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                   Newsletter No 120
                           June 2011                                          
                        THE ART OF BUGATTI – Mullin
                        Automotive Museum
                        by Richard Adatto                                This Issue
                        Photographs and descriptions from             Welcome to Newsletter No. 120!
                        the Mullin Automotive Museum’s
                        40-strong Bugatti display are the             We have a huge variety of new titles for you in this
                        basis of this remarkable book, which          newsletter. Everything from thoroughbred Bugattis and
                        captures the passion of Peter and             the amazing Cord 810 through Le Mans Porsches, iconic              YOU AND YOUR JAGUAR XJS
                        Merle Mullin for the Bugatti marque           Holden Monaros and classic Grand Prix cars to NASCAR,              by Nigel Thorley
                                                                      and hot rods. Then there are our motorcycle and aviation           A complete guide to buying, enjoying,
                        in all its forms, including furniture         titles, Super Specials and Bargain Books.
                        and art. The cars include a Type 35, a                                                                           maintaining and modifying your XJS. It is
Type 57SC Atlantic, the Brescia rescued from Lake Maggiore            There is temptation on every page!                                 also a complete history of the model from
and Jean Bugatti’s unfinished Type 64, plus more recent                                                                                  the first V12 coupes through to the final
concept cars and Veyrons. Each has been photographed by                                  Andrew Egginton                                 convertible model. A must buy for XJS
Michael Furman and captions are short but accurate                                                                General Manager        owners or prospective owners.
descriptions of the cars’ histories. Superb presentation!                                          HOLDEN MONARO – It’s a                Code 10568                 H/B                     176 pgs
Code 24257         H/B Slipcased           244 pgs $149.95                                         Legend by Gavin Farmer                Should be $49.95                                Now $19.95
TIFF GEAR – The Autobiography of Tiff Needell                                                      Holden could not have wished
                                                                                                                                                           THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE
Written with honesty and humour, this is the                                                       for a better start to the career of
                                                                                                                                                           WORKS MINIS by Peter Browning
story of Tiff’s life around cars and motor                                                         the Monaro, when it won the
                                                                                                                                                           Fascinating story of how BMC developed
racing. Tiff is a well-known TV personality,                                                       1968 Hardie Ferodo 500 race.
                                                                                                                                                           the Mini into a race and rally winner, told
first on Top Gear, then on Fifth Gear. Besides                                                     Overnight the name Monaro
                                                                                                                                                           by the last competitions manager of BMC.
this, Tiff had an incredibly varied and long                                                       had entered Australia’s
                                                                                                                                                           Includes technical specifications, Mini
motor racing career that saw him race in the                         motoring lexicon. The motoring public reacted positively and
                                                                                                                                                           tyres, individual car histories and more.
Monaco GP and escape unharmed from an                                bought the Monaro is numbers that would undoubtedly have
                                                                                                                                                           Code 7035              H/B          224 pgs
horrific 200mph crash at Le Mans. He is                              pleased the accountants at GM-H. Sales momentum
                                                                                                                                                           Should be $54.95               Now $19.95
nowadays a favourite at the Goodwood Revival, where he               continued from the HK-HT-HG family into the sweetly styled
mixes speed and aggression with great respect for the                HQ range. However, the Monaro coupé had lost most of its            BRM V16 by Karl Ludvigsen
machinery. He writes with brutal honesty and a self-                 masculinity and sales dropped, leading to the demise of the         Here is the story of the BRM V16 and the people behind it.
deprecating style in a book that all car enthusiasts will relish.    coupé in the late 1970s. After a lengthy hiatus, Australian         Betrayed by its sheer complexity, never a success in F1 races,
Code 24242                   H/B          320 pgs       $34.95       motoring enthusiasts were stunned by the Concept Coupé of           the BRM V16 is a legend of British motor racing.
                                                                     1998 that led to the third generation Monaro. For four years        Code 17594                                H/B          96 pgs
                    ALMOST UNKNOWN – Tony Gaze                       Australian buyers could once again buy a coupé carrying the         Should be $39.95                                Now $16.95
                    by Stewart Wilson                                Monaro name. Like the original, the V2 series had a svelte
                    The story of Squadron Leader Tony Gaze           masculinity about it plus storming performance from the V8              Please note that there are only limited
                    OAM, DFC and two bars, Australian                versions. This book tells the whole story of all the Monaros.          stocks of these titles. Specials apply until
                    Spitfire ace and Grand Prix racing driver.       Code 21999 H/B Due early June 288 pgs $120.00                                July 15th or while stocks last.
                    It reads like a ‘Boy’s Own’ adventure                                                                                THE FORD IN BRITAIN FILE (2nd Ed) by Eric Dymock
                    story, but it is fact, not fiction. Gaze has a   BRABHAM RALT HONDA – The Ron
                                                                                                                                         A year by year description of the vast number of Ford models
                    litany of remarkable achievements to his         Tauranac Story by Mike Lawrence
                                                                                                                                         sold in the UK since the 1908 Model T. A great reference!
                    credit resulting from his two careers: as a      A softcover reprint of the comprehensive
                                                                                                                                         Code 18659                 H/B                       512 pgs
                    fighter pilot with the RAF during World          biography of one of the most successful
                                                                                                                                         Should be $54.95                                Now $19.95
War II and later as a racing driver, the first Australian driver     racing car designers ever. Ron Tauranac never
to compete in World Championship GP races, he was also               sought publicity, preferring to let his cars’                       LANCIA DELTA HF INTEGRALE – Story of a Champion
the driving force behind establishing Goodwood racing                racing performance speak for him. Foreword                          by Blaettel & Wagner
circuit. An amazing story, a must read for any racing fan.           is by Jack Brabham, who won his 1966 World                          When Group B was dropped at the
Code 21470                   H/B            208 pgs         $60.00   Championship in a car designed by Ron. Irresistible read!           end of 1986, Lancia was ready for
                                                                     Limited number available signed by Ron Tauranac.                    Group A with the Delta HF. This is a
GHOST TOWNS OF ROUTE 66 by Jim Hinckley                              Code 24181                  S/C            256 pgs   $29.95         beautifully illustrated review of the
Ghost towns lie all along the Mother                                                                                                     evolution of the road car into the very
Road. Describes more than 25 ghost                                                                REAL RACERS – F1 IN THE
                                                                                                                                         successful rally car, which won six
towns, rich in history, complemented                                                              50S & 60S; A Driver’s
                                                                                                                                         straight WRC titles from 1987-1992.
by superb sepia-tone and colour                                                                   Perspective: Klementaski
                                                                                                                                         Code 19127           H/B       208 pgs
photography. Includes directions and                                                              by Stuart Codling
                                                                                                                                         Should be $89.95                        Now $29.95
travel tips for your exploration of the                                                           The visceral sensations of driving
beauty and nostalgia of these                                                                     a Formula 1 race car in the 1950s      BMW 7 SERIES – The Complete Story by Graham Robson
abandoned communities along America’s favourite highway.                                          and 1960s are brought to life          The story of the 7 and 8 Series BMW up to the late 1990s.
Code 24366                   H/B        160pgs     $29.95                                         through the extraordinary images       With specifications and production history.
                                                                     of the Klemantaski Collection (one of the world’s largest and       Code 11186                                  H/B 176 pgs
                   AUTOMOTIVE BODYWORK AND RUST                      finest archives of motorsports photography) and first-person        Should be $54.95                               Now $17.95
                   REPAIR by Matt Joseph                             accounts from the drivers who experienced them. Original
                   This book teaches you how to select the           commentary from F1 legends Sir Stirling Moss, Sir Jackie                           McLAREN MEMORIES – A Biography of
                   proper tools for the job, common-sense            Stewart, Sir Jack Brabham, John Surtees, and Sir Frank                             Bruce McLaren by Eoin Young
                   approaches to the task ahead of you,              Williams carries you through a Grand Prix weekend, from                            Told at 11 that he might never walk again,
                   preparing and cleaning sheet metal,               arrival at the track, practice and setup, the race start, and                      McLaren’s determination took him to success
                   section fabrications and repair patches,          the race itself. A must-have for all Formula 1 aficionados.                        as a driver and builder of racing cars. An in
                   welding tips and techniques, forming,             Code 24138                   H/B          208 pgs         $49.95                   depth study of a remarkable man.
                   fitting and smoothing, cutting metal, final                                                                                          Code 16329                H/B          240 pgs
metal finishing, including filling and sanding, the secrets of                   OPENING TIMES                                                          Should be $49.95                  Now $19.95
lead filling, making panels fit properly, and more. Invaluable!          Monday - Friday                        9.15-5.15
Code 22403                   S/C           160 pgs      $37.50           Saturday                               9.00-4.00                  MORE SUPER SPECIALS ON Page 2
                                                                                                     FREECALL 1-800 622 422
187 St Georges Tce, Perth WESTERN AUSTRALIA 6000                                                                          Ph: (08) 9322 5544                Fax: (08) 9322 5535
THE CORD COMPLETE – The Story of the 810 & 812                                                  BATHURST GTS MONAROS
                                Models by Josh B. Malks                                         A Photographic History
                                This beautifully presented book                                 by Stephen Stathis
                                is printed on heavy gloss art                                   The HK Monaro was the first
                                paper, with glorious images of                                  Holden that could win at Bathurst.
