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									                                                                  SNEAK A PEEK
                                                              Career Development
                                                             Events in Your Schools
 Career Development Department            Brecksville-Broadview Heights City School District
         Volume 3, Issue 2
       January - June, 2010
                                                    HISTORICAL INTERPRETER
                                                      MADE HISTORY REAL
         Inside this Issue:
                                            Central School students in
Page 1 - Historical Interpreter Made      Mrs. Wable‟s and Mrs. Toth‟s
History Real; Fourth Graders Learned      4th grade social studies
about Careers                             classes at Central School
Page 2 - “Tools of the Trade” Day at      enjoyed a visit from Doug
Hilton Elementary School                  Kusak, Historical Interpreter,
Page 3 - Career Day at the Middle         from Cleveland Metroparks
School Featured Parents; Memorial Day     CanalWay Center.
Celebration at Central School
                                            Mr. Kusak explained the his-
Page 4 - What’s an EWOW?; “Facebook.      tory of the canals in Ohio and
Texting.Help!” Seminar; Seventh Graders   how the trains eventually made
Visited CVCC for “Exploration”
                                          them obsolete. He also shared his career journey. He has three part-time
Page 5 - 2010 “Engineering For You”       jobs with the Metroparks, the Great Lakes Science Center and as an actor.
Expo at CVCC
Page 6 - Student Job Fair at CVCC at-
tended by more than 1200; Health Care                      FOURTH GRADERS
Job Fair and Career Expo at CVCC
                                                        LEARNED ABOUT CAREERS
Page 7 - Job Fair Boot Camp; “College
Survival Skills 101” Seminar
                                            On May 14th, parents of 4th graders in Central School visited with students
Page 8 - Summer Career Camps              to share information about their careers. Pictured below are speakers who
Page 9 - Glass Ceiling Roundtable Year-   participated in the career day event.
End Brunch at CVCC
Page 10 - 2010-11 Coming Events; Dr.
Marko Farian Received Spirit of Success
Award; Soup with the Supe Luncheons

                                               William Camperchioli                                 Dr. Forrest Gearhart
                                          Electrical Test Engineer, NASA                                  Dentist
                                                                                Jina Demeo
                                                                             Physical Therapist
                                                                             Cleveland Clinic &
                                                                                Manor Care
     Sneak a Peek newsletters are
 published in January and September
                                                                           Dr. Caroline Casserly
 to highlight Career Development and
                                                                           Physician/Cardiologist       Lisa Bires
   Career Pathways activities in your
                                                                             Cleveland Clinic         Dancer/Owner
  schools. Newsletters are edited and
      produced by Donna Hessel,                                                                      Revolutions Dance
      Career Pathways Specialist.                                                                        Academy
                                                                    Articles Continued on Page 2

          CVCC Mission: Preparing youth and adults to enter, compete, and advance in an ever-changing work world
Volume 3, Issue 2                                                                                                  Page 2

Career Day Speakers        Lisa Bires, a                                                           (Left) David Pisanick
Continued from Page 1      community                                                                 COO/Computer
                              member,                                                                     Software
                              was also a                                                               Food Service
                              speaker.                                                                Solutions, Inc.
                              Career Day
                              arrangements                                                                (Rght)
                              were made                                                               David Macy
                              by Gretchen                                                            Home Inspector
                              Weber,                                                                Home Safe Home
                              CVCC Career                                                              Inspectors
                              at Central
      Russ Kocher             School.
   Geologist, Ohio EPA

          (Left) Shawn Smith
         Account Management
            Towers Watson
           (Right) Brian Root
         Rockwell Automation

                               “TOOLS OF THE TRADE” DAY AT
                                HILTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
  On May 21st, Kindergarten through second
grade students got to try their hand with some
“tools” used in careers. They experimented with
socket wrenches, nuts and bolts, fingerprinting
and a magnifying glass, stethoscope, walker,
crutches and other equipment that a physical
therapist uses.
  Each class was divided into three groups and
each group spent 10 minutes at each station. Par-
ents, two Brecksville police officers, men from the
Brecksville-Broadview Heights city school mainte-
nance department and Maria Konstas (sister of
speech pathologist Effie Konstas) helped students
at the stations.

