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									Mammals of Borneo (excluding bats)
Updated by Betsy Yaap

                                                               Other Scientific
No   Order              Family          Scientific Name        Names

1    INSECTIVORA        Erinaceidae     Echinosorex gymnura

2    INSECTIVORA        Erinaceidae     Hylomys suillus

3    INSECTIVORA        Soricidae       Suncus murinus

4    INSECTIVORA        Soricidae       Suncus ater

5    INSECTIVORA        Soricidae       Suncus etruscus

6    INSECTIVORA        Soricidae       Crocidura monticola
                                                               previously a ssp. of
7    INSECTIVORA        Soricidae       Crocidura foetida      Crocidura fuliginosa
                                                               previously recorded
                                                               as ssp. of
8    INSECTIVORA        Soricidae       Chimarrogale phaeura   Chimarrogale

9    INSECTIVORA        Soricidae       Crocidura baluensis

10   SCANDENTIA         Ptilocercidae   Ptilocercus lowii

11   SCANDENTIA         Tupaiidae       Tupaia dorsalis
                                                               Previously a ssp. of
                                                               T.glis (Wilson 1993
12   SCANDENTIA         Tupaiidae       Tupaia longipes        in Emmons 2000)

13   SCANDENTIA         Tupaiidae       Tupaia gracilis
14   SCANDENTIA   Tupaiidae        Tupaia minor

15   SCANDENTIA   Tupaiidae        Tupaia picta

16   SCANDENTIA   Tupaiidae        Tupaia splendidula

17   SCANDENTIA   Tupaiidae        Tupaia tana

18   SCANDENTIA   Tupaiidae        Tupaia montana

19   SCANDENTIA   Tupaiidae        Dendrogale melanura

20   DERMOPTERA   Cynocephalidae Cynocephalus variegatus
21   PRIMATES     Lorisidae        Nycticebus menagensis     bancanus,

22   PRIMATES     Tarsiidae        Tarsius bancanus          Tarsius natunensis
                                                             P.melalophos, P.
                                                             femoralis, Presbytis
23   PRIMATES     Cercopithecidae Presbytis chrysomelas      arwasca, and

24   PRIMATES     Cercopithecidae Presbytis hosei

25   PRIMATES     Cercopithecidae Presbytis rubicunda

26   PRIMATES     Cercopithecidae Presbytis frontata
                                                             Presbytis cristata, T.
                                                             pruinosus, T. pullata,
27   PRIMATES     Cercopithecidae Trachypithecus cristatus   T. rutledgii, T. ultima

28   PRIMATES     Cercopithecidae Nasalis larvatus

29   PRIMATES     Cercopithecidae Macaca fascicularis

30   PRIMATES     Cercopithecidae Macaca nemestrina
31   PRIMATES    Hylobatidae   Hylobates muelleri
                                                        Hylobates agilis ssp.
32   PRIMATES    Hylobatidae   Hylobates albibarbis     albibarbis

33   PRIMATES    Pongidae      Pongo pygmaeus

34   PHOLIDOTA   Manidae       Manis javanica

35   RODENTIA    Sciuridae     Ratufa affinis

36   RODENTIA    Sciuridae     Callosciurus prevostii

37   RODENTIA    Sciuridae     Callosciurus baluensis

38   RODENTIA    Sciuridae     Callosciurus notatus

39   RODENTIA    Sciuridae     Callosciurus adamsi

40   RODENTIA    Sciuridae     Callosciurus orestes

41   RODENTIA    Sciuridae     Sundasciurus hippurus

42   RODENTIA    Sciuridae     Sundasciurus lowii

43   RODENTIA    Sciuridae     Sundasciurus tenuis

44   RODENTIA    Sciuridae     Sundasciurus jentinki

45   RODENTIA    Sciuridae     Sundasciurus brookei

46   RODENTIA    Sciuridae     Glyphotes simus          Callosciurus simus

47   RODENTIA    Sciuridae     Lariscus insignis
48   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Lariscus hosei

49   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Dremomys everetti

50   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Rhinosciurus laticaudatus