                                the elegant Cord cars like the                                  A 327 cubic inch V8 from the
                                one at left, and protected in a                                 Corvette replaced the usual 307
                                slipcase. It tells the whole story   and Holden had its Bathurst challenger! Here is the story of       THE MOTORSPORT ART OF JUAN
                                of the development of the            the GTS Monaro at Bathurst, with photographs of all the            CARLOS FERRIGNO
legendary and much troubled Cord 810 and 812 front wheel             Monaros that raced on the mountain, 34 pages of full colour        By Christopher Hilton
drive cars. How all of the many obstacles, both technical and        photographs plus over 100 black & white shots. A great             The amazing story of Juan Carlos
financial, were overcome and the 810 made it to the market           collector’s book for any Monaro fan. It is a limited edition of    Ferrigno, world-renowned motorsports
place is a fascinating story and any lover of automotive             only 350 copies. Also available in buckram binding (50             artist, from penniless youth to his
history will find this book irresistible. A great story,             copies) or a leatherbound (75 copies)edition, signed by            current success. Illustrated with
painstakingly researched and told in a clear, easy to read           Bathurst winners Colin Bond and Bruce McPhee.                      reproductions of the artist’s work, this book is a visual treat.
manner. An asset to any motoring library. NOTE: Due to this          Code 24350                 H/B           144 pgs       $99.00      Code 10509                  H/B                         98 pgs
book’s size and weight, delivery will be $15.95.                     Code 24308             Buckram           144 pgs $125.00           Should be $79.95                                  Now $29.95
Code 24810           Slipcased H/B           304 pgs $220.00         Code 24327         Leatherbound          144 pgs $300.00           CARS AT SPEED – Classic Stories from Grand Prix’s
THE COBRA IN THE BARN by Tom Cotter                                                 MY FIRST CAR by Matt Stone                          Golden Age by Robert Daley
A new softcover edition of this book, an                                            Everyone has a story about that first car. Here     Daley’s alternative view of motor racing was not liked by the
inspiration for those who must look in old                                          are first car stories from Jay Leno, Mario          motor racing establishment, but the public lapped it up.
sheds and barns. We have all heard the                                              Andretti, Patrick Dempsey, Danica Patrick, Sir      Code 19063                  H/B                        304 pgs
stories of fantastic classic cars found in old                                      Stirling Moss, Gregg Allman, and many more                               Should be $39.95             Now $14.95
sheds, locked up in long disused garages or                                         luminaries of the automotive world. What was                            COBRA REPLICAS by Ian Stent
even bricked up in old houses. This book                                            your first car?                                                         Describes Cobra replicas available in the
tells of nearly 50 of those “barn finds” and                                        Code 24325          H/B      224 pgs $29.95                             UK, from budget models to aluminium
how they were rescued and treated with the                                                                                                                  bodied near exact copies of the originals.
TLC they deserved. Fascinating!                                      IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE: Dale,
                                                                     Daytona & the Day that Changed                                                         Code 13917          H/B          144 pgs
Code 22800                    S/C          256 pgs       $24.95                                                                                             Should be $44.95            Now $19.95
                                                                     Everything by Michael Waltrip
                     SLEEPING BEAUTIES USA Abandoned                 Michael Waltrip tells the story of how he
                     Classic Cars & Trucks                                                                                              GO LIKE HELL! Ford, Ferrari and Their
                                                                     won the 2001 Daytona 500 – as his                                  Battle for Speed & Glory at Le Mans
                     by Bjoern Marek                                 friend and mentor Dale Earnhardt was
                     Rusted and forgotten automotive                                                                                    by A.J. Baime
                                                                     killed just behind him. He reveals how                             The story of how and why Ford took on Ferrari
                     treasures parked along the highways of          his life changed as he dealt with guilt,
                     America, waiting to be discovered.                                                                                 on Ferrari’s own turf in the Le Mans 24 Hour
                                                                     faced his grief, and finally climbed into                          – Ford triumphed with the mighty GT40.
                     Stunning and evocative photography.             a race car again.
                     Code 23889 H/B 96 pgs $29.95                                                                                       Code 21865               H/B          320 pgs
                                                                     Code 24199 H/B 240 pgs $44.95                                      Should be $55.00                  Now $19.95
RUSTED MUSCLE – A Collection of                                                        “TV” TOMMY IVO – Drag Racing’s
Derelict Dream Machines                                                                                                                 PORSCHE 914 & 914-6 (2nd Ed) by Brian Long
                                                                                       Master Showman by Tom Cotter                     A fascinating book about a much neglected Porsche model.
by Steve Magnante                                                                      In the early 1960s, Tommy Ivo was a star of
No other book of junkyard photography has                                                                                               Code 17515                  S/C                   208 pgs
                                                                                       TV and film with a promising Hollywood           Should be $39.95                              Now $19.95
been focused purely on US muscle cars,                                                 future. When his producers told him he had
nor included the level of information about                                            to quit drag racing, he quit the entertainment                      RUSSIAN MOTOR VEHICLES – The
subject cars that Rusted Muscle does.                                                  industry instead. Ivo built his cars in the                         Czarist Period 1784-1917
Code 23985 S/C 176 pgs $44.95                                                          garage behind his Burbank home; becoming                            by Maurice Kelly
                                                                     the first drag racer to hit 170, 175, and 180 miles per hour.                         A unique account of the amazing range of
             CHRYSLER’S TURBINE CAR: The Rise & Fall                                                                                                       vehicles produced in Czarist Russia.
             of Detroit’s Coolest Creation                           Ivo pioneered promotional techniques that are today taken
                                                                     for granted. His impact on the sport cannot be understated.                           Code 21949           H/B          112 pgs
             by Steve Lehto                                                                                                                                Should be $49.95             Now $14.95
             The story of Chrysler’s amazing gas turbine car,        Code 24152                   H/B           240 pgs        $34.95
             its design and development, testing in the hands                                                                               Please note that there are only limited
                                                                     ‘40 FORD – Evolution, Design,                                         stocks of these titles. Specials apply until
             of ordinary American motorists and its eventual
                                                                     Racing & Hot Rodding
             abandonment. A true child of the jet age,
                                                                     by Joseph Cabadas                                                           July 15th or while stocks last.
             Chrysler’s turbine car was bold, innovative and,                                                                           RALLY GIANTS – Austin Healey 100/6
                                                                     Auto historian Joe Cabadas delved into
ultimately, a failure. This is a story that had to be told and a                                                                        & 3000 by Graham Robson
                                                                     the archive of The Henry Ford in
must read for all automobile enthusiasts.                                                                                               The Big Healey was the most charismatic
                                                                     Dearborn for this complete history of
Code 23925                   H/B            224 pgs       $49.95                                                                        rally car of its time, producing spectacular
                                                                     the 1940 Ford: the design and
MUSTANG 1964½-1966 (Collector’s                                      production process; the various body                               performances even when it didn’t win.
Originality Guide) by Colin Date                                     styles; motorsports (both circle-track                             Code 19093               S/C          128 pgs
This definitive guide to the Mustang is a                            and drag racing); and hot rodding. Includes 200 rare               Should be $29.95                Now $14.95
softcover reissue of the book that first                             photographs and illustrations from the collections of The                                RALLY GIANTS – Peugeot 205 T16
appeared in the highly-regarded ‘Original’                           Henry Ford and from top photographers.                                                   by Graham Robson
series. It provides a comprehensive guide to                         Code 24140                 H/B         160 pgs        $39.95                             The dominant car of the Group B era was
Ford Mustangs from 1964 to 1966 and                                                                                                                           the spectacular Peugeot 205T16, the first
provides collectors with everything they                                        THE HOT ROD READER                                                            truly sophisticated 4WD Group B Car.
need to identify, classify, and restore these iconic cars.                      by Peter Schletty & Melinda Keefe                                             Code 19092            S/C       128 pgs
Code 22565                   S/C           128 pgs       $39.95                 This anthology chronicles the joys of hot                                     Should be $29.95           Now $14.95
                                                                                rodding, the historical circumstances of its            OR Buy both these RALLY GIANTS books together!
                       ROAD HOGS – Detroit’s Big,                               creation, and the major events, people, cars,           Code 24342                                    Two for $25.00!
                       Beautiful Luxury Cars of the 1960s                       and builders who brought hot rods to the
                                                                                                                                        JIM CLARK: Grand Prix Legend
                       & 1970s by Eric Peters                                   national stage. It includes news articles,
                                                                                                                                        by Andrew Tulloch
                       Climb into an American luxury car from                   essays, fiction, interviews, and more.
                                                                                                                                        Tells the Jim Clark story from early years
                       the 1960s or 1970s, scan the huge             Code 24137               H/B           288 pgs       $29.95
                                                                                                                                        to F1. He won more F1 races and taken
                       dashboard filled with esoteric dials and                                                                         more pole positions than any other driver.
                       gauges that you can never hope to             DELAHAYE: Styling & Design
                                                                     by Adatto & Meredith                                               Code 20461              H/B        240 pgs
                       understand, twist the ignition key, and                                                                          Should be $79.95              Now $29.95
                       listen to coffee-can-sized pistons crank      From 1920 to the early 1950s
over in that enormous V8 lurking under that vast expanse of          France’s greatest coach builders                                   HOW TO RESTORE YOUR COMMODORE
hood. Feel that throbbing power and you’ll know what once            clothed Delahaye chassis. Here are                                 1978-1988 by Max Ellery
made the American auto industry great. Road Hogs celebrates          examples from Figoni & Falaschi,                                   An exciting book for VB to VL series Commodore owners
this greatness, as expressed through the magnificent cars that       Chapron, Saoutchik, Guillore and                                   with nothing previously available on this subject. This
rolled out of Detroit, like the Cadillac Eldorado, Chrysler 300,     Franay. The Delahaye racing and                                    manual covers all aspects of restoration.
Buick Electra, Chevy Monte Carlo, Buick Riviera and more.            sports cars are also described.                                    Code 17975                               S/C          180 pgs
Code 24328                    H/B           160 pgs        $39.95    Code 18471 H/B 312 pgs $185.00                                     Should be $44.95                                Now $12.95

                                                                                                    FREECALL 1-800 622 422
187 St Georges Tce, Perth WESTERN AUSTRALIA 6000                                                                          Ph: (08) 9322 5544                Fax: (08) 9322 5535
            Brooklands Books                                                     Bargain Books From Motorbooks International
There are over 500 Brooklands Road Test books, each
containing reports from between 40 and 80 journalists from             Save between $10 and $30 on these popular titles! While stocks last!
all around the world. The content has always been great but                         WINNING – The Racing Life of Paul               MUSTANG MASTERPIECES: Featuring
in the past, quality was lacking.                                                   Newman by Stone & Lerner                        the Cars of Carroll Shelby
The reproduction is now vastly improved and the latest titles                       Draws on the trackside memories of those        by Jerry Heasley
are all rescanned and digitised before being printed on good                        who knew Paul Newman, the race car              This book chronicles the evolution of
quality gloss paper.                                                                driver. Contributors include Bob Sharp,         Shelby’s Ford powered cars from the
With the strength of the Aussie dollar, these have all been                         Dan Gurney, Bobby Rahal, Tommy                  original Cobra through the Shelby
reduced in price and we have made further reductions on                             Kendall, Patrick Dempsey, and other             Mustangs of the 1960s to the 2008 Shelby
100 of the most popular titles.                                                     fellow drivers, owners, engineers, and          GT Mustang. A visual feast!
