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                                                                                     that was definitely missed was the Agora, or white elephant. But al-
                      Cross Currents                                                 though our Agora took a break, four vendors attempted to take its place.
       The Monthly Newsletter of the Church of the Holy Cross                                At our Appreciation Dinner, I offered my profound thanks for
               900 Alameda / Belmont, CA 94002-1604                                  your love and dedicated service to our community. To those who were
                 (650) 591-4447 / fax (650) 508-9846
                                                                                     unable to attend the dinner, please accept my sincere thanks and appre- /
                                                                                     ciation for your efforts and commitment to Christ and His Holy Cross.
                     INSIDE THIS ISSUE
                                                                                     A MESSAGE FORM FATHER SILVIU
 Father Silviu Stanculescu .... 3     Sunrise, Son Rise ........................ 5
 Philoptochos News .............. 9   Hall Committee .......................... 9
 Church Events ...................12                                                 Dear Friends,
                   Church Calendar . . . . . . . . . . center
    (Please note : We did not print an August 2004 issue of Cross Currents.)         In the past few months I’ve had the chance to get to know and partici-
                                                                                     pate in the life of this beautiful community of Holy Cross in Belmont.
   Articles and ads for Cross Currents are due on the 26th of the month                       One of my first activities was to accompany our youth to Saint
                 prior to the month of desired publication.                          Nicholas Ranch for Summer Camp and to meet with some of you.
                                                                                     Then, an important event took place in my family, namely the arrival
                                                                                     of a baby girl, Maria-Antonia, who came to life on August 15 -
VIVID MEMORIES                                                                       Dormition of The Theotokos. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks
by Father Peter Salmas, Pastor                                                       to everyone who called, visited or asked about Presbytera Irina and
                                                                                     little Maria, while they stayed at Sequoia Hospital and after arriving
Yes, I know that over a month has passed since our Festival, but the                 home.
memories are still vivid. Our annual Festival is a Herculean effort of                        Going chronologically, how can I forget the Festival? It was a
time, talent, and treasure and promises showcasing the best of our Olym-             wonderful experience for me and also an opportunity to practice my
pic chefs, cooks, and volunteers. Many of your fellow parishioners                   skills in cooking loukoumades. According to our data, over 40,000 of
were, for several months, involved in the preparations to make this                  the little gems went through the fryer. What I can tell everyone about
year’s Festival one of the best ever.                                                this Festival is that THIS is the place to be next year. Congratulations
         Many thanks go to our Festival Chairs, Bob Nemchik and Pe-                  to all the people involved in the Festival.
ter Bibbes, who worked with a committee made up of the captains for                           Immediately after, we had the
food preparation, ordering, campus set-up, advertising, entertainment,               Feastday of our Church, the “Exaltation
and vendors to coordinate and organize our efforts to showcase our                   of the Holy Cross” and on this occasion
parish and parishioners as well as celebrate the 48th year of the found-             many priests from Northern California
ing of our beloved parish and our Festival’s 34th Anniversary.                       came and served with us for an uplifting
         It takes well over 300 volunteers every year to man the many                Vespers.
work areas and booths that make up this yearly celebration from our                           Recently, the church threw a wel-
food preparation to our stage performances. One area of the Festival                 coming luncheon for my family and me

page 2 - Cross Currents                                                                                                            Cross Currents - page 3
and I would like to thank all the organizations of our Church for their    daring hands were severed by an invisible blow. But when he repented
gifts and participation in this event.                                     and asked forgiveness, his hands were restored. When they had reached
        May our good and loving God bless you, your families and           the place called Gethsemane, they buried there with honor the all-im-
friends.                                                                   maculate body of the Theotokos, which was the source of Life. But on
                                                                           the third day after the burial, when they were eating together, and raised
Prayerfully, Fr. Silviu Stanculescu                                        up the artos (bread) in Jesus’ Name, as was their custom, the Theotokos
                                                                           appeared in the air, saying “Rejoice” to them. From this they learned
THE DORMITION                                                              concerning the bodily translation of the Theotokos into the Heavens.
                                                                                   These things has the Church received from the traditions of the
OF OUR MOST HOLY LADY                                                      Fathers, who have composed many hymns out of reverence, to the glory
THEOTOKOS AND                                                              of the Mother of our God.

