Cricket World Cup 2011 Points Table World Cup Points System by anamaulida


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        <p>The 2011 Cricket World Cup Points Table is continuously
changing as the matches are happening in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
The World Cup points table is available on most websites and displays the
performance of the Test playing nations, as well as the Associate
Members, in the tournament. At the moment, both the groups of teams,
Group A and Group B, are dominated by the stronger teams and the
Associate members are raking very low in the standings.</p>
<p>The event is in the full flow right now and almost all the weak
matches are over. The major teams will be playing big contests from now
on. Today's match features Australia and Sri Lanka in Colombo. They last
played in a world cup in the 2007 final in which Australia won in
controversial conditions. Just some time ago, India and England played
out an improbable tie, scoring almost 700 runs in a single match! But,
just when we start thinking that bowlers will be crushed by the batsmen
in this world cup, Malinga and Roach take two hat-tricks in the just a
fortnight old tournament.<br><br>It is because of these uncertainties;
the <a rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview',
table/">Cricket World Cup 2011 points table</a> is never static and
always changing. Pakistan is on the top of Group A after winning all of
their matches and scoring good amount of runs. South Africa looks the
best team in the second group after India was exposed of their unreliable
bowling capabilities. The Associate member teams, Canada, Ireland,
Bangladesh, Netherlands and Zimbabwe make the last in both
tables.<br><br>"Teams are mismatched, bat and ball are not loved equally,
and the quarter-finals are looked forward to like school vacations once
were. I know the Associates and the qualifiers have a right to dream of
sitting at the high table but we need to see whether being the best of
the rest is a sufficient qualification," says eminent commentator and
ESPN cricket analyst Harsha Bhogle.<br><br>The World Cup 2011 points
system is such that the winner gets two full points and the looser gets
none. In a tie match, both teams get one point each like it happened in
the India v England match. The net run rate (NRR) is very important in
such a system as multiple teams share same points. We will continue to
have a look at the points table as the world cup progresses later in the
month.</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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