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The Pentecostal

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									               The Pentecostal

The Goodness and Severity of God
   George W. Cornell of Associated Press recently interview&
the leaders of some antireligious groups. They told him that
things are quiet in the atheist camp today. Its ranks are scattered.
The so-called "Damned Souls" clubs are gone from college cam-
puses. The old fire with which atheists once tangled with the
churches has faded, and atheists find it difficult to get even a
handful of people-out for a free lecture.
  The president of the Freethinkers of America, Joseph Lewis,
explained that "the opposition isn't as strong as it used to be."
H e said, "There's been a considerable liberalizing of religion.
The lines of conflict aren't as clearly drawn." How true!
   Charles Smith, who was president of the American Association
for the Advancement of Atheism for many years, said that religion
has become "a bit too tame" to draw the atheists' fire. "We
don't have the old repressive religion today," he explained. "The
churches don't preach hell-fire and Jonah-in-the-whale any more."
H e said that church activity nowadays is mostly a social affair.
"They go in for this 'cheer 'em up stuff' now," he said. "That's
not the old-time religion."
   But the atheists are not complaining. They are quite content
to see the churches abandoning the "old-time religion" and be-
coming social centers instead of soul-saving centers. And Satan
himself must chuckle with glee as he listens to most of today's
preaching. H e knows that sermons on human brotherhood and
social reform will not set anyone free from sin. H e makes no ob-
jections to sermons on the goodness of God, as long as they don't
mention the severity of God. But both of these truths need to
be emphasized. The Lord revealed Himself to Moses as One
who is "merciful and gracious," willing to forgive sin, but also
as One who "will by no means clear the guilty" (Exodus 34 :6,7).
Jesus stressed the love of God for human beings, but H e also
emphasized God's hatred of sin, and said, "Except ye repent,
ye shall all likewise perish" (Luke 13:3). The apostle Paul
preached on both "the goodness and severity of God" (Romans
11 :22). I t takes the message of God's wrath to make men ap-
preciate the greatness of His mercy.
   Every preacher who has ever won souls to Christ has faith-
fully warned of hell. Sam Jones said, "I believe in a bottomless
pit; and I believe that the wicked will be turned into hell." Billy
Sunday told his audiences, "You will not be in hell five minutes
until you believe that there is one." R. A. Torrey said, "I have
read the Bible in three languages every day of my life for many
years . . . and I believe the old-fashioned doctrine regarding hell."
Similar statements could be quoted from D. L. Moody, C. H. Spur-
geon, General William Booth, and every other great soul-winner.
   I n this issue we are printing Jonathan Edwards' famous ser-
mon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," to remind us of
the terror of the Lord. Some have said Jonathan Edwards
was too stern in his ~reachine. H e was an extreme Calvinist and
                               - '

he emphasized the ieverity i f God more than the goodness of
God. But in s ~ i t e his shortcomines he had remarkable results.
His preachingAof divine wrath against sin helped to bring a
great spiritual awakening to New England. There would be more
spiritual life in the church of Jesus today-and less~complacency
in the atheist c a m p i f there were more preaching of hell-fire.
A sinner might be saved by the message of God's goodness, but
for every one who is thus won there are a thousand others who
are brought to repentance by the preaching of His severity.
Everv Christian who believes the Bible and who loves the souls of
men will warn them to "flee from the wrath to come."
                                                                                          is a "rod" in this world that no power
                                                                                          of hell can set aside.
                                                                                              Judah, who had so heartlessly ar-
                                                                                          ranged to sell his brother Joseph to a
                                                                                          slave caravan on the way to Egypt,
                                                                                          later confessed,,"God hath found out the
                                                                                          iniquity . . ."   (Genesis 44:16). The
                                                                                          Bible says, "Be sure your sin will find
                                                                                          you out" (Numbers 32 :23).
                                                                                              I t would have been little comfort to
                                                                                          Paul to have reasoned with the Roman
                                                                                          official, Felix, "of sin, and of right-
                                                                                          eousness, and of judgment" if God had
                                                                                          no standard of these things and cared
                                                                                          not whether men were clean-cut,
                                                                                          modest, and reverent. I t would have
                                                                                          been little comfort to John the Baptist         .
                                                                                          to have said to Herod, who had taken
                                                                                          his brother's wife, "It is not lawful for
                                                                                          thee to have her," if God had no mar-
                                                                                          riage standard in this world and if the
                                                                                          Ten Commandments didn't mean any-
                                                                                          thing. If Queen Esther had not rec-
                                                                                          ognized the justice of God it would
                                                                                          have been little comfort to her to risk             .
                                                                                          her life to say to 'the king, "The adver-
                                                                                          sary and enemy is the wicked Haman.
                -A     Radio Address by C. M. Ward                                        . . . For we are sold, I and my people,
                                                                                          to be destroyed, to be slain, and to
                                                                                          perish." But Esther believed God's
                                                                                          promise to Abraham, "I will make of

THE truth are met
"Mercy and
                       HAPPILY      SANG,
                                             thy blood, even thine." And this came to
                                             pass literally. It's comforting to know
                                                                                          thee a great nation, and I will bless
                                                                                          thee, and make thy name great; and
                                                                                          thou shalt be a blessing" (Genesis 12 :2,
righteousness and peace have kissed each     there is justice in this world.              3 ) . I look upon the justice of God in
other" (Psalm 85 : l o ) . You can't have       Hitler, Himmler, and Goebels can-         this world, and I say with David, "Thy
a river with one bank. There is the          not send thousands of Jews to the gas        rod comforts me." I know it will al-
law of God, and there is the grace of        furnaces of Dachau and other horror           ways be right to do right, and it will
God. I am comforted to know that             camps, then rake out the gold fillings       always be wrong to do wrong.
sin does not go unpunished in this life,     of teeth from the ashes of their cremated
                                             bodies-and     go unpunished. There is            Neighbor, thank God for His justice!
and I am comforted to know that sin                                                        Parent, H e will use it to bring your
can be forgiven in this life. "Thy rod       a God who sees and reckons. "Ven-
                                             geance is mine; I will repay, saith the       wayward child to Himself. Wife, H e
and Thy staff, they comfort me."
                                             Lord" (Romans 12:19). And so Hit-             will use it to bring your ungodly hus-
         T H E R O D OF G O D                ler was himself to die in the pit he          band to his senses. Pastor, H e will use
   God's rod is manifest in this life. "Be   dug for others-the       flames he kindled    it to straighten out a rebellious and per-
not deceived; God is not mocked: for         consumed the once-feared Fuehrer. God         haps hypocritical church member. The
whatsoever a man soweth,.that shall he       always has the last word in history           Psalmist has said: "Thou hast a mighty
also reap" (Galatians 6:7). No man           with the arrogant and unbelieving.            a r m : strong is thy hand, and high is
can trespass the law of God with im-            God has demonstrated over and over         thy right hand. Justice and judgment
punity No emperor, dictator, states-         again that H e will punish sin. Noah,         are the habitation of thy throne: mercy
man, general, or beachcomber can             a preacher of righteousness, warned his       and truth shall go before thy face.''
trample God's laws. That is a comfort-       community for more than a century              Never forget it, God knows how to
ing fact to the person who wants to do       that the Lord had said, "My spirit shall     use the rod. H e brought a hardened
right in an evil world.                      not always strive with man." "God saw        Pharaoh into line. H e took the pride
   Jezebel cannot abuse her place as         that the wickedness of man was great         and insolence out of Nebuchadnezzar.
queen of Israel, frame Naboth, and steal     in the earth, and that every imagination     H e sent His secret weapon of "death-
his vineyard - and go unpunished.            of the thoughts of his heart was only        dew" upon Sennacherib and his legions,
Whenever I read that story I come            evil continually. . . . And the Lord said,   and slew the host where they were en-
away with the feeling, "Crime does not       I will destroy man whom I have created       camped before Jerusalem. H e brought
pay." God sent His prophet Elijah to          from the face of the earth. . . . The       a city-wide revival to wicked Nineveh.
tell that wicked woman, "Thus saith          earth also was corrupt before God, and       H e turned a saucy, over-stepping
the Lord, in the place where dogs licked     the earth was filled with violence"          "chamber of commerce'' in Philippi into
the blood of Naboth shall dogs lick           (Genesis 6 5 , 7, 11). Neighbor, there                     (Continued on page thirty-one)

August 19, 1956
                                                                                          He only stayed a few hours, but he was
                                                                                          thrilled by the beauty and mystery of
                                                                                          this desolate city.
                                                                                             The Bible alone is able to solve the
                                                                                          mystery for us. It is mentioned as one
                                                                                          of the .cities conquered by the four
                                                                                          kings who captured Sodom and carried
                                                                                          Lot captive. It was then called Mount
                                                                                          Seir, and the inhabitants were called
                                                                                          Horites or "cliff dwellers." Afterward,
                                                                                          the story of the Twin Brothers is woven
                                                                                          into the history of the ancient city.
                                                                                             One night Esau came home tired and
                                                                                          out of sorts, and coveted a dish of red
                                                                                          beans that Jacob had prepared for him-
                                                                                          self. H e had to decide between the
                                                                                          great Covenant of God with his grand-
                                                                                          father Abraham, or that dish of beans,
                                                                                          and he reasoned something like this:
                                                                                          "What will the birthright profit nw?
                                                                                          Shall I do without my supper that the
                                                                                          world may be blessed through me?" H e
                                                                                          decided to let the blessing for the world
                                                                                          go into the discard, and have a hot sup-
                                                                                          per. Jacob decided that the world should
                                                                                          be blessed through him at the cost of
                                                                                          his supper and almost life itself, and
                                                                                          contrived to get the blessing-but it was
                                                                                          not the Abrahamic blessing that he re-
                                                                                          ceived through his connivance. The
                                                                                          great blessing was given to him freely
                                                                                          by Isaac later on. H e left all the riches
                                                                                          of his father's home and went away
                                                                                          with only his staff. Genesis 28 :3, 4.    ,
                                                                                             When Jacob returned from Padan-
                                                                                          aram in after-years, Esau came from
                                                                                          Mount Seir (Petra) with 400 men to
                                                                                          meet Jacob, and after the greeting he
                                                                                          returned to his home in Seir, and Jacob
                                                                                          eventually went to his father Isaac, who
                                                                                          was still living (Genesis 33:16). Esau
                                                                                          must have prospered greatly, for we
                                                                                          read : "These are the generations of
                                               -b y Elizabeth. Bowman                     Esau the father of the Edomites in
                                                                                          Mount Seir . . and these are the
                                                                                          kings that reigned in Edom, before
                                                                                          there reigned any king over the chil-
PETR*,     T H E CITY O F MYsTERY. m s       the Nabatnns from 100 B.C., until they       dren of Israel," and a long list of kings
been called "The Rose-Red City Half          were conquered by Rome about A.D.            and dukes are given who reigned "in
as Old as Time," "The Rainbow City,"         106. It was mentioned by Strabo as           the land of their possession." Genesis
and many other descriptive names sug-        a city of great riches and luxury. Herod     36. But we read, "Jacob dwelt in the
gested by its strange, desolate beauty.      Antipas married the daughter of Aretas       land wherein his father was a stranger"
All we are able to find out about it         IV, and she fled to her father at Petra      (Genesis 37 :1) .
from secular history is, that it once had    when she heard that he had taken his            Esau, who had despised his birthright,
267,000 inhabitants; that it was on a        brother Philip's wife, for she knew the      was living in the most beautiful city in
trade route from Egypt to Sheba, Iraq,       fate of any one who stood in the way         the world-its palaces carved like beauti-
and Persia, that it was inaccessible ex-     of Herod's desires.                          ful cameos out of rose-red, rainbow-
cept through the rift which was only            Then we know that the armies of           hued, and lemon-colored stone, his fam-
wide enough for two horses abreast;          Mohammed swept down upon Mount               ily reigning as dukes and kings-but
and that the perpendicular walls of this     Seir, and that soon after that it was        wait !
rift are from 400 to 700 feet high, and      lost and forgotten for hundreds of years        Jacob returns from Padan-arm, "a
brilliant with all the colors of the rain-   until Burkhart heard of it through an        stranger in a strange land," grieving
bow.                                         Arab, and studied Arabic three years         over the loss of his beloved wife Rachel,
   This beautiful city was occupied by       in order to go there disguised as a sheik.   then soon despairing over the loss of
The discovery of Petra, Esau's lost city, reminds us of certain
                 prophecierr already fulfilled and other prophecies yet to come to pass

Joseph. After a while they are distressed    country, the plea was one of the most        Herod had the same burning desire
by famine, and the fear that Benjamin        pathetic in the Bible: "Let us pass, I       (only intensified to its highest degree)
may also be lost to him. In his despair      pray thee, through thy country: we will      that had moved the heart of Jacob: H e
Jacob says, "All these things are against    not pass through the fields, or through     desired above all things that the whole
me!" Then the news came that Joseph          the vineyards, neither will we drink of      world might be blessed through Him.
was alive and master of all Egypt, and       the water of the wells: we will go by the   H e was brought in, bound, before the
that he was providing bread for the          king's highway, we will not turn to the     usurper who sat upon His own throne.
whole kingdom. With a glad heart Ja-         right hand nor to the left, until we have   What a wonderful picture: T h e king
cob went to his beloved son, as the          passed thy borders. And Edom said un-       from the line of Esau, and the King
Jews will one day turn to the Lord           to him, Thou shalt not pass by me, lest     front the line of Jacob, stood looking
Jesus, and Jacob spent the remaining         I come out against thee with a sword"       into each other's eyes! With only a ges-
years of his life amidst the glories that    (Numbers 20 :13-21). There was nothing      ture, Jesus could have summoned legions
surrounded his famous son. Jacob, with       for the children of Jacob to do, but turn   of angels to sweep the usurper from
all his faults, had chosen to be a channel   south over the rough country to Akabah,     His throne which H e could have easily
of blessing to the world, and he lived to    and travel all those weary miles out        occupied Himself. But H e did not
see his own son bless the world!             around the land of Edom, which was          want that throne-not then-because H e
   When Jacob died, Joseph had his           under the rule of the children of Esau.     was on His way to the cross to redeem
body embalmed, and the great of Egypt           One dark night, the darkest the world    you and me. H e didn't want that
followed his remains to the threshing        has ever known, two kings were face         throne until you and I could share it
floor of Atad on the east side of Jordan,    to face for the first time. One sat on      with Him! Herod sent Him back to
so it must have been the desire of Jos-      his jeweled throne in all his magnificent    Pilate. Later H e who knew no sin,
eph to pass through the land of Edom,        regalia. H e had an income of about         took the place of the sinner on the
and show Esau and his family how God         $3,400,000 a year; he had everything        cross, and died in the place of Herod,
had honored the humble Jacob by giv-         he desired, for human life was nothing      as well as for you and me. Jesus even
ing him perhaps, the most impressive         to him. Anyone that stood between           died for the man who had usurped His
funeral cortege that had ever been seen      him and the thing he wanted was             throne !
in Palestine. "His sons carried him to       doomed, as they had been in his fattier's      The 5011 of Esau went on with his
the land of Canaan, and buried him in        day. H e had even repaid his brother        revelry, while the Son of Jacob hung on
the cave of the field of Machpelah,"         for his hospitality in Rome, by taking      the cross. But the hand of God fell upon
and there he rests today, waiting for        his wife from him. This was the Edom-       this tyrant soon after: he was banished
the coming of the Lord ; when Abraham        ite usurper of David's throne, Herod        to Lyons and died in exile in great
and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob          Antipas. The slogan of this descendant      misery (this Herod must not be con-
and Leah will rise from the cave at          of Esau was the same: "What will it          fused with Herod Agrippa I , who vexed
Hebron to meet the Lord. What a won-         profit M E ? '                              the church and was eaten of worms,
derful sight that will be!                      The other King who stood before          Acts 12) ; while Jesus Christ rose from
                                                                                         the dead to reign as King of kings and
   While the Edomites (children of                                                       Lord of lords for all eternity!
Esau) were living in oriental luxury in
                                                                                            At this time Mount Seir (Petra) was
their "rainbow city," the children of                                                    still beautiful and prosperous, but God
Jacob were enslaved in Egypt by a                                                        had spoken its doom: "I will make
"king who knew not Joseph," and finally                                                  Mount Seir an astonishment and a deso-
they were led out by the hand of the                                                     lation" (Ezekiel 35 :3-7). Again, "Be-
Lord. "Then came Amalek [descendant                                                      cause that Edom hath dealt against the
of Esau] and fought with Israel."                                                        house of Judah by taking vengeance, I
When the hands of Moses were held up,                                                    will also stretch out mine hand upon
the Israelites prevailed, but when Moses                                                 Edom [Esau] and will cut off man and
lowered his hands, Amalek prevailed.                                                     beast from i t ; and I will make it deso-
(Let us hold up the hands of our lead-                                                   late from Teman [Maan]."             These
ers, who are God-given.) And God said                                                    words were fulfilled to the letter; Maan
unto Moses, "Write this for a me-                                                        is the railroad station, and from just
morial in a book, and rehearse it in the                                                 there the desolation begins.
ears of Joshua: for I will utterly put                                                      Not only was Esau's city and king-
out the remembrance.of Amalek from                                                       dom doomed, but his nation, Edom, was
under heaven" (Ex. 17 :l4). This is                                                      to be destroyed: "There shall be none
one reason why beautiful Petra was                                                       remaining of the house of Esau" (Oba-
lost for hundreds of years! .                                                            diah IS). See Joel 3:19; Amos 1 : l l ;
   When the children of Israel finally                                                   Isa. 34 :5 ; Ezek. 25 :12. Petra, or Mount
came to the borders of Edom and beg-                                                     Seir, his capital city, is an "astonish-
ged to be allowed to pass through the                                                                   (Continued on page eleven)

August 19, 1956                                                                                                                  5
- The ,story of o young womon who neglected God's coll until
 lote in life, but found there wos still time to win souls.

