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E-zine Advertising Strategy for Affiliates


									In affiliate marketing, the affiliates are searching for ways in which
their chosen products can be advertised more effectively. One effective
way is the use of e-zine advertising. The affiliate must first know what
Ezine Advertising is all about before they can use this tool for
promotion.      An e-zine is a newsletter delivered to subscribers. It is
a coined term for magazine which is made available in the Internet. The
main subject matter or theme of the newsletters can be anything.   And
when a newsletter has been around for quite sometime within cyberspace,
the number of subscribers of the newsletter will reach a point that it
represents a sizeable percentage of the global market. As soon as the
number of subscribers is large enough, the publisher of the e-zine will
be selling space in it to internet business owners and to affiliates.
Such is the beginning of the publisher's e-zine advertising. Here are
some guidelines that an affiliate marketer should keep in mind to get the
maximum benefits of e-zine advertising.

  *Several e-zines are simply paragraphs sent in an email, while other e-
zines give links to other websites. Affiliate marketers should select e-
zines that have these external links. If the affiliate has joined a PPC
program, he can place the link to be directed to the merchant's website.
Or else, the link could lead to the affiliate's website. What is
important is that the e-zine should convince the subscriber to
participate and take a more active role.      *One type of e-zine ad is
similar to a banner ad while the other type is known as a solo ad. The
former is cheaper while the latter is more expensive. One advantage of a
solo ad is that you don't have competition unlike the banner-like ads
where you will be competing with the rest. The affiliate must look hard
into his budget and choose which kind of e-zine ad will work best for his
affiliate marketing business.      * Affiliate marketers must pay
attention on the placement of the ads.The top sponsor ads are better than
ads placed in the middle of the newsletter article. An ad placed right in
the middle will probably be skipped by the reader. While the ad placed at
the top will surely be read first. The top ads are obviously more
expensive than the middle ads. But what good will a middle ad do when it
cannot even get one visitor? Next to top ads, the bottom ads are
effective. When the ezine article is engaging, the reader will reach the
end and find the bottom ads. Since the prospective client is through
reading, he is more inclined to click on the link of the bottom ad.
*A targeted niche is better than a generalized approach. The affiliate
must find out from the newsletter's publisher the topics of the next
issues to have an e-zine that is intended for a particular audience.
Once the subsequent issue is identified, the affiliate will pick from
among the products something that matches the issue's topic for it to
reach a specific audience.      The internet marketer can avoid spending
for ads that are useless and instead concentrate on advertisements that
will convert to sales by simply applying the above e-zine advertising

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