Desert Safari Holidays in South Africa

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					When you imagine South Africa, you do not normally think of deserts. Yet,
this country touches on the edge of one - the Kalahari Desert. This
section of red, sandy dunes and semi-arid land stretches across seven
African countries including South Africa. Although not considered a true
desert - as it has too much rainfall - the Kalahari Desert does truly
deserve its name.Kalahari is derived from the Tswan word meaning a
'waterless place'. It covers some 900,000 sq. km (350,000 sq. m), and is
home to countless mammals, birds and reptiles. Some of them are quite
rare, and for the chance to see such wonderful creatures you should
consider something different than the typical safari holidays. Why not
consider desert safari holidays? One of the ideal places to start, and
even end, this type of adventure is the Tswalu Kalahari Reserve.Tswalu
Kalahari ReserveThe Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve covers around 1,000sq.
km (100,000 ha). It is a private game reserve, owned by the Oppenheimer
family since 1998. The name Tswalu means 'new beginning'. This was the
intent of the original founder, Stephen Boler, who died in 1997, after
tearing down fences and removing dams to create this nature reserve.While
no longer farm land, the Twsalu Kalahari Game Reserve is still home to
the San Bushmen. For over 20,000 years, they have roamed the desert
creating a life for themselves. As hunters and gatherers, they know the
wisdom of the land. If you wish, on a side trip, you can visit the
ancient carvings of their ancestors found in caves and on rocks in the
picturesque Korannaberg Mountains.The SiteAt Tswalu Kalahari Game
Reserve, the desert remains outside. Inside, you are treated as an
honoured guest. Those who wish to take part in these desert safari
holidays experience the utmost in luxury. Typical amenities on site
include a spa, large dining facilities with a chef (as opposed to a
cook), a gift shop, laundry and valet services, a lounge, a library and
even an outdoor heated swimming pool. If you desire, you can enjoy
mountain dining, catered, of course.Desert Safari HolidaysThis reserve
provides you with the ultimate luxurious safari experience. You can
wander across the sand dunes, go on guided horseback rides, or even take
to the air in a hot air balloon. Yet, if you want to experience the full
thrill of a desert safari holiday, you need to go on a guided game
drive.At Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve you will get to see all the animals
you expect to find in Africa. The reserve is home to cheetahs, and roan,
sable and tsessebe antelopes. You will also have the opportunity to visit
meerkat dens. The reserve is also part of the Diamond Birding Route and
you can see many rare birds through your binoculars. You can even
stargaze at night using the giant telescope.Yet, the big attraction, and
the reason why so many choose here for their desert safari holidays, is
the chance to get up close and personal with the desert animals and
reptiles. In South Africa, this is the only reserve where you can see the
endangered desert black rhino and the desert elephant - a truly rare and
breathtaking sight.

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