                   NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R – Ultimate                actors. With personal and archival photos, it tells the story of   Code 20979                 H/B                      255 pgs
                   Portfolio 1969-2010                           a man known to many as one of the world’s finest actors,           Was $59.95                                       Now $34.95
                   Describes all versions of the Skyline GT-R,   but to others as one hell of a racer. Great story!                 MILLION-DOLLAR MUSCLE CARS by Colin Comer
                   including the 1969 PGC10, the 1973 C110,      Code 22245                  H/B                        176 pgs                         Subtitled “The Rarest and Most
                   the 1989 R32, the 1995 R33 and the 1999       Was $39.95                                         Now $29.95                          Collectible Cars of the Performance
                   R34. Plus the 2007 model known solely as      MICKEY THOMPSON: The Fast Life and Tragic Death                                        Era”, profiles desirable machines from
                   the GT-R. Included are road, comparison       of a Racing Legend by Erik Arneson                                                     the muscle car era – Hemi ‘Cudas,
                   and long term tests, race reports, new        Thompson was prominent in US motorsport                                                Shelby Mustangs, Trans-Ams and more.
                   model introductions and updates. Advice       from the 1960s into the 1980s, until gunned                                            Survivors are now fetching seven figure
is also given on acquiring a good used GT-R.                     down with his wife in March 1988. Off-road                                             sums at auction! Read all about these
Code 23831                 S/C                         192 pgs   racer, world’s fastest man on four wheels, Indy                                        special machines in this beautifully
Was $49.95                                        Now $29.95     500 entrant and promoter of off-road racing                                            illustrated book.
MASERATI CARS – Ultimate                                         and stadium shows. Astonishing!                                    Code 19865                 H/C                      192 pgs
Portfolio 1999-2007                                              Code 20987               H/B          304 pgs                      Was $59.95                                       Now $39.95
The story of Maserati cars built from                            Was $39.95                       Now $29.95                        NISSAN GT-R SUPERCAR - BORN TO
1999 to 2007. It covers the 3200GT,                                                                                                 RACE by Dennis Gorodji
Assetto Corsa, 4200GT, Trofeo, GranSport,                                                 INDIANAPOLIS 500 – A Century of           A history of the Skyline GT-R from the
Quattroporte, Sport GT, MC12 and Gran                                                     Excitement by Ralph Kramer                original Prince Skyline ALSIS-1 of 1957
Turismo with full technical and                                                           tells the compelling and entertaining     to the R35 Spec V of 2009. Contains rare
performance data. There are road and                                                      story of the race that has become         pictures, schematics and graphs
comparison tests, new model                                                               known as simply “The Greatest             detailing the unique qualities of the
introductions and updates plus a buying guide.                                            Spectacle in Racing.” Overflowing with    GT-R. Analysis of the motorsport history
Code 19961                 S/C                         200 pgs                            eye popping photographs from the          of the GT-R shows its development, and comparison with
Was $47.95                                        Now $29.95     Speedway’s mammoth photo archives, and                                                other sports and racing cars.
                                                                 filled with historic, behind-the-scene                                                Code 22735            H/B        224 pgs
                SAVE UP TO $20!                                  stories, you’ll revel in the history that has
                                                                 shaped this amazing event.
                                                                                                                  SAVE $10-$30!                        Was $79.95                    Now $59.95
Plus!                                                            Code 24148               H/B           256 pgs                                        ULTIMATE GARAGE HANDBOOK
BMW M3 (E30, E36 & E46) – Ult. Portfolio 1986-2006               Was $39.95                                          Now $29.95                        By Richard Newton
Code 19883    200 pgs Was $47.95 Now $29.95                                                                                                            This book advises on best use of space
                                                                 ART OF THE FORMULA 1 RACE CAR                                                         plus 15 projects to take your garage from
MINI MOKE – Ultimate Portfolio                                                                                                                         average to ultimate. Lighting, flooring,
Code 16366    208 pgs Was $47.95                Now $29.95       by Stuart Codling & James Mann
                                                                 Master photographer James Mann                                                        storage and equipment are all here in this
MERCEDES BENZ SLs & SLCs 1971-1989 – Ult. Portfolio              has brought a selection of spectacular                                                guide for the hands-on garage owner.
Code 15530    208 pgs Was $47.95 Now $29.95                      F1 machines into the studio, and                                                      Code 14969             S/C          112 pgs
                                                                 through his lens we see not just the                                                  Was $29.95                    Now $19.95
LOTUS CORTINA – Road Test Portfolio
Code 22273   160 pgs    Was $59.95              Now $29.95       engineering brilliance of these cars                               UP IN FLAMES – The Art of Flame
                                                                 but also their inherent beauty. With historical and                Painting by Tim Phelps
FERRARI F355 & 360 1995-2004 – Gold Portfolio                    technological profiles plus commentary by Gordon Murray.           Flame painting of hot rods and customs has
Code 15921     160 pgs Was $39.95 Now $29.95                     Code 22785                  H/B                     192 pgs        spread world-wide from Southern California.
DELAHAYE – Road Test Portfolio                                   Was $59.95                                        Now 47.95        Profiles 18 top flame painters with excellent
Code 22773     140 pgs Was $49.95               Now $29.95                       TALES FROM THE TOOLBOX                             colour photographs. A visual treat!
                                                                                 by Michael Oliver                                  Code 17828             H/B           160 pgs
MERCEDES AMG 1983-1999 – Gold Portfolio                                                                                             Was $49.95                                      Now $19.95
Code 19540       160 pgs Was $39.95 Now $29.95                                   A unique collection of behind-the-scenes
                                       And more...                               stories told, in their own words, by former        HOT ROD KINGS – Top Traditional Rod & Custom
  To see the full range of OVER 100 BROOKLANDS                                   Grand Prix mechanics who worked at the top                        Builders by Perry & Thomson
                                                                                 level of the sport in the past 50 years. Mixing                   Profiles 11 of America’s top hot rod
  SPECIALS follow the link from our home page at                                 with drivers and team bosses, the mechanics                       builders, describes the great rods built
                                                     saw a side of it that nobody else saw – this                      by each and the men behind them. It is
                                                                                 book tells their story.                                           a good read and a fascinating look at the
Motorcycles too!                                                 Code 22406                  S/C                        176 pgs                    world of the true hotrodder.
               TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE 2001-2008                      Was $29.95                                        Now $19.95                      Code 19053           H/B         160 pgs
               Road Test Portfolio                                                                                                                 Was $54.95                  Now $24.95
               In 2001, the new Triumph Bonneville               ENGINEER TO WIN by Carroll Smith
               carried on the twin tradition with all its        Using his extensive racing experience and                          ULTRA-CUSTOM SEMI TRUCKS
               virtues: simplicity, light weight and an          knowledge from the aviation and                                    by Bette S Garber
               instantly recognisable style. Models              aerospace fields, Smith guides you                                 Any custom vehicle is an amazing sight, a
               described include the T100, Speedmaster,          through the process of building a reliably                         giant custom semi is something else. This
               America, Thruxton and the Scrambler.              faster and safer racing car.                                       brilliant book celebrates the time, energy,
               Includes specifications and a buying guide.       Code 5576              S/C        280 pgs                          patience, hard work, and skill that go into
Code 23836              S/C                         134 pgs      Was $49.95                   Now $29.95                            these monumental rolling works of art.
Was $45.00                                     Now $29.95                                                                           Code 20447             S/C          192 pgs
Plus!                                                                                                                               Was $24.95                      Now $14.95
                                                                                  BOB BONDURANT ON HIGH
AJS & MATCHLESS 1945-1966 – Gold Portfolio                                        PERFORMANCE DRIVING (4th Ed)                                 SPEED SECRETS 6 –The Perfect Driver
Code 24392              172 pgs                Now $29.95                         Former racing driver at all levels up to F1                  by Ross Bentley
MV AGUSTA F4 750 & 1000 1997-2007 R/Test P’folio                                  and Le Mans winner with Dan Gurney in a                      Reviews the techniques needed to drive fast,
Code 22361   140 pgs   Was $54.95 Now $29.95                                      Ford GT, Bondurant is eminently qualified to                 win races, and build a career as a professional
                                                                                  instruct drivers in the techniques of high                   race driver and then schools the reader in the
Laverda 500 Twins 1977-1983 – Road Test Portfolio                                 performance. An invaluable guide for any                     process of turning this clear mental picture
Code 22890    130 pgs Was $45.00 Now $29.95                                       driver who wants to drive safely at speed.                   into racing perfection.
BSA Singles 1945-1963 – Gold Portfolio                            Code 6839                  S/C                        144 pgs                Code 18992                 S/C         160 pgs
Code 4925      172 pgs Was $39.95 Now $29.95                      Was $34.95                                       Now $16.95       Was $29.95                                   Now $16.95

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                        Books...Books                                                                                                         Manuals
                            JAGUAR E-TYPE – Fifty Years                             AUTOMOTIVE WELDING – A Practical
                            of a Design Icon                                        Guide by J. Zurschmeide & R. Nyberg
                            Half a century ago, the car that                        With restoration and repair work costing a                     How to Find
                            Enzo Ferrari called “the most                           small fortune these days, this book can save
                            beautiful ever built” caused a                          you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars            THE RIGHT WORKSHOP MANUAL
                            sensation at the Geneva Motor
                            Show. To mark the 50th
                                                                                    on your repair or restoration project. If you
                                                                                    are considering a restoration project, are
                                                                                                                                                 For Your Car with
                            anniversary of the E-Type, Jaguar                       tackling or acquiring a new project, want to         The Pitstop Workshop Manuals Finder
commissioned a “Collectors’ Edition” hardback book                restore a muscle car, build a hot rod or a rat rod on a budget,      To use our Workshop Manual
charting the remarkable story of this revolutionary car. It       or simply want to improve your automotive skills, Automotive
offers previously unseen archive material, newly                  Welding: A Practical Guide is the book you need.                     Finder, go to our website
commissioned photography and interviews with luminaries           Code 21667                  S/C          128 pgs        $39.95       ( and
from the worlds of design, motorsport and motoring.                                                                                    click on the image on the
Code 23999                H/B          148 pgs       $125.00      HOW TO MAKE YOUR MUSCLE CAR                                          right, which will take you
                                                                  HANDLE by Mark Savitski                                              to the Finder page. Select
THE GOLDEN AGE OF FORMULA                                         One of the most popular upgrades in the
1 by Rainer W. Schlegelmilch                                      muscle car market is to the suspension.                              the make of your car (eg
Brilliant black & white                                           Vast improvements in modern vehicle                                  Ford) and then the model
Schlegelmilch images of F1 Grand                                  handling have prompted a new look at                                 (eg Falcon). Finally, select the model by the year of
Prix races and racers from 1962 to                                vintage muscle cars. These great cars did                            manufacture (eg BA 2002-2004). The Finder will
1969. The large format shows off                                  not corner well at speed. Upgrades are                               then list all the manuals available for your vehicle.
