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									One of the most colorful and nostalgic events in the Coachella valley is
the world - famous Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade. Originating in the early
60's, it was started by several individuals here in the desert who just
wanted have some fun in the summer months. It eventually was changed to
the early fall to avoid the immense heat that made dressing in costumes
baking in the sun unbearable. The parade was not an every year event
until 1983.      In the early days, it was a "Christmas in July" for the
benefit of local residents who found the summers boring. Now the annual
parade has grown with over 10,000 spectators. And the world has become
aware of the event too, with information requests from the Philippines,
France, Germany, and Japan.

  The parade took place around its annual route that moves westbound on
the famous El Paseo Drive from San Luis Rey to Ocotillo. There was ample
parking for all spectators as all the shops along El Paseo provided
parking lots behind them as well as a double-decker parking structure
just behind the Gardens on El Paseo.       The Palm Desert Golf Cart
Parade is much more than just golf carts driving down the street. It's
much more. It has been described as a mini Rose Bowl Parade with carts
decorated in an assortment of colors with tissue paper streaming into the
wind instead of roses along with marching bands, colorful clowns and
other marching groups like cheerleading squads, dance groups and cycling
clubs to name a few who took part in the festivities. And the kids had a
part in the event too, with face painting, crafts, and a rock-climbing
wall being some of the activities that brought laughs and fun to the
young. And it was all free.       The parade is mainly for electric -
powered golf carts only and they all had to be decorated to take part.
The event jumps off with an early morning pancake breakfast in the Bank
of America Parking lot that had a lot of maple syrup to go around. This
is followed by entry check in that began just outside the Union Bank on
El Paseo and San Luis Rey. Judging of the carts then started along with
the custom Golf Cart Show & Expo.       There were some fantastic designs
that showed that the nature of a golf cart is much more than just a golf
tool to get players from hole to hole. Then after we all enjoyed the
vendors and the refreshments booths as well as the children activities,
the Awards Ceremony takes place with the winning golf carts earning
accolades and trophies in a number of different categories. Then the
senior shaded & VIP seating was opened up that led to the Parade stepping
off. The reserved seating featured concierge service that provided snacks
and drinks throughout the parade event. But more importantly this is
where they is no rush to find a seat and get the best spot to view the
host of attractions.      The Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade would not be
possible without the strong support of such sponsors like the city of
Palm Desert, the Auen Foundation, The Desert Sun, local television &
radio stations, and the Eisenhower Medical Center. This is an event that
Coachella Valley written all over it and is an excellent way to get a
feel for the desert and what it has to offer.       Learn more about a
Palm Springs vacation. Stop by Mitchell Sussman's site where you can
find out all about where to go and what to do on your next Palm Springs

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