                    by Mrs. Julia A. Shelhamer

 W H E N      MOTHERWAS A BLUSHING               Now she was more than willing to obey      a continuous revival of God's blessing.
  maiden with eyes of blue and hair of           -she longed to answer the call-but            I was at a loss to know how to com-
 gold, she fell in love with a school            how could she begin? Her hair was          fort my dear mother, except to say
 .teacher-the    city bandmaster. Since          white, her shoulders stooped. One hip      that her girls were doing the work to
 she also was a teacher, it appeared to          was larger than the other, because she     which she had been called. But one day
 be a good match ; so when he asked her          carried babies on it while doing her       the Lord gave me an answer. "Mother,"
 to marry him she consented.                     housework. Besides, she had one weak       I asked, "why don't you do as John
    But there was a secret in her heart.         eye; and most of her beauty was gone.      Wesley did ?"
 God had called her to go South and                 Often I found her in the attic weep-       She lifted her fair face, red with
 do missionary work among the colored            ing and praying over her rejection of      weeping, and caught the inspiration.
 people, and she was not willing to do           God's call. "Julia, what shall I do?"      Despair vanished, and at once she be-
 so. To keep from obeying God, she               she asked in despair. "Woe is me if        gan marking her slate. She outlined
 accepted the proposal of her fiancee.           I preach not the gospel, but there is no   a program for every day in the week,
    All went well. They. established a           pulpit open to me now that I am old."      and to that schedule she held until the
 home, built up a good business-but                 In my theological 'course I had just    last. It was somewhat as follows :
 Mother's joy was dulled by an accusing          been reading "The Life of John Wes-           There was a little village two miles
 conscience.                                     ley." When barred from preaching in        away called Browntown, and another
    In due time God blessed the home             the Church of England, Wesley entered      which was rightly called Bugtown. At
 with five little girls. Every time a baby       every open door for soul winning. Once     each of these places Mother established
 came, Mother told herself she had               he preached from his father's tomb-        a weekly gospel service.
  further reason to doubt her call.              stone. Thousands gathered in the fields       Every Wednesday she visited the hos-
    The children were carefully trained.         to hear him. H e held services in barns    pital and prayed with the sick and
 In early life each daughter felt she            and homes and humble mission halls,        dying.
  must prepare herself to be a soul              and thus established preaching points         Then there was the Brickyard, where
 winner, and later each succeeded in             in so many places that he had to employ    she took a company of young people
 entering the field of gospel service            others to help him. H e had as many as     for an open-air service every week.
 either as author, editor, evangelist, pas-      sixty such places on one circuit, and          One afternoon of the week whs
 tor or minister's wife.                         thousands were converted to Christ.        reserved for calling on irreligious fam-
    Of course, Mother rejoiced in this,             It was in this energetic way that       ilies. Mother always knelt and prayed
  but as she advanced in years the call          Wesley launched the great Methodist        with them, and numbers were led to
  she had heard in her youth returned.           movement which for many years was          Christ in this way. .
   Down in the city stood the great jail
where so many condemned criminals
were kept. Every Friday Mother visited
these prisoners. Policemen bowed and
smiled a s she passed. The jailors knew
her and gladly let her in. She would be
taken to the top floor. A great key
opened the death cell, and my little
                                                Why Not Choose Teaching?
mother was admitted. The door was
locked behind her. She would sit and                         by EVELYN C. GUNTER, Martin, Tennessee
talk with the murderer as though he
were her own son, then she would read
from the Bible and ask him to kneel
while she prayed. She would induce
him to confess his sins to God, and in
                                           -   OU   ARE   G O I N G TO   COLLEGE THIS   moment his teacher has spent time on
                                                                                        her knees.
                                           fall. Congratulations ! And may you
her sweet simple way she would lead        choose as your profession a teacher in          Once it was almost generally agreed
him to Jesus.                              our public schools. Fifteen years ago I      that teachers hud to be "old maids." But
   I understand that for years, not one    made this choice and began a career of       educators now feel a teacher can also be
poor criminal in that large jail died      teaching-an elementary teacher. I have       a happily-married mother and house-
unprepared. Mother led every one of        never been sorry that I am a teacher.        wife. Many teachers obtain a leave of
them to Christ.                               It's true that sometimes the pay check    absence to raise their families, later re-
   One of these men told Mother that       does look small; but then I remember         turning to their chosen profession when
the following Friday he must die. H e      that I also get paid in apples on my         their children are older.
11ad few friends, if any, and humbly       desk, live frogs for the aquarium, tieing       I t is true that we cannot teach religion
asked if she would condescend to be with   little girls' sashes, and helping out by     in the public schools where this is pro-
him in the hour of death. H e was a        doctoring sore toes-then the amount I        hibited; but there is no law against
big Negro whereas she was so delicate      get paid looks enormous! Little things       living it. The teacher is looked upon
and timid-but she consented.               become giants to a teacher.                  with utmost respect by the citizens of
   One morning I said to her, "Mother,                                                  the community. Therefore, at all times
                                              Let us look at this idea of teaching
where are you going all dressed up?"                                                    she must conduct herself in a Christian
                                           from a new window-a picture window
   She answered sweetly, "I'm going to                                                  manner. She must be an example to
                                           of home mission work. You say that you
see my boy die."                                                                        the parents as well as her pupils. H e r
                                           want to work for the Lord. That is
   When the sheriff brought the con-       wonderful. But how? You feel you             conversation, dress, associates, and
demned man out of his cell, Mother was                                                  social life should alwavs be Christlike.
                                           are not "called" to preach or evangelize.
standing near, waiting for him. His sad                                                 Pupils will come to her with problems or
                                           Sing? Why, you can't! Well, why not
countenance brightened when he saw                                                      for advice on how to act and conduct
                                           consider home missions among our own
her. Drawing near, he said, "Mother,       American boys and girls? Included in         themselves. Who could ask for a broader
I'm going to be with Jesus in just a few                                                or more influential field of service?
                                           them you will find all the materials you
minutes." So happy was he that he                                                          A teacher must always keep in mind
                                           need. Real live clay they are, that
caught hold of a rafter or iron bar                                                     how the Master Teacher would react
                                           shapes and molds so easily at a teacher's
above him and actually took a swing, as    touch. Once they love you, the bend-         in a given situation. She should have
though in ecstasy!                         ing, shaping, and molding has begun.         a            place for prayer so that she
   The black cap was placed over his                                                    can slip away to it when the day is
                                              Your material will vary. There will       perplexing. A nearby cloakroom that
head, and a rope around his neck, and      be Joyce whose parents live on a small
a few seconds later he dropped, limp                                                    is my own provides an excellent sanc-
                                           pension. She will need an extra smile        tuary where-I can spend time alone with
and lifeless-into the arms of Jesus, a     and shoes and dresses to feel she is as
trophy of my mother's faithfulness.                                                     God. If there is to be a parent confer-
                                           important as Patsy whose parents be-         ence-one of those in which it is a
   God has called every one of His         long to the "Upper 400 Club."
people to win souls in one way: or an-                                                  foregone .conclusion that teacher is
other. Will you not consecrate your           John will be overbearing, arrogant,       wrong, and parent and pupil are right-
service this day to H i m ? Seek the       and repulsive to all that is fine and        I find that slipping to my knees before-
Baptism of the Holy Spirit at once and     clean and decent. The teacher's patience     hand can save the day for both parent
receive that Divine Power to lead men      will be sorely tried. But when the day       and teacher,
and women to Christ. I t is not too        comes that he stands at your door with          Yes, I love teaching. And I want to
late. Begin now, this very hour, to        a freshly-dressed rabbit just for teacher,   perform my tasks faithfully, so that
help someone find Jesus.                   you choke, then smile; and he never          when I meet the Master my report card
   Perhaps you, like Mother, heard the     guesses that for the response of this        will read, "Well done."
call of God many years ago. Have you                                                       I hope you will enroll in one of our
obeyed? If not, do as Mother did. Re-        Evelyn Gunter is a teacher of first and
                                                                                        Assemblies of God schools to prepare
consecrate yourself to God and H e         second grades. She is a member of the        for the ministry of teaching. And may
will yet show you how to proceed.          First Assembly of God, Union City, Tenn.     God bless your ministry with souls!
   "Ye shall receive power, after that
the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and
ye shall be witnesses unto Me."-Tract.

August 19, 1956
Southern Baptists Give $ 1 0 Million for Missions                        Clergymen Preach "Last Sermon"
   During the first six months of this year. Southern Uap-                                                                   s
                                                                           Clerg!.men of seven ' d e n o m i ~ ~ a t i o l lpreached a t Evangel
tists gave more than $10 million to support their Foreign a i d          Community Church in New Castle, Pennsylvania, on the
H o m e Mission Boards.                                                  theme, "If This W e r e M y Last Sermon." Among the topics
                                                                         they chose were: "Judgn~ent," "Repentance," "The Cross,"
Little Rock Adopts Sunday Closing Ordinance                              and "hIissions." T h e sermons \\.ere given o n seven successive
  T h e City Council of Little Rock, Arkansas, has adopted               nights.
an ordinance, effective immediately, which requires all gro-
cery stores to close on Stundays.                                        Form First Church Co-op in M a i n e
                                                                            hIenibers of the Hartford Conlnlunity Church (Presby-
Liquor and New Homes                                                     terian) have f o r n ~ e d Maine's first church co-operative. A               :
  T h e .4merican Cusinessmen's Research Foundation says.
"Drinking families a n n ~ ~ ~payy out in cash for intoxicants
                                                                         farm machinery pool will be established a s the co-operative's
                                                                         initial project. .4lso planned are co-operative b;lying and               .

enough to buy over 700,000 beautiful new homes at $1 1,500."             selling undertakings a s well as educational, mission, and                    ,

Nazarene Goal: Five New Churches a Week                                  charitable activities.
  E s t a b l i s h ~ ~ ~ eOFi t five new churcl~esa week for the next
                           r                                             Youth for Christ Votes Larger Budget
four years was proposed a s a goal of the Church of the                     Youth for Christ I~iternational adopted a budget of
Nazarene at its 14th quadrennial assembly in Kansas City.                $690,000 for 1956-7 at its annual conlention in Winona
Army Chaplains M a r k Another Milestone                                 Lake, Indiana-$135,000    more than last year's budget. D r .
                                                                         Robert -4. Cook lvas re-elected presiclent for his ninth con-
  O n Sunday, July 29, the chaplains of the United States
                                                                         secutive year by the more than 4,COO delegates who attended
Arnmy conlmemorated the ISlst anniversary of the day on
                                                                         the convention.
which the Continental Congress Founded their I~ranch of
service to care for the spiritual needs of American soldiers.            Churches W i n Complete Victory in Parking Issue
                                                                                                                  .   .
                                                                            T h e churches of Memphis, Tennessee, won a conlplete
SBC Launches Vocational Publication                                      victory in their fight to lil~eralizethe city's off-street parking            i
   Southern Baptist Career Nenv, a vocational guidance                   regulations. T h e City Commission adopted a n amendment
publication for t e e n - a g e r ~ ,will be launched in October by      relaxing parking requirements in the present ordinance.
the Southern Baptist Education Commission. I t s aim ivill he               T h e amendment provides that churches built in the fu-                    I
to help the denomination's 900,000 teen-agers choose which               ture need supply only one parking space for each ten seats.
of 22,000 vocations will be theirs.                                                                                                                    ;
                                                                         Existing churches will not be required to provide off-street
Louisiana Senate Kills Bingo Bill                                        parking unless they increase the size of their main audi-
   A bill permitting parishes (counties) to decide on a local            toriums, and then at the 1-10 ratio.
option basis \vhether to legalize bingo, raffles, and Iteno                 Acting on the pleas of many clergymen, the city legislative
games conducted by c h ~ ~ r c h eand charitable groups was
                                   s                                     body overrode the 1-to-5 ratio originally urged by the Mem-
killed in the Louisiana Senate by a 27-9 vote. I t earlier               phis Planning Commission. ; I t also overruled the com-
had been approved by the House.                                          promise 1-to-8 ratio recommended by the planning' group
                                                                         after a committee of clergymen had protested the 1-to-5
A Million Dollars for the Pope                                           ratio a s discriminatory and unfair. T h e clergymen's coni-
   Congress has recently passed and sent to the President a              mittee, of which James Hamill, pastor of First Assembly,
bill which would authorize payment of almost a million                   was a member, had pointed out to the planning commission
dollars ($964,199.35) in full settlement of all claims and               that auditoriums, I~allparks, stadiums, and school buildings
clamages resulting from the accidental'bon~bing the Pope's               were required to provide but one parking space for each ten
summer, residence a t Castel Gondolfo during World W a r 11.             seats, and that d o w n t o ~ v n movie theaters and other such
A s one observer has noted, the Pope must have a n exceed-               buildings were not required to provide any off-street parking.
ingly fine mansion, for a sunlmer home-certainly       incon-            T h e ministers charged that the existing regulations deprived
gruous with the appeals for help for starving nuns and priests           churchgoers of constitutional rights and were,a "very definite
in some countries.                                                       hindrance to the cause of Christ" in Memphis.
U. S. Could Have a Catholic President
   Growing "political tolerance" among U . S. voters could
result in the next president of the U . S . being a Roman
Catholic ! A report released by Dr. George Gallup, director
of the American Institute of Public Opinion, shows that 7 3
per cent of the voters now voice "no objection" to voting for
a generally well-qualified nominee of their party who hap-
pened to be a Roman Catholic by faith.
Newsboys Blacklist Immoral Literature
   I n Melbourne, Australia, newsboys have joined in a fight
against immoral literature. T h e y have refused to handle
21 magazines-nlostly    issued by American publishers-on a
list which they themselves compiled a s being "too filthy to
handle." . W h e n news agents give them copies of the black-
listed magazines, the boys simply return them without dis-
playing them o r offering them for sale. News agents a r e
complaining-even     threatening legal action-but  the news-
boys just grin every time they hear that sales of their self-
censored publications have fallen off sharply.
Warns Number of Unchurched in U. S. Growing
   A Lutheran home missions leader has warned that the
number of non-church members in the U.S. is increasing
every year despite "a strong resurgence of interest in re-
ligion." Pointing out that the 66 million Americans who
have no connection with any religious body is greater than
the population of the country a t the turn of the century, he
                                                                       .           ,  - .. ,. . -             .- . .                           - .
added, "Yet a t least half of this number live within easy
                                                                                                                    A   ,   ,

                                                                                                                                                                        . - "
                                                                                       .   ' ( 2

                                                                               .  ~ijs+&er
                                                                                   -   .        $u-:feel, ab9uktlie :Parriii l s l a r d driil-serg6aCt

distance of a Protestant c l ~ u r c l ~ . "                           ,                                                          17%.
                                                                         .,.:<l+si :'t'dis~'ipliniiy:ii~iz~h"y;!ed: young..hlarifies -into . -                            '
   T h e r e a r e multitudes in America without Christ! U r h a t a    , ., .
                                                                              a.~~::or$-of ,,d~th',marsh,,.jlou                carinot ,escape .the
responsibility rests upon every Christian to reach these peo-          . ' .?facts :..'it !kc. ,."st<@id;'j'f~<~ic: .          waste. of life. It, did not-

ple with the good news of salvation.                                     : ;ie@h' !-..' .             '  . .: . . . .
                                                                                                                                      . .. .
                                                                                                                                         :         -
Sees Demand for Church to Provide Kindergartens                        ..'. .'. B u t how il?dut t ~ i e . : ~ ~ o r l d " a r o u n d l\!liile, w e Chris-
                                                                             .tians. sit. high: and 'd&,,;,in-.the 'brightness of H i s Light.
   A Louisville (Kentucky) minister said that public-school
                                                                           'nien a i e being l'edto destruction 'iii the darkness all about.
kindergartens apparently a r e a thing of the past and that
                                                                           . L e a d e r s w h o , d o i ~ o t . k n o wthe w a s , direct the destiny of               .
churches will face mounting demands that they provide this
                                                                           '  millions. ' - M e n grasp a t kei& i n , the darkness ; they are.
service. H e said that his church-St.            Paul Methodist-
                                                                              pulled under by the"frahtic .clawings of their fellows.
expects to start a "church day school" for five-year-olds and
                                                                                                                  t . here for if it is ,lot t( shine a
                                                                         -. '..,What a r e - w e ~ h i i s.. i a n s
possibly younger children this fall.
                                                                              light into the dark,?                .
                                                                                                                   :                                          - .
   T h e pastor said, "I have always felt that the church was
                                                                                 Through, d b r r'nissionariCs&k can 'form a Iivilig!chain
missing a great opportunity in helping form the attitudes of
                                                                            :out -$;to -tlle'-midst.:6f:'thg' night,: . Al$lored :on- hi$lier.
these children. T h e Sunday School program is good as far
                                                                ,: Ge'ican' p . u l l ~ ~ f ~ l t , u !to'safefy.l-lye. cap l i g h t -             . . .
a s it goes, but i t ' i s terribly inadequate."

