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                                Sony HVR-A1E

The Sony HVR-A1E boasts an incredibly small size, and providing the 180i
standard, the camera offers you a host of advanced features for professional

use. The HVR-A1E uses technology such as CMOS, the camera is an ultra
compact camcorder that is capable of providing HDV in the full 1080 line

By building on the affordability of HDV, the HVR-A1E providers you with a
migration path from standard definition while retaining the qualities of the
popular DVCAM range such as ease of use and multiple connections.

The HVR-A1E is ideal for situations in which space is limited. The camera also
broadens the range of HDV tools available for professional users, as it really
does deliver HD for everyone.


The HVR-A1E really means that high definition is for everyone. Through the
HDV format, this camera allows you to capture HD pictures on a standard

DV cassette, providing both a cost effective        format and full 1080 line
resolution. The HVR-A1E also offers you the ability to choose the most
appropriate recording format for your production. With this camera, you are
able to switch between HDV, DVCAM, and DV recording which gives you full
flexibility to record in standard or HD mode. You can also take still pictures
as well, which adds to the list of already impressive features.

Professional use

As a professional company, Sony realizes that your needs are different to
that of a consumer. As a result, the HVR-A1E incorporates many specific

features to help support your needs. Compact design This camera helps to
bring the realm of HD to an even wider range of production. A lightweight

and compact design means that HDV shots can be achieved even when
limited on space. No matter where your shoot may be, you can count on the

Sony HVR-A1E to deliver.

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