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					W        elcome to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Our
goal is to provide you with the best care. Our staff has prepared this
guide to answer some of the basic questions you may have about the
Medical Center and give you a list of key phone numbers. If you
need additional information, please speak with anyone on your
health care team. They will be glad to help you.

The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) includes
University Hospital, the Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer
Center, the University of Maryland Hospital for Children, and the
R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. The doctors, nurses, and staff
on your health care team are highly skilled individuals who are ded-
icated to providing you with excellent care. They want to help you
recover and make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. Thank
you for choosing the University of Maryland Medical Center to meet
your health care needs.

Key Phone Numbers                                       Inside Cover
Your Stay                                                          3
Your Health Care Team                                             10
Key Topics and Services                                           12
Going Home                                                        18
Patient Rights and Responsibilities                               20
Informed Consent and Advance Directives                           23
                         Gulf of Marseille, Paul Cezanne

“Just don’t give up trying to do what
you really want to do. Where there’s
love and inspiration, I don’t think
you can go wrong.”
                                YOUR STAY

         ou may have arrived by                Financial Arrangements,
         car, ambulance, or heli-              Counseling/Insurance
         copter to our hospital. You           While you are in the Medical Center,
may have planned for this admis-               a staff member may review your
sion or it might be unexpected.                insurance coverage. You may be
Either way, you will be assigned to            asked for your insurance card, poli-
an excellent team of health care               cy number, insurance company’s
providers, a patient care unit, and a          address, and claim forms.
room. Once you are in your room,
                                               The Medical Center will bill your
your nurse will review some basic
                                               insurance company directly for
information with you and your fam-
                                               services that are covered. If you do
ily. The staff will explain visiting
                                               not have insurance, a staff member
hours and policies, as well as orient
                                               will help you set up a payment plan
you to your immediate surround-
                                               or apply for medical assistance.
ings, hospital routines, and servic-
es. The health care team will inter-           The Medical Center accepts cash,
view you and/or your family and                check, VISA, and MasterCard.
plan your care based on this infor-
                                               If you are concerned about the cost
mation. Please provide the team
                                               of your hospital stay, you or a family
with accurate and complete infor-
                                               member can talk to a patient access
mation so that your care will best
                                               admitting coordinator or case manag-
meet your needs. The staff is
                                               er. The coordinator or case manager
always available to answer your
                                               will counsel you about insurance
questions or concerns.
                                               coverage, help you arrange a pay-
                                               ment plan, or assist you in applying
                                               for financial aid. A coordinator may
The nurse or nursing assistant can
                                               be reached at 8-2827.
help each morning with your bath or
shower. Based on your ability to par-
ticipate, you will be involved in your
own care. Gowns are provided but
undergarments are not. If you need a
toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, or
other toiletries, please ask your nurse.

                                                     “He who has
                                                   health has hope,
                                                     and he who
                                                    has hope has
                                                        ARABIAN PROVERB