(Clockwise from Left) Students learned how to manage crutches with help from a physi-
cal therapist; experimented with wrenches, nuts and bolts and recorded their fingerprints
                  with the help of Michele West, CVCC Career Specialist

  Gretchen Weber, CVCC Career Specialist, works with teachers to schedule and facilitate career-related events
and speakers at Brecksville-Broadview Heights elementary and middle schools. The much-anticipated annual
“Community Walk” in which all grades visit multiple businesses in Brecksville (that requires a huge amount of
preplanning) was rained out in 2010. Disappointed teachers, students, chaperones, specialists and businesses
are hoping for a sunny day in 2011!

                                                                                            Articles continued on Page 3
Volume 3, Issue 2                                                                                                 Page 3

 April 30th was Career Day for 6th graders at the middle school
when parents shared their careers with students. Every student
heard three parents. Each parent spoke to three classes for 30
minutes each. Then all students completed the Career Game,
an interest inventory. A few weeks later, they all received a
computer-generated printout of jobs that matched their interests.        Mark Bender (Left) and Valerie Waugaman
  Parent presenters were Dawn Wesley-
Ventura, Program Assistant, Federal Air Mar-
shal; Jane Pearson, Special Agent, FBI Cleve-
land Division; Dante Boccuzzi, Chef/Owner,
Dante Restaurant; Deanna O‟Donnell, Judge,
Parma Municipal Court; Robert Shick, Ph.D.,
Scientist and New Product Development
President and COO, Promerus® LLC; Dr. Ara
Kallibjian, Podiatrist, Advanced Ankle/Foot Care;
Mark Bender, Firefighter/Paramedic, Brecksville;
Stephen Jaramillo, Forensic Social Worker,
North Coast Healthcare; Sue Dalesio, Family
Nurse Practitioner, MetroHealth; Valerie
Waugaman, Motivational Speaker, Professional        (L-R) Dr. Ara Kallibjian, Stephen Jaramillo and Judge Deanna O‟Donnell
Athlete and TV Personality; Bill Kubiak, Police
Officer, Cleveland Police Department; David
Horvath, Attorney; and Brian Rosander, Chef,
International Culinary Arts & Sciences Institute.

        CENTRAL SCHOOL                                  (L-R) Sue Dalesio, David Horvath and Dawn Wesley-Ventura

 Pat Coleman-Bagpipes     Scouts raised the flag

   The Memorial Day celebration at Central
 School has always been a special event, ever
 since Principal Nick Carpas initiated it. He still
 attends every year, even though he has retired.      Dignitaries from Brecksville and Broadview Heights attended the
 This year, 22 family members of 4th and 5th                              Memorial Day celebration
 graders also attended and were honored for
 their service to our country. They represented the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, and served as long ago as
 the Korean War.
Volume 3, Issue 2                                                                                                      Page 4

               WHAT’S AN EWOW?
  Students in each of CVCC‟s eight districts in grades ranging
from third to fifth complete an early career assessment known as
an EWOW. EWOW stands for Exploring the World of Work. It‟s
an easy and fun way for students to begin to understand how
their skills and interests can lead to a rewarding career.
  Students are asked to mark career pictures either green (like),
yellow (not sure) or red (do not like) based on their feelings.
They are encouraged to think about the things they like to do
and what they are good at when making their choices. Once
they have marked their forms, students tally their colors and
complete a simple pie graph that represents career clusters.
  Students can then easily see which “pie” has the most green,
indicating the cluster they may be interested in exploring further.
This activity precedes discussions about career choices, college
requirements and non-traditional careers. The EWOW forms and               A student colors career pictures to indicate things
                                                                             he likes or is good at in a career assessment
crayons used to complete the activity are provided by CVCC.                   conducted at district elementary schools in
Assessments are conducted by CVCC Career Specialists in                                 third through fifth grades
each school.