51   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Nannosciurus melanotis

52   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Exilisciurus exilis

53   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Exilisciurus whiteheadi

54   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Rheithrosciurus macrotis

55   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Petaurillus hosei

56   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Petaurillus emiliae

57   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Iomys Horsfieldi

58   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Aeromys tephromelas

59   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Aeromys thomasi

60   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Petinomys hageni

61   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Petinomys genibarbis

62   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Petinomys setosus

63   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Petinomys vordermanni

64   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Hylopetes lepidus
65   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Hylopetes spadiceus

66   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Pteromyscus pulverulentus

67   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Petaurista petaurista

68   RODENTIA   Sciuridae   Petaurista elegans
                                                        following Nowak
69   RODENTIA   Muridae     Rattus rattus               1999)

70   RODENTIA   Muridae     Rattus tiomanicus

71   RODENTIA   Muridae     Rattus argentiventer

72   RODENTIA   Muridae     Rattus baluensis

73   RODENTIA   Muridae     Rattus exulans

74   RODENTIA   Muridae     Rattus norvegicus

75   RODENTIA   Muridae     Sundamys muelleri

76   RODENTIA   Muridae     Sundamys infraluteus

77   RODENTIA   Muridae     Niviventer cremoriventer

78   RODENTIA   Muridae     Niviventer rapit

79   RODENTIA   Muridae     maxomys rajah

80   RODENTIA   Muridae     maxomys surifer

81   RODENTIA   Muridae     maxomys alticola
82   RODENTIA    Muridae       maxomys ochraceiventer

83   RODENTIA    Muridae       maxomys baeodon

84   RODENTIA    Muridae       maxomys whiteheadi

85   RODENTIA    Muridae       Leopoldamys sabanus

86   RODENTIA    Muridae       Lenothrix canus
                                                        Payne & Francis
                                                        2005: Mus
87   RODENTIA    Muridae       Mus musculus             castaneus

88   RODENTIA    Muridae       Mus caroli

89   RODENTIA    Muridae       Chiropodomys gliroides

90   RODENTIA    Muridae       Chiropodomys major

91   RODENTIA    Muridae       Chiropodomys muroides

92   RODENTIA    Muridae       Haeromys margarettae
                                                        previously Haeromys
93   RODENTIA    Muridae       Haeromys pusillus        margarettae
94   RODENTIA    Hystricidae   Hystrix brachyura        brachyura

95   RODENTIA    Hystricidae   Trichys fasciculata      Trichys lipura
96   RODENTIA    Hystricidae   Hystrix crassispinis     crassispinis

97   CARNIVORA   Ursidae       Helarctos malayanus      Ursus malayanus

98   CARNIVORA   Mustelidae    Martes flavigula
99   CARNIVORA   Mustelidae    Mustela nudipes
                                                         formerly called:
                                                         Melogale personata,
100 CARNIVORA    Mustelidae    Melogale everetti         Melogale orientalis

101 CARNIVORA    Mustelidae    Mydaus javanensis

102 CARNIVORA    Mustelidae    Lutra sumatrana
103 CARNIVORA    Mustelidae    Lutra perspicillata       perspicillata

104 CARNIVORA    Mustelidae    Aonyx cinerea             Amblonyyx cinerea

105 CARNIVORA    Mustelidae    Lutra lutra

106 CARNIVORA    Viverridae    Viverra tangalunga

107 CARNIVORA    Viverridae    Prionodon linsang
108 CARNIVORA    Viverridae    hermaphroditus

109 CARNIVORA    Viverridae    Paguma larvata

110 CARNIVORA    Viverridae    Arctictis binturong

111 CARNIVORA    Viverridae    Arctogalidia trivirgata

112 CARNIVORA    Viverridae    Hemigalus derbyanus

113 CARNIVORA    Viverridae    Diplogale hosei           Hemigalus hosei

114 CARNIVORA    Viverridae    Cynogale bennettii

115 CARNIVORA    Herpestidae   Herpestes brachyurus
116 CARNIVORA        Herpestidae    Herpestes semitorquatus
117 CARNIVORA        Felidae        Neofelis diardi            nebulosa

