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					Online advertising has experienced such a rapid growth that many well
known researchers are already predicting it will run into multiple
billions of dollars in the near future. That certainly does not come as
surprise as internet users are steadily increasing as well. Besides the
increasing number of new users, the old ones are spending more and more
time browsing the net. The realization that these numbers can run into
staggering amounts is enough to inspire any entrepreneur to expose his
business on the web. This situation will certainly have a tremendous
effect on traditional print and media advertising. Print advertising
versus online advertising is a dilemma that many companies are currently
faced with.There are thousands of budding businessmen and women that are
internet savvy. Launching their company on the web is a logical step as
this lucrative opportunity is simply too good to pass by. Advertising
trends have clearly shifted from the traditional media to online. With
the economy in the downturn situation as it is, research has shown that
large companies are seriously cutting down on print advertising. The
online option has proven to be more effective profit wise. The prospects
of increased sales and the cost effectiveness of online advertising have
also given many new hope of prosperity.This is due to the fact that there
are numerous benefits involved when purchasing online. Stressful
situations like congested traffic, hunting for a parking space and long
queues can be avoided. To top it all it can be done in the comfort and
security of your home. There are disadvantages as well. Misleading
advertisements that promote inferior products is a huge problem. The best
way to avoid becoming a victim is to make use of reputed dealers with
secure web sites.While online marketing is on the increase, the power of
print advertising should certainly not be underestimated. The traditional
brochure or flyer can in certain cases be much more effective than their
online counterpart. The old methods cannot be written off that easily or
entirely for that matter. Postcard and flyer marketing in the targeted
neighborhoods can be very rewarding. This is a huge advantage that print
advertising has over online advertising. Full-color brochures work
wonderfully at meetings and events. There are quite a number of customers
that do not have access to the World Wide Web. Sending out brochures to
existing ones keeps them in touch with happenings in the business.
Another area where it is advisable to use brochures would be on cold
calling.Through print media specific areas of business can receive direct
mail and therefore ensure maximum turnover. Marketers can make
constructive use of both options to make it work in their favor.
Depending on your type of business, careful budget planning that includes
all aspects of marketing strategies should be made. In this way you will
not lose out and reap the highest benefit of the market. This is after
all what marketing success stories are all about; skillful and cost-
effective advertising campaigns.

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