            Flowers and Cats, Paul Gauguin

How to Store Belongings                          Meals
Anything you do not need should                  Three meals are served daily, and
be sent home, including luggage,                 times vary throughout the Medical
jewelry, money, and extra clothes.               Center. Each day, you will receive a
Please store belongings in the bed-              menu of food choices for the next
side table or cabinet. Put dentures              day. Your nurse or other staff mem-
or eyeglasses in a case. Do not                  bers can tell you the general meal
wrap small items in paper towels or              times and help you make choices.
tissues because they may be mis-                 If you miss a meal because of tests
taken for trash. The Medical Center              or treatments, your nurse can
is not responsible for personal                  arrange for you to receive it upon
belongings or money. (See                        your return.
Valuables, page 17.)
                                                 A registered dietitian or dietetic
                                                 technician plans your meals. You
Identification Band
                                                 may be on a special diet, so check
Your ID band shows your name
                                                 with your nurse before asking visi-
and medical record number. Do not
                                                 tors to bring you food. If you want
remove it while you are in the
                                                 to discuss your diet or if you have
Medical Center.
special food requirements, ask your             • getting clear and prompt answers
nurse to contact the dietitian.                   to questions
                                                • having time to make decisions
                                                Patients may also refuse a treatment
Do not take medications you bring
                                                in an effort to ease pain.
from home unless your doctor or
nurse tells you to do so. Please
inform your doctor or nurse about
                                                The following policies are for your
everything you take at home, includ-
ing over-the-counter drugs and herbal
supplements.                                    Electrical Appliances
                                                Radios, hair dryers, portable televi-
Pain Management                                 sions, and other personal appliances
Pain is a symptom experienced by                are not permitted because they may
many patients with injuries, chronic ill-       pose an electrical hazard.
nesses and after surgery. You will
receive assessment and prompt treat-            Fire
ment of pain and other symptoms by:             If you hear a fire alarm, stay where you
• having your reports of pain and               are. The Medical Center sometimes
  other symptoms taken seriously                conducts fire drills to keep staff mem-
                                                bers skilled in fire safety and to test its
• receiving information about what
                                                alarm system. If there is a fire, staff
  may be causing the symptoms
                                                members will direct you to safety.
• having regular reassessments
• having treatment adjustments if               Smoking
  symptoms have not been eased                  There is no smoking permitted inside
• being referred to a pain or palliative        the Medical Center. However, a smok-
  care specialist if symptoms persist           ing shelter is located outside, off the
                                                first floor, South Hospital “B” wing.
• working with the health care team
  to evaluate symptom management

Telephones                                   Television
• Your direct-dial number is 410-            To arrange for television rental or
  328- plus the four numbers on              service, call 8-5005. Requests received
  your phone.                                by 7 p.m. will be filled the same day.
• To make a local call, dial 9 then          Please keep the volume low so as not
  the area code and local number.            to disturb other patients.

• To reach an outside operator,
                                             The free channels include 41, 42,
  dial 9 and then 0.
                                             and 43. These are the patient edu-
• To call a number within the                cation channels. The Chapel
  Medical Center, dial 8 and the             Channel is 47. (See Patient
  last four digits.                          Education Television, page 16.)
• Call 8-6111 to order TTY equip-
  ment (Telephone Device for the             Visitors
  Disabled).                                 Visiting hours vary from unit to
• To make a long-distance call,              unit. Your nurse will tell you the
  dial 9 plus 0 and use a calling            hours for your area.
  card, or charge the call to your           It is important for your care and the
  home number.                               care of others on the unit to have no
• The Medical Center does not                more than two visitors at any given
  accept collect calls.                      time. Please check with your nurse
• You cannot get calls between               for special visiting requests. The staff
  10 p.m. and 7 a.m.                         will try to accommodate your needs
                                             while keeping patient safety first.
• If you change rooms, your
                                             Visitors must check in at the infor-
  phone number will change.
                                             mation desk in the main lobby and
• Ask at the information desk for
                                             get a pass. In most areas, visitors
  locations of regular and ampli-
                                             must be at least 12 years old.
  fied public phones.
In-house telephones are available
throughout the hospital for free calls
within the Medical Center.

                        Fisherman’s Cottage on the Cliffs at Varengeville, Claude Monet

“Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean
And the pleasant land.”
                           The Market, Paul Gauguin

