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									                                                      March 20, 2011 second sunday of lent

     Served by the Missionaries of La Salette, 4905 Roswell Road, Marietta, GA 30062
                    770- 552-            770- 552-      WWW.ST-
             Phone: 770-552-6400 Fax: 770-552-6420 WWW.ST-ANN.ORG
                            MASS SCHEDULE
Sunday: 7:15AM, 8:45AM*, 10:30AM*, 12:15PM*
Life Teen Mass: Sundays at 6PM
Saturday: 8AM           Saturday Vigil: 4PM & 5:30PM
Weekdays: 6:30AM & 9AM

*indicates Nursery is open. The M.E. Ministry provides babysitting on
Tuesday & Wednesday during the 9AM Mass whenever Cobb County schools
are in session.

Eucharistic Adoration:
Monday-Thursday 9:30AM—10:00PM, Friday 9:30AM—8:00PM. First Friday
Adoration 9:30 am Friday ending with Benediction at 7:50 am Saturday.

               Monday, March 21st

6:30AM         †Jonie Morris (Dave & Elaine Johnson)
9:00AM         †Arlene Daniels (Rich & Micki Flaherty)

               Tuesday, March 22nd                                        *Early Bulletin Deadlines—Palm/Easter Sundays*
6:30AM         †Paul Simmons (The Barry Family)                            Bulletin announcements for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday
                                                                                           bulletins are due as follows:
9:00AM         †Carol Bradley (Rich & Micki Flaherty)
                                                                        Palm Sunday (April 17th) - Due 5pm Tuesday, March 29th
               Wednesday, March 23rd
                                                                        Easter Sunday (April 24th) - Due 5 PM Tuesday, April 5th
6:30AM         †Era Washburn (The Barry Family)
9:00AM         †Anne Collins (Ed Bonnell)
                                                                            Please send bulletin announcements to
                                                                                                    Thank you.
               Thursday, March 24th
6:30AM         †Stanley Harris
                                                                        BAPTISM—We welcome you and your child to our family through the
9:00AM         †Agnes Lowe (Victoria, Al, John, & Julia)                Sacrament of Baptism. Please contact the Parish Office for information
               Friday, March 25th                                       regarding preparation for this Sacrament.
                                                                        Call 770-552-6400, ext. 6010 or
6:30AM         †Bob Walsh (Brian, Catherine, & Kids)                    RECONCILIATION—Offered Saturdays 8:30-9:30AM and 3:15—3:45PM
                                                                        in reconciliation rooms or by appointment.
9:00AM         †Joseph Tomaszewski (Sandy & Karen)                      FIRST PENANCE/FIRST EUCHARIST—Call the PSR Office, ext. 6039.
                                                                        MATRIMONY—Please contact the Parish Office for information on our
               Saturday, March 26th
                                                                        Marriage Preparation Program. Email or call
               Intentions of Mickey & Maureen McGrinder                 ext. 6010. All wedding details are on our web site
8:00AM                                                                  NEWCOMERS—You are most welcome to join our community. Thank
               (Peggy Luckie)
                                                                        God you are here! Please come by the Parish Office. You may also
4:00PM         †Leo Ruane, Jr. (The Lewis Family)                       register after any weekend Mass at the Newcomer Registration desk, or
                                                                        any time online at
5:30PM         †Gene Darlack (Marie Garrity & Family)                   MOVING—Please call the Parish Office at 770-552-6400, ext. 6001.
               Sunday, March 27th
                                                                                           PARISH OFFICE HOURS:
7:15AM         †Dino Parisi (Robert & Cindy Conover)                              Monday—Thursday 9AM to 5PM; Friday 9AM to 2PM
8:45AM         †Kate Matson (St. Ann’s PSR)
10:30AM        †Christine Neustadt (St. Ann’s PSR)                                  - READINGS FOR SUNDAY, MARCH 27th-
10:30AM CC     †Fred & Josie Ell (Mattox & Luebbe Families)                          1st Reading Exodus 17:3-7
12:15PM        †Oscar Alvarez (Luz Alvarez)                                        2 Reading Romans 5: 1-2; 5-8
                                                                                      Gospel      John 4: 5-42
6:00PM         Parishioners of St. Ann
             Remember in Prayer                                             Our Priests and Deacons
Peggy Adams, Beverly & Rick Arnold, Charles Azar,                PASTOR
Fr Gene Barrette, Edna Benavides, Elizabeth Bernbrock,           Rev. Thomas Reilly, M.S.                   ext 6002
Keith Bolte, Mary Buttimer, Carl Conway, Michael Coombs,         ASSOCIATE PASTORS
Peggy Courtemanche, Art DeCesaro, Susan Duffy, Nancy Famy,       Rev. Raymond Cadran, M.S.                  ext 6026
