The Masterton family – choosing a boy or girl

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					The Masterton family – choosing a boy or girl
                                                      The Masterton family come from near
                                                      Dundee, Scotland. They had five children: four
                                                      boys and last of all a little girl, named Nicole.

                                                      In the Autumn of 1999, while out in the
                                                      garden, a tragic accident occurred. Alan
                                                      Masterton, the dad, said

                                        “We were burning some leaves and
                                        debris in the garden of our home,
                                        Nicole appeared from nowhere and
                                        was caught by a lick of flame from
                                        the fire ... the fire caught her
clothing and she suffered terrible burns. We got her into a bath of
freezing water almost instantly but the damage had been done.

Our precious angel lost her fight for life 61 days later at the Sick Kids
Hospital in Edinburgh. She was aged three years and seven months, we miss
her every hour of every day.”

In 2004 the family decided that they wanted to have another child. As they already had 4 boys and
had so enjoyed having a girl in the family, they wanted to choose to have a girl.

Alan and Louise Masterton applied for permission to allow doctors and scientist, using the PGD
technique, to make sure they would only have a girl. This is an extract from an interview with Alan
and Louise Masterton:

*ALAN:* What brought us to this position we're at now was after a couple
of months after we lost Nicole, and we were still in a state of shock, in
fact I think we'll be in shock for the rest of our lives.

*LOUISE:* Absolutely.
*ALAN:* The loss of a child isn't something you get over.
*LOUISE:* You have to put a brave face on every day.

*ALAN:* We felt that Nicole brought two separate things to our family, she
brought her own personality, her own individual idiosyncrasies and also
she brought a female dimension to the family. That's the only way I can
describe it.

It's basically how she interacted with her brothers, how she interacted
with us, her parents, and how the boys interacted with her - how they
looked after her....

*LOUISE:* When they got their pocket money, they would always buy her a
wee bag of sweets. It was because she was a sister, they would never have
done it for a wee brother.

*ALAN:* That's an example of the female dimension. Every one of the
brothers was protective towards her. They wouldn't have harmed her.

      What do you think about the parents wanting to select only a baby girl? Should the parents
       by allowed to select their baby so that it is definitely a girl?
      What would happen if they did get permission? What would happen to the Masterton’s if
       they did not get permission.
       If the UK authorities did give permission to the Masterton’s family to select a girl, what
        might happen in the future?
       If they did get permission, would their baby girl grow up just like any other?

What happened?
Alan and Louise Masterton were not given permission to go ahead with choosing to have a
baby girl by the UK authorities.

The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority said the status quo, which only
allows sex selection for strictly medical reasons, should remain.
The decision followed a year-long public consultation, which suggested 80% of people
were against selection.
HFEA chairman Suzi Leather said there was a "huge public consensus" against
allowing parents to select a child's sex, unless it was to protect against disease.
"The public view was really that great value should be put on the unconditional nature
of parental love," she told the BBC.
Extract from BBC News 12th November 2003

                                               The ruling has been widely welcomed by doctors.

                                               When Alan and Louise Masterton were not given
                                               permission to go ahead with choosing to have a baby girl
                                               by the UK authorities, they were terribly disappointed.

                                               " This ... forces people like ourselves abroad "
                                               Alan Masterton

                                               A friend gave them the money to go abroad to Italy, where
                                               the rules are different and do allow parents to select a boy
                                               or a girl in some circumstances. They completed three
                                               rounds of IVF, but only male embryos were created, which
                                               they donated to other couples. They have not had another