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									     D'ni - Earth Timeline
                    Note: New Mexico chronology bolded
D'ni Events                          Earth Events*
                    54000-60000      Capulin Mountain
                    BCE              erupted, part of the
                                     last stage of a great
                                     period of volcanism
                                     that began 9 million
                                     years earlier.
                    c. 25000         Sandia people leave
                    BCE              earliest evidence of
                                     human existence in
                                     what is now New
                    c. 12000-        Clovis hunters roam
                    9000 BCE         area in search of
                                     mammoth, bison and
                                     other game.
                    c. 11500-        Paleo Indian Culture -
                    8000 BCE         Highly mobile, little
                                     revisitation, low
                                     population density,
                                     high quality rock
                                     tools. Technology of
                                     fluted points, rare
                                     ground stone in
                                     Ventana Cave,
                                     Arizona, Lehner
                                     Ranch in South
                                     Arizona an important
                                     site, extinct
                                     mammals and Clovis
                    c. 11300-        Folsom people
                    8000 BCE         flourish throughout
                                     Southwest at the end
                                     of the last Ice Age.
                    c. 10000 BCE     1) Dog domesticated
                                     (Middle East) (2)
                                     Farming first developed
                                     in Fertile Crescent;
                                     Intensive flock
                                     management in Zagros

                    c. 10000-500     Cochise people are
                    BCE              first inhabitants to
                                     cultivate corn,
                                     squash and beans,
                                     the earliest evidence
                                     of agriculture in the

                    c. 8350 BCE      Earliest known walled
                                     city at Jericho
                                             c. 8000-1800   Archaic Period -
                                             BCE            More regionalism of
                                                            cultures with diverse
                                                            projectile point
                                                            traditions, side-
                                                            notched, corner-
                                                            notched, and barbed
                                                            points. Technology
                                                            includes digging
                                                            sticks, srrated stone,
                                                            ground stones,
                                                            manos and metates,
                                                            storage baskets.
                                                            Residential and
                                                            logistical mobility.
                                                            Tome and space
                                                            scheduling requires
                                                            intense knowledge of
                                                            landscape. Early
                                                            domestication of
                                                            plants. Slow change
                                                            to living year around
                                                            in one place.
                                             c. 8000 BCE    (1) Potatoes and beans
                                                            cultivated in South
                                                            America (2) Earliest
                                                            permanent farming
                                                            villages in Fertile
                                             c. 7998 BCE    Ice Age Hopi Legend:
                                                            End of the 2nd world,
                                                            they stayed under
                                                            the earth with the
                                                            "Ant People." The
                                                            Hopi origin myth
                                                            states their nuclear
                                                            home is called
                                                            "Kiva." Hopi Legend:
                                                            Ant People's great
                                                            Kiva provided
                                                            sanctuary during the
                                                            first world destroyed
                                                            by fire and second
                                                            world by ice
207 BE   Ri'neref born on Garternay          7864 BCE

117 BE   Ri'Neref (90) becomes a Guild       7774 BCE
         Master in the Garternay Writer's

73 BE    Ri'neref dismissed from the         7674 BCE
         Guild of Writers for refusing the
         order from his Grand Master to
         write an Age which violated his
         moral principles
         *Ri'neref began working on the
         Book of D'ni after his dismissal
         from the Guild of Writers.

59 BE*   Circa 59 BE the fact that           7716 BCE
         Garternay was dying was
         confirmed and the information
         made public

0 DE     The D'ni people start their         7657 BCE
         calendar with a zero year

         Great Zero monument built on
                                             c. 7500 BCE    First manufacture of
                                                            textiles in the Middle
                                                            East using flax

                                             c. 7000 BCE    Goats, sheep, and pigs
                                                            domesticated (Middle
1 DE*    Ri'neref became the first King of   6756 BCE
         D'ni at the age of 207

8 DE*    Guild of Writer's buildings         7649.9.27
         completed. (8th year after          BCE
         coming to D'ni)

48 DE    Construction began on a temple      7609 BCE
         to Yahvo

63 DE    Temple to Yahvo, known as the       7594 BCE
         Regeltovokum, completed

84 DE    Construction and installation of    7573 BCE
         massive shafts and fans for air
         circulation in D'ni was begun

100 DE   The first 18 Major Guilds of D'ni   7556.4.8 BCE
         were dedicated to Yahvo on
         Day of the Circle

114 DE   Construction and installed of       7543 BCE
         massive air circulation system
          Numerous records point to a
          small group of D'ni disappearing
          after the completion of the air
          circulation system. It was
          assumed that they remained
          upon the surface of Earth

120 DE    King Ri'neref died at age 327      7537 BCE

          Ailesh became 2nd King at age

233 DE    Common Library finished during     7424.5.7 BCE
          reign of King Ailesh

300 DE    King Ailesh died at age 350        7357 BCE

          Shomat became 3rd King at age

347 DE    King Shomat's palace was           7310 BCE

387 DE    Both of King Shomat's brothers     7270 BCE
          disappeared. It was commonly
          presumed that Shomat brought
          about their deaths

400 DE    A prophetess was chosen to         7257 BCE
          assist King Shomat. The
          choosing of prophetesses as
          guides for the Kings began with
          Shomat and became a tradition
          for all the remaining Kings of

555 DE*   King Shomat died at age 299        7102 BCE

          Coronation of King Ja'kreen

558 DE    Design of the duplicate of the     7099 BCE
          Arch of Kings

600 DE    Construction began on the          7057 BCE
          duplicate of the Arch of Kings
          (Ja'kreen Monument Book)

625 DE    A duplicate of the Garternay       7032 BCE
          Arch of Kings was completed in
          D'ni. Thereafter every king
          began his reign by sailing under
          the Arch (DRC site; Ja'kreen
          Monument Book)

643 DE    Temple of the Great King            7014 BCE
          completed. The temple was also
          meant to fulfill prophesy. The
          gold throne from the Temple of
          Yavho is moved here.

775 DE    Much private construction on        6882 BCE
          Ae'gura, including the J'Taeri

812 DE    Coronation of King Veesha           6845 BCE
                                              6793 BCE    Ice Age had ended
                                                          and climatic patterns
                                                          were established.
                                                          (Hopi Legend 3rd
                                                          World begins)
997 DE    Mararon became 6th King at          6660 BCE
          age 73

1124 DE   King Mararon restructured the       6533 BCE
          Common Schools, and
          instituted the first of the minor

          Beginning of major revisions to
          educational system under King
          Mararon. Common Schools
          placed under Guild of
          Legislators. Years of education
          increased from 6 to 15 years,
          after which students could enter
          one of the newly-established
          Minor Guilds (Architects,
          Miners, Educators, Bankers,

1159 DE   King Mararon died at age 235        6498 BCE

          Coronation of King Koreen

1303 DE   Religious sect "Judges of           6354 BCE
          Yahvo" (the RegolantantEok)
          steals Books and Ink to write
          illegal Ages

1320 DE   Judges write Pento Age and          6337 BCE
          gain control of the inhabitants,
          forming them into an army

1323 DE   First Arrival of the Great King.    6334.9.30
          Beginning of the Pento War.         BCE
          Judges and Pento warriors
          attack Palace. King Koreen
          sends pregnant wife into hiding
          in private Age. Son Ahlsendar
          (the Great King) is rumored to
          have been born as she sailed
          under the King's Arch during her

1352 DE   King Koreen assassinated.           6305 BCE
          Ahlsendar takes advantage of
          civil strife among the Pento to
          return to D'ni, fulfilling the
          prophesies of the Great King.

          Ahlsendar became 8th King at
          age 29*

1376 DE   End of Pento War. Coronation        6281 BCE
          of King Ahlsendar.
                                              c. 6200 BC   Copper smelting in Asia
1466 DE   Ahlsendar's family killed by        6191 BCE
          Pento leader Mekarr. Ahlsendar
          destroys Pento Age with bio-
          weapon plague. Plague is
          carried to other Ages by sick

1501 DE   Ahlsendar sealed into Temple of     6156 BCE
          the Great King with all infected
          Books and all Books linking the
          D'ni to their past. Coronation of
          King Solath.

1502 DE   Temple of the Great King            6155 BCE
          renamed as Tomb of the Great

          The Sealing of the Great

1520 DE   Prophetess Nemiya (former           6137 BCE
          advisor to the Great King) writes
          the Book of Nemiya, calling the
          Great King a "fraud and
          imposter", criticizing his
          genocide, and sending the
          culture into religious upheaval.

1650 DE   Civic district of Karim, with       6007 BCE
          concert hall and opera house,
          completed. Helps re-unify D'ni
          and divert attention from
          religious arguments. Planning
          began in 1604 DE and
          construction in 1610 DE.
                                               c. 6000 BC    Irrigation in Zagros
                                                             Mountains (1) Cat
                                                             (Northeast Africa) (2)
                                                             Cattle domesticated
1779 DE   Coronation of King Me'erta           5878 BCE

1817 DE   Me'Erta suggested that the line      5840 BCE
          of the Great Zero was

          Through 1902 DE, cult temples
          sanctioned and encouraged by
          King Me'erta are built along a
          proposed new line for the Great
          Zero. Temples of the Tree
          (1843), Water (1876) and
          Sacred Stone (1902) are built.
          Few adherents of the Temple of
          Yahvo remain.