Pat Fera, Vince Frese Sr, Bill Freund, Steve & Betsy Gensler,    Rev. Lamartine Eliscar, M.S.               ext 6005
Robb Gregory, Baby Adrian Hamilton, Cathleen Heintz,             Rev. John Gabriel, M.S.                    ext 6021
Virginia Herrera, Brook Hilton, Bill Homer, Bob Hunt,            DEACONS
Carole Hurlebaus, Maureen Jefferson, Pat Mannelly,               Deacon Edmund M. Grabowy              Deacon Bob Klein
Mary Ann Manning, Kathy Michaud, Joseph Minecci,                 Deacon Bobby A. Jennings              Deacon J. Nicholas Morning
Charles L. Moore, Sr., Helen Murray, Maria Nielsen,
Bobbie Payton, Nick Philp, Lorraine Powell, Gloria Quigley,
Mike Ramirez, Karin Reidelberger, Annie Rescigno,
John Robinson, Leo Ruane, Virginia Rybski, Elson Santos,                          Our St. Ann’s Staff
Nancy Sherman, Margaret Skriba, David Slezak, Jason Smith,             Please contact us in person, by phone or via e-mail
John Sullivan, Marianne Trimarkie, Tom Tyrrell, Carol Vetter,               Parish Office Main Number:770-552-6400
Mary Wade, Michael Warren, Georgia Wotocek, Christine Wright
                                                                 Parish Administrator .............. Jim Herrel, ext 6006
                                                                 Adult Faith Formation ............ Fr. Ray Cadran, ext 6026
                                                                 ................................................ Joanne Simpson, ext 6013
                                                                 Director of Music .................... Ed Bolduc, ext 6017
                                                                 Director Religious Education Jan Colpo, ext 6044
         †Ronald Brochu, Sr., father of Ron Brochu, Jr.          Director Youth Ministries ....... Carmen Lerma, ext 6036
           †Angelita Cantu, sister of Juanita Alvarez            EDGE/Middle School ............. ext 6042
      †Heinz Friedrich, father of Scott & Bonnie Friedrich       Facilities Manager .................. Al Dunbar, ext 6014
             †Dixie Jardine, wife of Herb Jardine                Finance Office ........................ Dale Cox, ext 6015
                                                                 Carroll Center ......................... Frank Brennan, ext 6033
                                                                 Library…………………………….Peggy Higgins, ext 6046
                                                                 Liturgy .................................... Fr. Ray Cadran, ext 6026
                      La Salette Masses                          Ministry/Stewardship Dir. ..... Jack Busche, ext 6022
         †Joan Sullivan (Jeanice & Jim Glennon)                  Nolan Hall Rentals………….....Gail Jennings, ext 6025
                                                                 Nursery ................................... Martha Collins, ext 6029
                                                                 OCIA/OCIT/OCIC ................... Fr. Ray Cadran, ext 6026
                      We Believe…                                Parish Office ........................... Teena Kay, ext 6001
          Join Fr. Ray as he explores the Creed                  Parish Nurse……………………..Linda Walsh, ext 6019
       Wednesday, March 23rd 7:30pm La Salette Hall              Pastoral Care ......................... Ellen Herrel, ext 6018
          (applies toward Catechetical Certification)            Preschool/Toddler Program .. Nancy Wohlfrom, ext 6030
         Please RSVP to the AFF Office at Ext .6013              Most email addresses are first initial last
                    or                       example:

          Lenten Opportunities for Community, Education and Spiritual Growth
                            The Creed
          (applies to Catechetical Certification)               Wednesday, March 23rd                          7:30pm
                Rediscover Catholicism Q & A                     Tuesday, March 29th                     10:00am & 7:30pm
                    John Angotti Concert                        Wednesday, March 30th                         7:00pm
                  Lenten Day of Reflection                       Saturday, April 2nd                      9:30am—2:30pm
                           Seder Meal                            Wednesday, April 6th                         7:00pm
                Living Stations of the Cross                       Friday, April 8th                          7:30pm
                    The Passion Narratives                        Monday, April 11th                     10:00am & 7:30pm
               Parish Lenten Penance Service                    Wednesday, April 13th                         7:30pm
                    Stations of the Cross:
       Sponsored by a different ministry each week                Fridays during Lent                          7:30pm
                                                      Stewardship Thought
                                                                      TRUST—IT’S TOUGH!
In the first reading we hear this weekend, Abraham provides a model for faithful living. He was willing to accept God’s call to leave his homeland
and go and make his home in another land. And he was not even told where he was headed. Yet he was willing to follow God’s invitation, trusting
that God would show him the way and tell him when he had arrived.