EVER VIRGIN MARY - AUGUST 15                                               SUNRISE, SON RISE
                                                                           by Christopher Canellos
Concerning the Dormition of the Theotokos, this is what the Church
has received from ancient times from the tradition of the Fathers. When    It’s morning at Holy Cross. Our beautiful children fill our classrooms
the time drew nigh that our Savior was well-pleased to take His Mother     and brighten our hearts. September brought the opening of our Sunday
to Himself, He declared unto her through an Angel that three days hence,   School, Greek School and Preschool programs for the new year. We
He would translate her from this temporal life to eternity and bliss. On   also kicked-off the youth fellowship programs, athletics, dance, drama
hearing this, she went up with haste to the Mount of Olives, where she     and youth choir. And each time this season arrives, I realize how cru-
prayed continuously. Giving thanks to God, she returned to her house       cial the work of the Church is in this area. We as a community must
and prepared whatever was necessary for her burial. While these things     resolve to do everything we can to beneficially influence the growth of
were taking place, clouds caught up the Apostles from the ends of the      this generation of young people. It’s not about medals and champion-
earth, where each one happened to be preaching, and brought them at        ship trophies; it’s not about memorizing Bible passages or Greek verses;
once to the house of the Mother of God, who informed them of the           it’s not about always delivering the right line or singing on key. It is
cause of their sudden gathering. As a mother, she consoled them in         about growing in the faith, building character and integrity, establish-
their affliction as was meet, and then raised her hands to Heaven and      ing lifelong friendships, coming closer together as the family of the
prayed for the peace of the world. She blessed the Apostles, and, re-      Church of the Holy Cross and discovering wisdom and happiness.
clining upon her bed with seemliness, gave up her all-holy spirit into     Somewhere in those classrooms are the Saints of the 21st century!! So,
the hands of her Son and God.                                              let’s all of us get down to work — all 750 individual families. Let’s
        With reverence and many lights, and chanting burial hymns,         step-up this year and help these beautiful children with their destiny. It
the Apostles took up that God-receiving body and brought it to the         is not too late to volunteer to help these wonderful programs. Sign
sepulchre, while the Angels from Heaven chanted with them, and sent        your child up to participate, bring your children to Church, help them
forth her who is higher than the Cherubim. But one Jew, moved by           to follow along in the liturgy books, read them Bible passages and
malice, audaciously stretched forth his hand upon the bed and immedi-      stories about the Saints, become a teacher or a coach, offer your help to
ately received from divine judgment the wages of his audacity. Those
page 4 - Cross Currents                                                                                                   Cross Currents - page 5
the teachers and coaches and make sure you are offering the Church           From its earliest days, members of the fledgling community offered all
your necessary share of financial support to keep this worthy mission        they had, even pledging their homes so that our Orthodox faith could
alive and vibrant. Lastly, we must all teach through our own example.        take root on the Peninsula. There was no single wealthy family to foot
Children are learning lessons from us everyday. Let them see us              the bill. The community joined together in naming the Church “Holy
as kind, gentle, loving and positive examples that they may follow.          Cross,” rather than after the patron saint of a single individual, because
         Belmont Greek Festival 2004 was a great success! Thousands          this special church belonged to an entire community that loved it and
of friends and neighbors braved the hot weather to enjoy delicious food,     sacrificed for it.
continuous entertainment and a wide variety of shopping opportuni-                    We all, regardless of when our families joined Holy Cross, have
ties. Many thanks to our Festival chairmen, Bob Nemchik and Peter            taken on a piece of that heritage. Each of us “owns” our beautiful Church.
Bibbes, who did such a great job! On Labor Day Weekend, heroes               Consider your most prized possession. Your home? Your pet? Your
abound. Hats off particularly to Thomy Iuppa and Tanya Spirtos for           car? You do everything you can to maintain it. You invest in it finan-
their incredible leadership in the kitchen throughout the event. Our         cially. You spend time working on it. You are careful with it. You are
kids were courageous, dancing in their beautiful costumes on pave-           proud of it and share it with others. You enjoy it. I know many of you
ment heated to nearly 100 degrees. Our young actors were a great hit in      would agree with me that your membership at Holy Cross is among
the amphitheater with their play about “Medusa and Perseus.” And             your proudest possessions, because I witness the sacrifices that many
everywhere, our Holy Cross family shined, offering their philoxenia          of you make each day to keep our wonderful Church alive under God’s
(hospitality) to well over 15,000 guests. To all who served, a heartfelt     blessings.
thank you. Ke tou chronou!                                                            And I know others among you who stop short and hesitate to
         We are already thinking about next year. And I’ll be the first to   make this claim. Well, God calls us all to be members of His Church,
say it in print: We need an Agora Chairman! A perennial feature of           each offering his own, or rather returning to God what He has provided
our Festival was missing this year and greatly missed. Perhaps you           to each of us. In 1 Corinthians 12, we see this model of the Church
and a few of your best friends could get together and do this next year.     compared to the parts of the human body. Some of us are the ears and
Secondly, we need to recruit an advertising sales force to increase our      some of us are the eyes and so on. But each of us is important. Each is
outreach to local businesses. An ad in the Festival program or other         an owner. Let us all step-up and claim our ownership interest in Holy
sponsorship opportunities should be an easy sell, but it does require        Cross and, then, treat that interest among our most-prized.
personal contact, and the earlier businesses are approached, the more                 I reflect also on our Church hymn, “Save, O Lord, save Your
likely they are to invest. And if you were able to, and did not partici-     people and bless Your inheritance. Grant victory to those who battle
pate in the Festival this year, we need you on the team for next year.       evil and protect us all by Your Holy Cross.” In these difficult times,
Consider the examples of many of our members, many in their sixties          this hymn is a strong reminder of God’s power over evil and the grace
and seventies who served in blistering heat for all 3 days. Please think     of His protection of our souls. A hero, perhaps a saint, emerged from
long and hard about what you can offer to this important event next          the awful and senseless acts of terrorism wrought against Russian chil-
year!                                                                        dren in Beslan. A 74-year-old Greek national, Yannis Kanidis, served
         I happen to be writing this column on the Church’s nameday,         as a teacher at the school. Some of the terrorists offered this man his
September 14. We are approaching the 50th anniversary of the found-          freedom and his life. He chose instead to stay with the students who
ing of our community. This parish has a special and proud heritage.          were in his charge, to comfort them the best he could in these horrify-

