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					                                                                           POSITIONS WANTED                                                   POSITIONS OPEN
         Personnel                                              BiochemistImmunologist, M.S. research and develop-
                                                                ment of monoclonal antibodies for tumor imaging.
                                                                                                                                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, tenure-leading, with
                                                                                                                                specialty in limnology. Will devote 75% time to research
         Placement                                              Pharmacokinetics of antibodies and chelates. Radioim-
                                                                munochemistry. Product development of tumor marker
                                                                EIA's Purification by physiocochemical and immunolog-
                                                                ic methods. Budget and staffing responsibilities. Seeks
                                                                                                                                in annual 12-month duties. Expected to develop research
                                                                                                                                program focusing on water quality, including ground
                                                                                                                                water quality, on the ecology of lakes, rivers, ponds, and
                                                                                                                                reservoirs in Nebraska. Wil also teach 25% timc, includ-
  SCIENCE publishes each Friday, except the last Friday         industrial research-management position. Box 77, SCI-           ing courses in limnology, advanced limnology, and relat-
* of the year. Advertising is accepted only in writing; no      ENCE.                                                           ed courses in fisheries or ichthyology. Requires Ph.D. in
  abbreviations. Any deadline in ad must be at least 2                                                                          limnology, aquatic ecology, or closely related field. Pref-
  weeks after date of issue in which ad appears. Also,                                                                          erence will be given to those with demonstrated teachina
  personnel advertising is accepted only with the under-        M.S. Plant Biochemist. Three publications in plant
  standing that the advertiser does not discriminate            enzymology/physiology. Experienced plant tissue cul-            abilities. Remit letter of application, complete resume,
  among applicants on the basis of race, sex, religion,         ture/regeneration, maize pollenation/genetics, many bio-        transcripts, statement of research interests, and arrange
  age, color, national origin, handicap, or sexual prefer-      chemical techniques. Nursery and botanic garden experi-         to have three reference letters sent by 23 June 1989 (or
  ence. SCIENCE reserves the right, in its discretion, to                                                                       until a qualified candidate applies thereafter) to: Dr.
  decline to publish advertisements submitted to it.            ence. Seeks position utilizing broad based skills in bio-
                                                                chemistry and plant science. Box 78, SCIENCE.                   Gary L. Hergenrader, Head and State Forester, De-
  LINE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEADLINES:                                                                                        partment of Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife, Univer-
    Thursday, 10 a.m., 2 weeks prior to issue date (mailed                                                                      sity ofNebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 68583-0814.
    on issue date). For deadlines for display advertising,      Research Scientist, Ph.D. Looking for an interesting            Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.
    please contact Scherago Associates.                         research project. Background in wound healng, plasma
  POSITIONS WANTED: 400 per word, plus $4 for use of            proteins, and connective tissue. Box 70, SCIENCE.
    box number, per week. $10 minimum, per week.                                                                                          UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA
    Prepayment required. This rate is available only to         Toxicologist, Ph.D., Board-certified with 10-plus years                       COLLEGE OF MEDICINE
    individuals seeking jobs.                                   of industrial experience seeks position in California:          DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMICAL SCIENCES
  LINE CLASSIFIED (POSITIONS OPEN, COURSES,                     chemical, consumer product, pharmaceutical, and haz-              One tenure-track ASSISTANT PROFESSOR posi-
    FELLOWSHIPS, MARKETPLACE, and so forth):                    ardous waste site experience. Box 71, SCIENCE.                  tion available. Teaching responsibilities would comxrise
    $40.00 per line; $400 minimum, per week (minimum
    charge covers one inch on a single column; one inch                                                                         instruction Gross Anatomy to Medical, Dental, Graduate
    equals 10 lines of 52 characters and spaces per line).                    POSITIONS OPEN                                    or Allied Health students. Candidates should possess a
    No charge for use of box number. No agency commis-                                                                          Ph.D., M.D., D.D.S., or equivalent degree and at least 1
    sion for ads less than 4 inches. No cash discount.                                                                          to 2 years of postdoctoral research experience. The
    Prepayment required for all foreign ads. Purchase             ADVANCED RESEARCH ASSISTANT position
    orders and/or cover letter including billing address                                                                        Department has been under new leadership for the last
    required for all other advertising.                         with nationally known NIH-funded Parkinson's disease            12 months and has undergone considerable development
                                                                research project available immediately. Responsibilities        and expansion. Current faculty research interests indude
  To ESTIMATE ad cost:                                          include management of tissue culture laboratory and             neurotransmitter histochemistry, intracranial pressure,
    Structure ad copy on a separate page, on lines of 52        execution of experiments under supervision. Require-
    characters and spaces. Include any desired heading.                                                                         neural response to injury, structure and histochemistry of
    Each line of heading, and/or extra line spaces, and all     ments: B.S. or M.S. in biological sciences or related           autonomic nervous system, tissue culture/ cell biology of
    partial lines (including centered reply information) are    disciplines and at least 2 years of experience using tissue     chondrocyte and extracellular matrix, fetal alcohol syn-
    counted as full lines. Ad titles located within the text    culture techniques. Preference will be given to applicants      drome and bone, reproductive endocrinology, wound
    are printed in boldface caps and are only 32 charac-        with a more specific background in neurotoxicology.
    ters per line. In ESTIMATING the cost, multiply total                                                                       healing, and muscle response to stress, injury and meta-
    lines x $40.00 = approximate cost of ad. (This is an        Salary: $25,000 to $30,000 per year plus benefits. Send         bolic disease. Starting date beginning 1 September 1989,
    approximate cost ONLY: Allow for variation between          curriculun vitae and names of two references to: Dr.            or as soon thereafter as feasible.
    estimated lines and actual typeset lines and the result-    Dino DiMonte, Institute for Medical Research, 2260                Curriculum vitae and names of three references should
    ing final cost. Purchase orders must allow for some         Clove Drive, San Jose, CA 95128.
    degree of flexibility and/or adjustment.)                                                                                   be directed to:
  CANCELLATION POLICY:                                                                                                                              Search Committee
    NOTE: Ad cancellations made after Thursday, TWO                            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        Department of Anatomical Sciences
    weeks prior to issue date incur a 10% production                           APPLIED MATHEMATICS                                                 College of Medicine
    charge. Final deadline for cancellations is 12 p.m.            Assistant professor level of applied mathematics. This         University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
    Tuesday, ONE week prior to issue date. Cancellations                                                                                             P.O. Box 26901
    must be in writing.                                         is a tenure-track position. A person is sought with an
                                                                active research program in the application of mathemat-                        Oklahoma City, OK 73190
  Send copy for all Positions Wanted ads and Line               ics and/or statistics to toxicology and occupational medi-        Closing date for applications is 31 July 1989.
    ClassIfiled ads less than 1/6 page in size (39 lines) to:   cine. Candidates are sought who have an interest in the          We are an Equal Opportunity/Afirmative Action Employer.
              SCIENCE ClassIfied Advertising                    mathematical modeling of biological events. Current
                1333 H Street, NW, Room 940                     research programs involve modeling carcinogen bio-
                   Washington, DC 20005                         chemistry, neurotoxicity of chemicals, pharmacokinetics             The Center for Neural Science at Brown University
                  Telephone: 202-326-6555                                                                                        has a tenure-track position available at the ASSISTANT
                                                                of xenobiotic chemicals, deposition of chemicals in the
  Send copy for Fractional Display ads, 1/6 page and            respiratory tract and cancer surveillance. Active collabo-       PROFESSOR level for an individual to carry out
      larger, and all Marketplace ads to:                       ration in one or more ofthese areas is available. Teaching       theoretical research on synaptic modification in the mam-
                 Scherago Asocates, Inc.                        responsibility for basic statistics and decision theory to       malian cerebral cortex. Candidates should have experi-
                      151N5 Broadway                            medical and graduate students. Excellent computational           ence in neural networks, programming languages and
                    New York, NY 10036                          facilities, including supercomputing, available.                 neuronal modelling, and an interest in interaction with
                  Telephone: 212-730-1050                          Send curriculum vitae and names of five references to:        experimentalists working in neuronal plasticity. Current
   Blind ad replies should be addressed as follows:             Dr. D. B. Menzel, Professor and Chairman, Depart-                research activities in the Center involve experimental and
                     Box (gIve number)                          ment of Community and Environmental Medacine,                    theoretical approaches to understanding synaptic plastici-
                          SCIENCE                               University of California, Irvine, CA 92717.                      ty in the neocortex. Interested candidates should submit
                      1333 H Street, NW                            The University ofCalifomia is an Affirmative Action/Equal    curriculum vitae, a description of their research and
                   Washington, DC 20005                         Opportunity Employer.                                           teaching experience, and the names of three references
                                                                                                                                not later than 1 July 1989 to: Dr. Ford Ebncr, Center
                                                                  The University of Idaho is currently accepting applica-       for Neural Science, Brown University, Box 1953-
            POSITIONS WANTED                                    tions for the position of ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                   J.A, Providence, RI 02912. An Equal Opportunity/Af-
                                                                IN FISH ECOLOGY. Required qualifications include                firmative Action Employer.
                                                                an eamed doctorate, expertise in fish ecology, good
Biochemist, Ph.D. 1979. Nine years of academic expe-            communication skills and proven research ability (design,
rience, Board certified, qualified by CLIA as Director.         conduct and reporting of results). Desired qualifications                     ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
Excellent administrative, grant and publication records.        include expertise in the ecology, habitat, and manage-                      TENURE-TRACK POSiIION
Excellent references. Seeks position as laboratory direc-       ment of salmonid fishes, demonstrated effectiveness in              DEPARTMENT OF OTOLARYNGOLOGY
tor, teaching at medical school environment or industrial       the classroom, and demonstrated ability to obtain re-              The Otological Research Group is seeking a biochem-
position. P.O. Box 92, 1014 Norcross, GA 30092.                 search funding and publish results. Additional desired          ist with a background in carbohydrate/protein biochem-
                                                                qualifications are statistical/quantiative skills, ability to   istry with an emphasis on receptors, or cell adherence
Biopsychologist/Neurophysiologist, Ph.D. UCLA                   work as a team member, and demonstrated skills in               related to mucosal infection and/or developmental biolo-
postdoctoral experience; single and multiple unit studies       interagency cooperation. Salary is commensurate with            gy, to develop a biochemical/molecular biological pro-
of sensory and memory processes; topographic brain              experience. Search will be closed when a sufficient num-        gram in the Department of Otolaryngology. Additional
mapping studies of Alzheimer's disease; presently assist-       ber of qualified applicants has been identified but not         skill/knowledge of molecular biology m gene expression
ant professor at midwest medical school, seeks research         earlier than 15 June 1989. Send letter of interest, resume      desirable. Individual will participate in a team effort with
position. Box 76, SCIENCE.                                      and three letters of recommendation to: David H.                a group of researchers studying ear disease. Salary com-
                                                                Bennett or C. Michael Falter, Co-Chairs of the Search           mensuratc with experience. Postdoctoral experience re-
                                                                Committee, Department of Fish and Wildlife Re-                  quired. Send curriculum vitae with three professional
Reistcered Patent Agent. Patent searches, patentability         sources, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 83843.                 references to: Ms. Teresa Martin, ITe Ohio State
opinons, application preparation and submission. Scott          Telephone: 208-885-6337 or 208-885-7123. The                    University, Otological Research Laboratories, 456
Ramsey, Ph.D., 5253 Even Star Street, Columbia, MD              University of Idaho is an Equal Opportunity/Afirmative Ac-      West 10th Avenue, Room 4331, Columbus, OH
21044. Telephone: 301-730-9467.                                 tion Employer and Educational Institution.                      43210.

998                                                                                                                                                               SCIENCE, VOL.        244

                                                                        OXYGEN ISOTOPE ANALYST

          SCIENTIFIC AND                                               The Unocal Science & Technology Division has an immediate
        COMMERCIAL LAUNCH                                              opening for an Oxygen Isotope Analyst at the Fred L. Hartley
                                                                       Research Center in Brea, California (about 35 miles east of Los
          OPPORTUNITIES                                                Angeles).
                                                                       We are seeking a person to operate an oxygen isotope extraction
       The University Corporation for At-                              line for the analysis of silicate rocks and minerals. This facility sup-
       mospheric Research (UCAR) has                                   ports the research and technical service needs of the oil and gas,
       entered into an agreement with                                  geothermal, and minerals divisions of Unocal. The minimum
                                                                       qualifications for this position are a BS degree in chemistry,
       NASA that provides an innovative                                geochemistry, or geology, preferably with some post-graduate
       opportunity to launch qualified                                 education or training, especially in isotope geochemistry; one or
       payloads for scientific and com-                                more years of experience operating high-vacuum lines, especially
       mercial purposes. Utilizing Exter-                              silicate extraction with bromine pentafluoride; and the ability to ex-
                                                                       pand our isotopic analytical capabilities to include the isotopic
       nal Tanks of the National Space                                 analysis both of oxygen in water and of hydrogen in silicates and
       Transportation System, payloads                                 water. A broad knowledge of isotopic applications, especially to
       up to 450 kg and 1 cubic meter                                  geologic problems, and a familiarity with mass spectrometry are
                                                                       highly desirable.
       may be accommodated. Re-
       quests on your company, institu-                                U.S. citizenship or permanent U.S. residency is required. Qualified
                                                                       candidates should send a resume to:
       tion or agency letterhead for a                                                              John S. Mahar
       User's Guide should be ad-                                                         Supervisor, Human Resources
       dressed to UCAR's program                                                           UNOCAL CORPORATION
       manager:                                                                          Science and Technology Division
                                                                                             P.O. Box 76, Dept. 89017
        EXTERNAL TANKS CORPORATION                                                                 Brea, CA 92621
                                                                 U                             An Equal Opportunity Employer                         UM
        1877 Broadway
        Boulder, CO 80302
                                                                                        I                     i

