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_3 Hercules Burial Vault


Pole vault, track and field sports one. Athletes with the support pole and elastic, to drape, put the body and leg raise, chin and other movements of the body on the pole over a certain height. Pole vault is a technical track and field sports complex.

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                        Polyguard & Company                                                       HERCULES
    This warranty is given by Polyguard & Co. exclusively for the benefit of the
purchasers from Polyguard & Co. or its authorized agents of the Polyguard Burial Vaults
                                                                                                BURIAL VAULT
manufactured by Polyguard & Co. Polyguard Burial Vaults carry no warranties other
than expressly stated herein, and Polyguard & Co. will not be liable or responsible for
any demands or claims, incidental or consequential, except as herein specifically
provided. If at any time within the specified time after interment, a Polyguard Burial
Vault fails in any way, except because of the negligence of others or acts of God,
Polyguard & Co. will replace it with a vault of similar value and pay any normal and
reasonable cost incurred by the purchaser as the result of the cemetery replacement of the
vault. However, this warranty is conditioned on the following: (1) Interment, handling,
use and installation of the Polyguard Burial Vault in strict compliance with Polyguard &
Co.s’ published instructions; (2) Actual interment; (3) filing of the manufacturer’s copy of
                                                                                               POLYMER VAULTS ENGINEERED
this warranty with Polyguard & Company within thirty (30) days of interment.
                                                                                                  TO A HIGHER STANDARD
   Polyguard & Co. will replace the vault with the (10) days of written notice to
Polyguard & Co. at the following address: P.O. Box 1269; Afton, WY 83110

   IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Polyguard & Co. has caused this Warranty to be Executed

this _____________ day of ______________________________, 20 ________.

Issued to: ____________________________________________________________

Name of Decedent: ____________________________________________________

Cemetery: ___________________________________________________________

Cemetery Address: ____________________________________________________

Funeral Home: _______________________________________________________

Warranty Number: _____________________________________________________
                              Product Purchased:

    Atlas White                      Atlas Black                     Atlas Majestic
    Hercules White                   Hercules Black                  Hercules Majestic

                                                                                                   Airseal - Dome with Base

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                                                                                                 THE ULTIMATE
 For additional information contact:
                                                                                                IN PROTECTION
                                                                                                  • PROTECTION
                                                                                                  • PERMANENCE
                                                                                                 • PEACE OF MIND
                                                                                                100 Year Warranty
 POLYGUARD HERCULES                               HERCULES UNITS ARE
 AIRSEAL BURIAL VAULT                                AVAILABLE IN
          Offers a Double Seal
                      b      l                     BLACK, WHITE AND
                                                  MAJESTIC UNITS WITH
Polyguard “airseal burial vaults” offer a
double seal by using nature’s own principle of
                                                  METAL ENHANCEMENT
captured air, along with the security of a non-
biodegradable permanent sealing mastic

                                                  • 100 Year Warranty
 Nature’s captured air principle does not
 allow water into the airseal vault creating      • Non-biodegradable
 an airseal.                                      • Environmentally safe
                                                  • Seamless Construction
   Dome                                           • Consistent .250 wall thickness
                                                  • Long Term Protection
   Mastic                                         • Tested strength 8,900 lbs.
                                                  • Engineered and tested to be
                                                    as structurally strong as
                                 Irreversible       concrete
   Base                              Cable
                                                  • Choice of Emblem with

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