page 6 - Cross Currents                                                                                                     Cross Currents - page 7
ing circumstances. He would later be killed in an effort to disarm some     PHILOPTOCHOS NEWS
of the explosives. When we read about heroes and saints, often we
think their example is unattainable in our time. Yannis thought other-
wise. May God grant rest to the soul of His servant, Yannis, to all who     - Announcing Philoptochos General Meeting
have lost their lives in all of these ghastly attacks and to all of those
who have sacrificed their lives in this great battle against evil.          All the ladies of our parish are cordially invited to attend a General
                                                                            Meeting of the Philoptochos. Please join the Philoptochos Board in
                                                                            The Oaks on November 2 at 7:00 PM for coffee and dessert and stay
DONATE YOUR CAR                                                             for our meeting beginning at 7:30. The meeting promises to be short
TO HOLY CROSS CHURCH                                                        and you will hear about the many activities that are being planned for
                                                                            the year. The first event coming up is the Third Annual Shopping
* * * ALERT, because of new California laws and restrictions this is        Spree on November 20 with a new and exciting twist! Hope to see
your BEST time to consider donating your car - If you have a car to         you at the meeting - and bring a friend!
donate, please do so by December 31!!! * * *
                                                                            - Coffee Hour Sponsors
Thinking about trading that old car in on a new one, but don’t want the
hassle of selling? Stressed over what charity to donate it to? Did you      The Philoptochos Ladies would love to have you join them in prepar-
know that very often only a tiny portion of the value of your car will      ing and serving at coffee hours throughout the year. You do not need a
actually go to the charity you select? Tired of all those radio ads?        reason or an occasion to do this. Your offering for the table need not
        Relax! Your car donation problems are over! Simply pick up          be lavish. Just call Theodora Kounalakis at 594-9585 and let her
your phone and call the church office. We will handle all the important     know that you would be willing to put on the coffee and bring a few
details. Your car must be drivable and you must have a “pink slip”          bagels or cookies for the table. Coffee, cream, sugar and paper prod-
with clear title. We will provide you with a letter you can use in the      ucts are provided by the Philoptochos. If you are a member of an
preparation of your tax return.                                             organization in our Church family, you could represent your organiza-
        And you can rest assured that 100% of the fair market value of      tion. We all love the warm hospitality and fellowship of coffee hour
your vehicle is going to the very good cause of supporting all of the       each Sunday.
wonderful programs at Holy Cross. Several parishioners have already
taken advantage of the convenience of this program.                         HALL COMMITTEE NEWS
        Donations before December 31 will qualify you for a tax de-
duction on your 2004 return. Please call 591-4447 today if you have a       by Ella Stamates, Hall Committee Chair
car to donate. Tell a friend!
        P.S.: The tax rules make it impractical to count donations of       An article in the July Cross Currents outlined the new policies estab-
cars toward your stewardship pledge.                                        lished by the Parish Council regarding the use of our facilities by Holy
                                                                            Cross organizations and outside groups