     IIT Research Institute, a leading R&D organiza-
     tion based in Chicago, has an opening in its well
                                                            Hawaii Biotechnology Group, Inc. is seeking highly motivated individuals to
     equipped inhalation toxicology laboratory for a        join its Immunology Group. We are an equal opportunity employer.
     Research Toxicologist. The chosen candidate
     will assume responsibilities as study director for
     acute, subchronic and chronic toxicology/
     carcinogenicity studies.
                                                            Director - Immunology Group
                                                            Experienced scientist (Ph.D. or M.D.) to lead and direct immunochemistry re-
     Responsibilities will include participation in         search involved in development of immunoassays and immunotoxins, isolation of
     design, supervision and conduct of experiments,        marine natural products, and development of novel uses for monoclonal antibod-
     preparation of protocols and SOPs, scheduling
     of studies, interpretation and evaluation of results   ies. Hands on involvement expected. Develop new product proposals, contract
     and preparation of reports.                            research and grant proposals. Industry management experience desirable. This
     Candidates should have a PhD in toxicology,            position offers an outstanding opportunity to shape the future growth of the
     pharmacology or related discipline and 2-5 years       business and share in its rewards.
     of post-doctoral experience in toxicology.
     Preference will be given to candidates having
     experience in inhalation toxicology. Demon-
     strated technical writing skills a must.               Ph.D. responsible for investigation of immunoconjugates and immune reactions of
     Knowledge of GLP regulations and various               marine natural products for development of immunoassay, immunoprophylactic
     testing guidelines is desirable. ABT certification     and immunotoxin systems. Develop and write newresearch proposals. Individual
     is preferred; eligibility is required.                 must take scientific initiative and responsibility for projects and project develop-
     The position offers excellent opportunity for col-     ment.
     laborative work with staff members involved in
      immunotoxicology research. Salary commen-             Hawaii Biotech offers excellent salary and benefits, opportunities for equity par-
     surate with qualifications and experience.             ticipation, and a location with quality of life second to none. Send your application,
      Please submit resume including salary history         re'sume and three references to:
     to: Ms. Lucy Amft, Senior Personnel
      Representative, IIT Research Institute, 10                                                  _          Tom Humphreys, Ph.D.
      West 35th Street, Chicago, IL 60616. Equal                                                             Vice President
      Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.                                                               Hawaii Biotechnology Group, Inc.
     M/F/V/H                                                                                                 99-193 Aiea Heights Drive
                                                                                                             Honolulu, Hawaii 96701

          S MUCRM-
              POSITIONS OPEN                                                  POSITIONS OPEN                                                     POSITIONS OPEN
   The Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology                  HARVARD SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                                          DIRECTOR
invites ap cantons for a tenure-track appointment at the           ASSISTANT OR ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                            BREAST CANCER CENTER
ASSISTA PROFESSOR level. Although all quali-                       Applications are being accepted from persons with                        MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY
fied candidates will be considered, preference will be          graduate training, postdoctoral experience, and proven
given to individuals whose basic research interests are in                                                                            Applications and nominations are being requested for
the following, or related areas: immunopharmacology/            accomplishment in nutrition or the following sciences              the position ofDirector ofthe newly formed and Univer-
toxicology; molecular biology in pharmacology/toxico-           related to nutrition: biochemistry, or cell or molecular           sity-wide Comprehensive Breast Cancer Center at Michi-
logy; environmental toxicology. Candidates should have          biology. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to                gan State University. The position is a tenure-system
a Ph.D. or M.D. degree, postdoctoral experience, and            develop an mdependent research program and to partici-             associate professor or full professorship, with full benefits
strong commitment to research at the molecular level.           pate in the teaching of a course on a biological approach          normally accruing to tenured faculty members at this
The successful candidate will be expected to parcipate in       to the effects of foods and their constituents. Preference         institution. Individuals must possess the M.D., D.O., or
teaching in graduate and professional school courses and        will be given to candidates whose research has a bio-              Ph.D. degree, and must have had previous experience
to develop a vigorous research program capable of               chemical, cellular, or molecular orientation. It is hoped to       with a cancer center with a national reputation in this
attracting extramural funding support. Send curriculum          make an appointment as early as the first half of 1990.            area. Experience both as a scientist and as a science
vitae and names of three references to: William J.                 Expression of interest is particularly invited from qualified   administrator in a relevant cancer discipline is required.
Waddell, M.D., Department of Pharmacology and                   women and minority candidates.                                     Further desirable attributes possessed by this individual
Toxicology, School of Medicine, University ofLouis-                Send curriculum vitae, a summary of past accomplish-            include: experience working with basic scientists and
ville, Louisville, KY 40292, by 1 July 1989. The                ments, a statement of future interests in research and             clinicians, experience in doing community outreach,
University of Louisville is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative    teaching, and the names and addresses of three references          prevention and cancer control, experience in working
Action Employer.                                                to:                                                                with minority groups, experience in working with high
                                                                               Professor Peter Goldman                             risk cancer groups, experience in working with the
                                                                            Harvard School of Public Health                        National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer
   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, ASSOCIATE PRO-                                          665 Huntington Avenue                              Society, and experience in fund raising. Applicants
FESSOR OR PROFESSOR OF PHYSIOLOGY                                                 Boston, MA 02115                                 should submit curriculum vitae, a statement of present
AND BIOPHYSICS (Ph.D. and/or M.D.). Research                                                                                       and past research efforts, teaching and administrative
areas: Cell physiology, membrane transport, receptor                                                                               experience and the names of three or more references to:
mechanisms. Able to teach areas other than research                The Department of Otology and Laryngology of the                                Dr. E. Betdnghaus, Dcan
interest, e.g., gastrointestinal to medical, nursing arid       Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Eye and                          287 Communication Arts Building
graduate students. PostdoctQral training for assistant          Ear Infirmary seeks an investigator at the ASSISTANT
professor. Competitive grant necessary for higher ranks.        OR ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR level with research                                         Michigan State Univcrsity
                                                                interests in the functional anatomy of hearing. The major                           East Lansing, MI 48824
Application deadline: 24 August 1989. Send curriculum                                                                                 Application deadline is 15 June 1989. Michigan State
vitae, research summary and list of five references to: C.      qualifications are research experience in the study of the
H. Baker, Ph.D., Department of Physiology and                   auditory system including the cochlea and the central              University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Em-
Biophysics, Box 8, College ofMedicine, University of            pathway. Familiarity with cell biological and immunohis-           ployer. Applications from or nominations of women and/or
South Florida, Tampa, FL 33612. Afirmative Action/              tochemical approaches is required. The appointee is                minority candidates are encouraged.
Equal Opportunity Employer.                                     expected to pursue an independent research program
                                                                supported by extramural funding. Some teaching of
                                                                medical and graduate students and supervision of re-                           DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH
     ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                              search done by postdoctoral fellows and residents will be                        NEUROLOGY OF AGING
        MEMBRANE BIOCHEMISTRY                                   expected. The Departmnent seeks to identify qualified                Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center invites
   The University of Idaho is seeking an assistant or           female and minority candidates. Please send curriculum             applications from scientists capable of developing basic
associate professor in membrane biochemistry. This ten-         vitae to:                                                          and/or clinical research related to Alzheimer3s disease,
ure-track position is 67% research and 33% teaching.                           Joseph B. Nadol, Jr., M.D.                          Parkinson's disease, or stroke. Candidates may hold
Although the specific research area is open, the successful                      Professor and Chairman                            Ph.D. or M.D. or both and should qualify for tenure-
applicant will have a strong background in the biochem-                   Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary                      track appointment. Their primary background may be in
istry of eukaryotic membrane systems with experience in                             243 Charles Street                             neurology, neuropsychology, neurochemistry, neuro-
molecular techniques. Possible research areas indude                                Boston, MA 02114                               pharmacology, neurophysiology, or epidemiology. Ex-
membrane receptors, transport, energy transduction,                                                                                cellent clinical and laboratory facilities are available, as
membrane biogenesis, membrane proteins, etc. Appli-                                                                                well as technical support. Those interested should submit
cants will have a Ph.D. in biochemistry or related field,          Position available for BASIC SCIENTIST to do full-              an up-to-date curnculum vitae, along with the names of
postdoctoral experience, and the potential for establish-       time research in urology. Research would involve pros-             three references to: Dr. Joseph B. Green, Chairman,
ing an outstanding research program. Send curriculum            tate disease, growth factors, and oncogene expression.             Department ofMedical and Surgical Neurology, Tex-
vitae, statement of research interests, a copy of tran-         The position is nontenure-track but includes a basic               as Tech University Health Scicnces Centcr, Lubbock,
scripts, and arrange for three letters of reference by 1 July   science title and courtesy appointment. Teaching load              TX 79430. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
1989 to: Dr. David J. Oliver, Department of Bac-                will be limited so as to permit fuil-time research. Appli-
teriology and Biochemistry, Life Science Building,              cants should have training in molecular genetics, recom-
University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 83843. Affirmative              binant DNA tissue culture experience and a Ph.D. in a                    UCLA INSTITUTE OF GEOPHYSICS
Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.                              biologic science. Salary commensurate with experience.                    AND PLANETARY PHYSICS (IGPP)
                                                                Please send curriculum vitae to: Mark J. Noble, M.D.,                                  DIRECTORSHIP
                                                                Urology, Kansas University Medical Center, 39th                       University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), is
          ASSOCIATE CHIEF OF STAFF                              and Rainbow, Kansas City, KS 66103. KUMC is an
                                                                Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.                     seeking an outstanding scientist and scholar to direct the
   Associate Chief of Staff for Research and Development                                                                           IGPP, which has a research faculty of 24 professors, and
 (ACOS/R&D), VA Medical Center and ASSISTANT/                                                                                      programs in climatology, constitution and evolution of
ASSOCIATE/FULL PROFESSOR (Department as                            BIOCHEMISTRY TENURE-TRACK POSI-                                 the earth's interior, evolution of life, onrg'n of the solar
 appropriate): The Lexington, Kentucky, VA Medical              TION begins fall 1989. Molecular biology/other mod-                system and space plasmas. The IGPP will be able to make
Center is fully affiliated with the University of Kentucky      em research techniques preferred; research area open.              a substantial number of faculty appointments. The new
College of Medicine. The position's primarv function is         Successful applicant to establish a strong independent             Director will also hold a half-time faculty appointment in
 administration of the Medical Center's Research and            research program. Rank/salary negotiable. Scnd curricu-            a regular department. Candidates outside IGPP's pro-
 Development Program which includes assisting investi-          lum vitae and three letters of reference to: Dr. P. G.             gram areas who can evolve IGPP in new directions as
gators in all administrative, scientific, and technical mat-    latridis, Assistant Dean and Director, Northwest                   well as build to its current strengths are welcome. Send
ters pertaining to the conduct of their research. It is         Center for Medical Education, Indiana University                   curriculum vitae and a statement of interest in the
essential that candidates for the position be nationally        School of Medicine, 3400 Broadway, Gary, IN                        position to: Professor F. Coroniti, Chair IGPP Search
recognized scientists with well-established records of          46408. Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.              Committee, cJo UCLA Astronomy Department, Los
research productivity who have received research funding                                                                           Angeles, CA 90024. The University of Califomia is an
from peer-reviewed sources. Candidates should also have                                                                            Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
signiScant administrative experience. Familiarity and             BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRIST-The Depart-
experience with the Veterans Administration research            ment of Psychiatry at Long Island Jewish Medical Center
program is desirable but not essential. Candidates should       seeks a biological psychiatrist to develop independent                FACULTY POSIIONFfenure-track in the Divi-
submit curriculum vitae with bibliography and history of        research programs in affective disorders, suicide, alcohol-        sion of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Colorado
all VA and extra-VA research support. Candidates                ism, and schizophrenia. The successful candidate will              Health Sciences Center (UCHSC), Denver, Colorado.
should be physicians, however, in an exceptional circum-        have at least 10 years of research experience and research         Qualifications include (i) M.D. or M.D./Ph.D. degree;
stance the Chief Medical Director can approve the               training in the biological investigation of schizophrenia          (ii) Board-eligibility in internal medicine; and (iii) post-
 appointment of a Ph.D. Salary related to level of appoint-     depression, suicidal behavior, and alcoholism. Salary and          doctoral training in clinical pharmacology and/or hyper-
ment and determined by the established salary schedules         academic appointment commensurate with experience.                 tension research. Applicants should forward curriculum
of the Veterans Administration and the University of            Contact: John Kane, M.D., Chairman Department of                   vitae and the names of three referees to: Alan S. Nies,
 Kentucky College of Medicine. Reply to: John Diana,            Psychiatry, Hillside Hospital, P.O. Box 38, Glen                   M.D., Division of Clinical Pharmacology, UCHSC,
 Ph.D., Chairnan, ACOS/R&D Search Committee                     Oaks, NY 11004. The Long Island Jewish Medical                     Box C-237, 4200 East Ninth Avenue, Dcnver, CO
 (151), VA Medical Center, Lexington, KY 40511.                 Center is the Long Island Campus for the Albert Einstein           80262.
 The Lexington VAMC and UK are Equal Opportunity/Af-            College of Medicine. Affinnative Action/Equal Opportunity              The University of Colorado is an Affirmative Action/Equal
firmative Action Employers. Closing date: 23 June 1989.         Employer.                                                          Opportunity Institution.
IOOO                                                                                                                                                                 SCIENCE, VOL. 244
    |       esearch scientiSstX                                               Program of Excellence in
                                                                            Molecular Biology of the Heart
_The Squibb Institute for Medical Research is recognized inter-
   nationally as a leader in research and development of novel
                                                                                      and Lung
   therapeutic agents for the treatment of cardiovascular and in-
   fectious diseases.
                                                                                       Postdoctoral Positions
              Peptide & Protein Chemistry
        * Modern methods of solid phase peptide synthesis.                     The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the NIH has
        * Preparation of protected and preactivated intermediates.          awarded the University of Cincinnati Medical Center a "Pro-
        * Peptide/protein purification and characterization, including      gram of Excellence in Molecular Biology". The goals of the
          a variety of chromatographic and quantitative analytical          Program are to provide skills development and research oppor-
          techniques, with particular emphasis on HPLC application.
        Qualified candidates should have a BS or MS in Chemistry with at
                                                                            tunities in the molecular biology of heart and lung. Individuals
        least 1 year of relevant experence Reply to Dept. '333.             begin at the postdoctoral level and progress to junior faculty
                                                                            status over the course of five years. New Investigators will
                Molecular/Cardiovascular                                    initially work closely with the sponsor but in the final year will
                 Receptor Pharmacology                                      develop a research problem separate from that of the sponsor,
        Requires an MS in Pharmacology or Biochemistry, a                   and apply for independent funding to enable the Investigator to
        knowledge of the theoretical aspects of receptor phar-              move to another institution if desired.
        macology and 4-6 years of research experience with radio-              The Program is open to Ph.D.s or M.D.s with a strong
        ligand-receptor binding and protein separation and                  background in molecular genetics who wish to apply their skills
        characterization techniques. Reply to Dept. '161.                   to significant problems of heart and lung or individuals with
        For confidential consideration, please send resume to: The          strong backgrounds in heart and lung who wish to develop
        Squibb Institute for Medical Research, Human Resources              molecular genetics tools for continued study of these problems.
        Dept.        P.O. Box 4000, Princeton, NJ 08543. Equal
        Opportunity Employer M/F.                                           We are particularly interested in recruiting minorities to the
                                                                            Program. Stipends are competitive, beginning at $25,000 per
                                                                            year and moving to $37,000 in final years. The core faculty are:
                                                                             1. Jerry Lingrel- Regulation of the Na,K-ATPase genes and
                                                                                RFLP analysis of diseases such as familial hypertension.

