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									GENERAL INFORMATION                                          GENERAL INFORMATION
Organization:                                                Accommodation:
The workshop is organized by the ProMATCH network            A contingent of rooms has been reserved for conference
consortium. ProMATCH is a Research and Training              participants at a special rate at the following hotels:
Network in the area of process control for chemical
production plants. It is funded by the Marie Curie               Mercure Hotel & Residenz Frankfurt Messe
programme under FP6 of the European Commission.                  (30 rooms from 3-4, November; 70 rooms from 4-5
Registration and Workshop Fee:                                   Voltastr. 29, 60486 Frankfurt am Main/D
Please use the enclosed registration form. The workshop          Phone: +49 (0) 69/201741-0
fee is € 300,-. A reduced fee of € 100,- applies to the          Email:
academic audience. The fee includes lunch and dinner,
beverages during the workshop as well as the workshop
                                                                 Deadline for Registration: October 3, 2008!
proceedings.                                                     Flemings Hotel Frankfurt (20 rooms)
You will receive a detailed programme after registration         Hamburger Allee 47-53
by Email.                                                        60486 Frankfurt am Main/D
                                                                 Phone: +49 (0) 69/201741-0
Poster presentation:                                             Email:
At the workshop there is the opportunity to have a poster        Price: Single or Double-Room / € 151,- incl. Breakfast
presentation. Please send title and abstract to                  Deadline for Registration: October 22, 2008!                       Model reduction for industrial
Ms. Lynn Würth, Email:
Deadline for poster submission is September 30, 2008!
                                                                 Art-Hotel Frankfurt (9 rooms)                                       control and optimization
                                                                 Robert-Mayer-Str. 44, D-60486 Frankfurt am Main
                                                                 Phone: +49 (0) 69/97 09 10 0                                               applications
Proceedings:                                                     Fax:     +49 (0) 69/97 09 10 10
A CD-ROM with the presentations and posters as well as           Price: Single Room / € 75,- , Double Room / € 85,-
the list of participants will be provided to the audience.       Deadline for Registration: July 31, 2008!
The workshop language is English.                            [Please book your room directly at the hotel with the keyword
                                                             PROMATCH. Thank you!]
Workshop content information:                                                                                                        Announcement & Call for Posters
Ms. Lynn Würth                                               Frankfurt am Main, the dynamic                                          4 – 5 November 2008 Frankfurt, Germany
RWTH Aachen University                                       and international financial and
AVT - Aachener Verfahrenstechnik                             trade fair city with the most
Process Systems Engineering                                  imposing skyline in Germany.
Turmstraße 46, 52056 Aachen, Germany                         This is the image that many
Phone:     +49 (0)241/80-97002                               visitors associate with the Main
Fax:       +49(0)241/80-92326                                metropolis. But the city in the
Email:                           heart of Germany and Europe can
                                                             offer many other facets and contrasting variety. Near to the
Workshop registration and organization:                      skyscrapers you can find cosy Ebbelwei pubs and at the heart of
Ms. Claudia Hermsdörfer                                      the bustling city centre you can find historical sights again and
DECHEMA e.V.                                                                                                                      Organized by the EU project consortium „Promoting and
                                                             again. Frankfurt is not just proud of its most famous son, Johann    Structuring multidisciplinary Academic-industrial collaboration
Theodor-Heuss-Allee 25, 60486 Frankfurt am Main,             Wolfgang von Goethe. The Kaiserdom (Cathedral) and the               in research & training through SME teCHnology developers"-
Germany                                                      Paulskirche, the cradle of German democracy, are also to be          (ProMATCH). Funded by the European Commission under
Phone: +49 (0)69/7564-269                                    found here. Interesting destinations for excursions in and around    grant MRTN-CT-2004-512441.
Fax:    +49 (0)69/7564-117                                   Frankfurt turn your stay into a great experience and you will love
Email                                to come back.
SCOPE                                                    ProMATCH                                                                    PROGRAMME
Global competition has forced process industries to      The ProMATCH network addresses these issues and aims                        The ReduceIt Symposium will follow a two-day
have a more flexible operation in order to cope with     at fully integrated model based dynamic and non-linear                      schedule. Presentations will start on Tuesday,
the fluctuating market demands. Therefore, they are      process control and optimization. The project comprises                     November 4th at 10:00. The workshop will end on
required to adjust their production capacity to broad    activities       in     the       following      fields:                    Wednesday, November 5th at 14:00.
range of product types while keeping their
predictability and reproducibility controlled.           •   nonlinear modeling                                                      During these two days, there will be presentations
Combined with regulations regarding the safety,          •   model reduction                                                         about research activities and results from the
environment and plant economics, the process             •   state estimation                                                        ProMATCH network, as well as invited lectures.
industries necessitate advanced model based              •   dynamic real-time optimization                                          Additionally, the software tools developed within
technologies to achieve this flexible operation.         •   model predictive control                                                the project will be demonstrated. The companies
                                                         •   software tools development                                              involved in ProMATCH will present their products
Model based technologies require simple, easy to         •   large-scale industrial applications                                     and business.
maintain, computationally efficient but sufficiently
accurate models with relevant information for the            recuced order model                     RTO for economic performance    Note that this schedule is preliminary. The final
particular application, such as model based control,                                                                                 programme will be announced by the end of August
optimization and soft sensing, among others. On the                                                                                  2008 by Email.
other hand, first principles based modelling involves
formulation of dynamic conservation laws, relations                                                                                  Invited speakers:
for reaction kinetics, separation thermodynamics,                                  state estimator        MPC for tracking control
physical     properties      and    other     relevant                                                                               Dr. Joachim Birk
chemical/physical constitutive relations resulting in                                                                                Senior Manager of Automation Technology
models of several thousands of differential and                                                                                      Head of E-CoE Process Control
algebraic equations. Hence these complex models               full order model                            Real plant                 BASF SE/D
need to be reduced or approximated in such a way
that the resulting models match the needs of the                                                                                     Prof. Jan-Dirk Jansen
relevant application while keeping the essential         Network partners                                                            Chair: Reservoir Systems and Control
information of the original model. In this                                                                                           Consultant in the SHELL Exploratory Research
symposium, we present the recent developments in         •   Eindhoven University of Technology/NL                                   Group
the area of application relevant model reduction.        •   Cybernetica AS/NO                                                       Delft University of Technology/NL
                                                         •   Norwegian University of Science and Technology/NO
This symposium addresses audience from academia                                                                                      Organizing Committee:
and industry, who are interested in recent               •   Process Systems Enterprise Ltd./UK
developments in these areas.                             •   Imperial College of Science, Technology and                             -   O. Bosgra, TU Delft/NL
                                                                                                                                     -   S.C. de Graaf, Cybernetica AS/NO
                                                         •   RWTH Aachen University/D
                                                                                                                                     -   W. Marquardt, RWTH Aachen University/D
                                                         •   Technical University Delft/NL
                                                                                                                                     -   L. Özkan, IPCOS Technology b.v./NL
                                                         •   IPCOS Technology b.v./NL
                                                                                                                                     -   P. A. Rolandi, Process Systems Enterprise
                                                                                                                                     -   L. Würth, RWTH Aachen University/D
                                       Registration Form for Participation
              Please return to Fax: +49 (0)69 7564 117 or Email:
              DECHEMA e.V., Ms. Claudia Hermsdörfer, P.O.Box 15 01 04, D-60061 Frankfurt am Main