page 8 - Cross Currents                                                                                                   Cross Currents - page 9
        An exclusive caterer was selected, namely Nob Hill Catering,        o    September 14, after Holy Cross Name Day services
to provide food services for our church organizations and outside groups.   o    Spiritual Retreats during Great Lent
To further inform parish organizations, these new guidelines are re-        o    Piecemeal Dinner in November
printed here.                                                               o    Family-to-Family distribution in December
                                                                            o    Other events to be determined by Father Peter and the Parish
GUIDELINES FOR HOLY CROSS CHURCH ORGANIZATIONS                                   Council in a timely manner that will not interfere with estab-
USING FACILITIES                                                                 lished catering dates.
o   All church organizations will use Nob Hill Catering for the year
    2005.                                                                   In addition, there are some dates based on the church calendar when
o   Nob Hill will cater all church functions at a reduced price.            catered events will not take place whether they are outside events or
o   For special desserts, arrangements must be made with Nob Hill.          church events.
o   Nob Hill will use kitchen facilities and equipment, Holy Cross                  Please understand that all hall policies have been established to
    china, flatware linens, and glassware as needed.                        benefit the community, maintain our facilities in a quality manner, as
o   Nob Hill will be responsible for breakage by its personnel.             well as make them accessible to our church organizations. To ask
o   Nob Hill will not run the bar for any event.                            questions and or make comments, call Hall Committee Chair, Ella
o   Facilities usage forms must be filled out for all activities includ-    Stamates at 369-9825.
    ing meetings, social gatherings and other special events.
o   Dates of events for the coming liturgical year, beginning in Sep-       CHRISTMAS PROGRAM SET
    tember, must be made by June 30th.
o   For meetings, potlucks, and other events/activities, details must       FOR SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12 -
    be discussed with the facilities manager 4 weeks prior to event.        MUSICIANS WANTED
o   The need for security may be required and will be determined by
    the nature of the event, and/or the number of people in atten-
                                                                            Before you know it, the hall will be decked and the bells will be jin-
    dance. The cost will be covered by organization sponsoring event.
                                                                            gling! That’s right, the Holy Cross Community Christmas Program is
o   During the 2005 calendar year, Holy Cross organizations will
                                                                            coming up, Sunday, December 12, 6:00 PM in The Oaks.
    have an opportunity to evaluate facilities policies and offer sug-
                                                                                    This wonderful evening will feature performances by the choir,
    gestions to the Parish Council to make changes.
                                                                            drama program, Sunday School, Greek School and more. Santa Claus
                                                                            will make a special appearance to hand-out treats to all our children!
                                                                                    And a new feature this year, we are hoping to have several
Church organizations will be free to have other events not covered by
                                                                            musicians play their instruments during the Christmas Carol Sing-
formal catering. Those types of events are as follows:
                                                                            Along. So dust-off your violin, trumpet or guitar, and join in the fun!
                                                                            Call choir director Steve Cardiasmenos, 592-8095, to offer your mu-
o    Coffee Hour on Sundays
                                                                            sical services!
o    Making Prosfora
o    Potluck Dinners/Events (food brought from home)

