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					                                        Working with you to assess global impacts from the Mobile Internet, Digital Entertainment and
                                        Business Markets – leveraging full-spectrum coverage from enabling technologies to end-users.

Connected Digital Home

The connected digital home with home networking offers a game-changing opportunity to companies throughout the
ecosystem, including operators, service providers, device manufacturers and technology providers. The Connected
Digital Home Service provides comprehensive analysis and forecasts of the worldwide connected digital home and home
networking market, including in-home infrastructure, networked and web-enabled media devices, features,
semiconductors, applications, and consumer perspectives. This service provides invaluable insights in areas such as
wired and wireless home network use and hardware, alternative coax/phone wire/powerline network mediums, multimedia
and entertainment networking, networked set-top boxes, digital media adapters/players/receivers, consumer network
drives, network management, networked home automation, home network silicon, routers, residential gateways, and

Areas of Coverage:                  •      DLNA Devices
                                    •      Consumer Network Storage
                                    •      Multimedia Home Networking
                                    •      Widget-enabled Consumer Devices
                                    •      Global CPE & Home Network Outlook
                                    •      Global CPE Market Shares
                                    •      Home Network Management
                                    •      Powerline, Coax & Phone Wire Networking
                                    •      Media Phone

Example of the Typical Level of Detail:

                                          2006       2007     2008      2009          2010    2011     2012
            North America                  326.2       100%
                    Growth Rate %          32.5%
                           % of Total      50.2%
            Europe (EMEA)                  174.2                                                            % Wired-Only Netw ork
                    Growth Rate %          44.6%
                                                                                                            % Wireless Netw ork
                           % of Total      26.8%
            Asia/Pacific                   149.6
                    Growth Rate %          60.0%
                           % of Total      23.0%
            Worldwide Total                650.1
                    Growth Rate %          36.3%
                           % of Total     100.0%
            Source: In-Stat, 3/08
                                                              2006   2007      2008    2009   2010   2011     2012
                                                                                                            Source: In-Stat, 10/08
About In-Stat:
In-Stat’s market intelligence combines technical, market and end-user research and database models to analyze the
Mobile Internet and Digital Entertainment ecosystems. Our insights are derived from a deep understanding of technology
impacts, nearly 30 years of history in research and consulting, and direct relationships with leading players in each of our
core markets. In-Stat provides its research through reports, annual subscriptions, consulting and advisory services to
inform critical decisions. Technology vendors, equipment manufacturers, service providers and media companies
worldwide rely on In-Stat to support critical business, product and technology decisions.

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Description: Digital home refers to computer technology and network technology, based on a variety of home appliances through the interconnection of different ways to communicate and exchange data between appliances to achieve "interoperability", so that people can stay at home more convenient access to information, thereby greatly improving the comfort of human living and entertaining.