1975 DE   Me'erta attempts to change the       5682 BCE
          Writer's Guild Oath written by
          Ailesh at the urging of his
          mother, Jolatha. Grand Master
          Writer Tremal refuses and is
          assassinated. Writer's Guild
          closes ranks and refuses to
          change Oath.

1999 DE   Seal of the Tomb of the Great        5658 BCE
          King secretly broken by request
          of Jolatha. Jolatha sickens and
          dies after taking many Books
          from the Tomb to the Temple of
          the Tree. Me'erta re-closes the
          Tomb and strengthens the

2015 DE   Coronation of King Gan.              5642 BCE
          Evolved version of Ahlsendar's
          Plague, released from the Tomb
          when the seals were broken,
          strikes D'ni. Many are killed, and
          fertility rates are cut in half.
          Search for cure occupies reigns
          of Gan and the two following

2070 DE   Coronation of King Behnashiren       5587 BCE
                                               c. 5500 BCE   Cotton cultivated in
2193 DE   Coronation of King Hemelin           5464 BCE
2257 DE   Lost Book of Birenni found,         5400 BCE
          leading to cure for plague,
          is declared ended in 2262 DE.

2350 DE   Minor Guild of Miners               5307 BCE
          encouraged by King Hemelin to
          improve methods and

2356 DE   Naygen became 14th King at          5301 BCE
          age 86

2397 DE   Start of "D'ni Renaissance" of      5260 BCE
          the arts, encouraged by King
          Naygen, who also encouraged
          search for "truths" leading to an
          increase in religious confusion.
          Very popular play on Pento War
          by playwright Sirreh is hosted
          by Eamis Theater Company,
          raising the importance of theater
          in the popular culture.

2408 DE   The musician Airem became           5249 BCE
          renowned, selling out concert
          halls. His work sometimes
          ridiculed the Great King.

                                              c. 5200 BCE   Chickens domesticated
2488 DE   First successful extrusion tests    5169 BCE
          carried out by Guild of Miners

          King Naygen made the Guild of
          Minors a major guild, replacing
          the Guild of Fine Artists. The
          Guild of Fine Artists became the
          Minor Guilds of Sculptors,
          Artists, Actors, and Musicians

2500 DE   Peak of religious confusion, with   5157 BCE
          about 2500 registered sects.

2502 DE   Construction began on a new         5155 BCE
          Council Chamber for the Guilds.
          As King Naygen had proposed,
          it was built over the top of the
          tomb of the Great King, which
          then became barely visible

2533 DE   King Naygen died at age 263         5124 BCE

          Coronation of King Hinash
2535 DE   A play written by Sirreh about       5122 BCE
          King Naygen entitled "Our Great
          King" was first performed by the
          Minor Guild of Actors

2580 DE   New Miner's Guild facility           5077 BCE
          completed using new extrusion
          technology. First use of this
          technology for building.

                                               c. 5000 BCE   Irrigation spreads to
2709 DE   Five years after the death of his    4948 BCE
          first wife, King Hinash marries a
          non-D'ni woman. The culture
          takes a more relaxed attitude
          towards "outsiders", and
          increases imports of outside
          materials, art and culture.

2779 DE   Coronation of King Needrah           4878 BCE

2807 DE   Monument to discovery of the         4850 BCE
          Book of Birenni designed by
          great sculptor Lahkeer,
          commissioned by his friend,
          King Needrah. Beginning of
          expansion boom in D'ni. Four
          new districts begun during
          Needrah's reign: Jaren
          (residential), Kaleh (elite), Kali
          (business), and Nehw'eril

2840 DE   The painter Fahlee was born.         4817 BCE

2916 DE   Mechanist's Guild develops           4741 BCE
          "industrial extrusion", leading to
          improved construction methods,
          such as "uni-structural"
          buildings in which stone was
          joined almost seamlessly.

3000 DE   Coronation of King Rakeri. Birth     4657 BCE
          of Tevahr, who became a
          devoted follower of the Great
          King's teachings and a strong
          popular leader.
3077 DE   Tevahr denounces religious           4580 BCE
          sects and encourages return to
          faith in Yahvo. The covering of
          the Tomb of the Great King by
          government structures is

3081 DE   King Rakeri is converted from        4576 BCE
          an opponent of Tevahr's ideas
          to a follower, selecting Tevahr
          as his main prophet.

3092 DE   Development of handheld-             4565 BCE
          extruder technology.

3100 DE   Number of religious sects has        4557 BCE
          fallen to only 47, from a peak of
          2500. Only 10 are significant.
          The culture returns to the beliefs
          of Ri'neref and the Great King.
          Beginning of much renovation of
          poor, deteriorating districts, and
          construction of a new theater
          company and concert hall in the
          poor Belari district.

3112 DE   Rakeri proclaims that the            4545 BCE
          original line of the Great Zero
          (unofficially changed by Me'erta)
          is accurate and should be
          honored. Grand renovation of
          the Great Temple begun, using
          handheld-extruder technology.
          Fahlee, greatest artist of the
          D'ni Renaissance, selected to
          paint the inside of the Great

3123 DE   Great Temple renovations             4534 BCE
          complete. Beginning of great
          period of expansion inside and
          outside the cavern, and great
          developments in mining

                                               c. 4500 BCE   Sail, plow, and potter's
                                                             wheel invented in
          The painter Fahlee died. (DRC)

3218 DE   Five days of national sadness        4439 BCE
          ordered to mark the death of
3219 DE   Coronation of King Tejara            4438 BCE

3271 DE   Major renovations to Palace.         4386 BCE

3279 DE   The King's Age presented to          4378 BCE
          King Tejara by the Writer's
                                               c. 4300 BCE    Megalithic tombs in
                                                              Western Europe c.
                                                              4300-3100; Spread of
                                                              cities in Mesopotamia
3422 DE   Coronation of King Ti'amel           4235 BCE

3469 DE   Construction of the first great      4188 BCE
          tunneling machine, Stone Eater,
          spearheaded by Grand Master
          Miner Namen.

3500 DE   Women made eligible for Minor        4157 BCE
          Guild education.

3523 DE   Shama, wife of King Ti'amel,         4134 BCE
          successfully convinces Council
          not to allow women in the Major

3646 DE   The First Day of Dancing             4011.9.5 BCE

3654 DE   Coronation of King Kedri             4003 BCE
                                               4000 BCE       Horse domesticated
                                                              (Eurasian steppe)
3702 DE   King Kedri established district of   3955 BCE
          Shamathen (later changed to
          Kerath’en) on Ae'gura to make
          the Island affordable for some of
          the lower classes. Additional
          events in Kedri's reign include
          the donation of the King's Age,
          written for Tejara, to the
          Common Library, and many
          major renovations, including the
          Great Temple, Opera House,
          and Belari district.
                                               c. 3800 BCE    Bronze in Mesopotamia
3903 DE   Coronation of King Lemashal          3754 BCE

3961 DE   Minor Guild of Illusionists          3696 BCE
          established. The Relyimah
          ("The Unseen") established as a
          secret intelligence agency,
          using the Illusionist's Guild as a
                                               c. 3650 BCE   Wheeled vehicles in
4030 DE   Council passes a law requiring       3627 BCE
          kings to be of pure D'ni blood,
          as a response to the non-D'ni
          heritage of King Lemashal's

4083 DE   Coronation of King Ishek             3574 BCE

4103 DE   King Ishek's wife kidnapped by       3554 BCE
          natives of the Age of Yimas,
          who demanded Ages be written
          for them to rule. Situation was
          set up by a D'ni sect (either the
          Blood of Yahvo or the Light of
          D'ni) to discredit Ishek's talk of
          equality between D'ni and
          outsiders. Plot was uncovered
          by the Relyimah. New, stricter
          rules passed governing contact
          with outside cultures.
                                               c. 3500 BCE   Pottery in South
                                                             America. Permanent
                                                             fishing villages in South
                                               3441 BCE      Evidence of early
                                                             domestication of
                                                             plants Mogollon
                                                             Desert in SW New
                                                             Mexico (Bat Cave).
                                               c. 3400 BCE   Earliest hieroglyphics in
4291 DE   Coronation of King                   3366 BCE

4305 DE   Law establishing solitary life       3352 BCE
          imprisonment on a prison Age
          as punishment for creating or
          trading illicit Ages.

4307 DE   Law establishing permanent           3350 BCE
          imprisonment as the
          punishment for any D'ni who
          coerced an outsider to commit a

4334 DE   Mining Age of Trases severely        3323 BCE
          damaged by a native operating
          D'ni machinery incorrectly. Child
          rumored to have been born in
          mid-link by a D'ni woman who
          was evacuating from the
          disaster. Incident inspired
          further demands to cut off all
          contact with outside cultures.
4438 DE   King Loshemanesh                       3219 BCE
          assassinated by the same
          isolationist sect that had
          arranged the kidnapping of his
          mother in 4103. Coronation of
          King Ji.

