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									For many centuries, the study of human thought and emotion was not
considered a very fruitful pursuit. Not that it hasn't fascinated many
people down the ages - it has. But the most interesting insights into
human psychology came not from scientists but from poets and writers. In
that respect, it is possible to find interesting observations and
illustrations in the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, and Milton.

All that changed with the advent of psychology as a serious science.
Freud, Jung, and Adler broke the ground that has, since their pioneering
work, become the venue of intense and abundant research. Since the late
1950s, men and women have delved deeper and deeper into the mechanics of
human thought and behavior. The result is that we have learned more in
the last six decades than we have since the beginning of recorded
time.Psychology, and its parent science psychiatry, find numerous
applications today. It is no longer just a way of "getting in touch with
yourself" or a topic for idle college dormitory chatting sessions.
Psychology is an immensely useful tool in some major aspects of modern
social life. Apart from its primary concern of mental and emotional
welfare, it has yielded new parameters for education, employment, crime
detection and prevention, market analysis, national security, marriage
counseling, and sports.Psychology, at first seen as a pointless area of
research, is now included in many formats of formal education as a
required subject. One does not have to be aiming for a degree in mental
health or for a job in law enforcement to derive incalculable benefit
from its study. A basic knowledge of psychology gives one a better
understanding the driving force behind human relationships, ambitions,
expectations, and behavior in general.Online Psychology Degrees provides
detailed information on Psychology, Online Psychology Degrees, Forensic
Psychology, Child Psychology and more. Online Psychology Degrees is
affiliated with Mountain Retreats.

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