   Louisville kindergartens may be dropped because of the               . ..
                                                                        ..'.-t!!.e.,iya$,?+en can .discrii beg~veep'-reeds                 .and ropes.!' . '1 . ..- -
                                                                                                                                                                   .  ,    .  :
                                                                        .,=..: : : - ~ p.; e e d-. t h ~ t ~tih ei-t j l ~ ~ i ~ s ~ @ ~ a ~ j ;i ;feddr~ i ~ r i ~ e . . . -
                                                                          - .                    f ~          ~i l                                   n t 'C.i\..'s,--
failure of voters to pass a proposed half of one per cent              ..l::h$$,.<ssiglff&dIIits&]f'ii--slj&i'fic'I:i;aii
                                                                         .,                                                         -6f- areit t 2 s k g f : 6 1:'. : : -         '
school occupational tax.
Methodists Face Serious Shortage of Ministers
   T h e eight presiding bishops of the Methodist N o r t h Cen-
tral Jurisdiction said that the size of their church is one of
her most serious problen~s. T h e y warned Methodists, the
largest U . S. Protestant denomination, that "the greatness
of a n y Church is .to be measured not by it statistical size
nor numerical strength but by its prophetic message and
spiritual power."
   T h e y also said that the shortage of ministers is one of the
most serious problems the Methodist Church has ever con-
fronted. T h e bishops said that the denomination needs a
minimum of 1,200 neiv ministers each year to replace re-
tired and deceased clergymen and another 1,800 annually to
fill new churches and the needs of the Church's expanding
program. T h e y pointed out, however, that in a recent 12-
month period the denomination gained only 927 new min-

August 19, 1956
                                                                                           There were already some Christians
                                                                                        at Canyon Day as a result of the min-
                                                                                        istry of our missionaries at White-
                                                                                        river a few miles away. The Christian
                                                                                        ladies built a brush arbor on the church
                                                                                        grounds and this served as the church
                                                                                        through the summer months. The
                                                                                        Oakeses lived in a trailer house along-
                                                                                        side the arbor.
                                                                                           Then came cold weather in the White
                                                                                        Mountains and the services were moved
                                                                                        to an army hospital tent. Later, the
                                                                                        home of Brother and Sister Oliver
                                                                                        Altabah, Apache Christians, was opened
                                                                                        for services.
                                                                                           The Oakeses continued believing God
                                                                                        for a church. They itinerated in Illinois
                                                                                        and Indiana and raised $1,000 toward a
                                                                                           I n March several carpenters donated
                                                                                        their labor and time, and on Easter
                                                                                        morning they held the first service in
Sundoy School ot the lndion Mission (Assemblies of God) in Gallup, New Mexico. M r .    the new building with a Sunday School
               ond Mrs. Coleb Smith (right, second .row) ore the missionories. .
                                                                                        attendance of 116.
                                                                                           The building is not finished. I t has
                                                                                        only a sawdust floor; it needs ceiling
       G A L L U P , N E W MEXICO              p a g e , and were purchased from the
                                                                                        inside and siding outside; but the mis-
                                               Wycliffe Translators.
    Brother and*Sister Caleb Smith went                                                 sionaries believe that the God who
                                                  Recently the building they rented
to Gallup about two years ago, convinced                                                started the work will finish it. Brother
that God was leading them to minister          has been put up for sale, and they are
                                                                                        Oakes writes :
to the Navajo and Pueblo Indians in in need of another place of worship.                    "I know we have only started, but
                                                  Due to the fact that Gallup is an
that city and on the reservations nearby.                                               God has blessed, in wonderful ways.
                                               Indian center, many Indians can be
Gallup is a great trading center for                                                    W e baptized five teen-agers all of whom
                                               reached for Christ there through an
Indians from the large Southern Navajo                                                  are going on with the Lord. Lives of
                                               Indian mission. The annual "Inter-
Reservation and the Zuni Reservation.                                                    drunkenness and evil have been changed
                                               tribal Ceremonials" held in Gallup
    Their ministry began in hogans and                                                   to peace and happiness in Jesus. Several
                                               during the early part of August attract
other Indian homes open to them, both                                                    new families are coming and are hungry
                                               thousands of Indians of many tribes
on the reservation and in the city. Many                                                 after God.
Navajos have been saved, healed and each year.                                              "Many have knelt for salvation but
 filled with the Spirit as a result of            The city also has several Ipdian
their ministry.                                schools and a large Indian hospital and are still in need of prayer. Pray that
                                               nursing school. The opportunity for God will strengthen them and fill them
    Due to the steady increase in attend- reaching Indians here is seemingly un- with the Holy Spirit."
ance at the services, it was necessary limited. In view of these opportunities,
 for them to find a larger place of let us pray earnestly that the Lord will                    PHOENIX, ARIZONA
worship. The Lord opened the way supply the need of a building for the                      Brother and Sister Clarence Wash-
 for them to rent a downtown store Gallup work.                                          burn with their co-worker, Virginia
 building for a mission, and they also                                                   Kridler, have one of our largest As-
 continued to conduct some services on                CANYON DAY, ARIZONA                semblies of God Indian works. I t is
 the reservation.                                  Brother and Sister Robert Oakes held located in Phoenix, Arizona, which is
     The work continues to grow and the their first service at Canyon Day on the a great Indian center, surrounded by
 Sunday School has been averaging Fort Apache Reservation in June, 1955. reservations.
 around one hundred. They have both The spiritual hunger of the people was                  The Washburns have counted rep-
 English and Navajo teachers, and use manifest in the fact that there were resentatives of more than a dozen tribes
 an interpreter in most of their services. sixty present, out of a village of less in a single service. The Lord has
 Their songbooks are in the Navajo lan- than four hundred population.                    blessed their work, saving many and
calling young Indian men to preach to
their own people. T h e work has grown
greatly since the Indians theniselves are
helping to carry the message in their
ow11 tongue back to the reservations.
Some of them have attended Bible
School in order more ably to minister
the Word. Others, with less formal
education, are training right in the local
   The Washburns hope to erect a local
training school to facilitate their train-    A   typical   Apache   home   in Canyon   Day         A Navajo hogan on the reservation
ing program.
   This summer an All-Tribes Indian
                                              carpenter help can he secured it will be           for his very fine painting. H e was
camp meeting was held in Phoenix on
                                              completed.                                        born on the reservation near Red Rock
the church grounds. Several were saved
                                                 ~ e a n w l i i l e Brother Lee spends sonle   in 1926. H e has a pretty blonde Anglo
and many were blessed and refreshed
                                              time each week out on the reservation             u i f e and little girl, and both he and his
in spirit through the services. Local
                                              going to the widely scattered hogan               wife speak beautiful English. . . .
W M C groups took turns providing food
                                              homes of his people with the good news                "Charlie Lee is one of the two young-
for the evening meals which were served
                                              that Jesus saves.                                 est painters to attaiu prominence with
to everyone.
                                                 A recent issue of Arizo~zaHiglzways            his painting today. . . . If he can
   SHIPROCK, N E W MEXICO                     carried an article on Navajo artists,             spend more. time on his painting it is
   Brother and Sister Charlie Lee min-        featuritlg some of the best. Here is a            safe to say he will be one of the out-
ister to the Navajos at Shiprock, and         quotation from the article concerning             standing Navajo painters of future
God is blessing their efforts. Like           Brother Lee, which is a commentary on             years. . . . "
Andrew of old, who "first findeth his         his devotion to the ministry he has                   Brother Lee has chosen deliberately to
own brother," Brother Lee's first con-        chosen :                                          minister Christ to his people rather
vert in the work a t Shiprock was his            "Charles Lee of Ye1 H a Yah ( ' H e            than travel the road to fanie as an
own brother Harry. Since H a r r y was        that goes off in anger') belies the trans-        artist. Let us pray for this young
saved there have been many others, and        lation of his Navaio name and is a                couple, that God will bless and use them
their little home is crowded out for the      gentle, slender, ascetic-looking young            to win many niore to Christ.
services. Brother Lee preaches in             man and an ordained niinister of the                 Your offerings for the I N D I A N
Navajo so that everyone may under-            Assemblies of God. H e is an ardent mis-          B U I L D I N G F U N D , or for I N D I A N
stand.                                        sionary to his own people and in fact             M I S S I O N S , may be sent to the H O M E
   Their church building program is           spends so much time on his church work            M I S S I O N S D E P A R T M E N T , 434
under way, and as soon as sufficient          that there is lamentably little time left         West Pacific, Springfield 1, Missouri.

                                                                                                we pledge our allegiance to the King o f
                                                                                                kings, and take our inheritance among
                           THE LOST CITY                                                        the redeemed of the Lord. Even those
                                                                                                who choose the things of the world
                              (Contiilued from page five)                                       instead of the things of God, cannot
                                                                                                really have them, for like Herod's throne
                                                Esau's lost city has been discovered,           and kingdom, they all belong to God.
went and a desolation." All the buildings
                                             and everything is ready for the Children              The story of T H E L O S T C I T Y is
that were constructed of stone blocks
and mortar have crumbled to dust, but        of Jacob, who are even now gathered in             the story of a lost man., and a lost peo-
                                             Israel. "And the woman fled into the               ple. Beautiful, desolate Petra is the
those cut from thc solid rock of the
                                             wilderness, where she liath a place                fitting memorial of a self-centered man.
n~ountainsare still standing in all their
                                             prepared of God, that they should feed                "For what is a man profited, i f he
exquisite beauty, enough of them to ac-
                                             her there a thousand and two hundred               shall gain the whole world, and lose his
commodate thousands of people in com-
                                                                                                own soul?"
fort. A clear stream is bubbling over        and threescore days. . . . And to the
rose-red rocks, with oleanders and wild      woman were given two wings of a great
figs growing on its banks. Everything is     eagle (perhaps airplanes] that she might             GOD-CENTERED AFFECTIONS
ready and waiting for the children of        F L Y into the wilderness, into her place             God aims in all H i s dealings with His
Jacob, when they will need to fly from       where she is nourished for a time, and             children to bring them ,to a high con-
the Beast who will conquer the Holy          times, and half a time from the face               tempt of and deadly feud with the
Land. "He shall enter into the glorious      of the serpent" (Revelation 12:6, 1 4 ) .          world. H e withholds from them the             '

land, and many countries shall be over-         Two kings are heading two kingdoms.             childish toys and the earthly delights
thrown : but these shall escape out of his   Either the self-centered Esau is our king          that H e gives to others, in order that H e
hand, even Edom, and Moab [just north        with the slogan, "What will it profit              niay have all their affections centered
of Edom], and the chief of the children      ME?" o r the God-centered Christ who               upon Himself.
of Ammon" (Daniel 11 A l ) .                 gave Himself a ransom for sinners. May                             -SAMUEL RUTHERFORD                 .
August 19, 1956
        M o n y come t o the front of the tent to seek Christ                   A crowd o t one of the 6:30 p.m. children's services

                                               of God's Word night after night. God            offered to us at about one-half the reg-
      by Leonard Nipper, Tokyo
                                               honored His Word !                              ular price. Realizing that the rented
                                                  Two small buildings have been rented         buildings would not be permanent, and
  T H E P L A C E : Himeiji, a city of
                                               for the present and a graduate of our           because of the attractive price, we gave
250,000 people, 40 miles west of Kobe,
                                               Assemblies of God Bible School in               the matter much prayer and serious con-
the nation's second largest p r t .
                                               Tokyo has assumed the responsibilities          sideration. W e did not have the money,
  T H E T E A M : Evangelist and Mrs.                                                          but in faith we made a deposit of $400.00
                                               as pastor of this new work. Over
Gene Martin, members of the Southern                                                           with the understanding that we would
                                               twenty adults, plus high school and
California District, working together                                                          try and pay the balance ($1100.00)
                                               college students, have attended these
with the missionaries and the Japanese                                                         by the end of this year.
                                               meetings since the tent campaign. A
brethren in the area.
                                               Sunday School has been started, and                Teamwork ? Yes ! W e believe in it ;
  T H E M I S S I O N A R I E S : Miss Flor-   meetings are held four times each week          we work and pray together. Some 3       f
ence Byers (Pennsylvania), Mr. and             for the new group.                              you are on the team. W e invite others
Mrs. Virgil Ginrich (Pentecostal As-              Tent meetings have been the founda-          to join the team and pray with us, work
semblies of Canada), Mr. and Mrs.              tion of many of our Assemblies of God           with us, and give with us, so that we
Leonard Nipper (Southern California),          churches in Japan. Seven other tent             will be able to purchase this land and
and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Taylor (Okla-            meetings have been planned for the              build another Assembly of God here
homa.)                                         summer, four of them in totally un-             in Japan for the glory of our God.
  The Lord has given us the victory,           evangelized areas and three to help             Your offering sent to the Foreign Mis:
for which we are thankful.                     small works reach new people in their           sions Department, designated "Himeiji
  Working together in full co-operation        communities.                                    Church Building, Japan," will help us
with the Japanese brethren in this area,          After much prayer and inquiry, we            win these people to the Lord.
our evangelist under the anointing of          had a desirable piece of land one block
the Holy Spirit proclaimed the truths          from where we held the tent campaign
                                                                                                  When we think of Him whose form
                                                                                               was marred more than any man's, who
          The presbyter, Kishibei Sensei, i n front of one of the rented buildings
                                                                                               was crowned with the crown of thorns-
                                                                                               when we think of Him who hung upon
                                                                                               the cross at Calvary, will you not rejoice
                                                                                               to bring joy to H i m ? What joy can you
                                                                                               bring to Him like going to the heathen
                                                                                               and making known to them the precious
                                                                                               blood that cleanses from all sin, and
                                                                                               bringing them as trophies to His feet?
                                                                                                                        -Hudson       Taylor

                                                                                                    Send Foreign Missionary offerings to
                                                                                                    NOEL PERKIN, SECRETARY
                                                                                                        FOREIGN MISSIONS
                                                                                                   434 W. Pacific St., Springfield 1, Mo.
  Precious brethren in the Lord:                   Up to the present, when we had no
   The Board of Directors of the Com-           place of our own, some had to assemble
missary Department (Helping Union)              in a hotel of which we were later de-
of the Free Christian Assemblies                prived, and some in my dwelling which
Branch-Union of Steiermark has re-              happens to be out of town and is orie of
quested me to express thanks to you for         the twenty barracks of the First World
                                                War. This will give you an idea of                                    June,. 1956
the designation of $78.00 for the build-
ing of the meeting place at Knittelfeld.       the urgent need for the meeting place to                        CONTRIBUTIONS
Our joy was very great as we received           be completed, for under such circum-        Alabama ........ $ 2,133.69
                                                                                           Appalachian                 641.97
                                                                                                                                  Northwest ......
                                                                                                                                  Ohio ...................
this check which when cashed brought            stances one does not get people into       Armma ............          934.07     Oklahoma ........
                                                                                           Arkansas ........ 2,742.86             Oregon
us 2,000 Shilling.                              the meeting which is even under normal
                                                           "                               Eastefn ............ 10,031.65         Polish Br. ......
   So, dear brethren, please accept our         circumstances difficult. As soon as        Georgm ............ 1,765.43           Potomac ..........
                                                                                           German Br. .... 1,326.32               Rocky Mtn. ....
most hearty thanks in the name of the           something moves, we are immediately        Greek Br. .....             113.09     Russian Br. ....
                                                                                           Hungarian Br.                47.3      S. Calif. ............
above-mentioned Colnmissary Depart-            faced with opposition. Therefore, we                                    4 5
                                                                                           Illinois .............. 10, 35. 1      S. Carolina ......
                                                                                           Indiana ............ 4,712.01          S . Dakota ......
ment as also the Assembly at Knittelfeld.      -trust the Lord to move upon hearts         Italian Br. ........ 609.65            S. Florida ........
                                                                                           Kansas .............. 6.503.84         S. Idaho ............
Through this action of love you have            to make the con~pletion of the build-      Kentucky ..........         652.35     S. Missouri ..       ..
helped us so that the meeting place can         ing of the meeting place possible          Lat. Amer. Br. 1,990.33                S. Texas .......
                                                                                           Louisiar~a ........ 1, 48. 24 5        Tennessee ........
be advanced a bit further toward its com-       so that we will be able to proclaim to     Michigan ........ 9,829.74
                                                                                           hIinnes?ta. ........ 8, 97. 8
                                                                                                                       2 5
                                                                                                                                  Texas ...............
                                                                                                                                  Ukrainian Hr.
pletion. For the present we still lack          the people the gospel of full salvation    Misslss~pp~        ......   763.51     West Central
                                                                                                                       2 9
                                                                                           Montana ............ 3, 67. 1          West Florida
the seating, the lighting and the heat-         in Christ.                                 Nebraska ........ 3,155.20             West Texas ....
ing equipments. So there is still a need                                                   N e w England             2,454.2      Wis. -N. Mich.
                                                   In the bonds of the love of the Lord    New ersey                 7,457.92     Wyoming ........
of about 15,000 Shilling ($500.00) for          Jesus, there greet you heartily the Di-
                                                                                           New h e x i c o   ::::
                                                                                           New York ........ 9,566.48
                                                                                                                     1,215.01     Alaska ............
                                                                                                                                  Canada ............
the securing of these. For us, as a                                                        N. Gal.-Nev. 14,391.80                 Hawaii ............
                                                rectory of the Commissary Department       North Carolina 1,037.86                Foreign ..........
small assembly, with the members gen-                                                      North Dakota 2. 83. 5       5 2        hliscellnneous ..
                                                (Hilfsverein), the local assembly and      - -~

erally poor, this is not so easily possible.                                               Total Amount Reported                                       $249,3134
For this reason we are always very             your humble brother in the Lord.            District Funds ................................. $12,972.83
                                                                                           National Home Missions ............ 3,069.13.
glad and thankful for every assistance                             KARL  WAGNER            Office Expense                                     4,034.79
                                                                                                                                               1 1
                                                                                           Given Direct to Miasions .......... 33, 93. 1 53,269.86
toward the completion of the work.                                 Knittelfeld, Austria    Received for Council Missionaries ................ 196.011.48
                                                                                           Received for Non-Council Missionaries .... 2, 37. 0   2 6
                                                                                           Missio~~aryOfferings Not Allocated
                                                                                            to Any State                                       50,855.49
                                                 Rachel Maser returned to Cuba. on         Total     Receipts                                              249,104.57
                                               June 23 for another term of service.                           DISBURSEMENTS
                                                              *    *   *                   Support of Missionary Personnel ................ $109,679.31
                                                                                           Missionary Equipment                                          20,529.93
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Greisen sailed for     Missionary Work
                                                                                           National Workers Abroad ...............................
                                               Denmark on June 19 on the S S Kings-        Buildings on Foreign Lands .............................
                                                                                                      Transportation ................................... 39,846.65
  Connie Lynn was horn to Mr. and              holm.                                                                                                   $295.415.22
Mrs. Carl Malz of South India on                              *    *   +                   Transferred from "Hold" Accounts ............ 46,310.65
June 18.                                         Jacqueline June arrived July 1 in the                                                                $249,104.57
                                               home of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Cimino,
  Mr. and Mrs. R. Scotti sailed for            Umuahia, Nigeria.
Europe on July 12 on the SS Ryndarn.                          *    *   *                      The following missionaries have re-
They will continue their missionary              A cable received from Mary Martin         cently returned on furlough :
work- in Belgium.                              and Florence Bassett tells of their safe       Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wright and family
                *    *    *                    arrival in Liberia.                         from East Africa. They can be reached
  Lawrence O.lson is in need of a Ham-                        *    *   *                   at 434 West Pacific Street, Springfield
mond organ for the radio program in               Mr. and Mrs. James Baker and family      1, Mo.
Brazil. Any friends who may wish to            returned to Formosa on June 29, where          Mr. and Mrs. A. Heetebry from the
help, may write him at Caixa Postal            Mr. Baker will again have the oversight     Fiji Islands. Their address is 211 Ma-
3274, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.                  of the Bible Institute.                     thilda Ave., Sunnyvale, California.
                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Murray Brown and
   M r . and Mrs. R. Scotti   Miss Rachel Maser          The James Baker family            children from Africa. They are living
                                                                                           for the present at Mission Village, Route
                                                                                           5, Springfield, Mo.
                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Petroskey of Da-
                                                                                           homey, Africa. They are located at
                                                                                           2918-9th St., N. W., Canton 8, Ohio.
                                                                                              Mrs. A. E. Lindvall and children
                                                                                           from El Salvador. Mr. Lindvall is re-
                                                                                           maining on the field a while longer.