I                      SQU1BB
                                                                                Identification of the cardiac glycoside binding site using site
                                                                                specific mutagenesis.
                                                                             2. Jeffrey Whitsett- Characterization of lung surfactant proteins
                                                                                and genes.
                                                                             3. Winston Kao - Collagen gene expression in the lung.
                                                                             4. Gary Shull- Structure-function relationships and genetic reg-
                       Toxicology Quality                                       ulation of Ca-transporting ATPases of intracellular and plasma
                       Assurance Inspector                                   5. Jeffrey Robbins - Study of cardiac contractile proteins and
                       CIBA-GEIGY's Agricultural Division has an open-          growth and developmental control of muscle and pulmonary
                       ing for a Quality Assurance Inspector at its En-         proteins.
                       vironmental H ealth Center located in
                       Farmington, CT. This position involves conductinq
                       inspections to include each critical phase ot         6. Donald Luse - Transcriptional analysis of lung surfactant pro-
                       assigned studies to assure that no deviations from       tein gene promoters.
                       the assigned protocol or Standard Operating
                       Procedures were made without proper                   7. Steven Potter- Insertional mutagenesis for identifying critical
                       authorization and documentation.
                                                                                genes in heart and lung development.
                       The successful candidate will have a BS in Tox-
                       icology or closely related field plus two years of    8. Amold Schwartz -Structure and function of Ca`+ channel
                       experience or an AA and five years experience            proteins and gene regulation; isolation of receptors for calcium
                       in toxicology and a working knowledge of Good
                       Laboratory Practices guidelines.                         antagonists.
                       CIBA-GEIGY offers growth opportunities, com-          9. Judith Harmony- Proteins and genes involved in neutral lipid
                       petitive salaries and an attractive package of           transfer; the regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation
                       company paid benefits, including an excellent            by apolipoproteins.
                       educational assistance program. For immediate
                       consideration send your resume and salary re-
                       quirements to: Personnel Assistant, CIBA-            10. Thomas Doetschman - Gene targeting in ES cells using ho-
                       GEIGY Corporation, Agricultural Division,                mologous recombination. Focus will be on vasculogenesis,
                       400 Farmington Avenue, Farmington, CT                    angiogenesis and cardiogenesis.
                       06032. We Are An Equal Opportunity
                       Employer M/F/HN.
                                                                              Applicants should submit a C.V. and the names of three refer-
                                                                            ences to Jerry B Lingrel, Ph.D., Director, Program of Excellence in
                       Science Serving Mankind                              Molecular Biology, Department of Molecular Genetics, Biochemis-
                                                                            try and Microbiology, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine,
                                                                            231 Bethesda Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0524.

                       CIBA GEIGY*                                                    Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer
              POSITIONS OPEN                                                  POSITIONS OPEN
                                                                                                                                University of California, Davis
                    FACULTY FOR                                    FACULTY POSMIION: A tenure-track assistant/
         ECOLOGICAL FIELD COURSES                               associate professor position to establish molecular pa-          CELLULAR NEUROBIOLOGY
      SCHOOL FOR FIELD STUDIES (SFS)                            thology research and development laboratory and inde-
                                                                pendent research program. M.D./Ph.D. with 5 years of
                                                                                                                                    TRAINING PROGRAM
   SFS seeks full-time faculty and administrative/academ-       experience beyond training required. Application letter,
ic leaders at centers offering undergraduate courses in         curriculum vitae, and three references should be sent by 1
                                                                                                                                   Funding is available to support qualified indi-
ecology and sustainable development. Unique field-                                                                              viduals for training in cellular neurobiology at
based program in spectacular settings emphasizing con-          July 1989, to: Dr. Senhauser, Ohio State University,            both postdoctoral and predoctoral levels. Suc-
servation study and research.                                   4170 Graves Hall, 333 West 10th Avenue, Colum-                  cessful applicants will join a young, vigorous
   Zimbabwe: Director to start new center for sustain-          bus, OH 43210. Ohio State University is an Equal Oppor-         neurobiology group that is highly interactive
able development; curriculum-site development, faculty          tunity/Affirmative Action Employer.                             and in which collaborations are common. We
search.                                                                                                                         particularly encourage participation of trainees
   Kenya (two): Director and large mammal and/or                                 FACULTY POSITION                               in projects involving the expertise of two or
rangeland ecology expert for wildlife courses and re-                       DEPARTMENT OF MEDICAL
search.                                                                  BIOCHEMISTRY AND GENETICS                              more   training faculty:
   Caribbean (three): Director and senior faculty for              The Department of Medical Biochemistry and Genet-            Hilary Anderson, Development of insect ner-
coral reef, marine biology, cultural ecology program.           ics invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position.       vous systems
   Baja, Mexico (three): Director and senior faculty for        Salary and rank are open and dependent upon qualifica-          Richard Carlsen, Cell biology of axonal and
courses on whales, other marine mammals; marine biolo-          tions. An endowed chair is a possibility for an exceptional
gist, marine mammalogist, and cultural ecologist. Direc-        candidate. As part of an expanding research community,              muscle regeneration
tor to develop new curriculum and center.                       candidates are expected to establish or maintain a vig-         Leo Chalupa, Prenatal development of mam-
   Australia: Director of Center for Rainforest Studies in      orous research program and participate in medical and               malian visual system
Queensland.                                                     graduate instruction. Applications from individuals with        Carol Erickson, Morphogenesis and differen-
   To apply send rsumr, detailed letter, and four refer-        research interests in any area of biochemistry, molec-              tiation of neural crest
ences (with telephone): Center Search, SFS 16 Broad-            ular biology, or molecular genetics are encouraged.             Mark McNamee, Molecular biology of ACh
way, Beverly, MA 01915.                                         Submit curriculum vitae, description of research inter-             receptors
                                                                ests, and names of three references to: Dr. Garret              Brian Mulloney, Generation and modulation
                                                                Ihler, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Ge-                   of motor patterns
   FACULTY POSITION, MUSHROOM SCI-                              netics, Texas A&M College of Medicine, Coliege                  Pamela Pappone, Biophysics of ion channels
ENCE. A tenure-track position is available for an indi-         Station, TX 77843-1114. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative           Robert Scobey, Retinal physiology
vidual with demonstrated strength in cellular and/or            Acion Employer.                                                 Barry Wilson, Cholinesterases and neurotoxi-
molecular fungal/plant physiology to conduct research                                                                               cology
on edible mushrooms. Development of a research pro-                                                                             Martin Wilson, Cell biology of the retina
gram that will involve the culture of edible fungi and                         FACULTY POSITION IN
complement the Penn State mushroom science efort is                            BIOCHEMISTRY AND                                    For more information, contact Dr. Brian Mul-
expected. Opportunities exist for cooperative research                        MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
with scientists throughout the University, induding fac-                                                                        loney, Director, Cellular Neurobiology Training
Ilty of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology Insti-               Excellent facilities, good support and good              Program, Department of Zoology, University of
tute, and interdisciplinary graduate program m plant                research environment available for established or           California, Davis, CA 95616, or phone
physiology. Individual will be expected to participate in           highly promising researcher. Level of appoint-                              (916) 752-7488.
graduate education programs and teach formal courses as             ment commensurate with qualifications. Prefer-
appropriate, and to participate in extension education,             ence given to candidate who can enhance exist-                      UCD Is an Equal Opportunity/
especially the transfer of new science and technology to            ing group of researchers on hormone action, in                      Affirmative Action Institution.
the mushroom industry. Ph.D. and experience in mycol-               areas such as molecular structure/function rela-
ogy, plant physiology, biochemistry, plant patholog)y,              tionships (NMR, x-ray crystallography) or study
molecular biology, or related discipline required. Rank             of peptide horrnones. By 31 August 1989, send
commensurate with experience. Send application letter,              curriculum vitae, bibliography, and have three
resurnm, transcripts, and names of three references by 30           references write to: Dr. John T. Penniston,
June 1989, to: Dr. P. J. Wuest, Department of Plant
Pathology-Box M, Penn State University, 211
Buckhout Laboratory, University Park, PA 16802.
                                                                    Dcpartment of Biochemistry and Molecular
                                                                    Biology, Mayo Medical School, Rochester,
                                                                    MN 55905. Mayo is an Afirmative Action/Equal
                                                                                                                                   Ph.D. Cell
An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Women
and minorities encouraged to apply.
                                                                    Opportunity Employer.                                          Biologist!
               FACULTY POSMIIONS                                 FACULTY POSITIONS IN CARDIOVASCU-
                   IN                                           LAR/NEUROPHARMACOLOGY OR IMMUNO-                                  Monsanto's Central Research Laborato-
         CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR                                 PATHOLOGY. The Department of Anesthesiology at                    ries is seeking an accomplished Ph.D.
                      PHYSIOLOGY                                the University of Michigan Medical Center has two
                                                                tenure-track positions available immediately in the areas         Cell Biologist/Biochemist for their Cell
   The Department of Physiology of The Pennsylvania             of molecular cardiovascular pharmacology, cellular neu-           Culture/Biochemistry Group. This indi-
State University College of Medicine is seeking applica-        ropharmacology, or immunopathology.7A Ph.D. and/or                vidual will conduct studies on the biologi-
tions for two full-time, tenure-track positions at the          M.D. degree is required with training in the appropriate          cal properties of tumor cell derived auto-
assistant/associate professor rank to begin in fall or          discipline. Postdoctoral training is desirable, but not           crine factors using in vitro models of tu-
winter 1989. The Departrnent presently has ten full-            necessary. Appropriate experience in application of               morigenesis and metastasis. This posi-
time, well-funded faculty who are working in the general        physiology, immunology, biochemistry, molecular biolo-            tion requires an individual with expertise
area of cellular and molecular physiology. We are seeking       gy or cardiovascular/neuropharmacology is required
candidates with substantial postdoctoral experience in          and will be expected to conduct research in these areas           in the areas of cell culture and protein
applying molecular biology and recombinant DNA tech-            and teach in the department. Minority and women candidates        purification. This will be a highly interac-
niques to one or more of the following areas: metabolic         are encouraged. Submit curriculum vitae and three refer-          tive position requiring effective commu-
regulation, mechanisms of hormone action, membrane              ences with a brief statement of career plans to: P. R.            nication and organizational skills.
receptors, cytoskeletal-membrane interactions, intracellu-      Knight, M.D., Ph.D., Professor and Associate Chair-
lar membrane trafficking, signal transduction, ion chan-        man, Director of Research, Department ofAnesthesi-                Candidates should submit a letter of ap-
nels, control of growth and differentiation, and regula-        ology, Box 0048, 1500 East Medical Center Drive,                  plication, a curriculum vitae and the
tion of expression of eukaryotic genes. Special attention       Ann Arbor, MI 48109. The University of Michigan is an             names of three individuals familiar with
will be given candidates who are able to relate molecular       Equal Opportunity/Afirmative Action Employer.                     their recent research from whom letters
concepts and information to the cell and tissue levels of                                                                         of recommendation may be solicited.
the organism. Significant research accomplishment and              The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology             Please submit responses to: Joseph E.
ability to obtain independent funding are essential. Ex-        at Rice University seeks to hire a LABORATORY
                                                                                                                                  De Larco; MONSANTO COMPANY; 800
cellent opportunities exist for research collaboration,         INSTRUCTOR to assist in developing and teaching
teaching in a medical school curriculum, and participa-         introductory and advanced laboratory courses in a new             N. Lindbergh Blvd.; St. Louis, MO 63167.
tion in one or more graduate programs. Competitive              biosciences curriculum. Advanced-level areas of instruc-          Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/HN.
salaries and start-up funding are available. Applicants         tion include ecology, evolutionary biology, and organis-
should submit, prior to 1 September 1989, curriculum            mal biology. Experience in statistics or computer s stems         Careers for people with ideas
vitae, reprints, statement of current and planned research      and software implementation is especially desirable. Ad-
interests, and letters from at least three references to: Dr.   vanced degree in biological sciences required. Interested
Leonard S. Jefferson, Chairman, Department of                   applicants should send a resume and three letters of
Physiology, College of Medicine, The Pennsylvania
State Umversity, P.O. Box 850, Drawer SC, Hershey,
PA 17033. An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Em-
ployer. Women and minorities encouraged to apply.
                                                                reference to: J. Smith, Employment Office, Rice Uni-
                                                                versity, P.O. Box 2666, Houston, TX 77252, by 20
                                                                June 1989. Rice University is an Equal Opportunity/Afirma-
                                                                tive Action Employer. M/F/V/H.
                                                   THE AGA KHAN UNIVERSITY
                                                            Factilty of Health Scienties
                                                                  Medical College

The Aga KhIan tniersit% is no% in its sixth year or operat iol. Its llliiatedi Aga K han t 'lniersit lHospital ha.1s %ell ll iipped
teaching anti ser i-e laboratories and Will has e 65-t lbeds when falls operational. The 'nis ersit andi the tI nii ersit Hospital
                                                                                                                       ll        are-il
aittoionoiotis, pris atel -ftinded and philanthropic iistituit ions committed to the p ro ision of errectis e health professional hecltiatiol
and heailth ser%i-ecs relesant to Pakistan and the region.
Applications are ins ited( 1ronm highl committed( professionals for the lolloso ing kte positions in ouril Microbiology Department:
Candidates applying for this position must have an M.B.B.S. and M.R.C. Path or equisalent qtualifications, preferably with experience
in a Clinical Microbiology laboratory. Candidates having experience of teaching in a Medical College; rotitine diagnostic sersices and
medical research will be given preference.
The current research work in the Microbiology Department focuses on the Immunology of Mycobacterial diseases and the candidates
are encouraged to deselop their own areas of interest.

Candidates applying for this position must have a Ph.D in Microbiology or related subject with experience in Bacteriology/Virology
will be preferred. The incumbent will be required to participate in teaching and research activities.

Salary and benefits will be offered commensurate with qualifications, experience and level of responsibility. Candidates intending to
pursue a career in Pakistan are preferred. If you are seeking professional growth and an excellent environment, please send your
detailed re'sume', bibliography and names of at least three referees familiar with recent work historv to the Personnel Manager, The
Aga Khan University, P.O. Box 3500, Stadium Road, Karachi-74800, Pakistan.