In the second reading, St. Paul reminds us that we will have hardships along the way, as Abraham did, but we have strength provided by God to
overcome them. When we have doubts whether Jesus can guide us and provide for our needs, we can rely on what we hear in the Gospel. God
the Father during the Transfiguration says, “Listen to him.” Christ himself encourages us, “Rise, and do not be afraid.” So let us indeed begin now
to follow the path God leads us along, unafraid to use the resources he has given us, on our own spiritual journey as servants of the Lord.

Yes, trusting is tough.

                                             Treasure: St. Ann’s Sacrificial Giving Summary
                           REGULAR OFFERING 3/13                                                                    $ 44,535.00
                           REGULAR BUDGETED COLLECTION                                                              $ 48,500.00
                           2nd Collection 3/13 for Black & Indian Catholic Mission Coop                             $ 5,191.00
                           Ash Wednesday Collection                                                                 $ 9,013.00
                                                   2nd Collection 3/27 for LifeTeen

                                              Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for giving back.

                                                                Finance Council
                         The Parish Finance Council provides expertise and consultation through financial analysis, planning and policy
                     development to aid the Pastor and Parish Administrator in the administration of parish goods: that is, parish financial
                   resources, buildings and grounds. The work of the Finance Council supports the mission of the Church and the particular
                   way that this mission is expressed in the parish pastoral plan and priorities as developed by the Parish Pastoral Council.
                     The Parish Finance Council is a consultative body which unites laity and clergy in a community of prayer, leadership,
                     service, and financial planning. The Pastor consults the Finance Council on major financial concerns which affect the
                        life and mission of the parish. As a consultative body, the recommendations of the Parish Finance Council bear
                     considerable weight. The Council is not a body which makes binding decisions nor is it an advisory group which gives
                                                               advice that can be readily ignored.
                               The Council’s recommendations deal with financial plans and policies and not with ordinary matters
                                                                  of day-to-day administration.
                                                                                KNITTING and CROCHETING MINISTRY meets on Friday, March
                                           If you know of a parishioner         25th at 10:00am in the Parish Office. The group creates items for
                                              who is hospitalized, sick         Crisis Pregnancy, Nursing homes and the homebound. All are
                                             or homebound, or to add            welcome to join our group.
                                             names to the Prayer List,
                                                   please contact               NEEDED: Eucharistic Ministry to the Sick & Homebound
                                            Pastoral Care at ext. 6020.         Please consider joining the ministry whose members bring the
                                                                                Eucharist to our sick and homebound parishioners each
                                                                                Sunday. (Once trained, you would take Eucharist to a parishioner
                                                                                every 3rd Sunday.)
                              A Note From the Parish Nurse                      For more information call Dick Hegeman 770-565-7622.
                                                                                “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave
                Did you know…It’s Time for MORE Sleep!                          me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed
                                                                                me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and you visited me.' Matthew
                Are you sleeping any better? If not, don’t fret. Here are
some additional tips to help improve the quality of your sleep and your
overall health:

Studies have shown that regular aerobic exercise can improve sleep quality,                                All who are widowed are invited to gather
reduce depression, and reduce daytime sleepiness. Many people feel that                                    with Widowed Helping Others (WHO) for
bedroom comfort is essential – those who find their bedrooms welcoming,                                    fellowship, prayer, support, and activities.
comfortable, cool, dark and quiet get the most productive, restorative sleep.                              Meetings are held the first and third
Try to have a relaxing bedtime routine – doing the same thing every night                                  Wednesday of each month. Please check
tells your body it is time to wind down. Take a warm bath or shower, read a     the bulletin each week for upcoming meetings, activities, and social
book, or listen to relaxing music.                                              events. For more information, please call Marguerite Pons at 770-977
                                                                                -8438 or the Pastoral Care Office at
Interestingly, some foods may help improve the quality of your sleep! You       770-552-6400, ext. 6018
might like to try: almonds, tea (decaf), Miso Soup, bananas, dairy and
cherries (especially the tart ones!). Many of these foods contain chemicals     - Please join us at the next meeting and catered dinner on
such as magnesium, potassium and calcium that promote sleep and muscle
                                                                                Wednesday, April 6th at 6:00 PM in La Salette Hall. The cost of the
relaxation. Some also have amino acids that boost melatonin and
                                                                                meal is $10. An RSVP is necessary if you plan to stay for the
serotonin, natural hormones that help induce yawns and overall calming.
Protein foods like eggs are better than higher carbohydrate foods that cause
                                                                                meal. PLEASE RSVP to Bette DiMenna at or
your blood sugar to raise and then drop during sleep, causing periods of        770-971-3939 no later than Wednesday, March 23rd.
wakefulness. Sweet Dreams!
(Sources: and                                  - Looking ahead: Wednesday, April 20th - Easter Celebration with a )                                                       ham and fixings potluck dinner. . .and an Easter Egg Hunt - more
                                                                                information to follow.
ALOHA DAY CLUB: Adult Day Respite at St. Ann starts April 7th! This
3.5 hour program includes all activities, morning snack and
lunch. Volunteers are needed! To register an adult or to VOLUNTEER,                               St. Ann’s St. Vincent de Paul needs usable cars
call “Aloha To Aging, Inc.” at 678-439-1177 or e-mail at                                                   for our Car Donation Program.
                                                                                                 SVdP has families we are serving in our parish
                                                                                                 community who are in need of transportation.
Save the Date! March is the beginning of our severe weather season.                              Please consider donating your vehicle to assist
Come hear a wonderful speaker from the Red Cross share important                                 those who are having great difficulty getting to work
information regarding “Emergency Weather Preparedness” on Thursday,                              and to the grocery store.
March 24th at 7 pm in La Salette Hall. All are welcome!
                                                                                            To donate a car call 770-552-6400 ext.6105
                 Free housecleaning is available to any woman in the USA                 Please leave your name and a call-back number
                 undergoing chemotherapy. Contact                                          or email SVdP at
        for more information.                                 (Donations are tax deductible.)

                                                                                St. Vincent de Paul Help Line
                                                                                   770-552-6400, ext. 6105
                             Georgia Ensemble Theater –                             St. Ann's Garage $ale
                               “Forbidden Broadway”                           Drop Off                                    Sale
                    Sunday, April 10th at 2:00PM. Enjoy a hilari-   Saturday, March19,1PM                      Thursday, March 24, 9AM
                      ous musical salute and tribute to the great   Sunday, March 20, 1PM                      Friday, March 25, 9AM
                       American Broadway Theater and join the       Monday, March 21, 9:30AM                   Saturday, March 26, 9 AM
                     group for dinner after the show. Tickets are
                     $16. Deadline is Wednesday, March 30th.                  PLEASE VOLUNTEER NOW - A JOB FOR EVERYONE
      For reservations, call Ann Falchero 770-518-4385.            770-552-6400 ext. 6116

                                                                    WE NEED YOUR DONATIONS: CLEAN, USABLE
                                                                    TREASURES TO BE RELOCATED

                                                                    All proceeds support St. Ann's Catholic Church and
                                                                    community charities.

                                                                                               KofC Friday Fish Frys
                                                                                        Thanks for your continued support of our Friday Fish
                                                                                        Frys. Due to the Garage Sale, there will be no Fish
                                                                                        Fry on March 25th. Please join us again on Friday,
                                                                                        April 1st for some "Fish Foolery" and also on April
                                                                                        8th. We promise to save the best for last!! Serving
                                                                                        from 5-7 pm in Nolan Hall. Menu Variety, Adult
                                                                                        Beverages, Tea and Lemonade
                                                                                        Chris Early Memorial Award
                                                                    High School Seniors ... It's not too late to submit your application for
                                                                    the Chris Early Memorial Award. This award recognizes "Involvement
                                                                    and Leadership" at Church, at School and in the Community. All high
                                                                    school seniors registered at St Ann's and intending to pursue post-
                                                                    high school education are eligible. Applications are available at the
                                                                    parish office. Submission deadline is March 31st. For additional Info:
                                                                    Steve Early at (770) 565 - 5760 or

                                                                             Knights of Columbus Super Raffle Winners 3/7

                                                                    Prize        Ticket #        Winner                  Seller

   ¡MEXICAN FIESTA!                                                 $60
                                                                                                  Doug Shaw
                                                                                                  Alex Cone
                                                                                                                          Bob Davis
                                                                                                                          Russ Foss
                                                                    $30           926             Sarah Van Stone         John Leonhardt
             Saturday, March 26th 6:00 PM                           $30           410             St Vincent de Paul      Bob Davis
                    La Salette Hall                                 $30           634             Brenda Winnie           Larry Moyer
    Please RSVP to