August 19, 1956
by Oliver G. Wilson                                                                                             THE CHRISTIAN HOME

                                                   IS                   AT YOU MAKE I T !
Aboys and,salesman stopped athecouple
            pointing down        hill,
asked, "Which house do you live in,
boys ?"
   One of the boys replied: "We used
to live in that house but it's not a house
any more, it's a home."
   The salesman looked surprised and
asked, "What made the difference?"
   The boy beamed, "You see, there's
love there now."
   Four walls and a roof will make a
house, but not a home. The house
is a mere shelter; the home is a shelter      an explanation, he replied : "They are,         would I be more appreciative and a lit-
plus love and kindness and co-operation       bear and forbear. 'Bear ye one another's        tle less exacting toward them since they-
and trust.                                    burdens' and 'Forbear one another in            are compelled to live in a generation
   Never forget that marital difficulty       love.' "                                        that has lost its way?
often begins when one partner takes              Living is an art to be learned and              Were I to sit where the wife and
the other for granted. The little kind-       practiced, as well as a responsibility          inother sits with cooking and mending,
nesses are neglected, the little courtesies   to be used. Everybody who looks for             sweeping and laundry, house cleaning
are overlooked, the scrupulous care of        it can find an alibi for a grouchy dis-         and baby care, would I be more helpful
person and clothing is given up, and          position and a tendency to find fault           to her, Bnd kinder in speech and atti-
soon a wide chasm of misunderstanding         with others.                                    tude ?
separates those who once were knit to-           Reading through Ezekiel I came upon             Were I to sit where Grandma sits,
gether in a beautiful fellowship o f love.    the words: "I sat where they sat." I            with failing powers and sight, with the *
   Dr. J. 13. Chapman said : "Every home      meditated upon it as I thought of home.         clutching fear of helplessness, and lonely
should keep two bears." When asked for           Were I to sit where the children sit,        for the days that are past, would I be

              AUGUST 20

SCRIPTURE: Proverbs 1 :1-10                   SCRIPTURE: Romans 5:l-11                        SCRIPTURE: Psalm 6
TODAY'S GEM: "The fear of the Lord is         TODAY'S GEM: "But God commendeth                TODAY'S GEM: "The Lord will. receive
the beginning of knowledge." (Proverbs        his love toward us in that, while we were       my prayer" (Psa 6:9).
1 :7),                                        yet sinners, Christ died for us" (Rom. 523).    FOR THE PARENT: This Psalm could
FOR THE PARENT: God wants His chil-           FOR THE PARENT: Point out the prog-             easily be the words of a person who had
dren to be wise for several reasons listed     ress of the Christian life-trials    teach     sinned, or one who was very sick. Stress
in verses 2-6. Knowledge begins with           us patience, which in turn brings expe-        the fact that verse 9 is the key to the Psalm
the fear (reverential trust) of the Lord      rience and hope. But the only reason we         -it   expresses the faith of the Psalmist
(v. 7).   Children should obey their par-      can be Christians is that Jesus died for       that God has heard his prayer. Read
ents (v. 8), for this helps them to obey       us-not because of our goodness, but be-        1 John 5 :14,15.
God when tempted to do evil deeds (v. 10).    cause H e loved us.                             QUESTION TIME: Why did David ask
QUESTION TIME: W h y does God want            QUESTION TIME: W h a t do trials do for         the Lord to have mercy on him? (v. 2)
us to have wisdom? (vv. 2-6) Where does        u s ? (v. 3) W h y did Jesus die for us!       What special confidence in God is expressed
knowledge begin? (v. 7) W h a t are chil-     '(v. 8) What'hope does the fact that Jesus      in verse 9 ? If we kgow that God hears
dren told to d o in this Scripture passage?   died for us while we were sinners bring u s ?   our prayers, then what else do we know?
(vv. 8, 10)                                    (v. 9)                                         (1 John 5:15)
PRAY for greater wisdom (see James 1 5 ) .     PRAY for a greater love for Jesus.             PRAY for a greater faith in God.
more sympathetic, more careful to
speak graciously and show greater in-
terest in her concerns?
    The home is what we make it. I t is
a shrine for worship or a den of hate.
                                                        A BRAVE RESCUE:,
                                                                         jpnp#$                                              ,-i   c?     4
I t is an oratorio of gladness o r a dirge                                       A STORY FOR JUNIOR READERS
o f self-pitying despair I t is an island
where love reigns or a galley filled with
insulting slaves. I t is a heaven or a
hell.                                                A is a little island NIAGARAFALLS
                                                         B o w THE hflGHry
                                                     there                called Goat Is-
                                                                                                     As he reached the artist, he grasped
                                                                                                  him firmly. The artist loosened his
    Make your home and its maintenance
the supreme business of your life. The               land. Today a bridge joins the island        hold on the rock and grabbed his
dividends will be large in happiness and             to the shore, but some years ago there       rescuer. The people on shore then
in character.                                        was no bridge.                               pulled on the rope; and the two men,
                   -The    Wesleyan Methodist           One day an artist, looking down on        clasped in one another's arms, were
                                                     the swift current of the river, lost his     slowly drawn to shore.
                                                     footing and fell into the swift water. H e     What a shout went up from the
                                                     was rapidly swept downstream toward
            REAR AN ALTAR                                                                         crowd as they saw the two men safely
                                                     the Falls.                                   reach land!
Rear yau an altar that will last farever:               O n the brink of the .Falls there was
Langer than any shaft ar marble dame;                a rock which he managed to grasp,            . That is a picture of what the Lord
Erect it there beside yaur awn hearthfire,           and he held on for his life. The swift       Jesus has done for us. W e were lost
The chaste, white family altar in the home.
                                                     current was pushing against him and it       in sin; the power of sin had swept us
Chisel the Word of God upon the waiting
Hearts and minds of the dear ones gathered
                                                     took all his strength to hold on to the      along and there seemed to be no way
           t h e r ~                                 rock, but he managed to keep himself         to save ourselves from eternal destruc-
The blowing rands of time will not erase it.         from being swept on to destruction.          tion. But Jesus, the Son of God, came
N o friction dim the imprint of your prayer.            Crowds gathered on the banks, and         down from heaven with the strong rope
For memary will hold those chiseled letters,
                                                     every device was tried to reach the          of salvation to rescue us. H e became a
And prayer shall be embedded in the heart.           man as he clung to the rock; but every       man so that H e could come alongside
0 Father, Mother, mar the lasting altar,             attempt failed.                              us and share our circumstances. Not
And the children whom you love will not                 At last a man said he was going           only did H e risk His life for us-He
           depart                                    out to him. The man bound a rope             actually gave His life in order to save
From the way of life.
                        ...     The Word will last   around his waist, told some people on        us. Oh, how much it must have cost
Though earth and heaven itself should pass           shore to hold the end of it, and he          Him to go down into the black waters
           away-                                     jumped into the water exactly where the      of sin to rescue us-Jesus,   the sinless
I f you have not as yet begun the building           artist had fallen in. H e let the cur-       Son of God! Have you thanked Him
Of that eternol a l t a r - s t a r t today!         rent carry him down until he reached         for dying on the Cross for you? Are
                          -Grace Noll Crowell        the rock where the artist was clinging       you clinging to Him and trusting Him
                                                      for his life.                               as your Saviour?

                AUGUST 23                                          AUGUST 24                                     AUGUST 25

SCRIPTURE: 2 Chronicles 26:l-5,16-21                 SCRIPTURE: John 6 26-35 (Sunday's Les-       SCRIPTURE: John 19:4-16 (Sunday's
TODAY'S GEM: "Let him that thinketh                  son for Juniors)                             Lesson for Primaries)
he standeth take heed lest he fall" (1               TODAY'S GEM: "Jesus said unto them,          TODAY'S GEM: "For Christ . . . suffered
Cor. 10:12).                                         I am the bread of life" (John 6:35).         . . . that he might bring us to God" (1 Peter
                                                                                                  3 :18).
FOR THE PARENT: Tell the story of                    FOR THE PARENT: Have the children
King Uzziah (see Sunday's Lesson page).                                                           FOR THE PARENT: Tell the story of
                                                     tell the story of how Jesus fed the multi-   Jesus in Pilate's judgment hall. Show the
Behind his great sin, like Amaziah's, was            tude. Then point out that (1) the un-
pride. Amaziah was proud of his strength;                                                         children that (1) Pilate's statement was
                                                     selfishness of one boy enabled Jesus to      foolish, v. 6 ; (2) Pilate had no power over
Uzziah was proud of his spiritual life. Be-          perform this great miracle; (2) Jesus per-
cause of this, he failed to respect God and                                                       Jesus except what God gave him, v. 11;
                                                     formed this miracle s o H e could tell the    (3) the sufferings of Jesus (Matt. 27:27-31)
God's house.                                         people that H e is the bread of life and     were for us.
QUESTION TIME: W h a t was Uzziah's                  can satisfy our spiritual hunger.            QUESTION TIME: W h a t did the Jews an-
sin? (v. 16) Did anyone warn the king                QUESTION TIME: W h a t did Jesus use to      swer Pilate when he said to them, "Be-
of the wrong he was doing? (vv. 17,18)               feed the multitude? (vv. 9-11) W h y did     hold your king"?    '   (v. - 15) W h a t were
H o w did God punish Uzziah's sin? (v. 19)           some o f the people follow Jesus? (v. 26)    some of the things Jesus suffered at His
PRAY that we will never become proud                 What advice did J-esus give these people?    trial? (Matt. 27:27-31) Why did Jesus suf-
because of what we do for the Lord.                  (v. 27)                                      f e r ? (1 Peter 3:18)

 August 19, 1956
                                                                Shut - In
                                                                 This ministry to shut-ins has: brought
                  Pastor R. A. Rieben
                                                               cheer and help to hundreds in':Muskegon.

                          OF                       "Shut-In Club" had more than 230                 T o give you a n insight into.this work
gon, Michigan, is a church that feels a            members.                                      and to help you realize the problems
responsibility to its community. A n d                 A s the idea. caught "fire," the city     and possibilities, we asked the IIaels to
among its members is a couple, M r . and           of RIuskegon began to take &ice. T h e        recall some of the persons they have
Mrs. Carl Mael, who have a special                 Eastgate Bakery offered to donate a           visited. They cited a few \\horn they
ministry of bringing hope, help, and               cake each Tuesday to the person named         felt were typical of the many they visit.
encouragen~ent to those to xvhom it                as shut-in f o r that day. Kweekman's            "One shut-in is a Christian mother
means so much-the         shut-ins.                Floral Shop said they would donate a
   H e r e is the 'way the S h l ~ t - I n Club    plant each Friday to the person named
came into being :                                 a s shut-in for that day. Listeners were
   Pastor R . A. Rieben conducts a popu-          encouraged to write to the person named
lar weekday radio program, "The As-               a s shut-in of the day.
sembly of God Hour," at 9:30 a.m. over                 Pastor Rieben reports that the shut-
station W h I U S . Among its many lis-           ins began receiving hundreds of pieces
teners a r e shut-ins-those who because           of mail. H e also states, " W e have never
of ill health o r physical handicaps find         yet been refused admission to a home
it impossible to move about in the world          when we inform them of our business.
like others. Pastor Rieben felt a re-              I t is a great advertising medium f o r our
sponsibility to help and encourage these          church, but primarily it is a means to
people. H e knew that only actual visita-         bring comfort and cheer to those who
tion could reveal the real situations a n d       need it so badly, and to present the
problems, and provide needed sympathy             message of divine healing."
and comfort. B u t he did not see how                  O n June 10, Pastor Rieben planned a
he himself could give the necessary               special Sunday service for all the shut-
time to such a ministry because of his            ins who were able to come to the church.
many duties as pastor of a large, thriv-          Each one attending was honored with
ing church.                                       a gift. T h e r e were special musical
   I n the church were two members anx-           numbers and a message particularly f o r
iously looking f o r a way to serve the           shut-ins. Interest in the service was
Lord. They were enthusiastic about                high.
the possibilities o f this ministry, and               T h e Maels consider their ministry to
so in Muskegon the "Shut-In Club"                 the shut-ins a great privilege. W h e n
was born, and Brother and Sister Mael             they enter a home, they have the op-
became the official "visitors," working           portunity to pray with the person and
closely with the pastor and letting him           often with the family; counsel them
                                                  to trust the Lord for physical and                 R. A . Rieben (right), pastor of Centrol As-.
know of cases where a pastoral call was                                                          sembiy of God, Muskegon, Michigon, and
needed.                                           spiritual help; read the W o r d ; and         M r . and Mrs. Corl Moel stond ot the entrance
   Because of the influence of the radio          leave gospel literature. . They use the        to the Muskegon County Hospital. The Moels
                                                                                                 have found a great min~stry in visiting and
Program, it was not long until the                E V A N G E L extensively in their work.       helping the shut-ins of the Muskegon area.
who has been confined to a wheel chair
for over five years. 111 addition to her
physical sufferings, she is undergoing
severe trials because of domestic prob-
lems and financial dif.ficulties. W e have
visited her several times, always pray-
ing with her and leaving gospel litera-
ture. The Word has meant so much
to her.
   "In another home where we have
visited a number of times, there is a
girl who has been in a coma for many
months. This girl gave a wonderful
testimony of God's help prior to laps-
ing into this present condition, and why,
she is so afflicted God alone knows.
H e r illness, of course, is a great bur-
den to her father and mother. The girl
herself is unaware of our visits, but
her parents do appreciate our calls and
prayers. Please join us in praying for
her complete healing.                        M r . and Mrs. Carl Mael (left) present a cake donated by a local bakery to Mrs. Brillhart,
   "We have called t.wice in a home          who was named shut-in for.that day. Pastor Rieben makes sure that Mrs. Brillhart, who
                                             has been a member of Central Assembly for many years, gets her copy of the EVANGEL.
where a -.little boy of seven has                         The EVANGEL is used extensively in the min~stryto the shut-ins.
been confined to his bed for many
months with a serious rheumatic
condition. I n fact, the whole family,
including the parents and three other           Do the Maels ever get weary in their       churches. Brother Mael states, "Every
children, is plagued with sickness. One-     work? They answered, "Yes, at times,          community doubtless has the same need
half of the father's earnings are spenA      but as we see the need for Christian          as ours, waiting only for God's people
for medicines and remedial measures.         fellowship, understanding, and sympathy       to catch the vision and awaken to their
W e have prayed for this family and are      among those enduring great trials of          sense of obligation to those who need:
encouraging them to put their faith in       affliction and pain, and those with           them so much. W e would like to see
God.                                         seemingly insurmountable difficulties,        something similar to our 'Shut-In Club'
   "Just a short time ago we visited a       we remember that the Lord has told us         operating in conjunction with every one
sweet elderly lady. She was very sick,       to bear one . another's burdens.. W e
but her attitude was so cheerful that                                                      of our Assemblies. God has said in H i s
                                             thank God that H e has led us into"this
one would hardly have thought her to be                                                    Word that 'pure religion and undefiled
                                             work, and feel impelled to redouble
so ill. As we prayed with her, little did    our efforts so that we can bring help,        . . . is this, T o visit the fatherless and
we realize that in less than a week we       encouragement, and the message of de-         widows in their affliction, and to keep
would be standing before her coffin and      liverance to many more."                      himself unspotted from the world'                ,

that she would be with the Lord. There          The Maels also feel that this minis-       (James 1 :27). Great blessings await
was a consolation to us to know that we      try to the shut-ins can be profitably         the persons who will give themselves
had been able to minister to her, even       undertaken by every ' one of our              to this important ministry."
in a small way.
   "We visited a Christian home in a
neighboring community where both hus-
band and wife were -blind. W e were
amazed to discover that they were able
to carry on normal household duties.
                                spirit was
Their sweet, humble ~ G s t i a n                                                                           Central's assistant pastor,
a n inspiration to us, and they seemed to                                                                   Everett Linville (left), pre-
deeply appreciate the time we spent with                                                                    sents a plant to Charles
them, talking of the things of the Lord,                                                                    Harmon, Jr., who was one
reading the Word to them, and praying                                                                       of a number of shut-ins able
with them. The husband painstakingly                                                                        to attend a Sunday service
typed us a letter, expressing their thanks                                                                  that was planned especially
for our visit.                                                                                              to honor members of the
                                                                                                            "Shut-in Club."
   "We also visit the convalescent homes
and hospitals, and we have been able
to place a plaque which reads, 'I will
never leave thee nor forsake thee,' in
every room and ward in these homes
and hospitals."