“In all things of nature there is
something of the marvelous.”
Your Room                                      Call Signal
You are assigned to a room that                The nursing staff will show you how
best meets your needs. Special con-            to use the call signal in your room
sideration is given to protecting              and bathroom. Someone will respond
patients from infections and other             as soon as possible when you use it.
concerns. We make every effort to
give you the type of room you                  Room Numbering System
request. If it is not suitable, you            The Medical Center is actually a series
may ask to be moved when anoth-                of connected buildings. The room
er room becomes available.                     numbering system is a five-digit code
                                               representing your building, floor, and
Bed                                            room. The first number will be N
The nursing staff will show you                (North Hospital), S (South Hospital),
how to raise and lower the bed.                P (Psychiatry), T (Shock Trauma),
Please do not try to get out of bed            C (Gudelsky Building) or W
unless your doctor or nurse says it            (Weinberg Building).
is okay. Your bed should always be
in the “low” position when you get             If you need help finding a room,
in or out of it. A staff member can            please ask someone on our guest
help you with its adjustment.                  services staff or call 8-5473 on any
                                               in-house phone.
Your doctor or nurse may decide
there is a specific medical reason for
your bed rails to be raised. If so,
please do not lower them yourself or                “To dream the
allow a visitor to do so for you. Use
the call signal to get a staff member if
                                                  impossible dream,
you need assistance.                                 To reach the
                                                  unreachable star!”
                                                            JOE DARION

                  YOUR HEALTH CARE TEAM

Doctors                                    Palliative/Supportive Care
Your attending doctor leads your           The palliative care team is available
health care team. He or she is assist-     to patients and their families when
ed by doctors receiving additional         the patient has a life-threatening or
training, called residents and fellows.    life-altering illness or injury. This
                                           special care is designed to alleviate
Nurses                                     symptoms such as pain, shortness of
Your nursing team may include reg-         breath, nausea, and fatigue, as well
istered nurses (RNs), nurse practi-        as to relieve suffering. Patients and
tioners, case managers, nurse exten-       their families may receive counsel-
ders, nursing assistants, and others.      ing to help them adjust to a chronic
A registered nurse will plan your          condition. Patients receiving pallia-
nursing care. You will spend more          tive care work with family members,
time with our nurses than with any         physicians, case managers, social
other member of your care team.            workers, pharmacists, nutritionists,
They provide physical care, health         and members of the clergy to make
education, and emotional support.          decisions about the best way to
On each shift, a specific registered       cope with their illness. For more
nurse will supervise your care.            information, speak with your nurse
                                           or call the Department of Social
A case manager may work with your
                                           Work at 8-6700. (See Ethics
team to plan your discharge and care
                                           Consultation Service, page 13).
after you leave the Medical Center.
The case manager also is the key con-
                                           Pastoral Care Team
tact with your insurance company
                                           Chaplains are available in the hos-
while you are a patient. If you have a
                                           pital seven days a week and after
question or problem, ask to speak to
                                           hours in emergencies. If you would
your nurse, the charge nurse, or the
                                           like a chaplain to visit, dial 8-6014
case manager in your area.
                                           or call the hospital operator. Your
                                           own clergy can visit anytime.

Pharmacists                                      Therapists
The pharmacy team works closely                  Physical therapists, speech thera-
with your doctor to make sure you                pists, occupational therapists, and
get the most effective medications.              respiratory therapists help you
When you leave, a pharmacist will                return to normal activity as much
be available to discuss your medi-               as possible.
cine and answer questions. The
pharmacy number is 8-2833. (See                  Other Health Care
Pharmacy, page 17.)                              Professionals and
                                                 Support Services
Social Workers                                   Lab technicians, dietitians, radiogra-
Social workers help you and your                 phers, and employees in security,
loved ones understand and cope                   maintenance, environmental services,
with disease and disability. They also           and food and nutrition are among
find services in the community to                the many people who make your
assist in your recovery. You, your               hospital stay as beneficial and com-
doctor, or a family member can                   fortable as possible.
request a visit from a social worker.
The number to call is 8-6700.

                                                   “The first wealth
                                                      is health.”

