Importance of Social Media Marketing

					Social marketing is the process of marketing to achieve specific
behavioral goals for social goods. Social Marketing always works for the
well-being of the society, for this reason it is different from the
commercial marketing that work for money. The basic purpose of the social
marketing is to promote values in the society and to avoid demerit of
values. For example, this may include asking people not to smoke in
public areas, asking them to use seat belts, or prompting to make them
follow speed limits, ask them to avoid drink while driving, ask them not
to carry eatable in metro etc. At the same time, social media marking
provides the platform to the companies to expand its exposure in terms of
the work, which they do. Social marketers have to address the larger and
different audience in order to be successful. Their command over voice
and thoughts of clarity should be so well, that they should be able to
motivate the individual behavior change. However, it is difficult to
sustain until and unless, one have support. With the help of social media
support, policy of social marketing program can be implemented and
effective too.SMO, also known as Social Media Optimization, provides
additional channel for customer support and proves beneficial for the
organization. It is widely implemented for competitive insight,
recruitment, and retention of new customers or business partners, and is
a time-proven method of managing reputation online. Social media
marketing is a blend of marketing communication that works towards
targeting the market and end-users. There are many social networking
websites that allows you to connect with your friends and share, ideas,
photo, videos, link, instant message, and have online community. This
online service is quite popular among youngsters and older people alike,
as it brings friends together irrespective of distance, time, and busy
schedule. Owing to the social networking sites, one can get in touch and
chat with many people at the same time. Thanks to it, the world has
become a small place and it has become lot easier to connect with friends
and family member, without incurring huge costs in the form of telephone
bills or travelling.Therefore, we find that social marketing is working
for the awareness of people and to promote the cause. Social media
marketing helps to reach the bigger audience and social networking sites
allows the companies a chance to meet their target audience. They utilize
these mediums to implement strategies to reach out and connect to their
customers for sale purpose, and take the business at the peek level.

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