the photos, with details clearly                                  now readily available for all the popular
visible. A book that lovers of this                               classics, whether a simple bolt-on or complete suspension                                FORD FALCON BA/BF 2002-2008
golden age will never tire of                                     redesign. This book walks you through these upgrades.                                    & TERRITORY SX/SY 2004-2009
looking through. A huge book at a                                 Code 24170                  S/C           144 pgs   $37.50                               Repair Manual
great price! Due to its size and                                                                                                                           This manual covers 6-cylinder models
weight, delivery will be $15.95.                                                     FIX IT! How to Repair Automotive                                      (including turbo) of the BA to BF II Falcon
Code 23863                   H/B         214 pgs     $129.95                         Scratches, Dings, Dents, Tears and                                    (2002-2008) and Fairlane (2003-2007)
                                                                                     Stains by Kris Palmer                                                 models and Territory SX/SY (2004-2009).
                           TEAM LOTUS IN FORMULA 1                                   A complete guide for any car or truck                                 Does not include V8 or LPG models.
                           (including 2 CD-ROMs)                                     owner who wants their ride to look, feel,                             Code 20139             S/C         $61.95
                           The 2010 Formula 1 season saw a                           and smell like it did the day they bought
                           great comeback: Lotus was back!                           it. Whether breathing new life into your          MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER DIESEL
                           With 79 victories, Lotus is the                           reliable ride or getting it ready to sell, you    1995-2006 Repair Manual
                           fourth most successful team in                            can fix these problems with a few basic           Aftermarket UK repair manual covering
                           Grand Prix racing, behind Ferrari,     tools and products, and instructions on how to use them.             Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans with the
                           McLaren and Williams. Here is          Code 24332                 S/C            144 pgs        $29.95      following engines: 2.2 litre (2148 cc) diesel;
                           the motor racing story of Lotus,                                                                            and 2.9 litre (2874 cc) diesel. Does not
                                                                  HOW TO REBUILD THE SMALL-BLOCK                                       cover petrol engines, 2.3 or 2.7 litre diesel
                           from its inception up to the 2010
                                                                  FORD by George Reid                                                  engines, 4x4 or specialist body conversions.
season’s final race. Two data discs have a Lotus Racing video
                                                                  A step by step guide through a rebuild,                              Code 24348 H/B Due mid-June $63.95
documentary, the best of Lotus Racing audio podcasts by
                                                                  including: planning your rebuild,
team members and more than 100 exclusive images.
                                                                  disassembly and inspection, choosing the                                                 HOLDEN ASTRA (TS) & ZAFIRA (TT)
Code 24243                 H/B           178 pgs        $79.95                                                                                             PETROL 1998-2005 Repair Manual
                                                                  right parts, machine work, assembling
                                                                  your engine, and first firing and break-in.                                              This manual covers Astra and Zafira
AUSTRALIAN SPEEDWAY – An                                                                                                                                   models with 1.4-, 1.6-, 1.8-, 2.0- and
Illustrated History by Tony Loxley                                Includes hints and tips on performance
                                                                  upgrades and possible problem areas.                                                     2.2-litre petrol engines. Does not cover
This lavishly illustrated book marks                                                                                                                       bi-fuel models, 1.6 L “Twinport” or 2.0 L
nearly 100 years of speedway in                                   Code 16403                  S/C          144 pgs        $37.50
                                                                                                                                                           turbo engines or information specific to
Australia. Over 300 large-format glossy                                               MAZDA MX-5 RENOVATION MANUAL                                         coupé or convertible models.
pages of the cars, bikes, men and even                                                (2nd Edition) by Paul Hardiman                                       Code 12204              S/C         $63.95
programmes, with each decade from                                                     With over 900,000 now built, the MX-5
the 1920s given its own summary.                                                      has defined the modern sports car as             FORD TRANSIT DIESEL 2000-2006
Code 14920                  H/B         300 pgs        $99.00                         something that’s desirable yet attainable        Repair Manual
                                                                                      and reliable. This practical guide,              This manual covers diesel-engined Ford
60 YEARS OF HOLDEN by Terry Bebbington
                                                                                      previously published as Do it up! Mazda          Transit vans built from 2000 to 2006 with
                 Holden has produced 100 different models
                                                                                      MX-5, provides expert advice on how to           manual transmission, sold in Australia as VH
                 in six decades. Every one is featured in this
                                                                                      breathe new life into a used and perhaps         and VJ series from January 2001 until
                 beautifully presented book. Beginning with
                                                                  tired example of this modern classic. From preventative              September 2006. 2.0-litre front wheel and
                 Holden’s pre-1948 history, this book charts
                                                                  maintenance to the renewal of worn components, details of            2.4-litre rear wheel drive models are covered.
                 Holden’s course from the 48-215 to the
                                                                  known problems and how to fix them, the clearly written,             Code 21517               H/B          $63.95
                 current VE Commodore. It is packed with
                 colour and a vast improvement over               comprehensively illustrated text provides all the information                            ROVER 75 & MG ZT Workshop
                 previous editions. It will be a reference for    required to enjoy an MX-5 on a budget.                                                   Manual
                 years to come. The sheer volume of detailed      Code 23948                  H/B          176 pgs        $34.95                           Covers both Rover 75 and MG ZT from
specifications makes this a unique source of all things Holden.
Code 21948                  H/B          352 pgs         $59.95
                                                                  TWO NEW MANUALS FROM HAYNES                                                              1999 to 2005 with detailed maintenance
                                                                                                                                                           and repair procedures. Engines covered
                                                                  FERGUSON TE-20 TRACTOR 1933 ON
CARS OF EASTERN EUROPE – The Definitive History                                                                                                            are: 1.8 & 1.8 L turbo K series 4-cylinder
                                                                  Enthusiast’s Manual by Pat Ware
by Andy Thompson                                                                                                                                           petrol, 2.0 & 2.5 L KV6 V6 petrol and 2.0
                                                                  The Ferguson TE-20 is the iconic little
From 1945 to 1990 car engineers and                                                                                                                        L CDT M47R 4-cylinder turbo diesel.
                                                                  grey tractor that many people will
designers behind the Iron Curtain                                                                                                                          Code 22575 S/C 636 pgs $89.95
                                                                  recognise. Over 500,000 examples were
worked not to the whims and fancies of                            built and sold all over the world, with                              MINI & MOKE WORKSHOP MANUAL
motorists but to the plans and diktats of                         US- and French-built models made under                               Concise Australian Edition
government bureaucrats. In a region that                          licence. This manual provides an insight                             This condensed factory manual covers the
stretches from the Black Sea to the                               into what is involved in owning, restoring,                          Morris and Leyland Mini and Moke. It
Baltic, the vehicles were as varied as the                        maintaining and operating a Ferguson TE-20 tractor.                  covers all models with 848cc, 997cc, 998cc,
nations themselves.                                               Code 24291                   H/B           168 pgs        $39.95     1098cc and 1275cc engines including the
Code 24155                  H/B           400 pgs $69.95                               RMS TITANIC 1909-1912 Owner’s                   Cooper ‘S’, Clubman GT and ADR 27A
           THE TOP GEAR STORY by Martin Roach                                          Workshop Manual                                 emission controlled engines. Manual and
           Starting with a brief history of the first                                  by Hutchings & de Kerbrech                      automatic transmissions are covered.
           generation Top Gear, dropped by the BBC in                                  A detailed description of what it took to       Code 3552                 S/C          196 pgs  $57.95
           2001, this book tells the story of the “new” Top                            build, launch, fit out and operate the          CHRYSLER VALIANT VG 1970-1971 Shop Manual
           Gear, the one we know today. Here is how                                    world’s biggest and most advanced ocean         Code 4689                 S/C                   $69.95
           Clarkson, Hammond and May became among                                      liner 100 years ago. How were the huge          MAZDA 6 07/2002-ON Repair Manual
           the best known presenters on television with                                engines managed? What was owner The             Code 24376                S/C                  $262.50
           one of the highest rating shows world wide.                                 White Star Line’s perspective? It’s all here!   ASTON MARTIN 1921-1958 Workshop Manual
Code 24068               H/B           288 pgs        $39.95      Code 24412                   H/B           160 pgs        $39.95     Code 19283 H/B Only 1 left! 400 pgs $195.00

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Haynes Engine                                                     Bike Books Bike DVDs
                                                                                           THE ART OF THE RACING                      1 MAN’S DREAM DVD – The Britten Bike Story
 HAYNES MODEL INTERNAL                                                                     MOTORCYCLE by Philip Tooth
                                                                                           A lavishly illustrated and definitive
                                                                                                                                      Many talk of designing the ultimate “Super”
                                                                                                                                      bike. New Zealander John Britten built it – at
   COMBUSTION ENGINE                                                                       look at the design evolution of the
                                                                                           racing motorcycle. More than 50
                                                                                                                                      home and by hand! His bike confounded the
                                                                                                                                      critics and took the world by storm. From
                                              The Haynes                                   classic motorcycles are presented          backyard workshop to success at Daytona and
                                              Internal                                     chronologically, illustrated with          the Isle of Man, this DVD captures all the
                                              Combustion                                   stunning studio photographs and rare       drama of the story. Digitally remastered with
                                              Engine is one of                             and beautiful archival images that         previously unseen special features.