                                                     RALPH WALDO EMERSON

             Woman with Dog, Mary Cassatt

                  KEY TOPICS AND SERVICES

Bank/ATMs                                    and explain to the mother about
A branch of M & T Bank is located            the benefits of having the paternity
on the first floor between the main          of her child established. Also, the
lobby and the Gudelsky Building.             Birth Registrar will send the com-
The bank is open Monday through              pleted form to the Department of
Saturday. You will also find two             Health and Mental Hygiene’s
ATMs in the inside and outside lob-          Division of Vital Records.
bies of the bank which can be used
24 hours a day. Two additional               Blood Bank
ATMs, owned by Bank of America,              The Medical Center has a blood
are located on the first floor of the        bank to serve you, and we welcome
South Hospital.                              donations by your family and
                                             friends. With your doctor’s approval,
Birth Registration                           their compatible blood will be
Following the birth of a child, the          reserved for you in case you need it.
Birth Registrar from the Medical             You may be able to donate your
Center’s     Health       Information        own blood before elective surgery.
Management (medical records)                 These “autologous” donations are
Department will interview the birth          usually scheduled days or weeks
mother and:                                  before your surgery. Ask your doc-
• prepare a birth certificate                tor for details.
• get all required signatures
  for the certificate
• file the certificate with the
                                              “To know is nothing
  Maryland Department of Health
  and Mental Hygiene                            at all; to imagine
If the mother is not married, the
                                                   is everything.”
Birth Registrar will provide an
opportunity for the mother and                       ANATOLE FRANCE
father to complete a form recogniz-
ing that they are the child’s parents

Chapel                                       Flowers and Balloons
A nondenominational chapel is                When someone sends you flowers,
located on the first floor and is            they are delivered to your room
open 24 hours. If you have a TV,             when allowed. To avoid infection,
you can watch worship services on            live flowers are not permitted in the
channel 47. The schedule is listed           Cancer Center or Intensive Care Unit.
on channel 4.                                Only Mylar balloons are permitted in
                                             the hospital, since some patients are
Contributions                                allergic to rubber.
A donation to the Tribute Program
is a way to recognize memorable              Food Services
events. It allows you to honor a             (Located on the first floor of the
loved one, friend, business associ-          Medical Center)
ate, or care giver. It also can be a         • Courtyard Cafe: 6:30 a.m.–
birthday, anniversary, or congratu-            6:30 p.m., Daily
latory present. A gift to the Tribute        • Subway: 8:30 a.m.–2 a.m.,
Program honors the recipient and               Monday–Friday; 10 a.m.–
supports the important work of the             midnight, Saturday and Sunday
Medical Center. For information,
                                             • Mama Illardos: 10 a.m.–11 p.m.
call 8-5770.

Ethics Consultation Service                  • Great Cookie: 8 a.m.–7 p.m.,
Sometimes patients, their families,            Monday–Friday; 8 a.m.–4 p.m.,
and their health care team face dif-           Saturday; 9 a.m.–3 p.m., Sunday
ficult treatment decisions. The              • Donna’s: 7 a.m.–7:30 p.m.,
Ethics Consultation Service is a               Monday-Friday
group of doctors, nurses, social             • Rx Brew: 5 a.m.–3 p.m.,
workers, chaplains, and administra-            Monday–Friday
tors who provide counseling and
support. For assistance or a
brochure, ask your nurse or the
hospital operator how to reach this
valuable resource. (See Palliative/
Supportive Care, page 10)

Gift Shop                                      Interpreters
The Gift Shop is in the main lobby             Foreign Language and Hearing
behind the reception desk. It carries          Should you require a foreign lan-
a variety of magazines, newspapers,            guage or sign language interpreter,
toiletries, snacks, and gifts. Hours           or TTY (Telephone Text) equip-
are from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on                ment, your nurse will make the
Monday through Friday, from 10                 arrangements.
a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, and
from noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday. To              Lost and Found
reach the Gift Shop, Call 8-9913.              The Medical Center’s Lost and
                                               Found Office is on the first floor of
Hotels/Special                                 the Shock Trauma Center in Room
Accommodations                                 83. It is open Monday through
Many hotels are located near the               Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call
Medical Center and several offer dis-          8-1329.
counts for patients and their families.
For information, call 8-1500 or check          Mail
at the Medical Center reception desks.         Mail is delivered once a day,
                                               Monday through Friday. Packages
Hope Lodge (410-547-2522) and
                                               and telegrams are brought to your
the Ronald McDonald House
                                               room as soon as possible. Please let
(410-528-1010), both located two
                                               your family and friends know your
blocks from the Medical Center,
                                               room number because mail will
are home-like settings for cancer
                                               reach you faster if the address
patients and families of children
                                               includes this information. If mail
with cancer and other diseases.
                                               arrives after you are discharged, it
                                               will be forwarded to your home.
For help finding low-cost accommo-
                                               Stamps are available in the Gift
dations, contact the Department of
                                               Shop and nurses or volunteers will
Social Work at 8-6700.
                                               mail stamped letters for you.

