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Android_ Digital Home Technology Platform


Digital home refers to computer technology and network technology, based on a variety of home appliances through the interconnection of different ways to communicate and exchange data between appliances to achieve "interoperability", so that people can stay at home more convenient access to information, thereby greatly improving the comfort of human living and entertaining.

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									Android™ Digital Home Technology Platform
This project will develop the Android Digital Home Platform with “HD TV” extension
for fast growing Digital/HDTV and Internet CE opportunity. In addition to develop HD
TV extension, this project will also focus on the living room TV centric usability and
MMI technologies to enhance the standard Android frame work which is focusing on
the small screen and mobile devices. Innovative applications provide cohesive user
experience across 3 screens (TV, Tablet PC, iPAD/Android Pad and Smart phone) will
also be developed by this project. This will be the common embedded OS platform
for all the ECE existing, on-going and future technologies. This project is also
intended to promote it as standard OS platform for the HK/PRC industry through
Android Alliance.

ASTRI is making this technology available to the industry partners such as SoC and
OEM/ODM manufacturers for consumer electronics products/market, value-added
service providers and 3rd party software vendors.

“Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.”

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