4500 DE   Words is written by The                3157 BCE
          Watcher -- the child born during
          the evacuation of Trases,
          rumored to have special gifts to
          see beyond time. "Words"
          describes his visions of the
          future of D'ni. A proposal
          allowing a non-Guild, private
          educational system (introduced
          by Master Legislator Kinef)
          passes the Council, but is never
          really accepted by the culture.

4606 DE   The Watcher is reported dead,          3051 BCE
          though there were continuing
          rumors of people having seen
          and spoken to him afterward.
                                                 3150 BCE   Unification of Egypt
                                                            under King Menes
                                                 3000 BCE   Sumerians develop
                                                            Cuneiform writing.
                                                            Potatoes, alpacas, and
                                                            llamas domesticated
                                                            (Andes Mountains).
                                                 2993 BCE   Corn, squash and
                                                            other crops
                                                            introduced from
                                                            civilizations in
                                                            (Southern Mexico
                                                            and Central America)
4692 DE   Demath became the 25th King            2965 BCE
          at age 154. During his reign,
          many new restrictions are
          placed on interactions with
          outsiders. Outsiders forbidden
          to operate D'ni machinery or
          use Books. Relyimah
          membership doubled to watch
          for signs of illegal activities with

4721 DE   King Demath passed an                  2936 BCE
          amendment that forced the
          Major Guilds to accept a
          percentage of students who
          passed all entrance exams but
          could not afford the steep prices
          for guild education
4724 DE    Over ten groups convicted of        2933 BCE
           violating the "Loshemanesh
           Laws", due to the activities of
           the Relyimah. The crime rate
           steadily drops thereafter,
           through 4752.

4784 DE    An unsuccessful assassination       2873 BCE
           attempt against King Demath.
           Two Relyimah die protecting
                                               2900 BCE   Defensive walls around
                                                          cities become more
4786 DE    Assassins found and executed        2871 BCE
           (linked into Death Age). First
           execution of its kind. Incident
           spurs further calls for
           isolationism, to prevent any
           further conflicts leading to D'ni
           executions because of

4815 DE*   Goshan, leader of the cult          2842 BCE
           "Blood of Yahvo," was
           imprisoned by King Demath

4826 DE    The first of the Guild of Stone     2831 BCE
           Masons non-paying members
           headed the effort to devise early
           technology, a building block for
           the eventual development of

4843 DE    King Demath died at age 305         2814 BCE

           Yableshan became 26th King at
           age 100

4865 DE    The cult "Blood of Yahvo"           2792 BCE
           kidnapped Yableshan's first son
           from the Guild of Chemists,
           aided by a mole in the
           Relyimah. Though their
           demands were met, they killed
           the boy.

           Under duress, King Yableshan
           released Goshan, leader of the
           cult "Blood of Yahvo," from his
           Prison Age.

           The D'ni became increasingly
           polarized between isolationists
           and non-isolationists.

4889 DE    Remodels for the 18 Major           2768 BCE
           Guild halls was announced.
           Some of Ri'neref's original
          restrictions on building where
          changed and the guidelines
          became more liberal

4901 DE   King Yableshan announced            2756 BCE
          plans for a new Common
          Library to be located in the
          middle-class Vamen District of

4910 DE   King Yableshan announced            2747 BCE
          plans for a new park to be built
          on Neref Island

4914 DE   The Guild of Writers placed         2743 BCE
          three new Recreation Ages
          within the park on Nererf Island
          in celebration of the completion
          of their new Guild

          The Guild of Writers newly
          remodeled guild facilities were

4954 DE   Explosion on the Age of             2703 BCE
          Meanas killing 400 outsiders
          and 78 D'ni
                                              2700 BCE   Yin and Yang theory
                                                         developed in China.
                                                         Olive trees cultivated
          Relyimah still compromised and
          could not discover if accident or
          terrorist act. Incident again
          fanned isolationist sentiment.
                                              2630 BCE   c. 2630; First pyramid
                                                         constructed in Egypt;
                                                         Imhotep is first known
5043 DE   Yableshan placed Faresh in          2614 BCE
          charge of the Guild of
          Illusionists, and ordered him to
          find out who was crippling the
                                              2600 BCE   (1) Urbanization in
                                                         Indus River Valley (2)
                                                         Preservation of fish and
                                                         poultry (Egypt)
          Faresh began construction of a
          house of illusions on one of the
          private islands in D'ni

5081 DE   King Yableshan died at age 347      2576 BCE

          Coronation of King Emen             2575 BCE   c. 2575-2134; Old
                                                         Kingdom of Egypt
5083 DE   Two members of the Relyimah         2574 BCE
          vanish. Faresh a "silent hero".
          Many key members of
          government attend Faresh's
          parties on Katha, and talk about
          the mansion's puzzle rooms and
          secret passages.

5093 DE   The revitalized Relyimah pins       2564 BCE
          responsibility for the Meanas
          explosion on two members of
          the "One D'ni" cult, who are
          permanently imprisoned. New
          food Ages of Shimas and
          Hereas written for Caterer's

5095 DE   Government decides to sell over     2562 BCE
          23 islands to private buyers who
          wanted to build their own
          retreats after hearing of
          Faresh's mansion.

5102 DE   Faresh's daughter dies under        2555 BCE
          strange circumstances, jumping
          to her death after seeing spirits
          in her bedroom. Possibly her
          death was arranged by some
          faction, and may have be
          prophesied by The Watcher.
          Faresh leaves the mansion,
          giving it to the Relyimah.
                                              2528 BCE   2528; Cheops buried in
                                                         First Great Pyramid at
                                              2493 BCE   Keystone Dam Site
                                                         built in what is now
                                                         far west Texas. In the
                                                         late 1970's a flood
                                                         control project in El
                                                         Paso's Upper Valley
                                                         required an
                                                         archeological survey
                                                         before construction.
                                                         The survey
                                                         uncovered remnants
                                                         of an ancient village.
                                                         The exact time of
                                                         occupation is
                                                         uncertain, but
                                                         appears to be around
                                                         4000 years ago. The
                                                         Keystone site is the
                                                         oldest known village
                                                         site in the western
                                                        part of the United
                                                        States and adjacent
                                                        northern Mexico.
                                                        *Desert Diary August
                                                        16, 2004,
                                                        Village By: Arthur H.
                                                        Harris. Laboratory for
                                                        Biology, Centennial
                                                        Museum, University
                                                        of Texas at El Paso.
5202 DE   Public ferry system established    2455 BCE
          between Ae'gura, the city proper
          and the other islands in the
          cavern. Island given to Minor
          Guilds of Artists, Musicians and
          Actors by King Emen for use as
          a cultural center.

5236 DE   Deretheni, a strong, lightweight   2421 BCE
          stone, produced in the lab by
          the Guild of Stone Masons.

5240 DE   Me'emen became 28th King of        2417 BCE
          D'ni at age 83

                                             2400 BCE   First wheeled war
                                                        wagons in Mesopotamia
5307 DE   The Guilds of Miners and Stone     2350 BCE   Earliest known law code
          Masons revealed that Nara,                    in Sumer
          hardest of all D'ni stones, had
          been created in the laboratory.

5312 DE   Disease outbreak in Nehw'eril      2345 BCE
          (industrial) District, possibly
          imported from forest Age of
          Yasefe. Public demands that
          industry be moved further from
          the city proper to reduce future

                                             2334 BCE   2334-2193; Sargon
                                                        unifies Sumer and
                                                        Akkad, creating
                                                        Akkadian Empire. c.
                                                        2334-2193; First
                                                        deification of kings in

                                             2300 BCE   Earliest permanent
                                                           farming villages in
5359 DE    Construction of the second           2298 BCE
           great tunneling machine: Stone
           Tooth. Stone Eater and Stone
           Tooth clear area for new
           industrial district (Uran) through
           5475 DE. King Me'emen
           proposes construction of tunnel
           between Ae'gura and city
           proper, once Stone Tooth and
           Stone Eater were unoccupied.
           Proposal was not widely liked
           by the elite on Ae'gura and the
           Guilds, and was dropped.
                                                2296 BCE   Chinese record a comet
                                                2200 BCE   Legendary Xia Dynasty
                                                           in China. Dogs, goats,
                                                           pigs, oxen, and sheep
                                                           domesticated. (China)
5473 DE    The Guild of Maintainers             2184 BCE
           announced the discovery of
           Deretheni, which could be used
           to make suits more protective of
           Maintainers, thus allowing the
           Guild of Writers to be a bit more
           liberal in their writing, and
           ushering in a new breed of Age

5475 DE    Construction began on the new        2182 BCE
           industrial section called Uran

5500 DE    The new industrial district of       2157 BCE
           Uran began operation. It was
           much further from the city and
           was considered much safer
           than the old district, Nehv'eril
                                                2134 BCE   Collapse of central
                                                           authority in Egypt; End
                                                           of Old Kingdom
5540 DE*   King Me'emen's only son,             2117 BCE
           Ashem, a Healer, died from a
           disease which he seemed to
           have contracted while visiting a
           newly Written Age

5541 DE*   Name of Uran district changed        2116 BCE
           to Ashem'en to honor the son of
           King Me'emen

5549 DE    King Me'emen died at age 392         2108 BCE

           Coronation of King Adesh             2100 BCE   First Ziggurats in Sumer
5574 DE   Prophet Gish begins preaching      2083 BCE
          the word of Yahvo, condemning
          Tevahr and the Great King for
          teaching love of Yahvo as
          opposed to the need to follow
          the commands of Yahvo. Gish
          was a rabid isolationist, and
          very popular with the public.
          Arrested many times by order of
          King Adesh.
                                             2040 BCE   2040-1650; Mentuhotep
                                                        restores centralized
                                                        government in Egypt
                                                        marking the beginning
                                                        of the Middle Kingdom
                                             2000 BCE   Hittites establish empire
                                                        in Anatolia. (modern
                                                        Turkey) c. 2000 - 1450;
                                                        Minoan palace
                                                        civilization on Crete.
                                                        Decimal notation in
                                                        Babylon. Stonehenge
                                                        in Southern England.
                                                        Epic of Gilgamesh is
                                                        first written myth.
5701 DE   Gish killed by the Relyimah on     1956 BCE
          the order of King Adesh,
          provoking public outrage. Adesh
          assassinated, possibly by a
          close advisor. Lanaren assumes
          throne, denounces Adesh's act,
          and promises to disband the
          Relyimah. Isolationist factions

5714 DE   Construction begun, using          1943 BCE
          Stone Tooth, on a tunnel to link
          Ae'gura with the city.

