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American Express and Credit Cards


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									                      American Express and Credit Cards

American Express is one of the well-known card providers that offer low APR. The
introductory is 0% APR up to 15 months on some cards, and includes low balance
transfer APR. The transfer is 3.99% fixed rates for life on few American Express cards.
Few cards offer free reward programs enabling the cardholder to earn points and redeem
the points for products, travel, hotels and so forth. Many of the cards offered have no
annual fees.

The Citi Platinum Select has 0% APR introductory on purchases and balance transfers.
The 0% APR will not be relevant to cash advances on some cards. If the cardholder fails
to make payments on time then the 0% may be subject to change. Few cards have no
annual fees or balance transfer fees during the introductory.

Chase cards have a 5% on purchases and 0% APR up to one year. The cardholder can
receive 1% cash back on additional purchases. Chase like many other cards offer a
variety of cards; therefore, you should review them all before making a decision.

HSBC MasterCard Offer an assortment of manufactured goods to choose from if the
cardholder qualifies upon the completion of the “Pre-qualified form.” Few cards offer 0%
APR and may not apply to the cash advances. If the cardholder fails to make payment
during the introductory, or else goes over the cards limit, the APR may increase up to
18.74%. Other fees are included on balance transfers. Be sure to read all details on any
credit card considered to avoid overcharges.

Discover Platinum Cards also offer 0% APR introductory up to one year. There are no
annual fees, 5% cash rewards, 0% fraudulent liability and limitless cash rewards of 1%
on other purchases. The card lenders offer double rewards to customers purchasing
products from name brand companies. Stop right here! If you are paying twice the
amount for a similar product at full price, the double rewards may not be worth your
time. In other words, if you buy name brand clothes you will pay nearly double, or triple
sometimes for the product. Therefore, you are spending more than you will make back in
most instances, and then you will pay APR charges on the purchase.
The card lenders may also charge fees on banking processes or internet purchases
therefore make sure you read all information about the card before applying, since some
card companies offer misleading information. Some of the misleading slicks may include,
FREE online accounts.
Some American Express lenders offer 0% APR introductory, no annual fees, flex pay,
and low balance transfers up to 4.99%. Notice this type of card has „flex pay.‟ Flex pay
cards are great, since if you do not have the cash when the payments are due you can pay
minimum without suffering penalties. The rates on transfers are not as steep as some
other cards.

AT&T Universal Platinum Cards offer additional benefits that many other cards do not.
The card starts cardholders‟ out with 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers up to
one year. The card enables cardholders‟ to save money on their phone bills, and offers „2-
free directory assistance” plus „30-free‟ minutes on phone calls each month. This means
the cardholder can use the phone 30 minutes each month to call anywhere he/she likes.
The Protection against Fraud is also rewarding, since the liability is zero. The company
will send early alerts if the card has been violated. The cardholder also has coverage on
wireless phones, including coverage for loss, or theft. The company will reimburse the
cardholder. AT&T offers Internet “account management, 24-hour customer support, and
free annual summaries on accounts.
Here is the downside on a well-rounded card that appears to offer extreme rewards. There
are stipulations on wireless phone coverage. This means you may be liable to pay fees if
the phone is replaced. The Variable rates after the introductory has ended are relatively
low. The APR is 10.63%. Cash advances include APR up to 21.63%, which is high.
Defaults are subject to high APR charges, up to 31.13% and other charges are posed in
the AT&T agreement.

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