Also, visit us on                                Facebook and
                               FAITH SHARERS MINISTRY
                        will be hosting a POT LUCK SUPPER on
                       Sunday, March 27th at 7:15 pm (following
                                       LifeTeen Mass)                     It seems that we need new beginnings, or everything eventually
                       All are welcome, come join us, meet others             devolves and declines into unnecessary and sad endings.
                         and enjoy good food. Please bring your                                 - Richard Rohr O.F.M.
                            favorite dish or casserole to share.     Is it just a coincidence that Spring, Lent and Passover occur about the
                                                                    same time each year? It can be a time of new beginnings. Look for the
                Suggested items to bring are:                              Lenten Catholic Update by Richard Rohr; with brief Wondrous
                       A-L main dish                                  Encounters for each day of Lent. Visit our library to find inspiration.
                 M-S veggie side or salad                            Here are just 4 of our selections: Prayers for Dawn and Dusk, Finding
                        T-Z Desserts                                    Grace at the Center; Drinking from a Dry Well; The Need and the
Food may be dropped off at LaSalette Hall beginning at 5:30 PM,                         Blessing of Prayer. It’s never too late.
                        prior to Mass                                        The library is open on Sunday and during the week for your
                                                                        convenience. Library hours are listed on the two-week calendar in
          Questions may be directed to Chris BaDour                                                 today’s bulletin. or call 770-971-4126.                         Questions? Ask Peggy at #6046 or
                                                                                                   The 2011-2012 Parish School of
 ALL HIGH SCHOOL TEENS WELCOME!                                                                    Religion Registrations continue online at
Kudos KORNER!!!!!!                                                                        If you would like to
We want to hear all about YOU! And we want to CELEBRATE you!!!                                     consider teaching or being an aide for next
Send us the good news from your campuses! Send us your good                                        year, please notify Keira at
news to

Safe Environment Materials for Teens – Please return your                  Save the Date: June 20-24 –Vacation Bible School – PandaMania!
Notification card.                                                         Registrations in the PSR office begin on March 15th. Forms are
Parents, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is that we            available on line and follow the VBS link. Limited
have this paperwork for your teen. Please fill it out and return the       space! 3-year old (potty trained) through 5th grade students can join
necessary form so that we can be in full compliance with the               in on the fun! The first 25 adult volunteers can register their
Archdiocese. - Carmen Lerma                                                children for free.
The Archdiocese of Atlanta created a Safe Environment program for
teens in grades 9 through 12 in the Archdiocese of Atlanta. We
encourage parents or guardians to review this material with their
teens and provide additional instruction and support as needed. Once
viewed we request that Parents fill out the Notification Form for
Parents and bring to the next Life Night. Please follow this link to get
the necessary materials.
                                                                           Did you know that the Archdiocese of Atlanta requires Sacraments to
Upcoming Life Nights                                                         be received at your Church/ Parish of registration. Reconciliation
Do You Attend a Different Mass from the 6:00 PM LT Mass? No                  and 1st Communion require two years of religious preparation for
Problem! Come and Join us for Dinner and Life Night with Friends at            Sacraments. If you have a rising First grader they need to be
7:30 PM. Friends are ALWAYS WELCOME!!!                                      registered in the first year prep (first grade) and attend the second
March 20th – No Life Night – Retreat Return                                     year prep (second grade) in order for them to receive their
                                                                             Sacraments in Second grade. If you have a child third grade and
Mall Mix-Up Madness at Northpoint Mall!!!                                   above who has not received their Sacraments, please contact the
Mall Mix-Up Madness Saturday! March 26th 12 – 3 PM. It’s like a              PSR office so we can direct you to the appropriate class, (OCIC)
Human Scavenger Hunt for Core Members at Northpoint Mall, Bring $                770-552-6400 ext. 6039
for Steak and Shake afterwards. Will return by 4 PM. TO save your
spot please sign up before Wednesday, March 23 or contact Denise
Jones at to insure that we have enough drivers.          Homemade baked goods will be on sale in the
                                                                           narthex after all masses March 26th-27th.
Living Stations in Lent –                                                                         Proceeds support our
Living Stations – LIFE TEEN will host a Living Stations of the Cross                              Home EDGE Mission and
on Good Friday at 3 PM. Please join us.                                                           Catholic Heart Work Camp
                                                                                                  EDGE students. Help
                                                                                                  support those in service to
                                                                                                  others in need.
                                                                                                  Thank You All,
                                                                                                  EDGE Mission Teams

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