                                              the best large                               place the subjects in the contexts of      Code 18589                    96 min                      $35.95
                                              scale model         classic races, rallies, and motorcycle shows, plus full                              I, SUPERBIKER DVD
                                              engine assembly     descriptions of the legends behind the machines. Awesome!                            A feature film following four superbike riders
                                              kits to have        Code 24217                   H/B             240 pgs       $69.95                    through a dramatic 2010 British Superbike
                                              come on the         CROZ – LARRIKIN KIWI BIKER                                                           Season. They are the new GLADIATORS,
                                              market. It is       by Graeme Crosby                                                                     battling at 200MPH, riding through torturous
                                              designed to         Become Graeme Crosby’s pillion passenger as                                          conditions and risking life and limb at every
make construction simple and the unit strong and reliable         he takes you on a fast and furious journey                                           race meeting. Only one can be the true
without skimping on details. All parts are clipped or screwed     from the grassroots of New Zealand to world                                          champion. Film score by David Vanian of the
together – there is no need for plastic cement or glue. As a      championships, racing through Australia,                            Damned, music by Phil Collen of Def Leppard and Manraze.
result, the motor can be dismantled and re-assembled as           Japan, the UK and Europe. Experience with                           Code 24302                    104 min                     $44.95
required, making it a useful teaching or training aid.            him the crashes, the pain, the elation of                           THE TOUGH ONE 2011 – Extreme Enduro DVD
Well-designed for strength and ease of                            winning and his determination to enjoy life and have fun.           For 2011 The Tough One headed to the
construction                                                      Code 24183                 S/C          432 pgs      $36.95         incredible Black Cowm Quarry in Lancashire,
Two assembled models have been on display                                                                                             a 5-mile course with steep rocky climbs, rapid
                                                                                       JORGE LORENZO – Portrait of a                  descents, mud, slippery surfaces, logs, tyres,
in our shop for over two years now and have                                            Champion by Matt Roberts
done thousands of revolutions without                                                                                                 deep pools and even the inside of a lorry
                                                                                       A captivating visual study of the 2010         trailer! It doesn’t get tougher than this!
failure. The assembly booklet provided by                                              MotoGP World Champion. Jorge Lorenzo
Haynes is very clear and detailed. However,                                                                                           Code 24318                    92 min       $36.95
                                                                                       – with Matt Roberts – presents a wealth
from our experience while assembling ours                                              of photographs illustrating his life in                         TT MODERN GREATS DVD
here is a tip that might make things even                                              motorcycle racing and accompanies                               Profiles four of the TT fans’ favourites –
easier for the engine building novice.                                                 them with a sharp commentary. A special                         Phillip McCallen and his fantastic victory in
                                                                                       feature is photography of him on-track                          the F1 race of 1996; Joey Dunlop, most
Rocker Shaft Assembly Hint                                                                                                                             successful TT rider of all time, in his greatest
                                                                  and off-duty throughout his title-winning 2010 season. A
The rocker arms are in pairs and have the cylinder number                                                                                              victory, the F1 race of 2000; David Jefferies
                                                                  wonderful insight into the life of a flamboyant MotoGP star.
moulded in very small print. So, when building up the                                                                                                  destroying the opposition in the 2002 F1
                                                                  Code 24293          H/B Due June           160 pgs        $49.95
rocker arm assembly, make sure you place the rocker arms                                                                                               Race; and John McGuinness, the ‘Morecambe
in pairs on the shaft.                                            MIKE HAILWOOD: The Fans Favourite                                   Missile’, winning the 2004 F1 race. Great riders, great racing!
 You could expect to take upwards of three hours to               (Softcover) by Mick Walker                                          Code 24303                    90 min                      $29.95
assemble the kit. It does a fantastic job of showing how an       Reprinted due to popular demand! Mick
engine works with small lights firing for the spark plugs. It     Walker – leading authority on all forms of                          MOTO 2: The Movie DVD
even has adjustable timing so that one of the basic facets of     motorcycle sport – examines the long career                         The first film to showcase the whole spectrum
tuning can be demonstrated, making it fun and educational         of the most popular motorcycle champion of                          of dirt bike riding and racing. From Supercross
at the same time!                                                 all time in this enthralling biography. Never in                    to Big Mountain Freeriding, Off-road, Woods,
                                                                  the history of motorcycle racing has there                          Trials, European Extreme Enduro, and
                                                                  been a more popular champion than ‘Mike-the-Bike’                   Motocross... This movie delivers!
                                                                  Hailwood. A full race-by-race record is included. Great read!       Code 24252 Due early June               $49.95
                                                                  Code 24171                   S/C           192 pgs        $33.00    TRANSWORLD MOTOCROSS KICKSTART TWO DVD
                                                                                            ACE TIMES – THE THRILLS & TEA                       Featuring four decades of the best riders in
                                                                                            SPILLS – Ace Cafe and Culture                       the sport, KS2 has something for everyone.
                                                                                            by Mick Duckworth                                   From Jeremy McGrath’s private San Diego
                                                                                            A definitive history of London’s Ace                ranch, to Twitch’s backyard playground, to
                                                                                            Cafe, the most famous haunt of                      Chad Reed’s personal Compound 22, you’ll
                                                                                            motorcycle riding Ton-up kids in the                get to see things that most only dream of.
The cylinder block and head are clear plastic so that when you                              Fifties and Rockers in the Sixties. It              Code 24251                             $49.95
have built your engine, you can see all the pistons, valves and                             also tells of other bikers haunts, like
even spark plugs lighting up.                                                               the 59 Club and the Busy Bee, the         MOTORBIKIN’ 4 – The Madigan Line DVD
                                                                                            motorcycles, music, movies and            Ride with the Motorbikin’ team as they tackle
A battery electric motor drives the engine which stands 21        clothing of that era – burn-ups, press hysteria, rock’n’roll        the first unsupported crossing of The Madigan
cm high by 27 cm long and 15 cm wide.                             riots, police-baiting, Mods, Rockers, pirate radio and more.        Line by motorbike in history! Also, Vince
                                                                  Code 24229                   H/B           350 pgs        $79.95    Strang on how to build the PR650’s that did
                                                                                                                                      the Madigan and the Coast to Coast. Join the
                                                                  TRAVELLING WITH MR TURNER                                           fellas as they fight their way across one of the
                                                                  by Nigel Winter                                                     toughest desert crossings in the world.
                                                                  A history so completely off the wall that it simply                 Code 23930                   110 min                     $29.95
                                                                  has to be true. It describes how life was lived in
                                                                  those post war decades of tumultuous change                                         ON ANY SUNDAY + ON ANY SUNDAY
                                                                  and Rock ‘n’ Roll, when the legend of Triumph                                       REVISITED DVD producer Bruce Brown
                                                                  encapsulated an entire generation in a world                                        On any Sunday features the excitement of
                                                                  now nearly vanished into history, but still wonderfully alive                       murderous motocross, daring dune riding
                                                                  today. Contemplative, witty, often tongue-in-cheek, this is a                       and the mayhem of the Baja 100 with Steve
                                                                  fascinating personal perspective on the history of Triumph                          McQueen. Revisited looks back at the thrills
                                                                  motorcycles through the eyes of two different social eras.                          and spills of the film that changed their lives.
                                                                  Code 24280                  P/B           166 pgs      $22.95                       Code 23402            161 min          $24.95
                                                                                                                                      ISLE OF MAN TT 2010 DVD
                                                                                           HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTOR CO.                  Edge-of-the-seat race action at up to 190mph,
                                                                                           ARCHIVE COLLECTION (Softcover)             blasting around the legendary Mountain Course
                                                                                           by Randy Leffingwell                       just inches from walls, houses and hedges,
                                                                                           Harley-Davidson has saved                  white-knuckle on-bike footage, informed
An educational kit for the young motoring enthusiast and a                                 examples of nearly every motorcycle        commentary, rider interviews, behind-the-scenes
conversation piece for any motoring household.                                             it has ever built. This book of over       access and special features. It’s TT 2010!
                                                                                           600 studio portrait photographs            Code 23060            240 min Now $34.95
                                                                  features the motorcycles and pedal cycles of the collection. It     Also available:
                                                                  is a superb presentation on high quality art paper of one of        ISLE OF MAN TT 2010 Blu Ray + DVD
Code 21000                 Plastic kit            100 parts       the world’s most significant motorcycle collections.                Twin pack of DVD and Blu Ray editions of this great event.
Should be $64.95                                Now $49.95        Code 24331                  S/C           408 pgs       $39.95      Code 23666                  240 min             Now $39.95
                                                                                                    FREECALL 1800 622 422
187 St Georges Tce, Perth WESTERN AUSTRALIA 6000                                                                        Ph: (08) 9322 5544                 Fax: (08) 9322 5535
                      Aviation Books                                                                                                    Aviation DVDs
                   NEST OF EAGLES – Messerschmitt                                        FROM CONTROVERSY TO CUTTING                    GREAT PLANES – LEGENDS OF THE SKY
                   Production & Flight-testing                                           EDGE – History of the F-111 in                 VOL 2 DVD (2-Disc Set)
                   Regensburg by Peter Schmoll                                           Australian Service by Mark Lax                 You loved Volume 1, now Paul “Max” Moga
                   A close insight into one of Nazi Germany’s                            The F-111 is unique among the aircraft         returns to help us examine and highlight the
                   main aircraft plants, the Messerschmitt                               that the RAAF has operated. Never before       stories behind the most influential and
                   works at Regensburg and the airfield at                               has one type had such a profound impact        innovative planes. He analyzes the technical
                   Obertraubling. Illustrated with rare                                  on the RAAF and Australia’s strategic          features and examines the ground-breaking
                   photographs of the factory, test-flights and                          policy outlook. Now that this amazing          tactics that advanced aerial combat.
                   visits of key Nazi and Luftwaffe personnel.                           aircraft has been retired, its story has       Code 24065                 270 min                    $33.95
                   Regensburg produced Me 109, Me 210 and                                finally been told with full access to
Me 410 fighters, Me 163 rocket interceptor, Me 262 jet fighter,     official records. The politics, controversies, and media                       GREAT PLANES – LEGENDS OF THE SKY
and massive Me 321 and Me 323 ‘Gigant’ transports.                  drama, have been faithfully and unflinchingly described.                       VOL 1 DVD (2-Disc Set)
Code 24003                   H/B          192 pgs        $69.95     Code 24234                   H/B           264 pgs        $39.95               Get inside the combat aircraft that survived
                                                                                                                                                   the most dangerous missions and see why
THE LUFTWAFFE – A Study in Air Power                                BOMBS AWAY! The World War                                                      they were the greatest weapons in our military
1933-1945 by E.R. Hooton                                            II Bombing Campaigns over                                                      history. Five episodes that tell the stories
There has not been an in-depth history of the                       Europe by John R. Bruning                                                      behind the most influential, innovative and
Luftwaffe published for many years and this                         This book describes all World War II                                           intriguing machines that ever took flight.
scholarly one-volume survey of the history of                       bombing campaigns over Europe by                                    Code 24064                270 min                    $33.95
the Luftwaffe will become the leading                               both Germany and the Allies. It
reference work on the subject. Provides a                           includes the Battle of Britain, the                                 QANTAS: From the Outback to the World DVD
unique insight into the dramatic rise and fall                      Rotterdam Blitz and the joint                                       To celebrate this landmark event, the story of
of one of the world’s most formidable air forces.                   campaign – RAF by night and USAAF                                   Qantas is a vivid and authentic account of the
Code 23680                 H/B          224 pgs          $49.95     by day – by the Allies over Germany.                                90-year history of Australia’s most enduring
                                                                    All of this is covered with authoritative text and hundreds of      legend. Qantas has played a key role in the
             SIGH FOR A MERLIN: Testing the Spitfire                                                                                    development of Australian and international
             by Alex Henshaw                                        archival photographs, many rare or never before published.
