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					Internet Safety for Kids Age 5-7 Years Old

Kids from 5 to 7 years old are very dependent on what their parents or
older people tell them. They don't question people's authority although
they are curious on finding out the "whys?" of everything. They are
trusting and interpret the world as they see it.

Internet threats to Kids Age 5-7 Years Old

Kids from 5 to 7 years old have knowledge on the basic operations of the
computer like manipulating the mouse, using the keyboard and turning the
computer on and off. However, the internet may be complicated to them so
they are very dependent on adults to find web sites and explain the
information given online. They have little capacity to use the internet

Since they can't discern what is real from fictional, they are vulnerable
to believing everything they see online as true. They can accidentally
enter websites that aren't proper to their age.
They may not exactly understand the text from websites, but they clearly
understand the violent images. Since they are trusting in older people,
they can easily be persuaded to provide personal information through
instant messaging, surveys, or similar forms.

These vulnerabilities should be protected at all times. Here are the
things you should do to ensure the safety of your kids while using the

•     Never leave your kids alone in front of the computer. Always sit
with them whenever they use the internet.
•     Have a list of friendly websites saved on your personal bookmark so
that you can easily access his favorite sites. Teach your kids how to
direct the mouse to it.
•     Enable the security settings of search engines.
•     Keep the internet-connected computer where you can see it.
•     Use filtering devices such as firewalls or setup a security system
wherein the forbidden sites can't be opened (intentionally or
•     Teach your kids the importance of honestly and privacy. Let your
kids know that it is okay to discuss with you their internet experience
or whenever they encounter threat or felt fear online. At the same time,
teach them to hide personal information from strangers.
•     Teach your kids not to click on everything they see online.
•     Use popup blockers or disable Java from your computer to make sure
that your kids can't encounter malicious pop-ups.
•     Let them use kids-friendly web browsers.

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