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									Internet Safety: Kids' Protection against Spam

Your kids' email addresses may be bombarded by unsolicited junk emails or
spam everyday. So it is very possible that they open emails and download
attachments from unknown senders. Since spam is known to be a growing
source of computer viruses, your kids may be inviting internet-based
threats unknowingly. Thus, it is very important that they know what to do
to avoid attracting junk mails and keep their computer free from viruses.

Teach your kids to protect their email addresses. Make sure they know
that it is dangerous for them to share their email addresses to someone
they don't know through instant messaging, online chatting, and signing
up to websites for access. This is because, spammers (those who send
spam) use programs like crawlers, bots, and spiders to collect email
addresses from the web and add them to their spamming lists.

If they are currently receiving spam, tell them to not open and download
attachments from unknown senders. They should also be advised not to
download attachments from known senders unless they have solicited them.

Tell them to resist from posting their primary email address through
forums or use it to gain access from websites. Instead, create a dummy
email or secondary email address that will be used for these purposes.

Teach them to ignore emails that offer products or warn them they are
being tracked.

Remind your kids that they should never reply to spam or even unsubscribe
to newsletters. This will only makes things worst since they are simply
saying that their email address is accurate.

Tell your kids not to join mailing groups. This is because mailing groups
can be searched publicly and can easily be traced by spammers. It makes
their job easier since they only have to add one email address that can
reach to multiple email addresses.

If they are creating an email address for the first time from a free web-
based email service, tell them not to subscribe to any additional
promotions or services or to be included to the internet directory.

Teach them how to use email filters. Most web-based mail programs have
email filtering options that allow the user to block unwanted emails or
control spam.

The rules are simple: DO NOT GIVE email addresses to strangers, NEVER
OPEN spam attachments, and NEVER REPLY to spam. If your kids know these,
then your computer will be free from internet-based threats.

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