                                                                    Code 24330                   H/B           300 pgs      $59.95      aviation. This documentary looks at the
             Alec Henshaw was the leading test pilot of                                                                                 Planes, the People, the Innovations, the
             Spitfires, flying about 10% of all Spitfires built.                  MOSQUITO MAYHEM – De Havilland’s                      inspiration and the Icon.
             It was said that if you flew a Spitfire tested by                    Wooden Wonder in Action in WWII by                    Code 24058                 46 min              $36.95
             Henshaw, you knew you had a good one. His                            Martin W. Bowman
             success in long distance record breaking and air                     The story of perhaps the most amazing and             AUSTRALIAN INTERNATIONAL AIR SHOW 2011 DVD
             races got him into Supermarine as a test pilot                       versatile aircraft Britain produced during                       The tenth International Air Show at Avalon
for the new Spitfire. The story continues through the war                         WWII. The beautiful but deadly Mosquito                          celebrated 75 years of the Spitfire and 90
years and his postwar life to the celebrations of the Spitfire’s                  bomber, fighter, submarine killer, photo                         years of the RAAF. Sit back, relax and enjoy
60th anniversary in 1996. Henshaw also tested other aircraft                      reconaissance aircraft and more. Out of the                      one of the world’s great flying displays and
and was the first pilot to barrel roll a Lancaster bomber – to      thousands produced, very few survive. Incredible aircraft!                     meet some of the people who made it
the astonishment of all on board. Great read! Great value!          Code 23982                 H/B           272 pgs     $64.95                    possible. The Australian International
Code 21416                   S/C           240 pgs        $26.95                                                                                   Airshow 2011 - feel the power!
                                                                    THE AIRFIX BOOK OF SCALE                                                       Code 24215                120 min       $36.95
SPITFIRE MANUAL 1940 by Dilip Sarkar                                MODELLING by Jonathan Mock
How to fly a Spitfire in combat using the manuals                   Produced in full collaboration with Airfix                          DOGFIGHTS COMPLETE SEASON 2 DVD (5-Disc Set)
and instructions supplied by the RAF during World                   and Humbrol, this book explains how to                              High above the ground at speeds reaching
War II. An amazing array of leaflets, books and                     build scale models to suit all levels of                            thousands of kilometres per hour, fighter
manuals were issued by the War Office and are                       modelling skill. With full colour                                   aircraft face off in some of the most intense
collated here for the first time using the original                 photography throughout, different kits in a range of scales         battles in the history of warfare. HISTORY
1940s setting. An introduction is supplied by expert aviation       are reviewed and evaluated, along with a comprehensive              brings these battles to life in Dogfights, a
historian Dilip Sarkar. Other sections include aircraft             overview of the paints and accessories that are available.          riveting documentary series that follows the
recognition, how to act as an RAF officer, bailing out etc.         Code 24335                  S/C          176 pgs       $29.95       development of air combat from the primitive
Code 23434                    S/C         288 pgs        $25.95                                                                         aircraft of WWI to showdowns between the
                                                                                                 VIPER FORCE: 56th Fighter              most cutting-edge aircraft flown today.
                        BUILDING THE P-51 MUSTANG                                                Wing – to Fly and Fight the            Code 24063                     795 min        $59.95
                        by Michael O’Leary                                                       F-16 by John M. Dibbs
                        For the first time, here is a major                                      Tells what it takes to become an                  GREAT PLANES DVD PROMOTION
                        work devoted strictly to telling the                                     F-16 pilot and what it’s like to fly   Get these popular DVDs at the Pitstop Special price of
                        story of how this legendary airplane                                     and fight the Viper in combat.         $14.95 each or any 3 for $30.00. Usually $19.95 each.
                        was designed and built using rare                                        F-16 Viper pilots must master two                         While stocks last!
                        original factory photographs,                                            widely divergent disciplines:                       GREAT PLANES: ROCKWELL B-1B LANCER
documents, and unique engineering information. There are            air-to-air flying against enemy fighters and air-to-ground                       DVD
more than 300 official factory and USAAF images. It is sure         flying in support of ground forces. Fascinating read!                            Dubbed the “born-again bomber”, this sleek
to become a valued addition to the libraries of P-51                Code 24349                   H/B            192 pgs       $49.95                 stealth based aircraft flies low and fast to
modelers, historians, enthusiasts, and pilots world-wide.                                                                                            avoid enemy radar.
Code 23681                 H/B           240 pgs        $69.95      NASA SPACE SHUTTLE 1981 ON                                                       Code 23075                               60 min
                                                                    OWNER’S WORKSHOP MANUAL                                                          Was $19.95                 Pitstop Spl $14.95
DOGFIGHT – The Greatest Air Duels                                   by David Baker
of World War II by Tony Holmes (Ed)                                 Describes the origin of the reusable                                GREAT PLANES: NORTH AMERICAN F-100
This volume reveals the greatest aerial                             launch vehicle concept during the 1960s,                            SUPER SABRE DVD
match-ups which have become the stuff of                            its evolution into viability in the early                           The Super Sabre could carry the same payload
legend, from Spitfires battling                                     1970s, and its design, construction and                             as a WWII bomber, a load it could deliver with
Messerschmitts over the skies of Southern                           operation. The Shuttle’s internal layout                            incredible speed and precision.
England to Fw 190s opposing the                                     and systems are explained, including life                           Code 23082                              50 min
ever-advancing Mustangs of the 8th Air                              support, electrical power production, cooling, propulsion,          Was $19.95                Pitstop Spl $14.95
Force during the dying days of the war.                             flight control, communications, landing and avionics systems.                      GREAT PLANES: LOCKHEED F-104
Code 24336                  H/B         352 pgs          $39.95     Code 24292                    H/B         176 pgs      $39.95                      STARFIGHTER DVD
                SHIP BUSTERS! A Classic Account of RAF              Also available:                                                                    So small some called it the Flying Missile, the
                Torpedo Bombers in WWII                             BOEING B-17 FLYING FORTRESS 1935 ONWARDS                                           F-104 had wings so thin that they had to be
                by Ralph Barker                                     OWNER’S WORKSHOP MANUAL by Graeme Douglas                                          protected by a cover when on the ground.
                Low-level strikes against enemy shipping by         Code 24017                    H/B         160 pgs      $32.95                      Code 23083                             59 min
                torpedo-carrying aircraft were perhaps the most                VOYAGES OF DISCOVERY – The Missions                                     Was $19.95                Pitstop Spl $14.95
                dangerous forms of air attack. This book tells of              of the Space Shuttle Discovery
                the RAF’s torpedo bombers, from early attacks                                                                           GREAT PLANES: VOUGHT A-7 CORSAIR
                                                                               by Robert A. Adamcik                                     II DVD
by single Beauforts off the Dutch and Norwegian coasts to                      This is the first book to cover specifically the
the massed assaults of later years by the famous ‘strike-                                                                               So durable that NATO forces are still flying
                                                                               history of the space shuttle Discovery. Written          them today, the A7 was affectionately known as
wings’. A fascinating book, vivid in its true picture of aircrew               with minimum technical jargon, it puts you
life, stirring in its descriptions of heroic actions, intensely                                                                         the SFUB,”short, fat, ugly bastard”.
                                                                               on the flight deck during some of the most               Code 23095                               60 min
moving in its record of human endeavour.                                       important missions of the Space Shuttle era.
Code 24214                     H/B          256 pgs        $39.95                                                                       Was $19.95                 Pitstop Spl $14.95
                                                                    Code 24185               S/C           316 pgs        $47.95

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Tech DVDs                                                               DVDs...DVDs...DVDs
              Covers TIG welding of chrome moly steel,                MOTORING MOVIES ON DVD                                         60 YEARS OF HOLDEN – Australia’s Own Car DVD
                                                                                                                                     Laugh at early ads and celebrate great cars with
              stainless steel, aluminium, magnesium,                             LE MANS - THE MOVIE DVD
                                                                                                                                     rare never before seen footage. See how Australia
              bronze, copper, and titanium plus cast                             A Steve McQueen classic, featuring fantastic
                                                                                                                                     got its own car and Holden came of age. 90
              aluminium, magnesium, and bronze. Clear                            sports racing cars and spectacular racing
                                                                                                                                     minutes of memories, cars and jingles!
              guidelines are given for using pulse and                           footage, much of it shot during the 1970 race
                                                                                                                                       Code 21935         90 min         Now $16.95
              waveform adjustments, along with great                             from a Porsche 908 camera car.
              practical advice on machine setup, joint                           Code 13453                           104 min
preparation, and weld finishing. Comprehensive advice!                            Should be $34.95        Pitstop Spl $17.95
Code 23244                 111 min                    $60.00                                                                                         THE E-TYPE JAGUAR – A Design Icon DVD
                                                                 BULLITT DVD                                                                         The history of the E-Type from early design to
MIG WELDING MADE EASY DVD (NTSC)                                                                                                                     the rare collector’s item of today. It includes
                                                                 This 2-disc special edition features the
This popular Ron Covell DVD illustrates the                                                                                                          footage from the racing days at Le Mans and
                                                                 legendary movie plus “Steve McQueen: The
basic processes involved in successful MIG                                                                                                           how neglected models are lovingly restored.
