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        <p>It's important to know the lease agreement rules if you are a
new wealth and property manager or an existing landlord venturing into
the arena of business. Even if you are into business and a seasoned
dealer it is still important to be update of the latest lease agreement
rules. Your career or business depends a lot on your awareness of the
basic lease agreement rules.<br><br>Lease is defined as contract or
agreement that provides an individual or company the right of possession
of the property that belongs originally to another individual or company.
The duration of possession of the property or product is called a term.
Term is a fixed period of time and ranges from a few hours to more than
one year. Products that are leased with the lease agreement rules vary
such as automobiles, electronic devices and equipments, real estate,
video and audio cds and tapes and office equipment.<br><br>Parties
involved in Lease Agreement rules <br><br>According to the lease
agreement rules the product owner is called landlord or known as lessor.
The individual or company that receives the property is known as lessee
or tenant. Generally in the lease agreement rules, the lessees agree to
make payment or rent to the lessor. The relationship between the owner of
the property/product and the tenants is defined in the lease agreement
rules. The common factors listed in the lease agreement rules are the
period of time of the lease such as monthly, annually hourly etc. The
lease agreement rules also include the process of lease renewal, terms
for the hired property, modes and methods of payment, the appropriate
usage of the items and the maintenance methods. The lease agreement rules
also define the terms for any damage, late payment penalty and non
payment penalty and procedures. It is common that the lease agreement
rules include the process of returning the item or vacating the property
at the end of the lease.<br><br>Basics of lease agreement rules
<br><br>After defining the process and the terms of leasing, the next
step that is followed in lease agreement rules is to define the parties
involved in the lease, address of the property.<br>One important factor
to be included in lease agreement rules is to mention the start date and
the end date of the lease. The lease agreement rules include the names of
the parties in the lease along with their signatures, the amount of rent,
the mode of payments and deposits. The lease agreement rules define the
interval of payment if any. The lease agreement rules should include the
period and the process of the renewal of the lease. <br><br>The lease
agreement rules vary according to the type of lease agreement. Some of
the types are commercial lease, residential lease, operating and
financial lease agreement.<br>Depending on the type of above mentioned
lease agreement, the lease agreement rules define the frame of right and
responsibilities of the lessee and the lessor.<br>Sometimes the lease
agreement is arrived at based on word of mouth. However, it is important
to have documentation for records and further reference purpose.</p>

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