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                                        A guide to finding information

The aim of this guide is to provide an introduction to sources of material relevant to planning in
general that are held in the Headington Library. For more information about specific aspects of
planning, please see the appropriate guide in this series: Development studies, Historic
conservation, Housing, Regeneration and economic development, Transport, Urban design.
Guides to library resources relevant to tourism and environmental studies are also available.

1. Books
If you are looking for a particular book and know the author or title, you can search the Library
catalogue to see if we have that item. The catalogue will tell you how many copies are in the

library, whether they are on loan and how to reserve them.

If you want to find books on a particular topic, use keyword search or subject index search
(under Advanced Search) on the Library catalogue.

Key shelfmarks include:

     711                 Planning
     711.132             Sustainable development (& also 333.7)
     711.173             Planning procedures
     711.3               Regional planning
     711.39              Rural planning
     711.4               Urban planning
     711.424             Planning for historic conservation
     711.523             Town centre planning
     711.5521            Planning for shopping areas
     711.59              Planning for housing
     711.7               Transport planning
     713                 Design / layout of streets

     346.045             Planning law

2. Journals
Journal articles are often more up-to-date than books and so can be very useful. There are
many journals in the Library which are relevant to Planning and these are listed, by title, on the
Library catalogue.

Many journals are now also available electronically and this is indicated on the Library
catalogue, together with a direct link to the relevant website if searching from a Brookes
network pc or off-campus.

NB If you do not have an exact journal reference (title, issue, year etc) the first step is to
use an index to journals - please read Section 3 of this guide.

1.   Indexes to journals

     These help you to trace journal or newspaper articles on a particular subject. Although they
                                 Directorate of Learning Resources
     vary in the way their information is presented, they usually contain author and subject
     indexes. They provide full bibliographic details of the articles (author, title, journal title with
     volume and page numbers) and many also contain abstracts (summaries) of each article.
3.   Indexes to journals (databases)
These help you to trace journal articles on a particular subject. They provide full bibliographic
details of the articles (author, title, journal title with volume and page numbers) and many also
contain abstracts (summaries) of each article. In order to read the complete journal article,
return to the Library catalogue to check whether the required journal is held; if available in paper
format the shelfmark will be given, and if held electronically you can link directly to the website from
the Brookes Library catalogue.

Almost all indexes are available electronically (they are called ‘databases’); they can be accessed
from the Library web pages (go to Subject Help - Planning - Databases or use the direct link from
Title search on the Library catalogue).

Key index:
PLANEX An excellent, up-to-date, index to journals, books and reports in planning, regeneration,
housing, transport, recreation/leisure, local economic development etc - UK coverage. PLANEX
also now includes a facility to email to oneself the complete journal article of 98% of the
more recent (2000 onwards) journals indexed. This service obviates the need to return to check
the Library catalogue described above.

Further relevant indexes include:
Academic Search Premier (multidisciplinary, with some full text)
Architectural Publications Index
Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
Biological and Agricultural Index Plus (for environmental assessment etc)
CAB Abstracts (developing countries, recreation, tourism)
Construction and Building Abstracts
ERIC Environmental Assessment (CD-ROM available from Short Loan)
GEOBASE (geography, geology, development - international)
Scopus (multidisciplinary index)
SIGLE (semi- or unpublished research documents held at British Library)
Westlaw (planning law)
Zetoc (multidisciplinary, based on journals held at British Library)

4. Newspapers
Newspapers are essential for research on topics of current interest. Both paper and electronic
versions are available. Access to electronic versions is via the Library web pages (go to Electronic
Library – Newspapers and search Proquest Newspaper Library or individual newspaper names).

5. Statistics
Most printed statistical sources are located in the Statistics Collection on the First Floor. To find
specific items use title search on the Library catalogue. If the title is not known, consult the subject
list displayed at the end of the Statistics Collection shelves.

Statistical sources relevant to planning include:
Census                                                        312.0942 GRE and internet (see below)
Development control statistics: England                                         711.1730212 GRE
Land use change in England                                              333.70212 GRE and internet
Living in Britain                                                                    312.0941 GRE
Social trends                                                                 310 SOC and internet
State of urban Britain                                                              711.40212 STA
Survey of rural services                                                     711.3909420212 GRE

Many statistics are also available on the internet, and key sites are linked directly from the Library
web pages (go to Electronic Library – Reference Desk – Statistics). Census resources are
available via Electronic Library – Databases – Census data resources.
6. Reference works
Development control practice                                                          711.173 HOL
Encyclopedia of planning law and practice                                             346.045 ENC
Housing and planning year book                                              SFQR 711.5902541 HOU
Municipal year book and public services directory                            SFQR 352.140942 MUN
Planning factbook                                                                     711.173 PLA
Planning legislation update                                                           346.045 PLA

7. Planning Policy Guidance/Statements (PPG/PPSs)
A full set of these items may be found in the Short Loan Collection at 711.173 GRE and further
copies are shelved in the pamphlet sequence on the Second Floor at P 711.173 GRE. They are
also available on the internet at:

8. Dissertations, research and conferences
Oxford Brookes dissertations                                            ask at Library Enquiry Desk
[Aslib] Index to theses (also available at                      QR 016 ASL
         NB Use this only for MPhil and PhD theses from other universities
Index of conference proceedings received                                                QR 016 BRI

9. Local information
Information on Oxford, Oxfordshire and areas within an approximate 30-mile radius of Oxford is
available in the Local Collection, on the Second Floor. This collection includes books and
pamphlets on architecture, economic strategy, geography, health, history, industry, planning,
tourism, transport etc. Copies of the Oxford local plans, the Oxfordshire structure plans, and the
Oxford transport study are available in the collection.

Large and small scale maps of the local area and street plans are available in the Map and Atlas
Collection on the Second Floor. The Digimap service is also invaluable for local maps (see below.)

Further resources, including details of relevant web sites, are listed in the Library guide Local
Information at

10. Digimap
Brookes staff and students may register to use the Digimap service, which delivers Ordnance
Survey digital map data via the internet. Maps can be customised and, in particular, it offers an
excellent way of obtaining very large scale maps. Further details (including training dates and how
to register) may be found from the Library web pages (go to Electronic Library - Digimap) -

11. WWW sources
Links to a range of key ‘planning’ web sites may be found on the Library web pages (go to Subject
help – Planning - Internet sites) -

                                                                                    Lindsay Sellar
                             Subject Librarian for Planning, Urban Design and Development Studies
                                                                                  September 2006


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