  Parents learned the basics of social networking on January 27th at a Parent
Speaker Series evening seminar hosted by CVCC‟s Career Development
Department. Sharon M. Styffe, Executive Director of Community & Continuing
Education at Cuyahoga Community College, presented the key benefits and pitfalls
of social media and shared tips for keeping children safe and tech savvy when
participating in a social network.

               (Sharon Styffe discussed benefits and pitfalls of social media

                             “Tryvertising” — a lab
                           setting in which students
                           participate in six activi-
                           ties that simulate skills
                           used in various careers
                           — is just one of the ad-
                           ventures for district
                       1 school seventh graders
                           when they visit CVCC for        2                                       3
a day of “Exploration.” Pictured above are five of
the Tryvertising stations: 1 - Construction Tecnolo-
gies-students follow a blueprint to frame a house;
 2 - Hospitality & Tourism-students follow direc-
tions for folding napkins into various figures; 3 -
Human Services-Yes, the most famous hairdress-
ers are men! 4 - Engineering & Science Tech-
nologies-students complete a circuit to make a fan
revolve; 5 - Health Science-students learn the
proper positioning of organs in the human body.                                         4                                   5
Volume 3, Issue 2                                                                                                 Page 5

Continued from Page 4
  Students in groups tour CVCC to view activities taking place
in the classrooms. Posters list the potential careers associated
with each program, and students note which careers they might
want to pursue. Students are invited into classrooms for a
closer look at what CVCC students are doing.
  The day also includes lunch in the cafeteria and an online
interest and skill assessment survey that helps students match
their interests with potential careers. CVCC Career Specialists, Gretchen Weber, Kathy Richards and Michele
West, conduct a lesson at each associate school to introduce career and technical education prior to students
visiting CVCC. Specialists also conduct a follow-up session in students‟ classrooms to answer questions.

  There was a lot to see and more to learn for 400+ high
school students and their parents who attended the
“Engineering For You” Expo at CVCC on Saturday,
February 20, 2010. Some 67 engineers, representing 40
companies and professional societies, met students at
individual booths for one-on-one conversations about
their work. Students discovered that engineers are em-
ployed in a vast number of disciplines other than those
commonly associated with engineering.
 A 15-minute introductory power point, “Engineering Is…”
was presented by two Cleveland Engineering Society
(CES) members. Kathy Gargasz, a civil engineer and
environmental coordinator from Lincoln Electric; and         High school students visited with engineers representing a
Linda Rae, with Keithley Instruments Inc., were the             variety of disciplines at the 2010 Engineering Expo.
presenters.                                                    Fourteen Ohio colleges that offer engineering degrees
                                                                      also had representatives present to help
 A pre-Expo session for middle school girls interested in                  students plan further education
engineering careers was coordinated by members of
Society for Women Engineers. They told the girls what
they loved about their jobs and advised them to learn
about all the disciplines available so they could focus on
their passion and find a job they loved.
  Dr. Majid Rashidi from Cleveland State
University conducted a breakout session on
wind energy and told students how his
invention installed on experimental turbines
at CSU has successfully increased the
velocity of wind entering the turbines to
increase their efficiency.
  The Expo was sponsored by CVCC‟s
Career Development Department in partnership with The        (Left) In a special breakout session, representatives from
Great Lakes Science Center and Cleveland Engineering              Society of Women Engineers conducted a panel
Society. Marie Elias, Career Development Community            discussion and hands-on activities for girls interested in
Liaison, chaired the event and every member of the                             a career in engineering
department staff was involved either with arrangements         (Right) Dr. Majid Rashidi from Cleveland State‟s Fenn
or assisting during the day of the Expo.                      College of Engineering presented his research on wind
                                                                              energy and discussed his
                                                                        experimental turbines installed at CSU
Volume 3, Issue 2                                                                                                  Page 6

