out that they love            We all are adjusting to our new roles as parents and
IGLESIA. The first time we drove past our church, which is close to our house, the girls started   daughters. Our family is extremely blessed to be
chanting, "IGLESIA…IGLESIA…IGLESIA!" It is a great family time not only for us but for our         complete. We thank God and Children's Hope for
church family as well. They have embraced these three incredible girls with open arms.             bringing us together as a family.

Eggciting Easter-Egg Hunts
One of the most cherished events for many new                 Children's Hope offices helped
adoptive parents is an annual Easter-egg hunt. Two            add a page to the family photo
                                                              album by tempting children
                                                              with thousands of candy filled           Staying warm in
                                                                                                       her Easter
                                                              eggs. While the children in St.
                                                                                                       sweater, Gracie
                                                              Louis were wearing coats to              Herberholt, 18-
                                                              protect them from an extra               mo , spots
                                                              chilly spring north wind, kids in        another egg for
                                                              Nashville were wearing                   her basket
                                                              sunglasses and carrying water
                                                              bottles on a day of record
                                                              spring heat.

                                                              But in both locations, the mad
                                                              dash for eggs seemed to take
                                                              mere seconds. This was
                Zara Wen Dorris, 3, keeps the water bottle    followed by every child's
                close while coloring her Easter Eggs at the   methodical evaluation of their
                Nashville egg-hunt                            multi-colored haul of sweets.         Children's Hope International     Summer 2 0 0 6                                                                      -13-
                          You Can
                          Bring Hope to an Orphan
                                        What does it mean to sponsor a Child?
By sponsoring a child through Children's             books and teachers for schools, and nurses          The relational component is probably the
Hope, you are in a partnership to bring hope to an   with medical supplies, sponsorships will possibly   most important aspect of your sponsorship.
orphan or to prevent a child from becoming           supply these. Children's Hope's local staff will    Your child needs a relationship where he/she
an orphan. The child you select from                 determine which projects will supply the            is valued again. Your letters and emails will (starting in July) will benefit    greatest benefit to the community where your        give your child something every child longs
from your financial dedication but also from         child lives.                                        for: unconditional love.
the relationship you establish through
                                                     Your sponsorship provides for these four
correspondence. Once selected, your child is
                                                     components when needed:
exclusively yours and will be taken off the
sponsorship web-site for as long as you sponsor
                                                     1- Upgrading Living Standards                  
the child.
                                                     2- Increasing Educational Opportunities
                                                     3- Providing Modern Medical Care
Here's how your sponsorship                          4- Demonstrating God's Love
dollars work for your child
Your sponsorship of $32 a month comes into
Children's Hope to provide a dependable flow of
revenue for funding projects necessary to give
your child a better life.

If one of the necessities for your child is better
nutrition, every child in his/her orphanage will
receive higher quality food whether they are
sponsored or not. If your child's orphanage is
without heat in the winter, sponsorships will
supply the fuel needed to keep the orphanage

Your child stays healthier
once the community around
him is healthier
If the orphanage, as well as the surrounding
village, needs a reliable fresh water supply,

-14-                                                                 Children's Hope International   Summer 2 0 0 6
                CHI FOUNDATION

  Over $1 million                                                                                                 9
  pledged to Children's
  Hope in China
  The Walsh company, a hand sanitizer manufacturer, will donate $125,000 per year
  for the next 10 years for Children's Hope projects in China. This $1.25 million donation is the
  largest commitment dedicated to Children's Hope's extensive work in China with orphans and
  poor families.

  Xinli, 3, was born with brittle bone disease. Children's Hope has provided for several surgeries to repair
  her broken bones at Beijing's Donzhimen Hospital. Xinli is currently at home with her foster family.

  Medical supplies for Vietnam
                                                     Several Vietnamese orphanages will benefit from a gift of medical supplies from Henry
                                                     Schein Cares, the global corporate citizenship program of Henry Schein, Inc, the largest distributor of
                                                     healthcare products and services to office-based practitioners in North America and Europe. This supply
                                                     of medical gloves, masks, table paper, gauze and dressings will be used by the Children's Hope medical
                                                     mission team that will be in Vietnam from June 29-July 15. Several medical professionals are joining the
                                                     mission to evaluate the overall health of up to 400 orphans in three Vietnamese provinces.

