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									        Cooking Tips for
          People with
         Heart Failure
          Heart Failure Education Series

This booklet is for the cook in your household.
Cooking the right foods for someone with heart
failure is as important as the medicine they take.
Food should be as salt-free as possible to reduce
the chance of sodium overload. Knowing what to
cook requires constant attention from you. The
tips in this booklet may help.
Shop Carefully                       Learn to Substitute
I Buy fresh foods as often as        I Substitute fresh foods for
  possible; they usually have          canned and processed foods.
  more flavor and less salt than       For example, use fresh milk
  canned or frozen versions of         instead of evaporated or
  the same food.                       condensed milk, and fresh
                                       instead of canned vegetables.
I Whenever possible, use foods
  that are labeled unsalted, salt-   I Substitute low-sodium food
  free, or very low sodium, if you     items for similar items which
  can find them.                       are very high in sodium.
                                       For example:
I Read food labels and choose the
  brands with the least amount          Instead of . . .
  of sodium. Choose items with          Tomato sauce
  less than 140 mg. of sodium           Try using . . .
  per serving.                          Tomato paste + equal
                                        amount water
I If you are shopping for a quick
  meal, look for frozen dinners         Instead of . . .
  and entrees with less than            Tomato juice
  300 mg. of sodium per serving.        Try using . . .
                                        Tomato paste + twice the
                                        amount of water
Instead of . . .                       Modify Your Recipes
Broth or bouillon                      I Leave salt out of all recipes.
Try using . . .                          Sometimes baked items will not
Very low-sodium instant broth            rise as much without salt, but
(by Herb Ox or others)

                                         give it a try. They often turn out
Instead of . . .                         just fine.
Pasta sauce from a jar                 I Do not add salt to cooking
Try using . . .                          water for pasta, rice, vegetables,
Very low sodium pasta sauce              oatmeal, or anything else. Use
(by Prego or others)

                                         other flavorings after the food
Instead of . . .                         has been cooked.
Garlic salt, onion salt, celery salt   I If a recipe calls for canned
Try using . . .                          foods or “mixes” (such as dry
Garlic powder, onion powder,             soup mix or taco seasoning),
celery seed                              try to find a similar food in a
Instead of . . .                         low-sodium version. (See list
Salt                                     of substitutes at left.)
Try using . . .                        I If changing recipes seems like
Herb blend (such as Mrs. Dash ,   ®
                                         too much trouble, find a low-
Parsley Patch , Salt-Free 17 )
                  ®          ®
                                         sodium cookbook and look up
                                         your favorite dishes.
                                       I Not all recipes can be changed
                                         to be low in sodium. You may
                                         need to give up certain dishes,
                                         such as corned beef and cabbage,
                                         and macaroni and cheese.
   Here’s an example of how to modify a recipe:

   Original Mexican
   Rice Recipe                                   Low-Sodium Changes

   1 small onion, chopped
   3 tbs. margarine
   1 cup long-grain rice
   1 can stewed tomatoes                     (2–3 fresh tomatoes, chopped)
   1 can chicken broth                       (11/2 cups very low-sodium instant broth)
   1–2 canned green chilies                  (1–2 fresh chilies, roasted and seeded)
   Salt and pepper                           (Salt-free seasoning* and pepper)
   2 tbs. chopped fresh cilantro
    /2 cup stuffed green olives              (1/2 cup green or red bell pepper, chopped)

   * Many salt substitutes contain sodium, and some contain a lot of
     potassium. Heart failure patients should use herb blends instead, such as
     Mrs. Dash , Parsley Patch , and Salt-Free 17 .
                   ®                    ®                         ®

Provided as an educational service by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP

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