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Schedule Coins _ Key Chains Promote Team Spirit While Offering


									        Schedule Coins & Key Chains Promote Team Spirit While Offering
                          Fundraising Opportunities
Osborne Coinage Co. produces custom coins and key chains with sporting schedules on them to promote team

spirit and game awareness. Perfect for schools, booster organizations, club teams, and more, these schedule

coins & key chains include ample room on one side to include all pre-season and regular season games, as well

as tournaments. The opposite side of the coin can be minted with another team schedule, the school or club

logo for branding purposes, or the logo of a sponsor for fundraising purposes. These coins and keychains can

be updated season after season, making them great collector’s items for players, fans and enthusiasts. Coins can

be produced in aluminum or anodized aluminum for a low cost way to build school spirit. Aluminum coins can

also be anodized (colored) in the school’s colors.

Custom schedule coins and key chains are available in metals and sizes to suit any budget – including Goldine®

(a brass alloy that looks like 18 kt gold), nickel silver, antique silver, antique bronze and more.

Established in 1835, Osborne Coinage is America’s oldest private mint. They produce high quality custom

minted coins, medallions, and key chains in aluminum, Goldine, nickel-silver, bronze, and even fine silver and

solid gold. For more information on Osborne products for ad specialties and premiums, visit or contact Osborne Coinage Co., at 800-488-2646 ext 222, or via mail to Osborne

Coinage Co., 2851 Massachusetts Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45225.


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