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					Nature teaches us a lot. Science is the discovery of truth, discovery of
reality. Science is the mean for knowing ourselves. We look, observe,
analyze the nature and act accordingly. We adopt ourselves in a manner so
as to make ourselves best suited to the existing environment. The main
thing in our life is adaptability. Better we can adopt better we are able
to live. Cockroaches are known the most successful life forms in the
entire history of earth, only due to their ability to adopt themselves in
the prevailing environments. Cockroaches were freely roaming millions of
years ago, to the time of the dinosaurs till now. They know better how to
make themselves suitable for a new environment.Lot of discoveries has
been made by scientists that were inspired by the nature. Airplanes were
discovered when men saw the birds flying in the skies. The life in water
induced humans to make the vessels thorough which they can also enjoy the
living in water. This activity of humans or other animals to copy the
other life forms is studied under the name biomimicry. The scientists are
giving great stress on this branch of science to solve number of problems
which were unsolved or difficult to solve.If we look on the examples of
biomimicry, there are several such examples in which nature has played
the role of teacher and mentor for the new and strange discoveries. Few
of them which are popular include the discovery of Velcro in year 1941 by
George de Mestral who was an engineer in Switzerland. He saw the burrs on
his dog's body. When examined microscopically, he saw the spines of the
burrs had tiny hooks at the terminal ends by which the burrs used to
stick to the dogs body hairs. This observation led him to discover Velcro
which is very popular now and used in patches or stripes opposite a
hooked material. Another fantastic example of biomimicry is inspired by
the high rise termite's house which is kept at constant temperature
inside using convection currents produced by opening and closing the
vents thereby allowing cool air to enter from the base and hot air to go
by the upper chimneys. This observation lead to manufacturing of
passively air conditioned high rise building of modern cities.Another
biomimic discovery named super hydrophobic surface of plastics and metals
is inspired by the bumpy surface of lotus leaves on which water does not
sticks, rolls over it and picks the dirty particles and make the surface
glossy. Like the regeneration capacity of animal's skin, scientists have
discovered self healing plastic to be used in the airplanes and space
shuttles. A very important discovery is in offing in the recent future
inspired by the photosynthesis process of plants in which water and
carbon dioxide are converted to glucose and oxygen in presence of
sunlight. Using the same principle which will be called as artificial
photosynthesis, water would be split to oxygen and hydrogen to be used
for vehicle fuel, a renewable source of energy. Several such examples of
biomimicry are there which would make the world more natural and more

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