page 10 - Cross Currents                                                                                                 Cross Currents - page 11
MARK YOUR CALENDARS . . .                                                                  Annual Fellowship Luncheon
In addition to the events announced on the following pages, please
mark your calendars for :
                                                                                                Sunday, November 7
Sunday, December 5, following Liturgy - Parish Council Elections

                                                                                               following Divine Liturgy
            (abridged - please refer to the “Petition” for complete version)
     Each of us, as baptized Orthodox Christians, must make some effort of ac-                       in The Oaks
     tive commitment to our Church. Some of us serve our Church by participat-
     ing in the Choir, some do so by joining the Philoptochos Society, others as-
     sist whenever the Parish sponsors a community activity and others, men
     and women alike, participate in the life of the church by serving as a member
     of the Parish Council.                                                              Join us for a delicious luncheon as we wel-
        Being a member of the Parish Council is truly a responsible task that must
     be served by an individual committed to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
     The role of a Parish Council member, therefore, is a holy and spiritual one
                                                                                         come new parishioners to the Church of
     that s/he makes in helping the Church of our Savior grow in its earthly minis-
     try. Being a member of the Parish Council should not be for social reasons          the Holy Cross and honor some very spe-
     or for status in the Community, but rather, an act of humility and dedication to
     Christ.                                                                             cial parishioners who have given to our
        All stewards wishing to serve on the Parish Council must attend a PARISH
     COUNCIL SEMINAR conducted by the parish priest. The purpose of this
     Seminar is to prepare candidates for the Parish Council, as well as, to make
                                                                                         community, unselfishly, their time, talent
     parishioners aware of the sacred responsibilities expected of a Council mem-
     ber. All potential Parish Council members must attend ONE of the two semi-          and treasure.
     nars offered in order to be placed on the election ballot.
        Elections will be from Noon to 2:00 PM on Sunday, December 5 in the
     Church Community Hall. In order to be placed on the ballot, candidates
     must complete the PETITION FOR CANDIDACY form (available in the
     Narthex), and return it to the Church Office by the due date. If a petition has
     not been turned in by the ascribed time, the person will be ineligible to run for
     Parish Council.
        The “Petition for Candidacy” form, which is available in the Narthex, has
     more information including rules and guidelines of the Greek Archdiocese of
     America pertaining to the election of a Parish Council member.

Saturday, December 18, evening - Songs & Stories of Christmas -
     Another memorable edition of our cozy holiday event - special
     festive Christmas stories and happily sung songs . . . and the des-
                                                                                              - - - Look for details in your Sunday Bulletins - - -

page 12 - Cross Currents                                                                                                         Cross Currents - page 13
                             G     PIE
                          IN              CE
                     IV                        M



Enroll in
Forms available at

Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner       Please bring one PACKAGED
Tuesday, November 9, 2004        (not CANNED) food item (per
6:30 PM, Hot Cider               person) to begin our 2004 Family-
7:00 PM, Dinner                  to-Family Sharing Program.
in The Oaks                      (Suggestions : cereal, oatmeal,
A fellowship gathering for all
Holy Cross youth, young          RSVP and food assignments : call
adults & their families Youth    Jenny Kalaitzidis at 650-261-9168
Group officers will also take    by Friday, November 5!
their oaths of office at this
gathering!                                                           page 16 - Cross Currents
In Concert
World- Renowned Singer

