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                                                                            JUNE 2010

                          Glass Reflections
                                                                                                             Next Meeting
                          President’s Message                                                 7:00 PM June 8, 2010
      We had a Good Turn-out for our              a Great Turn-out last year and we even
First Mystery Cruise for this year. I             had one of members that took one of         Sullivan-Parkhill Automotive
thought there were a lot of members               the top ten awards home. George will        Champaign, Illinois
who had never been to the Chevrolet               talk more about this Car Show at our
Hall of Fame in Decatur or even the               June Meeting.                               wear your name tag!
Diner next door. It fooled everyone who                Well we have finalized the plans
went on this Cruise because no one                for our trip to the Dakotas in June. I                     Officers 2009
figured out where we would end up for             know this should be a GREAT TIME for        President: Doug Hanner
Lunch or what we would do. This is the            all. Everyone will need to come to the
whole reason for a Mystery Cruise and             July Meeting just to hear some of the              	

     217 354-4542
I think that everyone had a good time             stories about the TRIP.
except for the rain.                                   We will not be having a newsletter 
      I want to THANK Art for setting up          before we attend the Annual Fourth of       Vice President: Art Rapp
the Fan Appreciation Day at Indy 500              July Parade in Rantoul, if you have any
Track on May 26th. From all the                   questions feel free to give Art, Dave       	

            217 469-7466
comments at dinner everyone had a                 Mayol, or myself a call about this
good time again this year. This has to            Parade. Remember this is one of local   
be one of the cheapest ways to see                parades that you can actually throw         Governor: George Dick
everything at the Track and the                   CANDY to the KIDS!!! It seems that
Museum. I heard members got a little              every year members buy more                 	

            217 678-8259
lost once you got to Indy - it is always          CANDY and go home with less.
hard to make the right turns to make it                Remember that on July 24th Mid     
easy to stay together. Everyone made              America is having their Corvette Club
it to the Track and had a GOOD time.              Olympics again this year. This has
                                                                                              Treasurer: Cynda Dick
THANKS ART!!!!!                                   been a lot of FUN for all of us. We will    	

            217 678-8259
      I want to THANK everyone who                be talking more about this at the June
attended the First meeting for our Golf           Meeting. Let's plan on being part of the
Outing - it was a big success. We got             Corvette Club of Illinois Team, so that
a lot of good ideas to make this year             we can win this year. If you have any       Secretary: Carol Castellon
even better than the two previous                 questions, Art has the answers!             	

            217 688-2728
years. We will be having a monthly                     If you have an idea for an event or
meeting on the First Tuesday of each              place to go as a club, please bring it up
month at Urbana Gardens at 6:00 PM                at a meeting or contact one of the
to finalize the plans for this year's Golf        officers. THANKS for everyone's help                       Web Address
Outing, so if you can please plan on              with all Club events.                   	


attending these meetings to help us
this year. Thanks!!!!!
                                                                              Doug            Webmaster: Linda Johnson
      I hope that everyone marked their
calendars for George and Cynda's Car                                                          	

            217 687-4225
Show on June 12th in Bement. We had                                                           ccofi–

        DOUG’s TECHNICAL SECTION                                                                           JULY 4 PARADES
 I was told that if you have a flat tire with a        BEMENT CAR SHOW
 RUN FLAT and you only drive on it for a                        June 12
                                                                                                     Rantoul Parade 10:00 AM
 little while, the tire is ruined. I would sug-      Registration 10-12 noon, $15
 gest that you fix it in place and try not to                                                          contact Dave Mayol
 drive on it all. I wanted to also remind            Judging & Awards, noon - 4
 members who own a 1992-1996 Corvette                     Bement City Park
 with the LT1 motor do not wash your engine                                                     CU Freedom Parade 1:00 PM
 compartment under any circumstances. You           chicken dinner with registration
                                                                                                  contact Carol Castellon
 will fill the opti-spark (distributor) with                 George Dick
 water which will ruin this item and you will
 have to replace it at a price of $600-$800.


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                                                                  JUNE 2010