5721 DE   New techniques for reinforcing     1936 BCE
          extrusion-based construction.

5734 DE   Ae'gura-City tunnel project        1923 BCE
          halted due to protests by Guild
          Masters living on Ae'gura. Stone
          Tooth sent to clear space for
          new districts near Ashem'en
          industrial district.
                                             1813 BCE   c. 1813-1781;
                                                        Emergence of Assyrian
                                                        power under Shamshi-
                                                        Adad I
                                             1800 BCE   c. 1800-1750;
                                                        Hammurabi establishes
                                                        Babylonian Empire. c.
                                                        Hammurabi's Code is
                                                        first written legal code.
                                                        Irrigation in South

5902 DE   Four new Ages (three food, one    1755 BCE
          manufacturing) announced to
          replace Ages using outsiders.
          This is part of a long-term
          project ordered by King

5903 DE   Construction of Lanaren           1754 BCE
          residential district, begun in
          5856, complete. Built for
          laborers who worked in
                                            1750 BCE      Collapse of Indus River
                                                          Valley civilization at
                                                          Mohenjo-daro and
                                            1700 BCE      1700-1650; Chariot-
                                                          equipped Hyksos begin
                                                          invasions and conquer
                                                          Middle Kingdom Egypt.
                                                          Rise of Knossos on
                                                          Crete. Spread of two-
                                                          wheeled war chariot in
                                                          Middle East. Abraham
                                                          becomes first Hebrew
                                                          patriarch. Leavened
                                                          bread (Egypt)
5986 DE   Official disbanding of the        1671 BCE
          Relyimah, though their work had
          ceased long before.

5999 DE   Asemlef became 31st King at       1658 BCE
          age 54

          Besharen wrote "Revealing the     1600 BCE      Rise of Mycenaean
          Unseen"                                         Civilization in mainland
                                                          Greece. c. 1600; First
                                                          historical dynasty in
                                                          China. (The Shang)
                                                          Canaanites invent first
                                                          alphabet. Pictographic
                                                          writing in China.
                                            1550 BCE      Ahmose reunites Egypt;
                                                          New Kingdom begins
                                            c. 1500 BCE   Late Archaic Period -
                                            - 200 CE      Corn, gourds and
                                                          squash associated
                                                          with pit houses.
                                            1500 BCE      Domesticated plants
                                                          appear in the
                                                          (Domesticated are
                                                          generally altered and
                                                          dependent, to some
                                                          extent, on human
                                            1458 BCE   Thutmose III ascends to
                                                       Egyptian throne; First
                                                       usage of the term
                                            1450 BCE   Mycenaean Greeks
                                                       conquer Minoan
                                                       Civilization on Crete.
                                                       Brahma worship in
                                            1440 BCE   First metalworking in
                                                       South America
                                            1400 BCE   Iron Age begins in Asia
                                                       Minor. Maize cultivation
                                                       in Mesoamerica.
6284 DE   King Asemlef died at age 339      1373 BCE

          Coronation of King Jaron          1353 BCE   Amenhotep IV
                                                       introduces monotheism
                                                       to Egypt
                                            1333 BCE   Tutankhaman (King Tut)
                                                       polytheism as official
                                                       religion in Egypt
6430 DE   Rock Biter and the Burrower are   1227 BCE
          built for the broadening of the
          Rudenna Passage.
                                            1200 BCE   1200-400; Olmec
                                                       Civilization in
                                                       Mesoamerica. c. 1200-
                                                       1100; Bronze Age
                                                       palaces destroyed
                                                       Mediterranean world.
                                                       Judaism established.

6498 DE   Coronation of King Rikooth        1159 BCE

6510 DE   Rock Biter and The Burrower       1147 BCE
          discover a new cavern.
          Surveyor's Guild begins
          extensive studies.
                                            1122 BCE   1122-256; Zhou
                                                       Dynasty in China
                                            1100 BCE   Phoenician traders
                                                       begin spreading
                                                       alphabet throughout
                                            1070 BCE   End of New Kingdom in
6601 DE   New cavern proved inhabitable,    1056 BCE
          but very expensive to build in.
          Stone Tooth and Rock Biter
          assigned to expand city by
          digging into cavern wall,
          instead. Burrower and Stone
          Eater assigned to further
          exploration outside cavern.
                                            1020 BCE   Saul becomes first
                                                       Hebrew king in Judaea
                                               1006 BCE    1006-965; David
                                                           becomes king of Israel
                                                           and conquers
                                               1000 BCE    Pueblo start farming.
6676 DE   Major meeting to discuss             981 BCE
          involvement with outsiders. King
          Rikooth valued contributions of
          outsiders to art, technology,
          resources, etc. and would not
          enforce restrictions without
          good reason.

6700 DE   Rikooth expels wife and              957 BCE     Solomon builds temple
          youngest son, Kerath, from the                   in Jerusalem
          Palace for uncertain reasons,
          but was perhaps tired of their
          views and opinions as devoted
          followers of the teachings of

6731 DE   Coronation of King Kerath. On        926.11.23
          his deathbed, Rikooth had a          BCE
          vision of Kerath sailing back
          through the King's Arch on a
          boat shaped like a lizard. He felt
          that Yahvo was directing him to
          select Kerath as the next king.
                                               900 BCE     Etruscans establish
                                                           cities in Tuscany
          Leevofo 27, Kerath became
          34th and last King of D'ni at age
                                               883 BCE     883-859; Revival of
                                                           Assyrian power under
                                                           Ashurnasirpal II
                                               850 BCE     850-750; Approximate
                                                           date of written
                                                           transcriptions of
                                                           Homer's Iliad and
                                                           Odyssey from existing
                                                           oral tradition
                                               814 BCE     Traditional date for the
                                                           founding of Carthage
                                               800 BCE     Hieroglyphic script in
                                                           Mesoamerica. c. 800-
                                                           750; Development of
                                                           Greek alphabet. Olmecs
                                                           build pyramids.
                                               780 BCE     780-755; Alara
                                                           establishes Napata
                                                           Kingdom of Kush
                                               776 BCE     First Olympic Games
                                                           held in Greece
                                               772 BCE     Construction begins on
                                                           Temple of Artemis at
                                                           Ephesus, one of Seven
                                                           Wonders of the Ancient
                                               753 BCE     Traditional date of the
                                                              founding of Rome
                                               708 BCE        Olympic Games
                                                              introduce jumping,
                                                              wrestling, javelin, and
                                                              discus events
6970 DE   Construction began on a new          687 BCE
          Guild Hall that further buried the
          Tomb of the Great King

6977 DE   King Kerath abdicates, turning       679.2.28 BCE
          the power of the kings over to
          the first Five Lords of the new
          Council form of government that
          he had devised for the D'ni to
          use until the coming of the true
          Great King.