Medical Records Access                        Parking and Escorts
The medical record is a confidential          Parking for patients and their drivers
document and access is limited to             is available at the Plaza Garage, 500
the patient and authorized persons,           West Redwood Street, across from
according to Maryland law. The                the main entrance of the Medical
patient can get a copy of his or her          Center. Discount parking is available
medical record by completing and              in some instances. For details, check
signing an authorization form,                with the information desk in the
which is available on the unit prior          main lobby or the parking attendant
to discharge, or by visiting the              at the garage entrance.
Health Information Management
                                              Valet parking for patients and
Department, Room P1G01, from 8
                                              patient transporters is offered from
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays.
                                              9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays at the
                                              Medical Center’s main entrance.
                                              Drivers should pull into the circle
Local and national newspapers are
                                              driveway at the main entrance and
on sale in the main lobby’s Gift
                                              ask to be valet parked. The cost is
Shop and in racks outside the
                                              $5, in addition to the $6 garage fee.
Medical Center, along Greene
                                              Valet service is free for patients in
Street. If you would like a newspa-
                                              labor and for handicapped patients
per, ask a visitor to bring it to you
                                              and visitors.
or contact volunteer services.
                                              Visitor parking is available at:
Optical Services                              • Baltimore Grand Garage, Paca
Barenburg Eye Associates is in the              Street between Baltimore and
main lobby near the revolving door.             Fayette Streets
It is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.,
                                              • Marriott Hotel, Lombard and
Monday through Friday. Barenburg
                                                Eutaw Streets
can be reached at 8-5905
                                              • Allright Parking, West Redwood
Organ and Tissue Donations                      and Eutaw Streets
Organ and tissue donations are life-          Staff at the information desk (8-5473)
saving gifts to others. If you or your        can arrange for an escort to accom-
family would like information, call           pany you to your car. Generally, the
8-8441.                                       service requires a 15-minute notice.

Patient Education Television                         Patient Advocate
We want you to learn more about                      If you have a concern about your
your health so that you can care for                 medical care or provider, or need
yourself when you go home. We                        special information or assistance,
provide you with three free patient                  please contact your nurse, the unit
education channels on your room                      nurse manager, or your doctor.
television. Channel 41 features a vari-
                                                     If you have a concern about your
ety of general health topics. Channel
                                                     medical care or provider but do not
42, The Parent Channel, focuses on
                                                     wish to discuss it with your care
caring for your newborn. Channel
                                                     team, contact a patient advocate at
43, HealthTV, provides information
                                                     8-8777. Patient advocates are avail-
on cardiac care, cancer care, and
                                                     able from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on week-
general health topics. Channel 41
                                                     days. At other times, you can leave a
runs from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.
                                                     message or contact the charge nurse
Channels 42 and 43 are available 24
                                                     to find the appropriate person. He or
hours daily. Program schedules are
                                                     she will follow up with you the next
posted in your room, or you can ask
                                                     business day.
your nurse to check for you.