Minutes of the May 11, 2010 Meeting                              May Mystery Cruise:
Meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM by President Doug         depart Urbana Walmart at 10 AM and head south on Rt. 130.
Hanner. 56 members present. Prospective members: Lisa            destination a mystery.
Summerfield who owns a ’62 red on black convertible.             Vice President’s Report:
Sickness & Distress Report: Dick Lampe still recouping. Karl     • Indy Swap Meet May 21-22; Mecum Auto Auction at Fair-
Smith doing OK.                                                    grounds same weekend.
                                                                 • May 26, Fan Appreciation Day, Indy 500 track; depart Oak-
Members with New Cars: Dave Krull picked up his new                wood McDonald’s at 7 AM. cost $7/person.
coupe tonight and drove it to the meeting.                       • MAMW Corvette Action Center Gathering, Auto Rally, Auto-
Secretary Report: Sharon Pearson moved, 2nd by Pat Ly-             cross, Car show, June 10-13.
barger to dispense with reading of minutes. Carol will begin     • Club 40th Reunion car show at Sullivan’s on July 18 tenta-
updating the Directory.                                            tive.
                                                                 • Super Saturday at MAMW, August 14; then drag racing that
Treasurer Report: Checking $4114.69; Savings $522.29;              evening in Coles Co.
Charity $3655.23. Treasurer will pay charges for bus trip be-    • MAMW Corvette Olympics, Saturday July 24.
fore leaving on the Western Trip.
                                                                 President’s Report:
Webmaster: is ill with 2 teeth implants but is making progress   • Need bus payments to Cynda now. 43 people, 22 cars go-
on the website; at least one new member resulting from it.         ing; 9 coming home early. trip tiks, routes.
Governor Report: Car Shows: Tuscola June 5, Decatur June         • Meeting for Western Trip planned on June 6 at Carpenter’s
5, Mechanicsburg May 15, Farmer City June 5, Warden-Martin         Local.
June 6, Bement June 12, Hooter’s June 19, DeWitte Home-          • Golf Outing meeting June 1, 6 PM Urbana Gardens.
stead June 19, Illiana Auto Club Danville June 26.               • Funfest registration online. Appearing this year: Linda
                                                                   Vaugn, George Barris, Reggie Jackson.
REPORTS: Carol reported on Club trip to KY. MS Walk - Club
gave $100 from silent auction. Parkland Car Show, Doug,          Other business:
George, Ray, Doris & Dave entered and Ray won trophy; then       Bruce Houle said he just had a clear bra installed on his car.
went to Tuscola cruise-in and Ray won again!                     There is a recall on C6 for tilt steering and brakes.
                                                                 Every Monday night at Ted’s garage, get 2 meals and receive
Club Items for Sale and orders:                                  free oil change at Baum Chevy
trunk poppers, Club shirts and hats, parade flags                Sandra Makemson thanked Club email about tip on
Club’s 40th Anniversary shirts                         
40th Anniversary License Plates                                  Flags: flag caddy with Club emblem
Dakota Shirts
                                                                 50/50 Drawing: $72 to Club. Curtis Heck won $71.
                                                                 Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Dear Members of Champaign Corvette Club,
Thank you so much for choosing BETHS Place to be the fund raising project for the golf outing this year.
We are all very grateful and excited about it. We hope to have a tour (for Corvette members only) at some
point in time, when we have no clients, to show the shelter to those of you who would be interested. Again,
thank you for your caring ways and community support for so many of the projects you work on. I am
proud to be a member.
Humbly Yours, Barb Utterback

 1. Thieves punch a hole just under the door handle because they can
 unlock the vehicle without breaking glass or setting off the alarm. They
 may not steal anything, but will look for your house address, so they can
 break in when your vehicle is not there.
 2. The car thieves peer through the windshield of your car or vehicle,
 write down the VIN # from the label on the dash, go to the local car deal-
 ership and request a duplicate key based on the VIN #. The Car Dealer's
 Parts Department will make a duplicate key from the VIN #, and collect
 payment from the thief who will return to your car. He doesn't have to
 break in, do any damage to the vehicle, or draw attention to himself. All he has to do is walk up to your car, insert
 the key and off he goes to a local chop shop with your vehicle.


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                                                       JUNE 2010

      Club Banquet on April 25: Certificates of Appreciation were given to members for organizing Mystery
      Cruises: (above left) Doug Hanner shown presenting a certificate to Larry Retter. (above right) Members en-
      joy the Sunday Buffet at Kennedy’s.
      (below) Water Station for Illinois Marathon on May 1. note: Duane & Doug created the “rain” on the street
      by spraying runners as they passed by.

 Fan Appreciation Day at Indy 500 Speedway on May 26. (below left) Club cars line up for the lap around the
 track. (below right) A view from inside the car on the Indy track.


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                                                                     JUNE 2010

                June Birthdays                             Club Calendar
                                                 June 8	 	          CLUB MEETING
      June 1	           Andie Adams
                                                 7:00 PM 	at Sullivan-Parkhill
      June 2	           Kay Cain                 June 12           Bement Car Show
      June 6	 	         Chuck Cain               reg 10-12, judge & awards 12-4, $15
                                                 June 10-13 Corvette Gathering
      June 10		         Bob Weeks                at MAMW; Rally, Autocross, Car Show
      June 12		         Dave Fulton              June 24-27      Bloomington Gold
      June 13		         Jim Niccum               June 20-July 3	           Club Trip
                                                 to SD, WY and The Wild Wild West        Sullivan-Parkhill is supporting
      June 13		         Roger Stickels
                                                 July 4      	     	         Parades     Champaign-Urbana Kiwanis Little
      June 13		         Lanna Stickels           Rantoul 10:00 AM, C-U 1:00 PM           League Baseball by providing base-
                                                                                         ball equipment, instructional clinics, a
      June 26	          Richard Houston          July 6     Golf Planning Meeting        monetary donation and an opportu-
                                                 6:00 PM Urbana Gardens                  nity to raise an additional $10000
      June 29	          R.C. Wickland                                                    through the Chevy vehicle give-away,
                                                 July 18       Sullivan’s Car Show
                                                                                         “Building Diamonds and Dreams.”
      June 30	          Sarah Houston            July 24        Corvette Olympics        Enter for a chance to help the local
                                                 August 14	         Super Saturday       ballparks plus a chance to win a
           Member Concerns                       at MAMW, and Corvette Bragging          Chevy car, truck or crossover at:
      Leon Webber had emergency heart            Rights at Coles Co. Dragstrip MAMW
      quadruple bypass surgery on 5/27. He is    in Effingham
      home and taking it easy. Cards & calls     Sept 11        Charity Golf Outing               Call George Longfellow
      appreciated.                               at Willow Pond Golf Course in Rantoul            217-352-4275
                                                                                                  ask for special Club pricing
                                                 September 17-19             Funfest    
                                                 at MidAmerica Motorworks, Effingham

 Glass Reflections
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