          Some time after 6977 the Arch
          of Kings was renamed Kerath's

6985 DE   Kerath died at age 308               672 BCE
                                               671 BCE        Assyrians conquer
7201 DE   Special unit of the Maintainers      660 BCE        Legendary date for
          formed to advance new                               invasion of Honshu and
          technologies, based in                              first Emperor of Japan
          Gahreesen Age

                                               612 BCE        Scythians and Medes
                                                              sack Nineveh, marking
                                                              the end of Assyrian
                                               600 BCE        600; Greeks colonize
                                                              southern France
                                               587 BCE        Nebuchadnezzar II
                                                              captures Jerusalem;
                                                              Babylonian Captivity
                                               550 BCE        Earliest use of cast iron
                                                              in China
                                               528 BCE        Buddha receives
                                               509 BCE        Rome becomes a
                                               500 BCE        Polynesian culture
                                                              develops in Fiji, Samoa,
                                                              and Tonga. Rise of
                                                              Phoenician maritime
                                                              dominance in the
                                                              domesticated. (Europe)
                                               495 BCE        495-483; Confucius
                                                              teaches throughout
461 BCE     Golden Age of Athens
458 BCE     Lucius Quinctius
            Cincinnatus becomes
            dictator of Rome then
            retires; One of the
            founding myths of
            Roman Virtue
332 BCE     Alexander the Great
            founds Alexandria
312 BCE     Appius Claudius
            Caecus begins
            construction of the
            Appian Way in Rome
300 - 700   Anasazi appear.
BCE         Navajo word
            meaning "The
            Ancient Ones or
            Ancient Enemy or
            Ancient Ones Who
            Are Not Us. Their
            descendants are the
            Hopi and other
            Pueblo Indians.
            Anasazi inhabited
            Colorado Plateau
            "Four Corners"*
            where Arizona, New
            Mexico, Utah and
            Colorado meet. An
            agricultural society
            that cultivated
            cotton, wove cotton
            fabrics. The early
            Anasazi are known
            as the Basketmaker
            People for their
            basketwork. Were
            skilled workers in
            stone. Carved stone
            Kachina dolls. Built
            pit houses, later
            pueblos. Constructed
            road networks. Were
            avid astronomers.
            Used a solar
            calendar. Traded with
260 BCE     First gladiatorial games
            in Rome
221 BCE     China united by the first
            emperor Shih Huang-ti;
            Beginning of Qin
            Dynasty and Imperial
                                           210 BCE    Chinese Emperor Shih
                                                      Huang-ti dies; Buried in
                                                      massive mausoleum
                                                      with the Terracotta
                                           200 BCE    Polynesians settle Tahiti
                                           200 BCE-   Basketmaker II
                                           500 CE     Period - Origins of
                                                      Basketmaker II
                                                      people are obscure.
                                                      Major changes
                                                      include increased
                                                      sedentism and use of
                                                      pit houses. New
                                                      forms of basketry,
                                                      new petroglyph
                                                      symbols (including
                                                      large human figures
                                                      with rectangular
                                                      torsos often with zig-
                                                      zag or curved lines
                                                      emanating from their
                                           170 BCE    Paved streets in Rome
7539 DE   Stone Tooth, Rock Biter, and     118 BCE
          Burrower had been together for
          the breakthrough of the lower
          caverns and the opening of the
          Tijali Mines.

                                           60 BCE     1st Triumvirate of Julius
                                                      Caesar, Pompey, and
                                           51 BCE     Julius Caesar
                                                      completes conquest of
                                                      Gaul. Cleopatra
                                                      assumes Egyptian
                                           1-700 CE   Anasazi
                                                      elevate weaving to a
                                                      high art, creating
                                                      baskets, clothing,
                                                      sandals and utensils.
                                           7-707 CE   Formative Period -
                                                      Basketmakers, Bow
                                                      and Arrow gave rise
                                                      to Mogollons of
                                                      Arizona and
                                                      Southern New
                                           30 CE      Water-powered bellows
                                                      and iron furnace in
                                           43 CE      Rome conquers Britain
79 CE         Pliny the Elder killed in
              Pompeii during eruption
              of Vesuvius
122 CE        Hadrian's Wall built in
225 CE        Early form of
              gunpowder developed
              in China. Tea drinking
              becomes common in
260 CE        Great Wall of China
300-1400 CE   Mogollon culture
              introduces highly
              artistic pottery and
              early architecture in
              the form of pit
300 CE        Hohokam People (A
              Pima Indian word
              meaning "The
              Vanished Ones")
              Hohokam people are
              believed to be the
              anscetors of the
              modern Papago and
              Pima Indian groups.
              Settled in present-
              day Arizona. Were
              desert farmers.
              Cultivated corn. Were
              the first to grow
              cotton in the
              Southwest. Wove
              cotton fabrics. Bult
              pit houses and later
              buildings (pueblos).
              Constructed vast
              network of irrigation
              system. Major canals
              were over 30 miles
              long. Built ball courts
              and truncated
              pyramids simalr to
              those found in
              Middle America. First
              in world known to
              master etching
              (etched shells with
              fermented Saguaro
              juice). Traded with
303 CE        Roman emperor
              Diocletian begins
              persecution of
                                            350 CE        Huns invade Persia
                                            360 CE        Huns invade Europe.
                                                          Picts invade Roman
8100 DE   Garden craze of the 8100s.        433 CE        Attila becomes leader of
          Many "rest Ages", including                     the Huns
          Eder Gira and Eder Kemo, were
          written during this period and
          made available to the D'ni
                                            444 CE
                                            452 CE        Venice founded
                                            500-700 CE    Baskemaker III
                                                          Period - Beans and
                                                          pottery, bow and
                                                          arrow, smaller points
                                                          indicate new
                                                          adaptations. Pit
                                                          houses more
                                                          substantial and great
                                                          kivas appear.
                                            500 CE        Jornado Mogollons
                                                          live in the
                                                          Chihuahuan Desert
                                                          around Carlsbad
                                                          Caverns. The
                                                          Sinagua Indians built
                                                          Montezuma's Castle.
                                            610 CE        Muhammad begins
                                                          preaching in Mecca
                                            700-900 CE    Pueblo I Period -
                                                          Changes from
                                                          Basketmaker III to
                                                          Pueblo I are gradual
                                                          and evolutionary.
                                            700 CE        Pueblo Indians living
                                                          in Pueblos many
                                                          stories tall.
                                            742 CE        Charlemagne born
                                            850 CE        Construction started
                                                          in Chaco Canyon.
                                                          The Selado appear.
                                            836 CE        Vikings sack London
8500 DE   Elite force of Maintainers
          established, based in the
          Maintainer's Garrison on the
          Age of Gahreesen. The
          Garrison was used by this force
          for training, research, and
          development of new Maintainer
                                            844 CE
                                            900-1100 CE   Pueblo II Period.
                                                          Dominated by Chaco
                                                          Canyon. The system
                                                          was centered in
                                                          Chaco Canyon, with
                                                          outlying Great
            Houses and Great
            Kivas connected with
            the canyon via an
            elaborate and
            massive road
900 CE      Approximate date for
            the establishment of the
            Toltec kingdom in
911 CE      Rise of the German
            Middle Class
982 CE      Eric the Red begins
            viking invasion of
1000 CE     Leif Ericson to America.
            Major population
            growth in Chaco
            Canyon 1000-1100
            CE Anasazi
1020 CE     Floating magnetic
            compass invented in
1050 CE     Chaco considered a
            major regional
1075-1115   Major construction
CE          peak. (Chaco) 1088-
            1092 CE Beams
            brought from 50
            miles distance.
1080 CE     The Bayeux Tapestry,
            which depicts the
            Norman conquest of
            England, is
1100-1300   Pueblo III Period.
CE          First good evidence
            of social complexity.
            Constructon of multi-
            room, often multi-
            story cliff dwellings
            in numerous areas.
            New developments in
            strategies, as in the
            adoption of a variety
            of stone features to
            control the flow of
            surface runoff or
            conserve soil
            moisture e.g. rock
            alignments, bordered
            gardens, check dams
            and terraces. A
            number of human
            burials that contain
             large quantities of
             funerary objects,
             indicating that some
             had accumulated a
             great deal of prestige
             and status that may
             have constituted a
             form of social "elite"
             and may have ahd a
             measure of political
             and religious
             leadership that did
             not exist in earlier
             time periods.
1130 CE      Construction
             completed in Chaco
1150 CE      Great Kiva phase.
             Chaco became
1152 CE      Eleanor of Aquitaine
             marries Henry of Anjou
1168 CE      Toltec Empire
             destroyed in
1200-1500s   Pueblo Indians
CE           establish villages
             along the Rio Grande
             and its tributaries.
1200 CE      The Salado
             disappear from the
             historic record.
1204 CE      Crusaders capture and
             sack Constantinople
1215 CE      Mongols under Genghis
             Khan sack Peking. King
             John of England and
             English barons sign the
             Magna Carta.
1254 CE      Marco Polo born
1275 CE      Marco Polo arrives at
             Kublai Khan's court in
1276-99 CE   A prolonged period
             known as the "Great
             Drought" debated as
             to whether it would
             have been severe
             enough to cause
             abandonments of the
             scale that is known,
             but the late 1200s are
             a time of great
             cultural change and
             movement. Many
             Pueblo III cultural
             systems are