Concert for Orphans 2006
     Children living in an Ethiopian school for the blind received new musical instruments thanks to the efforts of the kids
      performing in A Concert for Orphans in St. Louis on April 8. Svetlana and Svyatoslav Levin, the concert's headline
     performers the past two years, hosted this performance by nine award winners of the Midwest Baldwin Piano awards.

Kirill Miniaev, 16, of Kansas City, performs the                    Playing, Liszt's Concert Etude in D-flat, Yuri Vereshagin, 17, of Kansas City, was
2nd Movement from Shostakovich's Sonata for                         one of the nine performers who wowed the audience with impressive execution.
cello and piano.                                                                                                                                           -15-
Orphan Faces
     of Siberia
  During the most frigid , most brutal winters on record, in one the coldest inhabited regions on earth, Fima Gelman was
  discovering his purpose: To show the world, through his photography, "the life" in the orphaned children of Siberia.

  Despite temperatures hovering around 40-to-50 F below zero (-55 F one morning), he spent three weeks in late January and
  early February photographing children at eight orphanages in the Tomsk region of Central Russia. These are the older children,
  who for circumstances out of their control are now living under institutional care.

  "I saw children who were fed and bathed and given an education but I saw children who needed love," Gelman said.

  At the invitation of Children's Hope, this Russian immigrant _ who for the past 30-years has been a professional photographer in
  San Francisco _ was given unprecedented access to Russian orphanages.

  Gelman and an editor are now paring down the 20,000 images he brought back from Russia to the best 100 to be part of a
  photo essay book. You will soon be able to view some of these photos at:

                                        the children pictured are not available for adoption

 -8-                                                      Children's Hope International   Summer 2 0 0 6
                                                                                      American growth charts do
                                                                                      not give parents accurate
Growing Up Asian                                                                      information
Dear Dr. Poulos,
I recently adopted a 2-year-old girl from China. She appears healthy, but has consistently fallen below
the growth curve at her check-ups. Should I be concerned or do Asian girls have different growth charts?

Many children adopted internationally will fall below the growth curves initially due to
poor nutrition. However, once arriving into a nurturing home, they will obtain "catch-up"
growth. Typically on a growth chart, you will see the child moving up in percentiles.
For example, if the child was below the growth curves for height and weight at their initial
visit, within six months, they may be at the 10 or 25th percentiles depending on how
malnourished they were initially and what their growth potential is.

  Typically, Asian children are
  smaller than American children
The exception to this is if your child is genetically a small person. Typically, Asian
children are smaller than American children, so they do have different growth charts
for Asian children. If your child appears healthy, but stays consistently below
the growth curve, she may be perfectly fine. The most important thing about growth
curves is that the child moves along their percentile showing a normal growth rate.
For example, an average size Chinese girl would plot at the 50 percentile on an Asian
girl growth chart, but only at the 5 percentile on an American growth chart!
It's OK to plot her on the U.S. growth chart, but you must understand that she
is more than likely going to be at the low end of the scale. She may have her "own"
curve to follow which falls below the standardized curve. If she fails to gain appropriate
weight and height along even the low end of the growth curve, then she may need
further evaluation by your pediatrician. You can access Chinese and Vietnamese
growth charts on the internet at: or

The advice in this article is for the general consumption of our readers. Any medical
advice should be discussed with your physician on an individual basis.

                                                                           Dr. Christine Poulos is a Pediatrician in Barrington and
                                                                           Schaumburg, Illinois. She has a nephew who was adopted
                                                                           through CHI and she has a growing caseload of internationally
                                                                           adopted children.

                                                 Questions for the Doctor?
                                                 Your question to Dr. Poulos may become part of her quarterly article on
                                                 medical issues for families who have adopted internationally. Email:
                                                Children's Hope International      Summer 2 0 0 6                                                             -17-
New Arrivals From                                                               Asia, Eastern Europe, South America