                                                     “The things we truly
                                                      love stay with us,
                                                        locked in our
                                                       hearts as long as
                                                        life remains.”
                                                             JOSEPHINE BAKER

               Fritillaries, Vincent van Gogh

Pharmacy                                      Valuables
If you prefer, you can fill your pre-         Please leave all valuables at home.
scriptions before leaving the Medical         The Medical Center cannot be
Center. The outpatient pharmacy is            responsible for money or valuables
on the first floor near the Gift Shop.        not stored in our safe. To use the
Hours are from 9 a.m. to 5p.m. on             safe, ask a staff member to make
Monday through Friday and from                arrangements. You will be given a
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends. The             receipt for your items in the safe.
outpatient pharmacy is closed on all
                                              Upon discharge, you or a family
major holidays. Call 8-5233.
                                              member can pick up your valuables
                                              at the Security Service Center in
                                              Room 83 on the first floor of the
Thanks to our volunteers, we provide
                                              Shock Trauma Center. Please bring
extra services. Volunteers often can
                                              your safe deposit receipt. Hours are
run errands, mail letters, or help you
                                              from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on week-
with other special needs. Volunteer
                                              days. At other times, call Security at
services may be reached at 8-5600.
Shuttle Service
The Medical Center provides free
on-campus shuttle service for
patients and guests. It picks up and
drops off riders at the main lobby.

Transportation by
If you must leave in an ambulance,
your case manager will help make
those arrangements.

                           GOING HOME
Planning                                      Patient Satisfaction
When it is time to leave, your doctor         We care about the quality of your
will discharge you. Your health care          hospital stay. If you have concerns,
team will help you get ready to leave         please contact your nurse, nurse
and give you instructions on how to           manager, or a patient advocate.
care for yourself at home. Your pri-          After you leave, someone may con-
mary nurse or doctor will contact a           tact you by phone or mail to ask
case manager, if needed.                      about your experience. Your opin-
                                              ions are confidential. We value and
                                              appreciate your feedback.
On the day your doctor discharges
you, please be ready to leave by 11           Supplies, Equipment,
a.m. Your insurance will not cover            Medicine, Instructions
your stay after your discharge. When          Your nurse or other team members
you are ready to leave and your               will help you make arrangements
transportation has arrived, a nurse or        to get medicines, special equipment,
other staff member will help you get          or supplies. They also will instruct
your things ready and accompany               you and your loved ones in at-home
you to the main lobby.                        care.
Follow-up Visits
Your doctor may schedule a return
visit to check on your progress. Note
the date, time, and place.                     “In our dreams, we
                                               are always young.”
                                                    SARAH LOUISE DELANEY

Understanding Your Bill                        Kernan Hospital, University Specialty
Your bill from the Medical Center              Hospital, Maryland General Hospital,
includes tests and procedures                  North Arundel Hospital, and Mt.
ordered by your doctor, room                   Washington Pediatric Hospital are
charges, and nursing care charges.             also affiliated with the University of
You will get separate bills from the           Maryland Medical Center should you
doctors who cared for you. If you              require acute care, acute rehabilita-
have any questions, call the number            tion, subacute rehabilitation, or
listed on the bill. For questions about        chronic care. Your case manager can
the Medical Center bill, call 410-821-         also give you information on other
4140.                                          hospitals and nursing facilities that
                                               provide the same types of care, as
Choices for Continued Care
                                               well as long-term care.
after Your Discharge
After you leave the University of              You can also arrange for home
Maryland Medical Center, you may               health care with a provider connect-
need to go to another hospital or              ed to the University of Maryland
nursing facility. You may also need            Medical System.       The Medical
home health services to continue               System is one of the owners of VNA
your care. A case manager will help            (Visiting Nurses Association) Home
you make these arrangements.                   Care and North Arundel Home Care.
Your case manager will discuss dis-            Before you are discharged, our Case
charge plans with you and available            Management Office will furnish you
options. You may choose from any               with a list of home health providers
of these options or suggest other              in Maryland. If you have any ques-
providers that you may know                    tions or need more information,
about. Your case manager will pro-             please call our Case Management
vide you with a list of licensed               Office at 410-328-6655.
nursing homes and rehabilitation
                                               We look forward to helping you with
centers in your area.
                                               your continuing health care needs.

                            PAT I E N T R I G H T S                                        and     RESPONSIBILITIES
                                      The U N I V E R S I T Y O F M A R Y L A N D M E D I C A L C E N T E R is committed
                                                             to providing patients with quality care.