                           Model reduction for industrial control and
                                   optimization applications

                                                November 4 - 5, 2008
                                 at DECHEMA e.V. in Frankfurt am Main

1.) I wish to register for the REDUCIT Workshop
Participant from Industry                           € 300,- (including lunch and dinner, workshop proceedings)

Participant from Academia                           € 100,- (including lunch and dinner, workshop proceedings)

2.) I wish to register for ...                      Lunch on 4th November
                                                    Lunch on 5th November
                                                    Dinner on 4th November

                                                    I am vegetarian

3.) Poster Presentation
I wish to present a poster                       Yes         No
(Please send your title/abstract to: Ms. Lynn Würth, RWTH Aachen University,
 Email: DEADLINE for poster submission: September 30, 2008!

4.) Payment Formalities
I shall pay the total amount
    by bank transfer after receipt of invoice
    by credit card:                  MasterCard                         Visa                    Amex                Diners

Card-Number: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ valid until: __ __ / __ __

5.) Address
    Mr. /       Ms.                                   (PLEASE FILL OUT IN BLOCKLETTERS or use COMPANY STAMP)

Family name, First name, Title:

Company or University:

Department or Institute:

Street or P.O. Box:

Zip, City, Country:

Phone:                Fax:

                                         Did you fill out everything (Point 1 - 5)? Please check! Thank you!!

Deadline: for appearance in the list of participants is October 13, 2008.
Cancellation: EUR 30 administrative costs will be charged for cancellations made before October 13, 2008. Thereafter 80% of the registration fee
will be invoiced, however the book of abstracts will be sent. Cancellations need to be made in writing (Email, letter or fax).
Payment: Fees should be remitted after the receipt of the invoice in favour of DECHEMA e.V. stating the invoice number, the name of the participant
and the keyword “PROMATCH”, to one of the DECHEMA accounts as stated on the invoice. Payment by credit card is also possible.

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