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									                                                  Contacts For More
 Natural Alternatives
  To Help Your Garden
                                             To report an illegal discharge of pesticides,
  Grow Chemical-Free:                        fertilizers or other chemicals into a storm
Believe or not about 90 percent of the       drain during business hours contact:
insects in your lawn and garden are not               Clean Water Program Hotline:
harmful. Many insect species actually
prey on garden pests and by using too        After hours contact:
many pesticides, these beneficial insects
are also killed. Rather than using                           Police Dispatch
pesticides, which also contribute to                          760-435-4911
water pollution, try using the following
predators for your garden pest               For more information about “Green Waste”              Pollution Prevention
problems:                                    disposal contact:

Ladybugs: Particularly good at                             Waste Management:
                                                                                                          Tips for
   controlling aphid populations, they                        760-439-2824
   can also be used for problems with
whiteflies, spider mites, mealy bugs and     If you would like additional information              Gardening
other soft-bodied insects.                   about chemical-free gardening, log-on to the

       Green lacewings: While also the
                                             Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to
                                             Pesticides website at
       natural predator of aphids and        Click on the Journal of Pesticide Reform for
whiteflies, green lacewings additionally     handy factsheets on alternatives. Or try
                                    for information on
feast on small worms and insect eggs.
                                             watering schedules and native plants.
      Decolate snails and toads: Both
                                             Information for this brochure compiled with the aid
      these species prey on pest garden      of: the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to
snails and slugs which eat our garden        Pesticides.
Furthermore, be careful not to
over-fertilize your garden. Fertilizers
contain large amounts of nitrogen which
help encourage plant growth, but also
                                                             City of Oceanside
provide food for whiteflies, aphids, rose   Water Utilities Department/Clean Water Program
disease and powdery mildew.                             300 North Coast Highway
                                                           Oceanside, CA 92054
                                                            Phone: 760-435-5800
                                                             Fax: 760-435-5814
  You Can Help                                   How Does Gardening                                  Things You Can Do
Protect Oceanside                                Lead To Storm Water                                 To Prevent Water
   Watersheds                                         Pollution?                                        Pollution:
                                                                                                   Try natural alternatives to pesticides and
As a coastal community,                                                                            fertilizers. For more information refer to the
                                               Chemicals: Fertilizers and pesticides from          next section.
Oceanside relies on clean
water for its residents,                       home lawns and gardens often run
healthy beaches, public                        into storm drains during irriga-                    Avoid over-applying chemicals to your lawn
safety and a desirable                         tion or rain storms. These chemi-                   or garden before irrigation or an anticipated
environment for wildlife.                      cals are harmful to humans and                      rain event.
                                               wildlife when they pollute creek,
When it rains, many of the pollutants that
lurk on our streets, sidewalks, parking lots
                                               river and ocean water.                              Don’t over-water your lawn andgarden. Over-
and gutters wash down the storm drains,                                                            watering can increase plant disease and waste
                                               Yard Clippings: Lawn and garden clippings,          precious water resources. By installing a drip
and into the nearest body of water. In                      when washed down a storm
Oceanside, our four major bodies of water                                                          irrigation or micro-spray system, less water is
                                                            drain, not only clog the drain         wasted as runoff.
are the Pacific Ocean, Buena Vista Creek,
                                                            but decompose in our
Loma Alta Creek and the San Luis Rey
River.                                                      waterbodies, taking away               Unwanted chemicals should be disposed of at
                                                            oxygen from fish and other             a hazardous waste collection facility.
     “You Are The Solution
                                               Sediments: Soil from home                           Try using native shrubbery and plants. They
       To Water Pollution”                                                                         require less water and are disease- resistant.
                                               gardens that is washed down storm
                                               drains harms aquatic wildlife. Too
Unfortunately, storm drains do not filter      much sediment in water can                          Soil erosion from hillsides and flat surfaces
              water or debris, nor are they                                                        can be prevented by planting grass and other
                                               prevent fish from breathing by                      rapid-growth vegetative covers that hold dirt
              connected to the sewer           clogging their gills and make it
              system, so any pollutant that                                                        particles together.
                                               difficult for some wildlife to find
              flows into the storm drain
              ends up in our ocean.            places with deep enough water to                    Store chemicals in a covered, contained area
                                               lay their eggs.                                     to avoid seepage into rain water.
Storm water pollutants come from many
different sources, such as leaking cars, pet   Overwatering: Excessive watering of lawns
waste, chemicals, building material, yard                      and gardens can lead to             Sweep excess lawn clippings, leaves and other
waste, soil erosion and litter. The good                       increased runoff carrying           yard waste and deposit in a “green waste” bin
news is that storm water pollution is                          chemical pollutants to storm        provided by Waste Management or in a
preventable.                                                   drains and, ultimately, to our      compost mixer.

As Oceanside residents, we                                     local water bodies. These
simply need to work together                   chemical pollutants:      herbicides, pesticides,   Excess soil should be swept off pavement and
and change a few habits to                     fertilizers and oils from the street contaminate    disposed of in a compost mixer or garbage
benefit our health, our families               the water and increase public and                   can. Do not hose or sweep soil into storm
and our community.           Re-               environmental health risks.
member, every bit of pollution hurts.

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