August 19, 1956

         . . .   -   .   .   ...
John the Baptist was a voice for God in his day.                                        of Jesus at the Jordan, but cloven
Who will lift up his voice and call our generation to repentance?                       tongues of fire sat upon the heads of the
                                                                                        one hundred and twenty in the Upper
                                                                                        Room. Our Lord had told them that
                                                                                        they would receive power to witness
                                                                                        after the Holy Ghost had come upon
                                                                                        them (Acts 1 : 8 ) . In this unique sign
                                                                                        of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, did
                                                                                        not God show that H e was giving men
                                                                                        the power to witness for H i m ? H e who
                                                                                        said to Moses, "I will be with thy
                                                                                        mouth," desired now to show His dis-
                                                                                        ciples that His Spirit could so control
                                                                                        their tongues that they would become the
                                                                                        very voice of God. Isaiah had prophesied
                                                                                        that with stammering lips and another
                                                                                        tongue God would speak 'to His people
                                                                                         (Isaiah 28 :11). I t was God who spoke
                        by Violet Schoonmaker                                           at Pentecost. I t is God who is speaking
                         Veteran Missionary to North India                              today through thousands of His. Spirit-
                                                                                        baptized saints.
                                                                                            Is it a light thing that these human
P E m u P s N o M o m GR.wHIc PEN-PIC-      of his word, my heart sent up a cry          lips of ours have been touched and
ture of the preaching of John the Bap-      to heaven that God would again send          cleansed with a live coal from the altar
tist may be found than that given in the    such a messenger into the world, with        of God? I s it a trivial thing to be a
book, "The Prince of the House of           such a message, to produce a similar         voice of God? NO, rather, it is a
David," written many years ago by J.        conviction of sin, in preparation for the    solemnizing thought that we are called
H . Ingraham.                               Second Coming of our Lord. W e be-           "tongues people." W e have winced at
    The author describes John the Bap-      lieve H e is coming soon ; but there may     the name. Should we not glory in i t ?
tist's coming into the midst of Israel,     yet be valleys to be filled, mountains       Not that we would overestimate this
working no miracle but, by the eloquence    and hills to be brought low, crooked         sign. But it is truly marvelous to have
and power of his preaching alone, draw-     ways to be made straight and rough           the Spirit of God so move these tongues
ing great multitudes into the desert to     places to be made smooth before the          of ours as to make us His voice in
hear him. Such was the power of his         way of the Lord will be prepared for         warning the sinner, arousing the slum-
preaching that multitudes from all          His return.                                  bering Church, and proclaiming the soon
Judea and the country around Jordan            The early disciples were prepared by      return of our Lord.
were moved to confess their sins and        the Holy Spirit to be a voice from God.         I do not mean to imply, however, that
be baptized.                                   A Dove had descended upon the head        we must speak in tongues to be a voice
    Such a voice Israel had never heard                                                  of God, for the Scripture does not teach
before. The prophets had spoken to                                                       that tongues are given to us for the
them, but their words had fallen, for                                                    purpose of preaching the gospel. The
the most part, on deaf ears. But here                                                    one hundred twenty "magnified God"
was a voice that penetrated into the very                                                in new tongues on the Day of Pentecost,
depths of their beings, creating mighty                                                  but Peter evidently preached to the
conviction of sin and repentance toward                                                  multitudes in Aramaic, a language
 God. The fame of the youth preacher                                                     known to all those gathered together.
 spread so rapidly that the multitudes                                                      Nor are we Pentecostal people the
 trampled upon one another in their                                                      only voices God is using today. There are
 eagerness to reach him. There were no                                                   many other voices that are being heard
miracles, no mighty signs or wonders,                                                    in every land. W e believe some of them
 no advertising-but just a voice preach-                                                 to be as truly prophets sent to the world
 ing in the wilderness and carried by the                                                as were the prophets sent to Israel. And
 Wind of heaven into every city, village,                                                 why not? Surely the God who warned
 and hamlet of Judea.                                                                     Israel so faithfully of coming destruc-
    Some time ago I reread J. H. Ingra-                                                  tion would not let the world go un-
 ham's book and pondered upon the en-                                                     warned at this time.
 thusiasm and fire of John, the wilder-                                                     W e do believe, however, that God has
 ness preacher. Clad in a garment of                                                      a special message to speak through us.
 camel's hair, he held himself aloof from                                                 As John the Baptist was sent from God
 other men. His food consisted of the                                                     to prepare the way for the first advent
 locusts and wild honey of the desert,                                                    of our Lord, we have been sent to help
 and his bed at night was in the coverts                                                  prepare the way for His second advent.
 of wild beasts. As I thought upon                                                        John belonged to the Old Dispensation
  these things and the magnetic power                                                     of the Law and cannot be in every detail
an example for us in thls dispensation COVER PHOTO
of the Spirit. H i s was a unique minis-
try also that made him "more than a
prophet," so that the Lord said of him,
 "Among them that are born of wonlen
 there llath not risen a greater than John
the Baptist" (Matthew 11 :11). How-
                                                   New Church Dedicated in Casper, Wyoming
ever, we can learn much from this man,
u h o suddenly appeared on the horizon            Pastor H . R. Kennedy and the con- seats 362 persons .and the balcony has
as a blazing meteor and as quickly dis- gregation of Faith Assenlbl in Casper, a capacity of 50.
appeared.                                      i
                                               IVyoining, are rejoicing in the blessings          The attractive interior of the church
   JVhat was John's message for his d a y ?    of God. Four years ago this cliilrch incl;ides: a grand piano and electric
 First of all, it was a message of rcpcwt- I did not exist. Today the congregation organ, gifts of members and interested
a w e . "Repent y e : for the kingdom of        - -               worships in a beautiful groups ; a sound-proof nursery ; and
heaven is at hand," he preached. John
                                            I                     new building which was n built-in baptistry.
proclaimed that God's axe was already                             recently dedicated to          The church was started in the fall
laid a t the root of the trees, and that                          the Lord.                   of 1952 when the only available build-
every tree which did not bring forth                 --
                                                                     T h e dcdicatory serv- ing was a f o r n ~ c rmilitary barracks. I t
                                                                  ices which were broad- was in that structure that Brother H . A .
good fruit was to be cut down and cast
into the fire. Surely there was never                             cast over Casper's radio Hainpton first held services for the
a time when the world needed this mes-                            station, K 1 7 0 V , and initial group of approxi~nately ten per-
                                                 H. R. Kennedy
sage of repentance as it does today.                              the growth of the sons. I5rotller Kenncdy, present pastor.
Someone has said, "An intercessor like Ichurch were acclaimed a distinct credit tool: over the pastoral duties of the
Abraham or a prophet like EIijah o r a to the Assemblies of God in the \\7yo- small congregation in April, 1953. In
 host of little intercessors and little riling. District.                                     thc {all of. that year, tlie church moved     .

prophets could turn the crisis for God."          Afternoon and evening services were to the basement o i one of its members.
\Ve believe this is true. W e may be held June 19, 1956, with Cllarles E.                        Construction began on the new build-
very "little intercessors and prophets,"       Blair, pastor of Calvary Temple, ing in the summer of 1954, and the
but we believe we can turn the present Denver, as main speaker. Local trades- congregation moved into the new build-
crisis for God. W h a t is to be our mes- 1men and civic leaders were in attendance ing. for the first worship service in
sage? I s it not, as John's, the message iat the services-part of a crowd of over January 1955. At that time the average
of repentance? Read 2 Chronicles 7 :14. four hundred pkrsons from Wyoming S i ~ n d a ySchuol attendance Lvas 20. A
                                                                                              year later it had increased to 120. The
   Again, John spoke of a "Cotnitig and neighboring states.
 Olee." "After me conieth a man which is          K. G. McAllister, Wyoming Dis- church is located in a fine residential
                                              1trict Superintendent, officiated -at the       area of the fast-grolving conlmunity
preferred .before me," he said. "There
                                              Idedication. Thomas A. Nicholas, mayor          termed tlle "Oil Capital of the Rockies."
cometh one mightier than I." This is
our message f o r today-"Jesus     is corn-
                                              (3f   Casper (population 33,000) com-               Plans have been draurn up for a two-
ing soon!" This is the only hope for a        Imended the members for their spiritual          story Sunday School annex which will
dying world and the only solution for its Ig o w t h and their zeal for continued faith he constructed at the rear of the new
                                              1rn f hese times.                               church building.
great moral and political problems. T h e
words, "Jesus is coming soon," have               T h e attractive new structure is of            Certainly God has blessed this con-
been the first to sound from the lip&         Ibuilding tile with Roman tile marquee gregation and pastor as they have moved
of m7ny Spirit-baptized saints. Pastor         ind planter. T h e con~modious   auditorium forward in faith.
Barratt of Norway had written a book
against the premillennial coming of
                                                               Interior view of Faith Assembly of God o t dedicat~on servlce
Christ, but when the Lord baptized him
in the Spirit, the first words he uttered
in a new tongue with the interpretation
were these, "I am coming soon." Gone
like a flash were all his arguments. H e
reasoned, "If Jesus says H e is corn-
ing soon, who am I that I can say H e
is not?"
   John also bore witness of the "Lamb
of God, which taketh azuay the sin of
the worldJJ(John 1 : B ) . W a s this mes-
sage ever emphasized so much by any
group as by the Pentecostal people?
W h e n the Spirit fell upon our little
orphan girls in India, the words the
cross, the blood, the Lamb o f God were
heard continually among them. W e be;
gan to learn at that time something
             (Contmued on page twenty-f~ve),

August 19, 1956
                                                                                        PRACTICAL LESSONS
                                                                           T h e source of prosperity. . "God made. him to prosper."
                                                                       If only Uzziah had realized this! A man may pride himself
                                                                       on his intellectual achievements; but who gave him his in-
                                                                       tellect? Another may glory in his riches, but whence came
                                                                       those riches? Says Paul, "Who maketh thee to differ from
                                                                       another? and what hast thou that thou didst not receive?
                                                                       Now if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, a s if thou
                                                                       hadst not received it?" In other words, if everything has
  T H E KING WHO MADE A MISTAKE                                        been given to us, why do we boast a s if we created i t ?
                                                                           T h ~aistcnnnce of prosperity. "As long a s he sought
       sunday School Lesson for August 26, 1956                        the Lord, God made him to prosper." H o w shall we keep
                                                                       prosperous? "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, a i d his
                                                                       righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."
                                                                           T h e subtlety of prosperity. "In prosperity the destroyer
   Pride cost Uzziah his kingdom, his place in society, his            shall come" (Job 15 :21). Satan comes in prosperity to tempt
health, his all. Many a less promirient man today is paying            a inan to forgetfulness of God, to selfishness, to covetousness,
just a s terrific a price for allowing this same 'sin to take root,    to pride, to self-congratulation.
in his life !                                                              Material prosperity is a severe test, but so is spiritual pros-
       U Z Z I A H F A V O R E D O F G O D (VV. 1-15)                  perity ! .A Christian may become proud of his blessings, proud
                                                                       of 111s spiritual gifts, proud of his Christian service. A pastor
  H i s favorable ojportunity (verses 1-5). What advan-                or evangelist may become proud of his statistical successes!
tages the youthful king enjoyed at thc very outset of his              I t is a good thing to remember that,. a t best, we are "un-
reign. H e had ( 1 ) the support of the entire kingdom; ( 2 )          profita1)le servants."
the counsel of Zechariah, the prophet ; ( 3 ) the strength and
                                                                           Al~idlng m oirr calling ( 1 Cor. 7 :20; Psa. 131 : I ) . God
help of God, as indicated by his names: "Uzziah," meaning
                                                                       chose Uzziah to be king, but pride led him to believe he
"might of Jehovah," and "Azariah," meaning "whom Je-
hovah aids" ( 2 Kings 15 : I ) .                                       could be priest as well. W e need to abide within our limita-
                                                                       tioils. I'ride has led many a Christian to attempt that
   H i s favorable rulerdiip (verses 6-15). Uzziah reigiled            for which he \bas unqualified. Let us find our place in the
well for many years. H e was (1) a seeker after God (v.                will of God and be content; for it is the safest, happiest, and
5 ) ; ( 2 ) a brilliant warrior (vv. 2 , 6 ) ; ( 3 ) a great builder   most successful place after all !       -by I. Bashford Bishoj
(VV.9, 10) , (4) an extensive cattle breeder and agriculturist
             , : . ,
 (v. lo') ; ( 5 ) zin able general who organized a well-equipped
army ; ( 6 ) a famous potentate.
         U Z Z I A H ' S F L A G R A N T S I N (zv. 16-23)
  T h e cause of'his sin. "But when he was strong, his heart
was lifted up." Instead of humbly and reverently praising
God for having helped him so wondrously, Uzziah began
to think that his success had been achieved by his own wis-
dom and skill. H i s sin was the root sin of all others-pride !
   T h e nature of his sin. "He . . . went into the temple
of the Lord to burn incense upon the altar of incensew-an
act of the greatest presumption, an open violation of divine
law ( E x . 3 0 : 7 , 8 ; Lev. 16:2, 12, 13; Num. 18:l-10). Uz-
ziah doubtless wished to imitate other monarchs who, a s
supreme priests, themselves conducted temple worship in
honor of their heathen gods.
   T h e seriousness of 'lzis sin. Uzziah committed his grave
offense ( 1 ) "when he was strong"; when his kingdom was a t
the height of its power and he should have been supreniely
contented without aspiring for more; ( 2 ) against the God
by whose power he had.been lifted to the place of power and
prosperity, thus showing himself basely ungrateful; ( 3 ) in
spite of the remonstrance of Azariah the priest who fear-
lessly warned him of the awfulness of his actions; (4) with
a n outburst of angry rage. Josephus the historian tells us
that he threatened to kill Azariah and his colleagues unless
they kept silent.
   T h e punishment for his sin. While Uzziah stood in the
Holy Place raging a t the priests; God smote him with lep-
rosy! H e realized his guilt, fled from the sanctuary, and was
a n outcast from society until his death.
   There are many places I cannot trace      ways are not known to you, but your           to the trusting soul, - f o r teaching us to
God, but there is no place I cannot          way is known to Him.                          trust is God's highest training for us.
trust God. T o trace Him is sight.              "But he knows the way that I take,"        The sc1~001of faith is God's Highest
T o trust Him is faith. T o trace Him is     Job added. Mine is the ignorance, His         School.
my investigation. T o trust Him is simple    is the information. I am in the dark,
                                                                                                  By Thee, Lord Jesus, guided,
resignation. When I trace Him, I             H e is in the light. I dwell in the land of            My path is safe and sure;
may see His hand, but when I trust           human impotence and H e is Himself                   All cares to Thee confided,
Him, I find His heart. T o trace Him         Omnipotence! Oh, what a great God is                   I to the end endure.
is to find His works, but to trust Him       H e and what a frail creature am I !                 When I cannot see T h e e ;
is to believe His Word.                         There came a time when Job ceased                  \Vhere I cannot trace,
                                                                                                  Yet, Thou still wilt guide me
   Job tested out the searching method       tracing and began trusting. H e came                  With unerring love and grace
to find God. H e made investigation but      to the end of human ingenuity. H e
did not gain much infornlation. H e tried    came to the end of the road of human            And how perfectly right it is that
to trace God but ultimately gave it up       wits and confessed his dilemma. H e           we sI~ou1dtrust and not attempt to trace
to trust God. See Job in his hopelcss        learned to shut his moutli and be still       Him. \Ye cannot follow One such as
attempt to trace God: "Behold, T go          before God!                                   He. H e has a path in the sea and His
f o ~ z r d but he is not there, and back-
            ,                                   "Once have I spoken; but I will not        chariot is in the clouds. H e knows all
zward, but I cannot perceive him: on the     answer: yea, twice; but I will proceed        the secret ways and we know none of
left hand, where he doth work, but I         no further. I will lay mine hand upon         them. There is no maze to Him. All is
cannot behold him: he hideth himself on      my mouth" (Job 40:4, 5 ) .                    the open path to Him who never lost His
the right hand, that I cannot see him"          H e was 110t ready to trust and there-     way. H e knows the way we take, but
(Job 23 :5, 9 ) .                            fore triumph-for        there is always       we do not know the way H e takes.
   By searching he could not find God.       triumph where there is trust.
                                                                                               Judge not the Lord by feeble sense,
The trace did not yield any results. H e        Trace and you never find anything                But trust Him for H i s grace;
took to four directions and they each        about God. Trust and you will know                Behind a frowning providence
failed. H e went backward, he went for-      all about God. God reveals Himself                  H e hides ,a smiling face.
ward, then he journeyed to the left                                                            Blind unbelief is   sure to e r r
and also turned to the right. H e obeyed                                                         And scan H i s     works in vain; .
                                                                                               God 'is H i s own    interpreter,
the traffic rules in his human search,                                                           H e will make     it plain.
but he neyer found the quest of his
                                                                                              You can trust God where you cannot
soul. You cannot trace God; you
                                                                                           trace Him. Will you do i t ?
should learn to trust Him.
   "I go forward," says Job, "but he                                                                           -The     Wondrrfd Word
is 110t there, and backward, but I can-
not perceive him." "I cannot behold                                                                                                       '

Him"-"I       cannot see Him." What a                                                         I once saw a dark shadow resting on
confession of inability and possibility !                                                  the bare side of a hill. Seeking its
Three times he confesses, "I cannot."                                                      cause I saw a little cloud, bright as the
   Of course you "cannot," Job. God                                                        light, floating in the clear blue above.
is self-revealing. You cannot trace Him,                                                   Thus it is with our sorrow. I t may be
but you will find Him when you trust                                                       dark and cheerless here on earth; yet
Him. H e hides Hiillself from whom H e                                                     look above and you shall see it to be
will. H e reveals Himself to whom H e                                                      but a shadow of His brightness whose
will. You cannot know His way; but,                                                        name is Love.
thank God, H e knows your way. His                                                                                  - D e m Alford
e Hands
gry God
. preacher mightily used of C d two
this famous sermon, men and women
L   and cried out to    o
                       C d for mercy.

    that God's appointed time is not come,
    for it is said that when that due time
    or appointed time comes, "their feet
    shall slide." Then they shall be left
    to fall, as they are inclined by their
    own weight. God will not hold them
    up in these slippery places any longer,
    but will let them g o ; and then, at that
    very instant they will 'fall into destruc-
    tion, as he that stands on such slippery,
    declining ground, on the edge of a pit,
    that he can not stand alone; when he is
    let go he immediately falls and is lost.
       There is nothing that keeps wicked
    men at any one moment o& of hell
    but the mere pleasure of God. By "the
    mere pleasure of God" I mean His
    sovereign pleasure, His arbitrary will,
    restrained by no obligation, hindered by
    no manner of difficulty, any more than
    if nothing else but God's mere will had,
    in the least degree or in any respect
    whatever, any hand in the preservation
    of wicked men one moment.
       The truth of this observation may ap-
    pear by the following considerations:
       There is no want of Dower in God to
    cast wicked men into hell a t any mo-
    ment. Men's hands cannot be strong
    when God rises up: the strongest have
    no power to resist Him, nor can any
    deliver out of His hands.
       H e is not only able to cast wicked
    men into hell, but H e can most easilv
    do it. Sometimes an early prince meets
    with a great deal of difficulty to sub-
    due a rebel who has found means to
    fortifv himself and has made himself
    strong by the number of his followers.
    But it is not so with God. There is no
    fortress which is any defense against
    the power of God.
       They deserve to be cast into hell, so
    that divine justice never stands in the
way ; it nialtes no objection against God's        those hellish principles reigning which          Christ, in whom all the promises a r e
using H i s power a t any moment to de-            would presently kindle and flame out in          yea and amen. But surely they have no
stroy them. Yea, on the contrary, justice          hell fire if it were not lor God's re-           interest in the promises of the cove-
calls aloud for an infinite punishment of          straints. There is laid in the very na-          nant of grace who a r e not the children
their sins.                                        ture of carnal men a foundation fir tlie         of the covenant, and who do not believe
     T h e y are already under a sentence of       torments of hell ; there a r e those corrupt     in any of tlie promises of the covenant,
condemnation to hell. T h e y do not only          principles, in reigning power in them            a n d ' have n o interest in the Mediator .
justly deserve to be cast down thither,            and in full possession of them, which            of the covenant.                                               -                                  t

but the sentence of the L a w of God, that         are the beginnings of hell fire.                     S o that thus it is that natural men are             ..