CHINA                                               February 2006            CHINA                                                           March 2006
Parents' Names                      Child's Name   Province    State         Parents' Names                            Child's Name      Province State
Ellis, Bradley and Camille          Madeline       Guangdong   KS            Mower, Steven and Pamela                  Matthew           Shaanxi   NH
Robins, Michael and Light, Amy      Sadie          Guangdong   AZ            Woody, Bruce and Kristina                 Aidan             Shanghai MO
Finstad, Troy and Tina              Seth           Xinjiang    NE            Willson, Harry and Bunnie                 Andrew            Shanxi    MO
Sanders, Christina                  Kenneth        Xinjiang    MO            Tipton, Phillip and Susan                 Katelyn           Guangdong OK
Blake, David and Princetta          Alyssa         Yunnan      NH            Cornell, Richard and Billie               Mei               Guangdong IL
McNamara, Ann Patricia              Luke           Shaanxi     IL            Brenner, Cary and Deborah                 Aimee             Guangdong CT
Nyman, Charles and Patricia         Diana          Hebei       NY            Hicks, Robert and Danielle                Jadyn             Guangdong GA
Bogdon, Jon and Ollie               Ailisi         Hunan       MO            Kaplan, Steven and Dawn                   Hannah            Jiangxi   IL
Brazzel, Dillard and Kayla          Kensli         Hunan       LA            Morey, David and Patricia                 David             Xinjiang  KS
Brien, Daniel and Dinah             Dominique      Hunan       FL            Baker, Kevin and Tracee                   Benjamin          Yunnan    OH
Davolt, Michael and Denise          Zoey           Hunan       MO            Beasley, John and Marjorie                Michael           Mongolia GA
Hill, Chad and Michelle             Emma           Hunan       CA            Shourd, John and Geraldine                Yadan             Mongolia IL
Huff, Gregory and Felicia           Keeley         Hunan       MO
Larrew, Lawrence and Trudy          Emmy           Hunan       IL
                                                                            CHINA                                                             April 2006

Randel, Thomas and Marci            Maci           Hunan       KS            Parents' Names                           Child's Name       Province      State
Wagoner, Jr., Richard and Nancy     Brooke         Hunan       KS            Bleich, Roy and Michelle                  Maya              Guangxi       CA
Whitwam, Robert and Sheryl          Emmalin        Hunan       MI            Daugherty, Edward and Anna                Liliana           Guangxi       MD
Anth, John and Elizabeth            Katie          Jiangxi     MO            Garnaas, Donald and Karen                 Eden              Guangxi       ND
Johnson, Tosten and Kristin         Kate           Jiangxi     MN            Heflin, Richard and Kathryn               Emily             Guangxi       MO
McNally, Charles and Colleen        Mallory        Jiangxi     FL            Kenna, Francis and Stacey                 Jordan            Guangxi       NY
Ng, Steven and Grace Baysa-Ng       Mary           Jiangxi     MO            Krippner, Brian and Amelia                Megan             Guangxi       MO
Quehl, Peter and Wendy              Anna           Jiangxi     WI            Mahabir, Philip and Patricia              Mkayla            Guangxi       FL
Rueckert, Timothy and Kimberly      Julie          Jiangxi     MO            McHood, Craig and Leigh                   Lily              Guangxi       TN
Shoaf, Jack and Sandra              Maylee         Jiangxi     IN            Michels, Matthew and Elizabeth            Chloe             Guangxi       IL
