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The Plastic Effect


									The Plastic Effect

 By: Zakiyyah Carrington
Teacher: Meisha Plummer             a dna ™emi Tk ciu Q
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        Grade: 7

My project “ The Plastic Effect ’’ is about the health
of a baby who uses plastic bottles. The reason why I
thought of this project was because I wanted to
inform people that using plastic baby bottles can
potentially be harmful. I hope to give people useful
information on plastic baby bottles so that they can
further their knowledge on using plastic.
            Scientific Question

Is plastic a healthy source to use for babies food
and drinks?
        Did you know that ….
   The less flexibility in plastic the
    healthier it is to use.

   Chemicals used to manufacture certain
    plastics such as polyvinyl chloride can
    be harmful when digested.

   Plastic bottles can leach harmful
    elements into the baby’s foods and
         Did you know that….

 Frequently microwaving a baby’s bottles can
 eventually lead to cancer.

 Also having scratches in your bottle can leach
harmful elements inside the contents of the

 If you use a better drinking source for your
baby it can help lead to a better lifestyle.

What if you use plastic to hold your baby’s food,
then the BPA( bisphenol a ) in most baby bottles can
stimulate the growth of cancer cells and cause genetic
What are the effects of using plastic
bottles ?
The effects of using plastic bottles is that
the polyvinyl chloride can be potentially
harmful when digested.
Why should parents be more careful at what they
give their child to drink from ?
Parents have to be more careful at what they give
their child to drink from because as they get older
the side effects increase, at least they would know it
was possibly from drinking from plastic bottles.
What did I learn from doing this project?

I learned that plastic isn’t a very healthy way of
feeding babies. I also learned the side effects, and
how serious this subject really is. This project is a
good way of informing people about the
potentially harmful effects of using plastic bottles
for children.
  Plastic oppose to Glass

 70                                     how many babies
 60                                     use plastic bottles
 50                                     how many babies
 40                    `                use glass bottles
 30                                     3-D Column 3
      1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr
After researching this project I have
 learned that there are a lot of harmful
 things that can occur but the effects
 come later.Also that we must be
 careful what we are using to feed
 babies.And also that its important to
 know the best alternatives to plastic
 because again the symptoms doesn’t
 come right away.

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