            AIDS Research at the
         Centers for Disease Control
                   Atlanta, Georgia                                             The European Molecular Biology Laboratory, an international research organiza-
                                                                                tion situated in Heidelberg, West Germany has the following vacancies at its
     Research Microbiologist                                                    outstation in Grenoble:
The Laboratory Investigations Branch, HIV/AIDS Division
seeks a senior scientist to participate in a broad spectrum of
                                                                                 Structural Molecular Biologist
Branch activities. The principle function of this position will                 The Grenoble Outstation of the EMBL is a structural molecular biology laboratory
be to characterize the structural and regulatory proteins of                    which aims to combine expertise in biophysical techniques (notably neutron and
                                                                                X-ray methods) with modern methods of molecular biology. The laboratory is
HIV and to study the immune response and natural history                        situated at the Institut Laue-Langevin, a high flux neutron source and adjacent to
of HIV infections. This scientist will be part of the existing                  the future European Synchrotron Radiation Facility and is well equipped for
effort at CDC to develop and evaluate new technology for                        neutron scattering, X-ray crystallography (including access to a FAST detector),
                                                                                electron microscopy, dynamic light scattering and molecular biology. Current
detecting and characterizing HIV infections. This position                      interests include the molecular biology and X-ray crystallography of surface viral
will, also act as a consultant to CDC epidemiologists on                        glycoproteins (adenoviruses and myxoviruses) and amino acyl-tRNA synthe-
laboratory issues relating to seroprevalence studies con-                       tases, the dynamics of proteins studied by inelastic neutron scattering, the
                                                                                structure and dynamics of supercoiled DNA and in-vivo deuteration. There are
ducted in the U.S. and internationally.                                         vacancies for up to three staff scientists to contribute to existing projects or to
                                                                                initiate new projects suited to the scientific environment of the laboratory.
Prefer candidates have a Ph.D. in Microbiology, Molecular                       Candidates in the following areas will be considered (the examples are not to be
Biology, or Biochemistry and at least three years of post-                      considered exhaustive):
doctoral experience in the use and development of mono-                         a) Neutron scattering in biology (e.g. high resolution neutron crystallography of
clonal antibodies, synthetic peptides, immunoassays, and                        deuterated proteins, or low resolution crystallography of macromolecular
recombinant DNA technologies. Salary will depend on                             b) X-ray protein crystallography (including new techniques such as diffuse
experience.                                                                     scattering or Laue diffraction).
                                                                                c) Molecular biologistbiochemist with an interest in structural problems (e.g.
For additional information regarding the position, contact                      protein/nucleic-acid interactions, virus/cell interactions).
Richard George, Ph.D. at (404) 639-3765. Interested appli-                      Staff scientists will be appointed on an initial contract of three to five years on
cants should send their applications and curriculum vitae to:                   grades 8 or 9 depending on experience. An above-average tax-free salary is
                                                                                offered. Certain allowances are payable in addition, depending on personal
William R. Hudson, Personnel Management Specialist,                              circumstances.
Centers for Disease Control, 1600 Clifton Road, Atlanta,
Georgia 30333. CDC is an equal opportunity employer and                          Further information and application forms can be obtained by writing (with
                                                                                 enclosed CV and brief statement of interests) to the Director quoting reference
provides a smoke-free work environment.                                          no. 89/22: EMBL Grenoble Outstation, c/o ILL, 156X, 38042 Grenoble Cedex,
                                                                                                    POSITIONS AVAILABLE
                                                                        m      Associate (Tenured)/Assistant (Tenure Track) Professor
                                                                                         University of Minnesota Medical School
                                                                                     Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology
                                                                                  Two faculty positions are available, depending on the qualifications, for
                                                                            candidates who hold a Ph.D. or M.D. in biomedical sciences, with postdoctoral
    Wyeth-Ayerst pharmaceuticals has an immediate opening for               experience in matrix protein molecular biology, or chemical synthesis of peptides to
    a PhD level Teratologist/Reproductive Toxicologist to direct            interact with group research effort on tumor metastasis, wound healing and diabetic
    pre-clinical reproductive and developmental toxicology studies          complications. Individuals will also be expected to develop or continue individual
    within the Drug Safety Evaluation Division. Entry level senior          research program in an area of interest to him/her. Demonstration of prior research
    candidates with appropriate background will be considered.              productivity is necessary for Assistant Professor candidates and an established
    The position requires broad based technical expertise and               record of research productivity is needed for Associate Professor candidates
    skills in interpreting safety data as well as the ability to com-       including publications in peer reviewed lournals.
    municate results orally and in writing. Skills in fetal visceral              Individuals will be involved in teaching and assisting with graduate student
    and skeletal examinations in common laboratory species and              advising.
    in assessment of potential postnatal functional/behavioral ef-
    fects are highly desired.
    The successful candidate will work on a cooperative basis
                                                                                  Research Associate/Assistant Professor (Non-Tenured)
    with senior level personnel to define and characterize the                             University of Minnesota Medical School
    reproductive and developmental toxicologic potential of a                          Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology
    broad range of potential therapeutic agents.
                                                                                  A research associate/assistant professor (non-tenured) position is available
    The Wyeth-Ayerst Drug Safety Evaluation Division is located             for candidates who hold a Ph.D. in basic biomedical sciences, with minimum of
    between the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains and the               three years postdoctoral experience in molecular biology/recombinant DNA tech-
    shores of Lake Champlain. The area offers the benefits of a             niques to participate in group research effort on the structure/interactions of
    relaxed rural lifestyle and a wide range of outdoor recreational        basement membrane/extracellular matrix macromolecules. Previous experience in
    activities while being within easy driving distance of such             this field is desired.
    cultural centers as Lake Placid, New York, Burlington,
    Vermont; and Montreal, Canada. Wyeth Ayerst is an equal
    opportunity employer offering the successful candidate an                    Applicants should send curriculum vitae and names of three individuals who
    attractive benefits package and a salary commensurate with              can provide letter of reference to.
    experience.                                                                  Leo T. Furcht, M.D.
    Please send resume and salary history in confidence to:                      Box 609 UMHC Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology
                                                                                 420 Delaware Street SE
                                                                                 Minneapolis, MN 55455
    s- N          WYETH Gary D. Wagoner, Personnel
                                     WYETH-AYERST RESEARCH                       Deadline for receipt of applications is June 15, 1989. The University of
     _ X                             Rouses Point, New York 12979           Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer and specifically invites
                  An Equal Opportunity Employer M / F / H / V
                                                                            and encourages applications from women and minorities.

        ASSISTANT DEAN                                                                                           THE
         FOR RESEARCH                                                                             SCiENCE
The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-New                                        RECRUITMENT
Jersey Medical School is recruiting for an Assistant Dean for
Research and Sponsored Programs.                                                         "FOUR DAY CLOSE"
The duties of this position include providing technical                      NOW YOU CAN SEE YOUR AD IN SCiENCE
assistance and consultation to the faculty of the New Jersey
Medical School regarding identification of funding sources and                 FOUR DAYS AFTER SUBMISSION
development and preparation of grant and contract proposals.                Scientific Recruiters can now advertise positions almost as
This individual will provide increased support to the Office of             soon as the need arises. Instead of reserving space a month or
Research and Sponsored Programs in the administration of                    more in advance, you can now place your ad four days before
research programs.                                                          the magazine mailing date. SCiENCE is mailed on the cover date.
The successful candidate must have a Doctoral degree in the                 Film (right-reading, emulsion face down) or full camera ready
                                                                            art and insertion order must reach: SCiENCE:, Short Close Desk,
medical and/or biological sciences as well as experience in                 1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036 by NOON Mondays
grant and research administration and must be eligible for                  (except for legal holidays when material must reach New York
appointment to the faculty.                                                 by Noon Fridays). Because space is limited, the four-day close
                                                                            page will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, at a
Please send resume to: Erich Hirschberg, Ph.D.,                             15% premium. 1/4 and 1/2 page ads only.
Associate Dean for Research and Sponsored                                   Now you don't have to wait to find the researchers you need
Programs, UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School,                                  immediately, nor must you advertise in a Sunday paper that
(S), 185 South Orange Avenue, (MSB-C-662),                                  pans a lot of sand, but not much gold. Scientific employers
                                                                            know that SViENCE ads fill the job better. Now they fill it faster
Newark, NJ 07103-2757.                                                      too.
              The UMDNJ is an Affirmative Action/                           You can call it "INSTANT RECRUITMENT."
       Equal Employment Opportunity Employer M/F/HN.                        For further information, telephone Ed. Keller, Recruitment Ad-
                                                                            vertising Manager, or Donna Rivera, Production Manager at
                                                                            SViENCE: 212-730-1050, or write to: SViENCE, 1515 Broadway,
                                                                            NY, NY 10036.
                                                                                     CURRENT DISTRIBUTION 160,000
  (Salary Range $24,000 - $40,345
   Less than 3 years postdoctoral
       research experience)
  (Salary Range $28,000 - $45,234
   3-7 years postdoctoral research
A postdoctoral position is available in
the Developmental and Reproductive
Toxicology Group of the Systemic
Toxicology Branch, Division of Toxi-
cology Research and Testing,
NIEHS, located in Research Triangle
Park, NC. The activities of the group
are directed towards the determi-
nation of the site and mechanism of
action of reproductive and develop-
mental toxicants and the develop-
ment of new methods/model systems
to identify reproductive/develop-
mental toxicants. Selectee will par-
ticipate in ongoing programs directed
at developing a rat model for the
excretion of chemicals into human
milk, the effect of toxicants on the
lactation process and the role of lac-
tation in mediating the toxicity of
chemicals to neonates.
The initial appointment is for two
years, with extensions possible up to
7 years for the talented researcher.
Applicants should possess a record
of demonstrated research produc-
tivity, the ability to carry out both inde-
pendent and collaborative research
and a Ph.D. or equivalent degree and
postdoctoral experience in Physiol-
ogy, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Bio-
chemistry or closely related field.
Should be a U.S. Citizen.
For additional information contact
Johnny McLean or Lisa Fletcher at
(919) 541-7513. To apply, send cur-
riculum vitae and the names of three
references by June 30, 1989 to:
   Johnny McLean (Code HNV5)
  NIEHS Personnel Office
  P.O. Box 12233
  Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

               z          CIM)
                OP HEP&5.
              POSITIONS OPEN                                                 POSITIONS OPEN                                                   POSITIONS OPEN
   JUNIOR FACULTY POSITION (non-tenured                           OB/GYN FACULTY POSIIION-POSTJDOC-                                POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW: Position immedi-
track) available in a new program involving the molecu-        TORAL -The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecol-                 ately available to study repair of carcinogenic DNA
lar analyses of hemoglobinoathies. Applicant should            ogy, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in            alterations. Project includes enzymology, photochemis-
have experience in protein chemistry and hematology.           Oklahoma City is seeking an individual with research             try, and molecular biology. Send curriculum vitae and
Salary negotiable. Applicants should send curriculum           interest in endometriosis. Training in immunology, bio-          names of three references to: Dr. Nahum J. Duker,
vitae and names and addresses of three references to: Dr.      chemistry; Ph.D. required. Must be skilled in student            Department of Pathology, Temple University School
Titus H. J. Huisman, Department of Ccll and Molec-             and resident teaching, research design, and statistical          of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA 19140. An Equal Oppor-
ular Biology, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta,             analysis. Send curriculum vitae and bibliography: Rob-           tunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
GA 30912-2100. An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Ac-            ert A. Wld, M.D., Associate Professor, Department
tion Employer.                                                 of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Oklaho-                 Diabetes Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital
                                                               ma College of Medicine, P.O. Box 26901, 4SP720,                  (MGH) seeks a POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW OR
                                                               Oklahoma City, OK 73190.                                         RESEARCH ASSOCIATE with experience in molecu-
               MAURY W. BRONSTEIN
          PROFESSOR OF PHYSIOLOGY                                                                                               lar biology to study the regvlation of transacting factors
                                                                  PHARMACOLOGIST: Faculty/research, assistant                   that mediate the effect of insulin on gene expression.
   An endowed tenure-track professorship in cardiovas-         professor position for appropriate Ph.D. or Pharm.D.             Salary is commensurate with experience. Send curricu-
cular physiology or other closely related areas is available   Qualifications and experience must include strong medi-          lum vitae with two letters of recommendation to: Dr. M.
in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at The          cal school teaching skills and research accomplishments.         Alexander-Bridges, MGH, Wellman 306, Blossom
University of Tennessee, Memphis. Candidates should            Interested qualified candidates are invited to send curric-      Street, Boston, MA 02114.
have a Ph.D. or M.D. degree, an excellent history of           ulum vitae including teaching experience, statement of
research funding, a well-funded research program, and a        research interests, research background, prior and cur-             POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP-NEURO-
strong research background in cellular aspects of cardio-      rent funding, and the names of three references to:              TRANSMITTER RECEPTORS to study the func-
vascular physiology or other related areas. The Maury W.       Robert E. Mancini, Ph.D., D. O., Associate Dean for              tional responses (channel opening and desensitization) of
 Bronstein Professor will be expected to contribute signif-    Academic and Research Affairs and Chairman, De-                  receptors and their modulation and the molecular mecha-
icantly to the development of the cardiovascular research      partment of Pharmacology/Toxicology and Experi-                  nisms ofneurotransmitter-receptor interaction using ion-
programs within the departnent and the University.             mental Therapeutics, New York Co lege of Osteo-                  flux methods including quench flow and stopped flow.
Demonstrated ability to engage in teaching activities of       pathic Medicine, Box 170, Old Westbury, NY 11568.                Projects include the study of GABA receptor, glutamate
the department are expected. Funding for this position                                                                          receptor, and acetylcholine receptor. The position will be
will be through an endowed professorship. Nominations                                                                           in the Department of Biochemisry, University of Missou-
and applications are invited. Applicants should send             Major national patent law firm located in New York             rl-Columbia. Write: Dr. Derek J. Cash, NeLrochemis-
curriculum vitae, copies of three representative publica-      City seeks highly qualified Ph.D. SCIENTISTS in                  try Unit, Department of Biochemistry, Univcrsity of
tions and the names of three references to: Dr. Leonard        biomedical fields interested in second career opportuni-         M ssri-Columbia, School of Medicine, 5400 Arse-
R Johnson, Thomas A. Gerwin Professor of Physiol-              ties in intellectual property law. Demonstrated technical        nal Street, St. Louis, MO 63139-1494. Equal Oppor-
ogy and Chairman, Department of Physiology and                 writing skills essential. Competitive salaries and benefits,     tunity/Affirmative Acion Employer.
Biophysics, University of Tennessee, 894 Union Ave-            and opportunities for challnging assignments. Send
nue, Memphis, TN 38163. An Equal Opportunity/Af-               resume to: Box 73, SCIENCE.
firmative Action Employer. Minorities and women are encour-                                                                        POSTDOCTORAIJINSTRUCTOR POSTIIONS
aged to apply.                                                                                                                  IN ANATOMY. The Program in Anatomy, Develop-
                                                                                  POSTDOCTORAL                                  ment and Neurobiology at Ohio University has two
                                                                                     ASSOCIATE                                  positions for individuals seeking postdoctoral training in
 DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (USDA)                                                                                               anatomy, evolutionary biology, neurobiology, muscle
  AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE                                   Postdoctoral opportunity available to study gene prod-        biology, functional morphology or biomechanics. Ohio
                          (ARS)                                ucts of hepadnaviruses on the molecular level in the             University offers excellent research facilities as well as a
        MICROBIOLOGIST/VETERINARY                              laboratory of Dr. Mark Feitelson. Studies include fur-           strong intellectual environment in these subjects. Each
                 MEDICAL OFFICER                               ther structural characterization of these products as well       position involves teaching human gross anatomy one
    PHYSIOPATHOLOGY RESEARCH UNIT                              as structure-function relationships essential to better          quarter per year to medical students. A Ph.D. and prior
    NATIONAL ANIMAL DISEASE CENTER                             understanding of virus replication and persistence in            expenence in gross anatomy instruction are required.
                (NADC), AMES, IOWA                             chronic infection. Naturally and experimentally infected         Ohio University, with a student body of 15,000, is
                                                               animal models are availae to study the immunology,               located in a small picturesque town in the Appalachian
   ARS is seeking a scientist to lead its research program     genetics, molecular biology and pathology of acute and           foothills of Southeast Ohio. Costs of living and housing
on Pathogenesis and Transmission of Salmonellosis in           chronic hepadnavirus infections which are important to           are moderate. The appointments will be for 1 year,
Swine. This individual will provide research leadership        the establishment and maintenance of chronicity as well          renewable for up to 5 years. Starting salary is $18,000.
and technical supervision to a team comprised of two           as hepatocellular carcinoma. Preference will be given to         Application deadline is 15 June 1989. Send curriculum
other scientists, three technicians, and two research          candidates with training in molecular biology and/or             vitae, including statement of teaching experience and
animal technicians. The primary objectives ofthis project      immunology. Please send curriculum vitae, interests and          research interests, and the names of three references to:
are to define the host-microbe relationships responsible       the names of three references to: Mary Ann Michini,              Dr. Michael H. Rowe, Anatomy Search Committee,
for establishing and maintaining chronic enteric Salmo-        Personnel Department, Fox Chase Cancer Center,                   Deeartment of Zoological and Biomedical Sciences,
nella infections in swine (carrier state) and develop          7701 Burholme Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111.                    Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701. Telephone:
strategies to modify the carrier state.                        Equal Opportunity Employer.                                      614-593-2112. Ohio University is an Affirmative Action!
   The candidate must have proven research experience                                                                           Equal Opportunity Employer.
with a strong background in molecular biology, immu-
nology, and virulence attributes of pathogenic bacteria;                   POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW/                                   POSTDOCTORAL POSITION available July
and demonstrated knowledge and skill in communication                        RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                 1989 to study microcirculatory characteristics of human
and leadership.                                                                GENE EXPRESSION/
   Ph.D. is desirable. Must be U.S. citizen. Salary is                    TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS                                 abnormal and sickle blood by intravital techniques (vid-
commensurate with experience ($41,121 to $57,153).                                                                              eo-microscopy, hemodynamic measurements, dual-slit
                                                                  The Laboratory of Molecular Endocrinology at the              cross-correlation, video-image splitting, fluorescence nii-
For information on the position, contact: Dr. Shannon          Massachusetts General Hospital seeks a postdoctoral              croscopy). Emphasis will be given to blood cell-endothe-
C. Whipp, Research Leader, Physiopathology Re-                 fellow or research associate to work on the regulation of        lium interaction, vascular tone and perfusion conditions.
search Unit, NADC, or telephone: 515-239-8242.                 polypeptide hormone genes. Previous experience in mo-            Reply with names of three references to: Dr. D. K. Kaul,
For information on application procedures/forms, con-          lecl ar biology is required. The laboratory is focused on        Associate Professor of Medicine, Room U-917, Al-
tact: Janie E. Carr at 301-3444569. Applications in            studies of the cis and trans factors that lend cAMP-             bert Einstein College of Medicine, 1300 Morris Park
response to this advertisement should be marked 9N023.         mediated and cell-specific expression to polypeptide hor-        Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461, or call: 212430-3702.
   Applications must be received by 5 July 1989.               mone genes. A microchemical facility for protein se-
   Mailing address:                                            quencing-synthesis and DNA synthesis is available. Sala-                   POSTDOCTORAL POSITION
         USDA-Agricultural Research Service                    ry and rank are commensurate with experience. Send
              Personnel Operations Branch                      curriculum vitae and two letters of recommendation to:             Available immediately to investigate the regulation of
                    Northern Section                           J. Habener, Chief, Laboratory of Molecular Endocri-              inmune function in swine expose to various stressors.
               Building 419, BARC-East                         nology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA               An earned Ph.D. degree in immunology, environmental
                  Beltsville, MD 20705                         02114.                                                           physiology or endocrinology is preferred. Send curricu-
              An Equal Opportunity Employer.                                                                                    lum vitae and names of three references to: Dr. Gary
                                                                                                                                Allee, Animal Sciences Department, S105 Animal
                                                                 POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP available 1                            Sciences Center, University of Missouri, Columbia,
   POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATES to study the                        July 1989 to study in situ
                                                                                   pathogenesis of human immunodefi-            MO 65211. Applications must be received by 16 June
production and function of interferons and other lym-          ciency infection by        hybridization techniques. Send        1989 or until a suitable candidate is found.
phokines by mammalian embryos and cultured tropho-             curriculum vitae and   names   and addresses of three refer-
blast cells. Applicants must have a Ph.D. and some             ences to: Ashlcy T. Haase, M.D., Professor and Head,                POSTDOCTORAL POSITION for research on
experience in molecular biology and/or cell culture tech-      Department ofMicrobiology, Univcrsity ofMinneso-                 transgenic mice. Areas under study include germ cells
niques, plus a background or interest in reproductive          ta Medical School, Box 196 UMHC, Minneapolis,                    and embryo development, neurobiology, and oncogene-
biology. Send curriculum vitae to: Dr. R. M. Roberts,          MN 55455. The University of Minnesota is an Equal                sis. Apply with curriculum vitae to: Dr. R. L. Brinster,
158 ASRC, University of Missouri-Columbia, Co-                 Opportunity Educator and Employer and specifically invites and   School of Veterinary Medicinc, University of Penn-
lumbia, MO 65211.                                              encourages applications from women and minorities.               sylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