                                                                 Essence of Cool” and “The Cutting Edge: The
welding. Covell’s description of the processes                                                                                                       Code 23323             50 min            $19.95
                                                                 Magic of Movie Editing” .
involved, along with clear, close-up imagery                     Code 11833                              109 min
will inspire you to attempt your own welding                                                                                         FORD GT40 - THE STORY DVD
                                                                 Should be $27.95           Pitstop Spl $22.95                       From the birth of the GT40 to the very latest
in quick time!
Code 19915               70 min        $60.00                                                                                        Ford GT supercar, follow the career of one of
                                                                                 THE FAST LADY DVD                                   the greatest sports cars of all time. Features
              HIGH POWER METAL SHAPING                                           Classic 1960s British comedy about a cyclist        interviews with GT40 designer Eric Broadley
              WORKSHOP DVD (NTSC)                                                who buys a vintage Bentley to woo a tycoon’s        and Le Mans winner Jackie Oliver.
              Craig Naff is a top metalworker in the USA,                        car-mad daughter. Features Stanley Baxter,          Code 14840                                 75 min
              having worked on Cadzilla, The Smoothster,                         James Robertson Justice, Dick Emery, Julie          Should be $29.95            Pitstop Spl $19.95
              SmoothNess, and The Golden Submarine. In                           Christie and a cameo by one Graham Hill.
              this workshop, Craig demonstrates the fastest                      Code 22855               91 min        $19.95                       CULT CAR – The Ford Capri DVD
              techniques for shaping custom sheet metal                                                                                              Sold as “the car you always promised yourself”
              panels. If you want to speed your own metal                                                                                            the Capri is an iconic car. It starred on TV in
shaping, or see a master at work, this programme is for you!     NO LIMIT DVD (George Formby)                                                        The Professionals and on the track in touring
Code 23245                 85 min                     $60.00     A chimney sweep’s assistant dreams of racing                                        car racing. Out of production since 1986,
                                                                 in the Isle Of Man TT. He prepares a battered                                       thousands of Capris are still on the road.
METAL PREP & RUST REPAIR DVD                                     old motorcycle for the races and “borrows” the
Covers chemical and mechanical paint                                                                                                                 Code 24289             50 min             $19.95
                                                                 money to race. But will a gang of bullies smash
stripping, light body work and dent repair,                      his dreams? Vintage race action from the TT!                        RACING HISTORY OF THE AUST. FORD
metal finishing, rust patching, surface rust                     Code 19420              78 min           $26.95                     MUSTANG DVD
removal and preparation, proper priming                                                                                              Wonderful highlights of the Ford Mustangs in
techniques, as well as rust prevention                                           TWO LANE BLACKTOP DVD                               competition from a classic era of Touring Car
products and procedures.                                                         A classic road movie. Two drag racers drift         racing in Australia, featuring legends like
Code 23288               90 min        $59.95                                    across America in a souped-up ‘55 Chevy. It all     Beechey, Geoghegan, Moffat and Jane.
           SURFACE PREP & BLOCK SANDING DVD                                      changes when they pick up a girl and challenge      Code 18369                                90 min
           Here’s a comprehensive DVD guide to surface                           a GTO-driver to a winner-take-all race.             Should be $36.95                    Now $19.95
           preparation and block sanding from the staff                          Code 19366                             102 min       NOTE! ONLY LIMITED STOCKS OF THESE DVDS ARE
           of Steve’s Auto Restorations of Portland,                             Should be $33.95          Pitstop Spl $24.95          AVAILABLE. WHEN STOCK IS SOLD, NO FURTHER
                                                                                                                                         STOCK WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THESE PRICES
           Oregon, one of the world’s leading hot rod
           builders. This DVD takes you from a weather                                                                                                NICKY GRIST CO-DRIVING DVD
                                                                 RUNNING ON EMPTY DVD                                                                 With 21 wins from his WRC career, Grist is
           beaten second hand panel to a perfect smooth
                                                                 Cult Australian movie on DVD at a bargain price.                                     well-placed to share his extensive co-driving
           surface for painting and finishing.
                                                                 Forget the acting, the cars are the stars. Features                                  knowledge. From rules and regulations,
Code 23281              72 min                     $49.95
                                                                 great Aussie muscle car, the Ford Falcon GT HO                                       service schedules and pacenotes to driver/
BODY PANEL REPLACEMENT DVD                                       Phase 3, and a black 2-door ‘57 Chevrolet Bel Air.                                   co-driver relationships, he shares tips and
Demonstrates procedures for replacing                            Code 15246                 88 min           $21.95                                   advice that are only learnt from experience.
sheet metal on your modern or vintage                                                                                                                 Code 19560                           105 min
vehicle. This 2-disc set covers: Full Quarter                                                                                        Should be $59.95                    Pitstop Special $29.95
                                                                                 LOVE THE BEAST – Eric Bana DVD
Panel Replacement; Leading & Body Solder                                                                                             THE HISTORY OF MOTOR RACING 1950s DVD
                                                                                 After years of restoration Eric Bana entered his
Techniques; Door Skin Replacement;                                                                                                   The 1950’s was the time when motor racing
                                                                                 Falcon Hardtop in Targa Tasmania. All went
Welded Partial Quarter Panels; and Modern                                                                                            ‘came of age’. Influential manufacturers and
                                                                                 well until on day 4 the man who loved the beast
Panel Bonding Adhesives. Takes the mystery                                                                                           drivers made their mark, leaving an extensive
                                                                                 destroyed it. See Eric come to terms with the
out of sheet metal replacement.                                                                                                      archive of dazzling technical innovation and
                                                                                 disaster with a little help from his friends...
Code 23293                  152 min                   $79.95                                                                         exciting characters. Glorious racing footage!
                                                                                 Code 21280              89 min             $39.95
           CUT, BUFF & POLISH DVD                                                                                                    Code 15755                              132 min
           In this comprehensive DVD presentation, auto          WORLD’S FASTEST INDIAN DVD                                          Should be $34.95           Pitstop Spl $19.95
           restoration masters David Brost and Frank             Burt Munro left Invercargill, New Zealand in                                        BRM – BRITISH RACING MOTORS DVD
           Roll demonstrate on a dark-coloured door and          the late 60s for Bonneville Salt Flats – 68 years                                   Tells the story of BRM from its beginning just
           a light-coloured side panel of a car the              old with a bad heart, a shoestring budget and                                       after WWII with the amazing 1.5-litre V16
           products and techniques needed to achieve             an ancient bike with makeshift tyres, no brakes                                     through to 1957, when the P25 4-cylinder car
           professional show-quality finishes on any             and no chute. The odds were against him, yet                                        was beginning to show promise. Great story!
           automotive surface.                                   he set a speed record that has not been bested.                                     Code 23247                             90 min
Code 23280              110 min                     $49.95       Code 22296              117 min           $39.95                                    Should be $26.95          Pitstop Spl $14.95
ENGINE BUILDING DVD                                                              MIDNITE SPARES DVD                                  2007 GOODWOOD REVIVAL RACE MEETING DVD
This triple DVD set takes you through TWO                                        A young guy hits the big city, determined to        Highlights from the leading Historic Racing
complete engine builds with TWO completely                                       make it big on the speedway circuit while trying    event of 2007. The 2007 event was arguably
different engines! You’ll see a side-by-side                                     to find his father. He forms a racing crew with     the best yet with spectacular racing. Visitors
build of a Chevy and a Ford engine. One built                                    three mechanics and stumbles across an              dressed in period fashions enjoyed the great
completely stock, the other built for                                            organised gang who steal cars to strip or resell    racing, air displays, aircraft concours d’
performance, so you can see the differences                                      and are involved in his father’s disappearance.     elegance, huge Revival car show and more.
(and similarities) between the two.                                              Code 18386               87 min          $21.95     Code 19500                              130 min
Code 23287                  300 min                   $49.95                                                                         Should be $49.95             Pitstop Spl $29.95
                                                                 GONE IN 60 SECONDS & THE JUNKMAN DVD
              HEADS, PORTING & VALVE TRAINS DVD                  The original 1974 cult film with the Ford                                            TALLADEGA NIGHTS – THE BALLAD OF
              This is intended for everyone, from the            Mustang “Eleanor” and an amazing 40 minute                                           RICKY BOBBY DVD
              complete novice to the seasoned car buff who       car chase as a seasoned car thief tries to steal                                     Ricky Bobby has it all...but when he’s beaten
              wants to learn about these highly misunderstood    48 muscle and exotic cars without getting                                            by Euro-idiot Jean Girard, his turbo-charged
              and mysterious subjects. Find out what makes       caught! Packed with spectacular stunts and                                           lifestyle crashes down. Now, Ricky must kick
              REAL horsepower, and what doesn’t. See what        unstoppable action and now paired with the                                           serious asphalt to get his career back on track!
              works and what doesn’t for ALL types of engines.   high-octane 1982 sequel!                                                             Code 23719                             116 min
              Code 23285                 300 min       $49.95    Code 24231           93 + 96 min $24.95                                              Should be $15.95           Pitstop Spl $12.95

                                                                                                 FREECALL 1-800 622 422
187 St Georges Tce, Perth WESTERN AUSTRALIA 6000                                                                       Ph: (08) 9322 5544                 Fax: (08) 9322 5535
           FIA FORMULA 1 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP                         MOTORVATION 25 DVD – The Burnouts (2011)                           DAKAR RALLY 2011 DVD – Official Highlights
           2010 REVIEW DVD                                                    Motorvation is Perth’s biggest horsepower                Shifting this iconic frontier motorsport from
           Red Bull was the team to beat and Sebastian                        party. Here are highlights of the 25th running           Africa to Argentina and Chile has seen it take
           Vettel took the title in a dramatic last round at                  of the event in 2011. See every wild skid in the         on a whole new flavour - but if anything it’s an
           Abu Dhabi. Vettel topped the standings only                        Blown and Open Burnouts Competitions plus                even tougher challenge than was the former
           once...but it was at the right time. Ferrari’s                     a great weekend of Supercruises, Driving                 Dakar. Volkswagen took the honours this time
           Alonso second – Webber third. The McLarens                         Events, Show ‘n’ Shine and more. There’s                 with Nasser AI-Attiyah and Timo Gottschalk
           threatened, but Red Bull took both titles.                         in-car action and an awesome picture gallery.            triumphing in their Race Touareg.