Uyeda, Matthew and Gina             Lily           Jiangxi     CA            Morrin, Richard and Debra                 Sydney            Guangxi       TX
Watson, Dustin and Dalena           Eliana         Jiangxi     AZ            Rahn, Bruce and Carolyn                   Mary              Guangxi       NC
Cesal, David and Kimberly           Catharine      Guangdong   CA            Sneiderman, David and Michelle            Kayla             Guangxi       FL
Eckrich, Nathan and Monica          Jade           Guangdong   OR            Caravella, David and Laura                Anna              Hunan         MO
England, Glen and Cynthia           Asyalee        Guangdong   IL            Cramer, Tod and Julie                     Olivia            Hunan         MI
Finco, Thomas and Kathryn           Grace          Guangdong   WI            Gerbich, Justin and Andrew, Karyn         Serra             Hunan         IL
Fiorino, Gary & DeFabio, Michelle   Sophia         Guangdong   MO            Greer, Philip and Gillig-Greer, Nancy     Audrey            Hunan         OH
Fraser, John and Renee              Jina           Guangdong   IA            Hapke, Mark and Paula                     Lia               Hunan         IL
Gossner, Charles and Suzanne        Emily          Guangdong   NJ            Kruse, Michael and Kelly                  Abigail           Hunan         AZ
Hartman, Cody and Corey             Alexa          Guangdong   AZ            McGinnis, James and Robin                 Cecelia           Hunan         OH
Howerton, Gary and Angela           Jaclyn         Guangdong   IL            Novak, Thomas and Kerry                   Emily             Hunan         ME
Montieth, Gregory and Megan         Emma           Guangdong   IL            Speers, Brandon and Heidi                 Joy               Hunan         OH
Morton, James and Dena              Lindley        Guangdong   MO            Ziss, John and Debra                      Leah              Hunan         OH
Rutherford, Kevin and Jeri          Kalyn          Guangdong   IL
Chu, Steven and Cristy              Lucy           Guangdong   MO           RUSSIA                                                          August 2005
Wanless, Michael and Lisa           Sierra         Guangdong   IL
Dick, Kevin and Kathleen            Kasia          Guangxi     OH           Parents' Names                      Child's Name             Region        State
Dyslin, Nick and Elmore, Amy        Lillian        Guangxi     IL           Pinketti, Gary and Dana             Daniel Charles           Moscow        PA
Harder, Cheryl                      Abbigail       Guangxi     NE
Hart, Matthew and Natalie           Alexa          Guangxi     CA           RUSSIA                                                        February 2006
Harte, Robert and Adlynn            Lena           Guangxi     KS           Parents' Names                       Child's Name            Region        State
Redmond, Christopher & Elizabeth    Elizabeth      Guangxi     MO           Stewart, Helen                      Jeremy Dennis            Chelyabinsk   MO
Sampson, Stephen and Rebecca        Faith          Guangxi     MI           McBride, Theresa                    William Alexander        Kaliningrad   OK
Wood, Kenneth and Jayne             Sydnee         Guangxi     MO           Cook, David & Rita                  Matthew David Vladimir   Kaliningrad   TN
Gobble, Scott and Marsha            Kiana          Guangxi     NH           Darcy, Philip & Jennifer            Nikolas Jude             Kaliningrad   NY
Zehr, James and Lori                Elaine         Guangxi     MN           Tassey, Ronald & Wood, Rai          Veronica Grace           Kaliningrad   NY
                                                                            Blessing, James & Katharine         Megan Nadia              Kaliningrad   MO
                                                                            Hays, Tim & Nancy                   Alina Marie              Kemerovo      MO