AS A PATIENT, YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO:               be involved in your discharge plan. You            You and your family members have a                 your health and medical history
  receive considerate, respectful and            can expect to be told in a timely manner           right to discuss ethical issues with an            • present condition
  compassionate care regardless of your          of the need for planning your discharge or         ETHICS COMMITTEE representative.                   • past illnesses,
  race, religion, color, national origin, sex,   transfer to another facility or level of care.     Call 410-328-8667 and ask for the                  • previous hospital stays
  age, sexual orientation, disability, or        Before your discharge, you can expect to           hospital ETHICS COMMITTEE .                        • medicines
  source of payment.                             receive information about follow-up care           You have a right to voice your concerns            • vitamins
                                                 that you may need.                                 about the care you receive. If you have            • herbal products
  participate in the development and
                                                 be free from restraint or seclusion, of            concerns, we urge you to:                          • any other matters that pertain
  implementation of your plan of care.
                                                 any form, imposed by staff as a means of                                                                  to your health, including
  information about your diagnosis,                                                                    Tell your physician, nurse or caregiver
                                                 coercion, discipline, convenience, or                                                                     perceived safety risks
  condition, and treatment in terms that                                                               about your concern.
                                                 retaliation. Restraint or seclusion may only                                                       providing the hospital or your doctor
  you can understand. You have the right                                                               If you believe further action needs to be
                                                 be used to ensure the immediate physical                                                           with a copy of your advance directive,
  to give written informed consent before                                                              taken, talk to the manager.
                                                 safety of you, staff, or others and must be                                                        if you have one.
  any non-emergency procedure begins.                                                                  You may also contact the PATIENT
                                                 discontinued at the earliest possible time.                                                        asking questions when you do not
  be informed about outcomes of care,                                                                  ADVOCATE at 4 10-32 8-8 77 7 .
                                                 know about professional and financial                                                              understand information or instructions.
  treatment and services provided, including                                                           If your concerns are not addressed to
                                                 ties between institutions and people                                                               telling your doctor if you believe you can’t
  unanticipated outcomes.                                                                              your satisfaction, call our PATIENT SAFETY
                                                 caring for you.                                                                                    follow through with your treatment plan.
  refuse treatment to the extent permitted                                                             HOTLINE at 410-328-SAFE , or email
                                                 request that your family or representative                                                         outcomes if you do not follow the care,
  by law and to be informed of the possible                                                           8 SAFE@UMM.EDU
                                                 of your choice and your own physician be                                                           treatment and services plan.
  consequences of the refusal.                                                                        You may also call the MARYLAND
                                                 notified of your admission to the hospital.
  agree or refuse to take part in medical                                                             OFFICE OF HEALTHCARE QUALITY   at             reporting changes in your condition or
                                                 access protective and advocacy services in                                                         symptoms, including pain, to a member
  research studies. You may withdraw from                                                             1 -877-402-8218 or TH E JOIN T
                                                 cases of abuse or neglect. The hospital                                                            of the health care team.
  a study at any time.                                                                                COMMISSION at 1-800-99 4 -6 6 1 0 if
                                                 will provide a list of protective and
  participate or refuse to participate in                                                             you feel we have not adequately               acting in a considerate and cooperative
                                                 advocacy resources.
  recording or filming for purposes other                                                             responded to your concern.                    manner and respecting the rights and
                                                 pastoral and other spiritual services.                                                             property of others.
  than identification, diagnosis or treatment.
                                                 Chaplains are available to help you
  sign language or foreign language                                                               AS A PATIENT, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR:            following the rules and regulations of
                                                 directly or contact your clergy.
  interpreter services. We will provide an                                                                                                          the health care facility.
                                                 confidential clinical and personal records.        providing the hospital with complete
  interpreter as needed.                                                                            and accurate information when required,         keeping your scheduled outpatient
                                                 see your medical record within the limits                                                          appointments or cancelling them in
  formulate advance directives and have                                                             including the following:
                                                 of the law.                                                                                        advance if at all possible.
  them followed within the limits of the law                                                          your full name, address,
  and the organization’s capabilities. We can    an explanation if we restrict your visitors,
                                                                                                      home telephone number
  provide you with information that will         mail, or telephone calls.
                                                                                                      date of birth
  help you complete an advance directive.        an explanation of hospital rules.
                                                                                                      Social Security number
  have your pain assessed and to be involved     an examination and explanation of your
  in decisions about managing your pain.         bill, regardless of how it is paid.                  insurance carrier
  know the names and professional titles of                                                           employer
  your physicians and caregivers.
                       In the Orchard, Camille Pissarro