Code 23506               320 min                      $38.95                  Code 24192                160 min        $34.95          Code 24086                   90 min       $36.95
CLASSIC AUSTRALIAN TOURING CAR                                      CRANKSTERS: Winter Madness 2 DVD                                                   TARGA HIGH COUNTRY 2010 DVD
RACES Vol 8 DVD                                                     The Cranksters ride again. In three days,                                          Cling on as we take you behind the scenes of
The latest volume of this epic DVD series                           Reverend Black runs out of food and beer as                                        this high-octane adventure. Over 200 cars
features the titanic battles between the HDT                        the Cranksters turn his dream into a ground                                        race their way through places like Jamieson,
Commodores led by Peter Brock and the V8                            shaking 57 Chevy. Music by Overnight Jones,                                        Eildon and King Valley – with the official start
Falcons led by Dick Johnson. It was the final                       Rusty and the Dragstrip Trio, T Bones, Warner                                      and finish atop Mt Buller. It’s a white-
years of truly production-based touring cars.                       Brothers, Wild Turkey and Voodoo Kreepers.                                         knuckled ride through mountainous terrain.
Code 22976             120 min          $34.95                      Code 24264                             $29.95                      Code 24260                  50 min                       $34.95
2010 AUSTRALIAN MUSCLE CAR MASTERS DVD                                         HUNNERT CAR PILE UP (HOT RODS)                          TOUR DE CORSE RALLY 1984-1991 DVD
          The nation’s premier muscle car event –                              2010 DVD (NTSC)                                         Staggering stage-side camera angles,
          celebrating 50 Years of Touring Car Racing.                          The 9th Hunnert Car Pileup was held October             jaw-dropping aerial footage, interviews with the
          Features historic Touring Cars from the 1950s                        9th, 2010 in Progress City in Decatur, Illinois.        stars and the chance to ride in-car alongside
          to the 1990s. Plus interviews with famous                            Almost 15,000 people and 1500 cars attended.            the legends are all featured as we tell the
          drivers from the past, Master Blast, Heritage                        Cars were stacked up, people had a good time,           comprehensive story of eight history-making
          Hot Laps, Ultimate Race Replicas and more.                           artists spread the gospel of the kustom                 years of the Tour de Corse. Heart-stopping!
          Code 23514            150 min           $34.95                       kulture, and vendors tried to make a buck.              Code 24253                  230 min $34.95
                                                                    Code 24338              90 min                      $29.95                         THE REMUERA RACER: A Tribute to
SEASON REVIEW DVD                                                   KUSTOM KEMPS OF AMERICA KKOA                                                       Bruce Mclaren DVD
The 2010 V8 Supercar Series was a battle                            2010 DVD (NTSC)                                                                    From the backstreets of Remuera in New
between Jim Beam Racing’s James Courtney                            For 30 years the Kustom Kemps of America                                           Zealand, Bruce McLaren rose to the very top
and TeamVodafone’s Jamie Whincup. From                              have been dedicated to the coolest cars on                                         of international motorsport as a driver,
Abu Dhabi to the final round showdown                               the planet! July 23-25 2010 in Salina, Kansas                                      designer and constructor. He triumphed in
– three hours of flat-out V8 Supercar action!                       was the place to be to see the best from coast                                     every category of motor racing he entered.
Code 23547            180 min          $39.95                       to coast. Leadsled spectacular!                                                    Code 24228                 52 min      $34.95
                                                                    Code 24339                  90 min $29.95                          MOUNTAIN LEGEND DVD – 1965 Targa Florio
              Look inside the heart of the world’s most                            VINTAGE TORQUE FEST DVD (NTSC)                      This re-release of a great DVD tells the
              iconic cars and tour the plants that produce                         What happens when over 400 hot rods,                action-packed story of one of the most
              them – Audi R8, Ferrari Fiorano 599,                                 customs and choppers descend upon a small           memorable Targa Florio races, with spectacular
              Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 Super                                Iowa town? Vintage Torque Fest! Over 90             colour footage and incredible in-car sequences
              Veloce, Porsche 911 and Rolls-Royce Phantom.                         minutes of great footage, from set up to dirt       which will have you on the edge of your seat.
              Code 24110 Region 2 260 min $59.95                                   track mayhem.                                       Plus a lap of the circuit with Targa Florio legend
                                                                                   Code 23386          90 min             $29.95       Nino Vacarella as he recounts his memories of
THE STORY OF THE RS FORDS DVD                                                                                                          the race he made his own.
Action footage of the most significant Ford                         KUSTOM CARS & LEAD SLEDS BACK                                      Code 18940                   61 min                    $29.95
cars to bear the RS badge. From the early                           FROM THE DEAD 2 DVD (2-Disc Set)
                                                                    Watch as an old rusty beater becomes a full                                        2010 GOODWOOD REVIVAL RACE
days of the Escort to the current Ford Focus                                                                                                           MEETING DVD (NTSC Format)
RS, including Capri, Sierra Cosworth, Fiesta                        blown kustom car. Hear Gene Winfield explain
                                                                    what kustomizing is all about. Brad Masterson                                      All the glamour and romance of motor racing
Turbo and more – all given the RS treatment.                                                                                                           as it used to be. With record crowds enjoying
Code 23105              75 min          $39.95                      is showcased with his mentor Bill Mines. Disc
                                                                    2 looks closely at the whole building process.                                     three days of exciting wheel to wheel racing at
               THE BEST OF ROVER IN THE SIXTIES DVD                 Code 23975              62 min          $29.95                                     the world’s largest and most authentic historic
               Three classic promotional films: Assignment                                                                                             motor race meeting. Better than ever in 2010!
               P6 (1963); The 35th Monte Carlo Rally (1966);                        CHASING CLASSIC CARS DVD (4-Disc Set)                              Code 23777             90 min            $44.95
               and Engineered For Protection (1968). They                           A full-throttle, high-definition series that
                                                                                    follows Wayne Carini, Ferrari expert and           GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED 2010
               describe the development of the P6 Rover, its                                                                           DVD REVIEW (NTSC Format)
               class winning run in the 1966 Monte Carlo                            master restorer, on his mission to find great
                                                                                    cars. He hunts for classic cars lying dormant      The theme was ‘Viva Veloce – The Passion for
               Rally and its then revolutionary safety features.                                                                       Speed’, bringing lots of blood red cars to the
               Code 24278                 51 min         $39.95                     in barns and warehouses, to be bought,
                                                                                    returned to his workshop in Connecticut,           hill, and homage to the drivers who raced with
Also available:                                                                                                                        Latin flair. The lawn sculpture featured Alfa
THE BEST OF ROVER IN THE FIFTIES DVD                                                restored and sold at auction.
                                                                    Code 23608                  460 min                       $39.95   Romeo, celebrating its centenary.
Code 24274                   62 min                      $39.95                                                                        Code 23700                    145 min                       $44.95
FURTHER ADVENTURES OF LAND ROVER Vol 3 DVD                          TOP GEAR – The Great Adventures
                                                                    Middle East DVD (2-Disc Set)                                                        TARGA TASMANIA 2010 DVD (2-Disc set)
4 classic original promotional films: All in a                                                                                                          Australia’s greatest tarmac rally. Cars from
Day’s Work (1964); Bred in the Bone (1958);                         Three spectacular adventures with Jeremy
                                                                    Richard and James – The Middle East Special,                                        pre-war vintage models through classic rally
Safari to London (1957); and In Search of the                                                                                                           cars to modern performance models hurtle
Kalahari Bushmen (1955). Land Rovers at                             the US and Albania Roadtrips. In the Middle
                                                                    East Special the trio attempt to recreate the                                       through the hills and valleys of the Apple Isle in
work in the UK, from Cape Town to London                                                                                                                this internationally renowned event. Incredible!
and in the Kalahari.                                                journey of the original Three Wise Men as they
                                                                    bumble their way towards Bethlehem.                                                 Code 23255                                 $34.95
Code 24279               76 min          $39.95
                                                                    Code 24266                  180 min                       $29.95   QUIT TARGA WEST 2010 DVD
              MOPAR OR NO CAR – 30th Anniversary
              Mopar Nationals DVD (NTSC)                                           WORLD’S TOUGHEST DRIVING TESTS DVD                  Jim Richards scored a fighting second place in
              This is “The 30th Class Reunion” – Tribute to                        After 4 days of extreme driving lessons, Will       his Porsche GT2, sandwiched between the
              the Dodge Coronet, R/T, 500 and Super Bee, in                        and Kirsten go head to head in a driving test       Nissan Skyline GT-R R35s of Peter Major (1st)
              all its glory. You’ll see all the highlights of the                  that pushes them to the limit. Combining            and Peter Rullo. There is enough action to
              three-day Mopar extravaganza. Awesome!                               extraordinary vehicles and road-trip rivalry,       keep rally fans on the edge of their seats.
              Code 24203                 60 min            $15.95                  this is the ultimate driving challenge.             Code 23515             60 min             $39.95
                                                                                   Code 21171                310 min       $39.95
MOPAR PLUM CRAZY DVD (NTSC)                                                                                                                       2010 WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP
Mopar Plum Crazy is a road trip adventure                           KENWORTH COUNTRY LEGENDS OF THE                                               REVIEW DVD
that starts with one man’s dream of buying a                        OUTBACK Vol 6 DVD                                                             Sebastian Loeb proved he is still the man to
brand new purple (plumb crazy) Dodge SRT8                           A cotton-hauling roadtrain in Queensland,                                     beat. A sensational season packed with so
Challenger in Cleveland, OH and driving                             hauling V8 supercars from Adelaide to                                         much action it needed two discs to fit all the
across country 3300 miles in 6 days! It’s Vegas                     Melbourne, the Savage River magnetite mine,                                   highlights in! Heart stopping action from the
or bust meeting Mopar fans along the way...                         to Corowa on the Murray and more. Awesome!                                    world’s top rally drivers. Scary!
Code 24202              60 min         $15.95                       Code 24315                            $49.95                       Code 23643             300 min                     $39.95

                                                                                                   FREECALL 1-800 622 422
187 St Georges Tce, Perth WESTERN AUSTRALIA 6000                                                                         Ph: (08) 9322 5544                 Fax: (08) 9322 5535