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					Museums Inspiring Art
Helen Sevink, Art Teacher and Art Network Leader, Varndean School B&H

 HS has been Art Network leader for Brighton for the past two years
 Met with museum staff to look at matching curriculum needs of the
  school to the museums’ collections.
 Came up with suggestions for resources which would help schools to
  work with the museum e.g.
   A comprehensive guide to the museum and its collections was
     produced and is now on the website
   Also wanted access to loan boxes and gallery talks
   Loan boxes were developed in consultation with art teachers and
      Masks – masks from around the world
      Performance - a range of objects such as masks, puppets, theatre
         programmes and small percussion instruments
      Kettles – explore the history of design and materials
      Each loan box contains information about the subject and each
         object, lesson ideas, curriculum links and images.
   Drawing from 1st hand experience was essential
 Now the museum and school have good links and the museum keeps
  teachers informed re new exhibitions
 Example of pilot project
   9 Yr. 10 Applied art students were involved in a bid re an Artist in
   inspired by the great chandelier in the Royal Pavilion - researched
     decorative elements
   made drawings of the chandelier - included a behind the scenes tour
     of the bottle dome with a conservator
   Back at school students worked up the designs for their own
     interpretation of the chandelier which now hangs in the school
   Some of the students were reluctant learners who had never been to
     the Royal Pavilion
 Another project was Image and Identity
   14 students worked at Brighton Museum with artist Lindsey Smith
   DCMS/DCSF funded and co-ordinated by the V & A
   Students spent 2 days researching the objects with Lindsey in the
      museum and at school
   Considered their own identity
   Explored the symbols of the Ashanti people
   Introduced to screen printing
   Produce public art for school
   Will be able to run in future on own
 Students responded well to the museum environment – the experience
  boosted their self esteem and gave insight into how artists work
 Students feel comfortable at the museum and that they can “pop down”
  to the museum
 HS has 1 hour 40 minute art lessons which allows time to go out of
 The Art Network group has made sure that other teachers in Brighton
  and Hove are aware of local public transport policies so that they can
  make trips out
 The Loan Box is an important link to the museum
 Is there any problem with other staff at the schools re students
  missing lessons?
  Usually HS only takes students out during her lessons but if a whole day
  is needed other teachers are very accommodating. However HS needs
  to be aware of other events on the timetable so that her request doesn’t
 Is there value in the students seeing other students work?
  Yes it is inspiring for all the students. School is working on an Open
  House exhibition so that the public can come in and see the artwork too.
 Can you tell us more about the Art Network Group?
  The AN Group is all people from B & H Art Departments. It is co-
  ordinated by the ICT Adviser. Meet to discuss e.g. Curriculum 2008.
  Anyone related to A & D can come. Sometimes invite speakers. With

museum have run an annual art conference. This could be an INSET but
ids generally a separate event.

Further reference
 Continuing CPD for Teachers at Brighton and Hove museums
 ABC of Working with Schools – Consulting with Teachers
  resources_for_schools/Consulting_with_Teachers.html. this page
  includes information on running a Successful INSET and a link to
  MLA South East re Learning Links