   I006                                                                                                                                                           SCIENCE, VOL. 244
                                                                           pp-                                                    -lq

                                                                                 NEW ENGLAND BIOLABS
                                                                                 New England Biolabs, Inc., a pioneer and
                                                                                 leader in biotechnology, located twenty
           Squibb Corporation is a Fortune 200 Company and an                    miles north of Boston near the ocean has
           internationally recognized leader in the research,                    begun a major expansion of its research
           marketing, and manufacture of innovative pharmaceu-                   facilities. In addition to competitive salary,
           ticals. Currently, we seek an individual to identify and
           select technology investment and collaboration oppor-                 NEB offers a very generous fringe benefits
           tunities emerging from biotechnology industries as well               package and profit sharing. Attendance at
           as from academic research programs.
                                                                                 meetings, publication of research results
          'You will be responsible for the evaluation of incoming
           biomedical proposals, coordinating the selection pro-
                                                                                 and open communication with others are
           cess with senior staff members and providing ongoing                  encouraged. The following positions are
           analysis for negotiations leading to investments and                  available immediately.
           collaboration. Requirements include a PhD and 5 to 10
           years experience in molecular biology research.                       Staff Scientist:
          For confidential consideration, please submit your resume              Gene Cloning in Streptomyces Ph.D.
          to Squibb Corporation, Science & Technology, Human
          Resources Deparnment 207, P0. Box 4000, Princeton, NJ                  with a strong background in recombinant
          08543-4000. An equal opportunity employer.                             DNA techniques to work on projects involv-
                                                                                 ing cloning, over-production and
                                                                                 mutagenesis of restriction-modification
                                                                                 systems in Streptomyces.
                                                                                 Postdoctoral Positions:
                                                                                 1. Gene Cloning
                       SQU1BB                                                       The candidate should have training in
                                                                                    biochemistry/enzymology, molecular
                                                                                    biology, or microbiology. Projects
*                                                                                   involve the cloning, characterization
                                                                                    and mutagenesis of restriction-
       SR.                                                                          modification systems.
                                                                                 2. Molecular Parasitology
                CHEMIST                                                             The parasitology group at New
                                                                                    England Biolabs, Inc. is studying the
    GIBCO/BRL Research Products Division of Life Technolo-                          major filarial diseases. Candidate
    gies, Inc. is a leading supplier of reagents, chemical and                      should have experience in molecular
    apparatus to the life sciences community.                                       biology and/or immunology. Projects
       We are currently seeking an individual to plan and                           will involve the cloning and
    implement development of new organic compounds for                              characterization of filarial antigens.
    use in molecular biology. This involves organic synthesis,
    analysis using primarily HPLC and the use of basic                           Molecular Biologist:
    molecules biology techniques.
       The professional requirements are: Ph.D. in chemistry                     Restriction endonuclease purification, re-
    or biochemistry with no post-doctoral experience or MS in                    quires B.S. or M.S. experience in protein
    chemistry with a minimum of 3 years of experience. The                       purification. Strong background in
    work experience should include chemical modification                         molecular biology with emphasis on clon-
    and purification of proteins and nucleic acids and familiarity               ing techniques. Experience with HPLC
    with basic techniques in molecular biology.
       Send resume to:                                                           would be helpful.
       Richard L. Hotaling, Jr., Dept. GG                                        Candidates please submit curriculum vitae
       GIBCO/BRL Research Products Division                                      with three references to:
       8717 Grovemont Circle
       Gaithersburg, MD 20877                                                    New England Biolabs, Inc.
       (A suburb of Washington, D.C.)                                            Human Resources
       An equal opportunity employer, M/F/V/H                                    32 Tozer Road
                                                                                 Beverly, MA 01915                 W ENGLAND
    GIBCO/BRL                        LIFE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
                                  RESEARCH PRODUCTS DIVISION
U                                                                     IN
               The Sterling Research Group, the world-
               wide pharmaceutical research and develop-                               AP
               ment organization of Sterling Drug Inc., an-
               nounces an opening for a Senior Research
SR. RESEARCH   Biologist/Group Leader in the Phar-
               macology Department of Sterling's
                                                                                                 ONE DISCOVERY
BIOLOGIST/     Rensselaer, New York facility.
GROUP          The successful candidate will have a Ph.D.
               with a minimum of 3-5 years experience in
LEADER         Cardiovascular Research. Expertise in
               ischemia and free radical damage is re-                     eb/nnr Mannheim is a r growing kader ine           th ;
               quired with a biochemical background                         fiel* of MedicalDiagnos#cs and Medical Researh. .
               preferred.                                                              Th iadw*has been attaned through ::::::::
               The Sterling Research Group-Rensselaer                  emphas on qu Vtynd team effoft Due to our grawth
Committed      facility is located near Albany, New York
               which is a center for summer and winter
                                                                      we are cuirent4 seeking a qua PostdoctoraScntist  l
                                                                                      at our Indi4apols corporate lwftei* Wi
To             recreational activities. We offer an excellent
               benefits program and an exciting work en-                 TI posb&n is responsibk for the deveopment of sold
Scientific     vironment based on a team approach to
               research and development.
                                                                     phases for ue in immunoarsay A scientst with previous
                                                                          expenence in protein-po4mer inteatio and sufface
Excellence     Please send resume, with salary re-
               quirements, in confidence to:
                                                                                              modification technique is prferred
                                                                             At Boehnnger Mannheim we offer an exating and
               Mr. John P. Harvey                                         chalening work environment as wae as an excelent
               Employment Manager                                   compensation and benefit program induding 401K Ouafied
               STERLING                                                  appicants should send a resume with cover ktter and
                                                                      salaly histoly for confiena consideraton to: Dqwt Ha.,
               RESEARCH GROUP                                         Boehnnger Mannheim, 9115 Hague Road, P.D Box 5001W,
               A Division of Sterling Drug Inc.                                                            lndiano, IN 46250
               81 Columbia Turnpike
               Rensselaer, New York 12144                                                        An Equa Opportunity Employer.
               A Subsidiary of
               EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY                                BOEHRINGER
               "Equal Opportunity Employer MIF/H/V"

                                                                                   BUILDING A
                                                                                    NEW LAB?
                                                                    LET THE SCIENCE FREE PRODUCT
                                                                    INFORMATION SERVICE PUT YOU IN
                                                                    TOUCH WITH THE VENDORS WHOSE
                                                                    PRODUCTS YOU WILL NEED.

                                                                    SIMPLY WRITE US A LETTER STATING
                                                                    THE SPECIFICS ABOUT YOUR PROPOSED
                                                                     LAB AND WE WILL DO THE REST.