118 CARNIVORA        Felidae        Pardofelis marmorata

119 CARNIVORA        Felidae        Prionailurus planiceps

120 CARNIVORA        Felidae        Prionailurus bengalensis

121 CARNIVORA        Felidae        Catopuma badia

122 PROBOSCIDAE      Elephantidae   Elephas maximus

123 PERISSODACTYLA Rhinocerotidae   Dicerorhinus sumatrensis

124 ARTIODACTYLA     Suidae         Sus barbatus
                                                               Cervus javanicus,
125 ARTIODACTYLA     Tragulidae     Tragulus kanchil           Tragulus javanicus

126 ARTIODACTYLA     Tragulidae     Tragulus napu

127 ARTIODACTYLA     Cervidae       Muntiacus muntjak

128 ARTIODACTYLA     Cervidae       Muntiacus atherodes

129 ARTIODACTYLA     Cervidae       Rusa unicolor              Cervus unicolor

130 ARTIODACTYLA     Cervidae       Cervus timorensis

131 ARTIODACTYLA     Bovidae        Bos javanicus
                                 Conservation status
Common Name                       IUCN CITES GoI    y      Montane

Moonrat                            LC
Lesser gymnure, Short-tailed
gymnure                            LC                      prefers

House shrew                        LC

Black shrew                        DD                  B
Savi's pygmy shrew, Pygmy
white-toothed shrew                LC                      primarily

Sunda shrew                        LC                      primarily
 Bornean shrew (previously
South-east Asian white-toothed
shrew)                             LC                  B

Bornean water shrew                EN                  B   prefers

Kinabalu shrew                     VU                  B      M

Pen-tailed treeshrew               LC    App II

Striped treeshrew                  DD    App II        B
Long-footed treeshrew; Plain
treeshrew                          LC    App II        B

Slender treeshrew                  LC    App II        B
Pygmy treeshrew                   LC   App II

Painted treeshrew                 LC   App II       B   M

Ruddy treeshrew                   LC   App II       B

Large treeshrew                   LC   App II

Mountain treeshrew                LC   App II       B   M

Smooth-tailed treeshrew           DD   App II       B   M

Colugo, Malayan flying lemur      LC            P

Bornean slow loris                VU   App I    P   B

Sunda tarsier, Western tarsier    VU   App II   P
Sarawak surili, Bornean banded-
langur                            CR   App II       B

Hose's langur, Grey leaf monkey   VU   App II       B
Maroon langur (Red leaf
monkey)                           LC   App II   P   B

White-fronted langur              VU   App II   P   B
Silver langur, Silvered leaf
monkey                            NT   App II

Proboscis monkey                  EN   App I    P   B
Long-tailed macaque, Crab-
eating macaque                    LC   App II
Pig-tailed macaque, Southern
pig-tailed macaque                VU   App II
Bornean gibbon, Muller's gibbon   EN   App I    P   B
Bornean white-bearded gibbon,
Bornean agile gibbon              EN   App I    P   B

Bornean orangutan                 EN   App I    P   B

Sunda pangolin                    EN   App II   P

Giant squirrel                    NT   App II

Prevost's squirrel                LC

Kinabalu squirrel                 LC                B     M

Plantain squirrel                 LC

Ear-spot squirrel                 VU                B

Bornean black-banded squirrel     LC                B

Horse-tailed squirrel             NT

Low's squirrel                    LC

Slender squirrel                  LC                    can be

Jentink's squirrel                LC                B     M

Brooke's squirrel                 LC                B     M
Sculptor squirrel, Red-bellied
sculptor squirrel                 DD                B     M

Three-striped ground squirrel     LC            P
Four-striped ground squirrel   NT       B
Bornean mountain ground
squirrel                       LC       B     M

Shrew-faced ground squirrel    NT

Black-eared pigmy squirrel     LC
Least pygmy squirrel, Plain
pygmy squirrel                 DD       B
Tufted pygmy squirrel,
Whitehead's pygmy squirrel     LC       B   can be