1280 CE      First recorded spinning
             wheel in Germany
1300 CE      c. 1300 CE there is a
             movement of people
             into a few locations
             and begin
             construction of what
             will become
             extremely large
             pueblo towns. The
             Sinagua disappeared
             from historic record.
             The Acoma Pueblo,
             New Mexico circa
             1300 CE and still
             occupied, may be the
             oldest continuously
             inhabited village in
             the United States.
1300-1450    Pueblo IV Period.
CE or in     Intensive agriculture.
some areas   Mass production and
until        exportation of
Spanish      extremely well made
contact in   pots. There is
1540 CE      evolution of "glaze"
             painted pots. Pottery
             depicts masked
             figures and other
             symbols (especially
             those showing water,
             serpents and birds)
             associated with
             Kachina religion.
             Many pueblos show
             the construction of
             large "plaza" areas
             and large rectangular
             kivas that are
             thought to be the
             first material
             expressions of new
             forms of ceremonies
             associated with
             Kachina religion. It
             has been proposed
             that Kachina religion
             provides an effective
             means for
             multiple groups into
             a single, village-wide
                                                       religious and
                                                       ceremonial system,
                                                       with an emphasis on
                                                       cooperation and
                                                       food-sharing. The
                                                       size of the kivas and
                                                       plaza areas, and the
                                                       expressions of
                                                       Kachina ideology,
                                                       indicate that the
                                                       foundations of
                                                       modern Hopi, Zuni
                                                       and ohter western
                                                       pueblo cultures are
                                                       in place by the mid-
                                                       1300s. By early 1400s
                                                       many areas have
                                                       again been
8990 DE   Teledahn written by Grand          1325 CE   Aztecs settle in
          Master Mararon of the Guild of               Tenochtitlán
          Writers as a 250th-birthday
          present for Lord Hinahsh, Grand
          Master of the Guild of Caterers.
                                             1334 CE
9005 DE   Teledahn left to Guild of
          Caterers on Hinahsh's death.
          Guild installs equipment for
          spore harvesting under direction
          of Guild Captain Ventus, who
          nearly ruined the Age.
                                             1349 CE   The Black Death
                                                       spreads to England,
                                                       Scandinavia, and
                                             1440 CE   Johannes Gutenberg
                                                       invents the printing
                                             1492 CE   Columbus discovers
                                             1536 CE   Cabeza de Vaca,
                                                       Estevan the Moor
                                                       and two others reach
                                                       Culiacdn, Mexico,
                                                       after possibly
                                                       crossing what is now
                                                       southern New
                                                       Mexico, and begin
                                                       rumors of the Seven
                                                       Cities of Cibola.
                                             1539 CE   Fray Marcos de Niza
                                                       and Estevan lead
                                                       expedition to find
                                                       Cibola and reach the
                                                       Zuni village of
                                                       Hawikuh, where
                                                       Estevan is killed.
1540-42 CE   Francisco Vasquez
             de Coronado
             explores area from
             Gulf of California to
             present-day Kansas,
             discovers the Grand
1580-81 CE   Fray Agustin
             Rodriguez leads
             expedition to New
             Mexico; four
             members of the party
             killed by Indians.
1582-83 CE   Fray Bernadino
             Beltran and Fray
             Antonio de Espejo
             lead expedition to
             New Mexico to
             search for survivors
             of the ill-fated
             Rodriguez mission.
1598 CE      Juan de Onate
             establishes the first
             Spanish capital of
             San Juan de los
             Caballeros at the
             Tewa village of Ohke
             north of present-day
1599 CE      Battle at Aroma
             between natives and
             Spaniards; seeds of
             Pueblo Revolt sown.
1600 CE      San Gabriel, second
             capital of New
             Mexico, is founded at
             the confluence of the
             Rio Grande and the
             Chama River.
1601 CE      Mass desertion of
             San Gabriel by
             colonists; new
             recruits front Spain
             and Mexico sent to
             reinforce colony.
1605 CE      Expedition to the
             Colorado River;
             visits El Morro,
             leaves message on
             Inscription Rock.
1608 CE      Onate removed as
             governor and sent to
             Mexico City to be
             tried for
             mistreatment of the
             Indians and abuse of
             power. Decision
                                                             made by Spanish
                                                             Crown to continue
                                                             settlement of New
                                                             Mexico as a royal
                                               1609-10 CE    Gov. Pedro de
                                                             Peralta establishes a
                                                             new capital at Santa
                                                             Fe. Construction
                                                             begins on the Palace
                                                             of the Governors.
                                                             Gaspar de Villagra
                                                             publishes epic
                                                             history on the
                                                             founding of New
                                                             Mexico, the first book
                                                             printed about any
                                                             area in the modern
                                                             United States.
                                               1626 CE       Spanish Inquisition
                                                             established in New
9307 DE   A'Gaeris is born                     1641 CE       Gov. Luis de Rosas
                                                             assassinated by
                                                             colonists during
                                                             conflict between the
                                                             church and state.
                                               1651 CE
9313 DE   Aitrus is born                       1653 CE       Oliver Cromwell takes
                                                             the title Lord Protector.
                                                             Taj Mahal is completed.
                                               1657 CE
9338 DE   The Guild of Legislators             1680 CE       Pueblo Indian Revolt
          observes the expedition to the                     Spanish survivors
          surface and reports to the                         flee to El Paso del
          Council. The Council decides to                    Norte.
          extend the expedition for
          another year and also decides
          that a great shaft should be built
          to speed up the tunnelling to the
                                               1682 CE
9340 DE   The shaft to the surface is
          completed and blocked.
                                               1684 CE
                                               Late 1600's   Navajos, Apaches
                                               CE            and Comanches
                                                             begin raids against
                                                             Pueblo Indians.
9350 DE   Anna is born                         1692-93 CE    Don Diego de Vargas
                                                             recolonizes Santa Fe.
                                                             Spanish civilization
                                                             returns to New
                                               1694 CE       Bank of England
9351 DE   Aitrus becomes a Guild Master
                                               1695 CE
                                               1696 CE        Second Pueblo
                                                              Revolt; efforts
                                                              thwarted by Gov.
                                                              Don Diego de
9359 DE   Anna's mother dies
                                               1703 CE        Sir Isaac Newton
                                                              becomes chairman of
                                                              the Royal Society
9365 DE   Aitrus is elected to the council.    1706 CE        Villa de Albuquerque
                                               1709 CE
9368 DE   Anna's father dies, and Anna
          finds D'ni
                                               1712 CE
9377 DE   Anna and Aitrus are married
                                               1721 CE
9392 DE   Gehn is born                         1724 CE        Pedro de Rivera
                                                              inspects the province
                                                              of New Spain. His
                                                              engineer, Francisco
                                                              Alvarez y Barriero is
                                                              one of the first to
                                                              map the Guadalupe
                                               1736 CE
9395 DE   Guild Master Kadish writes the
          Age of Kadish Tolesa.
          (Approximate year.)
                                               1739 CE
9396 DE   Gehn is initated into the Guild of
          Books (Gehn is 4)
                                               1740 CE        The Messiah by Handel
          Manesmo, current owner of            1743 CE        French trappers
          Teledahn, investigated for slave                    reach Santa Fe and
          trading.                                            begin limited trade
                                                              with the Spanish.

9400 DE   Final Revolt of Veovis (BoT:
          Gehn is 8)
                                               1744.7.11 CE
9406 DE   Gehn runs away from the Cleft        1745 CE        Padre Juan Miguel
          (Gehn is 14)                                        Menchero maps the
                                                              area of present-day
                                                              Carlsbad. He notes
                                                              herds of cattle along
                                                              the Pecos River.
                                               1750 CE        Bach dies
9407 DE   Gehn marries Keta
                                               1751 CE        Pennsylvania legislature
                                                              grants charter for first
                                                              hospital in the American
9411 DE   Atrus is born, Keta dies in
          childbirth, Gehn leaves for D'ni
                                               1755 CE        Braddock defeated at
                                                              Fort Duquesne
9417 DE   Gehn starts writing Riven
9425 DE   Atrus conducts his Battery
          experiment and blows open the
          path leading to D'ni. Gehn
          arrives and takes Atrus to D'ni
          (Atrus is 14)
                                            1769 CE        Napoleon Bonaparte
                                                           born. Watt patents the
                                                           steam engine. Kentucky
                                                           celebrates Daniel
                                                           Boone Day, marking the
                                                           day Boone first viewed
                                                           the land that was to
                                                           become Kentucky.
9429 DE   Atrus' Korfah V'ja. Gehn
          destroys Atrus's first Age,
          Inception. (Atrus is 18)
9429 DE   Gehn is trapped on Riven by
          Atrus and Catherine

                                            1773 CE        Boston Tea Party
9430 DE   Achenar born -- estimate from
          mystrevelation.com: Achenar is
          50 during events of Revelation.

                                            1774 CE        Louis XVI assumes
                                                           French throne. Cotton
9431 DE   Atrus marries Catherine
                                            1776.1.17 CE
9433 DE   Sirrus born -- estimate from      1776 CE        American Declaration of
          Catherine's journal (Sirrus was                  Independence.
          8 when Anna died), and                           Franciscan friars
          Revelation.com (Sirrus is 47                     Dominguez and
          during events of Revelation).                    Escalante explore
                                                           route from out New
                                                           Mexico to California.
                                            1777 CE
9441 DE   Anna dies                         1778 CE        James Cook discovers
                                            1785 CE        The United States adopt
                                                           the dollar, the first
                                                           decimal coinage system
9458 DE   Gehn successfully links to his    1786 CE        Gov. Juan Bautista
          233rd Age                                        de Anza makes
                                                           peace with the
                                            1803.2.20 CE
9461 DE   Catherine arrives on Riven                       Louisiana Purchase.
                                                           Ralph Waldo Emerson
                                                           born in Boston.
                                            1806.3.15 CE
9462 DE   Gehn Captures Catherine
                                            1806.5.29 CE
9462 DE   Sirrus discovers that he is
          trapped on Spire.
9462 DE   Player arrives in D'ni and frees
          Atrus from his imprisonment in