“If anything is sacred, the human
body is sacred.”

Informed Consent                               Advance directives, such as a
To help you understand your med-               durable power of attorney for health
ical treatment, your doctor will talk          care or a living will, will help your
to you about:                                  family, doctors, and nurses know
• your illness                                 your wishes. If you have an advance
• the plan for treating your illness           directive, please bring it with you or
                                               make certain your doctor has a copy.
• the possible benefits and risks
                                               If you do not already have a written
  of the treatment
                                               advance directive, you may obtain
• other ways to treat your illness             one, or you may discuss your wishes
• what may happen if you decide                with your doctor and a witness, both
  against treatment                            of whom will then document your
                                               wishes in your medical record.
Your consent is needed before any
treatment is initiated that may involve
                                               Notice of Information on
significant risk to you. Consent is not
                                               Privacy Practices
needed in certain emergencies where
                                               The University of Maryland Medical
treatment cannot wait.
                                               Center has a legal duty to protect
                                               your health information. Your rights
Advance Directives
                                               regarding this protected information
Advance directives are instructions
                                               are outlined in our Notice of
you give about the care you want if
                                               Information Privacy Practices, a copy
you become unable to communicate.
                                               of which is given to you upon regis-
You may give these instructions to
                                               tration. The Medical Center may use
your family, close friends, nurses, or
                                               and disclose this protected informa-
doctors. Writing down your instruc-
                                               tion to continue your treatment, to
tions is the best way to make sure
                                               receive payment for services, and for
everyone knows what you want.
                                               other purposes as described in the
If you have not talked with anyone             notice. If you have any questions,
about your wishes, your doctor will            please refer to the Notice of
discuss your care with your family or          Information Privacy Practices or con-
any guardian appointed for you, as             tact a patient advocate.
permitted by Maryland law. They
will make decisions if you cannot.


Bank/ATMs, 12                                  Newspapers, 15
Bathing, 3                                     Notice of Information Privacy
Belongings, 4                                    Practices, 23
Birth Registration, 12                         Pain Management, 5
Blood Bank, 12                                 Palliative/Supportive Care, 10
Chapel, 13                                     Pastoral Care Team, 10
Contributions, 13                              Optical Services, 15
Ethics Consultation Service, 13                Organ and Tissue Donations, 15
Financial Arrangements,                        Parking and Escorts, 15
 Counseling/Insurance, 3                       Patient Advocate, 16
Flowers and Balloons, 13                       Patient Education Television, 16
Food Services, 13                              Patients Rights and
Gift Shop, 14                                   Responsibilities, 20
Going Home, 18                                 Pharmacy, 17
Health Care Team, 10                           Room, 9
Hotels/Special Accommodations, 14              Safety, 5
Identification Band, 4                         Shuttle Service, 17
Informed Consent and                           Smoking, 5
 Advance Directives, 23                        Telephones, 6
Interpreters, 14                               Television, 6
Lost and Found, 14                             Transportation by Ambulance, 17
Mail, 14                                       Valuables, 17
Meals, 4                                       Visitors, 6
Medical Records Access, 15                     Volunteers, 17
Medications, 5

                The University of Maryland Medical Center is part of the
University of Maryland Medical System. The University of Maryland Medical System
and its affiliated hospitals and health care facilities are equal opportunity employers
                 and proud supporters of an environment of diversity.


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