                                                                    WRITE TO:
                                                                              SCIENCE MAGAZINE
                                                                              NEW LAB SERVICE DEPT.
                                                                              1515 BROADWAY
                                                                              NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036
 Unigene Laboratories, a multidisciplinary bio-
 technology corporation emphasizing peptide
 hormone research, is seeking a distinguished
 and creative scientist for the position of:
                                                        The Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute, located in
 Group Leader Of Protein Chemistry                      Manhattan's East 60's, is the research arm of The
 *   Ph.D.-level scientist, minimum 8-10 years          New York Blood Center. Working within one of the
     post-degree research experience.                   world's leading laboratories for basic and applied
 *   Will supervise a group of 10-12 scientists, half   studies in Transfusion Medicine, its pioneering
     are Ph.D.-level.                                   accomplishments have enhanced the safety of blood
 *   Broad protein chemistry expertise, particularly    transfusion.
     in areas of purification and analysis of native
     and recombinant proteins, enzymology,              The individual we select will aid the investigator using
     protein processing, protein refolding.             biological techniques. Familiarity with chromatography,
 *    Responsible for staffing, budgeting and           cell fractionation, radioisotopes, cell culture and small
     supervision of all departmental                    animals is preferred. BS in Chemistry, Biochemistry
     research programs.                                 or Cell Biology required. Prior experience a plus.
 Unigene offers an excellent and comprehensive
 compensation package and the opportunity               Excellent benefits include $1040 increase after three
 to work in an environment which fosters continu-       months, five weeks vacation and eighty-five percent
 ing professional development. Resumes                  tuition refund.
 containing a description of relevant experience
       and a list of publications should be             If qualified, please send resume specifying salary
to     sent in confidence to:                           history and requirements, in confidence, to:
                                                        DB/HUMAN RESOURCES, THE NEW YORK BLOOD
           MS. H. M. DEEGAN                             CENTER, 310 East 67th Street, New York New York
       UNIGENE LABORATORIES, INC.                       10021. An equal opportunity employer M/F.
          110 LITTLE FALLS ROAD
            FAIRFIELD, NJ 07006
                                                               THE NEW YORK                        A
                                                               BLOOD CENTER
              POSITIONS OPEN                                          POSITIONS                   OPENPOSITIONS                   OPEN        POSITIONS OPEN
  POSTDOCTORAL POSITION in epilepsy re-                          POSTDOCTORAL POSITION. To study the cel-                       TWO POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS in Molec-
search-available for Ph.D. in pharmacology or bio-            lular and molecular biology of insulin receptor regulation      ular Biology/Immunology to study molecular mecha-
chemistry to study basic neurochemistry of petit mal          and insulin action. Experience in tissue culture and            nisms of Ag presentation and genetic control of immune
epilepsy using animal models. Salary range $20,000 to         molecular biological techniques required. Send resume           response in humans with Drs. D. G. Marsh and B.
$25,000. Send curriculum vitae and three letters of           and three reference letters to: Dr. P. Berhanu, Division        Ghosh. The projects include T cell cloning and mapping
recommendation to: Dr. 0. Carter Snead III, Chil-             of Endocrinology, University of Colorado Health                 T cell epitopes on Ag molecules and generation of B cel
drens Hospital of Los Angeles, Division of Neurolo-           Sciences Center, 4200 East Ninth Avenue-BI51,                   transfectants with cass II genes. Strong background in
gy, 4650 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027.                 Denver, CO 80262.                                               molecular biology and/or cellular immunology required.
-Afiliated with USC School ofMedicine, an Equal Opportunity      University of Colorado is an Equal Opportunity/Afirmative    Send curriculum vitae, research resume, and names of
Employer.                                                     Action Employer.                                                three referees to: David G. Marsh, Ph.D., Johns Hop-
                                                                                                                              kins University School of Medicine, Good Samaritan
   POSTDOCTORAL POSITION available for 3                                  POSTDOCTORAL POSMIION                               Hospital, Baltimore, MD 21239. Affirmative Action!
years to study physiological properties of olfactory cir-                                                                     Equa1 Opportunity Employer.
cuits using intracellular recording, real-time voltage-          Available immediately to participate in studies on
sensitive dye imaging, and neural modeling. Send letter       hormonal and developmental regulation of gene expres-              TWO POSTDOCTORAL POSMIIONS available 1
of application, curriculum vitae, and three letters of        sion in heart and skeletal muscles (J. Biol. Chem.              July 1989. M.D. or Ph.D. to study carbohydrate and
recommendation to: Dr. John Kauer, Department of              262, 13316; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 84, 3122).            protein metabolism using NMR and mass spectroscopic
Neurosurgery, New England Medical Center (Tufts               Recent Ph.D. in biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacol-          stable isotope tracer techniques in animals and humans.
School of Medicine), 750 Washington Street, Boston,           ogy, or a related field with strong molecular biology           M.D. or Ph.D. in cellular biology or engineering fields to
MA 02111.                                                     research background is preferred. Opportunity to devel-         develop a hybrid artificial liver based upon liver cell
                                                              op independent project. Salary negotiable. Send curricu-        culture and bioreactor designs. Salary consistent with
   POSTDOCTORAL POSMIION available immedi-                    lum vitae together with names of three references to:           NIH Guidelines. Curriculum vitae to: Drs. John F.
ately to study cross-talk between second messenger sys-       Eugene Morkin, M.D., Director, University Heart                 Burke or Ronald G. Tompkins, ACC 3A, Suite 364,
tems and nicotinic acetylcholine receptor signal transduc-    Center, University of Arizona Health Sciences Cen-              Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA 02114.
tion. Ph.D. in biochemistry or cell biology preferred.        ter, Tucson, AZ 85724. An Equal Opportunity/Affirma-
Send curriculum vitae to: Drs. Adrienne Gordon or             tive Action Employer. Closing date for applications is 16
                                                              June 1989.                                                         POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS IN IMMU-
Daria Mochly-Rosen, University of California, San                                                                             NOLOGY TRAINING PROGRAM available for
Francisco Gcneral Hospital, Building 1, Room 101,                                                                             M.D.'s or Ph.D.'s in the areas of autoimmunity, molecu-
San Francisco, CA 94110. Tclephone: 415476-                                                                                   lar immunology, retroviral immunology, and T and B
2858. The University of Califomia is an Equal Opportunity                                                                     cell development in the laboratories of Drs. Norman
Employer.                                                                                f§        OKLAHOMA
                                                                                                   MEDICAL                    Talal, Michael Fischbach, Judy Teale, and Ellen Kraig.
                                                                                                                              Annual salaries from $17,000 to $31,500, depending on
   POSTDOCTORAL POSMON. Research in air-                                                           RESEARCH
                                                                                                                              postdoctoral experience. Available for a start date as early
way cell biology with major interest in epithelial cell and                                        FOUNDATION                 as 1 July 1989, but applications will be accepted for
smooth muscle interactions. Expertise m all aspects of                 POSTDOCTORAL POSMON IN                                 subsequent years as well. Applicants must be U.S. citi-
cell culture and membrane ion transport required. Posi-                                                                       zens or have permanent residency status. Send curricu-
tion available now, funded for minimum of 2 years.              VASCULAR MOLECULAR/CELL BIOLOGY                               lum vitae and have letters of recommendation sent to:
Salary range $22,000 to $28,000. Outstanding opportu-            Study the exression and finction of hemostatic and in-       Ms. Barbara Boyle, Division ofClinical Immunology,
nity to work with a collaborative group. Reply with           flammatory efector proteins synthesized by monocytes            Department of Medicine, The University of Texas
curriculum vitae and two references to: Alan L Leff,          and endotheial cells. Current focus is on regulation of         Health Science Centcr, 7703 Floyd Curl Drive, San
M.D., Department of Medicine, University of Chica-            the inducible cell surface receptor that triggers the coagu-    Antonio, TX 78284. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
go, 5841 South Maryland Avenue, Box 98, Chicago,              lation protease cascade (tissue factor) and the proteins it     Employer.
IL 60637. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.      interacts with. Experience in nudeic acids and/or cell
                                                              biology techniques desirable. Send curriculum vitae, state-      POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATES
        POSTDOCTORAL POSITION IN                              ment of interests, and names of three references to: James
                AIDS IMMUNOLOGY                               H. Morrissey, Ph.D., Oklahoma Medical Research                     The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agri-
                                                              Foundation, Program in Cardiovascular Biology, 825              cultural Research Service (ARS), has available two post-
   Position available now to study mechanism of cellular      N.E. 13th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73104.                      doctoral research associate positions at the Re onal
immunity to HIV. Our laboratory is utilizing human T                                                                          Poultry Research Laboratory, East Lansing, Michigan,
cell clones and HIV envelope and core peptides to define                                                                      in areas of: (1) Fowlpox recombinant viruses; recent
T cell-dependent epitopes of the virus. Mechanisms of T                  POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS                               Ph.D. in molecular biology or related disciplines is
cell cytotoxicity and in vitro cellular defects are being        Several postdoctoral positions are available immediate-      required; and (2) Cellular biology; recent Ph.D. in
studied. An active multidisciplinary program with bio-        ly to work on channel protein-structure and function.           cellular biology/immunology is required. Salary com-
chemists, molecular biologists and clinicians is available.   Research experience in membrane biophysics, molecu-             mensurate with experience ($28,852 to $34,580). Please
Please send curriculum vitae and names of three refer-        lar biology or protein engineering is required. Send            send curriculum vitae or SF-171, application for federal
ences to: Daniel Stites, M.D., University of California,      resume, reprints, and two names of references to: Dr.           employment, and names of three references to: Dr. K.
San Francisco, Box 0100, San Francisco, CA 94143.             Mauricio Montal, University of California San Diego,            Nazerian for position (1); and to: Dr. A. M. Fadly for
 The University of Califomia is an Affirmative Action/Equal   La Jolla, CA 92092-0319. An Equal Opportunity/Affir-            position (2); USDA-ARS-Regional Poultry Research
Opportunity Employer.                                         mative Action Employer.                                         Laboratory, 3606 East Mount Hope Road, East
                                                                                                                              Lansing, MI 48823 or call: 517-337-6828. Applica-
           POSTDOCTORAL POSITION                                                                                              tions must be marked 8N032 for position (1) or 9N022
                TUMOR VIROLOGY                                           POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS                               for position (2), and must be received by 30 July 1989.
             NYU MEDICAL CENTER                                                                                                           ARS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
                                                                 Plant physiologist to study the uptake and metabolism
  We have recently discovered RNA covalently linked to        of industrial waste compounds by plant tissue cultures
SV40 TAg and to the oncogene product p53. The                 and seedlings. Plant ecologist to expand existing comput-          PROFESSOR OF PHYSICAL OCEANOGRA-
RNAs, the bonding and the possible significance to            er database and use it to study the influence of xenoblotic     PHY-The Department of the Scripps Institution of
oncogenic transformation will be studied. Must be U.S.        chemnicals on terrestrial ecosystems. Salaries: $21,000.        Oceanography at the University of Calornia, San Diego
citizen or permanent resident. Send curriculum vitae and      Send curriculum vitae and three references to: John             (UCSD), invites applications for assistant, associate or
names of three references to:                                 Fletcher, D ent of Botany and Microbiologvy                     full professor (tenure-track or tenured) positions in
                   Dr. Robert Carroll                         University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73019-0245.                  physical oceanography; rank and salary will be commen-
                Department of Pathology                       Telephone: 405-325-4321. OU is an Equal Opportunity             surate with qualifications and experience in accord with
          New York University Medical School                  Employer.                                                       UC scales. At the time of appointment successful candi-
                    550 First Avenue                                                                                          dates must possess a Ph.D. degree in physical oceanogra-
                 New York, NY 10016                                                                                           phy or a reIated science. Applications from junior scien-
                                                                      POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER                                 tists are encouraged. The position(s) will involve gradu-
   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH POSITION IN                                REGULATION OF I-A EXPRESSION                              ate teaching and supervision of graduate student re-
NEUROSCIENCE is available immediately for studies                     THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY                               search. Successful applicants will be expected to carry out
on the immunohistochemical localization of unique                Postdoctoral position available 1 July 1989 to study         a vigorous research program supported by extramural
markers in the brain in Alzheimer's Disease. Applicants       regulation of MHC Class II expression that is controlled        funds. Candidates at the associate or filll professorial level
should have a background in anatomy, neuroscience,            by the Bcg gene. Applicants should have a Ph.D. degree          must show evidence ofa strong research record. Assistant
immunocytochemistry and in situ hybridization and a           with experience in membrane biochemistry, molecular             level candidates will be evaluated on their potential from
Ph.D. in a related biomedical science. Appointment            biology, immunology or microbial-host cell interactions.        their publication record and letters of recommnendation,
initially for 2 years. Salary commensurate with experi-       Please send a copy of your curriculum vitae and names of        as appropriate to their level of experience. Send letter of
ence, excellent fringe benefits. Please send curriculum       three references to: Dr. Bruce S. Zwilling, Department          application, including names of five references, to:
vitae and three letters of reference to: Dr. A. P. Os-        of Microbiology, The Ohio State University, 484                 Chairman (PO), Graduate Department, A-008,
mand, Department of Medicine, University of Ten-              West 12th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210. The Ohio                  Scripps Institution of Occanography, UCSD, La Jol-
nessee Medical Center at Knoxville, 1924 Alcoa                State University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity     la, CA 92093. Applications received after 1 August
Highway, Knoxville, TN 37920. UTMC is an Afirma-              Employer and specifically invites and encourages minority and   1989 may not receive full consideration. An Equal
tive Action/Title IX/Section 504 Employer.                    women applicants.                                               Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