eternal and immutable rule of right-                   I t is no security to wicked men for         held i n , t h e hand of God over the pit of
eousness which God has fixed between               one moment that there are no visible             hell. T h e y have deserved tlie fiery pit                 .- .
H i m and mankind, is gone out against             means of death a t hand. I t is no security      and are already sentenced to it, and God               - -
them and stands against them, so that              to a natural , m a n that he is now in           is dreadfully provoked; H i s anger is a s
they are bound over already to hell.               health, and that he does not see which           great toward them a s to those who are
      T h e y are now the objects of that          way he should now immediately g o out            actually suffering the executions of the
                                                                                                    Fierceness o f . H i s wrath in hell. T h e y
same anger and wrath of God which is               of the world by any accident, and that                                                                   :,; *
expressed iri the torments of hell, and            there is no visible danger in any respect        have done nothing in the least to appease                    .';
the reason they d o not g o down to hell           in his circumstances. T h e manifold and         o r abate that a n g e r ; neither is God,
a t each moment is not that God, in                                al
                                                   c o n t i ~ ~ u experience of the world in all   in the least, bound by any promise to
whose power they are, is not then angry            ages shows that this is no evidence that         hold them up one moment. T h e devil
with theni, as angry as H e is with many           a man is not on the brink of eternity,           is waiting for thein ; hell .is gaping for ..
                                                   and that the next step will not be into          t h e m ; the flames gather and flash about          .          '
of those miserable creatures now tor-
mented in hell, who already feel and               another world. T h e unseen, unthought-          them and. would fain lay hold on them                                            b

bear the fierceness of H i s wrath. Yea,           of ways and means o f persons going              and swallow them u p ; the fire pent u p ..
God is a great deal more angry with                suddenly out of the world are innumer-           in their own hearts is struggling to break '                                     ;

great numbers who a r e now on earth               able and inconceivable. Unconverted men          out, and they have no interest in a n y            -              '.
                                                                                                    mediator; there are no means within ' .. '
 (yea, doubtlessly, with 11;-ny who, it
may be, are at ease and quiet) than H e
is with many of those who a r e now in
the flames of hell.
      So, it is not because God is uninindful
                                                   walk over the pit of hell on a rotten
                                                   covering, and there are innumerable
                                                   places in this covering so weak that they
                                                   will not bear their weight, and these
                                                   p laces a r e not seen. T h e arrows of
                                                                                                    reach which can be any security to
                                                                                                    them. I n short, they' have no refuge, ' . .-
                                                                                                    nothing to take hold o f ; all that pre-
                                                                                                    serves them every moment is the mere : . - , I:                  .

of their wickedness and does not resent            death fly unseen a t noonday; the sharp-         arbitrary will, and uncovenanted, un- '.,.':
it, that H e does not let loose H i s hands        est sight can not discern them. God has          obliged forbearance of an incensed God. ' j ,,
                                                                                                                                                     . .
and cut them o f f . God is not altogether         so many different, unsearchable ways of              T h e use may be of awakening to 1111- c ,                                   "'

such a one a s themselves, though they             taking wicked men out of the world               converted persons. T h i s that you have
imagine H i m to be so. T h e wrath of             and sending them .to hell that there is          heard is the case of everyone of you
God burns against them ; their damna-              nothing to make it appear that God had           who a r e out of Christ. T h a t world
tion 'does not slumber; the pit is pre-            need to be a t t h e expense of a miracle,       o f misery, that lake of burning brim-
pared; the fire is made ready; the                 o r go out of the ordinary course of. H i s      stone, is extended abroad under you.
 furnace is now hot, ready to receive              providence, to destroy any wicked man            There is the dreadful pit 0,f the glowing
them ; the flames do now rage and glow.            a t any moment.                                   flames of the wrath of G o d ; there is
T h e glittering sword is whet and held                Natural men's urudence and care to           hell's wide gaping mouth open, and                                ..
over theni; and the pit hath opened her            preserve their own lives, o r the care of        you have nothing to stand upon, nor
mouth under theni.                                 others to preserve them, do not secure           anything to take hold of. T h e r e i s . . :*;.               '
      T h e devil stands ready to fall upon        them a moment. T o this, divine provi-           nothing between you and hell but the ; ',$$           -
                                                                                                    a i r ; it is only the power and mere .,:;:..?$?j
                                                                                                                                                      , .:.--.,c
them and seize them a s his own, a t               dence and universal experience d o
what moment God shall permit him.
They belong to h i m ; he has their souls
                                                   also bear testimony.           There is this
                                                   clear evidence that men's own wis-
                                                                                                    pleasure of God which holds you up.
                                                                                                                                                   ' ', ,    ;
                                                                                                        T h e wrath of God is'like great waters ,. .: ,-:.:.,   .
in his possession, and under his domin-            dom is no security to them from                  which a r e dammed for the present.;.they          1 ., :'                                   '

ion. T h e Scripture represents them               d e a t h ; that if it were otherwise,           increase more and more aiid ris: :;i;;.her .. . . .                     ,

as his goods. T h e devils watch them ;            we should see some difference between            and higher till an outlet is giv;::.,. T h e ' .               . ...             '

they a r e ever by them, a t their right
h a n d ; they stand waiting f o r them, like
greedy, hungry lions that see their prey,
and expect to have it, but are, for the
                                                   the wise and politic men o f the world
                                                   and others, with regard t o their liable-
                                                    ness to early and unexpected death;
                                                   but how is it, in f a c t ? "How dieth the
                                                                                                    longer. the stream is stopped, the more . . .
                                                                                                    rapid and mighty is it course when once . ,
                                                                                                    it is let loose. I t is true that judgment
                                                                                                    against your evil work has not been '
                                                                                                                                                           ;!.: ,'!
                                                                                                                                                                .       '

                                                                                                                                                                  .. ' .I :.'
                                                                                                                                                                                                     ',   .,,


nresent, 1 !--,I back. If God should with-         wise m a n ? A s the fool."                      executed hitherto; .:le floods of God's ,                   . ..*    .               .:.,
..lraw H i s hand by which they a r e re-              God has laid Himself under no. obliga--      vengeance have b e t - yithheld ; .t .t your . . , ' : ,-
strained, t h p v n . ~ l d , in one moment,       tions, by a n y promise, t o keep a n y          guilt, in the meantime, is constantly in-
                                                                                                                                                      . ' - ...-       \

 f ' v upon t h e ~ r v r souls. T h e old ser-    natural man out of hell one moment.                                                                          '
                                                                                                    creasing, and you a r e every day treasur-                ', :         i                     ,

pent is gaping for t h e m ; hell opens its        God certainly has made no promises               ing u p more wrath ; the waters a r e              '       .,3:          .I
                                                                                                                                                                   ' . 1
mouth wide to receive them. If God                 either o f eternal life or. of any deliver-      continually rising and waxing more and                 .         '-+\
should permit, they would be hastily               ance or preservation from eteinal death          more mighty. There is nothing but the :                             ' '

swallowed u p and lost.                            but what a r e contained in-the covenant         mere pleasure of God which holds the
      T h e r e a r e in the souls of wicked men   o f grace;' the promises which a r e i n                                                                                                                     I\
                                                                                                                  (Continued on poge twenty-eight)              ,
                                                                                                                                                                            .                             .. d
August 19, 1956                                                                                                                                            2,   :
                                                                                                                                                                                         ,:               1    's:'

                                                                                                                                                                        .                --
                                                                                            our churches strengthened. Recently
                                                                                            an evangelist said that he was holding a
                                                                                            meeting in a new field. U'hen the peo-
                                                                                            ple in chis particular town heard thit he
                                                                                            was connected ~ v i t h the R E V I V A L -
                                                                                            T I M E denomination, he had a church
                                                                                            full of people immediately. H e contiii-
                                                                                            ued to say, "I never thought so n ~ u c h
                             ENDS FISCAL YEAR IN                                            about R E V I V A L T I h I E and its work
                                                                                            until then; but when it gives you a
                                                                                            crowd to preach to, you know it's doing
                                                                                               A s we begin a new fiscal year, we are
                                                                                            expecting God to give us the greatest
                                                                                            year yet. I t is our prayer that more
                                                                                            souls will be saved than ever before, and
                                                                                            that men and women will be built up in
                            Broadcast Now Heard on 360 Stations                             the faith. Let us pray that God will
                                                                                            truly make it REVIVALTIME around
                                                                                            the world. For it is "Not by might,
                                                                                            nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith
                                             fifteen months with more churches giv-         the Lord of hosts."
   T h e month of June, the last month of
our fiscal year, was a time of outstand-     ing in June than in any other month
ing victories. More churches gave to         in that period. These included Eastern,                  F O R H I S GLORY
R E V I V A L T I M E in the month of        Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, North Car-           I was reading of the battle of Agin-
June than in any other month in 1955         olina, Northern         California-Nevada,     court, in which Henry V figured; and,
and 1956. A total of 1,384 churches          Southern Idaho, and West Central.              it is said, after the battle was won-
sent offerings for the support of the                                                       and, gloriously won-the king wanted to
                                                T h e record shows that we are inoviiig
broadcast in June.                                                                          acknowledge divine interposition, and he
                                             i n , the right direction. A denomina-
    R E V I V A L T I M E has come to the                                                   ordered the chaplain to read a Psalm of
                                             tional broadcast h f U S T have the sup-
top as a religious broadcast. I t has                                                       David. When the chaplain came to the
                                             port of the denomination which it repre-
gained recognition everywhere. T h e                                                        words, ."Not unto us, 0 Lord, but unto
                                             sents. With the support of every As-
broadcast is heard each week on 360                                                         Thy Name give glory," the king dis-
                                             seinblies of God church, we could make
radio stations with no less that ten rnil-   this broadcast the greatest single soul-       mounted, and all the cavalry dismounted,
lion homes reached weekly with tlie          winning agent anywhere!                        and all the great host of officers and men

full gospel message.                                                                        threw themselves on their faces. Oh, at
                                                Another modern-day miracle is that          the gospel of the Saviour's love and the
    T h e New York District had 62           R E V I V A L T I M E received $270,000 in
churches sending offerings to R E V I V -                                                   Saviour's deliverance, shall we not'pros-
                                             personal offerings toward the support          trate ourselves before Him today, hosts
A L T I M E in June. T H I S W A S T H E     of the broadcast in the past fiscal year.
FIRST DISTRICT T O REACH I T S                                                              o f earth and hosts of heaven, falling
                                             This in itself is a marvel since R E V I V -   upon our faces and crying, "Not unto
GOAL A S T O T H E NUMBER O F                A L T I M E is a denominational broad-
CHURCHES GIVING I N A N Y O N E                                                             us, not unto us, but unto Thy Name be
                                             cast.                                          the glory"?
h l O N T H . Congratulations to tlie New
                                                T h e future is brighter than at any        -T. DEWITTTALMAGE Otte Tl~otisand
York District! New Jersey and Mich-
                                             other time. Souls are being saved and          Evangelistic Illustrations.
igan followed close behind in the number
of churches giving, lacking only two and
five churches (respectively) in meeting
their goal for the month. Every dis-
trict except six had an increase in the
number of churches giving in June of
 1956 as compared with June of 1955.                                        TOP TEN DISTRICTS
A total of 214 more churches gave to
                                                                       January 1 to June 30, 1956
R E V I V A L T I M E this past June than
in the same month last year.                              T O T A L GIVING                         AVERAGE PER CHURCH
    There were eight more districts which            EASTERN               $9,298.38         1.   NEW YORK           $66.55
broke their own records with more                    SO. CALIFORNIA         9,230.25         2.   OHIO                48.23
churches giving in June than in any                  NORTHWEST.             8,740.09         3.   NEW ENGLAND         47.05
other month since the beginning of                   NEW YORK               8,652.50         4.   NEW JERSEY          44.28
                                                     OHIO                   8,296.99         5.   WISCONSIN-N. MICH.  42.56
1955. These were the Appalachian,                    ILLINOIS               6,797.42         6.   EASTERN             42.26
Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky, New Jer-                  SO. MISSOURI           6,680.91         7.   ILLINOIS .          35.40
sey. New York, Southern California,                  WISCONSIN-N. MICH. 5,703.79             8.   NEBRASKA            35.11
and Southern Missouri Districts.                     WEST CENTRAL           5,496.09         9.   SO. FLORIDA         34.79
    There were eight other Districts
                                                     NO. CALIFORNIA-NEV. 5,495.17           io.   NORTHWEST           33.74
which broke their records of from six to
                                                                                                              A VOICE
                            MISSIONETTES                                                                  (Continued from page nineteen)

                                                                                                    o f the preciousness and the power of
                                                                                                    the Blood. Likewise, down through the

                        HONOR MOTHERS                                                               last half century thousands have had
                                                                                                    a vision of the Cross as the Spirit has
                                                                                                    descended upon them. And so we point
                                                                                                    the world to the Lamb of God and de-
                                                                                                    termine to know nothing among men
    Just before Mother's Day the Missionette     work in-that country, and a scrapbook of activ-    except "Jesus Christ, and Him cruci-
grou,ps of the Glad Tidings Assembly of God      ities on their study of India.                     f ied."
in Hanfogd, California, and the Eastside AS-        Missionettes, an auxiliary of the WomenPs
sembly of God in Visaha, California, jointly     Missionary Co"ncil, is the              missionary     John witnessed of the One who wozild
arra?ged a Mother-Daughter banquet in            club of the Assemblies of God. A time of fel-      "baptize G t h the Holy Ghost and fire"
Hanford. Eighty Persons were in attendance       1owshi.p such a s this banquet tends to cement      (Matthew 3 :11). How this witness has
and throughout the evening the Spirit of the     the bond between the ' t w o groups.
Lord was manifested in a very precious way.
                                                                                                    been neglected by the churches! Many
                                                    There has been a very good response t o         that witness strongly of the "Lamb of
    T h e theme for the evening was "Coose-      the Missionette program since its official in-
crated Hands." All the music and recitations     troduction early. this year. During the first      God" have nothing to say about "the
were on this theme. T h e colors of blue and     six months of 1956 one hundred and ,forty          Baptizer in the Holy Ghost." This is
white were used for table decorations. These     groups received membership certificates mak-       the most neglected phase of all the wit-
a r e the official Missionette colors-standing   ing them official Missionette Clubs. Many
for loyalty and purity. The pictures accom-                                                         ness concerning Christ because it is the
                                                 other groups have been formed but have not
panying this article were taken by a reporter    a s yet applied for their certificates.
                                                                                                    least understood and experienced. But
from the local newspaper, the Hanford Scnti-
                                                    D o you have a Missionette Club in your
                                                                                                    this truth is the pectrliar message of
rtcl. One of them appeared in the Sentinel                                                          our Pentecostal movement. It is not
along with a fine write-up concerning the        church for your teen-age girls? If not, send
banquet.                                         today for the free pamphlet entitled, "What        popular, but it is supremely important
    Mrs. Clyde Henson of Sacramento, speaker     is the Missionette Club?" Your girls will          in these last days. Let us never cease
for the occasion, related experiences both of    enjoy studying the biographies and true            to tell the weak, faltering Church that
her girlhood and a s a pastor's wife. She        stories of our Assemblies of God missionaries
                                                 with their thrilling answers to prayer. They       she will receive power after the Holy
stressed the importance of setting goals early                                                      Ghost has come upon her. Let us urge
in life and depending on Christ to lead to       will be eager to make things which mission-
the accomplishment of those objectives. She      aries need and appreciate so much.                 our fellow Christians to "wait for the
told of several goals which she had set early       Missionettes will help teen-age girls find      Promise" and to "tarry until they be
in life and which the Lord helped her to meet.   a place of service and develop Christian.char-     endued with power from on high." And
    A display arranged at one end of the ban-    acter. In addition it will provide training and
                                                 experience that will help them later to be-        let us live the life that will confirm the
quet room showed different handwork which                                                           words we speak!
the two girls' groups had made for mission-      come creditable members of the Women's
aries. Included were stuffed toys for children   Missionary Council.                                  God make us a voice, as was John the
in mission homes, Swedish embroidery, and           Interest the teen-age girls of your church in   Baptist-not    "reeds shaken with the
place cards for hospital trays made from old     the things of God now by forming a Mis-
greeting cards. Other items shown were a         sionette group for them. For further in-
                                                                                                    wind" or men and women "clothed in
handmade flag of India, which the Mission-       formation, write: W M C Dept., 434 W . Pacific     soft raiment, dwelling in king's houses,"
ettes made while studying about missionary       St., Springfield 1, Mo.                            but strong, rugged. messengers o'f God.

LEFT: Shown inspecting some of the handwork of the ~ i k s i o n -         sionette President; and Carolyn Williams, East Visalia Missionette
ettes ore (left to right): Mrs. Gene Forrest, WMC Sectional Director       President. RIGHT: This picture shows a part of the group which
a n d sponsor of the Hanford Missionette Group; Mrs. Clyde Hen-            attended the Missionette Mother-Daughter banquet in Hanford,
son of Sacramento, banquet speaker; Janet Ray, Hanford Mis-                California.

