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									How to Use Google and Yahoo! as an Internet Security Wall for Kids

Buying a software that filters the sites allowed to be accessed from your
computer may not be a good solution to keep your kids from visiting porn
sites and webpages with graphic contents. However, this isn't the only
way. Believe it or not, the ones you always use to search for your
desired webpage has the capacity to filter unwanted sites, which gives
you a peace of mind and makes it safer for kids to surf while you are

Yes, Google and Yahoo! can do it for you. Here’s how:


1.    Go the Google homepage (
2.    Click the Preferences link on the right side of the dialog box.
3.    Just at the bottom of your screen, you will see the "SafeSearch
4.    Then click on this: Use strict filtering (Filter both explicit text
and explicit images)
5.    Click "Save Preferences".

Note: The Google preferences are saved on the "Cookie". If the Cookies
are erased, the settings will be lost.


1.    Go to Yahoo! homepage (
2.    On the search tab on top of the page, click "more" (located beside
3.    Click the "All Search Services". A new page will appear.
4.    Click web search. The address would show:
5.    Click the "Search Preferences" link. That’s right before the last
line at the bottom of the page beside "Search Services".
6.    Then click the "Edit" button on the Safe Search menu. Choose, "
Filter out adult Web, video, and image search results - SafeSearch On".
7.    Then save.
8.    Click Finish.

You can also go directly on the Yahoo! search page and follow the
procedures from 5 to 8.

Note: If the changes on the search preferences are made when a Yahoo!
account is logged-in, the changes only affect the user of the account. If
you want these changes to take effect to the computer, make sure that
there is no one logged on before making any changes. Or, if you want to
apply these changes to your kids' personal account, log-in to their
account first and do the procedure.

Google and Yahoo! preferences settings only take effect if your kids use
any of these 2 search engines and will be useless of your kids type-in
the URL on the address. Therefore, if your kids don't rely on their web
navigation through these two search engines, use other types of security

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