9462 DE   Player sent to Riven
                                              1807.1.2 CE
9466 DE   Atrus and Catherine enter           1807 CE        The 1st steamship
          Averone                                            Clermont sails. Slave
                                                             trade abolished in the
                                                             British Empire.
                                                             Zebulon Pike leads
                                                             first Anglo American
                                                             expedition into New
                                                             Mexico. Publishes
                                                             account of way of life
                                                             in New Mexico upon
                                                             return to U.S.
                                              1810 CE        Mexican War of
                                                             Independence begins.
9466 DE   Sirrus's first rock ship fails.
9468 DE   Atrus decides that D'ni should
          not be rebuilt, but that a new
          Age should be written. He
          announces this conclusion to
          the D'ni survivors the next day,
          and receives their unanimous
          and enthusiastic support for the
9468 DE   Atrus completes his design                         Napoleon invades
          notes for Releeshahn                               Russia; French army
                                                             faces disaster. Charles
                                                             Dickens born.
                                              1813.4.19 CE
9469 DE   Atrus begins writing Releeshahn
                                              1813.4.21 CE
9472 DE   Player arrives in Tomahna.
          Releeshahn Book stolen by
          Saavedro. Yeesha is only a few
          months old.
                                              1816 CE        Emma by Jane Austen.
                                                             Charlotte Bronte born.
9472 DE   Atrus returns from trip to Rime
          to view his prison Ages and
          check on his sons.
                                              1817.2.25 CE
9473 DE   Atrus installs new crystal viewer
          in Tomahna.
9474 DE   Atrus adds sound receiver to
          crystal viewer.
9475 DE   Atrus begins work on "moving                       Zulu empire established
          eye" attachment for crystal                        by Shaka
                                              1819.4.23 CE
9475 DE   Sirrus discovers the visiting
          chamber in Spire, added within
          the previous 9 days.
9476 DE   Sirrus begins research on using                    Spain cedes Florida to
          Spire crystals as bombs.                           United States. Walt
                                                             Whitman born.
                                              1820.5.14 CE
9476 DE   Sirrus learns that he has a
                                              1820.5.26 CE
                                              1821 CE        Florence Nightingale
                                                             born. Mexico declares
                                                             independence from
                                                             Spain. Santa Fe Trail
                                                             opened to
                                                             international trade.
9478 DE   Sirrus meets Yeesha for the first
                                              1822.6.13 CE

9479 DE   Sirrus conceives plan to steal                     Louis Pasteur born.
          Yeesha's body.                                     Jean-François
                                                             Champollion announces
                                                             the deciphering of the
                                                             Rosetta stone.
9479 DE   Atrus takes Yeesha to see
9480 DE   Yeesha begins studies with
          Protectors on Serenia.
9480 DE   Sirrus discovers the frequency
          to disrupt nara.
9480 DE   Yeesha receives the Amulet of
          Memories on Serenia.
                                              1824.11.1 CE
9480 DE   Player arrives in Tomahna.
          Yeesha is kidnapped by Sirrus.
                                              1824 CE        Lord Byron dies
9488 DE   Yeesha leaves Tomahna and           1828 CE        First major gold
          moves to the Cleft at the age of                   discovery in western
          16.                                                U. S. made in Ortiz
                                                                   Mountains south of
                                                                   Santa Fe.

                                                    1832 CE        Lewis Carroll born.
                                                                   Louisa May Alcott born
                                                    1846 CE        Mexican-American
                                                                   War begins. Stephen
                                                                   Watts Kearny
                                                                   annexes New Mexico
                                                                   to the United States.
                                                    1898 CE        16-year-old, Texas-
                                                                   born cowhand Jim
                                                                   White probably
                                                                   enters the caverns
                                                                   (Carlsbad) for the
                                                                   first time. The first to
                                                                   find the entrance
                                                                   remains disputed.
9643 DE        John "Fighting Branch" Loftin        1986 CE        Lechuguilla Cave
               re-discovers D'ni                                   discovered to “go
                                                                   further” than
                                                                   expected. Over the
                                                                   coming years, it is
                                                                   taken to over 100
                                                                   miles of explored
                                                    1987 June 29
9643.10.3 DE   Branch (Loftin) and Elias Zandi                     Andy Warhol dies
               ("Eli") make first journey to D'ni
                                                    1988 March
9645 DE        Branch and Eli reach the D'ni                       A Brief History of Time
               City on their third major                           by Stephen Hawking
                                                    1989 June 29
9646 DE        Richard Watson first                                Tens of thousands of
               accompanies Branch and Eli on                       people crowded into
               an expedition to Ae'Gura.                           Beijing's Tiananmen
                                                                   Square, cheering
                                                                   students who waved
                                                                   banners demanding
                                                                   greater political
                                                                   freedoms. Berlin Wall
                                                    1990 June 29
9647 DE        Branch dies on expedition to                        Iraq Invades Kuwait
               D'ni with Dr. Watson and Eli.
                                                    1991 June 29
9648 DE        Dr. Watson forms expeditionary
               group with former colleagues
               Elias and Dr. Watson disagree
               on how to properly restore the
               D'ni City Dr. Watson begins to
               work with Rand and Robyn
               Miller on what would become
               Myst, based on translations of
               Catherine's Journals This is the
               last year that D'ni is left

                                                   1992 June 29
9649 DE       Elias Zandi undergoes open-          1992 CE        Official End of the Cold
              heart surgery, is warned to slow                    War. Microsoft
              down Rand and Robyn Miller                          released Windows 3.1.
              first visit the D'ni Cavern
              following the completion of
              Myst, but prior to its release.
                                                   1993 June 29
9650 DE       Two massive supply trips are                        NASA’s Mars Observer,
              organized by Dr. Watson,                            which was supposed to
              affectionately dubbed the "ice                      map the surface of
              cream" trips because of the                         Mars, is declared lost
              volume of safety cones brought
                                                   1994 June 29
9650 DE       Many small groups of people                         Shoemaker-Levy Comet
              begin searching the desert for                      strikes Jupiter
              D'ni, following a "calling" they
              felt; most are accepted as
              volunteers to help with the
              restoration process.
                                                   1995 April 1
9651 DE       Elias and Jeff Zandi enter a
              heated debate regarding the
              intended resortation of D'ni and
              part ways after the expedition is
                                                   November 16
9652 DE       Elias Zandi dies of a heart          1995 CE        The hole in the Earth's
              attack, leaving his fortune to the                  ozone layer was
              D'ni Restoration Foundation and                     growing fast and was
              the land surrounding the                            twice the size it was in
              Volcano to his son, Jeff.                           1994. It now reached
                                                                  about the size of
                                                   1996 June 29
9652 DE       Dr. Watson forms the D'ni                           Olympic Games in
              Restoration Council                                 Atlanta
                                                   1997 January
9653.6.9 DE   Riven, the second game based
              on Catherine's journals, is
                                                   1997 October
9654 DE       Cyan makes an expedition to          1997 CE        Sheep Cloned. Mars
              D'ni                                                Pathfinder lands on
                                                                  Mars. Mother Teresa
                                                   1998 June 29
9655 DE       Major expedition brings              1998 CE        U.S. singer Frank
              machinery and tools down to                         Sinatra dies
              the City
                                                  1999 June 29
9656 DE        Restoration of Ae'Gura (the
               City) begins
                                                  2000 June 29
9657 DE        Restoration of the first
               Neighborhood begins
                                                  2001 June 29
9658 DE        Authorized Explorers are                          Terrorists destroy World
               allowed into D'ni and several                     Trade Center in New
               Ages for the first time.                          York City
                                                  2002 June 29
9658 DE        Restoration Engineer Phil
               Henderson goes missing while
               working in Eder Kemo. After two
               weeks of searching for him, Dr.
               Watson received a message
               from Phil stating that he was
               OK, but would not be coming
                                                  September 15
9658 DE        Explorers from the Surface,                       The Chinese lunar
               assisted by Jeff Zandi, enter                     calendar marked this as
               D'ni without authorization from                   the new year, 4700, the
               the DRC. They now number in                       Year of the Horse
               the thousands.
                                                  2003 January
9659.6.22 DE   The DRC officially opens the       2003           After 26 years, and at a
               D'ni Cavern to explorers invited   November 5     distance from Earth of
               by Jeff Zandi.                                    over 8 billion miles,
                                                                 Voyager 1 exits the
                                                                 solar system. It is
                                                                 expected to keep on
                                                                 transmitting into the
                                                  November 17
9659.6.23 DE   Phil Henderson returns to Eder
               Kemo, and speaks to explorer
                                                  November 19
9659.7.1 DE    Phil Henderson returns again to
               Eder Kemo and speaks to
               explorer MrM3FaN. Phil asks to
               speak to the DRC, but runs off
               again after speaking to Laxman
               for several minutes.
                                                  November 28
9659.7.2 DE    Explorers organize a sit-in to
               protest the presence of DRC-
               erected barriers in Ae'Gura.
                                                  November 29
9659.7.4 DE    Phil appears in several
               Neighborhoods, distributing the
               island Relto Page and talking to
                                                  December 1
9659.7.5 DE    The DRC opens access to the
               Tokotah Courtyard.
                                                  December 3
9659.7.15 DE   Phil is abducted by the DRC in
               an effort to prevent him from
               hurting himself or others.
               Explorer reaction is swift and
               highly critical of the action.
                                                  December 15
9659.7.17 DE   Douglas Sharper and several
               explorers tear down the barrier
               to the Kahlo Pub in protest of
               the DRC's recent actions and
               continued silence.
                                                  December 17
9659.7.18 DE   Sharper and several explorers
               break into the Private Room of
               Sharper' private neighborhood.
                                                  December 19
9659.7.20 DE   Explorer Tink was permitted to
               talk to Phil during his
               detainment in the DRC's Kirel
                                                  December 21
9659.7.21 DE   The DRC reacts to Sharper's
               outbursts in the Cavern by
               revoking his access to the Great
               Tree Pub, which he had
               previously been in charge of
               restoring. Explorers continue to
               protest the DRC's actions. Zandi
               posts a message about the
               "path of the shell" in the DRC
                                                  December 22
9659.7.21 DE   Phil is released by the DRC on
               the condition that he cease
               explorations of unsafe areas, as
               he had been doing prior to his
               confinement in Kirel.
                                                  December 23
9659.7.24 DE   A structure in the Guild Hall
               collapses while Phil Henderson
               was exploring. Access to the
               City is immediately shut down
               while the DRC search the area.
               The search reveals no body,
               only a smashed KI. The DRC
               believe Phil to be dead. Dr.
               Watson leaves the Cavern
               under emotional duress.