IOIO                                                                                                                                                            SCIENCE, VOL. 244
                                                                       Request for Applications
         Dean of Medicine                                       RESEARCH PROGRAMS IN
       and Vice President                                          CYSTIC FIBROSIS
       for Medical Affairs                                The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation announces competitive
   Case Western Reserve University invites nomi-          awards for research related to cystic fibrosis (CF):
nations and applications for the positions of Vice
President for Medical Affairs and Dean of the
University's School of Medicine. Both positions           RESEARCH GRANTS AND
are currently held by Richard E. Behrman, M.D.,           NEW INVESTIGATOR GRANTS
who has resigned effective August 1, 1989, to             Application Deadline: September I Support for pilot
become director of the new Packard Center for the         and feasibility studies to develop and initially test new
Future of Children. The University anticipates            hypotheses and methods. Support of up to $30,000 in
that one candidate will be appointed to the two           annual direct costs for two years may be requested.
   The Vice President for Medical Affairs is a            RESEARCH SCHOLAR AWARDS
member of the University's senior administrative
group, responsible to the President for medical           Application Deadline: September I Corresponding to the
education and research, including interactions            NIH's Research Career Development Awards, these awards
with affiliated teaching hospitals and other organi-      are designed to encourage a sustained commitment to CF
zations, planning for capital needs, and working          from scientists engaged in outstanding, independent
with other administrative officers to see that            research careers. Support of up to $100,000 per year for
University services effectively serve these objec-        three years may be requested. Applicants must contact the
tives. The Vice President reviews all recommen-           Foundation before submission of proposals.
dations from the School of Medicine for faculty
actions, for budgets, and for policy changes before
they are submitted to the President.                      RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS
   The Dean serves as chief executive of the              Application Deadline: September I Awards for postdoc-
School of Medicine, the largest and oldest of the         toral training in basic or clinical research. Stipends are
University's six professional schools and one of          available for $30,000 (first year), $31,000 (second year),
the world's leading centers of medical education          and $33,000 (optional third year).
and research. The Dean provides academic and ad-
ministrative leadership for a faculty with more           CLINICAL RESEARCH GRANTS
than 1,000 full-time members and 1,200 part-time          Application Deadline: October I To support clinical
members. The School enrolls over 800 students in
curricula leading to the M.D., to the Ph.D. in            research focusing on the pathophysiology, diagnosis
various biomedical sciences, and to the joint             and/or therapeutic management of CE Funding request
M.D.-Ph.D., and is a national leader in programs          and duration of the award should reflect the nature of
for innovative medical education. The School's            the study.
budget for the 1988-89 academic year is approxi-
mately $80 million, of which about two-thirds             HARRY SHWACHMAN
represents external support for research. This total      CLINICAL INVESTIGATOR AWARD
does not include compensation for full-time               Application Deadline: August 1 Special award for
faculty that is derived from patient care programs.
The Dean represents the School to other units of          promising physicians entering academic appointments
the University and to external audiences in the           with commitment to establishing research careers related
public and private sectors, and provides leadership       to CF. Total of $60,000 in annual direct costs for three
in strategic planning and in identifying and              years may be requested.
attracting the financial resources needed by the
School.                                                   Interested individuals are encouraged to contact the
   Nominations and applications may be submit-            Foundation to discuss the relevance of their work to
ted for review by the search advisory committee:          cystic fibrosis. For further information, contact Robert J.
Chairman, Search Advisory Committee for                   Beall, Ph.D., or Dale S. Glass, M.S., at the
   Dean of Medicine
   and Vice President for Medical Affairs
Office of the President
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio 44106                                                         Fibrosis
   Review of submissions will begin immediately,
and will continue until an appointment is made.
                                                                        6931 Arlington Road
   In employment as in education, Case Western Reserve                  Bethesda, Maryland 20814
University is committed to Affirmative Action and Equal                 (301) 951-4422
               POSITIONS OPEN                                              POSITIONS OPEN                                                    POSITIONS OPEN
   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE-                             POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE.                                                       PRESIDENT
Exciting opportunity to work on interactions of cell         U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agricultural                      THE ROCKEFELLER UNIVERSITY
membranes with drugs, anesthetics, and alcohol. Facili-      Research Service (ARS), Orlando, Florida. ARS is seek-
                                                                                                                                 Applications are invited for the position of President,
ties and funding for these studies are excellent. Experi-    ing a research associate to develop assays, detect, isolate,     The Rockefeller University. An individual of internation-
ence in one or more of the following areas requwred:         and characterize a biochemical factor from whiteflies            al renown and outstanding scientific accomplishment is
protein-lipid interactions, membrane protein reconstitu-     responsible for "silverleaf' symptoms in cucurbits and
tion, lipid bilayers, cell membrane isolation and charac-    irregular ripening of tomatoes. Experience in plant              sought. Extensive management and administrative expe-
terization, fluorescence spectroscopy, phospholipases,       and/or insect biochemistry or natural products chemistry         rience is preferred. Applications and inquiries should be
etc. Position suitable for a new or recently qualified       is desirable. Two-year appointment. Ph.D. within the             addressed to: The Search Committee, The Rockefeller
Ph.D.; available immediately or possibly at a later date.    past 3 years. Salary commensurate with experience:               University, 1230 York Avenue, New York, NY
Send curriculum vitae and the names of three references      $28,852 to $44,957. Contact: Dr. J. P. Shapiro at 407-           10021.
to: Dr. C. D. Stubbs, Room 271, Jefferson Alumni             897-7376. An Equal Opportunity Employer.                            The Rockefeller University is an Equal Opportunity/Afirm-
Hall, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA                                                                           ative Acion Employer and does not discriminate in any of its
19107. Thomas Jefferson University is an Equal Opportuni-                                                                     employment policies or pracices on the basis of race, color,
                                                                University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)-                 religion, sex, national origin, handicap or status as a veteran.
ty/Affirmative Action Employer.                              POSTDOCTORAL TRAINING in atherosclerosis re-
                                                             search. An interdepartmental training committee is solic-
                                                             iting applications tor postdoctoral fellowships in athero-               PUBLIC EDUCATION DIRECTOR
   The USDA-Agricultural Research Service (ARS) is           sclerosis research emphasizing human and molecular                        SOCIETY FOR NEUROSCIENCE
seeking a POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSO-                        genetics, pathology, enzymology and lipid biosynthesis
CIATE IMMUNOLOGIST/PHYSIOLOGIST to                                                                                               A new position has been created in a large, vigorous,
study effects of prolactin on immune system and adreno-      and transport. Qualifications include a doctorate in the         and growing scientific society to implement a long-term
cortical development in neonatal pigs. Candidates must       sciences or medicine, two recommendation letters, and            program to educate and inform the general public about
have completed Ph.D. and have experience in immune           publications, if available. U.S. citizenship or permanent        basic neuroscience. Activities will include preparation of
system measures. Salary varies with experience ($28,852      residence required byfunding agency. Qualified applicants will   material for lay media representatives and arranging
to $34,580 per annum). Send curriculum vitae and             be contacted by a faculty sponsor, and together they will        contacts with them throughout the year, development of
names of references to: Dr. H. G. Klemcke, Announce-         plan a program of research and study. Final selection will       source materials and databases for the lay media in
ment No. 9W025, USDA-ARS Meat Animal Re-                     be made by our Training Committee. Women and other               neuroscience and exploration of effective means to direct-
search Center, P.O.B. 166, Clay Center, NE 68933             underrepresented applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.    ly educate the general public about the field. The posi-
or call: 402-762-4275. Applications accepted until           Reply to: Professor V. N. Schumaker, Molecular                   tion will be located in the Society's central office in a
position is filled or 31 January 1990. An Equal Opportuni-   Biology Institute, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90024-                  desirable part of Washington, D.C. Applicants must have
ty Employer.                                                 1570.                                                            a bachelor's degree with a strong backround in science
                                                                                                                              and a minimum of 6 years of work experience; graduate
                                                                   RESEARCH ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                               training, preferably in neuroscience, is desired. Successful
          PROFESSOR OF PHYSIOLOGY                                                                                             experience in preparing descriptions of scientific material
                                                                The Department of Microbiology, School of Dental              for nonspecialists and/or lay persons and knowledge of
   A tenure-track position at the rank of professor is       Medicine, at the University of Pennsylvania seeks candi-           psand media activities are essential. The position will
available in the Department of Physiology and Biophys-       dates for a nontenure-track research position. The suc-          demand an active, creative person. A competitive salary,
ics at The University of Tennessee, Memphis. Candidates      cessful applicant will be expected to develop a research         commensurate with experience, good fringe benefits and
should have a Ph.D. or M.D. degree, a well-funded            program with independent funding in the area of struc-           a good working environment will be offered.
research program, and a strong research interest in          tural and functional analysis of herpes simplex virus               If you are interested in a unique opportunity in the
developmental physiology related to the gastrointestinal     glycoproteins. Applicants must possess a Ph.D. in micro-         Nation's capital to help interpret an exciting field of
tract. Demonstrated ability to engage in teaching activi-    biology or a related field and several years of postdoctoral     science to the public, send a resume with a cover letter
ties of the department are expected. Applicants should       expenence. A background in the study of the molecular            and examples of material you have prepared for general
send curriculum vitae, copies of three representative        biology of herpes viruses is essential, and experience in        audiences to: Search Committee, Society for Neuro-
publications and the names of three references to: Dr.       the isolation of virus mutants and in vitro mutagenesis is       science, 11 Dupont Circle, N.W., Suite 500, Wash-
Leonard R. Johnson, Thomas A. Gerwin Professor of            desirable. Forty hours weekly; salary approximately              ington, DC 20036. For first consideration, applications
Physiology and Chairman, Department of Physiology            $28,500. Send curriculum vitae, statement of research            must be received by 19 June 1989.
and Biophysics, University ofTennessee, 894 Union            interests, and three letters of reference to: Dr. Gary H.
Avenue, Memphis, TN 38163. An Equal Opportunityl             Cohen, University of Pcnnsylvania School of Dental
Affirmative Acion Employer. Minorities and women are en-     Medicine, 4010 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA                                    RESEARCH FELLOW
couraged to apply.                                           19104. An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer;                 BIOSTATISTICIAN/PROGRAMMER
                                                             we encourage female and minority candidates.                                  CENTER FOR WATER AND
                                                                                                                                               THE ENVIRONMENT
   PROTEIN BIOCHEMIST. A postdoctoral position                                                                                                NATURAL RESOURCES
is available immediately with the USDA, Agricultural            RESEARCH ASSOCIATE: To conduct indepen-                                       RESEARCH INSTITUTE
Research Service (ARS), Albany, California, to partici-      dent research in the role of zinc and other mets in                 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, DULUTH
pate in studies of enzymes involved in glycoalkaloid         chromatin structure and composition, with emphasis on
biosynthesis and metabolism in plants. Research focuses      the control of gene expression in eukaryotes. The work              The Research Fellow-Biostatistian/Programmer is a
on the purifcation and charactenzation of glycosyl trans-    involves isolation and characterization, using zinc-free         12-month professional appointment renewable annually.
ferases and other enzymes, to be followed by cloning of      conditions, of nuclei, chromatin, and its constituents,             Responsibilities: Collaborate with scientists in broad
appropriate cDNA's for gene inactivation experiments in      specifically chromosomal metalloproteins and tran-               variety of environmental and natural resources research.
potato. Previous experience with plant enzymes or in         scription factors; purification of mRNA and develop-             Participate in research design, methodology develop-
related areas is desirable. Salary range: GS-11, $28,852     ment of a cDNA library, culture techniques of mammali-           ment and data analysis. Design and develop software
to GS-12, $34,580. For information on the research           an and non-mammalian cells; metal ligand exchange                applications programs for ecological research problems.
program, contact: Dr. M. Friedman, telephone: 415-           methods; flameless atomic absorption spectroscopy; and           Develop computer models with scientists involved in
559-5615/5642, Western Regional Research Center,             spectroscopic methods for determination of the structure         ecosystem studies, particularly linking simulations with
USDA, ARS, 800 Buchanan Street, Albany, CA                   of metal binding sites. Requirements include Ph.D. in            Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Supervise addi-
94710. For application procedures/forms, contact: Rita       biochemistry and 3 years of related research experience.         tional staff, data management and archiving.
Millard, telephone: 301-344-3138. Applications               Salary: $24,000 per year. Send resumes to: Massachu-                Minimum qualifications: M.S. degree in an appropri-
should be marked Code 9W026. An Equal Opportunity            setts Department of Employment and Training, Spe-                ate field and 3 years of relevant experience. Experience in
Employer.                                                    cial Program Dcpartment, 19 Staniford Strect, Bos-               biostatistics and software such as SAS and SPSS. Pro-
                                                             ton, MA 02144, and refer to case number 9702.                    gramming experience in FORTRAN, C and database
                                                                                                                              management software.
              RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                           RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                    Desired qualifications: Experience with spatial statis-
   Research associate position to conduct research on the               POSTDOCTORAL POSMIION                                 tics and nonparametric methods, and applications of GIS
nature of interaction between cytomegalovirus (CMV)                         LOYOLA UNIVERSITY                                 to ecological problems. Expenence with modelling ap-
and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV, AIDS virus)                               OF CHICAGO                                   proaches in ecological and/or natural resources applica-
in various cell systems. Involves detailed analysis of                                                                        tions, especially GIS-based.
changes in transcription and elucidation of the role of        We currently have an excellent opportunity for Ph.D.              Salary: Competitive. Starting date: 1 September 1989
other cellular genes in the development of AIDS. Work        candidates to study the molecular biology of nitrate             or as soon thereafter as possible. Applications must be
has been expanded to obtain defetion mutants of both         assimilation in soy beans. Experience with molecular             postmarked by 15 June 1989. To app[y, send an applica-
simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) and HIV-1 to-            biological techniques and enzymology preferred.                  tion letter, current resume and the names, addresses, and
wards generation of attenuated viral strains. This work        Position will begin 1 July 1989. We offer a salary             phone numbers of three references to:
involves making various constructs of CMV and HIV            commensurate with qualifications plus benefits. Send                       Research Fcllow Search Committee
genes also. Ph.D. in virology required with 3 years of       curriculum vitae and names and addresses of three refer-                  Natural Resources Research Institute
experience in job offered or 4 years in retrovirology        ences to:                                                                    University of Minncsota, Duluth
research. Forty hours a week, $32,000 a year. All quai--                          Stan Hewitson                                              3151 Miller Trunk Highway
fied applicants must quote job order number 4274722                       Loyola University of Chicago                                           Duluth, MN 55811
and submit curriculum vitae to: The Philadelphia Job                       6525 North Sheridan Road                              The University of Minnesota is an Equal Opportunity
Bank, 444 North 3rd Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia,                           Chicago, IL 60626                              Educator and Employer and specifically invites and encourages
PA 19123. Equal Opportunity Employer.                                     Equal Opportunity Employer M/F                      applicationsfrom women and minorities.

1012                                                                                                                                                             SCIENCE, VOL. 244
  School of Veterinary Medicine
        Purdue University
                                                              Senior Scientist, Toxicology
   The Department of Pathobiology, School of Veterinary       Help Expand Our Research Efforts
Medicine, invites applications for a tenure track faculty
position in veterinary virology. The successful candidate     In Wound Healing
will be expected to develop an independent, competitively
funded, creative research program which may be in
collaboration with other scientists at Purdue University,
teach virology and participate in graduate courses in         ETHICON, Inc., a member of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, is a major
molecular virology in the department's graduate program,
direct graduate students, and serve as a consultant to the    researcher, developer, manufacturer and marketer of sutures and wound closure
Indiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory on campus.       devices. We are currently expanding our research efforts to the development of
   The ideal candidate will possess a DVM or equivalent       wound healing pharmaceuticals.
degree and a PhD degree in molecular virology or viral        We currently have a significant career opportunity for an individual to become part
immunology, or a PhD degree in virology and research
training in animal health. Postdoctoral research experience   of our scientific team. To qualify, you should possess a Ph.D. in Toxicology/Phar-
is preferred. The position will be filled at the assistant,   macology or relevant area with 2 years' experience in a pharmaceutical or related
associate, or full professor level depending upon the         setting preferred.
candidate's qualifications.
   The Department of Pathobiology is comprised of three       The successful candidate will function as a study director of various types of GLP
sections: 1) Anatomic and Clinical Pathology: 2) Immunol-     general toxicology studies. Responsibilities include designing experiments, conduc-
ogy and Infectious Diseases; and 3) Epidemiology and          ting/managing studies, and accurately summarizing and reporting the findings.
Public Health. The department offers a graduate program
in collaboration with several major pharmaceutical compa-     This position supports our important research endeavors and affords professional
nies, the Lovelace Inhalation Toxicology Research Insti-      growth. We offer a competitive salary and the comprehensive benefits of a Johnson &
tute, and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.        Johnson Company, as well as a convenient suburban location. For immediate, con-
Purdue University provides an exciting research environ-      fidential consideration, please submit curriculum vitae and salary requirements to:
ment with an international reputation in biology, biomedi-
cal engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, molecular virol-    Employment Department JD, ETHICON, Inc., P.O. Box 151, Somerville, NJ 08876. An
ogy, neurosciences, and comparative oncology.                 Equal Opportunity Employer
   Please submit a curriculum vitae, a statement of career
goals, and the names of three references to:
         Dr. Larry Gllckman, Head
         Department of Veterinary Pathobiology
         Purdue University
         West Lafayente, IN 47907
   Final review of applications will begin September 1,
1989. Purdue University is an affirmative action/equal        a                   j44                  company
opportunity employer/educator. Women and minority ap-
plicants are encouraged to apply.

       Sandoz Ltd., Basle, Switzerland, one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, is offering a one-

       Postdoctoral Fellowship
       in glycoprotein research and development.
       The successful candidate will work in a highly motivated research and development environment. Main
       task of the candidate will be to establish efficient polysaccharide characterisation methods and procedures
       and carry out research on biotechnically produced glycoproteins.