August 19, 1956                                                                                                                            25
 . H O U S T O N , TEX.-Burbank       Assembly
 reports a very successful two-week revival
 with Evangelist and Mrs. Glen S h i m . Their
 ministry in W o r d and song was a real bless-
                                                   b F R E E R , TEX.-Over     30 responded to the
                                                   call of salvation, and a number received the
                                                   Baptism of the Holy Spirit, during a three-
                                                   week revival just concluded with Evangelist
                                                                                                        .  U H R I C H S V I L L E , OHIO-The Spirit of
                                                                                                        the Lord was felt in each service of a two-
                                                                                                        week revival just concluded here by Evange-
                                                                                                        list and .Mrs. Eddie Roush of Clinton, Ind.
 ing to the church.                                Bert Clendennen. Many testified to the heal-         There was a good response, with quite a
                      -3. My. McClellaic, Pasfor   ing power of God. The entire church was en-          number accepting Christ. The anointed minis-
                                                   couraged to go on with God during this               try of the Word and the musical talent of

 b L E V E L L A N D , TEX.-Seventeen  tv e r e    time of spiritual refreshing.                        this young . couple was appreciated.
 saved and 10 baptized in the Holy Spirit                               --/antes C . Davis, Pastor                              -Charles D . Hirst, Pastor
 during a month's revival with Evangelist and
                                                                                                         b B A K E R S F I E L D , CALIF.-A truly old-
 Mrs. L. C. Eldridge of Bakersfield, Calif. A        A R T E S I A , N E W MEX.-The      ministry
 number were healed in answer to prayer.                                                                fashioned Holy Ghost revival has been in
                                                   of Evangelist and Mrs. L. C. Eldridge of             progress a t Riverview Assembly for eleven
                         -Ted Vassar, Pastor       Santa Barbara, Calif., provPd a great blessing       weeks without the aid of an evangelist. Night
                                                   to the folk at First Assembly during a re-           after night the power of God fell at the very
 b P E C O S , TEX.--The  congregation at First    cent three-week revival. Ten were saved              outset of the service, and there would be no
 Assembly greatly enjoyed the recent ministry                                                           preaching except messages in tongues and in-
                                                   and seven were filled with the Holy Ghost.

 of Evangelist and Mrs. Kenneth Smith of                                                                terpretations. Sinners literally ran to the
 Oklahoma City. All of the meetings were                                -3. H. McClendon, Pastor
                                                                                                        altar to accept Christ and be filled with the
 signally blessed of God. Souls were saved                                                              Holy Spirit. I t was impossible to keep count
 and some received the Baptism of the Holy           A B E R D E E N , WASH.-Calvary        Temple      of all those who came through to this glo-
 Spirit. T h e anointed preaching and singing      rejoices over three weeks of special meetings        rious experience. An elderly man who had
 was enjoyed by all.                               recently conducted by Evangelist Cornelius           come to the church on crutches, left them at
                      -0. W . Newman, Pastor       Eylander. Six were saved a ~ ~ d 16 filled with      1Js seat, went up to the platform, and praised
                                                   the Holy Spirit. A great transformation came         God for deliverance. "God told me to get up
 b V A N C O U V E R , WASH.-A    four-week re-    to several families as a result of God's mov-        -that I could walk without crutches," he
 vival was recently concluded a t Glad Tidings     ing on their hearts. I n one instance, three         said. As a result of these weeks of gracious
 with Evangelists Carl and Edna Goodwin.           boys and their mother were filled with the           visitation from God, 40 joined the church,
 Their anointed preaching caused many to           Spirit. A young man, formerly Catholic, not          and 27 were baptized in water, with more
 hunger for the power of the Spirit. Some were     only rejoiced in his experience of the Holy          awaiting this experience. God is still bless-
 saved and reclaimed, while 26 were filled         Ghost baptism hut in that of his wife who had        ing, saving, and healing the people. H e has
 with the Holy Spirit and many others refilled.    newly accepted Christ. Everyone appreciated          enabled the church to'broadcast every Sunday
 Since this glorious moving of the Spirit of       Brother Eylander's ministry to help people           morning from 9 to 9:30 over K C H J in
 God the congregation has a new determination      receive the Holy Spirit.                             Delano.
 to go forward in God.                                                  -Werner Uhlman, Pastor                                -L. M . Vaughn, Pastor
                    -3. S. Manchester, Pastor

P S A U L T S T E . M A R I E , M1CH.-Spiritual
  victories were won in every service of a 10-
  night campaign conducted at the Assembly
  here by the Musical VanderPloegs of Toledo,        ANNOUNCEMENTS OF FORTHCOMING EVANGELISTIC CAMPAIGNS
  Ohio. Over 20 accepted Christ a s Saviour.
  I n one service alone, five came through to
  the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. A s a result     STATE CITY             CHURCH               DATE             EVANGELIST              PASTOR
  of this meeting many new contacts were made,     Calif. Cloverdalt      First                Aug. 22-         Don George              J. L, Jeffrey
  a good number of which were first-time visi-            Natior~alCity     Sweet Water Val.   Aug. 14-19       Mel Johnson             Don Fullerton
  tors. I t was a joy to see the all-time Sunday          San Diego         First              Aug. 21-26       Me1 Johnson             Elton Hill
. School record broken. The entire church was      Fla.   Miami           * Evangel Temple     Aug. 19-Sept. 5 Gladys Voight            J. Billy McIntosh
  blessed by the consecrated ministry of the       Ill.   Belleville      Full Cosp. Tab.      Aug. 28-Sept. 9 Christian Hild           T . M. Kimberlin

  "Musical Vanns."                                        Joliet          First                Aug. 19-Sept. 2 Carl Oney & wife         Larry Bottroff
                          -Carl Johnson, Pastor           Peoria          a Union revival      Aug. 24-Sept..9 Velmer Gardner           L. Shoemaker, Chm.
                                                   Iowa Woodbine          A of G               Aug. 2 6 -       Kenneth Smith & wife James Booth
    B R O W N T O W N , VA.-A      spiritual re-   Minn. Floodwood        A of G               Aug. 14-Sept. 2 Singing Sandalls         Robert Scharnberg
 freshing was experienced by the folk a t Com-     Mo.    Columbia        A of G               Aun. 12-Se~t.2 C. C. Truitt & wife       Chas. Parker
 munity Tabernacle during one of the best          N.Y. Bath              Bethel Gosp. Tab.    AU~.           C
                                                                                                    26-~ept.1 J. F. Pepper              Lewis Rilmg
 revivals ever conducted here. T h e evange-       Okla. M~ami              Union revival      Aug. 5-26        Morris Cemllo Party L. J. Choate, Chm.
 list was J. E. Winstead of Winter Garden,         Oreg. Forest Grove     A of G               Aug. 2 6 -       Lloyd Portin            V. Ward Honey
 Fla. Numbers were saved, healed, and filled       Pa.    Lancaster '     First Pent. A/G      Aug. 14--        S. MacPherson & wife Derrick Hillary
 with the Holy Spirit. Backsliders were                   Millersburg     a A of G             Aug. 12-Aug. 26 H. E. Hardt              David Forkey
 brought back to God. Nearly all the saints        Tex. De Leon           A of G               Aug. 22-         Bob McCutchen & wife M. M. Otwell
 experienced a refilling. Sunday School at-               San Angelo      Campus Blvd. A/G     Aug. 13-         Danny Hope & wife Eston Pack
 tendance increased to 127 with a four-week        Wis. Berlin            Gospel Tab.          Aug. 21-26       Wm. Moorman & wife Harley Olson
 average of 119. Fifteen were baptized in water.          Dodgeville      a Full Gosp. Tab.    Aug. 19-Sept. 16 Carl Johnson, Jr.       Bob Streblow
 There was a definite substantial increase in      Canada Edmonton        Pentecostal Tab.     Aug. 26-Sept. 9 Evelyn M. Olsen          R. W. Taitinger
 both tithes and offerings. T h e church truly                            Children's revival                                      Tent revival
 was enriched by Brother Winstead's ministry.
                                                   Announcements should reach us 30 days in advance, due to the fact that the EVANGEL is made
                     -Curtis A . Arnold, Pastor                           up 24 days before the date whlch appears upon it.
b M O D E S T O , CALIF.-A    glorious revival
has just been concluded at the South Modesto
Assembly with Evangelist Nolan Mott. The
                                                                            YOUTH SPEAKER
presence of Cod was so real in every serv-                               to be heard in Atlanta, Ga., October 30
ice that many new consecrations were made.
Several were saved, and a woman of another             Laurie Price will be the Youth Speaker
faith received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.       in Atlanta, Georgia, during the annual
The church rejoices in the things that have         convention of the Pentecostal Fellowship of
been accomplished for Christ.                       North America. H e will address the Youth
                      -I.     W . Sandlin, Pastor   Rally on Tuesday evening, October 50,
                                                    which will be the first public service of the
b P O T S D A M , N. Y.-The   compassion and
                                                    three-day convention.
power of the living Christ was recently
                                                       Brother Price, one of Canada's out-
witnessed in this north country area as Evan-
                                                    standing young Pentecostal preachers, is
gelist Wm. Caldwell of Lancaster, Pa. minis-
                                                    well known in various parts of the U. S.
tered here in gospel tent services. This was
                                                    where he has conducted successful re-
the first real response in many years; folk         vival campaigns. H e is an ordained min-
attended from great distances as a result of        ister of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Carl-
radio ministry. Over a dozen were saved or
reclaimed. The deaf, paralytics, and people
suffering from arthritis were among those              Born in Campbellton, New Brunswick,                            Laurie Price
delivered by the power of God. Potsdam As-          Laurie Price was saved at an early age and
sembly has received a great spiritual boost,        graduated from the Eastern Pentecostal
                                                    Bible College in Ontario. Due to his lead-      and filled with the Holy Spirit under his
and the blessing of God is still evident.                                                           ministry.
                 -William C. Burhett, Pastor        ership ability and his zeal for God, he was
                                                    named Youth President for the entire dis-          In addition t o Brother Price the conven-
 b GARDENA, CALIF.-Victory            Assenibly     trict of Eastern Ontario and Quebec, a po-      tion program will feature other outstanding
 continued to enjoy a great revival spirit which    sition which he filled with distinction for     speakers representing various Pentecostal
 was kindled during a recent union revival ef-      seven years. For the past six years he          groups. T h e brethren in Atlanta a r e ex-
 fort with the Culpepper Evangelistic Party.        has ministered in Belleville, Ontario, where    pecting thousands of Pentecostal people,
 Scores were saved, and many were filled            a beautiful church has been erected with        young and old, to assemble October 30 to
 with the Holy Ghost. A good number were            a splendid congregation which has out-          November 1 f o r thi$ annual season of
 healed by the power of God. Each service           grown its quarters. Many have been saved        sweet and blessed Holy Ghost fellowship.
 increased in blessing and power. During the
 last service the presence of God was so
 great that there was no need for preachi~~g. GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY TO BE                                    FIFTEEN SAVED ,AT V.B.S.
 The altars were filled with seekers as con-          OBSERVED I N LOS ANGELES                        F A I R V I E W , 0KLA.-We    had a t x o -
 viction gripped the audience. Churches from                SEPTEMBER 16-23                         week Vacation Bible School with Sister
 Gardena, Torrance, and North Redondo gave
                                                    Fifty golden years of Pentecostal bless-        Louise Garvie of A h a , Okla., in charge.
 full support, bringing about a blessed unity
                                                 ing will be celebrated next month.                 The average attendance was 57, and 15 were
 and fellowship among the various pastors and
                                                    I t was ill 1906 that the Holy Ghost fell       saved. Some boys and girls attended who had
 churches.               -C. E. Shields, Pastor                                                     not been coming to our church before. W e
                                                 at the old Azusa Street Mission in Los An-
                                                 geles. T h e news swiftly spread abroad that       thank the Lord for all that was accomplished
                                                 God was blessing His people a s on the             during these two weeks.-Clarence      Glaze,
       THREE THOUSAND ATTEND                                                                        Pastor.
           YOUTH CONVENTION                      Day of Pentecost, and hungry-hearted
                                                 saints came from all directions. Hundreds
    O K L A H O M A CITY, 0KLA.-The annual       were .baptized with the Holy Spirit in that             PASTOR TO VISIT DENMARK
  Oklahoma C. A. Convention was conducted        humble place. T h e sick were healed, and             V. G. Greisen, formerly Kansas District Super-
 at the District Camp Grounds June 18-20.        sinners were saved a s they came through           intendent, invited our pastor, William A. Raiford,
 Kenneth Schmidt, pastor of the First Assrm-     the doors into that Power-charged atmos-           to come to Denmark for some meetings. Brother
 bly m Grand Junction, Colo., was the speaker.
      in                                                                                            and Sister Raiford will be the guests of Brother
                                                 phere.                                             and Sister Greisen and also of the Harold Rich
 The estimated attendance during the three          Many are longing for a return to the            family who visited Kansas and the surrounding
 days was around 3,000. W e considered this      simplicity and spiritual reality of those          Districts last year. The Raifords will leave
 attendance very good, as the Billy Graham       early days. A special observance of the            September 9 and return October 21.-C. Wayne
  Crusade for Christ was in progress at the      Golden. Anniversary therefore has been             Moore, Church Misslonary Secretary, Baater Springs,
 same time in Oklahoma City. Abut 50 were                                                           Kansas.
                                                 planned for the week d September 16-23.
 saved and a number received the Baptism of      A group of ministers and laymen, repre-
 the Holy Spirit.-T.      A. McDonough, Dis-                                                                    MISCELLANEOUS
                                                 senting every organized segment of the
 trict C. A. President.                          Pentecostal Movement, has been meet-                  CONTACTS WANTED-We are               starting a
                                                 ing each Wednesday t o plan and pray for           new work in Navasota, Texas. If         you have
                                                                                                    friends in this vicinity, please send    us their
                                                 this Anniversary Week. 'It will be a n old-        names and addresses.-Mr. and Mrs. W.    C. Willis,
        WEST CENTRAL DISTRICT                    fashioned, soul-stiring, Spirit-seeking, four-     918 E. McAlpine St., Navasota, Tex.
           RE-ELECTS OFFICERS                    meetings-a-day event. Some of these men
    The executive- officers of the West Central                                                        TEACHER WANTED-If          you' have a hache-
                                                 were present fifty years ago when the              lor's degree in nursing education and are i ter
 District (Iowa and Northern Missouri)           Spirit fell a t Azusa Street. Now aged and         ested in teaching in a Christian college, paas;
 were re-elected a t the 41st annual conven-     frail, their words still burn with fervor          write immediately to the Education Department,
 tion of t h e district held in Des Moines, and their testimony fires younger men                   434 W. Pacific, Springfield, Mo. There is a
 Iowa, May 1-3. T. E. Gannon continues t o       t o a greater vision to seek God a s they did      position vacant for the coming fall semester.
 serve a s District Superintendent, B. B.        half ' acentury ago.
 Compton a s Assistant District Superintencl-       T h e meetings will be held in Angelus                         WITH CHRIST
 ent, and C. E. Long as Secretary-Treasurer.     Temple, 1100 Glendale Boulevard, Los An-              DORRIS W. JOLLEY, 30, Crowley, La. went
   Those attending report that the spiritual     geles, a t 10 a.m., 11 a. m., 2:3@ p.m., and       to be with Jesus July 5, 1956. Brother Jolley
 tide of the Council was a real uplift. Guest    7:30 p.m., each week-day, and at 2:30 p.m.,        was ordained in 1952. He was pastoring the
 speaker was Southern Missouri District          both Sundays. Well-known preachers repre-          First Assen~bly in Crowley, La. at the time of
                                                                                                    his death.
 Superintendent David Hastie, a former senting various Pentecostal groups will
 member of t h e W e s t Central District. His   minister. A special feature o f ' t h e week's       EDGAR A. RAMEY, 5 j , Houston, Tex. went
'ministry of the W o r d brought great en-       program will be a breakfast meeting a t            to be with the Lord July 25, 1956. Brother
 couragement t o all w h o were privileged t o   7:30 a.m. Saturday, September 22, at the           Ramey was ordained in 1933 with The Church
                                                                                                    of God and came into the Assemblies of God
 hear him.                                       Biltmore Hotel.                                    in 1949. He pastored several churches in Texas.

August 19, 1956
                                                                                           to awake again' in this world, after you
                                                                                           closed your eyes to sleep. There is no
                                                                                           other reason to be given why you have
                                        THE HANDS OF'                                      not dropped into hell since- you arose
                                                                                           in the morning but that God's hand has
                                                                                           held you up. There is no other reason
                          A N ANGRY GOB                                                    to be given why you have not gone to
                                                                                           hell, since you have sat here in the house
                                                                                           of God, provoking H i s pure eye by
                           (Continued from poge twenty-three)                              your sinful wicked nnnner of attending
                                                                                           H i s solemn worship. Yea, there is
                                                                                           nothing else which is to be given as
waters back, which are unwilling to be        the arrow one moment from being made         a reason why you do not this very
stopped and press hard to go forward.         drunk with your blood.                       moment drop down into hell.
If God should only withdraw H i s hand           T h e God who holds you over the pit         0 sinner, consider the fearful danger
from the floodgate, it would immediately      of hell, much as one holds a spider or       you are i n ! I t is a great furnace of
fly open, and the fiery floods of the         some loathsome insect over the fire,         wrath, a wide and bottomless pit, full
fierceness and wrath of God would rush        abhors you and is dreadfully provoked;       of the fire of wrath which you are held
forth with inconceivable fury and would       H i s wrath toward you burns like fire.      over in the hands of that God whose
come upon you with omnipotent power.          H e looks upon you as worthy of nothing      wrath is provoked and incensed as much
If your strength were ten thousand times      else but to be cast into the fire; H e is    against you as against many of the
greater than it is, yea ten thousand times    of purer eyes than to bear you in His        damned in hell You hang by a slen-
greater than the strength of the stoutest,    sight. You are ten thousand times as         der thread, with the flames of divine
sturdiest devil in hell, it would be          abominable in His eyes as the most           wrath flashing about it and ready every
nothing to withstand or endure it.            hateful and venomous serpent is in ours.     moment to singe it and burn it asunder ;
   T h e bow of God's wrath is bent,          You have offended Him infinitely more        and you have no interest in any media-
and the arrow made ready on the string,       than ever a stubborn rebel did his prince.   tor, and nothing to lay hold of to save
and justice bends the arrow at your           Yet it is nothing but H i s hand which       yourself, nothing to keep off the flames
heart and strains the bow, and it is          holds you froin falling into the fire        of wrath, nothing of your own, nothing
nothing but the mere pleasure of God,         every moment; it is ascribed to nothing      that you have ever done, nothing that
and that of a n angry God, without any        else that you did not go to hell the last    ybu can do to induce God to spare
promise or obligation a t all, which keeps    night after which you were suffered          you one moment.                    Abridged