 Alex Meler, a junior at Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School,
was one of the more than 1,200 students who came to the Student
Job Fair. With resume in hand, he was prepared to interview with
some of the 38 employers at the Fair. He didn‟t get beyond the first
table, however. He was asked to fill out an application. After he
returned it to the table, he was asked to come back in 20 minutes.
When he returned and after a short interview, he was hired on the
spot and began to work the next day.
  Others may not have been so lucky, but, as Alex said, “it‟s a            The 2010 Student Job Fair in March attracted
chance to put yourself out there and get feedback right there.” It‟s                more than 1,200 students
a quick and convenient way to meet multiple employers who are
hiring part-time and seasonal employees, and increasing numbers
of students appreciate the opportunity provided annually by CVCC‟s
Career Development Department!
  Information on the Job Fair is provided to students by CVCC
career specialists in their schools who help students prepare
profiles and resumes and practice interviewing skills. The special-
ists also instruct them in the proper conduct and what type of
apparel will help them make a good first impression on employers.

 VENUE FOR ADULTS IN JOB MARKET                                             Forty-two employers conducted interviews at
                                                                           tables with color-coded balloons indicating the
   TO EXPLORE POTENTIAL FIELDS                                                          ages they were hiring

  To provide a venue for community members to learn about the
many opportunities for a career in the health care field, CVCC
hosted a Health Care Job Fair and Career Expo on May 5th from
3:30 to 6:00 at the school. In addition to nearly 20 health care
employers hiring for allied health and nursing positions, there were
several colleges with information about training programs and how
to advance in a career.
 Northeast Ohio has established a reputation as a player in the bio-
medical and health care fields, offering a wide variety of secure jobs,
as well as great opportunities for continued professional growth. So
                                            in today‟s difficult eco-
                                            nomic times, careers in
                                            health care make a lot of
                                            sense.                      Students filled out employers‟ applications and
                                                                                   returned them at the Job Fair
                                                    The health careers job
                                                fair was the capstone event to this year‟s CVCC Job Seekers Pro-
                                                                          gram, which provided monthly seminars
                                                                          and workshops as a free service to com-
                                                                          munity members in career transition.
                                                                          Both the Student Job Fair and Health
                                                                         Careers Job Fair events were chaired by
                                                                         Nanci Coleman, Thressa Brown and
 The Health Care Job Fair and Career Expo                                Patricia Coyne from CVCC‟s Career
hosted nearly 20 health care employers hiring                            Development program.
    for allied health and nursing positions
                                                                          Cleveland Clinic presenter Elizabeth Gildone
 Volume 3, Issue 2                                                                                                        Page 7

   For those in career transition and looking for a job, attending a job fair can offer exciting prospects. But it can
 also be intimidating and discouraging. To make the most of attending a job fair, preparing strategies and plan-
 ning how to “work” the job fair to one‟s advantage is a necessity.
   CVCC Job Seekers program hosted a Job Fair Boot Camp on April 24th for people who had registered to
 attend the Health Care Job Fair. Career Transition Specialist Patricia Coyne provided strategies on how to
 research employers and job opportunities, prepare a 30-second “elevator speech” and make a positive first
   Ms. Coyne demonstrated what to look for when researching employers using search engines, company web-
 sites and industry guides. She noted that a prospective job applicant should be prepared to talk about how s/he
 is a good fit with the corporate culture and organizational mission. She encouraged applicants to look for a mis-
 sion/vision statement, news/announcements, company initiatives, calendar of events, “about us” data, newslet-
 ters and organizational structure
   Boot Camp participants stated that they appreciated the hands-on focus of the workshop and felt much better
 prepared to network with employers at the upcoming job fair.

                          “COLLEGE SURVIVAL SKILLS 101”
                         HELPED STUDENTS (AND PARENTS)
                            PREPARE FOR COLLEGE LIFE
                                                         (Left) Sergeant Chad Cunningham, University of Akron Police
                                                     Department, had the audience put their hands in the air, then behind
                                                   their backs as if cuffed to illustrate the point that this is NOT the position
                                                    college students want to find themselves in! He then talked about how
                                                                                  this could happen

   Panelists at the parent seminar included Dr. Trina Dobberstein, Vice President for Student Affairs at Baldwin-Wallace
 College; David Pelland, CFP, Bear Pelland Associates; Sgt. Chad Cunningham, University of Akron Police Department and
                                                     two B-W students