                                                    December 26
9659.8.3 DE    Access to the Great Zero is          2003 CE        Space shuttle Columbia
               granted to all explorers.                           breaks up on re-entry
                                                                   over Texas. Operation
                                                                   Iraqi Freedom begins.
                                                                   U.S. strikes targets near
                                                    2004 January
9659.8.15 DE   The DRC opens the community
               hall and Private Room sections
               of the Neighborhoods, and
               lowers several more barriers in
                                                    2004 January
9659.8.17 DE   The Gahreesen Wall is opened
               to all explorers.
                                                    2004 January
9659.9.1 DE    The DRC restoration effort in
               D'ni is abandoned when funding
               dries up and Dr. Watson fails to
                                                    February 9
9660.3.20 DE   Victor Laxman invites a few
               dedicated explorers to help
               prepare the cavern for visitors.
                                                    2004 July 27
9660.3.28 DE   Due to the efforts of a few
               former restorers, small groups
               once again begin to gather in
               D'ni, though only in areas
               previously opened for
                                                    2004 August
9661 DE        Yeesha seeks someone to              2004 CE        Summer Olympics.
               complete the Quest to free the
               Bahro from their enslavement,
               and returns to Releeshahn to
               live with her father, Atrus.
                                                    2005 October
9661.7.20 DE   Victor Laxman begins posting
               on the DRC forums, looking for
               his fellow Council members.
                                                    December 21
9661.9.7 DE    The DRC return to the Cavern
               in a limited capacity, offering an
               official way for people to return
                to D'ni. There are still no plans
                for restoration work to resume.

                                                    February 15
9661.9.17 DE    Marie Sutherland visits several
                neighborhoods in D'ni making a
                call for five Liaisons as go-
                betweens for communication
                between the DRC and
                                                    February 28
9661.10.24 DE   After considerable debate in the
                explorer community,
                CAGrayWolf, Eleri, Gadren,
                Tweek, and Vortmax are
                elected as the first five
                DRC/community Liaisons.
                                                    2006 April 15
9662.6.6 DE     All five Liaisons (CAGrayWolf,
                Eleri, Gadren, Tweek, and
                Vortmax) are re-elected for
                another 6-month term as the
                DRC/community Liaisons.
9662.7.19 DE    Explorers met with the DRC.         2006 October
                Loud Bahro screams were             28
                heard everywhere. All explorers
                were transported to their Reltos.
                City is subsequently closed by
                the DRC
9662.7.24 DE    Functional imagers are placed       2006
                in neighborhoods. Wheely            December 19
                Engberg arrives in the cavern.
9662.8.1 DE -   Sections of the city are            2006
9662.8.9 DE     reopened                            December 26
9662.8.12 DE    Great Zero is opened                2007 January
9662.8.13 DE    Explorer Liaison Group resigns.     2007 January
                DRC decides not to replace          16
9662.8.14 DE    Eder Delin is opened                2007 January
9662.8.21 DE    The path to the library is opened   2007 January
9662.8.23 DE    Bridge is opened                    2007 January
9662.8.29 DE    Library is opened                   2007 January
9662.9.7 DE     Eder Tsogal is opened. UruLive      2007
                is launched.                        February 7
9662.9.11 DE    Snow appears in Eder Delin.         2007
                Yeesha appears in hologram          February 15
9662.9.17 DE    Museum is opened.                   2007
                                                    February 20
9662.9.18 DE    Negilahn the first pod age, is      2007
                open. It is noted that the animal   February 28
                population in Negilahn is
9662.9.20 DE    Cavern Choir debuts                 2007 March 1
9662.9.29 DE    Dereno, the second pod age, is      2007 March 4

9662.10.6 DE    Bahro visit neighborhoods and       2007 March
                leave a linking stone to the city   15

9662.10.17 DE   Payiferon, the third pod age, is    2007 March
                opened                              23

9662.10.28 DE   Tetsonot, the fourth pod age, is    2007 April 5

9663.1.3 DE     A Bahro stone appears in the        2007 April 19
                city linking to the Descent
9663.1.22 DE    DRC personnel warn explorers        2007 April 25
                away from the pub in the city
                because of a seismic event.

9663.1.23DE     A new crack appears at the          2007 May 19
                library and the city is closed.
                Wheely Engberg and her friend,
                Rosette, are missing.
9663.1.25 DE    Wheely Engberg and Rosette          2007 May 20
                are found dead. Rosette was
                apparently killed by the falling
                rocks in the cave where they
                were found under the pub. It is
                uncertain how Wheely died but
                she talked of Bahro being
                present in the cave with her
                saying she was frightened.
9663.1.26 DE    Douglas Sharper returns from        2007 May 22
                Negilahn with news that he was
                attacked by Bahro but saved by

9663.1.26 DE    Minkata is opened. Michael          2007 May 23
                Engberg is missing

9663 DE         The Relayer Corps is formed by      2007 May 24
                explorers to make it possible for
                other explorers to hear episodic
                events as they are happening.
9663.2.21 DE    Watcher's Sanctuary is opened       2007 June
9663.2.23 DE    The Great Zero is activated         2007 June 23
9663.2.24 DE    Er'cana is opened. A memorial       2007 June 24
                in honor of Wheely Engberg is
                placed in the pub.
9663.3.22 DE   Kirel, the guild neighborhood, is   2007 June 26
               opened. Explorers are asked to
               support one of the five guilds
               represented, Cartographers,
               Guild of Greeters, Maintainers,
               Messengers, and Writers.
               Sharper is in the Watcher's
               Sanctuary when Bahro appear -
               two live and one that had been

9663.3.23 DE   An increase in Bahro sightings      2007 July 31
               are reported

9663.3.24 DE   Jalak, a gaming age, has been       2007 August
               opened.                             1

9663.3.25 DE   Reteltee is named Guild             2007 August
               Advisor. Phil Henderson, who        2
               has been missing for over three
               years, returns to the cavern.
9663.4.25 DE   Guild Pubs are opened.              2007 August
               Explorers are limited to            3
               entrance into one.
9663.4.26 DE   Dr. Watson and Michael              2007
               Engberg return to the cavern. A     September 9
               linking stone appears to the
               spyroom that contains a link to
               Phil Henderson's relto. There is
               continued talk about a possible
               Bahro war.
9663.4.27 DE   Although Dr. Watson has             2007
               returned to the cavern, he does     September 10
               not rejoin the DRC. Sharper
               leaves to help the "good" bahro
               who, according to him, are
               losing the war.
9663.4.28 DE   Dr. Watson speaks to the            2007
               explorers in support of the         September 11
               guilds citing the need to access
               new ages because of the
               continuing bahro strife.
9663 DE        The Cavern Criers are formed        2007
               as part of the Guild of             September 12
               Messengers to distribute Uru
               news in the cavern through Ki-
9663.6.9 DE    Cate Alexander resigns from the     2007 October
9663.6.10 DE   Ahnonay is opened                   2007
                                                   November 1
9663.6.11 DE              A link to Kveer is discovered.          2007
                          Creatures begin to fly around           November 2
                          the Arch in the city. Dr.
                          Kodama announces that he is
                          leaving the cavern.
9663.6.12 DE              Bahro are seen landing in the           2007
                          city.                                   November 3
9663.6.12 DE              Increased bahro activity in the         2007
                          city. The Myst linking book is          November 4
                          found in Kveer. Yeesha and
                          several bahro appear in Kveer.
                          Yeesha talks of the bahro war
                          and that she and the "good"
                          bahro will do all they can to
                          protect the explorers. When
                          she leaves, the bahro activity in
                          the city disappears. The last of
                          the DRC representatives leave
                          the cavern for the surface to
                          seek additional funding.
                                                                  November 5

Timeline compiled from these sources by Dudemom_2000, DeAn and Aura            *some dates

Sources:                  www.dnidesk.com

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                          By: Arthur H. Harris. Laboratory for Environmental Biology, Centennial
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