       Applicants require a Ph.D. or an equivalent in Biochemistry and/or related sciences. Remuneration will be
       based on common standards.
       Interested candidates with experience in carbohydrate chemistry should submit their curriculum vitae,
       names of references and a list of publications as soon as possible, but at latest by June 15th to:

       Sandoz Ltd.,
       attention Mr. R. Zbinden, Personnel Department, Ref. 9803
       CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland
              POSITIONS OPEN                                                POSITIONS OPEN                                                   POSITIONS OPEN
               RESEARCH ASSISTANT/                               The Australian Museum is seeking a SCIENTIFIC                      STAFF POSMON AVAILABLE AT
               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            OFFICER Grade: 1 to 4. Salary: $23,098 to $43,575                        WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY
    The Division ofMolecular Virology and Immunology,         AUS. Invertebrate zoologist position no.: AM 89/13.
                                                              Conduct research on marine invertebrates (excluding               The position entails participation in immunology re-
 Department of Microbiology, of the Georgetown Uni-           Mollusca), preferably Echinoderms, Crustacea or Annel-         search in my laboratory and management of a flow
 versity Medical Center seeks candidates for a research       ids; answer public/scientific enquiries; assist educational    cytometry center. My laboratory studies development of
 position at the assistant/associate professor level. Pro-    and collection management programs; supervise staff;           human B lymphocytes using molecular and cellular tech-
 gram emphasis is on the molecular pathogenesis of the        manage resources. Essential: Tertial qualifications in         niques. Expenence with flow cytometry, computers, and
-fepatitis delta virus. We require either a Ph.D. or M.D.     zoology; demonstrated research and publication record;         characterization of cell surface antisens wou[d be desir-
 with training in molecular virology and at least 3 to 5      demonstrated experience in phylogenetics and taxono-           able. Salary is competitive and will be commensurate
 years of postdoctoral experience. Salary and academic        my.                                                            with the qualification of the applicants. Please send
 appointment are commensurate with experience and               Additional information: (0011 61 02) 339 8135                curriculum vitae to: Moon H. Nahm, M.D., Depart-
 training. Send letter of application and curriculum vitae    (Dr. M. Gray)                                                  ment of Padtology, Washington University School of
 to:                                                            An Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.                    Medicne, 660 South Euclid Avenuc, Box 8118, St.
                     Dr. John L. Gerin                          Applications to: The Staff Manager, Australian Mu-           Louis, MO 63110.
                   Division of Molecular                      seum, 6-8 College Street, Sydney 2000, Australia by
                Virology and Immunology                       14 July 1989.
                     560 Fishers Lane                                                                                                               WORKSHOP
                   Rockville, MD 20852
     An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.                   SENIOR RETROVIROLOGIST                                   DEGRADATIVE BIOTECHNOLOGIES
                                                                The University of Miami School of Medicine an-                    FOR TREATING CHEMICAL WASTES
   RESEARCH ASSISTANT PROFESSOR-Col-                         nounces the creation of a senior faculty position for a           San Miniato (Pisa, Italy), 26 to 29 June 1989
laborate with NIH-funded studies of humoral factor(s)        virologist with special research interests and strengths in        Recent trends in the field of refractory chemical waste
affecting cell ion transport and growth in hypertension      the molecular biology of retroviruses. Applications are         biodegradation will be discussed. Applicative aspects
[see AJP 251, H984 (1986); Circ. Res. 62, 1001               invited from individuals with established research exper-       regarding full-scale experiments of biodegradation car-
(1988)]. Applicant should have Ph.D. in biochemistry         tise who wish to inplement and build an interdisciplin-         ried out in open field as well as analytical methods
pharmacology, or cell biology with postdoctoral train-       ary research and training program. The primary faculty          for detecting polluting substances and molecular mecha-
ing. Experience with cell culture and with chromato-         appointment for this position, at the full professorial         nisms of degradative enzymes will be presented. Regis-
graphic procedures, induding HPLC, necessary. Begin-         level, is in the Department of Microbiology and Immu-           tration fee and living expenses $400. Contact: Franca
ning salary up to $38,000. Send curriculum vitae to: H.      nology. The appointee will assume the post of Director          Perghem, Department of Chemistry, University of
W. Overbecl,M.D., Ph.D., Departments of Medicine             of the Retrovirology Collaborative Research Group for           Florence, Via G. Capponi 7, 50121 Florence, Italy.
and Physiology, West Virginia University Health              the medical campus. The mission of the Group is to              Telephone: +39-55-2476949; Fax: +39-55-244102
Sciences Center, Morgantown, WV 26506. Deadline              create an outstanding and productive research program           or Giovanni Vallini, Soil Microbiology Center, CNR,
for receipt of curriculum vitae 30 September 1989. Equal     that is both independent and interactive with the many          Via Borghetto 80, 56100 Pisa, Italy. Telephone:
Opportunity/Afirmative Action Employer.                      basic research programs within the Department, with             +39-50-571562.
                                                             well-funded projects in the AIDS Program at Miami, and
                                                             with research workers in the Comprehensive Cancer
   RESEARCH INSTRUCTOR. Nontenure-track po-                  Center. The appointee will also serve as program director                           FELLOWSHIPS
sition available for individual with Ph.D. in mammalian      for the Viral Oncology Program of the Comprehensive
molecular neurobiology. Experience in teaching medical       Cancer Center. In addition to the Director, the Group is
histology required. Send curnculum vitae with names of       envisioned to comprise two senior and two junior scien-                            ANNOUNCING
three references to: Dr. R. J. Mullen, Acting Chair,         tists to bc recruited. The Director will have a major role               PUBLIC POLICY FELLOWSHIPS
Department     of Anatomy, University of Utah School
of Medicine, Salt Lake City, UT 84132. An Equal
                                                             in making these appointments. Ample, high-quality,
                                                             modem laboratory space has been designated for
                                                                                                                                Thc Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation is accepting
Opportunity Employer. Closing date 26 June 1989.                                                                             applications for 1-year Public Policy Fellowships in
                                                             the Group and considerable financial resources are avail-       Mcntal Retardation. The Fellowships provide experience
                                                             ablc to ensure that a research facility of the first rank can   in public Folicy development related to mental retarda-
   RESEARCH POSITION: Applications are invited               bc created. Interested individuals with an M.D. or Ph.D.        tion. App cants must have a minimum of 5 years of
for a non-tenure position in the Department of Patholo-      degree are invited to send a brief letter of interest, a copy   expericnce in the field of mental retardation with back-
gy, East Carolina University School of Medicine. Appli-      of the curriculum vitae, and names of three references to:      ground in biological, behavioral, or social sciences, edu-
cants must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent and must have had      J. Wayne Streilein, M.D., Professor and Chairman,               cation, medicine or health care, state or local govern-
at least 4 years of postdoctoral research experience. They   University ofMiami School of Medicine, Department               mcnt, or the law. Fellowships normally begin in January,
must have extensive experience in the analysis of mono-      of Microbiolo /Immunology, P.O. Box 016960 R-                   luly, or September. Applicantstwo submit a letter of
nuclear phagocyte function and differentiation. Expertise    138, Miami, FL 33101. Telephone: 305-547-6694/                  interest, curriculum vitae, and     letters of support to:
in the analysis of eicosanoid synthesis and the culture of   6655; fax: 305-548-4623. The review of applications                             Eunice Kennedy Shriver
hemopoietic progenitor cells is important. The position      will continue until the position is filled. The University of           The Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation
will require graduate level teaching. Academic rank will     Miami is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.             1350 New York Avenue, N.W., Suitc 500
be commensurate with experience. Please send curricu-                                                                                     Washington, DC 20005-4709
lum vitae and names of at least three references to: Dr.              TENURED OR TENURE-TRACK                                   Dcadlines for receipt of applications are 1 September
Alvin Volkman, Department of Pathology, East Car-                            FACULTY POSMIIONS                               1989 for January start and 1 March 1990 for July or
olina University, School of Medicine, Greenville, NC                                                                         September start.
27834. East Carolina is an Affirmative Action/Equal Oppor-      Tenured or tenure-track faculty positions are available
tunity Employer. Federal law requires proper documentation of in a newly established Program in Molecular Medicine.
identity and employability at the time of employment. It is This interdisciplinary program currently includes nine                             MARKETPLACE
requested that this documentation be included with curriculum faculty research programs in complementary fields of
vitae. Applications should be received by 24 July 1989.       biomedical science and occupies 40,000 square feet of
                                                              research space in a newly constructed building. The
                                                              Medical Center is committed to recruiting and support-
   Openings for VETERINARY PATHOLOGISTS ing scientists of the highest quality in an outstanding
to examine microscopic sections of animnal tissues ob- rcesarch environment. Research areas currently being
tained at surgery or autopsy. Analyze tissue, fluids, expanded include:                                                         Custom Sequencing Primers In 26 hou
secretions and other specimens. Give diagnosis and pros-         1. Molecular virology/retroviruses
                                                                                                                               Redundancies. Methophosphonates. Phosphorothioates. 5'-Phosphorylabon.
nosis to determine the presence and status of disease m                                                                                  HPLC or Gel puOfication H.h Quality & Low Prices

animals, the nature of the disease and the probable source      2. Molecular immunology
of contamination or infection. Cut gross specimens that          3. Tumor biology/oncogenes                                    *1-80247-8766 The Midland Certified Reagent Co.
are to be examined microscopically. Evaluate cytologic          4. Macrcmieubar strre/x-ray crystagphy/NMR                     FAX 915-694-2387 3112A W. Cuthbert, Midland, TX 79701
specimens. Discuss results with contributing practition-        5. Cellular physiology/signal transduction
ers. Examine skin and kidney specimens for immunofluo-          There is particular interest in candidates using contem-
rescence using a fluorescent microscope. Write newslet- porary methodologies, e.g. transgenic animals. Appli-
ter articles for the laboratory system and participate in cants must have a Ph.D. or M.D. degree with demon-
retrospective research projects utilizing case material strated research productivity. A strong motivation to-
submitted to the laboratory. Requires a Ph.D. in Veteri- ward creative research and ability to attract independent
nary Medicine with 1 year of ecperience in job offered or funding is essential. Faculty rank and salary are negotia-
1 year directly related postresidency in a surgical patholo- ble. Applicants must submit curriculum vitae, summary
gy laboratory environment. Must be Board-eligible for of research interests and names of three references to: Dr.
the American College of Veterinary Pathology. Forty- Michael P. Czech, Director of Dr. John L. Sullivan,                             $10.00 a base for the rirst IS bases, $7.50 for
                                                                                                                                     each additional base. No additionac   charges.
hour work week; $45,000 per year. Apply at: The Tcxas Search Committee Chairman, Program in Molecular                                        Research Genetics
Employment Commission, Dallas, Texas or send r6su- Medicne, University of Massachusetts Medical
me to: The Texas Employmcnt Commission, TEC School, 55 Lake Avenue North, Worcester, MA
Buildin, Austn, TX 78778. Job Order #5517525. 01655.
Ad paid byan Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.                 An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.            Circle No. 48 on Readers' Service Card
IOI4+                                                                                                                                                                 SCIENCE, VOL. 244
     Ninhydrin by
     System GoldI

       A classic
     performed by
       a master.
           Beckman has been doing success-
     ful amino acid analysis since Moore,
     Stein and Spackman pioneered it. So
     it's only natural we would offer you
     the first HPLC that really works with
     the classic methodology:
           Ion exchange with ninhydrin
     derivatization. The preferred method
     for quantitative results.
           It is unaffected by derivative
     stability during separation, eliminates
     interference from the sample matrix,
     and detects both primary and second-
     ary amino acids in one run.
                               is System
          The key to your success
     Gold' the Personal Chromatograph.

I!   Solvent    delivery     is   precise, data integra-
     tion easy, and results reliable. It             even

     includes proven methods and                     a   refer-
     ence   chromatogram            on   disk. So        we


           gUarantee successful analyses.
            Discover the
     performed by          a
                                  pleasure of
                                master Contact
                                                 a   classic

     your local Beckman              representative.
     Offices    in   major     cities worldwide.
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                                                                                                                                                 ~W'-t   4   7,                   fr'i 'R

                Wi~~ether you need simple~~~~~~~*                                 Day-in and day-out
          sophistiyatedf ctiontai
                G cn         -                         .                   LW  9. cenience, too.                e
         ~ theiCnd IrhbDt
              k  -,                                                               We also build Giox
                                                                                 no|aycoltr50tbs                      71
             a collctor at peformsdayin
                      h                                         Introduced        lectors for easyintl
            and layot. ihu amig
               d                                                              8ue It starts wihCompn
          W-ithouit breaigdw.Ta'                                                  The 202 has the largest
            thekid f elibiit bil into                                             any coco- 540 tubes~.
          every Gilson                                        fatoclltr.measures only 20 inches Wid
          frnomthe very first in 1957to the                                       17 inches deep. And the FC2O4
          very latest introdu0cedi,986.
                                    1                                             takes up only ab
          Stationary rack system is                                               of bench space.
                                                                                       Gilson fractioln cletr a
          one    of   our   seets      to
                                                                                                                                 used with
                                                                                                                              mebe                  ay
                                                                                                                                                                  HPL   or   LC

          probleIm-free                                                                                                       sse--uso t~nfc
                                                                                                                              :. uesmtys_t,:-t} f V g s e ro    acl-2
          performance.                                                                                                                                     ntref cletr
          Many collectors have                                                                            S                   can control perroi a '
          rotating carousel racks.                                      -                                      1967           pumpsand
          Some of our earliest models
          did, too. But we soon recog-                                                                                        Choose from five die
          rzed the advantages of a sta-                                                                        models:-
          tionary rack. With fewer moving                                                                      FC 80 and FC100 micro
          parts, the chance of mechanical                                                                      fractionators: Pr n performers
          problems is greatly reduced. The                                                                     for simple time and drop,ollec-
          riFC 203, since its introduction three                     _r77                         fr           tion. Many of these ushave
          years ago, has achieved a problem-                                         "I,,                      been in use for more than 1,
          free performance record of 98%.                                                                      years. Racks hold 80 or 100 tuk0
          The stationary rack system is just                                                                   FC 203: Collects fractions by
          one of the reasons why.                                                                              time or drop for simple analyses;
          Built for long-term use...                                                                           peak and time windows enable
      * inside and out.                                                                                        more sophisticated applicatis.
                                                                                                               An affordable multi-mode.unt
 , 00 - . tTo assure optimal performance                             FC-220 Racetrac                           capable of collectingup to 128''
          overftime, internal drive compo-                            Introduced 1972                          fractions.
          nents are designed for                                                                               201 and 202: With 15 operainV
gilong-term use -
  even in the cold
                                                                                 .                             modes, 15,rack options dapa
                                                                                                                  _ ,,,,
                                                                                                  == F J1 itiities up to 540 tubes, no otherr.-r
          room. Critical            _                                ~                                                    fraction collector does
          metal, rather than
                            components are                                                                                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~more
                                                                                                                                or, handles more.
          plastic, for long-usfr t
          lasting operation.                                                                                                                  1itemWtto
               And, the                                                                                                                 .9    ToJlearntore about
          exteriors of Gilson                                                                                                                 'Gilson fraction cllectors
          fracton collecos are                                                                                                                and how they outper^.
          durable, too. For example,                                                                                                            form others, simply'
          the FC 203 features a                                                                                                                miark the reader service:
          chemically-resistant                                                                                                      r          -number below. Or call
          molded case and keTypad                                                                                                              ustoll-freeintheUS.
          to protect the unit inside                       -...                                                                                at    80            7667.
          and out from spills.                                                                                                  (in Wisconsmi call 608.836-1551.)

                                                 /0rtf -;00a-0                                                                 ;4 GILSOfl
      : -0 --y 0      Gilson Medical Electronics, Inc., Box 27, 3000 W. Beltline Hwy., Middleton, WI 53562 USA, Tel: 608-836-1551, TLX: 26-5478, FAX.L608-831.4451
                 Gilson Medical Electronics (France) S.A., 72 rue Gambetta, B.P. No. 45, 95400, Villiers-le-bel, France, Tel: (1), TLX: 606682, FAX (1) 3994.51.8-
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