  CVCC‟s Career Development staff hosted a parent seminar on the evening of April 28th titled “College Survival
Skills 101.” A panel of experts, including two college students from Baldwin-Wallace College, addressed issues
critical for the college-bound student (and his/her parents). Topics included legal issues and campus safety,
adjusting to college life and students‟ financial responsibility.
  Panelists provided tips on parent/student expectations and relationships, balancing campus life with academic
responsibilities, legalities surrounding misconduct, substance use and pirated software. Managing credit cards,
establishing bank accounts, budgeting and avoiding identity theft were also on the agenda. Attendees rated the
seminar „excellent‟ and expressed appreciation for the opportunity to glean valuable advice and helpful resources
from experienced professionals. In addition to several articles, each family received a checklist of “must-have”
conversations before a student leaves for college.
 Patricia Coyne, Julie Regula and Darden Blake developed and implemented the seminar.
    Volume 3, Issue 2                                                                                                Page 8


               CO2 Dragster
                                                                   Popular Beautiful You career camp was scheduled
          campers used CAD to
                                                             both June 14th and June 21st camp weeks. Campers practiced
                design their
                                                                      hair styles on their mannequin heads, facial
           dragsters, then built
                                                                    and arm massages and pedicures on each other
           and decorated them.
           Parents were invited
            to a race on Friday                               Campers in CSI:
             that demonstrated                               Cuyahoga Valley
          which cars were most                             learned about finger-
                aerodynamic                                  printing and blood
                                                            spatters, as well as
                                                            forensic techniques
                                                           and how to diagram a
                                                                crime scene

                                   In Digital Darkroom,
                                    campers practiced
                                    camera techniques
                                      and learned to
                                   enhance their photos
                                     using Photoshop
 S.T.E.M. (Science,
  Technology, Engi-
neering, Math) camp
provided a variety of
physical and chemi-                                                                     In Care 4 Kidz „n Petz, campers
cal experiments that                                                                 gleaned babysitting tips and became
increased campers‟                                                                   CPR certified. A highlight of the week
 knowledge of these                                                                  was a trip to a veterinary clinic where
       fields                                                                        they were able to watch an operation

 For those who like                                        Apple turnovers, pizza,
playing video games,                                      salsa, cookies, cupcakes
Video Game Design                                         and more kept Chef for a
camp is the next step                                     Week campers busy. This
                                                           popular camp was held
                                                                 both weeks

                                                                              Tool Time
                                                                          campers produced
                                                                          quality Adirondack
                                                                              chairs and
                                                                            benches in this
                                                                          popular camp that    An amazing array of designs
 Movie Makers and Animation Studio, held weeks one
                                                                            was held both      was produced by campers in
and two respectively, gave budding filmmakers a chance
                                                                                 weeks         Digital Fashion Design camp
            to create their own productions
Volume 3, Issue 2                                                                                                  Page 9

Summer Career Camps Continued

                                                                                   In Underwater Robot,
                                                                                  campers designed and
                                                                                  built camera-controlled
Campers in Blast Off! Rocketry learned how to design their                       robots, tested them in a
rockets using a computer program, then built their designs.                      pool at CVCC and then
 The camp culminated on Friday with a rocket launch that                           competed in trials on
         was the ultimate proof of a good design                                 Friday at the Macedonia
                                                                                      Rec Center pool


     Thirteen girls from Garfield Heights, 16 from Nordonia Hills, six from Twinsburg, 12 from Independence and 14 from
     Cuyahoga Heights high schools, along with their counselors and CVCC career specialists, gathered for a year-end
                                                 brunch at CVCC on April 20th.

