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					Internet Safety for Kids Age 8-10 Years Old

Kids from 8 to 10 years old are still dependent on their family but
starting to show interest in the activities that older people do. They
begin to imitate older people that may seem to be a rehearsal of their
entry as pre-teens.

Internet threats to Kids Age 8-10 Years Old

Kids at this age begin to play games online. They may to stick to one
site but they can easily experiment the search engines to look for other
gaming sites or things that may interest them which may lead them to
undesirable sites. They are vulnerable to fear from portrayals of
dangers, violence, and threats online.

Kids of this age may have their own private email address or may be using
instant messaging or entering chat rooms. They are also vulnerable to
danger these things can bring.

Although they may have no intention to enter into danger, they lack
proper judgment to differentiate the good sites from the bad. Innocence
can be their weak point. To protect them, here are the things you can do:

•     Create rules on how and when to use the internet.
•     Kids at this age should use the internet with adult supervision.
•     Sit down with them to make sure that you know the sites they are
•     Keep your internet-connected computer in an area where an adult is
around and not in your kids' bedroom.
•     Set up a firewall on your computer so that they can't enter
prohibited websites. Use this as a tool and aid – not a replacement for
your guidance.
•     Teach them to properly use email. It is much better if you create a
family email address that you share with your kids so that you can access
and monitor the entry of emails.
•     Let your kids know that they shouldn't open and why they shouldn't
open emails and download attachments from unknown senders.
•     Encourage them to make friends at school and not online. Tell them
not to answer emails or talk to strangers online.
•     They shouldn't use instant messaging at this age or if you are
allowing them to use it, use strict guidance.
•     Encourage them to share their daily online experience with you.
•     Teach your kids to ask permission first before doing something
online like entering a contest or joining a group.

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