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					                  Model Agreement (TFCD-Shooting)


                                     Timo Bartels
                                    Buschstraße 88
                                   40670 Meerbusch

                                  Tel. 0175/318 0548

                     - hereinafter referred to as "Photographer" -


             (First and Last Name)

             (Date of Birth)


             (Zip Code, City)

             (Phone & E-Mail)

                          - hereinafter referred to as "Model" -

agree to the following:

1.)   The photographer can use the photos shot on _________________
      throughout the universe in perpetuity for publication.

2.)   The model is granted right of use of the photos taken during the photo
      shooting unrestricted by time or place.
      The copyright in and to these photos shall remain with the photographer. If the
      photos are used or published un-commercially, a note on the copyright of the
      photos needs to be added, e.g „Photographer: Timo Bartels“ or a reference to
      my website „” should be given.

3.)   The above mentioned rights (paragraph 1 & 2) are reserved. They do
      not apply if the photos are used or published in any pornographic way or any
      other way that could harm the reputation of the model or the photographer.

4.)   Neither the model nor the photographer are allowed to use the photos for any
      business purposes.
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5.)       Any further processing or editing of the pictures by a third party is prohibited. If
          the model chooses to touch up any picture, a note about the changes needs to
          be added when published.

6.)       The model will receive a CD or DVD containing a selection1 of the photos
          taken during the shooting no later than 2 weeks after the session. The CD or
          DVD will contain all the photos in their crude form in JPG and DNG file format.
          In addition, a choice of at least 10 edited / processed photos will be included
          as well.

7.)       Personal information of the model will never passed on to a third party, unless
          the model has given permission to the photographer to do so. For file naming,
          the photographer is allowed to use the stage name or first name as well as the
          first letter of the surname of the model to keep files apart.

8.)       Liabilities of any other party - not mentioned above - are excluded.

9.)       The model must be of age and has to show an official ID.

10.)      This is a good-till-canceled agreement and also valid for any further photo

11.)      The laws of Germany shall apply. Any oral agreements were not made. Any
          changes to this agreement shall be in writing to be effective.

12.)      Should one of the paragraphs become ineffective, the rest of the agreement
          shall remain in effect nonetheless.

(Date/City, Signature of the Photographer)

(Date/City, Signature of the Model)

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  About 30% of a standard Portrait Photo Shooting are rejects (overexposed, out-of-focus or blurred photos). The photographer
reserves the right to look through and pre-select the photos of the photo shooting. After passing the pre-selection, all the great
pictures will be supplied to the model on a CD or DVD.

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