                                                                       HOLY CROSS PRESCHOOL
along with the
and                                                                    Saturday, November 13               10 AM - 4 PM
                                                                       & Sunday, November 14            after Liturgy-2 PM
Journalist, Author, Researcher
                                                                       Church of the Holy Cross
Sunday, November 21, 7:30 PM                                           The Oaks
Notre Dame de Namur University Theater                                 (650) 631-9338
1500 Ralston Avenue, Belmont
                                                                                        e   s               c er am ic s
                                                                             fig u r in         gifts
                                                                                                                    to y s
                                                                         ar ts& cr a fts o rn am e nt s w e l r y
OF BYZANTINE AND TRADITIONAL MUSIC”                                                                    je
A fascinating experience dedicated to                                         collectibles                   & m o re !
the significance of the Church of Crete
in the Christian world

Please Join us to Celebrate
the Splendor of our Culture

For information, please contact :
       Roxanne Koston (650) 368-7891
       Theodora Kounalakis        (650) 594-9585

Tickets are   $40, $60 and $75
              (all tickets include reception immediately folllowing)

Produced by the Pancretan Association of America                                                          Cross Currents - page 15
                                                                Sharing Program
                                                                Every year Holy Cross sponsors families
                                                                through the Samaritan House of San
                                                                Mateo County. Each of these families
                                                                meets certain qualifications allowing them
                                                                to receive extra help during the Holidays.

                                                           Bring your donations to Church!
                                                         NO CANS! Dry Goods Only, Please!
                                                                  Spaghetti / Pasta
               The members of the parish                 Cereal, Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat
            of the Church of the Holy Cross                       Rice, Flour, Sugar
                                                          Check the Date on the Packages!
        are invited to celebrate the baptism of
                                                       Monetary Donations Always Accepted!

                Maria Antonia                                 IN DECEMBER (or sooner!)
                                                  - We will have driver sign-ups (for delivery night).
                                                            - The Angel Tree will be set up,
                       daughter of                    with children’s names ready for “adopting”
         Fr. Silviu and Pres. Irina Stanculescu                    (for gift buying).
                                                      - We’ll need your help to sort and box-up
           Saturday, November 27, 2:00 PM
                day,           27                         the food donations for each family,
               Church of the Holy Cross           so look for dates and times in the Sunday Bulletin.

       Luncheon will follow in the Church Hall           join us 6 PM, Monday, December 20
                                                            for distribution to the families!
     Godparents are Panos & Maria Kantounias
                                                                   (more info. soon!)
                   RSVP (650) 591-4447
page 18 - Cross Currents                                                           Cross Currents - page 19
                  Christmas Tea                                               ross
                                                                                     Families are invite
                                                                                                        d to
                                                                      o   ly C                                 ou
                                                                A ll H                                              r:
 Sunday, December 12 following Divine Liturgy
                    Entrance by donation.
                      Proceeds to benefit                           Christmas Program,
            2004 Family-to-Family Sharing Program,
                 Holy Cross Benevolence Fund                         Nativity Scene and
               and other Philoptochos Charities.             Visit by S __ __ __ __ C __ __ __ __ !
                        Special Features :
          Charity Drawing (prizes to be announced) -
      tickets for Drawing will be available at Coffee Hour
   on Sundays before the Tea. Winners need not be present.
      Greek pastries - beautifully decorated for Christmas
                and suitable for Christmas giving.            Join us Sunday, December 12
                                                             in the Fellow-ho-ho-ho-ship Hall
            Everyone is invited!                                       6 PM SHARP

But when you do a charitable deed, do
not let your left hand know what your
right hand is doing, that your charitable
deed may be in secret; and your Father
who sees in secret will Himself reward
you openly.            Matthew 6 : 3 - 4                                                             Cross Currents - page 21
                                          subject to changes - please check your Sunday Bulletins
UPCOMING SERVICES                                                         MEETINGS & UPCOMING EVENTS