       Preparing for success is what the Glass Ceiling Roundtable has been
     about since its inception in 2002. The program is sponsored by CVCC and
     offers high school girls who have demonstrated leadership potential an
     opportunity to meet monthly with
     accomplished women in the community,
     equipping and empowering them for
     future professional success.
       Good manners and professional
     etiquette, essential for success in the
     corporate world, were the focus of this
     year‟s brunch. Cassaundra Crawford
     from Burns Internal Institute of Protocol
     explained dining etiquette, from proper
     use of silverware to how to pass the
     salt. After brunch, the girls attended        (Clockwise from Left) Twinsburg students
     three breakout sessions: Netiquette,           Amanda Long and Luiza Ivan practiced
     Social Etiquette and Positive First               handshakes that make a good first
     Impressions.                                      impression. Cassaundra Crawford
                                                     explained proper place settings to two
       “The program gave me confidence
                                                   attendees. Angela Planisek, PhD, shared
     that I‟ll know what to do in an important       tips on making a positive impression”
     business situation,” an enthusiastic
     participant commented.
Volume 3, Issue 2                                                                                        Page 10

                                                                           r Deve
          Career Specialists in                                           Depar lopment
             Your Schools
      Elementary & Middle School

              High School
                                                   Our o
                                                    stude ctive is to p
    Career Development Supervisor
    Bill                       nts t          repa
                                                       inform o make the re all distr
                                                     positi ed career best possi ict
                                                           on            ch         ble
 Need Skills? Ours Work !                            succe them for f oices and
                                                           ss            u
                                                    age-ap by providi ture caree
                                                            propr       ng im      r
                                                         releva iate resour actful
                                                                nt exp      ce                                               erienc s and

   CVCC 2010-11 Coming Events                         DR. MARKO FARIAN IS 2010 SPIRIT
  College Night                                         OF SUCCESS AWARD WINNER
   October 6, 6:00-7:00 PM
  Job Seekers - Saturdays 9:00-Noon
                                               “His presentation to my classes has
    September 25 - What HR Pros are          expanded over the past seven years from
  Looking For                                once a month to three times at three schools,
    October 16 - Open Computer Labs          plus three Scientist Days” said Tish O‟Dell. “In
    December 3 -11:30-1:00 - Lunch &         addition, he donated and fitted mouth guards
  Learn: How to Penetrate the Job Market     for the high school and participated in job
    January 22, 2011 - Strategies for Job    shadowing. And he always brings
  Seekers Over 40                            toothbrushes and toothpaste for the children.”
  Parent Seminars                            Dr. Farian thanked the group for the award and commented, “I love my
    November 10, 7:00-9:00 PM - College      business. It‟s really rewarding.”
  & Career Planning
    January 26, 2011 - 7-8:30 PM - Career      Dr. Farian, a general dentist with offices in Macedonia, was nominated
  Assessments: Identifying Your Children‟s   for the award by Tish O‟Dell, CVCC Career Specialist at Nordonia Hills‟
  Strengths                                  Ledgeview, Rushwood and Northfield Elementary and Lee Eaton
  IT’s For Girls
                                             Intermediate School. The Spirit of Success award is presented to a
    December 10 - Middle School Students     volunteer who has made over-and-above contributions to district
  at CVCC                                    students in conjunction with programs developed by career specialists.
  Soup with the Supe - 12 Noon
   September 17 - Red Hat Society              BBH STAFF AND AREA PARENTS TREATED
   November 5 - Area Realtors
  GO Show
                                                     TO “SOUP WITH THE SUPE”
   October 23 - 9:00 AM-3:00 PM
                                                                   Brecksville-Broadview Heights teachers and
          SAVE THESE DATES                                       staff enjoyed the luncheon at CVCC on January
      February 5, 2011 - STEM Expo                               25th. Parents of seventh graders who participated
     March 10, 2011 - Student Job Fair                           in Exploration and/or Summer Career Camps
     May 4, 2011 - Health Career Fair                            were invited to CVCC on March 19th.
                                                                 Free Soup with the Supe luncheons are
For more information on any of the above                        arranged by Bridget Murphy and Marie Elias,
 events and to opt in for monthly email
                                             Career Development Department Community Liaisons. Participants
updates, please check the CVCC website:
                  enjoy soup and salad, an introduction to CVCC programs and activities
                                             by Roscoe Schlachter, Superintendent, and an optional tour of the

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