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									                       Guaranteed Approval for Credit Cards Borrowed

         You wait for the mail carrier, hoping to receive a letter that says; “Guaranteed credit card
approval” arrives. In contrast, you do not have to linger around if you own a computer and have
access to the Internet. Just sign online and type in keywords that are relative to credit cards you are
searching for and you will find a list of cards online. If you have become aware of some of the
credit card offers, which include low introductory rates with cash back or points, then you know
that some cards offer more than other cards. Credit cards are similar to borrowing cash. If you
apply for a credit card at your local bank the representative will request you to fill out an
application and then sign a series of papers. Similar to applying for a loan, credit cards
applications take about two weeks to hear an answer. You will take delivery of a letter in the mail
typically because most lenders don‟t care to provide you an answer over the phone.

         Few credit card lenders will take longer to deliver an answer than other card providers for
their own purposes. The best way out is to find a “guaranteed credit card” is to shop around the
marketplace, contrasting terms & conditions, as well as fees before you make that final verdict.
Annual Percentage Rates {APR}, should be carefully drawn out, since the rates alter from card to
card, and some cards will include additional rates.

         The last thing you will want is to be approved of a credit card, all to find that the measure
of interest rates and fees are outrageous.
Grace Periods and Credit Cards
         You will also need to consider the Grace Periods on credit cards, since some card
providers will permit avoidance of additional charges incurred, providing you payoff your balance
in full before the due date. If there is no Grace Period stipulated in the terms and conditions, the
lenders may add additional financial charges, starting at the time you take advantage of the card,
or starting at the dates the transactions are posted on your account.
         Annual Percentage Rates
         Again Annual Percentage Rates or otherwise known as Participating FEES vary from
“$25 to $100” generally these rates are found on Gold or Platinum Cards. Some of these card
providers may charge fees up to $75, reaching up into the hundreds. It depends on the card
         The Guaranteed Cards may have transactional fees and other incurred charges included in
their terms and conditions. The Guaranteed Card providers may offer cash advances, but there
may be additional charges attached to the amount borrowed.
         Still, few credit card providers will charge an upfront fee to approve you the cards. These
cards are tricky; therefore, you should pay attention to each detail thoroughly. Some companies,
such as Trust Benefit has been known to take the customers money and fun. The customer is left
without a card. Therefore, you want to do an investigation of the card providers and the companies
to make sure that you DO NOT get taking for a ride. To do this you will go on the Internet, type in
BBB in the search engine, and then you will be taking to a site where you will type in the business
name after selecting „business‟ under the proper channels. The Better Business Bureau will pull up
the information and you should read it carefully to make sure no reports or complains has been
filed against the company. If you notice, any complaints go online and find another card provider
to stay safe.

         Bad Credit
         If you have bad credit or no credit, then you want to be extra careful since many
companies are taking advantage of the disadvantaged. The card providers that claim to approve
you of a credit card regardless of your credit history are notorious for charging upfront fees.
Again, this is when you want to check with the Better Business Bureau to stay safe. The
Guaranteed Cards specifically have stipulations; therefore, you want to read all the fine print in the
terms and conditions, contract, etc, before agreeing to any terms.

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