Saturday, October 2 – Great Vespers, 5:30 PM                              26th of the Month, 4 PM - Articles and ads due for Cross Currents and
Sunday, October 3 – 8:30 AM, Orthros, 10:00 AM, Divine Liturgy                 Youth Currents (church offce)
Saturday, October 9 – Great Vespers, 5:30 PM                              Weekdays, 9-Noon – Preschool
Sunday, October 10 – 8:30 AM, Orthros, 10:00 AM, Divine Liturgy           Tuesdays, 10:30 AM - Bible Study (Fireside Room/Contos Library)
Saturday, October 16 – Great Vespers, 5:30 PM
                                                                          First Tuesday of the month, 11 AM – ORA (Oaks)
Sunday, October 17 – 8:30 AM, Orthros, 10:00 AM, Divine Liturgy
                                                                          First Tuesday of the month, 7:30 PM, Philoptochos Board (Contos Library)
Monday, October 18 – Saint Luke, 9 AM Divine Liturgy
Saturday, October 23 – Saint Iakovos, 9 AM Divine Liturgy                 First & third Tuesdays of the month, 7:30 PM, OCF at Stanford (Stanford)
Saturday, October 23 – Great Vespers, 5:30 PM                             Second & Fourth Tuesdays of the month, 7:30 PM, Youth Groups (Class-
Sunday, October 24 – 8:30 AM, Orthros, 10:00 AM, Divine Liturgy                rooms)
Tuesday, October 26 – Saint Demetrios, 9 AM Divine Liturgy                First three Wednesdays of the month, 7:30 PM, Choir (Loft)
Saturday, October 30 – Great Vespers, 5:30 PM                             Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays, 4:30-6:30 PM – Greek School
Sunday, October 31 – 8:30 AM, Orthros, 10:00 AM, Divine Liturgy                (Classrooms)
                                                                          Wednesdays, 7:30 PM – Studies in the Faith (Contos Library)
Tuesday, November 1 – Cosmas and Damien, 9 AM Divine Liturgy              Wednesdays, 7:30 PM - Volleyball (Gym)
Saturday, November 6 – Great Vespers, 5:30 PM                             First Thursdays of the month, 6:30 PM - Technology Committee (Contos
Sunday, November 7 – 8:30 AM, Orthros, 10:00 AM, Divine Liturgy
Monday, November 8 – Archangels Gabriel & Michael, 9 AM Divine
                                                                          Third Tuesdays of the month, 7:30 PM – Parish Council (Contos Library)
Tuesday, November 9 – Saint Nektarios, 9 AM Divine Liturgy                First and Third Fridays of the month, 10:00 AM, Toddler Play Group (Oaks)
Saturday, November 13 – Saint John Chrysostom, 9 AM Divine Liturgy        Sunday, November 7, following Liturgy - Philoptochos Cosmas &
Saturday, November 13 – Great Vespers, 5:30 PM                                 Damianos Collection
Sunday, November 14 – 8:30 AM, Orthros, 10:00 AM, Divine Liturgy          Sunday, November 7, following Liturgy - Fellowship Luncheon (Gym)
Tuesday, November 16 – Saint Matthew, 9 AM Divine Liturgy                 Tuesday, November 9 - evening, Piece Meal (Oaks)
Saturday, November 20 – Great Vespers, 5:30 PM                              – Preschool Boutique (Oaks)
Sunday, November 21 – 8:30 AM, Orthros, 10:00 AM, Divine Liturgy          Saturday, November 20 – 6:30 PM, Philoptochos Shopping Spree (Gym &
Wednesday, November 24 – Thanksgiving Eve / Saint Katherine, 7 PM,             Oaks)
   Divine Liturgy                                                         Saturday, November 27 – 2 PM, Baptism of Maria Stanculescu
Saturday, November 27 – Great Vespers, 5:30 PM
                                                                          Sunday, December 5, following Liturgy - Parish Council Elections
Sunday, November 28 – 8:30 AM, Orthros, 10:00 AM, Divine Liturgy
                                                                          Sunday, December 12, following Liturgy - Philoptochos Christmas Tea;
Tuesday, November 30 – Saint Andrew, 9 AM Divine Liturgy
                                                                               evening - Christmas Program
                                                                          Saturday, December 18, evening - Songs & Stories of Christmas
                                                                          Monday, December 20 - Family to Family distribution (meet at 6 in Gym)

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