W h a t is happening to the old-fash-                                                      the strife between pride and humility:
ioned humility taught by the W o r d o f                                                   pride and humility are the two master
God and              by o"r predecessors?                                                  powers-the      two kingdoms in strife
    Does not the' Bible condemn pride and                                                  for the eternal possession of man. There
self-exaltation, and does it not commend                                                   never was, nor ever will be, but one
humility?                                                                                  humility, and that is the one humility
    Did not Jesus teach us to take the                                                     of Christ."
lowest seat at the feast? W h a t about all                                                    O n e far greater than William Law
these.people who push themselves to the                                                    has said. "And whosoever shall exalt
                                                                                                                            - -

front and who seek the spotlight and                                                       himself 'shall be abased; and he that
the applause of m e n ? I t is not uncom-                                                  shall humble himself shall be exalted"
mon these days for ministers to have                                                       (Matt. '23 :12). And again we 'read,
publicity directors who see that they                                                      "Humble yourselves in the sight of the
a r e properly headlined and eulogized,                by P o d W. Thomas                  Lord, and he shall lift you up" (James
and their abilities and successes ex-                                                      4 : 10). -Pilgrim Holiness Advocate
tolled. Religious workers advertise their     selves, W h o is going where? I s this
own success like conceited children.          a fantastic dream?
                                                                                               ABSOLUTE SURRENDER
W h a t has happened? H a s black. sud-           William Law wrote pointedly and
denly become white? I s poison nourish-       well when he said,                              Seek grace to know what it means to
ing? Is sin righteousness? I s death life?        "Self is the root, the branches, the     live as wholly for God a s Jesus did.
I s pride of person, place, and achieve-      tree of all the evil of our fallen state.    Only the Holy Spirit Himself can teach
ment humility ?                               All the evils of fallen ,angels and men      you what an entire yielding of the whole
    Sometimes when two trains stand           have their birth in the pride of self. O n   life to God can mean. Wait on God to
side by side in a railroad station and        the other hand, all the virtues of the       show you i n this what you do not know.
one starts very slowly, the passengers        heavenly life are the virtues of humility.   Let every approach to God and every
may for a few moments wonder which            I t is humility alone that makes .the un-    request for fellowship with H i m be ac-
train is moving. Some of the things           passable gulf between heaven and hell.       companied by a new, 'very definite and
that are happening round about us in          What is then, o r in. what lies, the great   entire surrender to H i m to work in you.
the religious world make u s ask our-         struggle for eternal life? I t all lies in                       -ANDREW MURRAY
HEBREWS. A Guide for Bible Studenta                                                           OUTLINED STUDIES IN ROMANS
in Busy Days                                                                                  by C. A. Rat.
by Walter C. Wright                                                                           Here's a new book that has been prepared          .,

This is a n unusual exegesis of the Book of                                                   by the Dean of one of our Pentecostal
Hebrews. Written in lucid style and pop-                                                      Bible Colleges in Canada. I t is a careful
ular manner by a certified public accouutant                                                  analysis and verse-by-verse outline of
of Los Angeles, this book will interest bus-                                                  Romans, termed often as, "The profoundest
inessmen and other lay Christians as well as                                                  book ever written." An ideal book for those
ministers. Those who consider Hebrews                                                         wishing to study this particular Epistle.
too difficult will find that Mr. Wright                                                       Cloth bound.
opens the epistle to their understanding.                                                                             3 EV 2217      $2.00
Advanced Bible students will be delighted
with the instruction here that they have                                                      THE BOOK OF THE PROPHET ISAIAH
found missing in many other expositions of                                                    by Frank M. Boyd
the book. Cloth bound.                                                                        The book of Isaiah, for centuries regarded
                           3 EV 1685 $2.50                                                    as possibly the greatest of the Old Testa-
                                                                                              ment prophecies, has come into peculiar
THE APOCALYPSE Lectures on the                                                                prominence and interest due to the dis-
Book of Revelation                                                                            covery in 1948 of a Hebrew manuscript
by J. A. Seiaa                                                                                of this book which is 2,000 years old ac-
This is one of the most famous expository                                                     cording to conservative scholarship. T h e
works on Revelation in our language. No                                                       author of this book has been a n educator
minister intending to preach a n extended                                                     in the Bible schools of our Pentecostal
series of sermons from the Book of Revela-                                                    fellowship for 35 years. H e gives a clear
tion c a n afford to be without this master-                                                  and concise exposition of the book accord-
piece. The writing and thoughts are sane,                                                     ing to its logical divisions. A n excellent
suggestive, reverent, and dependable. The                                                     textbook for Bible Institutes and for per-
writer of this book was a keen logician                                                       sonal study. Cloth bound.
and a master of eloquence, as can easily be                                                                             2 EV 482    $250
seen by the reading and study of this great                                                   THE BOOK OF THE PROPHET
volume. Cloth bound.                                                                          EZEKIEL
                            3 EV 2952 64.95                                                   by Frank M. Boyd
THE STUDENTS' HISTORICAL                                                                      The study of this remarkable prophecy has
GEOGRAPHY OF THE HOLY LAND                                                                    been very much neglected. I t is pertinent
by William Walter Smith                                                                       for the prescnt crisis, because .it has much
                                                                                              to reveal of the "age to come,"-the mil-
This book is of inestimable value in the
study of the Bible. I t locates the events of                                                 lennium. T h e reader of this book will find
Scriptural narrative both in time and place.                                                  the message of Ezekiel clearly and in-
I n the light of its pages the men and                                                        terestingly unfolded. T h e exposition of
wonien of the Bible stand out as they really                                                  chapters 38 and 39 is peculiarly appropriate
were-human      beings like ourselves who                                                     in this day of crisis, for these chapters seem
live in this selfsame world. I t reveals the                                                  clearly to reveal the place o f Russia and
hills and plains, rivers and seas as the                                                      her allies in the events of the last days.
theater of stirring events as God dealt                                                       I t contains a refutation of British-Israelism.
                                                                                              Arranged with questions for textbook use
with his chosen people and all mankind.
                                                                                              in Bible study. Cloth bound.
Cloth bound.
                           3 EV 2612    $225
YOUR BIBLE AND YOU                                                                            EXPOSITION OF GENESIS
by CharIsr R. Erdman                                                                          by H. C. Leupold
Dr. Erdman is one of the elder statesmen                                                      This is a n unusually satisfying commen-
of the Presbyterian Church and of the                                                         tary in a field where trustworthy com-
evangelical "old school." I n the first five                                                  mentaries a r e all too few. The presenta-
chapters he treats the Word of God as a n                                                     tion is clear and lucid. T h e procedure is
inspired divine revelation; he traces the                                                     thorough and systematic. The Hpproach is
English Versions; gives some helpful sug-       THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE                  that of a n able scholar with a high and
gestions for Bible reading and 'shows the       by G. Campbell Morgan                         reverent regard for the Bible as the W o r d
unity of the Bible. I n the remaining chap-     A paragraph by paragraph explanation of       of God. This is in every way a n up-to-date
ters Dr. Erdman gives the background of         this .Gospel, in which Dr. Morgan's ability   commentary. T h e author makes full but
each book and unfolds the contents of the       as a Greek scholar, Biblical Expositor and    judicious use of the findings of archaeol-
Bible in most interesting, helpful and prac-    illuminating teacher stands out as a moun-    ogy and science. Ideal for student, minister
tical exposition. Cloth bound.                  tain peak. Cloth bound.                       or layman. Cloth bound.
                          3 EV 2932    $2.50                             3 EV 3122    $3.50                  3 EV 3090 Volume 1      $3.50

                                                                                                                                   .   .
August 19, 1956
by Oswald J. Smith                             by Smith Wigglesworth
An unusually excellent and deeply spiritual    I t would be impossible t o find in another
book, which stresses the need of the re-       book of similar compass more challenge and
vitalizing power of the Holy Spirit in the     practical help on faith lines. A truly Pen-
lives of Christian people before a revival     tecostal book by a man filled with the
can be expected. Cloth bound.                  Spirit. Paper bound.
                          3 EV 2370 $1.00                                   2 EV 494 $1.25
to Victorious Living.                          by A. G. Ward
by Wm. S. D s d                                I t is ngt a question of catching the glow,
T h e Victorious Life has the distinctive      but of maintaining it. W e have all had our
quality of being highly instructive and also   glowing moments in prayer, in testimony
very readable. I t is a t once a practical     or in sinigng; but the problem has been to .
handbo,ok of doctrinal instruction for the     keep the glow when the way becomes diffi-
young Christian and at the same time a         cult and thorny. Can the glow be ours in
strong and encouraging support and com-        spite of feeble health and strange temper-
panion for the devotional life. Cloth bound.   a m e n t ? Paper bound.
                           3 EV 2807 $2.00                                  2 EV 544 50c
by Oswald Chambers                             by Wallace Fridy
Inspirational readings for each day in the     This little volume contains 40 readings,
year, based on scriptural texts. These talks   each based on a Bible text, and each about
are simple, straightforward, and filled with   three pages in length. Wise, compassion-
messages that day by day will continue t o     ate, and stimulating, these readings are
bring the quickening life and inspiration of   richly rewarding for personal meditation
the Holy Spirit. Cloth bound.                  or group worship.     Cloth   bound.
                            3 EV 2112 $3.00                              3 EV 1924 $1.50
                                               by Charles H. Spurgeon
This compilation of Bible verses from
various places in the Scripture is woven to-   Here are provided for you each day a
gether to form daily readings. A full-page     precious promise and brief comment from
reading for each day of the year. A            the beginning t o the year's end which
constant source of blessing to the read-       you may liken t o "a check payable t o
ers, furnishing comfort, guidance, and wis-    order." An index of Scripture texts follows
dom 365 days of the year. Cloth bound.         the daily readings, thus affording ready ref-
                                               erence for Bible talks, sermons and de-
                             3 EV 1342 75c     votional requirements. Cloth bound.
HOW TO OB(TA1N FULNESS                                                     3 EV 1458 $3.00
OF POWER                                       KEEPING IN TOUCH
by R. A. Torrey                                by Donald Gee
A thorough, Bible-based discussion of the      T h e heart of this excellent booklet is the
means of power for the Christian, and          admonition t o forget the things which are
power for his personal walk and his serv-      behind, and t o keep steadfastly pressing
ice for the Lord Jesus. The author deals in    toward the mark of further achievement
a pointed way with the power of the Word,      and spiritual growth. An ideal book for
the power of the Spirit, prayer and the sur-   any Christian desiring a deeper life in
rendered life. This volume is revolutionary    Christ. Paper bound.
to the heart that will read and believe.                                    3 EV 3502 50c
H a r d binding.
                          3 EV 1744 $1.50      GETTING THINGS FROM GOD
                                               by Dr. Charles Blanchard
                                               H e r e are 24 chapters, each full of practi-
by Charles S. Price                            cal, inspiring help o n how t o pray. Dr.
Here's a wonderful and inspiring book on       Blanchard tells of many answers t o prayer
various aspects of Faith. T h e author         in his own life, shows what may hinder your
whose faithful ministry has brought multi-     prayer life, and how t o conquer unbe-
tudes in touch with God, the Giver of          lief. Your faith will be strengthened, your
"The Real Faith," passes o n t o the read&     heart warmed and moved t o trust God for
of this volume, many wonderful experiences     all ,things, a s you read .this tremendous
from his own life. This is a must for every    book. Sturdily bound i n w h i t e , stamped in
Christian's library. Paper bound.              maroon and blue.
                           3 EV 2372 $1.00                                 3 EV 1519 $2.50
                                                                                                Neighbor, God is reaching out after
                                                                                             you with both His rod and His staff!
           GOD'S ROD AND GOD'S STAFF                                                         "Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort
                                                                                             me." David knew that line of the
                                                                                             twenty-third Psalm from personal ex-
                                           from page three)
                                  (Cont~nued                                                 perience. More than once he had felt
                                                                                             like God's "black sheep." His flagrant
a group of mild petitioners who came to           Yes, God. is forever reaching His          sins brought God's "rod" upon his back.
His servant Paul and said, "[Please]           "staff" out toward you, Neighbor.             But that same "rod" brought comfort,
depart, and go in peace" (Acts 16:36).                                                       protection, and vindication. And God's
                                                  To the woman brought before Him by         "staff" brought him salvation. Out from
H e silenced the cynicism and bickering        her accusers, Jesus said, "Where are
of Elymas, the sorcerer, who heckled                                                         his troubled soul he could cry, "Have
                                               those thine accusers? hath no man con-        mercy upon me, 0 God, according to
the evangelistic ministry of Paul and          demned thee? . . . Neither do I con-
Barnabas, and withstood them, and                                                            thy lovingkindness : according unto the
                                               demn thee: go, and sin no more." That         multitude of thy tender mercies blot out
sought to turn away the deputy, Sergius        woman needed help, not hell! She
Paulus, a prudent man, from the faith.                                                       my transgressions. Wash me throughly
                                               needed the Rock of Ages, not the rocks        from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from
As an act of judgment, God sent blin'd-        of self-righteousness; conversion, not
ness to that wicked man (Acts 13 :lo).                                                       my sin. . . . Wash me, and I shall he
                                               condemnations ; a Saviour, not a slayer ;     whiter than snow. . . . .Create in me
  Yes, my friend, there is a "big stick"       a Friend, not a foe. How many more
in this world. The law of God is at                                                          a clean heart, 0 God ; and renew a right
                                               like her need comfort in this hour! The       spirit within me." (Psalm 51 :1, 2, 7,
work every day. And what a comfort             comfort of His "staff" to reach them
that is !                                                                                    10).
                                               and protect them and give them a new             Friend, God is waiting to hear the
                                               start in life !                               same cry of repentance from your lips-
        T H E STAFF O F GOD
                                                  To Zacchaeus, a tax agent with a           You are not bigger than His law, and        .
   But David said that wasn't the only         warped and twisted soul, calloused by         you are not beyond His grace. His
thing that comforted him. H e said that        greed and financial scheming, He said,        "rod" can teach you and His "staff"
God's staff is manifest in this life, too.     "Make haste, and come down; for to            can reach you. That is where your
David was comforted by the kindness,           day I must abide at thy house" (Luke          eternal comfort lies in this hour. Ac-
mercy, and forgiveness of God. While           19 :5). And when Zacchaeus repented           cept His gracious salvation today.
the rod is applied to bring the delin-         and offered to make restitution, Jesus
quent in line, the staff reaches down          said to him, "This day is salvation come
to rescue the perishing and lift up the        to this house." That man needed help.
fallen. Neighbor, God's love and God's         Jesus said that H e had come "to seek
care are a comfort to me in this life.         and to save that which was lost." That           Meekness is love at school, at the
I must not magnify the grace of God            "internal revenue agent" was lost. What       Saviour's school. It is the disciple
out of proportion, but neither must I          comfort there is in God's "staff"!            learning to know himself-to fear, dis-
magnify the severity and the law of God        "God was in Christ, reconciling the           trust and abhor himself. It is the dis-
out of proportion. God uses both               world unto himself, not imputing their        ciple practicing the sweet but self-
rod and staff.                                 trespasses unto them" (2 Corinthians          emptying lesson of putting on the Lord
   Jonah found this out, although it           5:19).                                        Jesus, and finding all his righteousness
upset his Old Testament theology quite                                                       in that righteous One. It is the dis-
a bit. He wanted to see Nineveh                 F a r beyond all human comprehension         ciple learning the defects of his own
punished. H e didn't find much joy              Measured by an infinite dimension,           character, and taking hints from the
in the message of God's grace.                  Wonderfully broad in its intention           hostile as well as the friendly monitors.
                                                Is the boundless love of God.
   Paul also found this out. H e said,                                                       It is the disciple praying and watching
                                               Love divine surpasses all that human tongue   for the improvement of his talents, the
"What shall we say then? Is there                can tell,                                   mellowing of his temper, and the re-
unrighteousness with God? God forbid.          While on earth o r in eternity-               fining of his character. It is the loving
For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy       Higher than' the mountains, where the soar-
                                                 ing eagles dwell,                           Christian at his Saviour's feet, learning
on whom I will have mercy, and I will          Deeper than the mighty rolling sea,           from Him who is meek and lowly, and
have compassion on whom I will have            Love sufficient to redeem and set a captive   finding rest to his own soul.
compassion. So then it is not of him             free-
that willeth, nor of him that runneth,         A s shoreless and as tndless a s eternity.                         -JAMES HAMILTON
but of God that sheweth mercy" (Ro-
mans 9 :14-16).
    "Love has a hem in its garment
       T h a t reaches the very dust;
    I t can reach the stains
       I n the streets and the lanes,
    And because i t can, i t must.

    "It cannot stop on the mountain;                           SERMON SUBJECT FOR 'AUGUST 19         .
       I t is bound t o g o t o the vale,
    F o r it cannot find
       I t s fullness of mind
    Till it reaches the lives that fail?

August 19, 1.955                                                                                                                  31
                                           "provoke."     The two words are not            Friend, you can have "religion" and be
                                           synonyms, although many people often         lost, but if you have "salvation" you
                                           use them interchangeably.                    are saved.
                                              "Religion" and "salvation" are words         You need a "new life," not a "new
                                           often used as if they meant the same.        leaf." You need "regeneration" more
                                           But there is a world of difference be-       than "reformation"; the "new birth"

       There Is                            tween their meanings. They are not
                                           synonyms. Just as certainly as night
                                           is opposite to day, "religion" is opposite
                                                                                        more than "new mirth." You need a
                                                                                        soul-saving, heart-warming, life-trans-
                                                                                        forming experience which the Bible calls

        A Big                              to "salvation." Here's how one writer
                                           puts it:
                                              "Religion is what a man does for God.
                                                                                        being "born again." Salvation is taught
                                                                                        in God's Word. You ought to read i t ;
                                                                                        and then heed i t ; for you need it. It's
                                           Salvation is what God does for a man         either Christ or chaos for you, heaven
      Difference                            (Isaiah 53 :6).
                                              "Religion says, 'Something in my hand
                                                                                        or hell, "religion" or "salvation." There
                                                                                        is a big difference! Do you belong to
                                           I bring.' Salvation says, 'Nothing in        Christ? Are you saved ?
                                           my hand I bring.' (Ephesians 2:8, 9).           Now read the glorious message of
H o w Gooo ARE You AT SYNONYMS? "Religion is trusting in a work that                    Acts 4 :16, "Neither is there salvation in
T o test your skill, let us begin with the we do. Salvation is trusting in a work       any other: for there is none other name
two words, aggravate and irritate. Ex- that Another has done (Matthew 26:               under heaven given among men, where-
amine the following sentences carefully: 28).                                           by we must be saved." No other name
   1. False rumors serve to aggravate         "Religion depends upon our behaving.      but Jesus! Yes, remember that. Sal-
racial animosities.                        Salvation depends upon our believing         vation is not in a creed, a church, or a     1

   2. His mannerisms irritate me greatly. (Acts 16:31).                                 prayer-but      in a Person, the Lord
   You don't have to be a Webster or a        "Religion says we must act our best.      Jesus Christ. You need Jesus, the
linguistic genius to see that there is a Salvation says we must acc'ept God's           Saviour of men's souls.
difference in the way aggravate and Best (John 3:16).                                      Don't be satisfied with a dead reli-
irritate are used in these two sentences.     "Religion says we must be found           gion. Accept a loving, living Redeemer.
Aggravate means to "worsen" or "in- in God's house. Salvation says we must              Take Him today as your own personal
crease." Irritate means to "annoy" or be found in Christ."                              Saviour !                -Nathanael Olson

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