Tufted ground squirrel         VU       B

Hose's pygmy flying squirrel   DD       B

Lesser pygmy flying squirrel   DD       B

Horsfield's flying squirrel    LC   P

Black flying squirrel          DD

Thomas' flying squirrel        DD       B

Hagen's flying squirrel        DD

Whiskered flying squirrel      VU

Temminck's flying squirrel     VU           can be

Vordermann's flying squirrel   VU

Grey-cheeked flying squirrel   DD
Red-cheeked flying squirrel     LC

Smoky flying squirrel           EN

Red giant flying squirrel       LC

Spotted giant flying squirrel   LC   P       M

House rat                       LC

Malaysian filed rat             LC

Ricefield rat                   LC           M

Summit rat                      LC       B   M

Polynesian rat                  LC

Norway rat                      LC

Muller's rat                    LC

Mountain giant rat              LC           M

Dark-tailed tree rat            VU
Long-tailed mountain rat,
Montane Bornean niviventer      LC       B   M

Brown spiny rat                 VU
Red spiny rat, Indomalayan
maxomys                         LC

Mountain spiny-rat              LC       B   M
Chestnut-bellied spiny rat,
Ochraceous-bellied Bornean                               lower
maxomys                            DD               B   montane
Small spiny rat, Small Bornean
maxomys                            DD               B
Whitehead's rat, Whitehead’s
Sundaic maxomys                    VU
Long-tailed giant rat,
Whitehead’s Sundaic maxomys        LC

Grey tree rat, Sundaic lenothrix   LC               B

House mouse                        LC

Ricefield mouse, Ryukyu mouse      LC
Common pencil-tailed tree-
mouse                              LC
Large pencil-trailed tree mouse,
Greater pencil-tailed tree mouse   DD               B
Grey-bellied pencil-trailed tree
mouse                              DD               B     M
Ranee mouse, Margaret’s
haeromys                           DD               B     M
Lesser Ranee mouse, Sundaic
haeromys                           VU               B   can be

Common porcupine                   LC           P

Long-tailed porcupine              LC

Thick-spined porcupine             LC               B

Sun bear                           VU   App I   P

Yellow-throated marten             LC
Malay weasel                  LC

Bornean ferret-badger         DD                    M
Teledu, Malay badger, Sunda
stink-badger                  LC            P

Hairy-nosed otter             EN   App II

Smooth otter                  VU   App II

Oriental small-clawed otter   VU   App II

Eurasian otter                NT   App I

Malay civet (tangalung)       LC

Banded linsang                LC   App II   P

Common palm civet             LC

Masked palm civet             LC

Binturong (bearcat)           VU   App III P

Small-toothed palm civet      LC

Banded palm civet             VU   App II

Hose's civet                  VU                B

Otter-civet                   EN   App II   P

Short-tailed mongoose         LC
Collared mongoose             DD

Sunda clouded leopard         VU   App I    P

Marbled cat                   VU   App I    P

Flat-headed cat               EN   App I    P

Leopard cat                   LC   App II   P

Borneo Bay cat                EN   App II   P   B

Asian elephant                EN
Asian two-horned (Sumatran)
rhinoceros                    CR

Bearded pig                   VU

Lesser mouse-deer             LC            P
Greater mouse-deer, Greater
oriental chevrotain           LC            P
Bornean red muntjac, Common
barking deer                  LC            P

Bornean yellow muntjac        LC                B

Sambar deer                   VU            P

Javan rusa                    VU

Banteng, Tembadau             EN            P
Domestic mammals not included.
Bats provided in a separate file.

              Convention on International Trade in Endangered
CITES         Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

I & II        Indicates species listed under CITES Appendix I or II

IUCN          World Conservation Union

CR            Critically Endangered

EN            Endangered

VU            Vulnerable

NT            Near Threatened

LC            Least Concern

DD            Data Deficient

GoI           Government of Indonesia

P             Species protected under Indonesian law
              Endemic to Borneo (and, for some species, a number of
B             small, off-shore islands)

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