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									      NCP For Anaemia

Assessment Diagnose Planning                 Intervention                Rational               Evaluation

 Subjective        Activity     After           Assess patient        Influences choice of      Report an
    Data:       Intolerance     good             ability to             interventions and        increase in
   Patient       related to    nursing           perform ADLs           needed assistance.          activity
 verbalized      Imbalance    care of 4-                                                          tolerance,
                  between                       Monitor vital         Cardiopulmonary            including
that she has                    6hrs
                   oxygen                        sign (Blood            manifestations result        ADLs.
     C/O                         Activity
                  supply or                      Pressure,              from attempts by the
  Anorexia                    Intolerance
                   delivery                      pulse, and             heart and lungs to      Demonstrate
 Palpitation                   related to
                     and                         respirations)          supply adequate         a decrease in
 Weakness                      Imbalance
                   demand                        during and             amounts of oxygen       physiological
    Fever                                        after activity         to the tissues.            signs of
  Insomnia                                                                                       intolerance
                               supply will
   Nausea.                         be           Suggest client        Postural hypotension        pulse,
 Objective                      reduced.         change                 or cerebral hypoxia     respirations,
    Data:                                        position               may cause dizziness,       and BP
Patient looks                                    slowly;                fainting, and              remain
    weak                                         monitor for            increased risk of           within
     Pale                                        dizziness.             injury.                    client’s
 Conjuctiva                                                                                        normal
  &mucous                                       Provide or            Although help may           range.
 membrane                                        recommend              be necessary, self-
                                                 assistance             esteem is enhanced         Display
                                                 with activities        when client does         laboratory
                                                 and                    some things for self.       values
   Hb 7.2g                                                                                        (Hgb/Hct)
                                                 ambulation as
                                                 necessary,            Encourages client to        within
    V/S                                                                                          acceptable
                                                 allowing client        do as much as
 B.P 90/50                                                                                          range.
                                                 to be an active        possible, while
Pulse 90/m                                       participant as         conserving limited
Temp 99.2F                                       much as                energy and
 R/R 22/m                                        possible.              preventing fatigue.

                                                Identify and          Cellular ischemia
                                                 implement              potentiates risk of
                                                 energy-saving          infarction, and
                                                 techniques             excessive
                                                Instruct client        strain and stress may
                                                 to stop activity       lead to
                                                 if palpitations,       decompensation and
NCP For Anaemia
                   chest pain,            failure
                   shortness of
                   breath,               Identifies
                   weakness, or           deficiencies in RBC
                   dizziness              components
                   occur                  affecting oxygen
                                          transport, treatment
            Collaborative                 needs, and response
                                          to therapy.
                  Monitor
                   laboratory            Maximizing oxygen
                   studies, such          transport to tissues
                   as Hgb/Hct,            improves ability to
                   RBC count,             function
                   and arterial
                   blood gases           Increases number of
                   (ABGs).                oxygen-carrying
                                          cells; corrects
                  Provide                deficiencies to
                   supplemental           reduce risk of
                   oxygen as              hemorrhage in
                   indicated.             acutely
                  Administer the         individuals.
                   following, as
                   indicated:            Surgery is useful to
                   Whole blood,           control bleeding in
                   packed RBCs            clients who are
                   (PRCs); blood          anemic because of
                   products as            bleeding, such as in
                   indicated.             ulcers and uterine
                                          bleeding; or to
                  Monitor                remove spleen as
                   closely for            treatment of
                   transfusion            autoimmune
                   reactions.             hemolytic anemia.
                                          Bone marrow and
                  Prepare for            stem cell
                   surgical               transplantation may
                   intervention, if       be done in presence
                   indicated              of bone marrow
                                          failure aplastic
NCP For Anaemia

            NCP FOR ANAEMIA

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