- 18 -                                                                 Children's Hope International      Summer 2 0 0 6
RUSSIA                                                      February 2006         KAZAKHSTAN                                                    April 2006
Parents' Names                   Child's Name               Region        State   Parents' Names                  Child's Name         Region         State
Neugebauer, David & Cynthia      Tatyana Lily               Kemerovo      NY      Birmelin, Michael & Yvonne      Andrew Madee         Karakastek     CA
Baron, Christopher & Teri        Alexander Jude             Kemerovo      CA
                                                                                  INDIA                                                     February 2006
Johnson, Wayne & Verna           Anna Nastasia              Kemerovo      TN
                                                                                  Parents' Names                  Child's Name          Region           State
Eckola, Robert & Kathleen        Claire Elena               Kemerovo      IL
                                                                                  Bona, Lisa                      Shruti Elina          Pune             WA
Collier, Michael & Deborah       Inna Faith                 Smolensk      TN
Reiss, William & Suzanne         Zoya Grace & Dariya Kate   Smolensk      TN      INDIA                                                          March 2006
McCormack, Robert & Patricia     Arthur Robert &            Tver          NY
                                                                                  Patterson, Mark & Corina        Kareena               Delhi           NC
                                 Kristina Maureen
                                                                                  Merkel, Gary & Susan            Riley Vishal          Pune            DE
McAfee, Leif & Karolyn           Gavin Reed                 Tver          CA
                                                                                  Patel, Jay & Christine          Jacob                 Pune            NJ
RUSSIA                                                         March 2006         Snader, Brent & Melinda         Asha                  Delhi           TN
                                                                                  Bell, Austin & Denise           Shivani Richane &     Delhi           WA
Wiersma, Kyle & Jennifer         Elizabeth Kristina         Astrakhan     KY
Milcarek, Richard & Angela       Victor James               Astrakhan                                             Chotu Elijah
Noland, Jan                      Audrey Margarita           Kaliningrad   MO      INDIA                                                            April 2006
Rudolph, Robert & Alicia         Igor Rudolph &             Kaliningrad   AL      Jeno, Muthiah & Anita           Christina Rose        Pune             IL
                                 Robert Maxim                                     Reams, Ray & Tammy              Sarah                 Pune             TN
Royar, Kenneth & Mary Lou        Timofey Paul &             Moscow        TN      Virdee, Harbinder & Dawn        Anjani Grace          Pune             MI
                                 Mahrk Robert                                     Presby-Virdee
Smardak, Michael & Kathy         Natalya Kristina           Moscow        TN
Sunderlin, Lee & Grenus, Karen   Joseph Andrei              Novosibirsk   IL      COLOMBIA                                                  February 2006
Jeffries, Cynthia                Alena Grace                Novosibirsk   MO
Simpson, Robert & Ann                                                             Parents' Names                  Child's Name         Region            State
                                 Jeffrey Aleksander         Novosibirsk   IL
Deeds, Cathy                     Kaitlin Elizabeth Albina   Novosibirsk   FL      Garzon, Zoraida                 Kelly & Deicy        Antioquia         NJ
Franklin, Craig & Brenda         Gavin Eugene &             Novosibirsk   MN      Ellebracht, Rex & Debbie        Marcela, Jessica &   Santander         KS
                                 Karina Valeria                                                                   Jenny
Strickler, Kevin & Daron         Alexei Ryan                Tver          MO      Callaham, Michael & Karagene    Alejandro,           Bogotá            OK
Kreidel, Christopher & Cynthia   Christopher Cade           Tver          TN                                      Valentina & Laura
Kaye, Robert & Haring, Sonya     Zachary Sergei &           Tver          OH      McBride, David & Lisa           Carlos & Jhon        Cundinamarca      MO
                                 Joshua Illya                                     Spadaro, Anthony & Mariela      Jorge &              Antioquia         NY
Shaw, Trooper & Kristina         Margaret Marie             Vladivostok KS                                        Luisa Fernanda
                                                                                  Rutter, David & Julie           Lilly                Antioquia         IL
RUSSIA                                                             April 2006     Feldman, George & Loh, Eudora   Juan Carlos &        Bogotá            CA
Dobrzanski, Greg & Bonnie        Myles Reed                 Chelyabinsk   MO      England, Clayton & Stephanie    Julyanna             Bogotá            TN
Haynor, Terry                    Caroline Julia             Chelyabinsk   IL
Berg, Christopher & Amy          Vann Sebastian             Moscow        NY      COLOMBIA                                                       March 2006
Honbarrier, Kurt & Megan         Anna Daria Katherine &     Novosibirsk   AL      Pottorff, Mark & Donna          Kelly & Kevin         Meta             STL
                                 William Lev Hudson
                                                                                  Ruhl, Brian & Stephanie         Jason, Erika & Egiber Bogotá           IL
Thomason, David & Shari          Zachary David              Novosibirsk TX        Irizarry, Edgar & Diana         Christian Alexander Huila              FL
Harris, Robert & Valerie         Alden Elizabeth            Novosibirsk GA
Joslin, Jon & Lorie              Jon Carter &               Novosibirsk MO        COLOMBIA                                                     April 2006
                                 Barak Alexander                                  Herzberg, Joseph & Dawn                              Casanare      NY
                                                                                                                  Andrés Felipe
Morris, Serena                   Kyra Grace                 Tomsk         TX
Goehl, Raymond & Nancy           Andre Thomas               Tver          IL
Searfoss, Thomas & Rebecca       Kristina Elizabeth         Tver          PA      VIETNAM                                                          April 2006
Everett, Randy & Dolores         Vladislav James            Tver          PA      Parents' Names                  Child's Name           Region          State
Wood, Stephen & Jennifer         Lilyanna Grace             Vladivostok   TN      Frey, Matt & Tashi              Mikailah Le Ngoc       HCMC            MO
                                                                                  Murray, Scott & Dawn            Michael Thai           HCMC            WA
KAZAKHSTAN                                                   February 2006        Padilla, Bob & Donna            Alexis Nichole         HCMC            AZ
Parents' Names                   Child's Name               Region     State      Fleming, Margaret               Lanh Aleah             HCMC            IL
Dawson, David & Betty            Marina                     Karakastek FL         Jezek, Gene & Beth              Julia Quynh            HCMC            IL
                                 Nikita                                           Scott, Jim & Margaret           Jonathan Hai           HCMC            TX
                                 Victoria                                         Smith, James & Sarah            Elli Jewel Nhu         HCMC            MO         Children's Hope International         Summer 2 0 0 6                                                                 - 19 -

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